The Santa Barbara Daily News and the Independent from Santa Barbara, California on July 1, 1918 · 10
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The Santa Barbara Daily News and the Independent from Santa Barbara, California · 10

Santa Barbara, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1918
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Santa Barbara California Saturday Juno 29 1918 PAflTE TITO THE DAILY NEWS AND THE INDEPENDENT 1 t Curtain Screens and Voiles Marqnioltp&— Bungalow Nets Shown in plain or bordered styles Various widths for any size window desired Sunfast Materials In plain colors and also lienntiful lino of U roomie nud Figured rattern Handsome and Exclusive Designs in Tapestry For Upholstery and Cushions Cretonnes for Summer Porches For Bed Booms Dining Boom or Living Booms Patterns and Colorings for all uses 829 State St SANITARYWASHINGS 100 Clean 11 GRINNEL ' washed clothes protect the family laundry against contagion when your washing is done at home Prolongs the life of the clothes and is the cleanest most desirable and most satisfactory method of all Your home needs one They are sold on a guarantee Price $7500 Ott Hardware Co 727 State St Phone 10 THE COMMERCIAL BANK Capital $2200000 Surplus and Undivided Profits 17000-00 i OFFICERS I UfMd Edwards Pros toward F R Veil Vies Pres JehaB Edward Oashlsr John P Rodinglon AatL Oashlsr Joseph Soilon Ami Caahlar DIRECTORS Georgs S Edwards Chairman af tbs Board T Heart F F Pm body John W Ballard Aifrad Edwards Jobs S Edwards Edward P R Veil SANTA BARBARA COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Offers geu every banking facility CHBCEIffa AOOOUNTI TERM ACOOURTS OsrllBoatas of Tims Ospsslta on Interest TRAVELLERS’ OHEOKS LETTERS OP CREDIT Safe Oapsslt Emm and Storage Vaults We eordlally Invite your patronage THE CENTRAL BANK SAVIROS AND COBISIEROIAL FRANK SMITHL Pro W R METCALF Caahlar WALTER L HURT Offleara and Directors! JOEL REMIROTON FITIIIAN Vlao-Praa N F R VAIL AaaL-Caahlar DEO M WILLIAMS 4 INTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS SANTA BARBARA TRUST COMPANY County National Bank Building Wa ara prparad ts give tr following aorvlca FREE OF CNAROE to any man leaving Santa Barbara Oounty for th army or navyi DRAW WILL FILE WILL FOR SAFEKEEPIN0 FILE LIBERT T BONOS an INSURANCE POLICIES ON ANY OTHER VALUABLE PAPERS FOR SAFER EEPINQ STORM HITS City Treated to Most Unusnal Spectacle Heaviest July Rain in 21 Years ATTORNEYS WANT 2 JUSTICES FOR SANTABARBARA Cite Law to Show That Statutes Require Two Such Courts Hero F Attorneys ara urging that the au porvlaora change thalr purpoaa and permit of the continuance of two townnhlp rourta In thla city Roma dertare that under the prenaral laws of California the two coui ta ara a legal nernsslty and cits Pec SI of thenn lawa 'to show that two courts must t maintained Under thla auction It Is aat forth that the officers of a townahlp ara 'two Jusllrra and two eonstablra and nuh aubordlnet o flics ro ai ara provided for by law In townahlp con talnlng rltlea In whlrh city Juatlces or rerordera ara alarltd there shall tia but one Justice of tha pear- except aa hereinafter otherwise provided and In townships having population leas than 4000 there shall be hut one Jus tire of tha peace and one constable' The law then provides for ncnrdera co'irta In' rltlrs of ths 81a th Class and aurh rltlea are those having a pnpula lion of 1040 and under It la believed that the attorneys will petition to tha supervisors to ranilnue tha two courts because of the lares amount of civil bujlneaa In the town ship A genuine eastern thunderstorm mad a lurid Hunday night and Moii day morning netting a new record for electrical disturbance In this section and bringing with It the heaviest July precipitation Hants llarbara