The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 1, 1956 · Page 37
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 37

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1956
Page 37
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4-AI06no (let.) Upp«r 0« Melne* foeiduy, May 1, 1956 Algona Sailor To Serve On Iowa, U. S. Battleship Norfolk, Virginia— Thomas A. Ditsworth, above, Fireman Apprentice, son of Mr and Mrs Harry* Ditsworth of 119 South Heckarl St., Algona, is now at the U.S. Naval Receiving Station, Norfolk, Va., awaiting transfer to U.S.S. Iowa, a battleship. The Norfolk Naval Receiving Station, Commanded by Captain J. C. G. Wilson, USN, processes approximately 8,000 men a month on their way to and from Naval activities all over the world. Ravings •CO by CHRIS REESE A tittle ol This, a Little of Thai; Not Much ol Anything An added Coffee Gulper Club has been organized in Algona and it seems the membership constitutes 100* per cent gulpers who hold coffee gulping tops in any and all activities of the human race, so to speak. And the new organization was promoted one day last week at the Superior 400 station on South Phillips during the free serving of coffee, the issue of the day there, and at which time hundreds of cups of lovely Java was served to visitors. Elected president of the club was Vernon Dopp; vice president, Tarry Wallace; secretary, Russell Hurst; treasurer, Chuck Porter; members of the board, Larry Wilcox, Harold Carpenter, Roy Burns, Wayne Booth and Bob Burns. Buford Christcnsen was appointed general supervisor, and him being a Dane 1 claim he'll make a good one, so to apeak. Yep, every one of the new members proved a real lover and taster and gulper of lovely coffee. And not to be outdone by way of coffee gulping the ladies also organized an auxiliary gulping club with Mrs Chuck Porter, "president; Mrs Vernon Dopp, vice president; Mrs Tarry Wallace, secretary; Mrs Larry Wilcox. treasurer; the board of directors, Mrs Russell Hurst, Mrs Roy Burns, Mrs Wayne Booth, Mrs Buford Christensen, and Lydia Carpenter. Agnes Wallace will be the publicity director. And don't forget that these organizations are 100 per cent coffee lovers and 100 per cent coffee gulpers,' so to speak. —o— It was the other day that I met up with a young Algona gent who really has a habit, so to speak, that ot cigaret puffing. Yep, he's a fine young gent, has always been a resident here and he's popular, as well, but he sure has 4ci the eig get the best of him. He doesn't just smoke one cigai'et an hour, there are times wnen he takes on three or four and when the d;iy is dune and it's time for the night's rest he has done away with nearly two packs, meaning an average of 30 cigs per day. And with cigs going now at 30c a pack he has used up 45c of enjoyment daily, $3.15 per week, $163.50 annually. But look at the fun he gets out of it and the clouds of smoke with which he fills the air daily. For lighting up 30 cigs a day he smokes 10,950 each year. And these, laid end to end would reach a distance of 2,676 feet, a half mile and the ashes, if saved would fill nearly a quarter bushel. Yep, there's joy to many gents, young and old, in puffing the fig, so to speak. —D— And here it is the first day in May, a roost popular ir.unth, so to speak, because.- of the t-r.-lebra- tion days in the month. It i.s u month of May baskets, and in the toiler days May baskets were really soinUhing. The modern folks do not take up May basket - ing as was the case some year* back. And another day in May i.< that known and celebrated a.-"Mother's Day," falling on Sunday, the 13th. And it must be admitted that "Mother's Day" ).Sincerely observed by people ur nil classes. And then, of course, Memorial P#y,'pn the 30th. Taken generally, the month uf May is a popular «ne. and it ;,>,\\\ of brinj,'.