Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 7, 1973 · Page 18
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 18

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1973
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

18, jSolesburo Reoister-Moil, GalftsburQ, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 1973 Market Reports Today | New York Stoekt NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral lift Greyhnd 13% Alldtihem MV* Gulf Oil 22% Alld Strs m 111 Cent 19% AUis Chal 9% 111 Pwr 25% Alcoa 68V4 Inland Stl 29 Am Air 11 IBM 309% Am Can 30% Int Harv 30% Am Cyan 23 Vi Int Nick 31% Am Dist 21% Int Paper 38 AmElPwr 25V* Int T&T 32V* Am Mtrs 7% Iowa P&L 21% Am T&T 48% Anaconda 23 'A Ashl Oil 28% Atl Rich 85% Avco 9.% Bea Fds 20% Bendix 35% Beth Stl 26% Boeing 19% Borden 23V4 JohnsAmn 20% Kennecott WA Kresge 37 '/4 Kroger 16 »/4 Lib McN 6%Litton 8% Lockhd 6% Mar Oil 30V4 Maytag 27% McD Dgls 20% Cap C Bdg 49V4Merck 90% Catplr 61% Minn Min 86% Celanese 34% Cen 11 Lt 20% Cen Td 23 7 /s Cessna; 21% Chrysler 25% Cities Svc 43% Coca-Cola 145 Mobil Oil 59% Monsanto 57y4 Nat Bis 4iy 8 Olin Corp 13% Outbd M 37V4 Owens-Ill 32% Penn Cen 2% Colum Gas 26 7 / 8 Penney 80% Comm Ed 29 Pepsi Cola 84% Pfizer 50 Phil Pet 53% Procter G 111 7 /* Quak Oats 37% RCA 25% Rep Stl 23% Revlon 64% Safeway 31 St. Regis 41 7 / 8 SanFelnd 24% Sears 99% Shell Oil 55 Simmons 19% So Pac 30% Sperry 47 Comsat 52% Cons Ed 21% Cont Can 26% Cont Oil 29 7 /s CPC IntI 29% Dana 28% Deere 48% Du Pont 167% Eastman 139% Exxon 93% Falstaff 3% Firestone 20% Ford Mtrs 54% Fruehauf 26% Gam Sko 28% Gen Dyna 21 % Std Bds 49% Gen EI 62% SO Ind 82% Geri Fds 24% Stvns JP 29% Gen Mtrs 65% Stude 37% Gen Tel 30% Texaco 32% Gen Tire 20% Tex Inst 109% Goodrich 22 Un Carb 37% Goodyear 22% Un El 16% Mercantile Exchange CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Low Close Prev. Beef Cattle 57.35 56.70 57.02 56.45 59.00 58.20 58.35 58.20 58.82 58.10 58.45 57.95 58.70 57.90 58.20 57.65 58.15 57.30 57.70 57.20 58.05 57.15 57.70 57.12 56.67 56.00 56.50 55.67 CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 2300. Butcher Trend: Steady. No. 1-2: 200-225 $59.00-$59.f»0 No. 2-4: 190-240 $58.25459.00 240-270 $57.50-158.50 280-300 $56.00-157.00 Sow Trend: Steady. 400-500 $49.00-152.75 Volume: 350. Market Trends: Higher. Steers $2-$3 higher Heifers $2-$3 higher Slaughter Steers: Choice 950-1150 $54.00-156.50 1150-1300 $54.00-$56.40 Mixed Good and Choice 950-1300 f50.000-S64.00 Slaughter Heifers: Choice 900-1050 $52.00-$54.50 Mixed Good and Choice 800-1000 $50.00453.00 Cows: Utility and Commercial ...$35.00-$43.00 Cutters $30.00-135.00 Canners $26.00-$30.00 Bulls: Utility and Commercial ...$40.00-$52.50 GALESBURG ORDER BUYERS Burlington Northern Stockyards No. 1-3: 200-250 — $57.25-$58.00 Quotations: No. 1-3: 250-300 $54.75-$57.25 Packing Sows: 300-350 $48.50-$49.00 350-500 $47.50-$48.50 GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Consumer Grain & Supply Co. Market may either go up or down by 1:30 pjn. when final bid arrives. 11:30 o'clock bid. Corn $2.79 New Corn $2.69 Oats $1.09 New Beans $7.44 LEGAL NOTICES Live Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr ' Jun Aug Live Hogs Aug 59.75 58.40 59.00 59.00 Oct < 54.50 53.00 53.15 53.97 Dec 55.85 54.55 54.55 55.20 Feb 55.90 54.70 54.80 54.75! Jly Apr 53.00 51.90 52.05 51.50 Jun 52.40 51.10 52.00 50.90 Jly 52.20 51.00 51.80 50.70 Aug... 49.20 48.30 49.20 47.70 Frozen Pork Bellies Feb 77.77 76.40 76.50 76.32 Mar 75.80 74.45 74.65 74.40 May 72.67 71.80 72.67 71.17 Jly 70.20 70.00 70.20 68.70 Aug 67.10 67.10 67.10 65.50 Chicago Product CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese: Processed loaf 75-81.25; single daisies 81 .50 -87; Swiss Blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 89-92.50, B 87-89.50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest eggs: Firm; prices unchanged to up 5; extra large 87 up 1; large 83 up 1; medium 80 up 4; small 58 up 4; standard 75 unch; checks 61 up 5. Grain Futures CHICAGO (UPI) range: Grain Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock ages aver- 30 indus 20 trans 15 utils 65 stocks 911.80 off 0.96 162.53 off 0.23 97.11 up 0.16 275.04 off 0.20 Joliet Livestock JOLIET, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 400; steers 75-1.00 higher; heifers 50-75 higher; high choice and prime steers 56.75; choice and prime 56.50; choice 56.00 - 56.50; good and choice 55.50; good end of choice 54.75; choice and prime heifers 55.50; choice 55.25; good with few choice 53.75; canner and cutter cows 34.00-39.75. Hogs 400 ; 25 lower; No 197-240 lb 58.60-59.25. • High Low dose Prev. Wheat Sep 414 414 414 404 Dec 399% 399% 399% 389% Mar 391V* 391% 391% 381V4 May 373% 373% 373% 363% Jiy 323% 322% 323% 313% Corn Sep 301% 301% 301% 291% Dec 289 286% 289 279 Mar 287 284 287 277 May 285 281% 285 275 Jiy 281% 278% 281% 271% Oats Sep 141% 139 141V4 135% Dec 146% 143% 146% 140% Mar 149 146 149 143 May 149 147 149 143 Jiy 146% 145 146% 140% Soybeans Aug 995 955 955 985 Sep 850 850 850 820 Nov 806 754 758 779% Jan 792 742 742 759% Mar 790 742 742 758 May 784 730 733 754 Jiy 779 730 730 746 Wednesday estimated re ceipts: 2,000 cattle, 800 hogs. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 400; not enough steers to establish market; heifers, steady to strong; few choice, 0,M5 - 00 steers 54.50-54.75; choice heifers Hogs 3,200; strong to mostly 25 higher; No 1-2 200-230 lb 59.00-59.25, few 59.50; No 1-3 200-250 lb 58.50-59.00; No 2-3 250-270 lb 57.75-58.50, few 270300 lb 56.00-57.75. Indianapolis Livestock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: Hogs 2,000; mostly 25 higher; No 1-2 200-240 lb 59.00-59.25 ; 30 head 59.40; No 1-3 195-250 lb 58.50-59.00; No 2-3 240-270 lb 57.75-56.50; No 2-4 260-290 lb 57.00-57.75; few lots No 3-4 255270 lb 56.50; few 320-350 lb 53.5054.00. Cattle and calves 450; steers 1-2 'and heifers strong to 1.00 higher; few high choice and prime steers 56.75-57.00; choice 55.5056.50; good 53.00-55.50; load good Holsteins 54.00; high choice and prime heifers 54 .5055.50; choice 53.50-54.50; good 51 .50-53.50. Sheep 500; lambs 1.00 higher; choice and prime spring 46.0047 .00; choice 45.00-46.50; good Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - Interior hogs: 16,000; steady to weak; No 1-2 200-235 lb 57.75-58.00; No 1-3, 200-245 lb 57.03-57.75; No 2-3 240260 lb 56.50-57.25. Markets at • Glance By United Press International Stocks loAer in moderate trading. Bonds slightly higher. U.S. government bonds lower in quiet trading. American stocks lower in moderate trading. Cotton futures higher. Chicago grain futures higher. Cattle not fully established; top 58.75. PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Plan Commission of the City of Galesbufg. Illinois will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August 28, 1973 at 7:30 P.M. in the Council Chamber in the Galesbufg City Hall to consider the following proposed amend ments to the Zoning Ordinance: 1. That Section .0155 of Ordinance No. 67*901, the Zoning Ordinance, be amended to read as follows: .0155 Trailer. Any vehicle designed to be hauled along a highway for the transportation of property or materials and not to be used for human habitation. 2. That Section .01651 be added to said Ordinance to read as follows: .01551 Mobile Home. A structure designed for permanent habitation and so constructed as to permit its transport on wheels, temporarily or permanently attached to its frame, from the place of its construction to the location, or subsequent locations, at which it is Intended to be a permanent habitation and designed to permit the occupancy thereof as a dwelling place for one or more persons. 