Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada on February 14, 1931 · Page 5
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Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 5

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1931
Page 5
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Saturday, FeBruafy T4,1951 _ ^·^·^^^···············^·^··"····^ Withdrawal of Marines Is New Nicaragua Move fJEVXEX BTXTE JOURN5U, RENO, SEVXUS ·**_. FAGE FIVE Combat Forces to Go Immediately Under New Plan WASHINGTON, Feb. 13.--(#)-- Ilapid withdrawal of marines from Nicaragua to parallel the upbuild- ing of the national guard ol the republic has been agreed upon by the American and Niearaguan governments. Under the plan as disclosed today ^ liy Secretary Stimson complete removal of marines from the republic will be accomplished by next jear. Along with the upbuilding of the national guard the agreement calls 1(ir a vigorous drive by it against the insurgents who have in the past Mirred the republic to turbulent up- i isings. Campaign Planned Stimson announced that the plan hid been accepted by the Nicara. nan president, and as the first Mep toward its fulfillment all combat marines now stationed there vould be removed immediately. By .Tune the plan contemplates only about 300 marines will remain there. These would be of a non- (ombat class, principally engaged in training the national guard and nil- unit actitvities necessary to transmit supplies to parts of the country mnreeshible because of lack of i nacls and railway. As thf withdrawal goes ahead Nicaragua will increase n j 500 men, . (ir to a total'of about 2,000, its national guaid force. This will begin Immediately a campaign against the insurgents.- P u b l i c Works Set Provision to support the increased i t ' o r c e and its training under m a - | * line's will be given by about one- j third of a Nioaraguan government ( r f d i t of $3,000,000 now on deposit in the Nidaiaguan National bank, a j-overnment institution. President Mbncada also has agreed to push forward public works) with another part of the reserve and will begin the cnstiuc- lion of much-needed roads and public projects. Estimates varied tonight on the total number of marines to be withdrawn by June, but the most generally accepted figure was 1.000. Satisfaction Expressed The plan for Nicaragua to push forward against the insui gents was agreed to by Moncada after the United States had emphatically in- (iirated to him its intention of withdrawing the marines in the immediate future. It urged that the United States could not be 1 expected/ to_ m a i n t a i n a policinjf'fnarino force'in" this country indefinitely. Announcement of the plans for the withdrawal brought prompt expressions, of satir "action on Capitol hill. In the senate it was expected to go towaul avoiding a threatened o u t b u i s t against the use of marines in the republic. On that side of the capitol an early reply was expected from Stimson in response to the resolu- t tion by Senator Johnson, republi- * ran, California, calling lor "the papers exchanged between this country and Nicaiagua relating to the marines. Confession Writer's Confession A Continuation of the Intimate Ups and Downs of an Imperfect Lady Copyright, 1931, Kiut Features Syndicate. Inc. A Mr. Billi* has been awarded ' a contract by the City of New York to eliminate 3,500 rati a day on Biker's Island. It would have been more to the point to put him to work eliminating the policemen and lawyers who frame innocent women on vice charges. * · · Simile-Contented a* a movie actor in a Hall of Mirrors. * * · And it appears that her secretary was merely ^trying to live beyond Clara Bow's means. FOUR MEN INJURED IN SAN FRANCISCO AIRCRAFT EXPLOSION Intemperance Lecture Song Man Sued; May Be in Reno LOR ANGELES, Feb. 13.