- in the summer atmosphere begin- ning. Yep, May is surely looked forward io-becaitse it is the turning point in weather preceding summer. Politically, some years ago, May was a popular month, one of primaries for all parties, but these have now been moved into June. However, May is still a nice iind dandy month, so to speak. . We herald now with lusty lung that spring has sprang (or is i', sprung.') and coursing through our every vein flows joyously our blood again. t For months we've suffered winter breeze, have battled sundry sneeze and wheeze, have shoveled furnace full of coal, have carried ashes tons untold. For months we've "used both "rub" and pills that we might battle fever's chills, we've long and heavies unders worn we've "grip" and "colds" of terror shorn. We've battled snow and ice and sleet o'er treacherous walk and drifted street, and we have sniffied, sneezed and coughed as winter's dregs we deeply quaffed. And now with joyous hearts we sing, with open arms we welcome spring, each day we rise to greet tiie sun, its wondrous change to earth begun. We deeply breathe refreshing air, we hear God's songsters everywhere; inspired by beauty which we find we gaily face our daily grind. We marvel at this wondrous thing, th3 advent of a glorious spring, the rays of sun or pattering ram brings nature's beauty back again. No longer do We wheeze or sneeze, forgotten is the icy breeze; we live the joyous minutes, hours, the warmth of sun, aye : gentle showers. We herald now with lusty lung that spring has sprang (or is it sprung?) and coursing through our every vein flows joyously our blood again. Hurt News Mrs Merta Wallace and Marie Grover of Algona spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs Wm. Ringsdorf. Three of the Burt Community School faculty have, resigned their positions and will not return next ^ear. They arc Mrs Philip Ballard, 3rd grade, Miss Louise Knight, junior High ana Mrs Ira Heald, homcmaXing instructor. The Birthday Circle will meet this week Thursday afternoon, April 26, with Ella Sigsbee. This was postponed from the 19th. U It's News — We Want It! _ , i Townsend Club Has Indoor Picnic Algona Ttnvnsond Chib I mot at the W. A. Muckey residence on Tuesday evening, April 24, for ,ui indoor picnic. Mr and Mrs Anderson presided. The official convention call \vas read nnd the dates will be June 7 at St. Paul. Minn. Algona club will be given two voting delegates besides the president. A communication was read from the Martin Kruses at Worthington, Minn., stating that Mrs Kruse has been ill and it was voted to send a "get well" card. The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday evening, May 8, at the W. R. Carney home. Mrs Holdren conducted the "Mystery Basket" quiz. Mrs Helen Johnson gave a humorous reading, and a rabbit Hunt was held and games played. Those receiving prizes were Mrs Lolla Ladendorff, Mrs Arnold Lallier and Mrs W. R. Carney. Betty Wickwire Irvinqton Host Irvington Ideal 4-H Club met Saturday, April 21, with Betty Wickwire, and twenty members, two leaders and two guests, Mrs Raney, Ellen Siemer, present. Judy F r i d e r e s and Judy Froehiich were chosen as delegates to attend camp at Clear Lake. Bonnie Froehiich was elected delegate for convention at Ames. For, Rally day Mary Arnclorfer and Karen Seller will sing in the chorus, and Virginia Klein will recite the creed. Demonstrations were given by Donna Mergen 'and Mary Erpelding, and Bonnie and Linda Bristow. Talks were given by Carol Frideres, Mary Arndorfer, and Blondina Erpelding. Jerry Reilly to Armored Division Fort Polk, La. — Army Pvt. Jerry M. Reilly, son of Mr and Mrs Robert E. Reilly, 421 N. Hall st., Algona, Iowa, recently was assigned to the 1st Armored Division at Fort Polk, La. Reilly is a driver in Battery C of the division's 73rd Field Artillery Battalion. r . The twenty-two-year-old soldier was graduated from Fort Dodge Junior College in 1953. He is a former employee of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Los Angeles. beautiful ashqble walls .. for woodwork match ... then * Ready to use, it glides on smooth as velvet over plaster, wood, previously painted surfaces and wallpaper. It's easy to get beautiful