The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 1, 1956 · Page 50
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 50

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1956
Page 50
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Some Traditions of Olden Kitchens Win Approval SCARBOROUGH. X. V UT> One industrial designer says that some of these kitchens of grand- inn's day weren't so old-fashioned fifier all. Time ami steps would l>e saved by bringing back some of their features. So says Kdwin 0. \Valton. a onetime aircraft designer and now industrial design consultant. He became an amateui kitchi-n i-\pcrt v. hen he, his wife and two cbildren moved into a .'^i-year-old house they purchased here in the Hudson Valley. Take the old-fashioned pantiy. Will ton snys it is a godsend to most cooks, although lie cautioned against installing shelves too deep or storage areas too high. Or. Hie old-fashioned frying pan. I AST DAY SATURDAY! ORIGINAL WHERE I/MORE BUYS „ TWICE AS MUCH « LOVE Rcxall DRUG Recommended for Prescriptions West Side Square Albla Walton said his kitchen is stocked with several, in preference to a fancy grill. "The fryim: pan is so easy to wash," he said. Efficient and Pretty Don't f," •' tin' ii'da the Waltons aren't hep to modern appliances and methods. Walton said he marie lime-motion studies of virtually every kilch'Mi task before he went to work on actual rc-dcsign. And the couple installed the most modern of equipment. I5ut the touch of the old is then', too. in the pantry, in the provincial wallpaper (sprayed with a plastic coating for easy maintenance >, in the pol shed birch cabinets < which need only a onci-a-year waxing and the brt-nKfasl room i fueling. The kitchen was one include:". MI a "country kitchen tour" of West- chest er County homes, sponsored by the Mills College Club of New York. Mills, located in Oakland, Calif., is the oldest women's college west of the Mississippi. The Waltons said thai, like most home-owner. they wanted the kitchen to provide the maximum of efficiency with a minimum of work. It also had to look pretty. Before they decided what went where in tin' 10 by 19-foot area, they charted (he steps and stooping necessary to prepare everything from ham and eggs to a seven-course meal. The result Us a kitchen, in which Walton figures his wife saves at least 30 minutes a day in meal preparation and cleanup. Two Wall Ovens "Add those minutes up over the years, and she's been saved a lot of time," said the engineer. "Some of the highlights of the kitchen: It is fully electric. A stainless steel hood is just above the cooking surface--"why build one near UNIO!f-«EPUlLlCAH g Thursday. May 3. 1956 • , _ ^ j the ceiling," said Walton. "You I aren't preventing splash and soil from cookinR that way." Two ovens art> built in the wall. Cabinet doors have magnetic closings so that they shut with a mere touch of the hand. Formica lops of counters are in a tweedy pattern to show less soil; a spatter pattern is in the linoleum for the same reason. Individual lighting is provided for each work area, Pots and pans are stored directly beneath the cooking surface, and on open shelves to cut the time used in getting them out. The kitchen has garbage disposal and dishwasher, and the dish storage cabinet is right beside the dishwasher. Walton said the kitchen now is five years old and "if we had it to plan over, we wouldn't change even so much as a light switch." More Water in Car Than Leaky Boat DAYTON, O. (UP)— Maybe nulos should be listed as liquid assets. More water goes into a car than into a leaky boat. Rubber manufacturers alone use 300 gallons of water for each pound of synthetic rubber, according to Dayton Rubber Co. engineers. Additional thousands of gallons go into the making of the car's foam rubber seal cushions. Ten gallons of water are needed to process n single gallon of gasoline. Each pound of steel takes 33 gallons. In all, it takes at least 15,000 gallons of water to build a car. Construction | Mokes Gain In a series of economic comparisons between the coldest months ol '55 and '56. the new issue of the : Iowa Business Digest reports Iowa's < employment up | 2.0 per cent, bank check transac- i lions up 6.9 per cent, and construc- : . turn contracts up 43.4 pr. t<.-nt. ! On the other hand, the State ! University of Iowa publication i shows pries received by farmers in January and February averaged i 17.8 per cent lower than during the first two months of last year. But ': in this respect this February was two per cent belter than January, i the editors point out. In Iowa's manufacturing employment, both hourly earnings and number of hours worked dropped from January to February, reducing the average weekly paycheck by SI.