--(ff)-- TUiby Poiter Brown was granted temporary alimony of $1000 a month from Naoio Herb Brown, soag ·writer, by the superior court today pending t r ial of a suit for divorce filed by her. The suit alleges cruelty. Mrs, Brown said she understood her husband was in Reno, Nevada, attempting to establish a residence there for purposes of filing a divorce action against her. The court allowed her $2500 for· attorney fees and gave her an additional $1000 to. contest any action Brown might bring in Nevada. * She said Brown telephoned her from New Tork several weeks ago and said: "Let's try it again on account ofr the boy." "Buf th« next night he called me," site said, "and he was furious. He said he was going to Paris or Mexico and get a divorce." She said he became angry because he had learned she fil«d suit for divorce. The court also ordered Brown to transfer $10,000 to the court trustee. Mrs. Brown said her husband's income was $UOO,000 a year. Parties, my lad, At which theyl drink Until they can-Not stand or think Are very dull. This you' will find If you retain Your feet and mind. » » · --Old Taylor. » » * Someone aiked Bernard Shaw what, in his opinion, it the most beautiful thing in this world. "Youth," he replied, "is the most beautiful thing in this world--and what a pity that it has to be wasted on children !"· * * » And a radio wag cracks that General Pershing was very annoyed the other day because he received a letter marked "Private." » » · Knock-as-g o a d-as-a-boost Department: "What Professor Einstein calls his 'cosmic religious sense' appears to have a big hole right in the centre of it." --Dr. Henry »an Dyke. . » » · " * ' Dr. Van Dyke Is getting to be a regular old Mencken with his slashings here and slashings there. G- e nevieve is just lack from Chicago, and when asked if she learned anything new, she exclaimed, "Jes -- never trust a lank robber." The a u t h o r ' s 141st love---Arthur Ballentree. Editor's Note -- Today we wheedle a few more confidences from the girl who is trilling the details of her rapid fall to success as a confessions writer. · * * By "BENT BLOSSOM. 1 ' I hope the young girls who read my s'cory will not get any wrong notions. I would like to have It strictly understood that anything I say Is for art's sake, I want to be a confessions writer to help others --and if I have stumbled on life's highway I was always quick to pick myself up. I have been instructed by the Confessions Editor to say that there is no fun, no lasting joy, in carrying on first with one man and then with another. I am no prude, but let me tell you, girlies, that the way to have real fun is to stay home with your Ladios. Or curl up with a good confessions magazine. M a k e fudgej Pop popcorn 1 You can be so happy with the little things In life. (Pooh Pooh pa Doop). Learn to make faces at men when they approach you with that glassy look in their eyes- Gather up your skirts and run like everything. That is my message to girls, and now that I have delivered my message, let me tell you about the swell guy I trusted, Arthur Ballentree by name. It seems 1 had zoomed Into a motion'picture-theatre, and In tHET-se'rhi-darkness sat 'doWh ''on this strange man's lap. When, later, I realized what I had done, I attempted to rise and apologize. But he whispered, "Stay right where you are, little lady." Oh, if I had only-(More next ^eek) » * * Breathe a prayer For Announcer Cohn-He hiccoughed into - Tha microphone. With -a roar that was heard a mile away, a gasoline tank on an Amphibian plane exploded in the repair hangar at Crissy field, in the ) Presidio, San Francisco, injuring Master Sergeant Alfred Barnhard and Pilot Chester W. Kalirisky, Private Harry A. Williams and Private Charles H. Henry. The huge $75,000 Sikorsky plane was recently brought to the Presidio from New York. It was presumed that a spark from the ignition touched off the gas fumes near the tank as minor adjustments were being made upon the plane. Above photograph shows Private Charles H. Henry, left; the $75,000 Sikorsky plane, center; and Master Sergeant Alfred Barnhard. ,ue invited to \ icos for tho 10 t u n o i . i l Thomas A q u i