Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 7, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1973
Page 15
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Streak Grid Players To Be Issued Gear AM boys who plan to go out for GftKflburg Senior High School sophomore or varsity foottaU this fall are reminded of the fact that each candidate must have his physical certificate fitted out before any football equipment can be issued. Suitable accident insurance, as well as mouth protectors are required of aU football players prior to participation. Football candidates may secure their physical cards by calling at the main high school office, or at the tHrector of AMetics office. Varsity and sophomore equipment wiji be issued at the Senior High School gym August 18, from V.30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. First day of football practice for both sophomore and varsity squads is scheduled lor Monday, August 20. The varsity will practice at 8 a.m. and the sophoromers at 9:30 a.m. To be eligible for the first game of the season, it is essential that players report for the first practice on August 20. The Illinois High School Association rules state that each individual piayer is required to engage in 14 days of practice before playing an interscholastic game. The Galesburg Senior High Schoo} varsity squad opens the season at Peoria Central on September 7. Issue Equipment Football equipment at Costa Junior High School will be issued Sept. 4 at 2 p.m. at the Costa Junior High gym. Football practice will then begin the following day. 1 Players must have a physical prior to issuance of equipment. Physical • forms may be picked up at the Costa Convent, from Mrs. Peter Poulos, 256 Division St., or from athletic director GaryWagner. Alexander Back BALTIMORE (UPI) - The Baltimore Orioles moved to strengthen their pitching staff Monday by reactivating Doyle Alexander. Alexander, who has been on the disabled list with tendonitis, started for Baltimore in Monday night's game against Boston, which the Orioles lost, 53. First baseman Enos Cabell was optioned to Rochester to provide a roster opening. Firefighters Stop Police lit 4-3 Game Firefighters squeaked by Police 4-3 in Babe Ruth Tournament play at H. T. Custer Park Monday night. Police owned a 2-0 lead until 1he Firefighters exploded for all four runs in the bottom of the fourth inning. The Firefighters then stopped a Police rally in the sixth for the victory. Winning pitcher was Alan Pickrel, while Mark Robertson took the loss. Pollc* FlrtltghUM •b t h| ab » h Galesburfl Reaisret-Mail, Qalesbura, 111. Tuesday, Aua. 7. 197fr a 15 Welty Gutierrez Schauman Tourlentes Pacheco Pavlat Zefo Mi Rbrt'sn 2 Ma Rbfsrt 2 OlFritz 3 1 ILee 3 OlPickrel 3 1 iDo McKlp 1 1 IDe Mc'Klp 3 Rozynek Smith Scudder 1 lO'Connor IHerr Kenneth King (70), Springfield, and Mike O'Brien (4), Champaign, battle for the lead as they come off the final turn in the motor- Total 21 3 51 Total 21 4 Score by Innings: Police ...100 101—3 Firefighters ....000 40x—4 Sox Defeat Cubs, Take Series Title The White Sox won the best two games out of three Little League World Series at H. T. |V |«f)ff| Fa If* Battle for Lend cycle races at the Knox County Fair Suflday afternoon. King captured first place ifl,iJje 175cc class, while O'Brien was third. Motorcycle Race Results 6 Tell Abe the defense is Here!' Class B Softball Box Scores, Standings STANDINGS American DWUlon W L American Business Clubs ...6 2 Eagle Food Center -.-7 3 Gales Mtaflta 5 4 Rod's East End Tap 5 S Gates Giants ...2 7 National DWUlon Admiral ... J ... 8 2 Goodyear 4 5 Grady's 2100 Club 4 5 Road Knights 4 5 Gates Finishers , 2 7 Rods Boyer Stevens Way Furquer Jefferson Shepherd Johnson DeCamp Parrish Dug an ab * h 3 0 0 1 2 3 0 1 0 O 0 0 4 4 3 3 2 3 3 3 3 F Cisco Wilson Smith Murfln Brunkow G Cisco llMonical HBlomquist Best German Tolle John Thor Eagles ab r h 4 11 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 0 O 0 0 0 Total 31 7 9 Score by innings: Rod's 200 Eagles 313 Total 30 10 10 104 003 O— 7 x—10 Admiral ab r h Brock 2 2 2 Frazier 4 1 1 Broadfield 3 2 1 Sharp 3 12 Beaulieu 3 12 Kneebone 4 2 1 Viox 3 10 Rose 4 13 Miller 3 1 3 Pershke 4 2 1 Wolf Peake Lcrsch B Darrah Leahy T Darrah Wittle Yulga Cassens Greene Anbues ab r h 5 1 33 14161 Total 3613 16 Total Score by innings: Admiral 012 400 Ambucs 033 10). 