The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on August 18, 1951 · Page 30
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 30

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 18, 1951
Page 30
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S : ' · WEATHER FORECAST t. S Wvttbtr Dur«au pr*4lrli- Partly Cloudy, Coot Tonight Pirtly Cloudy, Mild Sunday NORWALK EDITION West port--Georgetown--D«ri«n · - Weiton--Willow ' - ,- ' * I t VOL.' LXVUI, NO. 194 HO USE VOTES BILLION DOLLAR AID BILL SLASH Bridgeport's - Family Newspaper A 'Big' Kiss for 'Little Sister', BRIDGEPORT 2, CONN. SATURDAY,'AUGUST 13, 1951 * SIXTEEN PAGES , TWO SECTIONS ' «c SINGLE CDPV , 24e WEEKLY 8V CARRIER Action R e d u c e s Funds Available f ' to Help Friendly. Nations GOP WINS CUT Administration Looks ' to Senate to Restore Part of " Money WASHINGTON. · AUK- IS,--(API The House lost nlfaht passed and flcnt to the Senate a IT.4B8,750,000 foreign aid bill. This was JI..001,- I 350,000 leas t'.ian President Truman had .asked for helping friendly nations resist communism. Administration lenders looked to tho Sena to to restore at least a part of the bill Ion-dollnr cut They were particularly hopeful of recapturing an unexpected Inst- mlnuto alien of 1330.000.000 In economic aid tor Western Europe. That cut wai pushed through by a coalition of "Republicans and Southern Democrats shortly before tho j bill parsed laat night by n vote of 300 to 101. The House Foreign Affairs committee "already had topped 1340,000.000 off funds for European economic help. Sponsored by Roecs The additional cut wns imposed by 149 Republicans and 37 Democrats over the opposition of 162 Democrats, 14 Republicans and one Indecpndent. It was sponsored by Representative Recce (R-Tcnn), former chairman of the Republican National committee. The House left the European economic allotment at JD85.000 000 In- , stead of tho $1,673.000,000 requested ; by President Truman. | There were no House-voted ic- ductloa In other funds iccom- mended by the Foreign Affairs committee. This group had trimmed a tot ill of 1651,290,000 from Mr. Truman's requests for military and economic assistance for Europe. Greece, Turkey. Iran, tho Near East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific area and American republic allied In resistance to communism. 'The bill's: total as It went to the Senate was $7,199,750 ODD. On pa*- «age It had the backing 1 of 179 WAY IS CLEARED TO TIE W A G E S TO LIVING COSTS New Policy Allows Pay to Rise, Fall With Prices S e n a t o r O'Conor Says Group Will Draft Report In Two Weeks UN » REDS MOVE TOWARD BUFFER LINE SOLUTION PLAN TEMPORARY Johnson Says System · In Line With Stabilization Objectives A kits on tho cheek from a proud "big" brother noes along with tha crown and title of "Ml»t Orcutt Boys Club", won by eight-year- old Arlone Hvlido In tha club's "Little Slater" eonteit yojtnrdjy. Shu and har brother. Joseph, 11, ara child ran of Mr, and Mn, Joseph Hvlido, of 256 Boa eh (treat. (Story on Page 14) jWSB Makes Spot Survey In 'Out-of-Line' Pay Probe WASHINGTON, AUR. 18.--CAP) The government ha a adopted, temporarily nt Ic-int. n general policy of HlIowlriK wages to tl*ic nnd fall with living couli. In approving the policy yc^ter- dn, Economic Stabilizer Krlc Johnston snlrt tt wna "In line with the ovriiill itnhillzntlnn objeellvc of keeping the A merle tin economy In balance " H o « e \ c t , Johnston said the whole j ' I on program would lime ' to tic levicivcd next spring. Me okayed the new policy, proposed by ! the Wage Stabilization bonrd, un. ttl JMich 1, IOS2. In the meantime, the hoard will nppiove wage Increases granted by cmplojers to offset tho rlsa In living costs. Roughly, they have risen 11 per cent since January, 1330 and about two per cent since the wag 1 *pi ice ficeze of last Jnn. 25. The new ]iollcy supplements but docs not chnn;;e a separate regulation under which employers may p l a n t increases