Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 18, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1896
Page 2
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WATCHED HIS CHANCE. Gladness Comes W ith a. better understanding of the transient nature of the many phys- laal tils, which vanish before proper of- fotte— gentle effoi-ts— pleusaiit efforts— iJfhtly directed. There is comfort in tka knowledge, that so many forms of ftokness nre not duo to any actual dis- M*e, but simply to a constipated con<? ; Mon of the system, which the;pleasaiit, Jimtly laxative, Syrup of Fi^s. promptly removes. Thnt-is why it is thc'only Mtnedy with millions of families, and is •ferywhcre esteemed so highly by nil Who value, good health.. Its beneficial .itfects are due to the fact, that it is the 4M remedy which promotes internal llMnlincss without debilitat'ag the •anus on which it acts. It is therefore •11 important, in order to pet ite beue- effects, to note when you pnr- e, that you have the genuine arii- •le, which is manufactured by the Culi- Jornia Fig Syrup Co. only arid sold by •a reputable druggists. •• • If in the enjoyment of pood health, ttd the system "is regular, laxatives or •iher remedies arc then not needed. If attlcted with any actual disease, one .way be commended to the most skillful <fbnicians, but if in need of a laxative, •*•>• should have the best, and with the •WtU-lnformed everywhere, Syrup of ".'Jtlft stands hiffhcst.nnrl is most largely *Mdd and j?i VP<= m'' "-' tre l satisfaction. JHBV. 8. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR D. CHDRCH. B ' vyatenoo, ind., Sept 8, 188C. ., Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:— I have been afflicted over twenty years : with dyspepsia or sour •tomach. I have tried different remedies without much benefit. Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep- tln and found that It bcnefltted me. 1 *m convinced that It will do what It ta recommended when taken according (•directions. I havn taken nearly one bottle and feel like a different person. 8. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. SUHMER TOURS .'.-VIA"BIG FOUR" TO THE flOIJNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES I Solid Vegtlbuled Trains With Wagner Sleeping Cars New York aid Boston . • .from . . ..... Bt, Louis, Peoria, Indianapolis, Cincinnati; Dayton, Columbus, via CLEVELAND. AND BUFFALO "The Knickerbocker Special." '"The Southwestern .Limited." ' ( Six Termlnals.at the Great'Lakes. Chicago, Beaton Harbor, Toledo Detroit, Sandusky, Cleveland. Tourist. Rates, in all .Directions. / , . E..'Ov :McCormlck, : Pass. Traffic Manager. . D.-B. Martin, , GenL Pase and Ticket Agent. Keep Cool by Using THE KELUEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , • . . Proof Hose $3 Kxprciuld, 26c. prevent.! Wetting Head .Floor or Walls. Hornleta Water Closeta. Seed for Catalogue Proof Water Uo«ett, 8eU-Artlng Water ClOMta, Kcllf Btop ud Waste Cock, . THOS. KELLY & BROS., • HO. MI Madison Street, Chicago. , at Joseph la ft most delightful resort during thto; extremely torrid weather. Far* for the round trip, |2.00. Train IMTM Vandalln atatlon at 7:00 a. m. •very Sunday. : .. -J-omp" Determined to Make Bit Com.- ntimlon. '' .•• . - '•[ "Pomp" hos gone into the undertaking business. For many years Pompoy hna lent dignity to one of the 1 prominent clubs in the city, but his business instincts \yere too; strong for. him. to keep on mixing drinks and manipulating trays.. So he is now associated wjtli a popular colored undertaker. " Before taTiing the' step Poinpcy dirt a little figmring-. 