Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 7, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
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Tuesday, August 7, 1973
Page 14
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!!! *!» •n If !!t m • 4 lit II' M» V.I HI Ml By FRED DOWN UPI Sport* Writer the strongest pitching staff in the major leagues may fin&h the season without a 20-game winner but with the National League pennant flying over Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. It's been years since the years since have seen a so smoothly as Dodger starting crew consisting of Don Sutton, Claude Osteen, majors function staff the Andy mith and Al Downing. Sutton is the staff's winner with 13 Messers Yet leading victories and would fall a game short of » victories at his current pace. It was Downlng's turn in the rotation Monday night and the little left-hander responded with a five-hitter that gave the gers a 24) victory over the I games over the Cincinnati San Diego Padres. The win | Reds, who lost to the Houston Li it increased the Dodgers' Western Division lead to NL Astros, 5-4. four The New York for a 10-3 triumph over the St. Louis Cardinals, Houston edged Cincinnati, 5-4, and the Monts beat the Chicago Cubs, 74, hi the only other NL games. the Boston Red Sox defeated the Baltimore Orioles, 5*3, the Detroit Tigers nipped the New York Yankees, 5-4, in 10 and the Cleveland innings, Indians topped Sbx, ?-3, Mets rallied I League games. White the Chicago in American who have won Until By THOMAS UHLENBROCK ST LOUIS (UPI) - Boasting lead of anv first the biggest ieaa of any place team in the major leagues, the St. Louis Cardinals arc hoping they can hold on to that margin until oV reliable Bob Gibson discards h i s i crutches. | F Double Play Team London Dr. Stan Gibson Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Dave Lopes goes high in the air to throw to first base and complete the double pl'ay after forcing out Cito Gaston (21) of the San Diego Padres at second. Watching the play is Bill Russell, who started the play when he fielded a ground ball off the bat of Dave Winfield. The Dodgers won the game 2-0 at San Diego. UNIFAX or Lea gue Standin Box Scores Cleveland el 0 4 National League American League &r * rft i ~S*o Louis ^Chicago BHJsburgh -^Morttreal Philadelphia .-.New York ^ 14 4 > ^Angeles •-Cincinnati -^San'Francisco 'Houston ...Ailanta East w. 1. 61 51 56 56 54 55 51 56 52 6i) 49 West w. 1. 70 42 67 47 61 49 53 57 52 64 37 74 pet. .545 .500 .495 .491 .454 9 g.b. Detroit 5 !Baltimore 5^ : Boston 6 New York Milwaukee 60 .450 10ft: Cleveland g.b. pet. .625 .588 4 .555 .504 .448 San Diego , Monday's Results 8 13V£ 20 .333 32tfs Oakland Kansas City Minnesota Chicago California Texas East 60 58 59 61 52 43 West 63 64 55 55 51 41 I. 50 49 51 53 57 70 pet. .545 .542 % .536 .535 Bell Gamble Cm'bliss Ellis ff.b. I Spikes j Lw'n'stn Torres Brh'mer Duffy ! Perry ab r 1 1 3 5 4 5 3 4 4 O 4 3 O 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 2 1 O hbi O OiKelly liOrta 2!Hr'ston 1-Melton OlMay OlMuscr O: Sharp OI Leon lillr'mnn 2!Slone O; Fisher Chicago 2 2 1 1 1 0 0 3 3 0 Mb 4 3 2 4 3 4 4 3 4 0 0 'Baldwin 0 T 1 1 1 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 hbi 2 O 0 U 1 1 0 O O 1 0 0 0 .477 m\ .381 18% I. pet. 43 .568 49 .566 g.b. Total 35 Score by Cleveland Chicago 7 13 71 Total 31 innings: 100 noi 3 5 020010- 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 •7 3 physician said Monday suffered torn cartilage on the outside of his right knee while running the, bases in Saturday's win over the New York Mets. However, London said the two - time Cy Young Award winner could be pitching again in four to six weeks — an important date if St. Louis makes it to the World Series. The dramatic comeback would be old hat for No. 45. Gibson suffered a broken right leg on July 15, 1967, when a