The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1956 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1956
Page 20
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low cost fly control for dairy barns ;> one spraying of DIAZINON kills flies for 4-6 weeks TWO OR THREE RESIDUAL SPRAYS OF DIAZINON WILL CONTROL FLIES ALL SEASON in your dairy barns and other farm buildings. This is important to the contentment, welfare, and production of your herd, and to your profits. Agricultural experts estimate milk production losses due to flies at between 8% and 20%. DIAZINON, a product of Geigy research, is the most effective fly control chemical you can buy. Yet it is low in cost because of its long residual action. DIAZINON knocks flies down fast and is effective against strains which have become resistant to other types of j.««*.»^«""" fly control chemicals. Exhaustive tests have shown that proper residual applications in dairy barns do not result in milk contamination. DIAZINON is relatively simple and safe to use. Simply cover all livestock feed and drinking fountains. Remove animals from building during spraying operation and keep them out for four hours. (Do not spray animals.) DIAZINON is available in wettable powder, emulsifi- able solution and granular bait formulations. Ask your farm supply dealer for DIAZINON today. UK O«IOV WKTMOXVCHLOM to round out your fly control program. Direct application of MEtHOXYCHLO* 10 livestock (or use in back-rubbers) is effective in controlling born flies, lice, and tickt. Gtigy METHOXYCHLO* is safe to use. It has low loxicity to nun and animals and provides long residual action against insects. ORIGINATORS OF DDT INSECTICIDES GEIGY AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS Division of Gfiay Chemhfl Corpormtion «6 Aarclay 8tr»*t « N«w York 8. N.Y. IT ADDS if f»S 4. fSnd dealers who carry the brands you like. -}• Then ask. for what you want by brand name. = MORE fOR YOUR HONE* III LESS SHOPPING TIME. power equipment is key to profits at Oak Ridge Farm K Ridge Farm, owned by the Earl Weaver family and located at Halifax, Pennsylvania,'is an excellent example of a paying operation that is making use of many up-to-date, labor-saving devices. Mr.'Weaver has been on Oak Ridge Farm for 16 years. He farmed it on a share basis for 11 years before purchasing it outright in 1950. Since the Weavers have taken over the operation of the farm, they have completely remodeled the bam and have added a milk house, a combination machine shed, garage and poultry house, two glass-lined silos with mechanical un- loader, a hay drier, bulk milk tank, pipeline milker'and other pieces of laborsaving equipment. With its paved driveways, "thenno-pane" picture -windows in the barns and well-kept buildings and grounds. Oak Ridge is an attractive as well as a profitable farm. Today Mr. Weaver farms his own 160 acres (105 of which are open) and has 85 additional acres on a share basis. He keeps a herd of 40 milking cows and a flock of 1,200 to 1.500 layers. All this is done with the help of Mrs. Weaver, 3 young daughters and one hired man. Without the aid of electricity and the many pieces of work-easing equipment, Mr. Weaver estimates he couldn't get by with less than 4 or 5 hired hands. Oak Ridge Fanii is gradually being converted into a grassland operation. About 20 to 25 acres are in permanent pasture and 60 acres or better are in alfalfa to be used for hay and silage. The entire fann receives an application of manure once each year. Hay and pasture lands are also top-dressed with an 0-20-20 fertilizer at the rate of 500 Ibs. per acre. Mr. Weaver has his soil tested from time to time to see if his fertilizer program should be changed. Each year 300 to 350 tons of grass silage and SO to 90 tons of hay are bar-, vested. In addition, -surplus grass is green-fed during the summer. ^ The neighboring 85 acres which Mr. Weaver farms on a share basis are kept In grain; mainly corn and oats with some wheat. The Weavers usually make their own dairy rations by mixing a commercial supplement with their corn and oats. The Oak Ridge dairy herd is made up of grade and purebred Holsteins. They are gradually working toward a purebred herd by breeding their best purebred cows to top bulls through artificial insemination. Mr. Weaver believes in raising his own replacements. Much of Earl's success has been due to careful planning and. his ability to manage. In fact, as the owner of Oak Ridge points out, the addition of each piece of equipment has always enabled him "to keep just a little bit more stock without more help." In these days when big output per man is the key to farm profits, this is most important. you wan i Remington Model 55O autoloading 22 rifle shoots fast «is you «an pull the trigger ^~-~ $ 43 : faster than you can aim and fire, it's ready for your next Shot —loaded automatically cocked automatically . . . just a touch of your trigger finger ami it's teady again. Most 22 autoloaders can handle only one sizeof 22cartridge. Not the Remington Model 550! Its exclusive "Power Piston" adjusts automatically ?or 22 short, long and long rifle sizes. In appearance, accuracy and high-speed handling, it's in a class by itself. See the Remington Model 550 at your dealer's now. Load up with new Remington "Rocket" 22 shorts for more wham... zip... fun Now—supersonic muzzle velocity that tops the speed of any other 22 short! New Remington "Rocket" 22's are loaded to the limit for power,,fun to shoot any time. Handy flat packs fit your pocket. .. zip open for instant action. Get new Remington "Rocket" 22's today. •ubjoct to ehosse without notiu. "Rock*" it R«e. U.S. Pot. Off. by Remington Amu Conponr. Inc. Here's a view of the main buildings on Oak Ridge Farm, Halifax, Pennsylvania. Inside these buildings are found the latest in laborsaving equipment. About 90 tons of hay are stored over the drier in the big mow. The silos contain 350 tons of silage. It used to take two hours and a lot of hard work to clean the gutters in Weaver's barn. Now he pushes a button and the mechanical gutter cleaners do the job in 11 minutes. The cleaners move the manure directly from the gutters onto a spreader outside the barn where it's ready to be hauled.

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