decoration in your horn* with wonderful SUPER KEM-TONE— even if you've never painted before! C89 _ i 1A ooiioioui Qt U Gal. IO coiou (D»*p Celart Slightly ED WOLF, Owner Algona TREES SHRUBS PERENNIALS EVERGREENS FERTILIZERS FLAGSTONE WALKS RUSTIC STONE WALLS/ 1 l BERRY AND FRUIT STOCK LANDSCAPE pEsjQNiNG AND PLANTING Ui on Any Landscape Prp No Obligation . El more Nursery Elmure, Min/tesota WEEKLY -FIX-UP" IDEAS IT'S Today's Kitchen HOME Is Family's Multi-Purpose Living Room Custom-Made • KITCHEN FIXTURES • BATHROOM FIXTURES Cabinet Work Qf All Kinds Donovan CABINET SHOP When You Think of FLOORS — WALLS Think of Us! We have a Skilled Service for Ihe Most Modern Treatment of Floors and Walls. Designing and Laying ALGONA FLOOR SERVICE For Estimates - Phone 1040 Home Decorating! • PAINTING • DECORATING • PAPER HANGING FREE ESTIMATES RELIABLE DECORATORS Milp Rentz — Kermii Forbes Phone 698 or 1194, Algona MERGEN& WEBSTER FOR THE VERY BEST IN Painting & Decorating Phone Leo Mergen — 562-J Merle Webster — 756 Algona. Iowa ITS HOME Consult Us At No Obligation! MILLER Lumber Co. . and we can help! We have a complete line of Sherwin-Williams paints, asphalt shingles, insulation, siding materials and lumber. We'll be most happy to discuss your home improvement plans with you. KELLEY Lumber Company HEADQUARTERS Let Algona's most complete hardware store help you with your home improvement problems — electric and plumbing supplies— hand and power tools—"Janney- Best" Paints and Varnishes. Hall-Strahorn Hardware WORK Of All Kinds We do all types of Residential and Commercial Electrical Work and Contracting. Let Us Estimate For You. ALGONA ELECTRIC CO. Harold (Si) Roth Phone 452 Today's kitchen is an all-purpose room no longer set apart irorn the rest of the house. It serves not only as a food preparation point but as a dining, entertaining and play area. More than ever before, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home—the fount from which all blessings flow for the whole family. The new kitchen is all things to all women (and men!) — cocking center, gathering place, office, sewing roam, laundry. Tne many activities that now take place in the kitchen bark- en back to the old-fashioned kitchen where Grandma reigned. Here the whole family would gather, here they spent most of their time all their lives through. The whole history of a family's lifetime could be en- ccmpassed within the four walls of the kitchen. Here the children were born, lived most of their lives and spent their happiest and most productive hours. New Kitchen Ideas. In view of the modern kitchen's many-faceted personality and tjie activities that take place there, both storage and work surfaces are usually at a premium. To help solve these problems, many new ideas have been developed that make the most of the limited kitchen space in the average home. • Manufacturers have now come up with a "rolling counter," for example, that, serve; either as a kitchen table or as a cart. And it has the added advantage of being adjustable in height — from 27 to 37 inches—by a crank located under the top. This brings the work surface to any desired level. It can be brought flush with the permanent counter, which is usually around 36 inches. Or it can be lowered for sit-down work or to dining table height. The cart's rubber-tired wheels leek in place to provide a firm surface that can be eaten on, worked on, us,ed as phtme or sewing table (one of these tables even has a built-in niche for a sewing machine vyhich pops up when needed, is hidden from sight when not). Two place settings can be laid Everything In • Linoleum & Tile Floor Coveringl • Wall Covering! • Counter Tops! • Paini—Wallpaper! COWAN Building Supply PITTSBURGH'S UNBEATABLE PAINT TEAM Enjoy the Luxury, the Beauty of BIGELOW BEAUVAIS brpadloom . . . while you pay for it! Smart folks the country over are buying handsome Bigelow carpeting this easy, practical way. ENJOY it while you pay for it! Bigelow's Beauvais is woven of thick, long-,wearing^ wool. FOSTER'S