Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 23, 1912 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1912
Page 5
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FRIDAY EVENING OAKLAND TRIBUNE , AUGUST 23, 1S11 5 ICOtillSPLlill VAUDEVILLE CIRCUIT OH WIS COAST Oakland to Be Headquarters of Chain of Western Theaters A a; Report! that have been confirmed gained circulation la Oakland and Ban Pranciace theatrical circles today that a $500.00 Fadfle Coaat vaudeville droult. ith headquarter bar, la to be established la the aaar futura by Aba 8. Gohn and Julius Cohn of thla dry. A chain of theaters extending .trora Vancouver en the "horth to Ban Dtro la tha south la to ba established. Tha main hooaa and oprattnf office of tha circuit will ba In ' Dak land. , According to tha reported plana of tha Conn, work will be atarted within a abort time on tha local house. Tha building wlO- contain. (bestd - tha theater proper,- booking, directing and other of- " ficea. The Cohn brothera wfll have their headquarters here with a. large staff of official and from Oakland will direct tha oestlne of tha entire- tfhaln of tbeatara, "-. It la planned to atart building on ral J&use at once, probably In Oakland, Portland. Beattl and ona city In Bouth-arn California. With theaa aa a nuoleua. BRIDE-TO-BE IS GUEST OF HONOR AT KITCHEN SHOWER the Cohna. heading tha Bell Theater Company, a $500,000 corporation, will tmire-dlately work en plana for tha remainder of tha circuit - Stock cotnpantea are to ba formed In those cities in which tha Bell people will locate. These will handle ail Vocal real estate matters, building , the bouses and attaching a loea Interest to tha enter-. prlsea wherever they may ba located. j While no statement has been made by tha Cohna. word baa coma from them, in- I directly, that the proposed chain of theaters has mat with the approval of vaudeville powers-that-be In the East, and that there will ba plenty of high class ! material to supply the houses when they are erected. i It Is the Intention of the corporation to Invest half a million In the circuit which. It Is figured, will put the Pacific Coast houses in' working order. From this line, two circuits will probably branch, ona to take la certain Nevada towns, the other to Invade Art ions. The "wheel" win bei-a formidable one kn western vaudeville. BHISil BE IE ID Mew England Association Will . Hold Business and Social i v Gathering. - At the meeting of the California Nw England Association, , tn Lorlng hall. Eleventh and Clay streets, this evening. In addition to an elaborate program of music, fancy dancing and reading, a short business meeting will be held. Chairman. T. O. Crawford of the committee on by-law will present tha amended constitution and by-law for ratification, and several other .matter of Interest to all former New Englander will come before the meeting. Thla will be the first of the regular meetings to be held In tht location, Hereafter but two meeting a month, the second and fourth Friday evening, will be held. Refreshment will follow the program. AH resident of Alameda county who are native -of New England are eligible to membership and are always cordially welcome at the meetings of the association. WOMAN FORGETS NAME T , DURING STRANGE MALADY ST. LOUIS. Aug. 2S. Mr. ' Ha May Wall. Jft yeari old. residing at 2J0S North Thirty-sixth trert, East St. Louts, who suffered a mental lapse and was found wandering about the street of St Louis, appeared still to be afflicted with severe 4f,n of memory. Asked for her name Avhen she -opened the door, of her home 'to a jailer, Mr. Wall tapped. her fingers on her "forehead In an apparent struggle L. j to answer, but nave, up. Then she called '"a neighbor.'' s .. ''" "What do jyou .want. Mr. WallT" Inquired the neighbor a she entered the , house. "That la It" cried Mr. Watt, turning to the caller. "My name I Wall. I simply couldn't think of It when yau 'asked me." Later she wai asked for her first1 name. "My first name?" Mr. Wall repeated. "Let me aee. Is It Ivy? No, that't not it If Ida Something Ida May, I Be-jve. Isn't' that