shot off the bat of Roberto Clemente hit him. But he returned six weeks later to lead the Cards into the World Series, beating the Boston Red Sox three times for the championship. Discounting Gibson's ripe age of 37 years, London said the superstar can heal quickly "with his competitive desire and our two trainers available to speed his recovery." If Gibson is sidelined permanently, it would end the career of one of baseball's greatest righthanders. Since his first full season with the Cardinals in 1961, Gibson has had 12 consecutive winning years, including five in which he had 20 or more victories. With such an impressive rec the loss of Gibson ord, shivers sent of the up the spines pennant-hungry St. Louis players and fans. .'The mood of the club is deflated a little," admitted Joe Torre. "We've been counted + out three times—in spring training, in May and now with Gibson out." "If we wanted a built - in excuse," added Ted Simmons, "we have one." But as the Cardinals showed at the end of May—when they were 11 games out of first place with an 8 - 23 record— there's always hope. As Torre put it, "A club that has come this far in August, even without Gibson, can't be counted out." The Dod **M, four of theif last five games durtag which they have wme& a total of eight tuns, clipped Clay Kifby for a rufl in the fourth inning on singles by Bill Buckner, Willie Davis and Willie Crawford; Crawford scored the Dodgers' second run in the sixth when he singled, stole second and tallied on Bon Cey's single. Downing allowed only one San Diego base runner to reach second base as he pitched his second shutout of the season. . Jim Wynn singled home the tie-breaking run during a three- run eighth-inning rally which lifted the Astros to their victory Reuss Cincinnati. Jerry the distance for the errv 53 57 57 68 .509 6y 2 .491 .472 .376 10% 21 E — Duffy 2. DP — Cleveland 2, — Cleveland 6, Chi- : J£pn.treal 7 Chicago 3 ..Houston 5 Cincinnati 4 ^ 4 ; New York 10 St. Louis 3 , ,;Irf)SrAngeles 2 San Diego 0 (.Qply games scheduled) Today's Probable Pitchers (All Times EDT) ,\tSt. Louis (Murphy 2-4) at BTe\y r York (Sadecki 2-1), 2 p.m. - .^uston (Wilson 7-12) at "Pittsburgh (Briles 10-10), 8 p.m. ...Chicago 1 (Reuschel 12-3) at ?;Ciaeinnati (Gullett 12-8), 8 p.m. Eos Angeles (Sutton 13-7) at Chicago 1. LOB — cago 6. ip h Perry (W 11-15) __ 9 5 Stone (L 4-10) 12?, 4 Fisher h 2 /* 6 Baldwin l 2 ,b 3 r erbbio 3 2 5 5 5 5 2 1 2 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 CHICAGO (UPI) White Sox h i s Manager Tanner gestured toward throat with his hand and angrily remarked: Chicago Tony Muser shook his head C h u c k disbelief and exclaimed: in (IT) Monday's Results Detroit 5 New York 4, 10 inns Boston 5 Baltimore 3 Cleveland 7 Chicago 3 (Only games scheduled) Today's Probable Pitchers (All Times EDT) Texas (Bibby 5-5 and Siebert 6-8| at New York (Medich 7-6| SpragUe and Beene 5-0), 2, 5 p.m. Oakland (Blue 10-7 and St. Louis Brock Sz'more McCrv'r Cmp'bU Ml'n'dez Sim'mns f Torre Reitz Carbo Tvson Clv'larid Segui McBride Granger ab r hbi New York ab r h bl 4 0 3 HHahn .4 10 3 1 1 OlMillan 6 12 10 0 OlStaub 3 2 2 0 0 0 OlMilner 4 2 1 4 0 2 OUones 2 10 4 0 0 0'Garrett 5 2 3 5 0 0 OlGrote 5 12 4 1 1 iVMr'tn'z 3 0 6 4 0 1 OlStone 2 0 0 3 10 1 'Boswell 10 1 2 0 1 0'Parker 2 0 1 0 0 0 0| 1 0 1 01 0 0 0 01 0 0 0 01 I'm fed up to here with Gaylord Perry and his vaseline ball. If I could have forfeited the game in and the umpires allowed me to do the first inning would I would "Perry threw me six straight w vaseline pitches in the first inning when we had a chance to knock him out, but I struck out and never had a chance. and they never Hairston took so, I 0 0 1 1 2; have taken my players off the o; field.