The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1956 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1956
Page 4
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no.) 0** Mofott Tvmiay, Mary IS, 19S6 Tl tlii T$ foirr Bowlers In Lurry's Tourney Hiwstew and Cliff Teeter (Utos sto^lte* CTKWTI and YMSKKK Dur- sM foitiik Hfoe sfesuifcte in Larty's tla*fi£aij» TwanmsmftiraH law! wcek- ffiad!.. Hwd&m arsd T««lcr lied tat ilfes MfflgS«» feavdl nrfih <$!9 totals,, the doubles entries wilK an HOT c-WHilt, A total 4f 22 doubles i'lam an'J 32 finite* entries bowk-d in the m&A, Other top double* teams V*T« Frank. MiHlicd«?f-Jf/c Eib'.'rt, il«!; Antoftn? Han^n-AI ErpfilfJ5150: Jerry &rhimrm.-l-n:jy 11*5; snd Soup Briggs- Bob MJiUag, 1140, _Sr.Jwmmel had a 605 to take third in the xingiex. Behind him *fif<? Swup Brig?* 604, Cliff COS, O. Fisch'/r 595, ; Durant 505, and Gordon WsnlteS 592. Algona Tops Dodgers 5-4 -NOW- Thru Thurs. HUNDREDS ACCLAIM IT! THE BEST PICTURE IN MONTHS! A LOVE STORY... possibly one of the greatest I Altfona high (school's baseball nine wound un the 1950 season on n Rueccsflful note with a cozy ,1-4 (Ic;dnlon ovnr Fort Dodge* at the fair r.round.s Thursday afternoon. Cotlch Hob KinK'.x crew thus flndcd il» schedule; with a 7-4 won-Jost mark and kept King's record of never having a losing nuasnn intact. Algon- Won the game by pu5- tfng all us eggs in tv/o baskets, a three-run first inning and two- run sixth inning rally iriaS clinched the decision. After Bob Slobc skied out to open the bottom half of the first, Bob Mantis walked. Loren Ke?- WILLIAM HOLDEM NOVAK Berry FIEIO-SUSAN SWAUKM-CUFF ROBCRTSOM ROSALIND RUSSELL CINEMASCOPE u* t, TECHNICOLOR •M nn * OAflia TWMOASH . im< *. „ „, -,„*• », WulWl IWZ . r* KW « THEATBE 6UIU), he ft JOSHUA IOGAH *«M t, JOSHUA UX/W. n*«< t, FRED KOHUM8 PLANTATION BALLROOM WHTTTEMOHE. IOWA Sunday, May 20 BOBBY LINDEMAN Friday, May 25 Square Dance lessons Sunday, May 17 CLEM BRAU Friday, June 1 Square Dance Lessons Sunday, June 3 TONY BRADLEY NO MORE OLD-TIME DANCES UNTIL SEPT. 7 No Advance Booth Reservation* Doors Open of 8:30 arwfl son foffliswnesS chased Haamas fitto Doug Meyflr SfttBtt 9li with a Stalin stole secGjmdl asail <wiiniw r il third nailer wflatm tE^JMnr Otf^fiS 1 SiSnQdujsnit, Dawe tttottil) wtt tthc dscwia ttoratJdfft! aih* -SStofft Whri! ihij mutts « TisuiWats Simfllj' jgttt Jwr !fca«c JuaiBi to tttif tstw twiui i the 8w atf aftie ffinffitfh. A ilitt >bUttr- maEi. a wjiSfe, a 3irrtf/)f amti t-Wc : errors Satraaaia Ste aaiibfc. 'lite' ffimOHifij^B itumtttofi tihc - ! irh- jpoTlaaaJI $mn£ wirinirnfi tt««- boisBs ihaiH <rf rfihc srtfth. Represent State ra am h m e jateyni! So tl aJiaogt Bu a-ua ia the tttrptttf iJ-iir.;Sa;-fi, ri. 3 There's Big TREASURE" At - MEIERS i 'fhs-oc ct'tf ri! Uf 'th tft wt.EC cotttpe*? l)!!w ifcate Srack sr,. May 2*>. ihi ftllKS'.cS'stJirtct viuilt : . ttto? «wtt»/th s 'till* >yonv ' ' It Six eight fhf l.;i!f tflKf in inuilli Snr rtthcr fiKtf th'Jnw t?rtiiiii}j '.; A Llilyti :rilnpc t'JrwKih b mllr 'yrihi-j- 'Muirn ffiw««sfi to be Here Sunday! pnnti enniifjh itn ' 5t? th-r . 'tThe twuim. Sun . 'Phil Simirii*;. .Jkcr-r noy -tmti HDiwis. ttfiujffdi tli<r ov-" In .B>tru, iflijiK). .wu-fCKij better th'nn the :-Sii)imil "-iwcdl. id ad- vMni'inr tnf{)U' *!uir.f: Dtnvnoj" 'wus 'ihii'ii ra "fte half milp run,• BSteiwriinih iiae* fourth i! in thf-hrnBtliumri. OSidk Sarar WES -Vfiflh in'tto i2fln',«na Mi=e medley rt i lti\' tRnm ateo itujiKiS ffii;;-:. 7hr 'ti'iim 'viif 'iTirstji.-: in 'he .conference imam tn Krirsiboldi this SiiturtHjy i«jJsc-f i>j:ng to ! 