n a s c h u r c o'clock tTii.s ( S i u u i l u j i ) murniin,', it \ \ h l i h tune .i rt'iiulem m,i**. will bo fplelii ileil lor the repose of his soul. I m o i m e n t In Uoloiosi ceiTK'teix Uoss-BurKc bCH'\ i('C PATEI1SOX -- I n I'.icific f i i o C » l , F.'bnuiry 11, I H S l , Louise 1'aterson, hi loved mother of Chester, James, William and Cliarlv? Pateisun rrf lleno anil Mrs. W. W. Slioit nf Pacific Oiove, and sister of Mrs Alfred Xolson of Reno. ITis. Chrihtlnsi Jones nf Peon i, 111 , and Lawrence Lumlslrom "1 Galva, 111, .1 n a t i v e of Swede aged 64 yeais. Friends are invited to attend f u n f i a l services at the home chapel of the Ross-Burko c o m pany n t 2 o'clock Moiuliiv i f l noon, Kev. lirewsler A d a m s u i t i n t f . Intennoiit m tho M sumc cemeU try. Winnemucca Women Have Social Meet Special to The Journal. WINNEMUCCA, Feb. 13.--Following a legular meeting of the Women's Benefit association at Winneva hall the members sojourned to the home of Mrs S. G Lamb, where they spent a social evening. Following the caul playing, refreshments were .served by a committee composed of the lollow- mg members: Mrs P. E. Bom, Mis. A r t h u r M( Sheo, Mrs. C i). Mark.iy, Mrs 1C Kailm, Mrs. S. G. Lamb, Mrs Edna T. Eddy, Mrs Or B. llotkenbrock, Mrs. Lee Case, Mrs. II Hangs and MI.S.S Lucille Ingram. MARRIAGE LICENSES Nevada--Luther R. Sims, over 21, and Ethel Bell, over 21, both of Reno. California--Robert T. G a i n e d , 23, of Bodip, and Uelln Taylor, IX, of Lu.s Angeles. ' Officials of Loving county, Texas serve without pay and use the court houses at Pecos, seat of Reevei countj. Miss Elizabeth O'Brien 822J/2 University Ave. Phone 3830 Teacher of VOICE - VIOLIN - PIANO Technique De Reslce and Italian Sevcik - Auer - Leschelizky FAMOUS LAST WORDS. "Wherefore, t h e plaintiff prays that the bonds of matrimony be dissolved." Exhale. DIVORCES GRANTED Benjamin Berger from Ethel E-er- ger; Fred B. Hawkins from Jacque Hawkins; Ursula K. Hastings from Jami'S Hastings; Carol Agnes McCutcheon Jenkins from James Jeri- kins, Alyss G. Hobeson .Trom Stacy B. Itobeson; Hazel Boiling from Jami'S Black Boiling; Isaac Greenberg sometimes known as Jacob Greenberg, from Rachel Davidson Greenberg; Irene Veronica Aikman from William Alexander Aikman; Ida May O'Brien from Frank O'Biien; Addeline Lucas from Edward Brown Lucas; Harriet G. ·Phirney Nester from Harold A. Nesler; Helmi Hilden frorn Gust Hilden; Frank W. Schult from Wire Fences--Iron Fences 601 PAUL THOLL Ninth Street, Sparks, Nev. Grace E. Schult; Ethel Brown from Robert Brown. DIVORCES FILED Francis G-. Mahaffey vs Marie I Mahaffey; Joseph W. Weldon vs. Marguerite C. Weldon; Gunda Dawson vs. James F. Dawson, N. W. Batteate vs. Louise Batleate; Betty Ardell White \s. George 0. White, sometimeb known as Fred Neff. ' A Swiss furniture dealer is giving life insurance policies to newly married couples who buy household furniture at his stores. D R . T . P . K W A N Chinese Expert Herbalist Graduate of Peking University Testimonials on file' proving to cure thousands of obstinate cases, especially Stoma c h Troubles, Rheumatism and Female Troubles. 608 N. Virginia St., Reno, Nev. . Phone 8251--Consultation Free 22c CUT FLOWERS When you want good fiveah ones, try Fuller's at 228 Sierra Street. We can .save you money on all your funeral pieces, Experienced designers always available. PHONE 5825 H.W. Young ASSAYER 42 E. First St. Reno LEE RHODES Meat Merchants, 112-Sierra Street .SWIFT'S PREMIUM Half or Whole HAM, pound 25o LARGE FRESH RANCH EGGS, dozen 1§C BABY BEEF ,-, POT ROAST, pound . .. 18c CORNED BEEF or PICKLED PORK, pound .. 