-" 0 1 11 acted angrily and to the point He always gets away with it. But the terrible thing is that have nothing can be done about it." Tanner stating: swats at three straight vaseline pitches and didn't know what happened. That's the only way Perry could have won tonight." Tanner received more satis- had a chance, cause on an ordinary fast ball three straight the rotation follows a definite With vaseline on the faction in the third inning when third base umpire Bill Haller charged out to the mound to tore into Perry by'look at the ball, something that has seldom been done to the 'That no matter what you do Tanner and his players re-!or say, it's the same old story. 8 3 10 of complete frustration in their dressing room Monday night following a 7-3 loss to Cleveland and ace righthander Perry. Every first • C U! San Diego (Trocdson 5-3), 10:30 Baltimore (McNally 9-12 and p.m. Hood 2-2) at Minnesota (Decker Montreal (Renko 10-7) at San!6-5 and -Campbell 0-0), 2, 6:30 p.m. Boston (Pole 0-1) at Kansas Total 35 3 10 2! Total 37 10 12 Score by innings: . Louis lin 001 000- r- inrlMaH » at Detroit (I^liphl Npw York 100 001 35x— 11-10 and Perrv 9-10), 2, 5:30,LOR - st. LOU* n. New York n.j . _ 4U °R — Meienrw, aeveiand. Hoitz.jpires finally got on Perry but;at the ball. ^™ T 'T?M. by that time it was former National League pitcher. Tanner continued, "All you have to do is ask Perry's teammates about the vaseline, they'll tell you that before every game he loads himself down either on his shirt or under his pants Francisco (Barr 9-10), 11 p.m. (Only games scheduled) iw Wednesday's Games City (Drago 12-10), 8:30 p.m. -'--^Himta at St. Louis, night I California (Ryan 12-13) at 7 N £ft" York at Los Angeles, nightiMilwaukee (Bell 9-8), 8:30 p.m. 1 Cleveland (Timmarman 4-3) ip h r tr bbib '.late. Cleveland (L 12-6) fi 10 5 5 2 3 Secui 1 0 n 0 1 1 Granger . *i 1 5 3 2 0 .Snrague 23 1 0 0 1 0 Stone fi 7 3 2 1 1 Parker (W 7-2) 3 3 0 0 1 2 pitch he threw in the inning tonight was loaded with grease. I got so angry after Pat Kelly got to third Tanner said there were some base that I asked plate umpire j with grease, but for some rea- absolutions "^because the um-|Merland Anthony to take a lookjson the umpires have not been He went out to theable to detect it." that time it was too!mound and practically madej Ball Suddenly Drops Perry undress. What burns mej Muser said that "it's a simple Tony Muser Complains up is that we've got rookies [and routine matter to know Chicago rookie first baseman'like Jerry Hairston and Museriwhen Perry uses his pitch be- pattern. ball you can see the seams and the ball will suddenly drop." Veteran knuckleballer Wilbur Wood, who will pitch tonight, said he watched Perry very carefully in the first inning and explained: "You don't have to be too smart to know what Perry is doing. Tm a knuckleball pitcher and I know how a kmuckleball breaks. veled tonight I just mar- watching Perry get away with every pitch in the first inning with a ball that was loaded with grease. Any-!one-out single to Willie Horton. over went victory and Cesar Cedeno had three hits for the Astros. John Milner's run-sec ring double and a two-run single by Wayne Garrett paced a three- run seventh-inning rally which brought the Mets from behind. The Mets turned the game into a rout when they scored five more runs in the eighth. Harry Parker picked up the win in relief while Reggie Cleveland suffered the loss. . Balor Moore pitched a no- r hitter for 6 2-3 innings but was kayoed in the eighth and Mike Marshall came on to score his 22nd save for Montreal. Bob Bailey drove in three runs with a homer and a triple and Ken Singleton homered to lead the Expos' 10-hit attack which dealt the Cubs' Bill Bonham his third loss. Moret Wins Again Carlton Fisk's two-run single in a four-run first inning and Tommy Harper's homer led a 10-hit Red Sox attack which brought unbeaten Rogelio Morct his fifth straight win. Doyle Alexander was knocked out in the four-run first and lost his fifth game for the Orioles. Merv Rettenmund homered for Baltimore. Frank