The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1956 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1956
Page 11
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Ravings CO by CHRIS REESE A tlille ef Thli, a Lllil* of Thfeit Net Much oi Anything It was one day last week that I drove to Mason City, and that is a nice town, 57 miles east of the Algona post office to the Mason City post office. No 1 didn't call at the post office there because I was afraid I might get a dun or two like I get in the Algona post office, so to speak. But Mason City is really a nice town and people have been very friendly to me. By the way, the 57 miles are rather rough on the Buick because on account of the highway No. 18, is about 75 per cent rough and worn enough to rattle the Buick something terrible. There is a stretch of double pavement of a few 'miles east of Britt and a gent could almost go to sleep driving that short stretch because on account of it is really nice and smooth. But the rest of the 'mileage on 18 is made up chefly of holes and 'cracks and tougn enough to just about shake • the hood off the car. Yes, it will be remembered that highway 18 was one of the stretches of highway paving to • be laid some thirty years ago and it's a cinch the traffic over the stretch has not kept it any too smooth, so to speak. And then, too, it was laid at a time when the majority of cars were the old Model T and so the paving is just wide enough to permit two modern cars to pass. However, the state is planning on widening those narrow stretches and maybe after while we can drive over 18, east or west, without having to nearly take the ditch wnen you pass a truck. Jusi looks like we lowans are rich guys 'because on account of the Iowa office of the United States savings bond division recently reported that individual lowans own savings bonds which today are worth $1,300,000,000, and that's quite a lot of change, so to speak. The series E bond was introduced May 1, 1941. During the intervening 15 years individual lowans have invested a total of $2,200,000,000 in. two types of bonds. In announcing the total of bonds sold and the total still held in Iowa the savings bond office listed the total amounts sold and the total amounts still held by individuals in the state's 99 counties. And this showed that Kossuth county purchased bonds to the amount of $25,101,055 and of this amount there are bonds totaling $15,000,000 still held. And according to reports this is an equal of high standing with other counties in the state. No, I don't have any of the bonds because on account of I get too many duns to battle with and so can't did up for bonds. But comparable with other states bond ownership in Iowa is lined up along with the tops, so to speak. Just goes to show that there are quite a few well-to-do folks in the best farming state in the United States. —o— Another intereslina report was that of the National Safety Council and it stated that traffic ac cident emergencies in March was- the highest death toll in history And. according to the council tht all-time record set in 1941 of 39.969 deaths in a sinnle vear will be surpassed in 1950. ,The num ber of deaths on streets and highways in March was olaced at 2,900, 320 more than Mnrch a year ago, and 94 above the previous record of 2,8fiO for the month o r March in 1937. And the eounci 1 said 500 deaths a month must be lopped from the current trend if this year's toll is kept below last year's 38,300. Yep, traffic seems to become more costly year by year and it is honed that in some way thines in that line can be lessened by some means of tak- ine hold of the speed and careless driving fiends, and there are p lot of them. —n— It was one day last week thai 1 enjoyed a coffee gulping visit with four regular coffee gulpers and they were Don Tietz, of Lone Rock, Ray Klein, of Bodo, and Dale McBride and Ray Krebs, of Algona, and I've tfot to fidmit it, those gents all sure know every coffee gulping angle and there never was a slirp of the slightest sort while we gulo- ed the Java. And here was Ray Krebs, of the Algona police force, sitting riaht beside me and folk? looked askance at mi: and I sun- posed they thought I was pinched, but which I wasn't, and Ray got as big a kick out of the gulping as I did. Maybe I should have asked Ray to sort of cover up that star nnd folks wouldn I have been suspicious, so to speak. 