The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1954
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEOTk McMillan Jumps would have removed the two per fertilizer—a matter on which it is will remark when they get under- likely the other Cherry opponents way. McMillan, the first candidate to announce against Cherry for a second term Democratic nomination, also was the first to formally launch his campaign. SHERIDAN (AP) — Gus McMillan says that "if Francis Cherry can show me a single industry he has brought into the state I'll get o,ut of the governors race right now." The Sheridan candidate tcld his audience Gov. Cherry "has been running off to New York, spending your money and, then trying to tell you he's getting industries for the state." McMillan teamed with another candidate, state Sen. Guy Jones of Conway, in denouncing the incumbent, his administration and his alleged personal allofness. Jones was the only one of McMillan's four opponents, including Cherry, who accepted an invitation to share the speaker's platform at the Sheridan real estate dealer's formal campaign opener here Saturday night. McMillan and Jones expressed only the highest regard for each other. Neither mentioned the remaining two candidates, Orval Faubus of Huntsville and J. M. Myers of Springdale. Jones, the first to speak, said the only reason he'd heard advanced for renomination of Cherry is "that he's running for a second term." Jones declared that Cherry isn't "the real governor." He accorded that honor to Leffel Gentry, a Little Rock lawyer, who was Cherry's campaign manager two years ago and now is state Democratic chairman. The Conway senator charged that Leffel Gentry has been paid "for political influence" through a $2,500 fee for drafting a legislative bill and through other lucrative legal fees. Jones said all he wants in this county (Grant) is "second place to Gus McMillan," and asked that "if you can't vote for Gus, vote for Guy." McMillan criticized the employment of Dr. Ewing Crawfis, a Californian, as State Hospital superintendent, and Herbert Eldridge, a Texan, as highway director. He said both positions could have been filled from within Arkansas. Cherry was blamed for both hir- ings even though the State Hospital Board employed Crawfis and the Highway Commission engaged Eldridge. McMillan .called Eldridge "a foreigner without a poll receipt," and promised to send Crawfis "back to California." The candidate blasted Cherry for his approval of pruning of the welfare rolls and declared that the governor had called clients on old age assistance rolls "old deadheads." He rapped the governor for vetoing a 1953 legislative bill which cent sales tax from feed, seed and MCCARTHY (Continued from Page 1) as witnesses. 2. Roy M. Cohn, general counsel for McCarthy's subcommittee, pressed Stevens as to. whether the Army had not drafted a proposed statement by McCarthy last .October announcing the subcommittee's inquiry into alleged subversion at Ft. Monmouth, N. J., was being called off. Stevens said he had no recollection any such statement was proposed. He said he did recall a proposed statement to the effect that the Army was co-operating with the senator. Cohn asked that the secretary'sand any other notes as to the proposed statement be subpoenaed for this hearing. Chairman Mundt (R-SD) agreed this would be done. 3. Cohn hammered at Stevens' denial last week that McCarthy's opposition caused Stevens to decide against removal of Maj. Gen. Kirke B. Lawton as commandant at Ft. Monmouth. Stevens stuck to his stand that, although he sought McCarthy's reaction as to possible relief of Lawton from his command, his decision against relieving the general 1 was not due to McCarthy's opposition. The entire morning session was taken up by questioning Stevens by McCarthy and Cohn, with a few assists from Jenkins. Jenkins repeatedly protested Stevens was not answering questions directly and intervened to get a specific answer. WEATHER (Continued from Page 1) Arkansas River rose 6.6 feet at Fort Smith during the 24-hour period ending at 7 a.m. this morning. The river is expected to crest there at 23 to 24 feet Monday. Flood stage is 22 feet. Lake Fort Smith, about 26 miles north of the city, was reported overflowing after rising six feet since last Thursday. Commodity And Stock Markets- N§w York Cotton (lt:M quotations) May 3460 3462 3454 3456 July 3439 3441 3434 3440 Oct 3399 340O 3394 3397 Dec 3395 3396 3388 3394 Ntw Orleans Cotton May 3455 3455 3455 3455 July 3440 3442 3434 3440 Oct 3398 3400 3395 3395 Dec 3394 3396 3391 3391 Chicago Soybeans May ... 410 J /2 410Vat 400% 400% July ... 408 408ft 398Vi 398 % Sept ... 280% 281 272 272V 4 Nov ... 2563/4 257ft 250& 250% Chicago Wheat May ... 204% 2051/2 198% 200 July ... 199Vs 200 195 195% Chicago Corn May ... 152% 153 151% 151% July ... 