of 10 per cent ovr 1 J n n u n i y , 1950 Irvcln without com Ins to the bonrd for approval, DRUG TRAFFIC HIT Numbers Game Grossed $50,000 A Week In District of Columbia Norwalk Teachers Demand Parley With School. Board WASHINGTON. Aug. IS -- (AP) Racketeers anil giiinblrM naught by Hie Senate Crime Invent igtkting · NORWALK, AWE. 18--In a letter to Dr. Louis Simon, chaliman of the Bonrd of Education, released today, Eleanor O'Donovan, president of tha Norwalk Teachers association, demanded n Joint meeting of the twn organizations to discuss the roci-nt Supreme couit declnlon w hlch i ulcd toaehei i* unions were committee can breathe a tittle on;--, not permitted to nttlke. ler today. The group which threw n spotlight on many top underworld flc.- ures iinJ won nation-wide acclaim for It formally closed down Its open hearing! jcsterdav. Report To Be Drafted Tlir committee's life still has two weeks to run. But Chairman O'Conor D-Md said these would be devoted entirely to writing (i Ilna! report, du by Kept. 1, and pushing 18 legislative recommendations. Subpoenas and arreit warrants IKE U rd hy the crime probcis wilt not expire until thr committee' docs, But thf lawmakers Indicated thnt no further searches would be made since the witnesses w ould not be heard if found. , O'Conor said the final trport was ceitain to have .1 large section The thieatencti tcnchnit walkout Other Norwalk News - on Page Four. was prcclpjtatcd earlier t h t i year when the Board and the Association failed to agree on tftlary In- c)coses Dr. Simon i«nld jeilerday he expected the tcachets to return to work in September, He asserted, | "nothing can be gained at thK late i date hy fuithcr negotiations." Teachers' Statement The tcaehcts' statement Is in follows- "The Piofesolona! Committee of the Not walk TeacherM 1 'association j takes this opportunity ID Issue the I following statement In connection j tilth Ihc opinion of the Conncctlcuti Supieme Court «f Enori concein- Hurricane Cuts Off Word From Jamaica MIAMI, Ma., Au B . 18 ~ (API Nnvy p]sines took off at dnun lo- elny to pick up the trail of the hurricane that nppsircnlly atiuck overnight Rt the British West Indies Island of Jamaica. . Communication with Kingston, the Jamaican capital,city of 120,000 population, wan trot last niRlit when the airport and radio toner were evacuated. All efforts today to leain how the elty nml the outlaying banana nnd supar cane lands withstood the 130-m II c-an -hour- punch of the storm were fruitless, ' ' PANEL CONFERS IN ATMOSPHERE OFHARMONY Trouble-Shooters Are Seen Huddled Over Korean . Map ' : TALKS OFF RECORD Pieping Radio Drops Hint · of P r o g r e s s By "· Negotiators W. J. STIEG OFFERS CITY HALL PLANS The bonrd promptly nppltcd th'; Hlecal druc trniic. WOUNDED BANDIT IN OXYGEN TENT Milford Cop Shot In Gun Battle Rallies After Rellipse Yesterday MIUFORD, Aug. IS--George Leon. 30, critically wounded Thursday night during n gun battle with po- Dccnacrats, 80 Republicans and one , lice here, N In "poor" condition to Independent and the opposition of 81 Republicans and 20 Democrats. Tho cut vas not so deep aa ·nan? Republican* tiad hoped for. Their goal was an ovciatl reduc- day nnd on the danger list, accord- A^rnta of the Wage Btnhlliznlion boa id's Boston oRlcc ncie In Bildgcport this week aceking ftiLta on confl let) tic 1C parts of Mage in- cqulllCH among nrcn Industries, it win learned today. The move wns part of it Wash- i n g t o n - o r d e r e d Investigation at w.tgc policies here, touched off ty reports that the Biidgcnort-Lycom- Ing division, Avco Manufacturing corporation, Is attracting workcr.i from other plants by offering wages "out of line" w i t h local scales. 