13 COLORS 13 RUSCO WINDOWS SALVANIZEP STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION giv«i you more convenience and comfort than any other combination window I RUSCO DOOR HOOPS AND WINDOW CANOPIED add greatly to the beauly of your home I Charles Miller RUSCO SALES Phono 741-W «ft«r 9 ai 116 80. Well, the rain drops we have been wishing and hoping for the past month finally arrived last Thursday and I admit the drops Came plentifully and everybody now feel happy and contented. And the wet sure took hold of my lawn and grass grew by inches and now it shortly becomes time to push and shove that lawn mower about my residence lot, so to speak. Whittemore Boy Cracks Collar Bone Twice Whiilemore — Kent Espe, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Milton Espe, had the misfortune to fall in his home last week and cracked his collar bone. Later he fell again in the home and fractured the same bone. Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith were in Algona helping Mr and Mrs M. O. Kinseth move from the southside to north Minnesota street. June Schmeling of Emmetsburg, Mr and Mrs Arthur I-fei- denwith, Dorothy Rosendahl and children and James Schultz were recent visitors with Mr and Mrs Delbert Wichtendahl in Whittemore. Mr and Mrs Russell Rentz and family of Algona were Sunday evening callers at the Ellsworth Heidenwith home. Mrs Anna Dau entertained her immediate family at a dinner in honor of her birthday which was Monday, April 30. Present were Mr and Mrs Hugo Meyer, Mr and Mrs Victor Dau and family, Mr and Mrs Herbert Zumach and family, Mr and Mrs Wilbur Roeber and family, Mr and Mrs Melvin Roeber and son David, all of Whittemore; Mr and Mrs Ernest Bernau and family of Corwith, and Mr and Mrs Frank Jergerts and family of West Bend. Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt of here and Miss Rosella Voigl of Algona were Sunday callers at the Arthur Heidenwith home. Mr and Mrs Erwin Siems had as dinner guests at their home, Mr and Mrs George Meyer, Mr and Mrs Henry Wichtendahl of here, Mr and Mrs Noah Reisne. and Mrs Ida Kuecker of Lotts Creek and Mrs Frieda Siems and Mrs Dora Haack of Fenton. Mr and Mrs Erwin Bruhn of Cylinder, Mr and Mrs Gerald Ollom of Algona, and Mr and Mrs Milton Espe and sons of here were evening visitors with Mr and Mrs Bert Seely. . HOSPITALS Apr, 23 — Charles Murphy, Algona, medical. Apr. 24 — Mrs Keith Ballard, West Bend, boy, 7-4; Baby Boy Widen, Corwith, boarder. Apr. 25 —- Mrs Dennis Eller, Algona, boy; Mrs Francis Mullin, Whittemore, medical; Mrs James McCreery, Fonda, medical (expired.) Apr, 26 — Richard Devine, Woden, accident; Baby Girl Berte, Bancroft, boarder; Mrs Harvey Boeckholt, Bancroft, surgery. STRICTLY BUSINESS "Mitt Gourd, what have you done with the Titanic Steel Foundry Company?" Apr. 27 — Mrs George B. Kunkel, Algona, girl, 7-15; Mrs Philip Inman, Bancroft, boy, 7-13%; C. E. Zaugg, Algona, medical; Mrs Lawrence Grandgenett, Irvington, boy, 8-7. Apr, 28 — Mrs Arnold Hinz, LuVerne, boy, B-UYz. Apr. 29 — Mrs R. R. Devine, Algona maternity. Apr. 30 — Robert Kuhlman, Algona, accident; Francis Ryg, Ottosen, accident; Richard Ristau, Algona, accident; Alfred Grill, Jr., Algona. accident. George Washington is considered to have been the greatest all-around athlete of all U.S. presidents. NOTICE OF BOND SALE Scaled bids will be received at the of/ice of the City Clerk at Algona, Iowa, until 7:30 o'clock p.m. on the 15th day o! May, 1956, for the bonds hereinafter described. At the hour above named all sealed bids which have been received will be referred to the City Co.uncil at a meeting then to be held in the Council Chambers in the City Hall at Algona, Iowa. After the receipt of such sealed bids, if any, open bids will be received and the bonds will then be sold to the highest bidder for cash. The bonds offered are the following: STREET CONSTRUCTION BONDS, in the principal amount of $35,000.00, to be dated May 1, 1958, In the denomination of $1,000.00 each, and to mature as follows: $5,000.00 on November 1957 $5,000.00 on November 1958 $5,000.00 on November 1959 $5.000.00 on November 1960 • $5.000.00 on November , 1961 $5,000.00 on November 1962 $5.000.00 on November 1 1963 STREET IMPROVEMENT BONDS, In the principal amount of $49,000.00, to be dated May 1, 1956, in the denomination of $1,000.00 each, and to mature as follows: $5.000.00 on May 1. 1957 $5,000.00 on May 1. 1958 $5,000.00 on May 1. 1959 S5.000.00 on May 1. UI60 $5,000.00 on May 1, 1961 $6,000.00 on May 1, 1962 S6.000.00 on May 1, 1B63 86,000.00 on May 1, 1964 $6,000.00 on May 1. 1965 The City reserves the right to call said Street Improvement Bonds at any time, and said bonds shall be payable only out of special assessments levied to pay the cost of street improvements. SEWER CONSTRUCTION BONDS, In the principal amount of $100,000.00 to be dated May 1, 1956, in the denomination of $1,000.00 each, and to mature as follows: $ 5,000.00 on November 1, 1957 $ 5,000.00 on November 1, 1958 SIO.000.00 on November 1, 1959 $10,000.00 on November 1, 1960 $10,000.00 on November 1, 1901 $10,000.00 on November 1, 1962 $10.000.00 on November 1, 1963 $10.000.00 on November 1, 1964 $10.000.00 on November 1, 1965 $10,000.00 on November 1, 1906 $10,000.00 on November 1. 