'Tsie plttiji* 'Jong -purty ol',".he ol- loWed, "'n I's'e liabie to die mos' any time. Now, 'IT go inter de undertnk'n' business I gets n funeral at cost price. Dal means a big snbin' on a furieral, 'n' I can have o:heap sweUer one, ; I goes inter do umlertakin' business. Jee' yo' watch my trail." .Still Pompey has kept lip 'his interest in the club. He was: n. fixture tiere so long that ho could not be dropped out suddenly, pftentimes, ns he returns from some exceptionally pleasant funeral, lie drops in nt the club to dilate upon Its beauties to his old comrades, "Toui" and "Eu'ss." It was, therefore, quite natural that he should pay Bussell a friendly visit the other clay; when the latter wns taken sick. "Hello, 'Euss,'" Ruid-'Pompey, as ho 1 entered tlie room where the Invalid lay,. "How yo' 1'eelin' to-day?" "Alizzabul, Pomp, mizzabul," »n;d tho sick man. "I feel purty sick." "How's things at the club?" said the business-like but tactful Pompey, steering the talk to a safe subject."Purty fair, Pomp; purty fair, I reckon," was 'the reply. "I hain't been there fur a week an' more." , The conversation went on in this way for a short time. Pompey then decid- ed.to launch out boldly and head for the desired port. "I'se in de undertakin' business jiovt'," he ventured. "Y-a-a-s," was the -noncommittal response, "I gets a commission on all de business I brings in." "Is dat so?" "Yes, de boss gives me a good commission*" A brief pause. "Cullud man CUD get n fine funeral nowadays for $35," said the assistant to the undertaker. "Get a nice shroud on' a coffin dat's out o* sight." "Is dat so?" , "Yes, he can get a great deal better one if he pays a little mo'. Say, Euss?" "Yep." "D'ye Wnks yo' gwine git wetl?" "I dimno." "I jes been over to see Tom, an' he footed me. Was up an' down to de club' when I pot dar." "Humph!" "If you should have a funeral de club 'ud furnish ye some flowaiw, but dey wouldn't give ye near as many as you'd want. "Say, Euss?" . . ' "Well, what yo' wan'?" "I get a commission, on all de flowahs I sell, an. 1 I sell 'em as cheap as anybody." ,; ... ..-'-.'• . , ; Another pause, somewhat embarrassing-. Pompey got up to leave, and reached forward to shake hands' with his friend, . ' . , '.',.'," "Say Euss," h'e'.'said, "you remember me when, you die, won't ye?" ."Yes, Pompey, , if 'I. die, I'll 'member. you, sunh/'-^-Chicago Ne-ivs. . TO WASH A WpOLEN^SWEATER. OftrmenU Are, FBVorltci.lt !• Tb«lr. Getting Fat la Only; a Question of Eating Proper Food. ; ; i Thlri people who want to get fat should cat proper food nncl digest It, That is the only natural way, Tho trouble with most thin people Is that tlicy suffer-from Indigestion, They don't digest 'their food. They don't get onoiigli 'n'onrlslim'eut.'. They nrc slowly boiug starved. They are poisoned by the products of fermented and putrid food. • •• - • Slmkcr Dlgcsth'O Cordial, a. gentle, natural, vegetable digestive, attacks the food In.your stomach just like the digestive Juices, .nncl,.turns It Into healthful nourishment. It helps your stomach naturally. It makes thlu dyspeptics fat. It makes poisonous blood pure. It touos up and cures the stomach. Nothing will cure Indigestion like Shaker Digestive Cordial, because nothing else goes so naturally about It. This Is, why it 1ms been so successful lu relieving ntuisea, vomiting, diz- zluoss, weakness, bad tnsto. fever, flatulence, constipation, loss of appetite, heartache, neuralgia, rheumatism, etc., by curing the disorder which causes the symptoms. A few doses will prove Its value, but you won't get fat on one bottle. All druggists. Ten cents for a trial bottlo. Write for book ou Food and Fat to The Shakers, 30 Rondo Street, New York. ALL RA.IL ROUTE, TO THE'SEA. ito-Atlantic City. Without .Transfer 1 via • Pennsylvania tines. ^ 'By the opening,: of "-the -Delaware River Bridge the Pennsylvania LInee .have become the only all rail route to Atlantic City and the seashore. Transfer of passengers and,-baggage, at Philadelphia via Market street Ferry and 'Ca'mden"is avoided, as seashore trains of Parlor Cars and Coaches.depart.troro Broad street station^ at /which passengers form the west over the Pennsylvania Route arrive In that city.. Through trains from Chicago, "Indians'- polls, Columbus, ^Cincinnati, Pittsburgh (tad Lntenneblate points on the Pennsylvania Lines make convenient COUBPC- tlon with .the'seashore trains. .For de 1 ' tails apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent. '. ' The Rev. B. F. Aspy, of the Christian church nt Eaton, has resigned to take pastoral care of a church at Van Buren, O. a .pail two-thirds or thTee:quar-. ters f ull , oif^ cipid, water. '.'In exiremely cold weather j'.the water may .be.tem- .pered a little, but let.it.be cpld ; 8nd.not warm. Take .a, ce^ke .of good laundry ispop-yany gopd" soap.. that .hasn't.