7—14 5—13 Finishers ab r h Hanneghan 3 0 o Luna 3 1 1| Ennis 3 11 Wetterow 3 11 Wright 2 1 1 Conely 3 0 0 Shragal 3 0 1 Coombs 2 0 1 Bergmann 2 0 Wobber 3 1 Goodyear ab r h Gomez 4 3 3 T Hlg'brg 3 2 3 Hmr'schdt 3 0 0 Sekeres 3 11 Fortz 4 12 Sherlock 3 0 1 Kirmali 3 0 0 B Hlg'brg 2 12 1 [Smith 3 1 1 Wilson 3 2 2 Total 311115 Total 27 5 9 Score by innings: Finishers 410 Goodyear 434 000— 5 000—11 Giants Road Xnlffhla ab r h ab r h Watson 5 1 2 Sturgeon 4 2 3 M Nocella 4 2 2 Stewart 4 2 1 Walker 4 0 0 Hallam 4 1 2 Main 4 0 1 Cook 3 1 1 T NoceUa 4 OA Grawey 3 1 1 Hobbs 3 1 3 Mason 2 0 1 Semande 4 1 1 Timmons 3 0 1 Keneipp 4 0 0 Probst 3 0 0 Roberts 4 2 3 Kistcer 3 1 1 Welty 4 1 1 England 2 1 1 Schisler 1 0 0 Walters 1 0 0 Clay 2 0 0 Total 40 ~8 14 Total 35 9 12 Custer Park. With the 3-game seris tied at one game apiece, the Sox edged the Cubs 6-5 in the final game. The Cubs had won the first game, and the Sox the second. Eric Benge homered to lead the Sox. Kevin Taylor went three for three at the plate for the Cubs, while teammates Mike Holt and Andy Holt had two each. Winning hurler was bave Tolley. Kevin Taylor was the loser although he allowed only three hits. Giants ... Road Knights 013 032 x—9 .030 401 0—3 Misfits Nicaise Mosier Patterson Martinez L Walter Owens T Walter Ray Pruett Lauthan French ab r h 3 0 0 1 1 1 3 0 1 1 0 0 1 Price M Bair D Bair Legge Pickerell Hick McNeil [Vericella Stranger o:Smith 1 Park Dept ab r h 4 2 3 4 Total 35 9 13 1 Total 37 12 15 Misfits ..300 023 1— 9 Park Dept 331 014 x—12 White Sox Childers LaFollette Benge Tolley Robertson Smith Sauter Townsend Ellison Cordle ab r h 3 0 0 1 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 23 6 3 Morgan Stanley K Taylor Holt , Yard A Holt Stone Taylor Jellies Blackburn 2 Cubs ab r h 2 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Total 27 5 9 Total Score by innings: White Sox ..— 203 000—6 Cubs 002 020—5 Midwest League By United Press International Cedar Rapids 7 Appleton 3 Clinton at Waterloo, ppd rain Decatur 4 Burlington 1 Quincy 3 Danville 1 Motorcycle races sponsored by Galesburg Silver Rims Motorcycle Club was the attraction at the Knox County Fair Sunday afternoon. Riders competed for trophies and prize money in five different classes. Terry Bond of Galesburg was the winner in the 360cc division and finished second in the lOOcc class. Bond was mounted on a Yamaha in both races. Other winners were Thomas Myers, Canton, 250cc; Kenneth King, Springfield, 175cc; David Werckman, Peoria, 125cc, and Mike Farley, Peru, lOOcc. Final Results lOOcc—Mike Farley, Peru. Yamaha; Terry Bond, Galesburg, Yamaha; Mike O'Brien, Champaign, Kawasaki. 125cc—David Werckman, Peoria, Suzuki; Ronald Rlbolzi, Oglesby, Suzuki; Edward Scarlata, Park Ridge, Suzuki. 175cc—Kenneth King, Springfield, Suzuki; Mike McSperritt. Macomb, Bultaco; Mike O'Brien, Champaign, Kawasaki. 250cc—Thomas Myers. Canton, Yamaha; Thomas Schupp, Peoria, Yamaha; Carl Toland, Peoria, Yam aha. 360cc—Terry Bond, Galesburg, Yamaha: Lee Grimmett. Springfield; Robert Lambie, Peoria, Bul­ taco. On the Rebound Galesburg Men Play in State Amateur Golf By Joe Morrissey Sports Editor Seven Galesburg goHers and save in the same game. READ THE WANT ADS Pioneers See Season's End Tonight By TOM MARVELLI (Staff Writer) There is a single goal that binds them together. It binds them more than the fact that they are all members of the same team. They are the Gafesburg Pioneers and each and everyone shares the same dream. Like millions of other young American males they all wish to make it in major league baseball. . . Unlike the vast majority of their fraternity, they have made it past the second milestone. Most youngsters pliay only in Little League, the teenage Jteams and perhaps for their high schools. The individuals who make up the Galesburg Pioneers and the Centeial Collegiate League have not only made it to major college baseball, but to a summer league. The CICL isn't any or dinary summer college league, but a league that many call the bast in the country for col lege ball players and one that is reputedly