1967 SEWER IMPROVEMENT BONDS, in the principal amount of $6,000.00, to be dated May 1, 1956, in the denomination of $500.00 each, and to mature as follows: $ 500.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00 $1000.00 £1000.00 $1000.00 on on on on on on on on on May 1, May 1, May 1, May 1, May 1, May 1, May 1, May 1, May 1, 1957 1958 1959 1980 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 The City reserves the right to call said Sewer Improvement Bonds at any time, and said bonds shall be payable only out of special assess* ments levied to pay the cost of sewer Improvements. • Bids for the aforementioned bonds shall specify the rate of interest at which the bidder will take the bonds at par plus accrued interest. Said bonds will be sold subject to the opin- on as to their legality of Bannister, Carpenter, Ahlers & Cooney, Attorneys, of Des Moines, Iowa, which opinion, together with the printed bonds will be delivered to the purchaser. The City reserves the right to waive informalities and to reject any or all bids. »By order of the City Council. Ivy D. Scuffham City Clerk of Algona, Iowa (Published May 1, and May 8, 1956, In The Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines) ORDINANCE NO. 377 AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE USE OF BICYCLES WITHIN THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA; PROVIDING FOR LICENSING BICYCLES; PROVIDING PENALTIES; REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 266 AND ORDINANCES IK CONFLICT WITH THIS ORDINANCE BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section 1. Mc«nse required. No person., who rculdes within (his City, shall ride or propel'a bicycle on any street or upon any public way unless such bicycle has been registered with the chief ot police of the City of Algona, Iowa, as hereinafter provided nnd unless such bicycle has been licensed and a license plate attached thereto as provided herein. Section 2. Licence application. Application for a bicycle license and license plate shall be made vipon a form orovlded by the City and shall be made to the chief of police. A license fee of Fifty Cents ($.50) shall be paid to the City before each license Is granted. Section 3. iMuance of llcenie. The chief of police upon receiving proper application therefor is authorized to Issue a bicycle license which shall be effective Immediately. The chief of police shall keep n record of the number of each license, the date Issued, the name and address ot the person to whom Issued, nnd the mnke and number of the frame of the bicycle for which Issued, and a record of all bicycle license fees collected by him. License fees so collected shall be remitted to the City Clerk prior to the tenth day of each month. Section 4. Attachment of license plate. The chief of police upon Issuing a bicycle license shall also issue a license plate bearing the license number assigned to the bicycle and the name of the City. The chief of police shall cause such license plate to be firmly attached to the rear mudguard or frame of the bicycle for which Issued In such position as to be plainly visible from the rear. No person shall remove a license plate from a bicycle during the period for which Issued except upon a trans- '»r of ownership or In the event the bicycle is dismanteled and ho longer operated upon any street in this City. Section 5. Transfer of ownership. Upon the sale or other transfer of a licensed bicycle the licensee shall remove the license plate and shall either surrender the same to the chief of police or may upon proper application but without payment of additional fee have said plate assigned to another bicycle owned by the applicant. . , Section 6. Renial agencies. A rental agency shall not rent or offer any bicycle for rent unless the bicycle is lice'nsed and a license plate Is attached thereto as provided herein nnd such bicycle is equipped with the lamps and other equipment required In this Ordinance. Section 7. Trolllc ordinances and Iowa laws of lh» road apply to persons rldlhg bicycles. Every person riding a blcj'cle upon a street, alley, sidewalk or other public way shall have all of the rights and privileges and shall be subject to all of the •luties nnd obligations applicable to a driver of a vehicle under the Ordinances of the City of Algona and under the laws of the State of Iowa, including 1954 Code Chapter 321 and ill of said regulations shall