'No Deciiion 1 On Revisions Donald V. Turner, Bridgeport- Lycomlng w o i k a mnnaeer. wild to- c!ay that "no decision" hai beon reached as to whether reviilons will tlon. Including the committee cuts. ! Shoreline motel. Post road. OW. 1 """ S1 ; 50 °' D00 - 000 to ««»·«»·- ; Also in the hosp.tal, wounded in ' Caught Flat-Footed ' t h e exchange of bullets with Leon, ing to hospital attendants. Police j ^_ mn . d _ cj 1tn1 ,_ th1 «.P a i;_ H _ t ;\ 1 _ e ^ ul0 lhil assert Leon during a holdup 'prompted the investigation. shot four tlmc* ! Dr ^ Howard My el s, WSB te- attempt in the gjonnl dltcctor heading the piobe, said ye^tcidoy 'It I' possible that Brldscporl-Ly coming may wish to ached u I c. new policy to a scries of northein cotton-rayon textile mill cnaes. It granted a six and one-half per cent hooit, amounting to eight nnd one- half cents nn hour to 00.000 CIO- tc\tlle workcis. ctfectlve l a s t March, That evened up their minus with those of other New England mill workers who have contracts | w i t h eost-of-llvlnR "cscalRtor" pro-j \lslnns These allow wage inci eases when the cost of living coci up-and decreases if and when HID H\Ing cost declines. The board nlso okuycd a future escalator clause for the SO.OOO. The board declined to approve the full seven nnd one-half per rent Increase negotiated by the C1O- tetllle workers and the nor the til mnnufoctuieis. saying that ·wouW exceed the cost of living formula. Under the cost of living policy, wot hers may get a pay boost In theio three ways: 1--If they were woiklng under n contract with an escalator claup In effect before the Jan. S3 wag* Ing w i t h the narcotics tra/Hc. The |'"B a joint action brought before committee centered much ot IM nl- t n c Court by the Association and tentlon during recent wrclts on the I 'he Bouid of Education of thf City J of Not walk. The committee ha* , Indleatrd. I Speaking »i fl gioiip. we feel it i too. Hint It woulil have much tn sn^ j fhoxild hr s:ild nt the very outset j about Abner (Loncie) g future relation*. A will- on t h e p n t t of the Board nnd the Association to Irt the opin- I Inn serve as a guide will do much I for peaceful rclatldn*. A tendency to split halu nnd stand ot fall on ' bcr uf Commerce that block the 'commas' or 'pctlod*' in the tie- j which City Hall now stands former hnotleggrr kingpin now said hy the crime proberi tn hive wide Influence in northern New Jeiscv nnd to have tlr-ups w i t h ninny racketeers cHewhere. Z will man Eludei Probe ra £v. Lllmnn wm one nf thoie w hfi eluded the committee's dragnet for Its last three days of hearings. But the senators beard much teitlmnm about his past anil prpscnt actlvl* tie*. The lawmakers ^prnt mueh of their final hearing yraterd.iv on gambling In the shadow of the e,ip- Itjil. Thev henrd t i n t J--A number* rn r ;r t groi^lnc, I1S.OOO to 150,000 a week h.Tt hern j nourishing In the Dlilrict of Colp ~ " umbla and ndlnrrnt Prince Georget Convention Favors Vigilante MUNSAN. Korea. Auff. 13--(AP) Allies and Reds got down to brass tack* today as the four-man arm- ' slice subcommittee met on the. buffer zone issue* for the second ' si i night time In an atmosphere ' o f friendly Informality, The talks arc being held strictly off-the-record and no official · report of progress was made. Huddle Over Map _ . . - _ , . 1 But a pooled* dispatch ' from Central Location Proposed to KllfaanK , a , d the four Bctierala _ Mayor By Real Estate i t w o American, one North Korean Operator j a n d one Chinese--were seen huddled over a map spread out on n 1 i conference table. They pointed to "Let's plan, not for now. but for , it as they talked. And they soem- the future," Walter J. Stlcg, presl- * d lo be speaking Informally, and dent of the Bridgeport Real Estate no ' '""" P«P a TM d "tatemcnts. . . ,, . , , , ,,. . After a lengthy session In hot board, said today In a letter to ] nnd sweltering Kaesong they ad- Major McLevy. Tlic proposal bv journed. they will meet again at the Tratllc committee of the Cham-, n "·"- tomortow (8 p m. Saturday, {·Continued on Page Four) FIREMEN PROPOSE LOTTERY 'SPIES' on he cleared for downtown parking facilities and a new City hall be EST). That indicated the four trouble-shooters