It?" he asked the Ttfelghbor. The neighbor replied afflrm-mtlvely. Mr. Wall was also at loss to tell her husband's business, or the place where he worked. , The neighbor said Wall was a carpenter. ' Mr. Wall was. found by the ,poUce hare In front of the St. Louis Children's Hospital. She Was dressed strikingly in white. Hospital physicians quea-tioned her a to her Identity, but the woman answered most Inquiries by saying, "I don't know." At other time ha fumbled omethlng, which lounded like VHelen.H Thl Is thought to have been Heller," which was her maiden nam. Nine hours afty being taken to the hospital, Mrs. Wall was Identified by Mr. Henry M. Heitland, 2821 Madison treet, ' her elster, to visit whom Mrs. Wall had come to 8. Lout. ' The name and address of MrsTSHeltland . wa furnished by Mr. Wall herself. Physicians describe Mrs. Wall' lapse -.of memory a a case of amnesia. Mr. Wall waa married at 15, and ba a eon, Harry, Jr., 4 year old. - 1 STRANGE MEMORIAL OF AN ECCENTRIC SWEDE GOLDENE&LE, Waah., Aug. IS. In an Isolated part of the Slmco Mountain by the. side of a road, two oaken boards, fashioned It 1 claimed, like Swedish tombstones, were found by Sheriff- War-. tier a few . days ago, both tablets bearing Inscription tn Swedish giving theTen Commandments.. Stake In the ground near the wooden tablet bor flags made of - handkerchiefs. - Attached to ona of them wa ' a f 10 gold certificate and to the ofller a (5 gold coin. The $10 bill . wa fastened to the flag with a, bach-" elor' buttolS,"' a 'Canadian dime having been 'used a a washer, Forty-five cent In silver cptn wa on the ground and blood spot were found on the handkerchief and on the tablets. , Investigation showed that the oaken tablets had been cut from a tree on the claim of a Swedish settler, A. A. .Johnson, near by, but the Johnson cabin was found deserted and It I feared that the man erected the tablet and committed ' suicide. Tha sheriff who brought the tablets and , money to thl city where r-r Swedes read the Inscription-for him, ha returned to the Johnson claim to make further Investigation. ACCUSES SERVAN T 1 STEALING ML Col. J. F. Knight Declares the Roast Beef Went With Domestic. i l I SAW FRANCISCO. Aug. J3 CoL J. F. Knight, head of the quartermaster' department andcommandlng officer at Fort Mason recently hired a domestlo at a monthly wag of US, but before her first day employment wa over, determined to discharge her. He offered her 75 cents for heyday work and wa much surprised at her refusal to accept the money. A short time later he wa mor taken back when hi wife Informed him that the roast beef was missing from the Ice box and that the servant must have token It Knight was advised by the officer whom he notified to procure a warrant for her arrest. WIFE DECLINES TO ( GIVE BACK HER RING PORTLAND. Aug. S.-That a husband hould have the rlgnt to force the return of the engagement ring he gave his wife before the day of domestic Infelicity started, wa the contention of Ben Hofx-man. Jeweler, while hi wife, Sadie, to whom he has been married for six month, contend that once her engagement ring, alway her. engagement ring. So- brisk did the argument become that fist were iiying ireeiy when Patrolman Coulter arrested Holimaa for wife beating. According to Coulter, the bone of contention between the couple I that Helxman married the girl for her uppoed wealth. Her father owns a series of tailoring establishments under the name of Taylor the Tailor. Holgman' love grew feeble when It was not fanned by golden breeze and trouble started. Holxman tried to force hi wife to give 'him the engagement ring at their home, 1S1 Eleventh (treet, and he refused. I MISS BERTHA ROWE. A pretty kitchen shower was given to Mis Bertha Retire, fiance of Leo Johnson, at the home of her alster, Mrs. L, A. AJlen, last evening. The guest numbered about twenty-five. The wedding U to take place August II. Amongthe friend bidden were Miss Lillian Hallond, Mis Jean McEwen. Miss Nonora O'DonnelL Mis Margaret Fergus, Mia Florence Hood, Mis Ad el Stelnbacb, Mis Jessie Waller, Miss Helen Kingston. Miss Josle Bocker, Miss Myrtle Shepard, Mri R. Whelan, Mis Beth Silvestrt. Mr. E. Helde, Mis Lillian Even. Mia Jennie Lange, Mrs. E. A. Row. Mis L. Pantren, Miss Fern Allen. a SCHOOL EVERY DAYr III YEAR. IS PUN Los Angeles Board of Education Would Incur Enmity of Small Boy. TEACHES POLLY TO SWEAR THEN SWALLOWS ACID ST. LOUIS. Aug. JS.