be appli- •able to the driver of a bicycle except ihose provisions which by their na- Lure have no application. Whenever such person dismounts from a bicy- le, he shall be subject to all regula- ions applicable to pedestrians. Section 8. Effect of regulations. These regulations applicable to blcy- :les shall apply whenever a bicycle is operated upon any street or other public way. Section 9. Hiding on bicycles. A person propelling a bicycle shall not ride other than astride a permanent and regular seat attached thereto. No bicycle shall be used to carry more than one person at one time unless especially designed and equipped to carry more. -Section 10. Riding on roadways and bicycle paths. Every person operating a bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as near to the right-hand side of the roadway as practicable, exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding In the same dlrec tion. Persons riding bicycles upon a rond- way shall ,not ride more than two abreast except on paths or parts of toadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles. Whenever a usable path for bicycles has been provided adjacent to a roadway bicycle riders shall use such path and shall not use the roadway. Section 11. Speed. No person shall operate a bicycle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions then existing. Section 12. Emerging from alley or driveway. The operator of a bicycle emerging from an alley, driveway, or building, shall upon approaching » s or tlio sidewalk nrca ng across any alley way. yield the •Ight of way to all pedestrians approaching on said sidewalk or sidewalk area, nnd upon entering the toaclway shnll yield the right oC w;iy to nil vehicles approaching on said roadway. Section 13. Carrying articles. No person operating a bicycle shall carry my package, bundle, or article which prevents the rider from keeping fit east one hand upon the handle bars. \nd when riding upon the streets or other public ways, bicyclists shnll at ill limes keep at least one hand on the handle bars of such bicycle. Section 14. Parking. No person shall park n bicycle upon a street other than upon 'the roadway against tlic curb or upon the sidewalk In a rack to support the bicycle or against n building or at the curb, in such manner ns to afford the least obstruction to pedestrian traffic. Section 15. Hiding on sidewalks. No person shall ride a bicycle upon a sidewalk within n business district. When signs are erected on any sidewalk or roadway prohibiting the riding of bicycles thereon by any person, no person shall disobey such Whenever any person Is riding a bicycle upon a sidewalk, such person shall yield the right of way to any pedestrian and shall give audible signal before overtaking nnd passing such pedestrian. Section 16. Lamps and other equipment on bicycles. Every bicycle when In use nt nighttime shnll be equipped with a lamp on the front which shnll emit a white light visible from a distance of at least 500 leet to the front and with a red reflector on the rear of a type which shnll be visible from all distances from 60 feet to 300 feet to the rcnr when directly In front of lawful upper beams of headlamps on a motor vehicle. A lamp emitting n red light visible from a distance ot 500 feet to the rear may bo used in idriltion to the red reflector. ' No person shall operate n bicycle equipped with nor shnll any person use upon n bicycle any siren or whls- Every bicycle shall be equipped with a brake which will enable the operator to make the braked wheel skid on drv, level, clean pavement. Section 17. Pedestrians upon sidewalks shall have the right of way <\t all times over persons riding bicy- Sectlon 18. Persons riding bicycles shall not follow the fire trucks at any time nor shall they hook onto or be towed or tow any other vehicle. Section 19. All bicyclists shall observe all requirements of ordinances and the law of the State of Iowa requiring hand signals and shall signal in the same manner as is required governing the use of automobiles within the city limits. Section 20. Penally. Any person violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall have his or her bicycle impounded for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days or to be fined not to exceed Twenty- live Dollars ($25.00) or both. Section 21. This Ordinance shall be In full force and effect from and after its passage and publication as proyid- ° SecHon W 22. Bepealer. All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances In conflict with the provisions of this Ordinance and particularly Ordlance No. 266 are hcre- bv repealed. _. ' "Section 23. Saving clause. If any section, provision or part of this Or- diance