hue known In 11 years the rain gauga of i am go W Russell tha official weather tran recording a rainfall of 11 for tha term The "oldest Inhabitant" doea not re call a thunderstorm equal to that which broke over this section last I b hL Tha lightning flashes were In lenao and frequent during tha night rilably shaking the town to Its very Inundations while the fliahea of lightning made a spectacular and aweinspiring eight The lightning was flashing bn all £ actions the sons of the atorm rx-t 'ldlng far nut to sea as well aa weeping tha Interior sections of the county and tha early morning oh server had the unusual eight of streaks of algsag Are biasing forth at all points of the compass while directly over the town aa well the white tongues swept across the ky Tha mnuntalna were at ttmea plainly outlined during tha night by th lightning and tha heavy thunderclouds were lighted up making a sight distinctly new to tho people of this city who have never known a storm au sever- before! In tha past 41 years there has been but on July that equalled th precipitation that fell this morning In July of 1117 the records showed a rainfall for tha month of 44 There have been several July precipitations of 01 to 0 but even these have been j Brigade at Port Leavenworth and exceedingly rare In the 44 years tha 'Writing to Ms parent! he selves an In-record have been kept eo that tha tereatlng account of cantp life and pi event precipitation sets a distinct military duller record I -when I went to th recruiting of - The deluge began thla morning fleer at Oakland where I waa sent from alertly after 4 o'clock following an 'ths University of rallfnrnla Ilrrksley exceptional! severe thunderclap and he advised me that tha algnsl corps BERNASCONI IS WITH U S ARMY SIGNAL SERVICE Local Boy Writes Parents From Kansas Where He Is Training: Fdward J- Ilemaamnl of 1111 Pints Itarhara street Is with the Ith Depot ci tinned for some time from tha Klnlvan ranch on the summit of the mountains the report cornea that tha range had but one severe rainfall which started about 1 was the beat place for a young men like me so I enl'sted in that branch "The signal corps Is the hlgheet branch of th tinned Htiates army In order to qualify one hts to be able to o’clock and It Is lelleyed that It was drive a car fide a motorcycle work tha same break of the clouds that rte-! telephone switch hoarvl send and receive at leant eight words a minute (Ion The electrical disturbance played havne with wire service while It lasted but aa tha hour wns early few people were Inconvenienced 8o far iu I damage either from the rain or from Ilia lightning has been reported SANTA BARBARA SAVINGS ft LOAN BANK Capital 13500000 ' Surplus and Undivided Profit 116100000 PUT A FAIR SHARE OF YOUR EARNINGS IN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT In fhla bank whara they will Increase and ba of REAL aarvlca to you when you need them most Jeina Naval Feres Attorney I’reston Hiitcher went through Hants Durham thla morning n his way tn tha north having enlisted In the navy and la assigned tn a mother ship of the torpedo boat destroyer fleet for (raining Attornry dutchar la a Hants Darhara hoy a graduate of tha local Illgliachnol ami son of City Attorney W Itutcher lie tins been dly attorney of Calexico Imiierlal county for several years hiv Ing made hi home In that section since leaving rnllege and being admitted In praetlee before the Cnllfnrnla liar Ills wife ha gone tn the home of her parenla In I'lah for tha duration of tha war r ' The First National Bank of Santa Barbara Cal OFFIGERSl Belli A EMsay Pres Mnr P Lincoln Vlea-PraslJanL Jm D Lawslsy Cashiers A B Barnett AsiL Cash Tho E HoOgsa EsL Oashlsr DIREOTONSi A B Oanflsl Ohairman af th Board Wm Norman Campbell J Jams Hoi I is tor lath A Kssnay H P