'Ames'the -ffiilfwii^ 'sfsefend. Milzi Gaynot co-slars with George Gobel in the hilarious new technicolor comedy hit, "The Birds and the Bees," which plays Sunday through Tuesday at the Algona. Glcnda Gabrielson tried keep irig up with her mother bs being on the committee for the* girls 4-H Mothers' Day tea held at the center school. Others attending from here were Mi's Wilford Ward and Joan, Mrs Harold A. Martinek Lopsided Gomes Opening Of League cl. H. II. _ Oaeso-x, ri. 3 T'.'"«rni.ena. p. 3 Diamond Due Home f ibarae fhis : Park bcif cnaart, is facpartefl pital. J>I=SDU City, urkdera-ent tresteent. litrs 3>is- Jiion-d has bs*-a in rharge oi tbf swre in Phil's sbsssc-e. SIX WINNERS Be sure to read this page thoroughly and if you spot your name individually, you will receive free admittance tb the technicolor comedy hit, "The Birds and the Bees",- placing. Sunday through Tuesday at the Algona theater. Just give your name at the box office. Glennda Gabrielson and Linda Hahsen were among the members of the new confirmation class of the Methodist Church fit Wesley lo make a trip to Mason City with Rev. Webb. They visited churches of other denominations for a lessbn on other religions. Gary McDonald . ..-J.J1-.. So far the'only reported storm damage was the loss .of the phohe for a morning at the Gabrielson home when lightning struck the line. It rang before the repairman got out of the yard as an indication of how important the instrument is at that home. Mr and Mrs Don Prew had a night out in belated celebration of their wedding anniversary last month but it was enjoyed just as much. Mr and Mrs Bob Kellcy had an evenng out at Ft. Dodge. But it was-mostly business as usual since they attended a lumbermen's 'meeting. John Jennings had an unlucky day for. a birthday as it came on Mother's Day this year. Mrs Jennings thought it would be fair if they each served the other's Sunday dinner. Mrs Stanley Muckey IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT J. P. Simon AS To Register Your Name For $1,000 IN FREE MERCHANDISE (Limited To Two Items) THE MYSTERY PACKAGE (Value Somewhores Between $25.00 and $500.00) For Treasure Hunt Days - Friday & Saturday OUR "NUm NUMBERS" SPECIALS Sheaffer's Pen & Pencil Set $22.75 "Siutesnmn" While Dot $11.50 CARVING SET $11.50 STAINLESS STEEL SET IIJII TflHkf fFlAFPTPDC Wlli I UliN JEWELERS TWD cumer 'PpeErd play in the TIrowuth ••Gcrazcr Baseball" League Sunday. Malar-el flogged the Al- nmie! KCs. -K-3. in seven innings at Alpnna. a=d Bancroft whomp- sd HurrJri:iJcV 25-5. at Humboldt. '.s frcton will find Alii BsBiroft. Humboldt at ra. LCJW Rock at Emmets- burc aad VThi'temore at Rod- Phfnin Diicnoad. Alecma insl-f' maa - Sotoian. Lone Rock. Em- 3i6Trt_ is *mf,-tsd ^hnm*. fhi« i ms*-*^-g tad ^nittemore didn't PIKT irjfcir openers Sunday. JicxhE:-; hurled Mallard's easy : -srir. over ihe XCs. allowing five , j h:u -K-hile has Teammates collect- I ! fM5 34. JLrr. Gee].an startea on the j ! iiE for AJgona and Nelson finish- I ed up. Bob Eckhart. Nystrom ! i £nd Keerb? hi: home runs for i: VizYi&Td. Keerbs blasted a pair. ! while Harold Amfahr belted one for Algona. The losers committed 11 errors during the fray. Bancroft banged out 24 hits in downing Humboldt. .The losers picked up eight bingles. Lichliter hurled all the way for the winners, while Larson, Green, Christensen. . Grenett and Monahan went to the hill for the losers. Tanner of Humboldt got the lone home run in the contest, while -id |lif -k Dudding each chipped in with four hits for Ban- SEXTON NEWS On one of those rainy days last week Mrs John Jennings entertained her P.E.O. circle from Al- gor.a. John