Howard's two - run homer off Sparky Lyle tied the score for the Tigers in the ninth and Aurelio Rodriguez scored the winning run in the 10th inning after Lyle and Felipe Alou made wild throws on the same play. The victory moved Detroit into first place in the Al East. Mel Stottlemyre carried a 4-1 lead into the ninth but the Yankees ace was lifted in favor of Lyle when he yielded a double to Mickey Stanley and a ""Houston at Pittsburgh, night • : "0HH?ago a: Cincinnati, night at Chicago (Wood 20-16), 9 p.m r r '. r « \ t Major asnie Leaders National League ab h. ! I J I t Ross, Cdciio, Hou Cnrdl, Chi Watsn, Ho Unsr, Phil Goodsn, SF Cru)>b, SD BRJfen, Phil Hunt, Mil r. Cin 113 467 85 158 94 350 62 113 104 377 60 121 115 430 76 136 43 94 Pitt 32; Evans, Atl 31; pct.lSF 30; Johnson, Atl 29; .338'Atl 28. IJonds, Aaron, Chicago ab r Monday. 4 0 Ks'sn'Rr 4 0 Williams 4 n Hk'man 2 1 c *m*o 3 0 i 'Him'tn 3 1 ^eckert 4 1 "undlev 3 0 ! bonham 1 0 , ^on'vich 1 0 Oura 0 o Aker 0 0 Canzone 1 fl Borque l 0 hbi! 0 O'Hunt 4 0 '.Tr'«rn*sn 3 otFairlv 3 O'MrWl 0 O'^neTtn 4 O 'Tvttlft 4 l'Railev 4 2'TVa'bla 4 0 Trias 4 0 'Moore 3 0' Woods 0 0 I 1 1 0 n l 1 n o 0 0 0 0 0 Montreal ab r h bi 12 0 10 0 2 2 1 NCAA Forbids Basketball fSijAt USL for Two Seasons 0 0 0 0 n 2 n o 0 0 0 0 0 LAFAYETTE, La. (UPI) — j recommendation of the NCAA NC^A siaid it would decide in The University of Southwestern, infractions committee which | January whether to expel the had been looking into more ^ school from its organization. one who says that something can't be done, doesn't know what he's talking about because if enough of us holler loud enough we're going to stop it." Perry was quite undisturbed in the Indians 9 dressing room and repeated his oft - used remark:. "I don't know what they're talking about when they accuse me of using vaseline. Afy I can say is let them prove it and I'll continue to go about my job of pitching." One run scored on Al Kaline's infield out and then Howard, batting for Norm Cash, hit his eighth homer of the year. Gaylord Perry, examined four times by the umpires on suspicion he was throwing spitters, pitched a five-hitter for the Indians to raise his record to 11-15. Jack Brohamer and Frank Duffy had three hits each for the Indians, who handed the White Sox' Steve Stone his 10th loss against four wins. .323 American .321 Oak Jackson, KC 22; 93 301 93 347 84 77 107 293 285 386 35 108 41 91 43 88 60 119 League: 24; Mayberry, .316 Hendrick; Clev and Otis, KC 21; .312 Fisk, Bos 20. 311 Runs Batted In .311; Total 31 "cor«» by 3 4 3 inrincs To*al 33 7 10 Louisiana plans to abandon its basketball program for the next two years even if most Ragin* fCajun boosters don't like it. than 100 recruiting allegations against USL. At a news conference Monday, Authement, who has been AUTO ooo non n ! Dr. Ray Amtheiment, president, said "It was the most voluminous jUSL president on',v one week, USL case in number of violations said SERVICEMEN Monday thsme would be athletic organization. National League: Bench, Cin Marshall Madox, SF 95 377 50 116 .308 " American League 1 Carew, Mn Hortn, Det May, Mil Aiurcr, NY -DfAHn, Chi Otis, KC • Davis, Bal Mil g. ab 101 390 73 267 .341 108 113 72 108 437 436 250 r. h. pet. 65 133 33 90 66142 59 139 39 79 74 130 n orh:im (h 4-3) Gura Aker •309 84; Evans, Atl 80; Stargell, Pitt|Moore S av e-ioi .308 79; Perez, Cin 75; Bonds, SF 73. American League: Mayberry, KC 87; Jackson, Oak 85; Murcer, NY 75; Otis, KC 68; Melton, Chi and Darwin, Minn 64. the ever handled by the council," changes in the "o?