scouted the most. Although how much the CICL is scouted in comparison to other summer leagues is a mait- ter of conjecture, it is definitely scouted. During June, there is a small trickle of scouts to,now." past year's prospects, there is scarcely a game played mat doesn't have at least a few scouts behind the home plate screen. But at a place like the home- plate screen in a summer baseball league with a group of people like major league scouts, the topic of conversation is on any subject but the one the ordinary Dayman would expect to hear the moat; Seldom, if ever, do they mention a CICL player. The scouts taCk about places to get good food, old times in the major leagues, bad breath, women, but never about prospects. Each is afraid that he roi'gh drop something that could help another scout. On the' other side of the home- plate screen, like so many actors, the ball players try to do their part that makes the whole show go. No baseball player dares let down in front of a scout, To the players in the CICL and the Galesburg Pioneers, major league basebail is everything. Pioneer second baseman Mark Miller probably spoke on behalf of the whd!e squad when he said, "I'd like to sign right the league games but by July, as the scouts finish signing the The look on Miller's face didn't change as he came down CONTACT LENSES For Complote Information on Contact Lenses Phone 343-7410 flf&sser PR< DAILY m™***'*' UNION OPTICAL CO. Dispensed on Prescription of MONDAY ft FRIDAY 8:00 - t-QO 60 S. Kellogg Galesburg, III, to what seemed to him to be a more realistic level of, hope. "I'd like to come back to Galesburg next year. This league gives you a good chance to play a kt of baseball. It lets the scouts see you more than if you just played college ball. "The over-all competition is a lot better here than in college too. There's no real weak team in the league. Hardly ever do you lose a game by more than a few runs." Paul Kreke, the Pioneers massive right-hander pitcher who stands over 6 feet 5 and tips the scales at about 210 pounds, rose from his prone position on a bed as the topic of conversation came to his main interest. "I don't care who takes me in the majors as long as they take me." Kreke leaned back against a plaster wall and hypothesized on why he thought scouts were interested in him as a pitcher. "I guess it's just because I'm big and can throw hard. I think how hard you can throw the ball is probably more important than anything else." Miller, who was sitting across frcm Kreke, couldn't resist joke. "Maybe they want you for your hitting." Kreke sarcastically responded to Miller's remark with a "yea" and then laughed himself at the joke. The season has only two games remaining and the pressure is almost off the 16 baseball players. They are almost fres to rest. "We had a good pitching staff this year." Kreke was trying to find out where the Pioneers went wrong in the second half of the season that has left them with a 4-16 record. "We're better this year than jwe were last year. We needed ! another lefthander but we really did all right as we were. We had (Gary) Nevinger at the beginning of the season but he left." It seemed like a reasonable excuse but Kreke didn't want to accept it. "It always went that we'd hours of sleep a night and then mess up in the first few innings work all day." and then do real well. Like the other day (Tom) Steen allowed |Was only one run, another run scored on an error then he retired 16 in 1a row and we ended up losing 2-0." Kreke just shook his head and Millet took up where left off. "You got to blame a little of it on both hitting and pitching. We just didn't get the clutch hating when we needed it." Part of the trouble in their performance might be attributed to their normal schedule during the season. All of the Pioneers worked during the day and played baseball at night. "There wasn't a player on the team that didn't get sick during the season and most of them ended up playing when the best place for them would have been a bed. But what do you expect when they're up at night driving between games and average about five or six Pioneer coach Jim Isaacson talking about his team that weathered two minor epidemics and still played