20c L E E R H O D E S .QUALITY .MEATS 112 Sierra! Srefil; " . Mathews' Phone Large Florida Grapefruit, each ....' Large Tangerines 3 dozen Large Jumbo Artichokes, 3 for Oranges, medium size, sweet, dozen Fancy Delicious Apples-- d* I Per box «PI Apples, fancy Roman Beauties-Per box Pippins, fancy d*| | Oregons, box « p l » U. S. No, 1 Spuds £C 50-lb. sack V«JL 16 Ibs. for 25c Dry Onions | C _ 8 pounds I«Ji. Ripe Olives 1 A pint can ItC Heinz Green ")'\t* Olives, pint jar .. fcivC Sweet Gherkins -| "7 7-oz. bottle 11 l Van Camp's Pork and Beans 3 cans.' No. 1 Hominy 3 cans No. 1 Sauer ' Kraut, 3 cans No. 1 Corn 3 cans'. Red Mexican Beans, 5 Ibs... Bulk Rolled Oats 5 Ibs Pine Tar Soap 7 bars for Walnuts Per Ib. Large Eggs Per dozen 24c 29c 29c 29c 24c 25c 22c 18c All Government Inspected Meats at Attractive Prices Chickens, dry picked For fricassee, each Lamb Shoulder | OJL r Roasts, per Ib. 1£2 *· Pot Roast of Steer Beef, Ib. Lean Bacon - Per Ib., sliced 1 . Lean Bacon Whole or half per Ib Picnic Hams, Eastern smolced | C JL per Ib 1J2 27c Safety Zones DESPITE the precaution of traffic laws and safety zones, frightful accidents occur every day in which persons are killed or suffer disabling injuries, all because of the careless or reckless driver, thousands of whom are upon the highways. The safety zone doesn't insure you against the dangers of traffic. The speed law doesn't prevent your being run down by the negligent motorist. The best protection the pedestrian can have is Accident Insurance. It will take care of his family should he be killed and will help to replace his in-come should he be disabled by accidental injury. Ho person can afford to be without accident insurance When it is so easily obtained through a Continental Life policy, sold in this city through this newspaper, at the low price of $1.10 a year. This policy also provides weekly indemnity for total disability in event of accidental injury, as set forth in the policy. For instance, if the Insured should be totally disabled as indicated in part one he would be entitled to $20.00 a week for the period of disability, not to exceed ten consecutive weeks. If totally disabled as indicated in parts two or three, he would be entitled to $10.*00 a week for the period of disability, not to exceed' fifteen consecutive weeks. These personal injury benefits are in addition to the pro- Continental Life Building tection afforded' by the Continental policy against death, or the loss of both hands, or both feet, or the sight of both eyes, or any two of either, in which event the Continental Life Insurance Company of St. Louis, Missouri, will pay your wife, mother, child or other beneficiary the sum of (a) $10,OOJO..QO If the accident, resulted from the wrecking of a railroad passenger car, passenger steamship or steamboat, or street railway cat, as set forth; (b) $2,500.00 if the accident resulted from the wrecking of a ·taxicab, omnibus, or automobile stage, or by being struck by lightning, or as the result of accidental drowning, or by the wrecking of a passenger elevator, as set forth; (c) $1,000.00 if the'accident resulted from the wreeMngjiof a private automobile or horse- drawn vehicle of the pleasure type, or by the burning of a theatre, school, municipal building or church, or by being struck or run over while walking or standing in or on a public highway, as set forth in the policy. If Insured" is injured and is pnysically unable to communicate with friends, the Company will defray, in addition to other indemnity payable, all expenses, not exceeding $100.00, necessary to put the Insured in communication 'with and in care of friends. Written by the Old Line Legal Reserve Continental Life Insurance Company of St. Louis, Missouri With Assets Jf $16,000,000.00 ISSUED THROUGH A policy for every paid in advance subscriber to the Journal between the ages of 10 and 70 years, male and female. No medical examination. No red tape or delay. " Costs only $1.10 a year. ·Order Your Policy Today- Nevada State Journal, Re "Enclosed a iierewitbi please find $ for which please send me The Journal for one year by (Mail $7.10) (Carrier $10.10) and the $10,000.00 Insurance Policy. N a m e - - A « e ' Address '_ - Beneficiary (Name) - -- · - - Relationship --«·· ~ ~ Beneficiary's Address -- ....--., -- --· 'SPAPERJ

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