The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1956 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1956
Page 12
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4~AJfl<Mia ((a.) D«i Molnes May 8, 1 956 Eating Good At Sexton; No Two Dishes Alike! By The Vilage Gossip Sexton—Friendly Club mem- bei's had ' unuSUal luck fit the Pot Luck dinner at the Bob Kelley home. For once at such an occasion each one brought a different kind of dish. Although the variety was enjoyed the whole afternoon wasn't spent in eating. In spite of a shortage of old-fashioned darning needles a beautiful new quilt was tied for Mrs Kelley. A birthday cake brought by Mrs Glenn Gabriel- sort, was cut in the afternoon in honor of Mrs Art Klein's birthday. Since after 21 the day is remembered and year forgotten there were only 10 candles. Guests were Mrs Orville Johnson of Jolley, Mrs Louis Kelley of Algona and Jo Lickteig. The May 31 meeting will be with Mrs Merle Hoover. The sale of household goods of Mrs Carrie Olsen marked the end of the residence at Sexton of one of the oldest members of this community. Because of poor health Mrs Olsen makes her home in Algona with her daughter, Mrs Leslie Huff. Mrs Huff and Mrs Benschoter were the excellent salesladies in charge Saturday. The latest flu victim spending a few days home from work is Mother-Daughter Banquet Held At St. Benedict Si. Benedict — The St. Bene,- dict school hall was filled at the Mother and Daughter- banquet on the evening, of Wed., April 25 at the 6:30 dinner which was a good one. Father Ernst gave the invocation and Father Cooper of St. Cfecelia's parish was toastmaster. Mrs Wilbur Daley — Grand Regent of the C.D.A. court, gave the welcome. The tribute to the mothers was given in the form of a poem by Ida Mae Kutschara. Two vocal numbers with Mrs Clarence Siemer as accompanist were given, one as a solo, the ither a duet, Jeanne Capesius singing "Autumn Leaves," and Ellen Siemer sang a duet "Little Child." Catherine Seller gave a generalized tribute to the daughters, very ably done. Bonnie Froehlich played two accordion numbers. The address of the evening was given by Father Leo Schumacher. A trio consisting of Donald Froehlich, Ronald Briggs, and Ce- , cil Schilmoeller displayed their j Don Prew. When it was muddy earlier and Francis McMahon parked his neiv car in a dry spot by the depot a few wondered if there was a new depot agent. There really has been the past week because of an emergency. Mr L. A. Copp was called away by the death of a sister. Mr and Mrs August Kirsch baum spent a day at Mason City where August had some of those aches and pains X-rayed. Mrs Arthur Klein's happy look wasn't just in honor of her birthday as the Kleins are the latest to start a new home. We wish them luck with the project and hope they don't get tired of all the advice about what to be sure and include in the house plans. Mr and Mrs Mack Wise have filially taken a Sunday afternoon off to visit in Mason City with Lloyd and Mr and Mrs Frank Wise. Mr and Mrs John Jennings attended the Senior Class play and enjoyed the talent shown. Their granddaughter, Myrnu Jennings, was among the stu- ddnts helping present the program. ^ •'• :"" ?;-.•;"''* From the looks 1 Of his wood pile Ed Fitch is going to have to cut down another tree if this winter weather keeps up. Mary McMahon has been welcomed home. Since it was raining when she left Texas she is being given credit for bringing it with her. Mrs Glenn Gabrielson regrets the one time she didn't have her cqmera along. She missed a chance for a picture of Glenn and Charles Nygaard w h o were among the entertainers giving a song and dance act attired in feminine garb. The act was part of the entertainment given at the Rural Young Married People's meeting at Wesley. singing talents in two numbers. 7ather Ahmann, our former pas- or, was among us and we all enjoyed hearing and seeing him Father Ernst brought our enjoyable evening to a close with Benediction. The St. Benedict card club is to meet this week at the home of Regina Froehlich. This hostess has the corner on the prize, having won the last three times. Mr and Mrs Frank Grandgenett spent Sunday evening at the Philip Arndorfer home. In the afternoon the Don Froehlichs also called. Mr and Mrs Sanford Mitchell from Okmulgee, Okla., came Wednesday night to visit the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs Dan Froehlich of St. Benedict and Sanford's parents who live at Lone Rock. They left Sunday. Mr and Mrs Dan Froehlich spent from Friday until Monday at the home of their daughter and son-in-law. Mr and Mrs Jim O'Hara, whose home is in Castana. An 8 Ib. G 3 ,i oz. girl was born to Mr and Mrs George Kunkel, Anril 27. She was born on her daddy's birthday. Rose Marie Kunkel will remain at the Kunkel home for a couple of weeks. Mr and Mrs Dan Froehlich spent last Wednesday at Emmetsburg at the home of Mr and Mrs Cfcaf1i<s. Nfcrdstfohv the ing the former