The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1956 · Page 38
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 38

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1956
Page 38
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WHERE TO GO WHAT TO DO Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Hollywood, Calif.— "You have to master mental telepathy to become a big-timer in this mixed- up game!" The young speaker we're quoting made this remark shortly before leaving the film industry "forever!" It is easy to understand why Hie youngster actually believed his statement to be true. On a big-budget picture it always seems as though everyone is responding to the unspoken PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE, IOWA Friday, May 11 Square Dance Lessons . Sunday, May 13 VANCE DIXON Sunday, May 20 BOBBY LINDEMAN • Friday, May 25 Square Dance Lessons Sunday, May 27 CLEM BRAU NO MORE OLD-TIME DANCES UNTIL SEPT. 7 No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 thoughts of every othlr member of the cast and crew. » * * However, if you'll look to other professions, you'll find that this apparently silent communication of minds is common to the top- bracket groups in any highly skilled calling. It's the trademark of the expert, the person so thoroughly familiar with every phase of his work that any slight movement, or change of pace by another, calls for but one coordinating action from a teammate. Years of experience have made the responding move an automatic reaction. * * * It's th% accumulated skill and know-how acquired by constant application and team-work. The split-second, decisive play in a big-league ball game, when mind and muscle whip into dovetailed thought and execution. When every player does exactly the proper thing without pausing to think. Later, veteran players, at a loss to explain how they knew what was coming, will take refuge in a vague, "Guess I just sensed it!" this was brought to mind during a recent visit on Stage No. 11 at R.K.O. Studio, where the very versatile Fritz Lang was directing Joan Fontaine and Dana Andrews >n "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" for producer Bert Friedlob. Difficult scenes were being shot with a -seeming smoothness and ease only attained by a company of proud professionals, dedicated to their art. » * * An excellent cast that included Barbara Nichols, Arthur Franz, Robin Raymond, Sidney Blackmer, Phillip Bourneuf, William Leicester, Sheppard Strudwick and Rusty Lane buzzed with excitement between scenes. And what do you think was the topic of their animated conversation" It was WORK! Simply WORK! All hands were gleefully discussing a forthcoming straw-hat theatre venture to open its first summer stock season next June 4th at the little Mill Creek Theatre of Hinsdale, III.—The incorporation papers list the stock company officers as: Sidney Blackmer, President: Ruth Burch, Vice President: Robert Gist, Treasurer; and Fayc Roope. Secretary. Bob Gist, his famous wife, Agnes Moorchead and Sidney Sandra Stripling HI, FSSHERMEN! Please Accept This As Our Personal, Sincere Invitation To Spend Your Vacation At One Of The Friendliest Resorts Anywhere . . . Where Guests Come Year After Year To Enjoy Relaxation And The Best Of Fishing In Our Two Bollle Lakes, Part Of The Famous Mantrap Chain. Wo have a modern cottage waiting for you and will be happy to make your reservation now while dates are still available. Write us for our complete story. Summers' Pine Point Park Rapids, Minn. 14tf ENDS TUESDAY: "THE ROSE TATTOO" ALGONA*^' WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY (Special School Matinee Wednesday at 4:00 P.M. 20c and 50c) 'Picnic" at Algona "Picnic" contest is won by William Holden, carrying Susan Strasberg in the Columbia drama at the Algona Theater Sunday in CinemaScope and Technicolor. The film, with Kim Novak, co - stars Rosalind Russell as Rosemary. Graduation At Whittemore Hi Whittemor* —Whittemore Class Ni^hl was held Monday, May 7. The class of 1956 includes Carol Zumach, President: Ralph Walker, Vice President; and Sandra Vaudt, secretary and treasurer; Edwin Behnke, Kenneth Mogler, Terrenec Behlmer and Harlan Leininger. Monday night program was Processional, Senior Class; Pantomime, Em