Llneoln E G Tsllant W R H Wsldan John M Wllllamsan W ill Ism WymT L E Gagnier California's Leading Undertaker Telephone 135 t 1209 Stats St Automobile Ambulancs Service Think of Us Mr Workingman We want you to think of us whenever you think of Clothes Our whole energy is concentrated on securing good things for you to wear —This is true of clothing —This is true of Headwear —This is true of Furnishings — This is true of Overalls etc Our reasonable prices make a strong appeal to your purse Just 3 Days to the 4th tiPRCBClQmwz on the telegraph arm! or rrrrlve at leant five words a minute with fhe semiphore flag signalling: and send at leant three word a mlnut with tlm ti-lr graph end by rneana of a flag You une your left brand flag for n did nnd your right for a danh You have to know anmthlnc about electricity and radio or wirHcu telegraphy 'We do no fighting whatever hut are the mean of cnninni nlratlim and the backbone of the army They keep tia studying nnd drllllnac In fact wa never got through work "I wan sent from Han i'ranrliro tn Fort Mi‘lnwell Angi’l I eland There I npent three avenlngn with rater and Marlun Winn both from Hanta lierbnra Fort McDowell la a recruiting and niilflttlng elation II la an Inland In the middle of Han Francisco bay nnd It In very windy there 1 tvna physically examined nnd remained jiial one week Then 14 of tia were ehlpped here to Leavenworth for further examination and training " Mir program for tho day lx: lie i-elUc I am mean 6:45 physical jexerclnn ?! inarch drill I nm j telegraph 10 nm wlgwng signalling ! 1 1 a in niesn 12:10 loc-ture on tele-’graph electricity element ary and tel-ji'ldiiitie 3 no pin nemirihnni signal :llng and phynlcal non lee 4:00 pnt ’march drill G:i0 pm incex 4:00 pm 10 very other night we munt attend educational warfare moylpM "With ths hot woathmr of thla climate on top of all utir drill and studies we are very tlrr-sl when "taps'' ! sounds at night Th nights are so 1ut one ran hardly pi rep and the mosqultoea about eat n fellow up Wa larn only about 100 yards from the I Missouri river which nooounta for tha 'mosqultoea" Ilut the soldier boy la (akin a great Interest In hi n-vr railing and not only thinks that Missouri la a great slats but that I tiers no service equals the service of htn country Salvation Army to Give Away a Baby The palvntlnn Army la making arrangements for a spectnl meeting July ! 2 when many Interesting things will tnko place chief amntvgr (hem Is ths giving away of a haby thla Hills thres weeka old boy will he mi run! fur Hcrgt Dalllngton Rogers Adjutant nnd Mrs Regers' second sun now on his way to Franc with the regiment Th very beautiful dedication eervlff of tha army for children will l used In thla meeting Rrlgariler Oen T Jordan from Han Francisco will be In Hnnta Parham for tlila meeting and hava- charge of the j mice nt 519 Htata si re a 1 1 p m Tues day July 2 City Manager to Rip Rap Wall With Slabs of Rock From Canyons City Manager Hubert A Craig li to have work started this week quarrying out slabs of rock to rip-rap th West boulevard seawall at that point whara tha aulphur spring oosaa from Ih sand Th spring' haa already placed ths big wall of concrete In Jeopardy It la said nnd Engineer James It Chapman haa advlaed that rock h dropped n on tha ocean aide as a mean of saving th walL Th rock will b half a yard aquare and will rom from tome of th canyons In thla locality It la expected that from time to time rock will have to ba dumped In where the spring flown and In time will sink tn a aolld haa and gradually pile up agatnat the seawall giving It additional strength to wlihatand tha Influence of tha spring whlrh Is now gradually shifting tha wall from its original position Fat haa played peculiar trick with tha wall from the start After It was completed