3. That Section .01552 be added to said Ordinance to read as follows: .01552 Fixed Mobile Home. A structure designed for permanent habitation and so constructed as to permit its transport by trailer or on wheels temporarily attached to its frame from the place of its construction to the location at which it is intended to be a permanent habitation and designed to permit the occupancy thereof as a dwelling place for one or more persons. Such structure shall have the hitch and wheels removed and shall be placed on a concrete block foundation with or without supporting piers, without which such modifications, no occupancy permit for such structure shall be issued. 4. That Section .0156 of said Ordinance be amended to read as follows: .0156 Mobile Home Park. An area where one or more mobile homes can be or are intended to be parked, designed or intended to be used as an area in which one or more families live. 5. That Section .0202 of said Ordinance be amended by adding thereto the following: R 3 C — Multi-Family District 6. That Section .0304 of said Ordinance be amended to read as follows: .0304 All inhabited mobile homes shall be located in a mobile home park that has received a conditional use permit as required by Sections .04012 and .04042 hereof. No mobile home outside of an approved mobile home park shall be connected to utilities except those mobile homes being offered for sale by dealers or manufacturers and not inhabited. 7. That in Section .04012 and in Section .04042 of said Ordinance, references to "trailer" or "trailers" be replaced by "mobile home" or "mobile homes" and that references to "trailer court" or "trailer courts" be replaced by "mobile home park" or "mobile home parks." 8. That Section .04055 be added to said Ordinance and shall read as follows: .04055 In the R3C District there may be only: .040551 Permissive Uses shall be the same as the Permissive Uses in the R3A District with the exception that Fixed Mobile Homes as defined herein may be located in said District with the stipulation that no area of less than ten (10) acres may be zoned R3C — Multi-Family District. .040552 Conditional Uses shall be the same as the conditional uses in the R3B District. 9. That Section .04081 (8) of said Ordinance be amended to read as follows: ( 8) Used car, trailer or boat sales or storage and mobile home and recreational vehicle sales. 10. That Section .04091 (23) of said Ordinance be amended to read as follows: (23) Machinery, farm sales, repairing and overhauling and mobile home and recreational vehicle manufacturing. 11. That Section .041153 of said Ordinance be amended to deleting "Trailer or boat sales." and inserting instead "Trailer, boat, mobile home and recreational vehicle sales." 12. That Section .04132 of said Ordinance be amended read as follows: .04132 In the R3A, R3B and R3C Districts there may also be storage garages and parking lots for use solely of occupants of the premises. 13. That Section .04141 of said Ordinance be amended read as follows: .04141 Non-conforming Use of Land. In the "R" Districts where open land is being used as a non-conforming use, and such use is the principal use and not accessory to the main use conducted in a building such use shall be discontinued not later than five years from the date of passage of this Ordinance. During the five-year period, such nonconforming use shall not be extended or enlarged either on the same or adjoining property. Any building incident and subordinate to such use of land such as a shed, tool house, storage building or office shall be removed at the end of the five-year period, or, if such building is so constructed as to permit the issuance of a permit for a use not excluded from the District, such building may remain as a conforming use; thereafter, both land and building shall be used only as conforming uses. Such non-conforming uses of open land shall specifically include billboards, poster- boards, automobile wrecking yards, scrap iron and junk yards, mobile home parks, auction yards, contractor's yards, race tracks, stockyards, golf driving ranges and miniature golf courses. 