Dolores' Arnadrf- er, daughter of Henry Arndorfer, Mr and Mrs Larry Grandge* nett b/ecame parents^of their cdnd son Friday night. ,On the evening of May 25 visitor's in the Philip Arndorfer home were Julia and Helen McEnroe, aunts of Mrs Arndorfer and Mrs ; Dorothy Higgins and Belly 'Ann McEnroe, cousins. Mi- and Mrs Albert Garman of Wells, Minn., and daughter Charlene were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Nick Arndorfer Sunday noon. Mr and Mrs Bill Degen dined 'there, too. Dinner guests in the Philip Arndorfer home Sunday were Flora Bradley, her son and daughter-in-law and grandson, Mr and Mrs Pat Bradley • arid Pat, Jr., and Rosemary Wilhelmi, all of Bancroft. Afternoon callers at the Nick Arndorfer home were Mrs Bill Zitzlsterger of Willey, Miss Margaret Boyer of Willey, and Mr and Mrs John Muhlbauer of Arcadia. George Simons and grandson, Terry, called also. There will be a box social May 2 at the Legion Hall in Bancroft sponsored by the Democratic pnr- ;y. All are welcome to come to hear Spike' Evans. Fill yourself a basket and come. Basket or not. et's hear Spike speak. Let us get agriculture out of the fix in '56. Whittemore Tuesday evening Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt, Mr and Mrs Elmer F. Bell and Mr and Mrs William Meyer Sr., and family, and on Thursday evening, Mr and Mrs Erwin Struecker of Rodman, Mr and Mrs Walter Struecker of West Bend. Mr and Mrs Dale Mains and children of ' Algona, Mr and Mrs Robert Fuerstenau and family of Lotts Creek and Mr and Mrs Richard Struec- ker gathered at the Henry Lauck home to celebrate Mrs Lauck's birthday, which was Tuesday. and Richard Struecker's which was Thursday. Mrs Laurk's son. Pvt. Henry Lauck called by phone from Fort Crowder, Mo.. to congratulate his mother. Friday morning Alice Buencer oi West Bend left for Camp "Crowder, to visit with her fiancee. Pvt. Lauck. Mr and Mrs Willis Col will of Algona were Saturday evening dinner guests with Mr and'Mrs Leonard Frost here. HOSPITAL Fifteen-month old Jerry Doyle, of Imogene, was hospitalized re-, cently after drinking some fuel oil which had dripped from b stove. Seek Site For Plowing Contest 4-H boy's leaders met Monday April 30 at the Extension Office in Algona to plan the summci 4-H activities. Fred Asa, boy's 4-H club chairman, reported on the 1956-57 program and suggested changes. Plans arc tn have a one day market swine show ;md sale at the County F;iir this year. Roger Dreyc-r, county boy's president, was choson by the leaders to represent Kossuth County at the State 4-H Health Camp near Boone, July 30 to August 4. The county demonstration contest will be July 30, the plowing contest August 1. A 40 acre site is needed for the 4-H plowing contest and 40 acre? for parking area. Anyone knowing of a good location somewhere near the center of the county please contact the County Exten sion Office in Algona. Leaders attending the meeting were Soren Peder»en, bidne> Payne, Caleb Hartshorn, Raj Cunningham, Fred Asa, Frank Grant, Bernard Spangler, Kalpl Reding. Ray Frieden, Hen Anliker, Earl Crouch, Kugent' Dra Rer, Cecil Thoreson, Everett Johanson, Floyd Oilman, Jame.- Coady, Jr., Leander Vaski;, Gerald Soderberg, Louis Winger' and Ray Johnson, Union 4-H Boys Union boys 4-H met April 0 al the home of Dean Dodds, with 16 members; present. Delegates for 4-H camp and Short Course were chosen. They arc us follows: Howard Thilges and Dean Dodds 4-H camp at Clear Lake and Hank Thilges Short Course at Ames. Lunch was served by Mrs Dodds and Linda. There were 8 visitors present. CENTENARIAN One of Iowa's oldest residents passed away April 12, in the death of Miss Fannie Reichmann of Toledo. She was five months her 100th birthday. 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MUCKEY PLUMBING AND HEATING PLUMBING supplies Expert Installation of Modern Plumbing Fixtures ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING 311 "i East Nebraska Phone 1137 For Beautiful Washable Walls , . . For Woodwork to Match U"r.« h 5^5 nothing like SUPER KEM-TONE! It's ready to use, glides on smooth as velvet over plaster, wood, wallpaper. It's easy to g«t beautiful decoration in your home with KEM-TONE, even if you've never painted before! Ccasf-Io-Coast STORE Ed Wolf, Owner b I Modernist and TJayair %rf- Consult us on your remodeling or building plans — no obligation! BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. coration in general, on the surface. Appearance undeniably is important, but when the process of adding space is considered in art orderly, step-by-step manner structural and mechanical considerations are the ones that must come first. The structural aspects of new space determine its size and shape — as well as the basic consideration of how tural 'and 0 mechanical Aspects An attic offers economical space for expansion, and living combined influence how comfor- quarters in tHe attic can be just as attractive as rooms any- table and convenient