The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1956 · Page 33
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 33

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1956
Page 33
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May 15,1956 May 3Tst Deadline For Crop Support Loans When a girl is about to be married there are lots of well- wishing people ready to hand her all kinds of advice. Marriage, they warn her 1 ,.isn't all moonlight and roses. She's got. to expect some rough spots along with the smooth. They tell her about all sorts of dire possibilities like financial reverses, in-law trouble predatory women, incurable di sease and separation by war. Bu nobody thinks to warn her tha her most glamorous rival maj very well be a fish pole! » * * The season opened this week and husbands by the score kissed their wives, kids anjl jobs good-bye and succumbed to the lure of the walleye. I'm a fishing widow myself right now, bul that's entirely normal at oui house this time of year. I've learned to expect it and cope with it—in fact, I'd worry a little about the health o£ the head-of-the-house if he didn't want to go fishing. What's bothering me are all those unsuspecting June brides who will promise to love and cherish fishermen without fully under- PETERSEN FURNITURE Quality Furniture FENTON, IA. 5OO,OOO CONTEST •TV.; GRAND PRIZE n/$2O,OOO in Stocks or *2O;OOO in Cash " Or & of u^ lne ?? c ?'t " bluc cU P" 8 t<*>l«! Stocks issued* '° ackbone" indusr with a constant record I of ... __ .«!• $30,000 IfTnJ, Immtdtotdy. 3rOTHER GRAND PRIZES! ALL-EXPENSE MILLIONAIRE'S DREAM VACATIONS FOR TWO IN JAMAICA via ^VmtUn. AIR LINES | lucky couples will live like millionaires for a week in Jamaica—enchanted land of Calypso songs •sotic dnnks. fabulous sights! Stay at the exclusive JTower Isle Hotel, the ultimate in luxurious living. AND A~<5u^POSTUREPEDIC WILL BE GIVEN lAWAY PSEE TO ONE WINNER IN THIS STORE, Over SOOOjW// be givtn away throughout Unifed Sfo/es and Canada HERE'S ALL YOU DO TO ENTER Come In today for your official entry blank, sample suggestions: lona SealyT i Write the name you think best fits the Sealy Pixie Lee (Pick Sealy) SEE Poaturepedic Girl on the official entry blank BLANK FOR FUlLDET and mail You've probably already thought CIO$ES JUNE 2. 1956^ of several good names, butjtere are « few H£»E AHC SOMf IMPORTANT fACTS TO HCLP YOU WIN: Mattmi and P «AiY, INC !»» toy «», 0»*rjj»ff from Morning tackachY with a POSTUREPEDIC t PESIONED IN COOPERATION WITH IEADINO ORTHOPEDIC SUR9EONS * SEALV EXClUSIVf COMFORT-OARO UFE4INI CONSTRUCTION • UNIFORM FIRMNESS FROM NEAP TO TOE AS. SURES SCIENTIFICALLY CORRfCT SUPPORT , . J RELIEF FROM MORNJN9 BACKACHE* . . » EXaUSIVE SEALV "IIVE-ACTION" COILS AUTO. MATICAUY ADJUST YOUR BODY TO HEALTH^ FULLY CORRECT SLEfPtNO POSTURE-ANP WHEN VOW SLEEP CORRECTLY, YOU SLEEP COMFORTABLYI 'I** to dmpfcf «* a too «* mantm 20-YSAR WftlHIN OUARANTII •• M«m»tl and ^Matching Fevadatio* n'cgn Mf^ica standing the symptoms, effects and seriousness of the malady * * » • The Wishing disease is quite < bit like diabetes. If you have it v it controlled and the patient/can lead an otherwise hot? inal life but he never really ^ over it. Sometimes the fishing germ is contagious; it's passed from hand-to-hand and mouth'to" mouth when victims, brag about their piscatorial prowess to noh- sufferers. The tendency to fishing can be inherited from father to son-to grandson like the blood disease that used to plague th^ royal houses • of Europe. And other authorities believe that the malady is entirely environmental since the most pronounced addicts tend to 'inhabit • regioris within a day's drive of a stream, lake or ocean.. But it really does not matter too much how your; guy caught the urge to fish, or even how to cure him, the trick is ;o learn to recognize it early and .o figure out ways to cope with It was already loo late when 1 married Father for he's been fishing since he was out of diapers Before that he used to go along on fishing trips, in his bassinette. The men of his family are all fishermen. They cut their teeth on fish hooks and they totter down to the river with a fish pole on the day before they take to their beds with their last illness. The Heaven they aspire ' j_ne Heaven they aspire to doesn't have marble palaces and gold pave'd streets. It's got rivers and lakes and ponds and oceans all filled with pike, bass and trout and every fish is twice as long as the ones that gbt away from them here on earth. So you can see 1 have quite a bit of ,'esearch material on the ways of fishermen and for advice on the problems of a fisherman's wife [ can consult my mother-in-law who, in turn, learned it from her mother-in-law. We plan to pool >ur information arid give it to Bill's wife when he marries because he's also a fisherman. -,. „ . . , The very first rule for a fisher- I everybody gets man's wife is to always make him clean his own catch. If, 01 your honeymoon, he catches one measly little bullhead don't give in and clean it for him because, you have Stardust in your eyes If you know how to gut a wall eye or steak a Northern, keep i, a deep, dark secret. Do it once and you'll always have the mcssj job of fish cleaning on youi hands. If he says he's tired' remember they are always tired when they come home from fishing and he may flatter you that you do a nice job of cleaning fish. Don't listen to him. Don't try to reform a con firmed fisherman. It's useless. Learn to enjoy fishing yourself if you can, and if not go along anyway for the outing. If your particular hobby is knitting, take along your yarn and needles, if t's reading, pack a pile of books. ff you have children, they can I run along the shore of a lake just well as they can at homo and a picnic lunch LUCKY NUMBERS! NUTTY NUMBERS ! - And Some Terrific Special Values ! Men's Long Wearing WASH N' WEAR DACRON SLACKS Dries in 20 Minutes 4 summer Colors SUes 28-42 7.90 Men's Cotion faded Denim Jackets S-M-L 2,98 Boys' Plisse Sport Shirts Sizes 4-18 1.29,1.49 Men's Rayon-Acetate Dress Pants sizes 29-40 4.00 Men's Orion-Nylon Casual Shorts sizes 30-36 3.98 MEN'S WASH N' WEAR Cotton Plisse SPORT SHIRTS Machine Washable Large Selection Many Other Popular Fabrics Sizes S-M-L 1.98 Penney's Special Opportunity Buys! BUY NOW! 2 pr. 1. 45.00 2. LADIES 60 GAUGE NYLON HOSE Sizes 8'/a-11 LADIES COTTON HALF SLIPS, sizes s-m-l REDUCED! 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But, it Seems to me, no mailer how good a sport a wife is, husbands seem to require some fishing trips that are purely stag. When one of these spells comes on, learn to let him go gracefully and you stay home to keep the home fires burning until he returns. Besides, it's surprising \\ o vv much housecleaning you can get done and how many of the little extras you can accomplish when the old man is away. • • * Learn to approach the subject of your husband's fishing obsession philosophically. There are things that are lots worse for him to have as a hobby. Bank robbing, smoking hashish or kicking old ladies, for instance. Fishing can get pretty expensive, bul it has nothing on a weekly session of dollar limit poker. They don't get as much exercise as they do while playing golf, but it least fisherman catch sorhe- .hing to eat from their hobby, fishermen take some risks, but It's not nearly so dangerous as :leer hunting for a fisherman is lever killed -by being mistaken "or a fish. About the worst they can do is fall into the lake. And, n spite of a the jokes about those ndian gals up north, husbands ire pretty safe from other women e they're fishing. How do I <npw? I've seen those Chippewa naidens! * * * Admire the fisherman's catch. It may look like a slimey old creature to you, but it represents lots of trying and out-smarting to your husband. If you can manage to gel some intelligent information about bait, hooks and stuff, (which I haven't acquired) ask him about these. Fishermen like to give play-by-play accounts of the Big Ones even if they got away and if you listen breathlessly to his tales qf his skill in that department it will flatter him lots more than complimenting him on his big blue eyes or the way his hair waves. ... If you have a fisherman husband, learn to cook fish. Don't do like I did when my bridegroom brought home a nice big crappie. I seasoned it carefully, rolled it in flour and got the fat to just "the recommended temperature. Never before, or since, •have ,l\,frted ..anything'- tp^equal that nice" golden brown. - Father was most enthusiasitic about my cooking job when he sat down to dinner. But it didn't last. It seems that although the head and the insides of the fish had been removed, I hadn't realized tilt- fact that the thing should also have been scaled! » * . Nowadays, I like to fry fish after they've been dipped in biscuit mix. The shortening in the mix seems to add to the crisp browness. If we have a big fish, a three or four pounder, I like to stuff it with a sage-bread dressing, wrap it in foil and bake it in a very hot oven. But no matter how careful I am about cooking fish, Father always claims that I don't do nearly such a good job as Ira Kohl does. Once in a while I get a little huffy about it and claim that Ira's fish taste so good because they are right out of the lake into the pan or that anything tastes good on vacations. But Pop says, no. Ira is the all-time champion fish fryer. I guess I'll have to ask him his secret. 