The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1956 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1956
Page 9
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May S, 1956 tijjjm Mother's Day falls on ihe 2nd Sunday in May. Theoretically, all any mother has to do on this special occasion is to sit in her rocking chair, receive elaborate gifts from her youngsters and listen to her whole family pay tribute to her saintliness. I'm all for Mother's Day. We ought to have them 365 days out of the year and when Leap Year comes along the 366th day could be Father's Day. * » * Now, I am convinced thai I receive from my family about all the love and devotion any normal woman can expect — probably far more than I deserve. But Mother's Day at our house never seems to go quite like "the book" says. The second Sunday in May persists in turning out like any ordinary day which means, nat- urally, everything gets all fouled up. I am not complaining very seriously for I seem to thrive on confusion but one of these years I'm going to have an ideal Mother's Day. I have it all dreamed up just how it will go. * . * * My dream Mother's Day will start about 8:30 in the morning. Until that time, I'll be slumbering peacefully without being rudely awakened by sounds of mayhem in the children's rooms over who gets to read the funnies first. When I softly ask Father if he remembers what day it is he'll say, "Happy Mother's Day, darling!", instead of muttering, "Sunday, Stupid!. Shuddup so i can go back to sleep!" • • • From the kitchen will come ihe delicious aroma of coffee brew- ing, bacon crisping and eggs frying sunny-side up just the way I like them. The cooking will be accomplished by black magic, I suppose,' for when I dream, I dream big. Breakfast will be eaten in bed, even if I have absolutely no fever and on tht" tray will be a single, perfect rose bud. And nobody will palm off on me that fork with the crooked tine I'm always getting. • • « The kids and Father will absorb their nourishment by osmosis, I guess, since that's the only way I can think of involving no dish washing for me. After breakfast I'll have a nice long soak in the bathtub and I won't have to remove any soggy wash cloths, bath tub rings nor model submarines before I hop in. At exactly 20 minutes before ten the youngsters will miraculously appear all beautifully groomed for Sunday School. They'll have oh socks without holes, shoes that match and each of them will have his Bible, his offering envelope and his workbook with the lesson all prepared. There'll be no last minute buttons to sew on, no snarls to comb, no lint to brush and none of the • kids will have a runny nose. * * • Father will insist on accompanying me to church. That'll show these Presbyterians that I'm not a widow after all! 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FULLY CORRECT SLEEPING POSTURE-AND WHEN YOU SLEEP CORRECTLY, YOU SLEEP COMFORTA8LYI *9v« 19 toping on a too foft rnatfrw 20-YSAR WRITTEN GUARANTU •• MattrtM and Matching Fovndatle* > wh*n pwrcha>«d togothtr .. W*y fV<*99l lfW» 4, gdvtrilitd In »h» Journal el thf Amtricgn Mtdical 4<lock*fe« UtattrtH «nd fovndatlen taA J7Q50 79 usual excellent one, but he won't mention any of my shortcomings. Every member of the congregation will have weekend guests with them so I can write Around Algona on Monday morning without making a single phone call. * * * We'll eat Sunday dinrie* Si a restaurant. The kids will sit quietly in their chairs and" rriind their manners. Nobody will ask that corn be substituted for peas and if we have chicken, I'll get all white meat. No wings for. me on Mother's Day! In the after-; noon I'll nap until four o'clock and then several of our friends will drop in and we won't have to clear away the Sunday papers, the popcorn bowls and the apple cores so they can sit and visit Television will be coming in clear as a bell in the evening. Ed Sullivan's show will have Sam Levinson on it, G. E, Theater, Helen Hayes, and we'll be able to get both the sound and the picture to "What's My Line? The Nightcap movie will have been produced in 1955. * * « On second though!, perhaps my ideal Mother's Day wouldn't _ be so much fun after all. I just know if it did come true I'd have to undergo treatment for shock. Some day after the children grow up, I may be able to spend Sunday any way. I want to. And it could be that I'll then look back to these hectic years as having the most ideal Mother's Days of all! * * * Currently we are celebrating National Hospital week. It's not a bit out of keeping that it comes about the same time as Mother's Day for what mother isn't interested in the