did not reach a final solution today on where tho cease-fire buffer zone should be placed. Democrats turned back ippeatcd [is Police Sgt Charles McAfee, « " ° l u h l c h is teactlvntlng the former . Omc1a | 3 o f Brldgcpoit-Lycomlng. frcere. (Under such a clause, pny attempts to cut mllltnrj-ald allotments and to make othei chungei In the bill. But ReeceVi last-minute move caught them flat-footed. is being tieated for n uound 1ft liM ' Chance Vought plant to pioilncn left shoulder. The hospltnl ttald ! aircraft englnca. have denied that It came In the form of n technical i ncrm ntd motion to recommit thf entire hill. ' with Instructions to the Foiclgn Affairs committee to repoit It back immediately with the cut. He pub) leans argued that the economic aid funds could be cut because European , nations, already given bllHons of American aid, are (Continued on Pago Two) OFFICIAL WEATHER (D«tt from tb* U. 8. Weltbrr nuttnu) BRIDGEPORT AND VICINITY --Mostly fair, lemi humid thi* afternoon; high tn the upper 70's. Tonight, partly cloudy, continued Cool, law near 60. Tomorrow, partly cloudy, continued mild, with poa- slble afternoon or evening thunder- showen. - * LONG ISLAND SOUND--Con tie to moderate northerly windi. Sea smooth. Visibility oood. , yinenuvpt NEW YORK CITY--Sums ai for vancouv ''' thin morning Sgt. JIcAfee'i condl- "fair", but he will not be yet. He suffcicd rrlapsc ycsteiday. but is ""lightly Improved," attendant* disclosed. Hospital officials said Leon was shot twice In the cncst, once In the stomach and once In the thigh. He was operated on yesterday and since that time has been In an oxygen tent- L«on has also received several blood transfusions, hospital attaches reported. Police said Leon, whose address Is uncertain, held up the cashier of the Howard Johnson restaurant, Post road, at 10 o'clock Thursday, night, looting the cash register of (Continued on Pago Two) NOMINEES LISTED BY INDEPENDENTS Norwalk*3 New Party Names Eight In Slate of 12 For Nov. 5 Election NORWAL.K. Aug. 18.--Eight of Forty minutes latet, investl- the twelve nominees for election gating ofllceis nsseit, he wai sur- to the rlly council wete announced prised hy police in the act of rob- today by the Independent pattv hint the motet at revolver point.! l.endnd hv Socialist Mayor l i v i n g Leon find Sgt, McAfee wen* wound- C. Ficc'e who will neck reelection ed In the eniuing gun battle, when to hli third t c t m Nov. fi. the foimerN nttemplcd e-c.ipc was I n | h p | ln cut). It nppenri foiled hy policemen. ' n o n e of the Incumbent Socialist Leon'* cilmlnal record, according rouneilmen will be Included on the adjustments arc .usually madn every thicc months, at tho rate of one cent an hour for citch rise or foil of l.H points In the government piicc Index, A new one will IIP out nest week, measurlnR prtcci a* of July IS.l About 4 000,000 workers already nre under nome torm 01 escalator clause, Including most ot the railroad and auto Industries. 2--If the employer and union want to gear their pay rales In the future to such an Index, th» board ' will approve the contract provisions. 3--If employers and unions want to make long-term contracts, without such a binding clause, they mav open their agreements every six months, take a look at wnat has happened to living costs and maks cotmtv, Maryland 2--A remited figure In tlih racket Charles E. Nel«on. offered to pay StSOdO R month In brihei to thr" 1 Prince Georges officials *o he could operate In the county. 