o gene Wichtendahl; Class History: Harlan Leininger; Accordian Duet; Beverly Oslwald and Dana Pettit; Class Will. Senior Class; Harmonica Solo, Charles Volk; Class Prophecy, Junior Class. Harold Manser IOWA'S WONDER SHOWPLAC1 The SURF CLEAR LAKE . IOWA FRI., MAY lllh KENNY HOFER And His Midweslerners Blackmer were busy lining up top Hollywood names and plays. The lovely, talented, darling of newspapermen, gracious Joan Fontaine, will team with Blackmer in "Kind Sir." Paul Douglas and Jan Sterling will star in "Born Yesterday." Dana Andrews is scheduled for "The Glass Menagerie." * * * These celebrated Stars were looking forward to a season of hard work, under difficult staging conditions with the eagerness ol children preparing for a picnic. It's this enthusiasm for their chosen profession that makes big-timers GREAT! These Stars are truly great because they continually polish their talents and always keep a feather-edge on their skills. Thrilled over this venture of tomorrow, they were giving inspired performances today in "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt." t * * Bert Friedlob's ability to keenly .judge capabilities extends beyond the cast, right down the line through staff men like the'talented director. Fritz Lang; production wizard Maurcy SUCHS, camera-artist William Snyder arid the affable assislant-dircc- tor Maxwell Henry. And. it pays off! If the complicated businc/s of production moves with clockwork precision and efficiency, it isn't due to mental telepathy. The credit goes to the talented, experienced, master - craftsmen .-•elected by Bert Frifdlob to staff liis cast ancl crew. When Bert gambles a million or two, it won't be staked on second-best horses! Hi Jinks * * * * Devoted to "Behind The Scenes" Items From Algona High School. Pre-Prom Noles: — Funds eb- way 1 i> ce also drafted i I'M!::; .; way 1 iM : Up!"' 1 I ftd 1 dance a Is. 1 ) ebb; up ijiris qurt. dithe plum tree , secured: and bei '' rupor'edly all se', English lit class was at it again recently as they sang "Happy Birthday to Will" (Shakespeare; on April 23. Thai Class Again Dept.—In the I recently -- published Annual Anthology of Hiijh School Pin'try covering ;; three-state area. poeMe. | by thrut AHS senior--, Carl .Vlc- I Uride, Sandra Shumway. and I C'onnie Drone, all Kn.i>l;sh lit student.-?, made the list rif the t.ip twtnty •;,.-lection.-, in the pul.iic:.- tion. Chemistry projects were due iaM mi'.n'ii. Cheryl Vandcr V,';.,,!., \va;-; Si)irir\>. p liHt unu>u:d: -.he •••*.'>- balmed a pic;. Ch.cix'l wnulf. 1 make a very cunsiilci'iitc iii:;ur- taker. She help,'.I !•:;!! ii,e ;;:.; * « * Seniors were measured for '•aps and gowns in Mr Le^it•.•'.-• I'l'l'icC 1 . They U]ea.~:..n\- y.iu whet: VD'.i're born, v.'hi.'ii \'.i ~i' .uluale. and when you die. Con-,;di-riiv4 the class nf '."<;, r c.i;Jci be one and, then again n m:^!:t be .">me- Ihin.'Jl, Junior High literary enthusiasts arc hard it \\Mvk e.ii li .-ir II'.k arni I." )J;. ..::a;l e : vi_- .>t b,.n- n cu--i ••:';..! \ ^ p '!' '' i' 1 - U :::, P'alt .r, and M:.. .<,. ; K.LII. —SS. KEROSENE li. 'd:H'\ , i.ilH'-'* '.'ill' in i •! : i'! IVll.iM'll XVaS i!' .-llJt.'H I I .'(I ,;(!•! SAT., MAY 12th JACK COLE And Modern Orchestra SUN., MAY 20th The Dimonds Mercury Recordings: "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" — "Church Bells Will Ring" and Many Others JULES HERMAN ORCH. Reservations Available Senior Presentation to Junior Class, Carol Zumach; Presentation of Awards, Faculty and Shirley Dau; Class Song, Senior Class and School Song, Audience. Graduation exercises for the 1956 senior class of the Whitlemore high school were held on Tuesday night, May 8. The program began with music by Mrs J. M. Fleming, pianist; Processional, Junior and Senior class; Salutatory, Terrence Behlmer; Address, Thomas Shumate; Valedictory, Carol Z.umach; Presentation of Class, p. W. Fernau, Presentation of Diplomas, Russ Medin: Star Spangled Banner, Tuesday, May 8, 1956 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-7 Audience; Recessional Junior and Senior Class. SIX WINNERS Be sure to read this page thoroughly and if you spot your name individually, you will receive free admittance to the hit movie, "Picnic", which will be shown Sunday at the Algona Theater. Just give your name at the box office. Elizabeth J. Degen Norris Rousseau Tuesday - Wed. — Twin Hits — Steve Cochran Anne Baxter "CARNIVAL STORY" — plus — Gangster Thrills "MOBS, INC." Harold M. Thill The Season's Top Hit ! Admission This Engagement 20c - 60c - 75c COMING SUNDAY! _A LOVE STORY ... possibly one of the greatest I KIM NOVAK BET TV FIELQ SUSAN XIFI^ ROBERTSON f~'~£i t. '• jlt'.Hil.'