it's going where else in the house. From a structural standpoint, the to be to live in. g rgt re q U j reme nl of attic expansion is plenty of insulation. this h 1natTire 0r are 0n insui r a a Uon nS the Mineral wool batts generally are stapled between studs, roof roof, windows and doors, heating rafters* and collar beams. A combination child's bedroom and and' possibly air conditioning, playroom is one of the uses to which an attic room is often plumbing, the foundation, and put> i t ' B 8u it e d to this for it's apart from the rest of the home. electrical wiring. Each of those • is discussed below as it relates "~~ ' to expanding a home. RICHARDSON Painters • Decorators "Inside and Outside" FREE ESTIMATES Phone 1298-J Is Your Garage Tied To Ground? Many home garages look like "boxes" set upon the ground Where there is no foundation planting to take away the boxlike effect and blend the structure into the landscape. The garage requires a foundation planting the same as the home. An otherwise beautiful property often can be spoiled without it. Planting the home garage is easy, according to the American Association of Nurserymen. It may require only a few flowering shrubs or evergreens at the fr\>nt corners, where the garage is at the extreme rear, of'the property. Usually, where the garage is part of the house, the house founda- tion planting includes the garage, the planting being an extension of the former. Sometimes a couple of climbing roses or othpr vines one on each side of the garage doors will suffice. In cases where the sides and rear of the garage are visible from the rest of the property a few evergreens and flowering shrubs, or a low tree whose branches may extend over part of the roof, when combined with lower shrubs will tie the structure into the landscape. ITSHOME FIX-UP TIME Consult Us At No Obligation!. MILLER LUMBER CO. When You Think of FLOORS - WALLS Think of Us! We Have a Skilled Service for the Most Modern Treatment of Floors and Walls. Designing and Laying ALGONA FLOOR SERVICE For Estimates - Phone 1040 ALBERT HAGG Specialist in Interior Decorating 35 Years Experience PHONE 1172-J WORK Of All Kinds We do all types of Residential and Commercial Electrical Work and Contracting. Let Us Estimate For You ALGONA ELECTRIC CO, Harold (Si) Roth Phone 452 Modern Paints Make New Rooms For Old Perhaps, just a rrmmcnt ago, you were heartily wishing that you could transform one of the rooms of your household . . .that you could manage, somehow, to give it outstanding new beauty. Well, you can. The biggest single change you can make does not lie in replacing your furniture or your fabrics, but in changing the room's background color. This, you yourself can do... easily, quickly and inexpensively — with the aid of the countless eye-delighting hues of paint that are now available. Actually, the ceiling, walls and woodwork of an average room can be repainted for less than $10. And as for the time it takes, you'll be surprised how rapidly you can apply the* color ... in a very few hours, at most. Before re-painting a ceiling— or any other surface, for that matter — make sure that all cracks ar.e carefully filled, then smoothed level with tho surface Small hairline cracks can be filled with spackling material. 'It sets very rapidly, so you'll be wise to smooth tho surface before the filling material is quite dry This lessens the amount oi 1 .sanding, you'll need to .do Inter. 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KOHLHAAS HARDWARE H O E I P R O V E E N T IDEAS AND PROJECTS PRESENTED BY FORTY ALGONA BUSINESS FIRMS FIXIN-UPTIPS For the Home REFLECTING SOME OF THE RECENT TRENDS in residential archilectureTthis home was built to "open on Itself." A privacy fence permits full enjoyment of~7he contemporary design and indoor-outdoor living without lfce loss of privacy. The house is built in an "L" shape with a patio as Ihe "heart" of Ihe home. A post and beam construction system was used wilh the beams left exposed to lend a feeling of height and spaciousness lo the interior. Three-Purposo Furniture A storage couch is a triply- useful piece of furniture for an attic room, It may be used as a lounge by day, a bed at night and for .storage the .year around. ii"« Hinged lids made of Masonite Tempered Presdwood on 2 by 2- inch framing give ready access to the storage space beneath. An easy-to-use upholstering material is foam rubber, cut to size and made into cushions. Casters may be fitted to the couch, if desired. Sides of this multi-purpose item are Masonite Tempered Presdwood, noted for its sturdiness, smooth surface and paint- ability. For complete details on ' how~"to build-a -storage- couch,-together with information on modernizing an attic into living quarters, write .for free plan No. AE-297 to Home Service Bureau, Suite 2037, 111 West Washington St., Chicago 2, 111. LIGHT FOR STUDY Next time you hear yourself saying to your school-age students, "Go do your homework," remind yourself to see just how well you've lighted their study desks. BEST BUYS IN TOWN ! 