14. That Section .0502 of said Ordinance be amended read as follows: .0502 Forty-five feet in the R3A, R3B, R3C, B2, M and Ml Districts. 15. That Section .05043 of said Ordinance be amended read as follows: .05043 Buildings in R3B, R3C, B, Bl, B2, Ml and M Districts may be increased in height one foot for each foot the building is set back from all yard lines up to a maximum height of 100 feet provided that the gross floor area provided, exclusive of enclosed garages, does not exceed the number of square feet of lot area of the lot on which the building is placed. 16. That Section .06 of said Ordinance be amended by adding thereto the following: One Front Two side One Rear District Yard of: Yards of: Yard of: R3C 20 feet 5 feet 25 feet 17. That Section .0702 of said Ordinance be amended by deleting the designation "R3A & B" and replacing it with "R3A, B 18. That ladding "or R3C" between "R3fi H and "District" In the flfat clause Dated this 30th day of ttuly, 1073. ". ' * PLAN COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF GALESBURG, ILLINOIS Dale F. Ruedig, Jr. Corporation Counsel * 318 Hill Arcade Galesburg, Illinois 309/342-4139 8/7j IT In England a 16-year-old postal clerk discovered an unperfor* ated sheet of 240 stamps. She paid two pounds, 15.60 at the time, for the sheet, and sold it to to to to READ THE WANT ADS! Section .0801 of said Ordinance be amended to read as follows: .0801 For Dwellings and Fixed Mobile Homes one space on the lot for each dwelling unit or fraction thereof in the building. For dwellings not consisting of living units, one space on the lot for each 1,000 square feet of floor area. For multi-family dwellings one and one-half (1%) spaces for each dwelling unit or fraction thereof in the dwelling. 19. That Section .0807 of said Ordinance be amended by OARAGE SALE tforlhj i«M of Aliont en Hi. M run. * wcD.-t -4 Caned bottom tewing rocker, oak rocker, pie cabinet, antique dishes, new rag rugs, lroner, clothing — men's, women's Sc children's all si«s, some new. Scientists have found that everyone dreams four to six times a night. Each dream lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. Gatctburg Refrigeration and Air Conditioning fit I. jNMfci If. Phono 342*3479 Garage Sola lUt Hi Cherry WEDNESDAY, AUG. 8 5 p.m. «Dark (taragi Sole Wednesday, Aug. • Nlc naes; clothes and miseeilan- e0U *' • a .m. 16 4 p.*. 1420 North Prairie For Sole 1970 CADILLAC Coupe Deville, fully equipped, excellent condition. Phone Roseville 426-2355 Wonted TO RENT FARMLAND For 1974 Present farm sold. Cash or cash and grain. Write to Box 983, care Galesburg Register-Mall. 1968 HEAVY DUTY OMC % TON TRUCK With Fold Down Stock Rack, 24,000 Miles, in A-l Shape. 343-4085 PATIO SALE WED., AV6. 1 - M 12S1 Day St. 1953 Chevv, $50; uniforms, roller skates, Avon, maternity clothes, baby clothes, 26 ft. fence, storm windows, screen doors and misc. Items. OPENING Experienced Farm Worker $150—plus modern house, meat, vacation, free weekend, good schools. Close to town, write Box 964, care Galesburg Register-Mail. OARAOI SALE 1566 W. Losoy Wednesday, Aug. 8 9 a.m. • 4 p.m. Good School Clothes Carport Sale 581 E. Fremont WEDNESDAY, AUG. I I a.m. - S p.m. Misc. antiques, jewelry, collect- ables, some clothes. Yard Sole 124 S. Ivan Ave. Wed., Aug. 8 •• 9-? Children & adult clothing, lots of misc. items. Rain Date: Thursday, Aug. 9. SALE 1605 North Seminary St. Thursday, Aug. 9th t-.OO a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 8mm projector, 1 pr. E78xl4 6tudded snow tires, 2 —14x6 rims for 1969 Dodge. Wood ironing board, Maytag wringer washer, clothing, household items, blankets, Snow-Pup. Furniture will be shown by appointment only. 342-5543. AU Salts Caah. Not Re- sponiibl* For Accidents. GARAGE SALE 1936 Grand Ave. WEDNESDAY. AUG. • I a.m. - 4 p.m. Set of Childcraft, coins, records, old dolls, jewelry/- dishes, mower, misc. items. Backyard Sale, Rain or Shine! 