the discovery wan made by an untrained rltlxei that the englneera had not designed a drainage system to carry off tha water that naturally accumulated back of the wall from seepage from th creek and had not thla error In engineering been Immediately rectified the wall wou'd have now been destroyed Other engineering faults have been noted and corrected until now It la a sulphur spring that all knew existed that la to caue additional expenao In maintaining th wall City Manager Craig will also start shortly planning the wooden bulkhead for the East boulevard Ha state that ha can easily put down a wmoden wall that the floode cainot remove but la rather Inrlmed to believe that a greater asset to the city would be a boulevard and wall farther back that would glva Hanta liar tiara a wider beach on th east front "When we get the sewage off from that section which will now not ba long there will ba a fine daan bathing place along tha eaat waterfront and a wide beach woulld certainly prove a aplrndld attraction In makUg Hanta Darhara a summer resort" la tho way the City Manager vlawa the situation OTHER WOMAN IS NAMED IN SUIT AGAINST RUSSELL Wife of Camera Star Asks Separate Maintenance Hearing Wednesday Date of henring a complaint seeking separate maintenance filed In superior court by Charlotte Lerche (Burton) against her husband William I-ercbe I Runxrll) an American Filin Company tar was fixed fur Wednesday by Judg 8 R Crow Haturday Mra I-errhe anka the court tn grant her 11000 a mnuh or whatever sum la proper Hhe avers her husband' salary In 500 a week Hhe also anka 12500 counsel fees ami court coats of 1250 The complaint names Edna Karl another motion picture actress as co-I'rspomlenL Mrs I-errhe alleges that detertlvr In her employ followed her husband and Mina Karl to a bungalow In laurel Canyon near Hollywood on various orcanionn Tbs emij'le were married at Hanta An a year ago last May Mrs Lerche la the daughter of Mra Stella Burton 01 Be la Vina street Safe in Franea Mias Clara Jones daughter of M II Jones 1405 Chapala haa arrived In France according to a cable received by Mr Jones Haturday Mlse Jones la a member of tha Red Cross and Joined a unit of nurses organised In Ban Franclaea Will InxtsK Offiexpi There will be an InntHlIatlun oi officers of the Channel City Lodge I O 0 F Tuesday night July I Ralph E 1 Coryell Noble Drxnd R H Jackson I Vice (Irand A H Loivly Tnixtee W H McCidlenter treasurer W II Htaf-ford Recording Secretary District Teputy ilrnnd Master James Crow will be the Inntailing ofllcer Refreshments will be nerved nnd all visiting brothers arc Invited to attend A drive for new msinberM will be start-led nnd tha contesting teams will b 'headed by the newly elected Noble Grand and Vice Grand tu raptnlna of j t he tram which will tie chosen from i the members In attendance at this ! occasion Morgan Enliata Joseph Morgan well known Flying A camera man left 1mm t night for Han Francisco to taka a phyalrx) examination preparatory to entering the signal ofTIcera' reserve corps Youig Morgan mastered wireless telegraphy at the night school In progress here In tha High School S Larco and Co Fish Dealers WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Shrimp Meat Imparted Oliva Oils Phene 535 Phans 538 214 State 62S State GROCERY VALUES Large fancy lbs Fancy new potatoes 25a new patataas amallsr 10 Iba 4 Iba split lima beans 2 lbs fancy baby lima beans 25s Small whits baana lb -—15s Santa Ynaa Pasteurised Creamery Butter lb JI3e Tall can Haba Milk each — lOo Albatraa Tuna 2 aana — 25a Dal Manta Tomat Bauos 2 aana X" Clean Easy Soap bar — Jewel Soap bar -— FREE DELIVERY Suti Btrbifc Grocery Co 124 State St Phones 745 Lb "Brlr::rrji:'R : i h :h : : in-miR '-sm Lf : Oh! Ho! July 4th —Thursday— Store closed the entire day In view of this