The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1956 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1956
Page 14
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Can Your CM Pass Ms WHEREAS, highway Occidents take an appalling toll in life and property each year, and WHEREAS, it is the duty of all of us, as citizens of this great nation, to protect our families and neighbors by reducing this toll, WHEREAS, in cooperation with the public spirited organizations who are sponsoring a drive on behalf of automotive safety across our nation. NOW, THEREFORE, as Mayor of our city in order to give the fullest cooperation of its citizenry and businesses to this life protecting crusade, do hereby declare this month of May as SAFETY CHECK MONTH and do hereby request all citizens and businesses to cooperate and resolve to have their automobiles Safety-Checked during this period. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have here unto set \my hand and caused the seal of our city to be affixed. This first day of May, 1956 City of Algona Dr. Cameron C. Shier|< (Mayor) 11 OUT OF 5 AUTOS FOUND NAT'L About one out of five cars on America's highways, because of inadequate maintenance, is accident-prone. So states the Inter- Industry Highway Safety Committee, Look magazine and the National Safety Council, who are cooperating in the fourth annual nationwide Safety - Check program during May which is "Safety Month." The committee based its figure on the results of its 1955 Safety-Checks, in which 1,421,000 cars were inspected and 290,000 were discovered to 'be in need of repair. The inspections were conducted in 422 cities across the nation. This year, in 1956, Algona has been selected as one of the "check cities." In making its announcement, the committee noted that last year's checks indicated a significant improvement in automobile maintenance. The 1954 checks,' said the Committee, revealed one out of four cars failed to pass the safety-check. However, the safety organization warned against complacency, declaring that there are still far too many inadequately-maintained vehicles and that these vehicles are still potential accident factors. Program This Monlh Committee officials urged motorists to take part irt the 1956 Safety Check Program, scheduled to be held this month in hundreds of communities from coast to coast. "Every automobile owner should make it his business to have his car inspected periodically," the Committee said. "This ounce of prevention can be a factor in reducing the shocking number of fatalities recorded, year: on our Safety Checks Vital Because the Safety-Check program has become a vital factor in the nation's all-out drive for safe driving and because Algona is one of the 500 safety-check cities, Mayor Cameron C. Shierk, in a proclamation to the citizens of Algona, declared May as Safety-Check month and urges all-automobile owners to cooperate with the national sponsoring organizations and the Algona Safety Council by having their cars safety-checked. The Safety-Check item encountered most often in the r 195.5 Safety-Checks was the failure of rear lights to operate properly. Other critical items, in the! order of,, frequency which; needed''re- pairs were observed,! Were bfakes, front lights, exhaust ' systems, tifres, steering, windshield.Wifters, windshields and windows, horns and rear-view mirrors. Safety Check Lane To Be Set Up In Algona May 11 Algona has been selected by the Inter-Industry Safety Committee, Look magazine and the National Safety Council for participation in the fourth annual National Vehicle Safety Check Program for Communities. The program is being conducted on an intensive community-wide basis in approximately 500 cities across the nation that are cooperating by urging motorists to take their cars through a thorough check of the ten most vital safety points. In cooperating with the national program, the Algona Safety Council is setting Up a safety- check lane in front of the Algona city hall on Friday evening, May 11, from six to nine o'clock. Checking of the cars will be done by local police officers, county officials and state highway patrol-; men. The main objective of the' safety-check lane is to give all motorists who desire it a free, 10-point check of their vehicles in an effort to increase the number of mechanically-safe. vehicles 0f our community and decrease the chances of accidents caused by parts in need of maintenance attention. : Motorists whose vehicles the safety-checks will have r a green safety-check sticker'placed on the windshield,'indicating that it is a safe vehicle—mechanically. No one who takes his vehicle through the safety-check lane and "flunks'. 1 the .examination is going to be arrested. He'll be given an opportunity to correct whatever is wrong arid, When it is, his vehicle will be entitled to have a green safety-check sticker, too. It is hoped by the Algona Safety Council that all motorists in the community >;will be driving vehicles with a safety-check sticker., : - -, - ,.> r 1 '"'. ;In addition to the safety-check lane on May 11, law .enforcement f fcers will be making an inten- ;cl "spot check" .of vehicles in area during the month of May which has been set aside as "Safety Month." Vehicles with feen safety-check stickers will " able-to pass these checks with ' ft*• ring wh**t. No fronMnd IdoMflM*. CiMn* fri» from iritk«r», crock* or diKoloroHon. WINDSHIELD WIPERS Worfc property and wtp« cleanly EXHAUST SYSTEM Quttl and fr» Irom leak*. TURN SIGNALS Olor*fr»* aim. Proper operation. AudlbU for 300 foot Rear Lights Top List That Can Mean Life 1. BRAKES:'They should stop a moving car in 25 feet at 20 miles per hour, and should take hold evenly on all wheels. Hand brake should be able ' to hold car under any normal condition. Brake fluid should be kept clean and at proper level, and brakes should take hold before pedal is depressed • to within one inch of floor board. 2... HEADLIGHTS: Lights should give maximum light for road and minimum i glare* Upper and lower beams should be in good working condition, with lerises kept clean, reflectors bright at all times. 3. REAR AND STOP LIGHTS: All bulbs should burn, and controls should operate properly. Lenses must be clean, clear and free of cracks. Be sure that directional signals are also in good working order. 4. TIRES: Proper inflation should be . •'checked... T,reqds and sid^walls should , J Check Points or Death To You - be designated unsafe if worn so that fabric shows through the rubber or if there are any cuts or breaks. Signs of uneven wear indicate need for rotation and wheel alignment. 5. STEERING AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT: Excessive play in the steering wheel signifies improper adjustment. 