1 Groups to Prevent Area Gambling Violations t-rccted elsewhere, hns Mr. Stleg', Once morc the BEm ~ nd o( lauRhtEr support, , coming from the conference room , *,? « rv £'. ln * * H , f *. f °f a .P, CW C " y Burred hope of progress, hall, Mr. Stleg asked thai "due con- Pleplng radio yesterday dropped In a broadcast iffotlatori met. iltored In Tokyj laid the subcommittee Thursday "took the* first stcn toward finding a ^solution to the issue deadlocking the truce talkV Silent on Step The subcommittee began today's Faili To Appear Xrlinn. a nrff-ililed gentleman farmer from Ritchie, lid. also failed lo show iip for quizzing vexter-1 ncettcut tornmunltIns to prevent !ny. A c n r r l a k r r at hi* home said , Illegal lotteilrs and i.iITIc*. The 'muth by Wall street and tin' west by Middle street. ' The Chamber advocates t h a t tin 1 ' Mock bounded by State. Main, Bank and Broad streets be allocated for parking. In addition to Cltv _,,,,,._ ,,,,,, ,,,. ,,,, ,=, 3 l I H t l l e ^'l y "f,!;, nctl Frn "! 1 ' n "" a t*ession~arira'm"Bctorl~ihcy"mt:t, Sturdcvant buildings would h n i c to liaison officers of the two sides STAMFORD. Aug. IB--Delegates ! be torn do«n. took ovcr thc conference room In a letter tn Ihe Mayor Mr. a nd continued their debate on tba -' Slleg said. "Sincere thought and neutrality of Kaeaong. Tho llaJaon preparation should be given In dc-} Brnu p s will meet again tomorrow. to the State Kiremcn'n association convention here ycstciday voted to organize "vigilante" groups In Con- hr hnd gone fishing. rver. the committee produc- pioposnl Atcms from I.ick of fltntc ·mnctlon of g.imei of chani'e fen- termlnlng the location of the pro-! A i U[!(l members refused to dlscuaa posed new CUV hall," wn! , t happened todny. The Mayor todav ngnln declined , The subcommittee . ngaln met comment on the Chamber's propo-' ;lroun d one of the smaller tables Bot . * .. ^ , . ., ,-L. '" tnc conference room. Observed , As to Mr. Sling · suggestion, the from outside, the ed testimony which seem* tlkely t o j ttned in past yeiiis at xoltmteer keep Nelson In hoi watci for pome Bremen bazaars and falis, , ^ »,, t TM«.- tlmc. ! Plann for tho vlgll.intc commit- Mayor said ^he was "not Interested ,.4 comfortable and relaxed u they Senator Kcfauveer D-Tenn) said [ tec were discussed duiing an in- , ' n _*' ln f B _'te-" ^ ^ j leaned back In arm chairs. envoys flatly thc lawmakers believed he [ formal meeting of an estimated 30 delegates to the Firemen's association and members have been np- polntcd to "police" their own communities and report lottery viola- had committed pet Jury on four matters. The record of the testimony was sent to George M. Fay, U. S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, for possible perjury proa-[ tlons to enforcement o [fleers. ccutions. Among other things; Kc-fauver The Issue has been a burning one Ills letter Mr. Stlcg said, "The I downtown street system In Bridge- j port, as w e both know was designed for thc horse and buggy days, which Is creating staggering problems today. They met tor one hour and 40 minutes before adjourning for lunch. The afternoon session lasted one hour and 49 minutes. , The Uie Captured Jeep communist team rode to said, Nelson told the committee he had been in trouble with the law adjustments limited to those 1 luc- j once but. the Senator added, it tuatlons. The board would approve. | turned out that tie had muny "The downtown area In Br^gr- | lunch In a captured American Joen with Connecticut firemen for scv- port Is making the mistake, In my I still bearing the marking "KMAG Ihitt nrrnngement. In hi* recoid. oral years, since a move for strict' opinion, of trying to route toti enforcement of Connecticut's n n t l - ] l n u c h traffic throur/h the central gambling law* started In Falrfleld . district streets. Every effort shoul.1 i be made to loop the trafllc veil around these areas w i t h rasv ac(Continued on Page Four) i to police. Indictee he wa* iborn In B.C., but there It no Bridgeport. TEMPERATURE , Low today GO Highest yesterday 70 Lowest yesterday 63 Highest Aug. 17. 1850) 80 Lowest (Aug. IT. 1050) 64 Water temperature, 8 a.m. (Pleasure Beach) .73 PRECIPITATION Today (12 hours to 8 a.m.) ,. , 004 For month 1-8H Barometer (II a.m. reading) , 29.92 Humidity (11 a.m. reading) .. 