-William Shep-pard. 14S9 South Third street, who had come home under the Influence of liquor, took It so much to heart when his wife remonstrated with him for trying to teach their parrot to wear that he twice tried to end hi life with carbolic acid. Both times his wife saved him. V" , v ' wurroioa . sdoui me parrot and Sheppard left the house In a huff. "Bverai nour or earnest endeavor to asphyxiate his trouble in strong drink Sheppard went home. A he entered the bouse the parrot spoke to him. He parrot ana was Interested In its efforts to repeat the words when Mr, bneppard again remonstrated. He took a bottle of carbolic acid from hi pocket and started to drink the contents His wife knocked the poison out ' hi hands. Then he showed her another bottle and ran out of the house. Mr. Bneppard overtook him a he wa about to swallow the poison, took f.ie second bottle away from him and called a policeman. The policeman took Sheppard jo the city hoepital, - '.LOS ANGELES, Aug. J3. School every day In the year Saturday aesslom for laggard and earnest students who wish to shorten the regular term, and classes on Sunday for person who work on week day Is an Innovation - which I being discussed today by pnenihers of the city board of education. J. . P. Francis, superintendent of school, proposed the new plan. He declared It would be of great bene fit not only to those who find the acquisition of an education a hard task, but for those whose necessities compel them to shorten the time In school. As to Sunday sessions, Francis said he did not expect t encounter any opposition, a the good that obviously would accrue lo those who cannot attend claries at any other time -rauld overcome any sabbath scruple. PRISONERS ASK TO WED BEFORE SERVING TERMS DENVER, Colo., Aug. 23. Frank Wilson and Mae Knudsen, each tinder sentence to the penitentiary for counterfeiting, asked United States . Mar shal Bailey for permission to marry before they are separated to - serve their prison terms.- Wilson will be anet to the federal prison at Leavenworth, Kas., while the woman will serve a term In the Colorado state prison at Canon City. The fear that Wilson may die of tuberculosis before his term Is finished caused the woman to request that they be married. She wants to bear his n&me should he die. Reading Standard Motorcycle perfection, that' what you get when you buy an R. S., absolutely 'the best machine on the market If you see this machine, . with every new feature, which mean comfort, simplicity and durability, you will buy no other, Now on sale. Free jwiewtflani ' i i i , , C. F.? Solomonson Ills Franklin Street. Tribune, .Cleveland, Reading Bicycle. 14 Oakland 's Progressive Sheet Music Department MUSIC SALE . Buy high-grade Sheet Music at a much less cost than you would pay elsewhere. The world's masterpieces in instfu-mental afid Vocal music and music books. All the newand popular hits. ' .,.r-; : , .:... .:, 4 - V- Insthxmehtar5c. Vbcsil 5c Poet and Fsasant .......Von Snppe Anohorol ........ Watsoa Lait Hop , ,0ttiohlk An Maris Gounod Vales in I ..Durand Rprinc Bone Vendolitonn Oonvont BoUs ....Bptndlor MUororo II Trovatoro ...Vordi Fifth Nocturne , Loybaoh riower Bont Taust , Oounod lastsplal Overtre -...Bala last Chord Bullivaa Hoinwoh , ,...Junrman 0 That Wo' Two Worn Maying Smith Melody to F ...Bsbeastaia Pilfrlm's Chortit TMhaoir Warnor Boantiful Blue Danub ; Btrauts Lots Bon Lohengrin .-. lWatnt Xa Paloma ....Tradlor Then You'll Bomemtwr Mo ...,Balf Teaching Pieces 10c New Songs and Z!?0 -Ki ;-Uok Instrumental Hits Sonata Patlistlqua V....BUioven . Uttah'a n.. --.ri,w.n Moonlifht Bay ...Brown h Ayor Vkltohs Bano KacDowsll Y,or, My Bahy ;.Brw Ayer VaU AraTMina .r.. i.:....,fMck Southern Ln Bpiodol BorewM-v;..., .....Chopin Jh. J Wimm A Van AUtyne Huguonoti ...