6. EXHAUST SYSTEM AND MUFFLER: Check for rusted or worn spots and leaks that might allow carbon monoxide gas to seep into the car. 7. WINDSHIELD WIPERS: Check for dependable operation. Blades should be live, flexible rubber, that will wipe windshields clean. If blades streak, check them. 8. GLASS: All glass should be clean, free of cracks or discolpration. 9. HORN: Should be audible for 200 feet but not so loud as to constitute a nuisance. 10. REAR-VIEW MIRROR: Should give clear '. yiew.'.of the road behind. A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ALL AUTOMOBILE OWNE May Is Safety Check Month! In behalf of the safety of citizens of'this community a Safety Check Une will be set up from 6 to 9 p.m. FRIDAY, MAY 1 1 IN FRONT OF CITY HALL ^through which drivers may voluntarily drive their automobile for a 10-point safety check. Checking of cars will be done by city police officials, county officials and state highway patrolmen. If your car passes the safety check, you will be given a windshield sticker to that effect. You will be asked, also, to show your driver's license. You will want a windshield safety-chetkpd sticker for recognition of your part in the May Safety campaign. There will be concentrated effort by law enforcement officers on spot safety checks during May. Be prepared and have the safety-cheeked sticker. THIS VEHICLE HAS BEEN -0a«c „__ MAKE COURTESY YOUR CODE OF THE ROAD 9H Here Is The 10-Point Safety Check: D BRAKES D FRONT LIGHTS G REAR LIGHTS C] STEERING D TIRES D EXHAUST SYSTEM [I GLASS D WIND. WIPERS D REAR VIEW MIRRORS G HORN BE SURE YOU CAN See - Steer - Stop SAFELY! Plan Now To Make Your Voluntary Drive Through The Safety Check Lane May 11. This Messqge Sponsored by Algona Safety Council No Highway Fatalities In Kossuth County This Year! Record Clean, Says the Council Green Safety Checked Sticker Will Help With four months gone in the year 1956, there have been no highway fatalities to mar the safety record of Kossuth county, according to Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst. Sheriff Lindhorst urges everyone to help keep the slate clean for the entire year. One way to help, is to have your auto checked for the 10 safety points which are now being stressed this month in cooperation with the national and city safety council campaigns. In comparing the past four years' records of Kossuth county, Sheriff Lindhorst reported that in 1952 there were five highway fatalities while in 1953.,the figure jumped to 11. It dropped again to six in 1954 and surged upward to 11 again in 1955, County officials will be doubly alert during the month" of May in an effort to-reduce the number of unsafe cars now driving the highways. Lindhorst urges all motorists to see that their car has the green safety-checked sticker on the windshield. It's your signal of cooperation in, helping to make Algona and Kossuth County the safest community in the nation. :' ... .. Algona Safety Record Good Citizens of Algona can well be proud of their city's past safety record. In 1953 and 1954 Algona was honored by .being on the National Traffic Safety Contest Honor Roll for having complete years without a fatal motor vehicle traffic accident .within the city limits. Three firsts and one second place awards have been presented the city by the Iowa Safety Congress and the Iowa Department of Public Safety in the All- Iowa Traffic Safety Contest for cities of 5,000 to 6,000. Firsts were awarded in 1949, 1951 and 1953, with a second place award in 1952. In 1954, the city of Algona received a snecial citation in the National Pedestrian Protection Contest for having no pedestrian deaths or injuries among cities under 10,000 population. 1955 awards have not yet been announced, but Chief of Police Albert Boekelman has high hopes that Algona will again be a safety winner. Chief Boekelman also stressed the importance of safety and said that city law enforcement officers will be conducting an intensive safety check program during May as well as their routine checking during the year. Take The Voluntary Drive Through The Safety-Check Lane Friday, May 11 and Be Sure YOU Can Summer Trips Mean Safety Check Time With the advent of summer vacations coming into full swing, every traveler should make sure that his car has been thoroughly safety - checked, which might mean the saving of his car . . . and his life. Here's the vacation check-list for Dad when the time comes to hit the road: 1. The family car has been taken to the local dealer, service station ,or garage and given a thorough check to be sure it is in perfect and, above all, sale driving condition. 2. Dad has planned his trip with one of the many reputable travel service organizations. The best route has been mapped out for him with a list of clean hotels along the route. Traffic regulations of state to be visited have been studied, are kept in the car. 3. A check to see that his money or travelers checks are in his wallet along with driver's license, and registration. 4. Baggage packed securely and not obstructing vision. 5. Extra set of car keys available. 6. First Aid Kit in glove compartment. 7. Games for children planned in advance to keep them occupied during long hours on the road. 8. Service Station credit cards in glove compartment. 9. Flashlight with extra batteries in glove compartment. 10. Fully equipped with kit in trunk. Bike Ordinance Adopted By City Council The Algona city council is also cooperating in an intensified safety program of its own. One of the latest steps taken w;is the adoption of a new ordinance regulating the use of bicycles within the city limits. The new ordinance provides for licensing of bicycles and explains in detail how a bicycle is to be used and what is required on thn bicycle for proper identification. The ordinance, published in legal form elsewhere'in today's Algona Upper Des Moines, basically regulates the bicyclist in similar manner as a motorist with certain other conditions. The ordinance, which is similar to other cities, can bring greater safety to both the bicyclist and the motorist. Parents are urged to help their youngsters carry out the requirements of the new ordinance. 1955 Traffic Deaths Set 15 Year Record Chicago, 111. — The traffic accident death toll in the United States for 1955 was estimated by the National Safety Council at 38 300. This is about 8 percent and 2,700 lives greater than the 1954 traffic death toll of 35.586. The 1955 toll is the highest since 1941 — the year that set the all-time record with 39,969. In the history of automobile traV- el — only two years have brought more deaths: 1937 and 1941. STOP SAf "I1Y:

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