REPAIR & REMODEL NOW! "-** One Contract ^- One Contractor For Your Hojjue Improvement Our service is complete — planning, materials, labor. All work done under one contract, with one loan. Lei us ialk it over with you now! CONTRACTOR E. E. "BUD" ROBINSON Phone 271 or 1249 BUILDER WALLHIDE SATIN FINISH SATINHIDE Enamel Now . . . refinish all paincabls surface* MI your home with the twin paints—Wallhide Rubberized Satin Finish for walls ... Sau'abide Enamel for trim! Both glide on jwiftly, evenly, dry quickly, wash easily! No usual paiat odor! Kohlhaas Hardware Ed & Pat Cullen on one counter, so two ynits to.- geth,er provide a m p.l e eating space for a family of four. And two or three units used as rolling carts and counters offer more efficiency than an equal area of fixed, traditional-type counter space. These rolling counters in a k e for greater storage efficiency also, since the total walj from floor to ceiling can be used for storage without waste space between hanging cupboards and base cabinets. Another new idea for solving the dual problem of storage and work - or - dining surface is a breakfast nook where both table and benches are based on steel storage cabinets. A flush door or a piece of plywood covered with Formica can be set atop a 29" cabinet to create the multi-purpose table; s and any number of smaller cabinets can be lined up to provide a base for the desired seating arrangement. Steel ca b i n c t s, incidentally, are available in a choice of colors to .mix-or-match with today's smart, colored ranges and refrigerators. Happy Harmony. Regarding your kitchen color plan, you'll want to harmonize the colors of appliances, cabinets, walls, .floor and ceiling. Does your kitchen have a northern or a southern exposure? Keep in mind the amount of light you have before choosing light 'or dark, colors. A light yellow or gray color, for example, will reflect 10 times the amount of light that a dark green or blue will reflect. But above all, choose a color that you like. Ycur psychological reaction tb your kitchen will actually influence the amount, of work you can do -there. ^ New Electric Switch Gives Light Control Home lighting can be dimmed or brightened much in the manner cf stage lighting control. New dial type switches can give you modulated light in any room—bright for reading or entertaining, . soft for relaxation and c o n v c r s a t i'o n. Rheostat principles are incorporated in each light switch. But all dial switches do not provide for dimming. Some merely turn lights on and off silently. STEP LIVELY, NO CROWDING PLEASE RUMMAGE Sale—Ladies' Auxiliary, having cast off clothes, now invite inspsction. — Wild- wood-b>i-the-Si'a (N. J.) Independent Record. SEE ME FOR All Remodeling Work New Home Construction LIGHTNING RODS & CABLES — my specially I I Can Give Lower Prices, Too! ' HENRY "HANK" Phone 1240 517' JS. «ucas 3 YEARS TOPAYF YOUNGSTOWN SINKS & CABINETS FRIGIDAIRE BUILT-IN OVENS TOASTMASTER HEATERS -A CLACK SOFTENERS Beecher Lane Appliances -LESS HOMES! HfATS fKOffi FHf FLOOR UP! i\o.v you can have warm floors and economical (jji. hual—even if you havor,'! ;i ba^emenl! Tl;o Lennox Down-Flo gas-fired unit tucks av^ay m n closet—delivers warm, cle;:n, humidified ait al /.'oci le\sl; makes un<Jer-the-floor air Distribution [joiiiblc. And when you've got Lennox heating- you're all set to add cooling v.hcnever you like-. CurnJ in or plion.;- for a FREE healing survey 1 L. S. MUCKEY I'JA.MIJIM, & llfc.VUNi; IMPROVEMENT TIME! PRESENTED BY 38 ALGONA BUSINESS FIRMS You Can Panel a Family Room Economically With Wallboard Why turn over a good basement to the mice? You can't blame them for cavorting in a nice uninhabited warm place. Instead, why not use it yourself? Your wife, if she runs true 10 type has probably mentioned a hundred or more times that it is just the place for a family room—where television set, record player and radio may be kept for the amusement of the young set or where Junior's rocking horse, toy trains and games may find a home. It