1955 Corn And Soybean Crop Are Effected Farmers have only until Mny 31 — the remainder of this month — to obtain loans and purchase agreements on 1955 crop corn eligible for price support, it was pointed out this week by Virgil L. Roll If, office mgr. of the Kossuth County ASC Committee. May 31 is also the date on which all outstanding price support loans and" purchase agreements on soybeans mature. It is generally believed there will be a rush of repayments of soybeans since the market price has been running above the support rate. Of the 243,471 bushels placed under loan in this county, 146,836 bushels were redeemed by April 15, 1956, according to County ASC office records. Rohlf stated that due to the currently stronger market prices, considerable demand for price support on 1955 corn Ls expected in the closing weeks of the application period for that grain. If the pattern of past years is repeated, the final weeks of the period will bring a big increase in purchase agreements, he said. As of April 15, there were 4,476,106 bushels of 1955 corn under loan and 189,461 bushels under purchase agreements in Kossuth county. A year ago, there were 3,228,705 bushels of 1954 corn under original loans and 120,639 bushels under purchase agreements. Only corn raised in 1955 in compliance with acreage allotments is eligible for price support in the current program. STAHT JULY 5 ON A.S.C. VOTING Plans for holding the annual ASC farm program elections and the annual ASC convention in July were announced this week by Virgil L. Rohlf, manager of the Kossuth county ASC. In the elections, an ASC community committee consisting of The four year old daughter of Ginny and Chuck Hinken is learning to cook. She was very busy the other day and her mother asked what she was doing. "Making food out of my clay ami cooking it in my little pans.", was Mama's answer. She was cooking beans, it developed, so Ginny asked, "What kind of beans, dear?" "Human beans", said Murciu. There followed quite a lengthy explanation on the difference between beans and beings together with t h e information that we don't cook people. « • * I noticed that the local stores are carrying the first of the fresh strawberries this week. Now, strawberries are good frozen and I think we are lucky to be able V> L. S. BOHANNON There is a lot of dust involved in our work, and over a period of years it may lead to respiratory ailments. Does Workmen's Compensation insurance adequately protect our workmen in case such a disability develops? For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Boharmon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. a chairman, vice chairman and 'regular members will be-named in every township. In addition, first and second alternate members will be elected in each township. At the county convention, a county ASC committee consisting of a chairman, vice chairman and regular member, as well as first and second alternate members will be elected. The county and community committee administer the federal government's price support, production adjustment and cost-sharing conservation programs on the local level. The township elections will be conducted by mail, the same as in recent years, with the county ASC office sending a secret ballot and a return envelope to every eligible voter on its records.- The period for voting will be from July 5 through July 13. The county convention will be held on July 28 in Algona. The one-year terms of all coin- mitteemen will begin on August 1. However, newly elected chairmen and vice chairmen of the community committees will serve as delegates and alternate delegates to the county convention. The general rules on eligibility to vote and hold office will be the same as last year. There arc no restrictions on tne number of terms which may be served by un eligible person. Supervision and direction of the elections will be the duty of a county election board composed of officially designated persons outside the ASC. get them all year 'round, but you still can't improve on the fresh ones. When they get a bit more plentiful, we'll all want to make jam. Mabel Sorensen gavr me this recipe many years ago ami it's still the best 'one I've found for strawberry jam. 4 cups berries ;1 cups .sugar '•> cup lemon juice Cook the berries and juice together tor 7 minutes. Add the sugar and rook for fi minutes more. —GRACE. Lakotans Are Baptism Sponsor Lakola—Dr. and Mrs P. (.'. Geilenfeldt, Paul Jr., Gary, Gloria Jean, 'and Mrs Amelia Kuppen attended First Luthi-ran Church at Albert Lea, Minn, last Sunday. far. and Mrs Geilenfeldt were sponsors for Randa Kaye Grinolds, daughter of Mr ami Mrs Everett Grinolds of Albert l.i-a. RETIRES At Manchester, Walter Schiess made his last trip as a rural carrier recently, after 37 years. He's used up L'3 cars in that time and figures each one was driven about 25,000 miles. He's had three minor accidents in that time; the last one 14 years ago. IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT

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