fact order your supplier for tho biff day on Wednesday As usual tlio Diehl Store is splendidly prepared to supply your every want MAKE PREPARATIONS NOW A visit liero will be well worth whilo— eatablo attractions are the features — all the world contributes to it We do our own bakinff and Candy making onr Fruits and Vegetables are the pick of the markets Affain wo nay — store closed the entire day Thursday— -order your supplies in advance I I c jj Phone 44 fiemreaETETK: TBcrcg gmrKiMxg: rxiiri: mz k iffi — — V HAPPY HOME CIRCLE 1 “No Place Like Home" I Monday July 1 1918 Parents' Day (A word spoken in due season how good it is" Prov 25:23 APPRECIATION "A SUGGESTION TO FATHERS" It docs a fellow worlds of good To feel he is a man And has a place of consequence In Home extensive plan A niche that is his very own— Is made for him to fill ' The thouffht of pride and sense of worth Bring such a lifting thrill 1 And if he is a man at all ( This chance he hag to climb Will help him if he has to climb To reach the top in time Then always give a man a chanco To show what he can do And if vou find him doing right And honest through and through Encourage him to do his best And help him all you can Appreciation kindly shown Will often make a man —Jake n ITarrison Statement of the Condition of the Bank of Italy SAVINGS COMMERCIAL TRUST HEAD OFFICE SAN FRANCISCO June 29 1918 RESOURCES MoHftffl IIM W RmI ClIlltiaeggaeiaoMiaMaajaiiooiioiaooeooslNMI Lflll ltd b a e e a a b e ea a a a e a e t4Tf Jldl Buklni Frrafteaii Firnltav Plilira ftndl life OeMtif Yulia Of Sc ir4 Breithii) Otfcr NmI Isiati aaa-a-saaaaaaaeeoaaaeaa a a ItetatieOMO aqBB itMMse ('lasKr Liability I'sln Latlsra af CrartIL 1MTJMM rastamara' Liability Areas st Arcsplancsa bsaabt as4 ssl! IMIMM Ot bar Rassarcsa 4t40gt JJ Units Htalss Blata Maslrlpal as! Otbsr BssOs lll4llliM4 CASH aa 4aa from Raaba ILItlJIIJI SL0tIITA5 Total MIIVIIMIui LIABILITIES Capital Pall Up m 8 M0M0BJ0 Barplas a I—’J Vldivldl PfOilisMoieot iMiiiiieMitMioooMN 0GGbogd0dd 4Tl4Mll Ilml8s9l Dividend (fHPldaBB BBB BBO aBaaae BPD BBBBBBBBBBBBBOOBDOOBBOOBO I8IIJ$sM IUr f Credit sasabtasaaapaeaaaseeeaaa tllOBBOOOOOOGOf Idlilllitt CsntlsfsRt Liability Acssast AccapUscsa bsaxht as sal IIMiiA DEFUHITI YLTIMOMI IIUI1JIUI IVrtrinl tiring separately Only sworn raek for hint- self that sslil A P Glannlnl Is PresUlent and that said A Pedrini Is Cashier ef Ih Bank of Italy tha Corpnratkm above mentlnned sud that ovary atatasMst coutslord herein Is trua of bis ewa knowledga and belief A P OIARNCCL A PEDRINL i Subacrlbad and awora ta MM ma this Mil day af ha toil TIIOXAS B BURNES Notary I The Story of Our Growth As Bhwa bps Comparative Btaf ast ai Os Gaassesa r fteeembs 01 last s eeBBOMOMBOB tIOOGBB DO w -- - DffiHhpf III Hi) iMMat MimooM IUM tOdaai4lidiBMi a ft(MM4fsll 1 DecmbrpBl 190-— j December 81 1BIO fBJ 8 DJ814B ( December 31 1912ssaMswsMkssSlly228(814s56 December 31 1914 sssssssssss $18030(40L59 : December 31 1916 $3980599524 December 31 1917 $7747315279 1 JUNE 29 1918 $8342709153 Nambcr af Dspealton ( Jaae 30 1117 104250 iJaaa 21 1115144809 iavtaga Ospsslta MaJa ad or Rsfsra Jaty 1IL IflG WUI lata Istsral frsai Jaiy L IIK B P POBTER Cbalrwaa JAMBS B BLACESTOCK R B DOBBS r r pebbinb ARRT B VALENTINR B P POSTER Cbalrna VENTURA BRANCH ADTIIORT BOARD J H CHAFFER VUs-Cbairaae t C O BARTLETT DGBOWKER RAYMOND MDAVTB A L HOBSON JOHN LAGOMARBINO GEORGE C P0WR8 W1LUAM BHR1LLR J A WALKER OFFICER! RAYMOND M DAVIS Maaapar I g TH trrrr ti VniMr and faeal Trat Offtrsr MENS' SHOES At Popular Prices COCO TAN— Button and Lace Boots Special $500 LIBERTY SHOES— For War Garden Special $195 830 STATE ST Why Not Bny the Best? Ask for S ft H Stamps We Close Saturday Nights at 6 o'clock J' 1 1 nil i if 'i if ii

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