shouldn't cost much if you use inexpensive materials. Woodgrained gypsum wallboard is very attractive, combining the beauty of real wood paneling with the advantages of wallboard. Panels of three- eighths inch thickness come in knotty pine, bleached and dark walnut, bleached mahogany, fir plywood and other simulated wood finishes achieved by photographic and printing processes that reproduce the wood finish. The panels are four feet wide and eight feet long. The wallboard is fireproof because of its gypsum core and expansion and contraction of the material due to . temperature changes is negligible. Knotty pine effects have square edges which may be, butted together to .form a fine line that seems to become part of the wood pattern. Walnut, mahogany and other finishes have beveled edges, making .Be cool this surnmer with ARMSTRONG Air Conditioning No more hoi days and night* in your home this summer if you put in Armstrong air conditioning NOW1 At a cost loss than you might think, you can air condition all of your home, not just a room at a time. There is a model and slie to {it your home — exactly. Guaranteed in writing for five years. Easily financed, too. Plan today for modern, comfortable Armstrong air conditioning this summer. Call us today for a free estimate. Authorized Dealer ARMSTRONG P. R. IRQNS HEATING & PLUMBING — ' ALGONA PHONE 523-W ' butted "V" joints that become a part of the decoration also. Special .nails match the particular woodgrain finish and may be driven in with a rawhide mallet or padded or plastic- head hammer. Serving Your Building Needs For Sixty Years The Norton Red Trucks Deliver Anywhere in City or County — Right to Your Building Site You'll need level framework. That means studs or furring strips spaced 16 inches on centers. Nailing begins at the center of the board and works outward, nails being spaced about 6 to 8 inches apart, and not closer than % inches from the edge of the board. The board must be supported firmly against the frame while you are nailing so that when nails are being driven in with the right hand, the board must be pressed hard with the left. The nail will not draw the board up. These panels may be cut with a saw or scored and snapped. A sharp knife may be used for scoring the bparfl. The panel finish may be protected by occasional waxings. Some handymen prefer applying a protective coat of white shellac first and then a coat of wax for a dull finish or coat of clear varnish for a glossy finish. The surface may be kept clean by simply going over it with a damp cloth. Once the paneling is up, the lady of the house can take over, adding decoratiye notes to give it a cozy atmosphere. Inexpensive fiber rugs may go to the .floor, seme of the attic furniture might be painted in chic colors to lend a gay effect. Woods Have Their Own Colorings To take advantage of the natural color tones of wood when planning interior decoration or cabinet finishing, you have to know the various shades that are natural to e^ch specfes of wood. Twenty woods fall'within .the range of light to medium natural colors. They include Ppn- derosa pine, Southern pine, Douglas fir, Idaho pine, sugar pine, Engelmann spruce, West Coast hemlock, Sitka spruce, H white ush, birch, black gum, jhackberry, hickory, pecan, mag- Jnolia, soft imaple hard maple, red oak, white oak and yellow poplar. Eleven woods run from medium to dark in tone. These are Western red cedar. Southern cy- oress, California redwood, larch, brown ash, butternut, cherry, chestnut, red gum, American walnut iind mahogany. TEN COMMON MISTAKES IN HOME DECOR Well -meaning housewives who attempt to decorate their own homes make many mistakes, says interior designer Henry E r. d, member' of the American Institute of Decorators and designer of hotel interiors. Here are the ten most common mistakes 1 made by am* ateUrs, as he lists them: 1. Lack of coordination. 2. Confused ideas as to requirements. 3. Selection of Herns indiv'id- ually instead of considering the final effect of the room. 4. Choice of colors by personality whims. 