71% SUN, MOON. STARS Saturday, Aug. 18 Two hundred thirtieth day of the data concerning hH nntuinlluaUon as a U. S. citizen. His record shows he was once a patient In the State Hospital for the Insane, Norwich; an Inmate at Wot hers Be Id State 5,000 Scatter As Rain Washes Out Part of Pops painted on th* bumper--"Korean Military Advisory Group." .. Both sides again limited the number of newsmen at the conference. The United Nations had three eor- Into the hrart of the city." he I teapondmts at Kacsong. the Kerfs ticket The Independent party short two candidate* In t h e Second, I one In the Thi id, and onn In Fourth, By TERE PA3CONE of eloudburst pioportlons. tho I pouring down unexpectedly at 10:18 (o'clock, scattered 8,000 patrons at- To ^represent the Flrit district, the party named W. Hart DcMuth of Jefferson Mreet, a printer, and prison: and served time In San, tt member of the council during the Qucntln prison, Calif. The majority of his convictions were for burglary charges, police said. 52-INCH RATTLER SHOT mayor's first term. William Murray. 13 Ludlow street, and Rny C. Ray nor, France street, electrical i contractor. For the second ward. SOUTH GLASTONBURY, Aug., 18--(AP) WI »t must have been the great-granddaddy of nil Umber rattlesnakes In this area w a s killed by an Ifi-ycar-old boy herd yesterday. The reptile was 32 Inches long and hud 11 rattles. , Francis j Clak shot the snake \\lth n 12-1 gauge shotgun while visiting his (Continued on Pan* Four) IBEW UNION GUILTY OF RACIAL CHARGE year. Fifty-eighth day of Summer. Sun sets at 7:40 p.m. and rises at __ D ^_ _ «:05 a.m- tomorrow. Moon rises at ( grandfather's farm here. 8.40 p.m. Laat quarter Friday. - , .^,0 youth and his cousin. Rich- Prominent stars: Alt Mr thlsh In , nrd Cav anauch. saw the rattler nautheojt 0:03 p.m.); Klgel trlscs 3:11 a.ui. tomorrow). V i s i b l e planets; Saturn -(sets 8:55 p.m.); .Mars (rises f:2B a.m. tomorrow); Jupiter (high Jn southwest at nun- rl30 - / THE TIDE while walking to a pasture and at first thought It wna a garden snake. Clak threw a pocket knife at It, but the tougli hide bent the blade. Today' , , 12:05 p.m. 7:06 p.m.' Inp, the boys ran baclc to the house where Clak got tho shotgun. Hlfih Low POIJ.EK conm ..,.,, , taUrn lounih: urejwr»a lr tbm lliitleftl dtftirlmpnt nf Imuftpart rt"*- lilul «SiTt IhP nltmlwr nf piilli-n Enini i « f - f)»rl In ricb mblc )llil of HI duilni Ilir "I AUE M - · -- ,. AUf. l.'l .' Aar. 1(1 ! " I I X ! 'I- '--"itevafin* 'liritutt et rail. two. T f m ° rrow ' Tho blast almost tore the snake In 1:16 o.m. i ' 1:40 p.m. 7:29 a.m. T;0i p.m. Today's Chuckle r Femsle elevator operator In car alone with a Marine; "Go- Inn up--aoing up--anybody else going op? Please, will _ somebody elss BO up7" ' --EM nil t. .St. tending the Alec Tcmpleton concert lost night at Falr- f l e i d university field, .and caused more excitement In one nfght than all concert nights p u t together In the four-year hls- toiy of the Connecticut PopK, A t u m u Ituous night It was as the ( majority nf those. T*ri FIKBIII p r e s e n t , totally i I unprepared for the storm In the matter of clothes, fled for shelter. With the speed of lightning, the toircnta fell, and It WRS a matter only of moments before · patrons found themselves drenched to the skin, "tiding through mud, and countlms puddles, Groups In tha boxes picked up tables, swung them ovcr their heads, and clung In tittle clusters underneath them. Others used chairs as umbrellas, and everywhere, pntrons converted their coats, newspapers, programs, jack- Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. c t s nnd sweaters Into hoods, as (AFl,). guilty of racial dlscrlmlna- [ they sought refuge under the shrub- tlon. Ibory surrounding tho (hell and uij- In a^ase arising under Connect I- [der a small tent used for stocking chairs. " · · - -, Patrons Ruth to Stage The rush to the stago was terrific after Dan let Saldcnberg, conductor, called a halt to the musicians when they reached the 3!nd bar of Cha- Commisslon members said It wai brier's "Espagna", the last orchcs- j