shall be adjudged to be Invalid or unconstitutional such adjudication Tuesday, May 8, 1956 Algona (la.) Upper DM MoinM-3 shall not affect the validity of the Ordinance ns n whole.or any section, provision or pnrt thereof not adjiiflg- e<l invalid or unconstitutional. Section 24. When effective. This Or- dltlnce shall be In effect after Its final passage, approval nnd publication as provided by Inw. Registration shall be for a two-year period except that all registrations expire May 1st of the even numbered years. Passed by the Council .on this 30th dny of April A.D.. lf)5fl, and approved this 30th dny of April A.D., 1950. Dr. Cameron C. Shlerk Mayor ATTEST: Ivy D. Scuffham city Clerk AUTHENTICATION The foregoing Ordinance No. 317 Is hereby duly authenticated this 30th dny of April A.D., 1958. Dr. Cameron C. Shlerk Mayor Ivy D. Scuffham City Clerk (SEAL) Seen only on higher priced cars and Chevrolet The meaningful emblem When you see "sterling" on silver you know what it means-solid silver, all the way through. And when you see the medallion "Body by Fisher" on an automobile it means much the same thing- quality all the way through, in things unseen as well as on the of Body by Fisher visible, gleaming surface. Only one who has owned a Chevrolet for several years can fully ' know the satisfaction this emblem pledges. For only Chevrolet in the low-price field is entitled to wear the small, proud plaque that proclaims "Body by Fisher." MR CONDITIQNINQ-TEMPERATUHES MADE TO ORDER-AT NEW LOW COST. LET US DEMONSTRATE! Drive with care...EVERYWHERE! KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. THE LEAST EXPENSIVE FLOOR PAINT EVER MADE! .. because it lasts TWICE AS NATURAL RUBBER FLORPLY is the perfect finish for all kinds of floors, inside or outside ... Manufactured by ., . Before you buy, lei us tell you the wfiofo Story of thil amazing new floor paint. KELLEY LUMBER CO ALGONA — SEXTON — OTTOSEN BURT CO-OP ELEVATOR BURT ~ THOMPSON YARDS BANCROFT *By Ind«pencltnt laboratory till. Southwwl Covrthouw Squaw Phono 200 * OUT SALE i Due lo the death of my husband, I will offer at Public Auction on the farm located 5 miles east of West Bend or 6 miles west of the Kollasch Oil Slalion on Highway 169, on 14, 1956 SALE STARTS 1 P.M. MACHINERY AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS Old John Deere D; 1936 John Deere A on rubber and two row Cult., extra steel wheels; 1936 John Deere B on rubber and two row cultivator;, extra steel wheels; I H C 16 in. plow; John Deere 14 in. plow; Circle saw and frame to fit J. D. tractor; 9 ft. Int. tandem disc; 7 ft. J. D. tandem disc; 15 ft. Massey Harris disc; 9 ft. spad- er; 3 section Weed Hog spring- tooth; 36 ft. King & Hamilton elevator, with lifting jack; Elevator speed jack; J. D. 4 section harrow; 8 ft. M. C. binder with canvas; 4 row Int. tractor corn planter; 6 ft. M. C horse mower; 12 ft. dump rake; Rubber tire trailer and triple wagon box; Steel wagon and triple box; High wheel wagon and triple box; J. D. Steel wagon and <14 x 8 ft. solid rack; Fanning mill; Potato plow; 4 sets of hay slings; Pump jack; 2 good set of car chains; Brooder house 12 x 10) Jamesway oil brooder stove; 10 gal. chicken waterer, new; Nine, 16 ft. 3 x 12 bridge planks; Some drop siding and lumber and about 75 hollow tile. A complete line of excellent farm tools. HOUSEHOLD GOODS 2 heating oil stoves, good as new; 2 portable gas stoves; Large round table. TWO GOOD CARS 1948 four door Hudson car. In good condition; 1936 four door Hudson car. MANY OTHER ARTICLES TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION. Shot Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Etc. 12 gauge shptgun 97 pump, new. 12 gauge shotgun 97 pump, good condition. 410 single shot Champion Iver Johnson, new. Double barrel shotgun, L. C. Smith, 12 gauge. Double barrel shotgun, Parker, 10 ga. Double barrel shotgun, L. N. Scott, 10 ga. RIFLES Remington Rifle pump, 30-06 new. 22 Springfield rifle with telescope. 22 long rifle Winchester pump Mod. 90. 22 Winchester pump. Pump air gun. PISTOLS 45 Colt Pistol. 22 Cal. Luger Pistol. 22 Cal. Colt Automatic. 22 Cal. Smith & Wesson pistol, new. 38 Smith & Wesson. BINOCULARS 4 binoculars from 8 to 20 power. A large amount of shotgun, rifle and pistol shells. 30 cans of Dupont Smokeless Shotgun Powder. 25 Ibs. B B shots. 10 Ibs. chilled shots. Gun repair kit. Reloading tools. 2 rifle targets. 2 duck decoys. Pair of hip boots. Microphone & Loudspeaker, in good condition. Terms: Cash or see your banker. Not Responsible for accidents. Mrs. Kathryn Heiderscheid Yungeberg & Quinn: Auctioneers. Iowa State Bank, West Bend. Clerk.

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