1521/2 152% 151ft 151ft New York Stocks (U:4S quotation* > A T and T 167% Amer Tobacco 62 Anaconda Copper 35 Beth Steel 65 Chrysler 58V ? Coca-Cola 122 V-Gen Electric 122% Gen Motors 69% Montgomery Ward 60ft N Y Central 21% Int Harvester 31% Republic Steel 54% Radio 27% Socony Vacuum 44% Studebaker ..: 14% Standard of N J 89 Texas Corp 71 Sears 63% U S Steel 46ft Sou Pac 41 7 / 8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. UPl— (USDA) — Hogs 9,500; active, barrows and gilts 35-40 higher; sows and boars 50 higher; 180-230 •lb one price 27.50; sizable number 27.60; one 30-head lot choice No. 1 27.75; 240-250 lb 27.00-25; several sales 240 Ibs up 27.50; 260-270 lb 26.50-85;280-3001b25.50-26.25;310-etao 26.50-85; 280-300 lb 25.50-26,25; 310350 lb 24.25-25.00; 150-170 lb 27.0050; sows 400 lb down 23.00-24.00; heavier sows 21.00-22.50; boars 17.00-20.50; good early clearance. Cattle 5,500, calves 800; early sales slaughter steers and heifers fully steady to strong; few 25 or more higher; cows also stronger than close last week; bulls and vealers steady; early sales good to average choice steers 20.00-23.75; small lots choice to 24.25; few commercial and low good 18.00-20.00; several lots choice steers and heifer yearlings 22.00-23.00; few commercial and good heifers and mixed yearlings 17.00-20.50; utility and commercial cows 13.00-15.00; canner and cutter cows 9.50-12.50; TR1UI This year, do the unexpected— open a Personal Savings or Checking Account in Mother's name I She'll appreciate your thoughtfulness and the added convenience of such a sensible gift. Drop in today and we'll take care of all the details. 2% Paid on Savings Accounts. Don't Forget — Mother's Day, May 9th THE FARMERS COMPANY The Oldtft Bonk In Mississippi County -TIME TRIED - PANIC TESTED" f.D.I.C. - S1I.M* tech Deport MtaitaM Federal Reserve Syst*» Obituary Crawford Rites To Be Tomorrow Service* for Mr*. Florence Craw- word, M. who died Saturday at Walls Hoipiul following a three- months illnew will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow at^Oosnell Baptist Church by the Rev. H. L. Robinson of Luxora. Burial will be in Ellenwood Cemetery with Cobb Funeral Home in charge. Mn. Crawford, who had lived in and around Blytheville for 50 years, was born at Ripley, Tenn. She was the daughter of the late Rev. T. M. Lott of Blytheville. Survivori include her husband, Mark Crawford; one daughter Mrs. Huey Bunch of Blytheville; four sisters, Mrs. D. G. Gracey, Mrs. Elic Sanders, Mr*. George Crawford, all of Blytheville, and Mrs. Jenny Moody of Chicago; three brothers, Ervin Lott of Armorel, John Lott of Blytheville, Charles Lott of Memphis; eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Palibearerf will be George Williams, Jack Moody, Cecil Sacrider, Tom Grime*, Charley fltromire and Diclc Hyde. Traffic Penalties Here Total $411 A total of $411.75 in fines and bond forfeitures was collected in Municipal Court this morning in eight cases of traffic violations. Donald Davis and J. W. Taylor, of Luxora, both forfeited bonds of $19.75 on charges of having fic- iicious licenses .while Robert Killian forfeited a like bond on a harge of speeding. Raymond Downing was fined $100 and costs and sentenced to 24 hours in jail on a charge of driving while intoxicated while James A. Edwards forfeited $120.75 bond on a similar charge as did Billy Freeman a $11.75 bond. C. M. Barthalomew and Arthur Johnson forfeited $10 bonds each on charges of speeding. 'Stolen' Car Hot Stolen— Garage (Sets Wrong Auto John Tyrone was greatly relieved this morning after reporting his car as stolen to the Blytheville Police. It was taken from in front of his house where he had parked it for a few minutes while he went inside. On returning he found the car gone and went immediately to the police station. A call went out for the car and it turned up shortly. It was taken by mistake by a garage at- tendent who went out to pick up a customer's car. utility and commercial bulls 13.5015.00; cutter bulls 12.00-13.00; good and choice vealers 18.00-22.00; few prime 24.00: commercial and low good 13.00-17.00. HOW REDS CLOSED IN—Broken lines show how Vietminh forces have fought almost to of French fortress of Dien Bien Phu in Indochina, Boxes indicate battle line at start of siege on March 13, on March 30 and at start of present all-out Communist attack. Note French have lost both air strips. (AP Wirephoto Map) (Continued from Page 1) sides at 10 p.m. At the same time they drove against isolated "Isabelle." As the rebels pushed toward the center of Dien Bien Phu by attacking again and again, the French threw up new defense lines. But all the.time losing precious ground. French warplanes strafed and bombed Vietminh reserves encamped in the surrounding jungle- covered hills and hit at antiaircraft and artillery positions. They also slashed enemy supply routes which fan northward to red china. Ytth the Courts ..COMMON PLEAS— American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corp. vs. C. R. Orburn, d/b/a Osburn Supply Co., suit on account, $441 and interest. Mrs. Andrew Florida files Divorce Suit OSCEOLA — Mrs. Andrew J. Florida of Osceola, wife of the millionaire banker and businessman, has filed a suit for divorce here. The suit, filed in the circuit clerk's office Friday, charges indignities. Mr. Florida waived a service of summons in connection with the divorce petition. Mrs. Florida's attorney, Bruce Ivy of Osceola, said a property settlement has been agreed upon and that Mr. Florida probably would not contest the divorce. The Florida's have been married 24 years. BIG FOUR (Continued from Page 1) problems." The broadcast said North Korea would rtccept no other plan for Korean unification except its Foreign Minister Ntim Il's declaration to the conference that nil foreign troops must withdraw from the peninsula and Korean-wide elections name a new government, without any foreign supervision of the vote. The United States has just ns emphatically bucked South Korea's insistence that elections for North Korean members of the present South Korea Parliament be held under U. N. supervision. South Korean Foreign Minister Pyun Yunp: Tai was the only speaker listed for the contimmtion of the Korean debute in today's general conference sessions. Dulles, who before coining to Geneva had been reported doubtful any progress would bo made on Korea, had devoted most of his efforts to tin attempt at building up the Asian defense alliance he has proposed. After talks with British Foreign Secretary Eden and French Foreign Minister Bidault on the subject, the U. S. secretary was known to be optimistic about chances of such & pact coming into effect. Neither Britain nor France, however, apparently was ready to announce any such alliance during the Geneva conference. Dulles' final step to bolster the Allied position in the Pacific was to convoke a meeting yesterday of the Anzus council—the mutual defense alliance of Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Indochina Discussed They discussed the critical situa- tion'in Indochina, and particularly the plight of the besieged French Union garrison at Dien Bien Phu. Australian Foreign Minister Casey said Under Secretary Smith laid before the meeting- new information he had brought from recent top-level discussions in Washington. As yet no concrete proposals have been made for halting the Indochina war, but both the French and the Communists were reported agreed that partition of the Far Eastern battleground was not an acceptable solution. To keep ice from forming on window panes, rub them with a sponge dipped in alcohol. Collide at Intersection Mitchell Johns and Robert E. Ellis were involved in a traffic coUision at Eleventh and Ash laat both cars, according to police re- ports. Dan Jefferson and W. 0, Moxkf were drivers of cars that oolUdtd in the 500 block on Ash Strett Frt- vday night causing damaft to thi Moxley vehicle, police reported thli morning. 'OhV IHPSE INSPECTION Call 3-8233 QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Q. IF I COME INTO A. A., WON'T I MISS A LOT OF FRIENDS AND A LOT OF FUN? A. The best answer to this is the experienct of the thousands of men and women who have already come into A. A. In general, their attitude is that they did not envoy real friendship or real fun until they joined A. A. Their perspective on both has changed. Many alcoholics discover that their best friend* are delighted to see them face up to realistically to the fact that they cannot handle alcohol. Naturally, it is important to distinguish between friendship and casual barroom acquaintanceships. The alcoholic is likely to have many "acquaintances" whose conviviality may often be mistaken for friendship. Thia he may miss for a while. But their place will be taken by the hundreds of A. A.'s he will meet—men and women who understand him and accept him and are willing to help him sustain his sobriety at all times. Q. HOW CAN I GET ALONG IN BUSINESS WHERE I HAVE TO MAKE A LOT OF SOCIAL CONTACTS, IF I DONT DRINK? A. Social drinking has become an accepted part of busi- inss enterprise in many fields these days. Many now in A. A. would be the first to concede that they had often transuded important business in bars, cocktail lounges, hotel rooms or even during parties in private homes. It is surprising, however, how much of the world's work is accomplished without the benefit of alcohol. In fact, many who are now sober in A. A. admit that they used ''business contacts" as one of many excuses for drinking. Now that they no longer drink, they find that they can actually accomplish more than they used to. Absentation has proved no hindrance to their ability to win friends and influence people who might contribute to their economic success. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 — Blytheville, Arkanias Anyone Interested Invited to Our Meetings Open Meetings 8:30 p. m. Every Friday Night Closed Meetings 8:80 p. m. Every Tuesday Night Club Room over Hardy Furniture Co. E. Main Street — Blytheville, Ark. 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