-.V Smith Wh,t 0,9 Boy' uu "'.. m , - Brown m Ayor Wow Spring 8 ....... Lang At th Oats of Palaoo of Xh-oams. . . .,. Ber Buitlo of Spring - "... Binding Spirit of Independono .....Holimann "' - .H.i.s Itfi;;;:;;;;:;;; BotiU Bolor JUrjja Bwaw Kit j.-.-i.-Johnion Popular Classics No. 3 Special 35c A wonderful new teaching book, invaluable to music in-1 structors. On sale Saturday at 35c. Following is a partial list of contents: ' . Anitra'i Dane Eumoratk ... Mooalirht Sonata , Impromptu Valse ......Orel . . . .Dvorak .Beethoven ..Boohman Turklih' Patrol ...... Dane of tho Flmron Pluiuto from Sylvia The Swad '.. 1 Muilo Boy Berenad .....MiohaolU ........ Dolihol .Dellboi Tr.Bailit-Baonf ....... Llsbioh Binding X3ay, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Streets ... j 1 H. C. Cap well Co. Clayf Fourteenth and Fifteenth Streets II. C Capwell Co. Stylish and Inexpensive New Coats Many new arrivals this week in coats for women and misses at a little price. The marvel of them Is that they Jook to cost 'fhuch more.. Here in full length , and three-quarter length adapted for afternoon wear and every outdoor purpose. Belted effects are prominent and the diagonal and mixed weaves permit of many clever applications of trimmings. At- tJA The smart "Johnnie" xl tylAtDXJ Coats for -women and misses., The new three-quarter length. In blue, gray and brown mixture, with plaid backs. t . , - A .1A 7C Polo Coats, In mlx- XX I jrlt. tu: lines. tures, diagonal and l be- Full length. A 4- 1 1 7 EJfi ooi fnoflel 'n mixed Xl PJ..vV materials. Collar fastens close to throat or may be turned down In rever effect. Strap across back. Af CI 8 75 --Stylish model In navy, XVI piO.J gray, tan and mixtures. Has Ion? -wide collar at back, which buttons at waist line. Trimmed with broadcloth and fancy buttons. Boys' Clothing v Capwell Suits are made for boys that are, going to do just the rough and tumble things that live boys ought to do. We pick clothing that will stand the racket, but if you want to make assurance doubly sure buy one of our Two-Trouser Suits. Made absolutely all-wool of good long yarns. Fancy cheviots in gray, tan and brown. Coats with broad, well fitting shoulders. Pants full lined with good strong material. Ages 6 to 16. Price $6 45 Boys' Blanket Bath Robes Justin. Something that every boy need3. Handsome designs in pretty color effects. Ages 6 to 16. Prices, $2.83 to $4.83. it An Extraordinary nit Underwear Sale If the manufacturer had not made an error in his shipment, which he rectified by making a price reduction, we never could have offered you such a bargain as . . Women's 50c Cotton O QC Vests and Pants at s gar. 100 dozen made of finest Maco yarn in a pure bleach and of a weight for fall : we&r VESTS Made with high neck, long sleeves or elbow sleeves. Regular, 50c value for 29c - ' PANTS Knee ? length or ankle length. Regular 50c value for 29c. New Neckwear ROBESPIERRE COLLARS A charming Paris creation which has steadily grown in popularity. A wide variety of -pretty styles are here, including fine net and shadow laces with high or low satin black satin collars. Prices, 50c to $2.00. BLACK TAILORED COLLARS With white pique or madras band over collar and ' fancy button trimmings. Price, 23c STOCK COLLARS In a number of pretty styles with cascades and fancy collars attached. Prices, 50c and 85c VENISE DUTCH COLLARS Pretty lace collars in round effects, varying in price from 50c to $1.25. VENISE COAT COLLARS All the new shapes in white and ecru.. Price j $L25 to $7.50. ' , . . w Children's New Coats arid Hats Now that the older children are off to school the very little folks must come in for their share of new fall wearables.. Our Baby Shop is ready for : them. Some of the smartest little Coats and Bonnets arrived this week that mothers have seen for. many a day. THE COATS Include black plush, black velvet, corduroys, Norfolk, Maekl- A new, gray and tan mixtures, and poplins tn light shades of pink and, blue .. , ' and white, with collars and cuffs of fur. Just like tfie "gro,wn-up." . The . ' prices are as reasonable as the coats are pretty. . . uici THE BONNETS are of velvet, corduroy and cream silk, daintily trimmed C T with ribbon rosette and shirred under crown. A new "Beauty" Bonnet of ;r ' -y white cooney fur Is most correctly named, for never have w seen a mor ' cunning -creation In children's headwar. Trimmed with a small wreath of 'l 'i roses. ' ' " CHILDREN'S TYROLEAN HATS Of Black velvet and corduroy, trimmed 1 with stick-up and felt with stitching and cord. . . t Wash Ribbons Specially Priced i.l . Not old and shelf worn but new and fresh ribbons just taken from their boxes. ! 