special services and skill hospitals offer to us and our loved ones? Even if we never have occasion to use our local' hospital for anything less happy than the birth of a baby, it's still mighty comforting to know St. Ann is there. * • * • St. Ann Hospital Auxiliary can very well be proud of its service ;to the community and to the hospital. This year's membership •consists of 354 women from Al! gona, Bancroft, Bode, Burt, Corwith, Irvington, Lakota, Ledyard, Livermore, Lone Rock, LuVerne, Ottosen, Sexton, St. Benedict, Swea City, Titonka, Wesley, West Bend and Whittemore. « * * Each Monday and Thursday red-smocked volunteers from the 'auxiliary operate a service carl ,at the hospital. They distribute .free books and magazines and sell toilet articles, gum, birth announcements, etc. Mrs Frank Moulton is service cart chairman and each volunteer works once a month. Mrs L. Lenz is chairman of the sewing committee which ,has undertaken to keep up on the mending ' of hospital linens ana supplies. * * * [ A $500 nursing scholarship will be presented to some girl in this area this year and the rummage sale which alternates years with Ithe Tag Day was held last month. The auxiliary purchases much extra equipment which St. Ann otherwise could not have. Four open meetings are held each year and this year two of them featured talks by doctors on medical subjects particularly interesting to \vomen. The last open meeting will be in June when awards of recognition will be made to volunteers with 50 hours or mora of service. * • * • Margaret Truman's and Grace Kelley's weddings caused a world-wide stir but at our house neither ceremony attracted a fraction of the excitement with our youngsters asi when their THESE WOMEN! By d'Alesslo "I'm running down for some office supplies, boss. We're all out of nail polish, chewing gum and magazines I" It isn't often a man can be a bachelor one day and the next acquire a wife, two sons, three daughters, assorted daughters-in- law and sons-in-law and 14 grandchildren! Perhaps we should extend to him a little sympathy along with our congratulations. We are very happy over the newest addition to our family and we sincerely hope he'll be able to stand us. * * * Grandma got married this week. This week's recipe is for PENNEY'S REMEMBERS MOTHER! PENNEY'S Mother's Day ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! DON'T YOU FORGET - MAY 13th Star Performers in Penney's Spectacular Summer Dress Carnival Fresh, Lovely, Exciting • DACRONS • RAYONS NYLONS COTTONS RAYON JERSEYS • RAYON BEMBERGS Sizes: 9-15 12-20 3 98 . 590 . Sizes: 14'/2-24'/2 38-52 SPECIAL GIFT SUGGESTIONS FOR YOUR MOTHER LOVELY "ADONNA" DACRON-NYLON DRESSY SLIPS WHITE & BLACK Full Length Sizes 32 - 44 $3.98 LOVELY PRINTED NIGHT GOWNS SHORT STYLE & 0 FULL LENGTH ... it* Size* 32-46 2.98 Ladies Printed Cotton Plisse Pajamas, size 32-40 NYLON DACRON SHEER BLOUSES, sizes 32-44 LARGE SELECTION HAND A QO BAGS - plus tax £i30 New Spring COSTUME 4 AA JEWELRY - plus tax ••UU FANCY PRINTED COTTON HANKIES 25c JEWELRY BOXES -. 2. "TOWNCRAFT" LUGGAGE For Mom, For The Graduate Firestone "VELON-COATED" All sizes and colors $Q9o in $92 75 ||=s: ^|| 461*1== WE GIFT WRAP I PENNEY'S "GAYMODE" STRETCHABLE NYLON HOSE IN 3 LENGTHS Norm — Midge — Long Knee Length ___ 98c Full Length — 98c GAYMODE NYLON HOSE Seamless 1.25 Knee Length — 98c Sizes 8Vi • 11 New Summer Shades Lemon Cloud Dessert. My oven is on the blink again so I've been looking for bakeless desserts. Maybe you'll like this one, too. 1 envelope unflavorecl gelatine V'z cup sugar '/2 cup water 5 egg yolks l /2 cup lemon juice 1 tcasp. grated lemon rind 5 egg whites Vi CUD sugar Mix the gelatine with the first '/z cup sugar in a sauce pan. Add the water; place over heat and stir until gelatine and sugar are thoroughly dissolved. Beat egg yolks with lemon juice; pour gelatine mixture over eggs and mix well. Stir in 1 teasp. grated lemon rind. Chill to unbeaten egg white consistency. Beat egg whites until stiff; beat in Vfe cup sugar. Fold gelatine mixture into egg whites. Turn into serving dish or 8 dessert dishes Chill until firm. Serve plain or with whipped cream. , —GRACE New Vehicles To 37 In Kossuth New car and truck sales surgec slightly during the past two weeks, as 37 were registered ^n the county treasurer's office. New owners and make of vehicle are: Chevrolet — Gerhard Kuckenbecker, truck, Elmore; Herbert Nelson, pickup, Titonka; Carl Hoernke, truck, Burt; John Murra, Buffalo Center; R. W. Chafee, Burt; C. M. Baker, Bancroft; Donald Mitchell, Burt; G. T. Kennedy, Bancroft. International — J. E. Ukena & Co., pickup, Lakota. Plymouth — E. C. Wilkins, Algona; und