^ excess.' of ; alkali /vyill,. answer .the pur- ipose-7-ahd. 'rub,,between .the. hamda'.Jln the water, for a, moment. Put in.Ojtea^ !Bpo6nful! ( of, \ainmonio. .and ,-stLr, .well. - ,S,pak the'garmeatiin this liquid. 'for IS . mJnutea,!or half ^an hour, iand . ,then,.' .squeeze out.the dirt, but riot vigorouBly., ienougii.to ImpBirj.the.garment'a.Bhape.- iurn. iiside out and repeat the process; ,Pour' off the water, which now contains ; nil the dirt that was -in the garment, and , rinse. very thoroughly in, .several •Waters— cold water, ," of ,"cou rse^—uslnar .the same 'motions as;,befpre.'. Lift .the. ^garment ;fr,om''the rinsing 1 , .water '.and lay" it ',o ; ver a .line or wooden! ,frajne to drip' land dry., " When dry turn right side out ftfad the job is done. • •'.. ! .. '^Observe .the. following cautions: .If the garnieot is one 'you care anything. about' wash it yourself. .You cannot trust Tom, Dick and [Harry, Bridgetand Jane. It will take-'but a few minutes and' you will 'be amply -repaid' for : tlw trouble. Put the soap In ;\he water, jiot in the garment. Use good soap and ; no* a very great deal bf it. Use cold water. -Don't wring or squeeze prpull. : Dry wrong side out. Don't dry in the SUB or wind or by the fire. A shed or basement with "a tub to oatch" the water is usually bettorthan outdoors. Don't leave, where it is cold enough to frecy-ei Don't iron. Incase -the : garment is extremely dirty use more: ammonia and soak longer. If ^here are grease spots, after'sookingre- njove.the spots with ammonia, benzine, or some cleansing compound; and then proceed oa before.— Chicago Tribune. ' Baked Apple CBlce. Miy together two cupfuls'of Hour, one-half :tcaspoonful *>f ; salt, one-half tcaspoonful of cream 'of tartar.- 'Beat one egg -and mix it with one 'scant cupful, o'f milk". Rub one-fourth' cupful of butter into the dry materials^'add the milk and, egg, i .Spread St oae-half inch thick : over a,buttered.bl«cuit:tin. Have ready fpur;BO.urapplesv pared, cored and cut Joto elghtha. . :Lay itbfem.In rows,on top "of i the, dough, ,with! the sharp edge down,, press: them..ln: ligKtly. ^Sprinkle two tablespoonf uls of : sugar iehd a lit- : tie cinnamon over the apples, bake SO or^O minutes and .aerVe with cream.— Boaton i ' "' RIGHT AND LEFT Paralyzing blows are being dealt at disease by the great tonic and regulator, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Fever and ague, general debility, rheumatism, nervous ailments, constipation aud dyspepsia, aro among the maladies for which experience has proved It a specific. Its work »s thorough, its effects are prompt. It Is not, however advertised to produce immediate euros though It afCords speedy relief," and will, If given n. reasonable trial, such ns nny standard remedy deserves, root out. the maladies to which it Is adapted, lu emergencies arising.In families, It is partlcunlrly serviceable, and it is esteemed throughout the land as a medicine of comprehensive uses, wholesome vegetable composition and unobjectionable flavor. It has risen to popularity by. purely legitimate means,' and only well substantiated facts are alleged in regard to it. atlcally. Use It systein- , Tramps dug out the cornerstone of the California church In: Cleveland township, Blkart county, taking the pieces of-money'underneath. ' . If you have ever seen a--little child Inthe agony of summer •complaint,' you: can realize -the 'danger 'of the trouble' and appreciate, the .value of, Inatantan'i; ecus .relief.always,'affo'rd'ed'.by..DeWitt'8; Colic & Cholera .Cure.; Fori dysentery, and diarrhoea It Is a; reliable remedy.-• We could not afford to recommend this as a-.cure unless It .were a ,cure,-TJno.;M. Johnston. . ' ' ; : MEETING, KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS Uniform, Rank, Cleveland, O., August 23 to 30, 1896. The Wabash will sell .Ucketfi August 22, 23, and 24 to Cleveland, at one f.are for the round : trip, with choice of routes by rail or lake. Tickets .wIM be good to return to and Including Augue t 31, 1800. For full pa-rtlcuilors Inquire of Wabnsh Tioket Agent. '!;'•'!•'<'X'''STORY;' FROM MAINE.' BOOM 'DUp^iwcM Thlpk Pro»ld*nc« But JMt«j|j4l*d <»tTh«lrlMJ«h«lf. -.The jiignor; dealers of South Brewer, Me,, ttiln'k that llev.