thc flist tlmn In the nation a, un- tin) selection programmed. Patrons Hartford Local Termed ' First . In Nation to Be Convicted . of Discrimination HARTFORD, Aug. 18 -- (AP) The State Civil Rights commission cut's Fair Employment Practices act, the commission yesterday ordered ttje local to admit two Hartford Negroes, Mansfield T. Tit Icy, 22, and Warren B. Stewart, 29, to membership. "Crrtrtlnlv Tra^onabln oonMdoi ^- tlon should be giien to the retail ··toms and other enlcrprtsr 1 !! nn'I their cu^tnnlellt, in well as to the inplrlity of moUnc; trafllc Ihrough muntitt'party. thc-«i areai. At thU point I wl-h Merol Mould not comment ori the to urge rmptiatlcnllv that down , possibility of peace In Korea, but four. · One of the communlxts «·«» a newcomer, Tlhor Mcral of Budapest's Ncp. - tht official nenspnpcr nf the Hungarian eom- loivn metchnntJ and owners of business properties should be on their toc-i nnd willing to Invest money to keep apace with the times, lemodellng, rebuilding and expand. Ing." he continued. Mr. Stleg'i letter said In part: he repeated tho usual communist complaints about Allied air raids. ' He said the UN war plane a ·worn- killing many persons, "mostly women anfl children." · * North Korean Maj.' Gen. Lcn Song Cho and Chinese Maf. Cen. "As president of the board I have , Hsleh Fang again represented tho been giving considerable thought to | R c ts today. ' · ^ ' ""* "" " " ' Allied Lineup Changed l The Allied lineup was changed for today's session. Jlaj. Gen, I*. C. Cralgle of the U. S. Air Forco replaced Rear Adm. Arlelgh Burke on the subcommittee. . No significance vns attached to t h e change. Vice Adm, C. Turner Joy, senior UJT envoy. Announced when he cent Burke lo the first m e e t i n g ' that he -might · maka changes in tho subcommittee from. the parking problems that confront Bridgeport, n'ong with that of Itic proposed location of the City hall, which In mv 'mind should be given a n r I o u i consideration -- taking definite slrpj to plan for the future "In n nationwide poll conducted bv the National Association of Real | Imitate Boards realtor! expect In 10GO connltletablo Increases tn city parking, upaee, more freeways to the center of town* and substan* time to time. - - - tial suburban development about i The other Allied delegate Is M«J. rnnjor cltlea, Tho tendency toward j Gen. Harry I. Hades, deputy Chief · decentralization, according to this ; of staff of the U. S. Eight army. , Ion had been found guilty of ra- (Contmued on Psga Four) ! clamored up tho stairs In front of . (Continued on Psgs Two) . Threi Connecticut Pops fani, unprepared for ruin, found tomo shelter under the shellerlng pine* which framo the shell at Fairlield unlvsrilty field, during the torrential itorm which waihsd out tha Atec Templeton contort before It* end lait night, Bur\ cy which covered 2,100 realtors, is accelerated by fear of the atomic bomb, hut this la only one of many causes leading to population movement to areas outside the larger cities. "It H proven fact Hint early col- onisation hHtory o[ America created a practice and acceptance of no planning for the future. This may be responsible for our too casual acceptance today o[ the rise nnd fall of property values In cur cities and the too frequent shitt- ing of tho uses of urban properties. "It la a direct challenge to our cieat profession · n.i realtors to neigh all th-»? factor*, study pset (Continued on Page Two) Admirals Joy and .Burke, and South Korcann Mai. Gen, palk Sun ; ' Yup, remained nt their, ·- Munsan headquarters today. · J t , · i , ' Today^s luclex t .' / "· ' f ' -t - * · P*Q» CUisified Section ...11-12-11-14-15 ' Comics 10 »'" Editorials 8 - Heilth, Dr. Brsdy . 9 -· Hint, Anne , t 9. Home and Fashions A 9 ' Ob It unfit! 16 Rjidlo-TV : 5 Society New* 9,' , Sokohky, Gear go E S Sports Section . 6 Stiga and Scraan l 7 _ - iflflCMIVE, tf ~ Iv I lBflffllVE

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