H. J. Kayser, Ottosen. Buick — E. P. Mains, Algona; Walter Ruger, LuVerne; Mrs Herman Brandt, Ledyard; G. A. Scribner, Sr., Fenton; D. E. Rasmussen, Swea City; and E. H. Siems, Whittemore. Ford — St. Ann Hospital, Algona; M. L. Kienitz, Lakota; Reding Bros., truck, Irvington; George McVay, truck, Algona, Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., pickup, Algona; L. H. Reilly, Algona; Francis Doocy, Swea City; H. C. Bormann, Bode; and Swanson Bros., Armstrong. Pontiac — C. R. Sorensen, Algona; Martin Hamilton, Wesley; James Hauptly, Algona; Ernie Williams, Algona. Mercury — Jess Dugan, Lone Rock; and Ferd Montag, West Bond. Olds — Arthur Odgaard, Algona. Nash — A. R. Erickson, Armstrong. Studebaker — M. P. NemiU, Fenton. Cadillac — Gertrude Schissel, LiUkota. Hudson — L. G. Larson, Armstrong. GAVEL The Iowa county board of supervisors now has a new gavel, and a pair of book ends. They were made by Fred Voightmann from the piling taken from the Id Bear Creek bridge in that county. I ENGINE A Strutojet bomber shed one of t.s six jet engines over Red Oak •ecently. The engine landed near :he airport. Baccalaureate Is Sunday At Lone Rock Lone Hock—Baccalaureate services will be held Sunday evening at 8 p.m. May 13, at the Lorie Rock high school audi* torium for 14 seniors. Rev. Clifford E. Nordine will give the ucl dress. Commencement exercises will be held Wednesday evening, May 10 at 8 p.m. at the school. Seniors who will graduate are Viola Berninghaus, Win. Champion, John Cotton, Joe Culbort- son, Morris F 1 a i g, Margorie Houck, David Householder, El- Iwyn Householder, Dennis Long, Eugene Mariow, Virginia Marlow, James Pettit, Ruth Sehaden- dorf and Laroy Schrader. Pre-School Houndup The pre-school round-up and kindergarten registration will be held at the Lone Rock school Thursday, May 10, at 2 p.m. All children must be 5 years old on or before Nov. 15, 1956, to enter kindergarten next fall. County Nurse Joyce Hayden will have charge of the program and all mothers and their kindergarten children are invited to attend. The Home Economic girls will have a style show Wednesday evening, May 9 at 8 p.m. at' the high school auditorium. Everyone welcome. Salvation Army Active A local Salvation Army committee was formed the past week by Brigadier T. F. Samsel, Des Moines, Extension Service director for the state of Iowa. Mrs Clarence Kraft, chairman, A. L. Cotton, treasurer, and Mrs Fred Genrich, committee member. The local committee is recognized as a liason between the rural public, community chest, welfare clients and interested friends supporting the program. In addition, the committee controls the local welfare fund, rules on all applications for aid and indicates to the Salvation Army the most effective areas of service. Plans will be made for a drive for funds during the week of May 14-19. A portion of the funds raised will remain in the community for local health and welfare needs. L Final P.T.A. Meeting The last meeting of the Lone Rock P.T.A. for this school year was held Monday evening at the school. The program consisted of a cancer film and Dr. Saul of Park hospital at Mason City was the guest speaker. The history of Lone Rock was written and given by John Cotton. Officers for the corning year are Clair Bollinger, president; Mrs Emma Hurlburt, vice president; secretary and treasurer, Mrs Wilfred Radig. The retiring officers are president, Ronald Christenson; vice president, Gerald Angus; secretary and treasurer; Herschel Hartman. There was also a shop display in the gym. P.W.O. Met The general meeting of the Lone Rock P.W.O. was Thursday afternoon at the church with 36 members and four guests present. Farewell was given to the treasurer, Mrs Marlyn Bausman, who is leaving and Mrs Ruth Krueger will be the new treasurer. Mrs Jess Blanchard gave a report that two bugs of used clothing had been mailed overseas, and two more bags are yet to be filled. President, Mrs Ronald Christenson gave a report on Presbyterial and that four P.W.O. 'udies had attended the meeting. Mrs Roger Jensen had charge of the nursery Hostesses were Mrs Emma Hurlburt, Mrs Marlyn Bausman, Mrs Albert Shaser, Mrs Merwin Marlow, Mrs Dave Weber, and Mrs Lawrence Rath. Mrs Merwin Marlow read scripture, Mrs Lawrence Rath ave prayer and Mrs Herman Kramer had charge of the lesson. Mrs Wilfred Radig attended ho Walther League spring rally it Garner Sunday. She was the accompanist for six girls that entered the talent contest at the ally. Mrs Howard Bierstedt visited all day Thursday at the Merlyn Jaumun home at LuVerne. > C t' c*w to f i£t -".i

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