.rr RUSSELL CINEMASCOPE? nCHNlCOLOR presenting .... ALGONA WOMEN'S BOWLING ASS'N. League and City Tournament Winners COOK'S WELDERS SUPPLY First Place — Wednesday League Left lo right in the picture at the left are team members: June Winkel, Irma Dee Cook, Bo Brandt, Kay Voigt and Rozella Wesley. Second place: Thuenle's. Third place: Druggists' Mutual. Other winners of Irdphies: High series (577) Carol Qodfredsen; and Kay Voigt (tie); High game (235) Valeria Nelson and second high game (228) Arlene Kajewski; Most Improvement (82-105) Arline McConnell and second (99118) Pat Vaske. SHARP'S JEWELRY First Place — Thursday League Left to right in pictures at the right are team members: Bertha Thuente, Mary Lytle, Maxine Sweet and Zoe Clegg. Second place: Bill's Sisnderd. Third place: Van's Cafe. Other winners of trophies: High series (552) Mary Lylle and second high (543) Carold Godfredsen; High aam° (229) Carol Godfredsen and second high (214) Mary Lytle; Most Improvement (increased 20 pins) Delores Hammer. HAWKEYE TEAM NO. 2 First Place — City Tournament (2543) Esther Williams First Singles (554) Vera and Leona Erpelding First Doubles (1053) Left to right in picture at left above are team members: Kay Voigt, LaVonne Piltman, Doiothy Rueb and Joyce Fraser. Other tournament trophy winners are: Teams, second (2357) Hawkeye No. 1 and third (2276) Welp's Hatchery. Doubles, second (1033) Helen Kirkland and Pat Taylor and third (1025) LaVonne Pittman and Ann Lytle. Singles, second (551) Francis Weise and third (550) Jackie Laing. Traveling trophy winner, LaVonne Piltman, with high game of city tournament (214). All Events winner, Carol Godfredsen (1410). ' Final League Standings & Women's Bowling Averages: THURSDAY LEAGUE Sharp's: (W-55 L-29) Z. M. M. B. R. Bill's E. M. M. S. F. Sweet . Lytle Thuente Murtha Standard: Kim/ Root Mullin Ranev Lot-bin avg. 120 127 . 142 T. Gronbach 123 J Lain# 132 Wallburg's: (39-45) R. Amfnhr 131 (50-34) Van's Cafe. M. Kriops (43-41) L. I Htinif; V. Erpeldmf, DeKalb: (42-42) L. Dit.sw.iith M. Koblhaas M. Hood C. Ki'dman T t* Storz-Ettes: (39-45) C. Clod I ! e, j-i 'II I. Siuiie 1-4 (i 112 UK 12:i 140 147 nn 120 M. M. Rocder . ... K. Altman A.S.C.: (35-49) M. Murtha .. _ M. Berte . . . J. Bcsrh P. Elbert Bradley Bros: I). I) M. ft. P. L. fi. HaninH.T I Inovor Valentine Bunnstetter Snyder Hoffman HnoVC'l . (32-52) 110 105 127 119 116 108 128 114 114 118 109 126 107 113 Thuente's: (52V2.31 Vz) R. Murtha 133 P. Taylor 117 II. Kirkland 148 B. Thuente _ 131 H. French 129 T. Gronbach 120 M. Lytle 151 J. Laing 140 II. Ferguson 124 Druggists' Mutual; (491/2-33li) J. Johnson 119 Kellty 118 Nelson 147 J. V. M. C. M. B. WEDNESDAY LEAGUE Cook's Welders: It. Wesley . ... Winkel Biandt Cook (58' ,1 B f K I, 1 . Ainfahr 2 -25 ''2) 138 . _ 130 12!) 147 . 162 . 138 Diekmann Ciodfrod.sen Dutton Haag ______ Bancroft Co-Op: M. Lattimer C. Riihc P. Vaske J. Haupert P. Droessler L. Wilhehm F. McCarthy (45-39) 131 159 130 120 132 124 118 132 123 122 110 Women of the Moose: (38 | . 2 -45 12 ) V. Brigus - ......... . ........ - 122 E. Mitta" . .. . .. _____ 121 A!. Mittai! 121 L. Skilling ... L. Furst A. Kajewski J. Murken L. Strayer M. Ermcls Un'ted Variety: E. Vera A. McConnell F. Wiese B. Bradford .. A. Lytle L. Pittman ... Coast-to-Coast: P. Lonz J. McKean L. Wolf J. Lensing E. Williams J. Balgernan . B. Zwiefel _ . Welp's Hatchery H. Robinson _ S. Murray D. Cayler -W. Haupert _.. L. Accurso L. Menke A. Haase ..— F. Asbton L. Ditsworth _ . 98 141 155 103 113 132 (38'/2-45'/2) 143 105 127 126 133 14G (30-54) 112 123 120 117 . 133 110 109 (23 '2 -60 Ms) 121 133 93 112 . .. . 112 102 103 . 125 130 We congratulate the women on a fine season of bowling! LARRY'S HORCK and the STORZ BREWING CO. RECREATION CENTER AMERICA'S LIGHT REFRESHING BEER STORZ C. W. Huticdcjc

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