-'Jifr.'Karaagf, pas-, 'tor of the Co'ngregn/t.ibnai church in ithelr village, has received a warring- to let them alone. A year ago Mr. Rnuuige and the mill hands were great f rienda. .'attended his meetings and contributed .liberally toward his. support Last winter when times were dull, 'many men stayed around the barrooms too long for their good, and drunkenness woe common. It was then that Mr. Rnmage started his crusudongainst ttie rumsedlers. Two or tnreemen were arrested at bis suggestion," add all '<£ree~ •of the barrooms were rnided and tb* , "BIG FOUR" TO ST. PAUL. On account of the Thirteenth En- .campment G. A. R., at St. Paul, Mian., Sept.. 1 to 4, the Big Four route will sell tickets at one cent per mile from stations on its lines. Tickets good going August 30 and 31 and September 1; good returning until September 15, w'th privilege of extension until .September 30,1SGC. See nearest ngent for particulars as to routes. HALF RATES TO MILWAUKEE. .On account of the National convention of Republican League Clubs, August 23, 24 and 25, The North-Western (Chicago & North-Western Railway) will sell excursion tickets from Chicago to Milwaukee and return at rate of on* fare for the round trip. Foi 1 tickets and full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines, or address W; B. KnlsVern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, 111. EXCURSION TO MILWAUKEE, WIS.,- VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. August 23d and 24th, excursion tick- cits to Mtt'wa.ukee, WJs., wiU be sold via Pemasylvanin. -Hoes, for Republican League. .National Convention; return coupons vaMd Saturday August 29th, Poison Ivy, Insect'bltee, bruises, acalds, burns, are quickly cured by DeWitt's .Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. It Is estimated.that eight thousand people attended the old settlers' reunion at Ceutervllle. 'Many a-day's work Is lost by sick headache caused by indigestion and' stomach .troubles. DeWltt's .Little Early Risers are the most effectual-pill for overcoming such difficulties.—Jno. M. Johnston. ,.:' • BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALTB. ; Tbe best salve in the 'world *oi : cuts, tjfulses, »ores, ; ulcers, .salt rl>enip.' : fever •orns ; and' all skin • eruptons, -and , poel: :«ively, cures,, plies ,or,:no ,pay ,• required. ft ,te guaranteed 'to glye pffect' satls- fictlon or money' re'fande4: 'Price 26 •ents per bo£' For' sale- 'by. : B. F'.' Keesllng. ....'' Edward Holler, of Danville, 111., -.whose back was broken by a fall froin a Big Four traln r .js. under|treatment at St, Elizabeth's Hospital,. Lafayette: Since 1878 there have been nine, [epidemics of IdyiBehtery..In.'different .part's of-.thfe country .In which Chamberlain's Colic, .Cholera and Diarrhoea.Remedy was used with perfect (Success. .Dysentery, when epidemic, Is almost as severe and.dangerous as .Asiatic cholerai-Here-. tofore the-best efforts of the most skilled physicians have folled' : to check-'Its rav- ages,'thls : remedy, however, .iins'..cured the.most malignant eases,'both'of, chll-f dren and'.adults, and under the most trying conditions, which proves It to be. tlie best, medicine in the world for .bowel, complaints. For sale by B. F. Keesllng druggist... '•'••• . :;la.Bhe still of tender years?" ^'Thirty."-. •••.; •;•-'.. ,-.•. .. • "Tliat's tough."— Detroit Tribune. Mrs. Elliott S. Underbill, of Ft. Wayne, has [brought suit against, Mrs. Carrie Byall, demanding $2,500 for.thc alleged alienation of her husband's affections. . ' : '. My little boy, when two.years of age, was taken very: 11] with- bloody flux. T waS'BdvIficd tonse Chamberlain's Colic,- Cholerai and 'Diarrhoea RiBmedy.'and' luckily procured, part, of a., bottle. ' i ' carefully read- the directions an'di: gave It;'accordingly. He was'very-low,''but s]<mly and surely he began to Improve, gradually •recovered, and Is no-«y aa'stout' and strong as ever. . I feel'sure,It Bayed his life. I .never can praise the Remedy half Its worth:,'.!, am;sorry ,'every one lin the world does not know; bow good,;lt It'is a«I do.