3000 pieces of All-Silk Wash Ribbons in pinhead and dot designs. FJye yards to the bolt. Special priced as follows: No. 1 Wash Ribbons, bolt of 5 yards 7c No. l'i Wash Ribbons, bolt 5 yds 8c No. 2 Wash Ribbons, bolt of 5 yds. 10c New Flannel Tailored Waists These new wool flannel tailored vaists made in mannish style will appeal to women and young ladies who like comfort and service added to correct and smart appearance. They are made of light weight colored materials, solid backgrounds, with narrow stripes, have soft . turnover collars fastened with button links and French cuffs. Pocket on side. These waists may be easily jj laundered at home. Price .wfDJ Howell-Dohrmann Co., Offer Special Bar-gains to Saturday Shoppers Visitors to the store tomorrow should not fail to avail themselves of these special bargain offerings , from Howell-Dohrmann's China Section and Kitchenware Basement. KITCHENWARE BASEMENT DEPT. Nickel-plated S-arm Towel Rack 1 So Glass Towel Bar, IS Inchoa long, nickel ends.. .SSo NIckel-plateri Flat Soap Dish. .7o Fire-proof Caawole, with nickel frame-. . . . Bathroom Set of bottles, with names, ;l . shelf and nickel bottles .'. .tl.05 set FROM THE CHINA DEPARTMENT. Egg-shell China Cups and Saucers, nicely deco- ' rated..; ,. 18c Crystal Vases, 14 inches tall 13c Art Pottery Fern Dishes, 6-Inch, with Liner. . . . 18o Art and Hanging Basket, with liner. .280 New Silk Petticoats $3.75 and $3.95 Messaline and Taffeta Silk Petticoats of wonderful beauty and richness of coloring. Heavy grade silk in new autumn shades and new style flouncings. Some with fancy lace inser-' tion on narrow plaited bands above wide plaited flounce to wear under the afternoon or evening costume, some plain tailored. Percaline "or silk dust ruffles add to the service-, ability of most of them. Come in and see hem. Prices $3.75 and $3.95. DEMONSTRATION OF KLOS-FIT SILK PETTICOATS NOW GOING ON IN MIJSLIN - ' UNDERWEAR SECTION, ON SECOND FLOOR. Men's New Underwear: ; Seasonable weight in ; men's union suits and two-piece suits. High grades and best jftSkes. VASSAR Swiss-ribbed union suits In light and medium weight ' Come in nat'ural and plain white. Stout and regular sixes. Prices . . . . .13.00, IS.80 and $3.00 a garment . WINSTKD MILLS AND GLOBE two-piece garments In natural wool, toft finish. Extra light, super and me- - dlum 'weight Prices ......75c Sl-00 to $3.00 garment AGENTS FOR MEDLICOTT UNDER. WEAR, IN1 ALL WEIGHTS AND COLORS. Manicuring and Hair Dressing Parlors and , Children's Barber Shop (Mezzanine Hoor,; Clay, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Streets, Oakland. .-. - - 1 ' Our Roof Garden' Tea Room is Cool and Airy ; Delicious Food T Reasonable Prices News of San Francisco Society SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 23. Th George Popes' Burilngame horns, "Edge-court," will b the scene of a dance this evening In honor of Miss Emily Pope Jr., who will leave in th near future for Eastern schools. . Many house parties will be entertained In th home on the peninsula, and a number of yotrng-TwopIe i will motor down to participate in this evening' pleasure. - Mis Ethel Crocker will have Miss Marian Wise a her guest over the week end, and the two girls will attend the dance -with Miss Helen Crocker and William Crocker Jr. - a Flowers of welcome adorned the James Potter Langhorne' home on Pacific ave-nuetoday tn anticipation of the arrival of Lieutenant -Jame Parker... S. Stand Mrs. Parker, the bride and groom of last week. The Parkers have -been honeymooning at Mr. William Fisher" ranch near San Jos. Their stay In Ban Francisco will be a short one, as on Sunday jhey intend taking their departure for th Eastern coast, where Lieutenant Parker Is attached to. one of the submarine fieeU. - "V . ''"' . t . Au revoifs were said today to Mr. suit Mi. nmii'H Mitlii"mBi whs isk their departure for Europe. i ne iHoiMitiineys expect to spend several months abroad. They will be In Germany most of the time. J . . Twenty of Burllntame' ocljtv folk - embled at "New Fltee" Wednesday evening to accept Mr. and Mrs. William H, Crocker' hospitality at an elaborate dinner; given in compliment to Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Alexander, who are visiting here from their home In New York City, ' ' The Rev. FrederlckT W. Clamfett was amons; other prominent citliena who left San Francisco yesterday on- the "Flying Legion" for th Northwest. , 1" ,.' Mr. and Mr. Otis Johnson, bride and groom of a few months ago, who make their home' at Fort Bragg, are spending a 'week in the city, a th guest of Mr. and Mra, Harvey Marvin, Mrs. Johnson' parents. . Invitation will be out next wk for on of the Friday , night dancing clubs, which Is sponsored by Mrs. Frank Dudley Bates, Mrs., Allison Howard Turner, Mrs. Frederick W. Thompson. Mrs. William Little, Mrs. William H. .-Morrow, Mrs. Robert Irving Betitlev, Mrs'. Frank Cooper and Mr. Wendell Hammon. These affairs, which will take place on the evening of October 18, Novem ber's?, December 27, January I and Jan- uary 21' will take blare In California Club. hall. . . . 1 ... ' Tevls Blending, who -has been away for several month, returned a few !day ago and Is at the family home In Belvedere. , Dr. and Mr, Vard Hulan bave given up, their apartments at th Colonial. Hotel and are comfortably domiciled at the St. Xavler. ' - - .i- ' Mra. John Bongs' friends will be distressed to hear of the serious illness that confines her to hr room at. the Fairmont Hotel. She ha a trained nurse and will not be out for several jweeks.? Mr. and Mrs. Horace Morgan are Inviting their friends to the celebration of their tenth wedding anniversary. . The Invitations are . engraved on tin plates and the entertainment ' will be equally eug;estlv of tin, the necessary adjunct to a tenth anniversary.. -Mrs. Edward Follleoii and Mis Gladys Poilleon are expected to arrive in San Francisco next week and will spend several day at the Fairmont Hotel. Later fon they will so lo Atharton to,vilt Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Coryell.. . . - Mr. Poilleon and her handsome daugh ter hav spent the past month In th Yosemlt Valley a the guest of Captain Arthur Poilleon at Camp Yosemlte. " Mr. and Mr. Howard Dietrich sailed on the Manchuria ,today. to enjoy their second honeymoon In the 'Orient. The Dietrich were married twenty years, ago In San Francisco. . Lost evening they celebrated .their silver wedding anniversary by an elaborate dinner aYthe 81, 1 nsiiiis lintel, wheii Ihtrtr eg(lieh friends were present to 'offer good wishes. Everyone waa seated at one large table In the ballroom, wjjleh wa transformed Into a flowery bower of flutes and hy-ajngeaa. Th tabUwa yery bride-like with It decoration of whit rose and liver letvei and atnttfrptec of white orchid, gardenias and valley roses. A number of handsome presents wr received by th bride and groom of twenty year ago, who took their departure today amid all the good wishes, flowers and bonbon that could be showered on a newly married pair. s ' i Mia Ethel McAllister ha returned ta her home In thl city after a stay of several day In Ross, where she wa tht guest of Miss Dora Winn. Save Money Avoitf Pain Teeth Extracted Without Pain ; Easiest and Brat . Painless 5 , , Extractors In Okland. 1 'SPECIAL OTL JCXE 80s SET OF TEETH $3.0 22K GOLD CROWNS. 13.00 GOLD FILL1.VGS. ............ $1.00 SILVER FILLINGS .60 BKIDGE WORK. $3.00 Teeth Extracted Free when Teeth are Ordered. -!. JattiJuwarri Boston DentalCo. i 115a't WASHINGTON ST. nORS Week days, t to , Sundays, 10 to 3. J

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