*" P * ,, r , e»on'(i8>. Baiifyi school would abide by an NCAA said Warren ° Tv " ]n i9) , p h r #rbbso; -ruling which forbids last year's exec " * " " 3 i V seventh-ranked team from play- 3 0 £'ing basketball for two seasons. o' 9 7'^ l 2 :i 5 M I 1 4 0 n l o o l o o o l 4 2 Brown, assistant executive director of the NCAA. USL was also return some university's was trophies ordered to and financial The ruling was handed down receipts won during tournament during the weekend at the |play the past three years. The insurance firm. Beryl Shipley, Southwestern's basketball coach for the past 14 years, resigned several weeks ago to A join a Lafayette .337 .325 Six Pitching National League: Billingham, .316 Cin and Bryant. SF • .319 Bryant, SF 15-8; 426 74 130 .305 Seaver, NY and Wise, St.L 13-6; 90 364 34 111 .305 Sutton, LA 13-7. toon; 105 Bal 102 Nrtlwp, Dnt 74 400 351 263 67 120 .300 53 105 38 78 Home Runs National American League: Wood, Chi .299 20-16; Coleman, Det 18-8; .297 Holitzman, Oak 17-9; Hunter, Oak 15-3; Singer. Cal League: Stargell, 15-3; Singer, Bahn&en, Chi 15-11. 15-8; By MILTON RICHMAN UPI Sports Editor ^ COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (UPI) - Warren Spahn, one of the new kids on the block here, wants to put in a word or two for an ex-teammate. His name is Hank Aaron, and you've probably noticed his name in the papers a bit lately. "He's a cinch to make it in here, too," said Spahn, speaking of Baseball's Hall of Fame into which he inducted how proud with he IVbntc j ! f I t i an 4 j was officially Monday along with Irvin, George "High Pockets" Kelly and three other diamond figures no longer living, Roberto Clemente, Mick- j in-law suffered was to have played with me and I feel the same way about having played with him. M Spahn was a 20-game winner 13 different times and led the National League in victories League in eight times. While Spahn was making his acceptance speech, his brother- ey Welch and Billy Evans. (i Henry Aaron is the greatest athlete I've ever seen in my {life," said Spahn, who rolled up 363 victories, more than other lefthander * in major league history, during hi$ 21 seasons with the Boston Braves and Milwaukee Braves. Spahn, 52 now and a pitching any people of Puerto Rico, to people in Pittsburgh and to the people all over the United States/* She tried to say some more, found she was unable to, and sat down. Kuhn Praises Irvin r Bowie Kuhn, presiding at the induction, was generous in his praise of Irvin, the 54-year-old one-time outfielder-first baseman for the Giants who now ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ (most exhaust pipes, too) * * * m IF * _+ - - r an apparent heart seizure out in the audience. Lee Curran, 55, of Buffalo, N.Y., was removed to Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital here by ambulance and a 1 commissioner's office, spokesman said he was expected to recover. Vera Clemente. widow works for him in the baseball Clemente, Pittsburgh's former of four-time PREVIOUSLY WORKED ACCESSORY batting champion who died in a coach >Aith the Cleveland [plane crash last New Year's Indians, said one of the first Eve while attempting a mercy "Never 1 has baseball produced a kinder, more decent, more beloved man, nor one who has meant more to ; personally than said Kuhn. Monte congratulatory ceived after re- intoivors FORD KELLOGG & TOMPKINS - 342 *0177 wires he being voted ths Hall of Fame last winter] under came from Aarcn, with whom he played for Milwaukee 11 masons. Feels the Same Way "He told me how happy mission for earthquake survi- in Nicaragua, also was great strain when she was called upon to speak. 'This is Roberto's she said, here Kelly Giants, also played helping them me Irvin," for the to pennants from 1921, through 1924, while Welch 300-game 1800s and triumph," •If ha and were dedicate this now, honor to was a winner back in the last Evans umpired in the Ameri- haltingly. can League prior to serving as he'd general manager with Cleve- theiand and Detroit. Save money. pipe tending lo your specs. TAHPIPfS HEADERS DUALS EXHAUST PIPES ROLL BARS FORMING EXPANDING TH Au»h «ri*»d Huth Btndtr Ctnltr GAIE5BURG DAYTON STREET GALESIURG, ILL. ft (

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