-14. The most significant decline was in food product industries where cuts in hours and hourly earnings sliced $5.17 from average weekly wages. In construction activities, this February was 37 |>er cent below the same month of 1955, with declines in all but public and other non-profit building. However, '5B is still well ahead of '55 because this January's construction exceeded the first month of last year by LON PIPER D. E. WYNES D. E. WYNES & COMPANY LOANS — INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE Phone 290 North Side D Albla. Iowa Order Now for Memorial Day. SEE WHAT YOU BUY! We'll, be happy to make an evening Appointment. Open Sunday Afternoons, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. One of the Largest Selections in Southern Iowa ALBIA GRANITE CO. At Entrance to Oak View Cemetery LOUIS GRIFFIN, Owner Phone 36, Residence 396R Albia Lego I Notice XOTIO-J — rilOOI<' OK \VII.I. Stale of Iowa, .Monroe Count v, ss. MlNtrlft <'oiir«, rehrmirv ni.-.O Term MX I',\tvIM|<-il. To All Whom It Miiy Corn-em: Nollee Is hereby Riven (hut ;tn Instrument In writing-, purporting to he tin.' last will and testament of Ailiim I-:, (fray, deeeased. late of .111 ill oounly, was tills day product''], opened ami ri-iKl by the undersigned clerk, anil thnt I have fixed Tuesday, tlie |,1 Hi jiiy of May, I9.1t!, at IfijDil o'elork A. if., as the day for hearliiK- proof |n relation thereto. Witness my hand and seal nf said euurl his 1 Hit diiy of April I'.ir.O UKUTKCni-: LAIISON, Clerk of JHstrlrt (.Juurl. Hy Alhnrtii CarlHon, Deputy. 1'Yank A. Xli-hul, Aitorni-v for Kslate. April lit. L'lj. May :j. ' AriMIIVI'MI'IVr OKi ' Finest Quality Lager Beer MITK'i: In tin- ni.strlei Court of the Slate of Iowa, In anil for .Vonroe Cuuiuy, In I'riilinlc In the Matter of the Kslal- 1 of lil.-inrhe llMrker, Uei-eased. To \Vliuni It May Coneern: Nolli'i- Is hereby H'VI-II dial the lindcrKiKiied have lieen ii|i|>olnled and liiive (|im!lf|ed us exeeutors of tin- estate of Uliui.rhe llarker, late of Mi\»me ('ounly, lowvi, deeeased. All persons in any iiiaiuier indebted to said dec-eased or her estale will linike iiayinenl to the undersigned: and having claims against said ilec-easeil ur lu'r estate will present tin-in In manner and form as by law required, fur allnwaneu and pa vmeiit. Paled this 'Jlth day of April, A. I)., l!i.~ili. Merllin l.alhen, Mary II. Larson, l-'riink A. Nieliol, Attorney for ."istalc-. April LM;. Mny ;i. Snow for Governor BANGOR, Me. (UP) -~ Gov. Edmund S. Muskie and his aides did some quick thinking when a short circuit started a fire in the wiring of the governor's official car on a highway near here. They scooped up hnndfuls of snow and doused the flames with it. WHITE ENAMEL Gleaming white beauty for kitchens and bathrooms. Goes on white—stays white — won'c yellow with age. Dries to a porcelain-like hardness — can be washed repeatedly. „ DISTRIBUTED BY DIAMOND BOTTLING WORKS DAVIS PAINT ASSOCIATE STORE 02 3iU Ave. ALBIA. IOWA n jilx-nomonnl 2."iO pov cent, tlio poiiils out. Tho font tire article of I In- now issue of the Inwa Rusiness Digest is "On the Analysis of lo\vn's Kcono- tny," whicli points out (lie kinds of thinRS which must ho known to np- pniise economic changes in the stale. Author of the article is Clark C. Rlcioni, eeollo'niist of the SL'l bureau of husinoss and economic research, which publishes I he monthly Digest. Two-Way Theater NKW KKNS1NGTON. Pa. (UP> — Plans for this city's new M.500,000 hifjli school include provisions for a revi'i'sililo indoor-outdoor stage The stui;e will lie situated so that a bi-parling door will let it face both an inside auditorium and an outdoor hillside amphitheater. Romans Mode Sure Of Getting Tones WASHINGTON (UP) American taxpayers should bo thankful that they do not have to KO through what the Romans of 1600 years ago did. One headache of the U. S. Internal Revenue Service is whether all who should file returns do so. The Romans had this problem licked— in their fashion. An account of how Roman tax collectors filled their quotas still survives ns written by Lactantius, a man living in Gaul around the fourth century: ". . . wives (were dealt \vith> to accuse their husbands. When no sort of evidence could be found, men were forced by torture to accuse themselves . . .Yet this matter was not trusted lo the first tax men, but new sets of them, one after another were sent about, that new men might always find new matter tp work upln ... By means of these oppressions the stock of cattle was much diminished and many men died; and yet the taxes continued still to be levied, even for those that svere dead." The famous Kahn teat for syphilis \vas developed in the laboratories of Michigan's department of health. RALPH N. EWERS STORE NORTH SIDE OF SQUARE Women's Apparel Men's Wear Shoes for the Entire Family YOUR FAMILY SHOPPING CENTER "Dinner Party" Whole Kernel FANCY CORN 12-OZ. CANS "ALLEN" SOLID PAC TOMATOES 303 CANS 'DINNER PARTY' Pk. & Beans Kid. Beans Red Beans (Your Choice) TALL CAN "FLAVOR-NUT" MARGARINE YELLOW QUARTERS "FLAVOR-RICH" ICE CREAM WITH PURCHASE OF 2 PKGS. COOKIES. VzGal. Golden Shortening "FLUFFO" CAN 89C "Flavorite" COFFEE Mild, Rich POUND 'T-I-D-E' REDEEM 'Em at "UNITED" THOSE 8c COUPONS YOU WERE MAILED! 31c Size Pkgs. Giant rn Special 3-Pack Deal! 19c SIZE CANS "Morrell Pride" Ham-Cured READY-TO-EAT 6 to 8 Lbs. Avg., SMOKED PICNICS . JJJjJtJjJJJJj^^ ALL GRAIN PRICES ARE HIGHER! FOR THE BEST MARKET FOR YOUR CORN, BEANS or OATS PHONE 7—HAWKEYE MILLS, KNOXVILLE Hawkeye Millers KNOXVILLE Ifjinjjijfjjfjfjj^ U. S. 1 "B" SIZE, CALIF. NEW WHITE SHARER POTATOES. 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