spent the afternoon at the home of a daughter, Mrs Clarence Canaday. Tuesday - Wed. $ Buck Nites Bowery Boys Humphrey Bog art Sylvia Sidney "DEAD END" P L U S GARY COOPER in 'THE WESTERNER' Sunday — 3 Days NOT-SO-LONEBOMB OEOROE SAYS: '•You can't hardly get movies like this no morel'5 e birds and the . bees" •<&• REG/MALO GWDlNB ALSO SPECIAL FEATURETTE "24 HOUR ALERT" Starring the men and officers of the U. S. Air Forc« . . . and JACK WEBB Robert Knuusen Mrs Glenn Gabrielson spent another fast-moving week trying to get some gardening done between trips. She was substitute for another Farm Bureau member when she attended a get out the vote meeting at Burt. Anther Farm Bureau meeting was more fun than work for a change. Mrs Gabrielson was one of ;• group of ladies taking a chartered bus for an all day tour of sights Jin Des-Moines. Mrs Gabrielson also attended the Mothers day tea of the Plum Creek Women's Club at Millie Slagle's home. Next week Mrs Gabrielson %vill spend a little time at home in order to entertain the Plum Creek Homemakers here May 23. Josephine Diilmer KENT MOTOR May "Safely Month" BRAKE SPECIAL HERE'S WHAT WE DO: 1. Inspect Lining 2. Clean Repack Front Wheel Bearings 3. Add Brake Fluid 4. Inspect Grease Seals 5. Adjust Brake Shoes 6. Test Brakes IY CAR COMPLETE BRAKE / and FRONT END SERVICE Kent Motor Co. Phone 434 Algona Graham Stores In Expansion Program In Iowa From a modest start forty-nine years ago, in 1907, the Graham Department Stores Company has steadily grown to the point where it now comprises twenty modern department stores! serv- ifig a&'mafiy ' cities throughout Iowa. The organization is now celebrating its 49th anniversary, with the Graham store irt Algona observing its 27th year. * Siill Wholesale Business fh<* Graham company, with headquarters in Ottumwa, was founded by C. L. Graham, who traveled for and later purchased an Omaha wholesale drygoods firm. He moved the firm to Ottumwa, where the wholesale end of the present business is very much alive, exclusively serving the twenty Graham retail stores. The Graham company also maintains buying offices in the New York and Chicago markets, and uses the services of some fifty resident buyers in procuring fashion onr) other merchandise. C. L. Bliley was the first manager of the local Graham department store, which is now headed by W. Brail Wright, with a familiar staff of employees. Now M. Brail Wright serving its fourth generation of customers, the motto of the retail organization is "Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money cheerfully refunded." Company To Expand At the present time, the Graham parent organization is embarking on an expansion program which will place-stores in more communities in Iowa. These units, will be complete departments stores, similar to the Algona store, and will be established in several more progressive Iowa towns. This week, throughout the state, all Graham stores are observing ,the 49th anniversary of the company with special events. A GALA SHOWING OF NEW 1956 MODELS AUTO in Algona FRIDAY & SATURDAY DURING TREASURE HUNT DAYS 15 Different Makes! ON DISPLAY AT SOUTH SIDE OF STATE AND DODGE STREET INTERSECTION IN HEART OF BUSINESS DISTRICT CENTRAL MOTORS DeSoto - Plymouth BRANDT BUICK Buick J a I MOTORS Chrysler - Plymoulh TAYLOR MERCURY Mercury PERCIVAL MOTORS Dodge - Plymouth DAU'S GARAGE Oldsmobile KENT MOTOR CO. • Ford SCHUUZ BROS. Studebaker - Packard ERNIE WILLIAMS PonJiac - Cadillac KOSSUTH MOTORS Chevrolet RUSS & KY'S Nash PLAN NOW TO SEE AND INSPECT THESE CARS! ,ri? /• • ' • ', •

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