5. Planning an interior that doesn't fit the exterior—for instance, early American decor 1 in a modern house. 6. Changing their "minds in the middle of the plan. 7. Failure to consider maintenance problems in selection of fabrics. 8. Trying to impress the neighbors instead of pleasing themselves. 9. Failure to consider natural lighting conditions in planning colors. 10. Lack of confidence in their own taste. Buying Right Wood for the Job Can Often Save Money The right kind of wood is important econdmically as well as for appearance and durability in any home modernizing or home handyman project. The fascination of an all-clear piece of lumber is so great that many home craftsmen just beginning to work with wood are often tempted to spend twice as much as they need to spend. Here is an example of the wrong way to buy wood: Johnny Do-It-Yourself goes to a lumber yard, buys a 12- foot board of "B and Better' grade, straps it to his car and takes it home. He saws it into four 3-fcot lengths to make some basement shelves for storing canned goods and odds and ends overflowing from the kitchen. x Johnny has made several mis- takls. A "Common" grade of lumber would have been all right for basement shelves. He i might have found a bargain in "shorts" at the lumber yard— just the right length for his shelves and they would have be*n easier to handle in his car. Or he could have bought some boards of one of the lower grades of "Common", sawed out enough perfectly good pieces for, his shelves and have some sm«l- : ler pieces left over to start a little lumber yard of: his own for his home workshop or future jobs. CORRECT LUMBER buying procedure is to get the right grade for the right use. "A" and "B" Select grade?, F. S. NORTON & SON Phone 229 LUMBER & FUEL Phone 229 NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION REMODELING — POLE BUILDINGS ALL TYPES FARM BUILDINGS E. E. & R. E, JOHNSON BUILDING CONTRACTORS PLUMBING , supplies „ Expert Installation of Modern Plumbing Fixtures ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING 311 ',2 East Nebraska Phone 1137 CALORiG m'lLT-INS For new or remodeled homes. Engineered installation. Build any place in any material. Easiest range to keep clean. Most convenient oven installed at height you want. RAPID So. Phillips St. THERttflOGAS CO. Algona sold as "B and Better" in many species, are used for the highest quality of work requiring softwood lumber, where the finest appearance is required for interior and exterior trim, paneling, flooring, cabinet work, ceiling, partition, beveled siding and drop siding. "B and Better" is often used where the job is to receive a natural finish. "C" and "D" Selett grades are considered best suited for high class paint finishes but they also take natural finishes well. They are often used by the home craftsman for cabinet work used in a formal decorative scheme. In all of the "Select" grades of lumber, the markings in the \vood do not affect the appearance of the finish when painted. When given a natural finish, these grades provide more 'formal effects than any of the "Common" grades. The "Common" grades of lumber are used for general utility and construction. The better "Commons" can be substituted for "Selects" for nearly all types of use—siding, shelving, paneling. They are used for painted or natural finishes, starring in the latter role because of • the decorative character of the knots ALBERT HAGG Specialist in Interior Decorating 35 Years Experience PHONE 1172-J Let Us Make Your Home Plumbing I'erfecjt Expert Installation Skilled Repairs Modern Fixtures SIGSBEE . Ph. 1070 Richardson Painters — Decorators "Inside and Outside" FREE ESTIMATES Phone 1298-J and other markings. In buying 2 by 4s and other pieces of framing lumber, the classification is softwood dimension. For • most species, the grades arc designated as No. 1, 2 and -3. Appearance is usually a secondary consideration. G r a ding is based on characteristics of the wood which will