—Mrs,:Lina S. Hlnton, Gra-: hamsville, Marion • Co., Florida. Fori sale by B. P. Keesllng; druggist ; ^ The young son of Joseph Tyndnll, near Hagerstown, stepped In a cutting box, losing a foot. WEARY OF THE PASTOR'S ENERGY. proprle-tors were fined. Mr. Itnmage kept right on visiting the snJoou-i and praying. At last one of the liquor dealers, weary of the pastor's energy, said he hoped lightning would strike so near .to Mr. Rainnge that he would g&t scared and quit. This wish was expressed a month ago. Nothing came of it until Sunday, June 21. It was a' hot day, and Mr. RaiBflg-o 1 , exchanging pulpits with the Kolden minister, did not get home until late. Then, as the night w«s sultry and the attendance was small, the regular evening services were held in the chapel Instead of the church- .About ;eight o'clock, while Mr. Rainage was talking to his peo'ple, a bolt of lightning struck the spire of the church, followed down 'to tie roof, and, breaking through the ceiling, tore np all the boards on the platform behind the pulpit where Mr. Roinago usually stood. Had he. been, in his accustomed place he would."have beon Rtriick beyond n douft. Since then the people hove looked Tipon.the liquor,dealer as a prophet, and »peak to him with respect when they ask for hard stuff. Tired Feeling Makes you seem *«I1 broken up," (rtth-, out life, ambition,: energy .or: appetite. 1 It Is often the forerunner of scrioui ill- DBM, or the accompaniment of nervous troubles. It la a positive proof of thin, wemk, impure blood; for, if the blood ia : rich, red, vitalized and vigorous, it imparts life and 'energy, to every nervt, organ and .. tinoo of'•_•' the'.. body. The necessity" of talcing Hood's BanaparUla; for that tired feeling i» therefore apparent to every one, and the good it will do yon ' ill equally beyond question. Remember Sarsaparilla Is the best-In fact the Qne True Blood Partner. "Boys will be boys," but you .can't afford to lose any;of them.- Be ready for- the : green apple season by haying DeWltt's 'Colic. .'&! Cholera'.Cure In the bonee.—Jno. M. Johnston! i Mrs. James Howe, of Bengal, is dying of blood poisoning, the result'of stepping on a rusty nail. ' ilSbe whole system Is drained -and undermined by Indolent ulcers and'- open t DeWitfs Witch Haw* Salve BOTC8. speedily heals them. .It Is tlie beet pile cure known.—Jno. M, Johnston. Selnia Bohner, eighteen years old; of Evansvllle,- committed suicide with poison, after a'quarrel with her 'betrothed. . '"' Don't trifle away tlme.when you Save cholera morbus or .diarrhoea..- Fight them. In-the .beginning with, DeWitt's Colic & Cholera 'Cure. Ton don't have to r walt for reanlfe. They are Instantaneous and. It leaves the bowels .In healthy condition.—Jno. M. Johnston. Peculiarities of Holland. Certain scientists say that liars la like ilolland.. Its inhabitants appear to have drained the whple of its surface as'n ; measure of protection against encroaching waters, which threaten an Invasion when summer's heat melts tun polar ice and snow. ^ .^» ii THE DISCOVERY, SAVED HIS LIFE Mr. G. Cailouette, druggist,' Beayer- ville, 111., says: "To Dr. King's New Discovery.I owe my life. Was taken with.la.grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, but of uo avail and wns given up and told I could not live. Having-Dr. King's New Discovery In my store I sent for a bottle aud began Its .use'and from the first dose began to get better, 'and. after using" three bottles wns up and about again. It Is worth Its weight in gold. We won't keep store-without it," Get a trial bottle at B. F. Keesling's drug store. ' ' . . A wind storm carried away the roof hud gable of- the schoolhouse at New- Providence, which was considered storm-proof. .. j. r»Mi cure liver ills, easy to take, rlOOd S PillS easy to operate. 35cents. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. iver the Sunset Route—New Orleaiu to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April letb. Tb« ••perlor accommodations given tt* treat number of patrons of-the. above train during the past tourist season, warrants the announcement, of plant !»t next season of finer »ervlce with Kjnlpment-superior to. anything yet «own In transcontinental traffic. • Look for early re-lnanjruratlon of •SUNSET LIMITED" thli fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sumet •toute" In connection with tho "Queen utd Crescent Itoute" iire\riinWng^tl >nly line of through tourist Pullman keepers leaving Cincinnati every rhursday evening for Los Angeles and tea Francisco. ...... These excursions are specially contacted, and the object Is V. enable toot* who do not care to buy.the.flritelMB, •ound trip or one way tlckeiii,"to enjoy*: t comfortable ride with sleeping car •rlvllegea and no change of cam at U» »«ry. low-second-class rate. -\ For further Information, addreaa V. «. CONNOR, Commercial Agt 8. Pi' •ft*.,'Cincinnati, O. • 'ma NEiMYER, a. w. Agt. 8. P. •*., Chicago, lu. ••-.•• 8. F. MORSE, G. P. A T. AgL S. Pi' to., New Orleans, Xa, • .,.-: SOMETHING TO KNOW, It may Tie worth'something to know tha.t the very, best medicine, for .restoring the tired out nervous system to a healthy vigor Is Electric Bitters: This medicine is purely vegetable, nets by giving tone to the nerve centres In the stomach, gently stimulates the Liver and Kidneys,' aud aids these organs In throwing.ouVmpurlties In the blood. Electric-Bitters Improves the appetite,^ aids digestion, and Is pronounced by those who have tried it as the very best blood purifier and nerve tonic. Try It. Sold for 50c or ?1.00 per bottle at B. F. Kcesling's.drug store. William Johnson, of Sulllvnn; who shot and badly wounded Fred Medarls some .weeks ago, has finally boon ar : . rested. .... . .-'•i Tneories of .cure may be discussed at length by physicians, bnt the sufferers want . ... quick : relief; . and One MInuti Cough Cure will give It to them. ; A safe cure fori.chUdren; : It "to ."the^only bannlesfl remedy: that produces Immedi' Horses, hogs and-cattle In some portions of Montgomery county have been so annoyed by the fly that death has resulted. ate ; : Henry .^oocIUe, eighty-one jjears olii; <if. Laporte; county,, was fatally .Injured, byj a, runaway, accident at Michigan City.- •-'•,.- •' •' ..... v' '•• ' '•'.'•''<'-' BE ft F B CT and pcnnanenV are the I^cure* 'Vy Hood's, Sarsaparilla, .be- •atfsV if iriakes-pureVr rfcti, 'healthy, and health-giving ! ; Sir weeks ago I suffered with a very severe cold; was almost unable, to-speak My.friends all advised me,to consult a physician. '-Noticing ^'"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy advertised In the St Paul Volts Zettnng I procured a bottle, and after taking It a short while was entirely well.: I.now most heartily recommend this remedy to anyone suffering with a cold. Wm. Kell, ; 678 Shelby Ave., St Paul, Minn. For sale by B. P. Keeflllng, druggist Graham & Morton , TRANSPORTATION CO. ,. ; tWIOB DAILY STEAMERS TO CHI-' •AGO. CONNBCTINO WITH THE VANDALIA ; RAH> WAY ATr«T. JOSEPH. .Beginning May 25th and continuing •ntll about Sept, 80th the, steameri of: ilili line will make two trip* each w«y lally between St. Joseph and Chicago, in the following, jchednle: ' Leave St Joseph at 4:80 p..m. .tir4, 10£0 p. m., dally. Including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and 11:80 p. m., dally, Including.Sunday.- Eitra trips on Saturday leave St Joseph at I a. m., and leave 'Chicago'at 2 p. m. Buanlng time acrpu lake 4 honri. Xri-Veekly iBteameri to Milwaukee, lUTlngSt Joseph' Monday, Wednesday uid Friday evenings. -The equipment of this line Inemde* (be side wheel steamers City of Chicago Ud City of Milwaukee (the largest and Inest west of Detroit), and. the newlj ttbnllt propeller CltyvOfi' LonHvllIe. Service first-class. Connections with all fandalla trains. Tickets on sal* at all ^ Tandalla Line stathws. Chicago dock {•ot of Wabash avenue. J.H. GRAHAM, Pre«., ". Benton Harbor, Mich. It doeso*; £?*'*« mucb^hetbec- sick headache,''biilownessi- todlgesttori' and constipation are ca«aed-.<by: - n»gl«ci -or by .i,nnayoUable.vclrciimataoce«;; iDf Wttt»Ottte-Darly'=Rliew will ap»*<l«y cart them alL—Jno. M ; Fred ; •proveU; son- 1 ' of '-Mrv"'and'. Mrs.' GottlVeb Droves; iicar Cbrymbo, while handling a revolver, accidentally shot and killed his eight-year-old brother. loingFbrA L,akeTrip? You'll folly enjoy all otlttdellftht* If you takoone of the KE TllCHIGAIf AMD LAKE SUPERIOR TRABSPORTATIOK CO'S EGANT STEAMSHIPS,

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