every game. At the first of the year as the players were breaking into their new schedule, a glan- hddular virus hit everyone and it was followed by a flu bug. Combining this with the normal injuries such as the one that hit Bob Szczecinski last week, and a coach has problems. "Ski" was trying to make it back to first base after misjudging a ball thrown when he strained his shoulder. He was out for six games. But Miller didn't like to think about the conditions he and his team were forced to play under. "Every team has to put up with things the way they are and I don't see how else you can work it." Major leaguers play baseball frcm the time winter shakes its feet for the last time until he starts his growl again. In the CICL, the Pioneers play ball for two months in the summer while trying to earn enough money to return to school so they can play baseball again. It is not an easy thing to do and only a few of the CICL p'ayers will be able to make the pros. The Galesburg Pioneers are Mike Bollman, Gary Bradley, Bob Brisky, Mike Heimer- dlnger, Steve Klein, John Hoscheidt, Barry Koeneke, Paul Kreke, Mike Mackie, Rick McCarthy, Mark Miller, Gary Purcell, Tom Steen, Bob Szczecinski, Bob Walker and Bill Westfall. They play for the last time this summer today at 6 p.m. at H. T. Custer Park when they face the Bloomington Bobcats in a doubleheader. a couple of former local residents are competing in the Illinois State Amateur Golf Tournament which opened today in Pekin. Bob Coe, who last weekend regained his all-city golf championship, is one of the top 30 finishers from last year who automatically qualified. Coe placed fifth last year and third the year before. Bob Dredge, a 5-time winner of the all-city, is a former state champion and an automatic qualifier each year if he so desires. However, this year Dredge is chairman of the state tournament and has elected not to enter. He doesn't think he'd be able to play and serve as chairman at the same time. Other Galesburg golfers joining Coe are Sam Swanson, Dave Cox, Jim Wetherbee, Bill Kirkendall, Doug Aliens- worth and Jim Nixon. Former residents of Galesburg qualifying for the tournament are Doug Mills and Art Stevens. -J- There are two stoppers on the Chicago Cub pitching staff. Rick Reuschel to stop losing streaks and Ferguson Jenkins to stop winning streaks. -J- Mike Brodie has done double for Harvey's Babe Ruth League all summer, highlighted by a unique effort of getting credit for a victory and Young Brodie, son of Dean Brodie of Galesburg, was taken from the mound at the end of five innings with the Harvey team leading 4-1 over South Holland. Howevov he did not leave the game r giodng to his normal position of second base. In the final inning the relief pitcher goto in trouble with runners at second and third and no one out. Brodie was caMed to the mound and got the side out without allowing <a run. He was therefore credited with both the victory' and the save. In addition to his pitching, Brodie also made a big" contribution with his bat. During tournament play he batted a robust .558, striking out only one time in seven games. Mike led his team to the Babe Ruth State Finals in Champaiign this summer. Harvey won one game but lost two in the double diminution tournament. ' ' Mike, who has been living with his mother in Harvey, is now visiting his father. Foli Reactivated MONTREAL (UPI) - The Montreal Expos reactivated shortstop Tim Foli Monday. Foli had been on the disabled list after suffering a broken jaw last month in a collison with Bob Watson of the Houston Astros. WARM TOMORROW Time to Insulate WHITE'S PHONE 542-0185 GEBHARTS 587 EAST MAIN ST. GALESBURG 343-4216 August Specials PUKES THRU SATURDAY Use Your Bank Card THE Oil Filter MEETS FORD WARRANTY "REQUIREMENTS; ACE ACE AIR FILTERS Save Gas Prevent Engine Wear Most C«i> SAVE! LET US CHANGE YOUR OIL TODAY SAVE on AUTO BRAKE SHOES SttofJSho* for?Whttls $ 4T49 SAVE ON INSTALLATION 12 oz. Broke Fluid 67c Wheel Cyl. Kits 98c AS lOW 8-l> Master Cyl. Kits $159 Before You Renew Your Insurance Policy SEE A PRO If your needs have changed, your insurance policy may need more than a touch-up. It may need an overhaul. 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