affect strength, stiffness, nailing qualities* and general suitability. Hardwood for furniture, paneling and other fine projects, is gn.dcd generally according to the amount of clear faced area in. the piece, rather than by size or number of growth features that characterize softwoods. In buying any kind of lumber, t is always best to consult your umber dealer. He can help you get the shortest lengths and the owest grades that will do the .ob. In that way you can make your lumber dollar go twice as :ar. Home Owners! LET US CHECK YOUR Do antiquated fixtures "date" your bathroom? Would an extra washstaml ease morning traffic? Does poor arrangement of *fixtures create a cluttered effect? Would you like to -know the cost of modernization? Check us! FUNK Plumbing & Heating Algona, Iowa. BEST BUYS IN TOWN! 324 New Colors For Your Selection! Gambles Put Your Confidence in "General Electric" • G. E, "Built-in- Ovens & Refrigerators • G. E. Water Heaters • G. E. Garbage Disposals • G. E. Dish Washers • Lindsay Water Softeners NORTH IOWA SEWING MACHINE CO. We can give you a "modernized kitchen" all in ONE PACKAGE . . . everything complete to match, and all on one loan, with monthly payments. Ask us for details! THOMAS SXELGAS 203 East State Phone 221-W HOMf W?" Consult us on your remodeling or building plans — no obligation! BOTSFORD Lumber Co. BURNS — A grain elevator burned at Stunner recently, in a $35,000 blaze which completely destroyed the structure. The flame was so hot that it melted the aluminum siding which had recently been installed on the building. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Residential and Commercial COMPLETE STOCK OF ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Wiring, HepaU and Installation Work PRATT ELECT! RIG 214 East State St. Phpne 170 j * WALLPAPER We Are Headquarters for Wallpaper'and Paint — Let Us Help You Plan Your Redecorating DAVIS PAINT On State Street Algona, Iowa We Specialize in Building and Remodeling Work fc Jk=». '*• ZXP?*! Carpentry Work fliir * • Call for Free Estimates f • Easy Payment. Tcrcis i£ ~, Arranged '~ • Cabinet-Work rt ' Specially FIX UP YOUR HOME BenWibben . Building Contractor Tele. 1255-W or 1255-R BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE IS HEADQUARTERS FOR Draperies and Carpet We have one of the largest stocks of CARPET and DRAPERY MATERIALS in north Iowa. Here are the services we render: We can show you this large slock in our store; We can come to your home with samples for checking; We lay carpet expertly; we offer a complete drapery service, from making to hanging. USE OUR EASY BUDGET PAYMENTS BJUSTROMS FURNITURE Three Large Floors of New Home Furnishings PLAN NOW TO THEME IS A GAS HEATING SYSTEM TQ FIT YOUR HOME EXACTLY Home Improvement Begins With Your Heating System! , Save Money — As Much As 25'o — On A New Or Conversion GAS BUHNER. FREE ESTIMATES. North Central Public Service Phone 1412 ALGONA rmcfout ADOUI Ihe "MASONRY WAY!" Building or remodeling wiih HAYDITE block is the modern way . . . more economical, self-insulating, exceptionally strong. We can give you full details on MASONRY BUILDING. ALGONA BLOCK & TILE Our New Building — South of Sargent & Co. FIX UP YOUR HOME PAINT - RfMODCL - RfPAIR COME IN AND TALK IT OVER. WE'LL' BE MORE THAN GLAD TO WORK WITH YOU ON YOUR IDEAS. We are prepared to give you advice on almost any remodeling or modernization project ypu have in mind. And we can supply most of the materials, too, from our large stock. Remember, top — use READY-MIX CONCRETE for that concrete work "- and save a lot of "elbow grease." READY-MIX CONCRETE & LUMBER CO. No. Lantry St. ready-mix cement Phone 166 For Beautiful Washable Walls For Woodwork to Match — There's noihing like SUPER KEM-TONE! It's ready to use. glides on smooth as velvet pyer plaster, wood, wallpaper. It's e«y to 9«* beautiful decoration in your horne with KEM-TONE, even if you've never painted before! Coast-to-Coast STORE Ed Wolf, Owner

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