1431 Brown Ave., Tuesday Eve. * All Day Wed. Flower arrangements, mink stole, dishes, pots, pans, glasses, 30 ft. alum. TV tower, movie camera St lights, vacuum sweeper with attachments, chaise lounge, clothing St shoes. Numerous other items. PATIO SALE 233 N. Arthur Tuesday Eve. 6 - 9 Wednesday 10 - 6 • B&B CATTLE CO. Burlington Northern Monmouth, III. Stockyards Ph. (309) 734-5181 IN THE YARDS 125 Angus & Angus W.F. heifers, wt. 450 to 525 lbs. 80 Angus & Angus W.F. steers, wt. 475 to 525 lbs. ARRIVING THIS WEEK 350 Angus & Angus W.F. steers & heifers. Expected to average from 425 to 575 lbs. MIKE BRENNAN 734-3106 JOHN WEAVER 734-5426 Open For Business NOEL Landscaping Landscaping Hauling 578 Jefferson Galesburg, III. Back Filling Mowing Phone: 342-8084 WARREN COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALES, INC. LIVESTOCK AUCTION EVERY THURSDAY STARTING PROMPTLY AT 12 O'CLOCK NOON GARALD B. FISHER, MANAGER Phones: The Barn: 734-2916 Garald Fisher 734-6611 Marvin Haase 734-3937 Advance Listing For THURSDAY, AUG. 9, 1973 15 First calf heifers with large calves at side. 52 Large Angus cows 40 with large calves at side, middle age to old cows bred back to Charolais Bull. We may split these pairs. 25 Steers, wt. from 650 to 850 lbs. 30 Steers, wt. from 850 to 950 lbs. 30 Good to choice steers and heifers, wt. from 550 to 700 lbs. 23 FANCY HAMPSHIRE GILTS BRED TO HAMP. BOARS TO PIG SOON. THESE SOWS HAVE BEEN FED THE RIGHT KIND OF RATION ON A LIMITED FEED. 220 Hamp. cross Shoats, wt. from 45 to 70 lbs. 116 Hybred Shoats, wt. from 75 to 90 lbs. Warren County Livestock Auction, Inc. MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS located 2 miles north of Monmouth on Route U.S. 67 Phones: The Barn, 734-2916 Garald B. Fisher, 734-6611 Marvin Haase, 734-3937 Area Code 309 MICHIGAN PEACHES ret FrtMtftf k Cuinlnt Goodwin's Market 1949 Grand Av». •If>£ YARD SALE 111 W. feftttth (l filock off S. Henderson) WED., AUO. I, S i.m. - 4 PM. Mefts, woittens St childrens clothing, 3 bar stools, coffee table, misc. Items. New Hours OPEN MON. Thru SAT, I A.M. - 6 P.M. FRIDAYS Till I P.M. SUNDAYS 9.12 TRADING POST SUPER MKT. ISIS t. Main It. Galesburg Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning 2140 Grand Avo. Phono 342*3479 BACKYARD SALE 403 E. South St.— Knexvllle Wtd., Aug. I -9-4 Womens clothes 5 to 12, mens clothes, girls clothes 0 to 12, boys 0 to 6 canopy clothesline, lawn sweeper, dog house, drapes, curtains, toys, wigs, dishes, shoes, aluminum storm door (standard si2e), 50 foot of black drain tile, plus many more Items. Nothing sold before 0 a.m. FURNITURE SPECIALS CORBIN'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE STORE 565 N. WEST STREET Open Dally 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Fridays Till 9 P.M. 1 OF A KIND FLOOR SAMPLES USED 4-Pc. Solid Oak Bedroom Suite (no Plastic) consisting of Twin Mirror Triple Dresser, Door Chest, Headboard, and Night Stand, King Size Headboard available. Was $749,98, NOW ...... . .... $549.95 Solid Oak Double Leaf Oval Dinette Table and 6 Upholstered Charrs — Was $349.93 — THIS WEEK : $279,95 8-Pc. Dining Room Suite by . Bassett in Mediterranean or French Provincial, includes 48" lighted China Cabinet, Table with 3 leaves, 5 Side Chairs and 1 Host Chair — Were $549.95 — NOW ONLY ... $419.95 8 Drawer French Provincial Chest of Drawers by Bassett in Cherry Fruitwood — Regular price $139.95—NOW ONLY $109.95 Matching Night Stand available for above chest $84.95 Walnut Finish Home Office Desk $49.95 Maple Students Desk ... . ... ...