324 New Colors For Your Selection! GAMBLES HEADQUARTERS Lei Algona's most complete hardware store help you with your home improvement problems — electric and plumbing supplies — hand and power tools — "Janney-Best" Paints and Varnishes. 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Here are the •wvicei we render: Wo can show you this largo stock in our store; We can come to your home with samples for chocking: We lay carpet expertly; we offer a complete drapery servjce, from making to hanging. USE OUR EASY BUDGET PAYMENTS BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE Three I.urgc Floors of New Home Furnishings Find Out About the "MASONRY WAY!" Building or rempdeling with HAYDITE block is the modern way . . t mpre economical, self-insulating, exceptionally strong. We can give you full details on MASONRY BUILDING. ALGONA BLOCK & TILE Our New Building •*- South of Sargent & Co. 3 YEARS TO PAY! X YOUNGSTQWN SINKS & CABINETS FRIGJDAIRE BUILT-IN OVENS WESTINGHOUSE WATER SOFTENERS & HF VTERS Beecher Lane Appliances Insulation of Attic a Job Home Handyman Can Do 'Insulating an attic room is a project the home handyman can d6 easily as soon as the room wall studs and ceiling joisls are in place. Mineral wool batts or blankets aue the material used for the job. Stapling is preferable to hammer and nails because it's faster and easier. The insulation should first be fastened between the floor joisls, i.uin me eaves to the knee walls of the room. Then carry the insulation up between (he knee wall studding, and between the ratters to the collar joists of the room. The insulation should be fastened between the ceiling joisfs and also between the studs of the gable ends. Thick black line shows where Mineral 'wool insulation goes when attic room Is finished for living. Blankets should be fastened every 6 inches for a tight fit. The vapor barrier side of the insulation should always face the heated side of the room. Never carry the insulation all the way to the roof peak. A ventilated area should lie between the celling joists and the roof peak. Electrical Experts Warn "Don't Do It Yourself"! The attempts, by many laymen having only casual knowledge of wiring techniques, to install their own electric wiring has long been a great concern to safety authorities. "A course in first aid doesn't make a doctor'' they say, "so why should a smattering of electrical know-how make an electrician?" They urge, "Engage a professional electrician to diagnose your home's electrical ills, to prescribe the cure, and above all, to make operable your home's wiring system." Electrical contractors and their employees have spent years learning their profession. It .is their business to understand the latest installation techniques. They know every safety requirement of the National Electrical Code. In most communities, their work is inspected by the city or state electrical inspector, or by an inspector for the Fire Underwriters Bureau. SEE ME FOR All Remodeling Work New Home Construction LIGHTNING RODS & CABLES my specialty I Can Give Lower Prices, Too! HENRY (Hank) JOHANNSEN Phone 1240 517 E. Lucas ^ Hfjie Decorating • PAINTING 0 DECORATING • PAPER HANGING FREE ESTIMATES RELIABLE DECORATORS Milo Rentz - Kermit Forbes Phone 698 or 1194, Algona Everything In •'Linoleum & Tile Floor Covering! • Wall Covering? • Counter Tops! • Paint — Wallpaper! COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION REMODELING - POLE BUILDINGS ALL TYPES FARM BUILDINGS E. E. & R. E. JOHNSON BUILDING CONTRACTORS CALORIC BUILT-INS For new or remodeled homes. Engineered installation. Build any place in any material. Easiest range to keep clean. Most convenient oven installed at height you want. RAPID So. Phillips St. CO. Algona REMODEL - MODERNIZE - REPAIR READY-MIX CONCRETE & LUMBER CO. No. LantrySi. ready - mix cement Phone 166 Colorful New Trend For Home Exteriors Glorifies Landscape In the last few years there has been a complete revolution in the manner of using color on the interior walls of our homes. Now, well under way, is a color revo- lutibn for home exteriors. It had Its beglnnini* in the newly built developments where the all-too- similar, "cookie cutter" houses looked so much alike that their owners turned to their paint-color cards for the variation that you Created individuality. As you drive along the street in such an area, you arc, of course, aware Of the wide variety of attractive colors now being used for the purpose. But if you are in a plane looking down from your "magic carpet, the fascinating wealth of color you tire likely to see is an even greater delight lo your eyes. Put Your Confidence in "General Electric" G. E. "Built-in" Ovens 8t Refrigerators G. E. Water Heaters G. E. Garbage Disposals G. E. Dish Washers Lindsay Water Softeners NORTH IOWA SEWING MACHINE CO. 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