The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on August 10, 1951 · Page 21
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 21

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1951
Page 21
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r-^7vr^rr^«^ * \ ? THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, FRIDAY/AUGUST 10, i951 -Leon A. Danko, Jr. ' Miss. Leek to Wed Attendants C h o s e n for Marriage Aug. 25 in Scarsdale, N. Y. The marriage of Miss Katharine E. I»«ck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, .Walter C, Leek of Chicago, HI to I*eon A. Banco r Jr , son of K r ajor and Mrs, tanco of 27 Noyes toad, Fajrfield, will talie place Saturday, Aug. 25 at 3 p 2x1 h in the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scarsdale, W. Y. The Hev. WxUlam Little, pastor, will officiaie, Mi^s Leek has chosen Miss Frances McHugh of New York citj*. aa her maid of honor. Her bridesmaids -will be f Miss Huth Tiedeman of Hastings on the Hudson, N Y P Mi«s Margaret Spangler of New "York City, Miss Judy Sanford of Chatham, N J, and Miss Elisaaeth Etnaendorf of Xreonia, N J. K.ithy and Janet Foote will be flcwer JOYCE ANN DICKINSON WED IN NEW MILFORD Major Leon A Banco will be his son's be^t man,* The ushers wIP include John C Fisher of Cambridge, Mass , Francois de Courcel of Paris, France, Walter Beard of Litchfield, and John "Strangfeld of Allencale, N. J. A reception for the immediate families will be held afc the Wom- en'rClub of White Plains, N. r. COMPANIONS TO MEET Misj Joyce Ann Dickinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer N. Dickinson of 5 Aspetuck ayenue, New Mttford, became the bride of Edwin Kurt Scheuch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ottow W Scheuch of Cologne, Germany, Wednesday. The ceremony wa* performed by the Rev. Dj. Ktmell M McGown at .his home in Stamford. The bride was attired in a vel- vefe-trimmcd black faille auit with matching hat* She wore a rose corsage The former Mlfcs Dickinson, prepared at Nortnfield School for Girls, attended Keuka college, Penn Tan. N. Y , an" was graduated from the University of Connecticut Mr. Schpueh received hia Abiturl- um from a Latin school in Cologne, Germany, and attended the TJmvei- sity of Cologne He ^studied on a Fullbright scholarship at the Uni- \qrsity of Connecticut from which he was graduated in June The couple will aail for Germany where Mr. Scheuch will complete his studies. Garden Club Plans Picnic Wednesday Sasqua Group', to Meet at Mrs-, E. J. Churchill's Farm S T A T E JWV PRESENTS LOCAL UNIT WITH AWARD Elsie DeBiase circle, Companions or the Forest of America will meet Monday at 7:30 p.m. in Duke of Abruzzi haJI, with Chief Companion Ellen Berty presiding A social hour with refreshments will follow. Mrs Hose Pasquariello is chairman assisted by Mrs. Mar^ar-; et Sullivan. '· The Ladies* auxiliary, Jewish War Veterans has bepn awarded the certificate of merit lor outstanding veteran hospital woik and rehabilitation This was piesented to Mrs. Ethel Weiner, president of Bridgeport group 88 ( at the recent state convention at Hotel Gnswold, New London. Mrs Sally Kaminsky of Hartford, department president, has appointed Mrs Weiner as chairman of child welfare for the Department of Connecticut, and Mrs Adele R Levin, treasurer and past president, a deputy Mr« Edward J. Churchill of Bhore road, Greens Farms will fce hostess at her Ayrshire dairy {arm, "Quiet Valley*Farm" in Redding Bidge for the Sasqua Garden club's picnic ^Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 12 noon ,, The all-grass conservation program wfll be studied by the members who will have an opportunity to learn at first hand the results of conservation methods aa applied on large scale to dairy farming. The farm has been in operation 10 years, according to Mrs. Churchill ·who will offer the explanations Those planning to attend will go v*a the Black Rock turnpik* taking Meeker Hall^ road (the fxrst right after the Spinning Whee*) and follow to the foot of Meeker Hill, turning left across the bridge and then proceeding two miles to the /aim. ; t A. I. EPSTEIN TO WED MARILYN J. SOWERS NEW YORK, Aug. 10--M lfl s Marilyn Jane Soirers, 19, of 2830 Morris avenue, I~ew York, and Albert Irving Epstein, 21, of 147fi North avenue, Bridgeport, will he married at the Park Hoyal hotel here, September 8 The couple obtained their marriage license at the City Clerk'* Office here Monday. 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Since the program started approximately 10,000,000 boys, have learned the fundamentals of the game through the Junior program, and from its hesitant beginning the project has expanded until now it inctude? 17,000 teams, The major leagues kick In 150,000 a. year to support the piogram, and they should. Pro ball owes more than a little of its current prosperity to the aid it received from the Legion Juniors during the depression of the 30's, when many high schools and · colleges were abandoning the, game and town teams were disbanding. Legion teams then, as now. provided a steady flow of tttlent to the program. KJds who had, been graduated because ot age--the limit IB IT--came op to the pro clubs with a. solid background'of "fundamentals and the experience of play- Ing on -well-coached, uniformed teams in well-organized leagues. They werfl ready for their pro fling If that was what they W » . efl, and V fcot'of those-.who mace the grade the las^lS yewi'or se reads like s who's who of the x*ot J. Fellow* such ai Stan,Mu«liJ,'«d Bob'Feller, and Twl Williams, and Dow. DiMagrio, ind 1 To8l Berr.t, and Hal Newhouiar, and Joe Goi- don--the list is practically endles i. And as frosting on the cake, two tuBJor league xaanagers are prot- ucts of Legion tell. LOJ Boudreau, erstwhlltt pilot , ot tha Cleveland Indians, and Phil Cavarretta, new field boss,of the Chicago Cubs. '" When "members of the Boiitb hota department first dlgcu the sponsoring of Junior baseball teams at Mil bank,' S. D., Jn Jnlj, IS25, little dtd they reaU^e thai some day ..the program would t» recognized oy;theHall of Fame. In fact, they probably didn't even,r«al- ize tbere would-be ».Hall of Fame, At any rate, In 1930-1, Legion Junior playjsr--J. TV, Porter ot Oakland, Calif.--was selected to ha-v- hi» picture bong".at Cooperatown, N. Y,, and each year .the outstanding player in the "Little .Workl Series" (which determines the national champions -will be, similarly honored, It's a grand -program, and a mos. efficient antidote few juvenile delinquency. And on its heels nov JMtit fe«d £b* Legion; Juniors gloa Jnion f«*d the tl« minor. f«e« win SINGER NINE SHOOTING " - ,'i " - - ' -- "·"·,. ^ Tbe pwte-Mttnc Slngw Kanafac- ' turtnf compmnyj BMenair t»»» will be efeootbv lw.iti cighUk »tr»J«lit victory against' ·I'no lout* wee it facu the Bridgeport ^raw combine In* the feature, came of the! IndiiB-* trial itague 1 Wnrday" at 1;M, J»jn. climched league honor* and. wttt be' out^to keep Iti unDltmlalied record InUct. The BrasMso* arc d«t«nnlaed to ft*nd the Singer* their 'Jtnrt^e- ·latrof the *iiiuon and 'maJnUfn lel^hold on aecoad place, ' ', " Another Mheditied' conteat I)*- t-neen Columbia.* Recording-ud ·General Kkctrlc 'feat h«en "7oet~ pooed « the GM, plant la « cation, ' The league itanding follows: t T»- Cn. 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