$42.95 7-Pc. Living Room Ensemble consisting of Traditional Sofa and Chair, 2 Stepend and 1 Coffee Table and 2 Matching Lamps — ONLY ..... $199.95 3-Pc. Bedroom Suite complete with Box Spring and Matt $179,95 Full size Vinyl Hide-a-way Bed in Green or Black. U-haul ..$179.95 23 OTHER HIDE-A-WAY BEDS IN CHOICE OF MATERIALS AND STYLES AT COMPARABLE LOW PRICES 3-Pc. Fake Fur Living Room consisting of Davenport, Chair, and Swivel Rocker. U-haul—No Trade—Was $319.98—Now $249.95 Green Tweed Sofa $99.95 Maple Dough Box Table — ONLY .- $24.95 2 Extra Good Quality Matching Fruitwood French Provincial Stepend Tables.—Was $90.00 pr.—Now only $69.95 for both Decorator Chair $89.95 Permalux Swivel Rocker — Was $189.95 — NOW —.$149.95 2 Matching Gold Velvet Fireside Chains — Was $149.95 ea. NOW . .. . .- $124.98 ea. 3 Sizes of Mushroom Footstools $12.95 ea. up We have several 1 of a kind Lamps that we have Drastically Reduced. Lots of Bric-a-Brac, Gift Items and. Lamps. On these Special Prices, no Layaways. All Sales Final. Liberal Credit Terms can be arranged for responsible parties. PUBLIC SALE Of ANTIQUES Having sold my home and going, to live with my daughter I will sell my Antiques & other Furniture at the home located at 414 South West 3rd Ave., Galva, III. Sat., Aug. 11, 1973 - 11 A.M. Original Horsehair love seat with 4 matching fancy chairs; 21— cane bottom chairs; Walnut bed, commode and dresser with small marble on top; Fancy oak bed & washstand; Dry sink; 8—Gone with The Wind lamps; Walnut serving cart; Mahogany dining table's chairs, china closet St serving table; Brass lamp table; Small walnut tables; Cane seat rocker; Child's cane seat rocker; 10—Oak kitchen chairs; Captain's chair; 5—Trunks (some Swedish); Walnut dressing table; Small Square oak table with white casters; Maple rocker; Stool with cane seat; Oak wash stand; Blonde dresser with mirror; Mahogany dresser with mirror; Pedestals; Oak drop leaf table; 2 piano stools; Fancy mahogany chair with fancy arms; Hi-back cane 'bottom chairs; Red St Grey 9x12 rug; Throw rugs; Leather davenport, makes into bed; Old folding chair; Set of Coles china; Some Antique dishes, pictures, kerosene lamps St. floor lamps; corner storage cupboard; Jim Beam Eagle bottle; Hi-back sofa—Rust color. There are many other items of furniture not listed. All from 75 to 100 yrs. old and in perfect condition. This is by far the largest and best sale of Antique furniture & lamps we have ever had the S rivilege of selling. If you need some be there as there is none l better condition. EVA FREEBURG • Owner TERMS—CASH — Not Responsible tor Accidents Auctioneers: HOLLAND LIND8EY. Genesee $44-4541 ROBERT LINDSEY. Andover 471-4101 Clsrki: DALE JOHNSON and DALE LODGE NOTICE Thomas Plumbing A Hasting is proud to announce the appointment of JOHN MILLER to SERVICE MANAGER. JOHN has ably handled the Heating & Air Conditioning service for some time and now will offer the same prompt service & quality workmanship for all service & sales ... As on introduction for you to moot and get oquointed with John we ore offering the following special FREE HUMIDIFIER Don't let rising costs discourage you, our suppliers have an over inventory of Central Air Conditioning Units. Due to their inventory & price reductions we are able to offer with every Central Air Conditioning installation a FREE HUMIDIFIER. For winter comfort as well as summer comfort during the month of August. ... THOMAS PLUMBING & HEATING 2262 GRAND AVE., GALESBURG, ILL. 61401 Phone (309) 343-1101 BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, typo must be in pgr office by noon the day before Private Household Sales and all other soles of this ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 343-7181

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