The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 1, 1956 · Page 36
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 36

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1956
Page 36
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County Bought 25 Million Govt. Bonds ,l5Yrs, It's been exactly 15 years since series E savings bonds were Introduced to citizens of the United States, and since that time Kossuth county residents have purchased a total of $25,101,055 worth of E and H bonds. County savings bond chairman G. D. Shumway of Algona made the announcement yesterday. May 1 is the fifteenth anniversary of the series E bonds, and the H bond, which offers to its owner two yearly interest checks, came into being in 1952. The jories E bond, known during World War II as Defense and war bonds, first went on the market May 1, 1941. Investment in the series E and series H bonds is limited to individuals, and banks, corporations, associations and other groups are not eligible to purchase them. • The money paid out by the government for bonds cashed by individuals has been put to a variety of uses by owners during the 15 year period, and as bonds are cashed in the future benefits will be reaped. Nationwide, 40 million persons own series E and H savings bonds worth more than 40 billion dollars, proving that one out of every four citizens are owners of bonds. During the same 15 year period in Iowa, bank deposits tripled, as was life insurance in force. Totals of bonds sold in surrounding counties during the same period follows: Emmet, $14,948,996; Hancock, $14,873,093;. Humboldt, $13,740,212; Palo Alto, $13,610,242; and Winnebago, $15,507,046. Ledyard Rehires All Of Teachers Ledyard — All of the Ledyard teachers from grades one through seven have signed contracts for the coming year. They are Miss Annette Becker, Mrs Helen Willadsen, Miss DeEtta Thovson, Mrs Joeldine Fennema, Mrs Lilah Keil, Mrs June Beyers, and Craig Calhoun. Superintendent Leo Willadsen has also signed for the third year. Mrs G. Dale Canfield does not expect, to teach, creating a vacancy in the Home Economics department. Other vacancies to be filled are science, English and eighth grade. The Mark is a German monetary unit and is divided into 100 pfennigs. Tuesday, May t, 1956 Algeria (la.) Upper Bes Mo!n«s-3 January 2nd, 1958; iald district 1 Is composed of Whlftemore, Crftsco, Irvingfon, Gsffleld, Riverdale, Sherman and LuVe'rhe Townships. Ono to represent District No. 2 for a term of three years commencing January 2nd, 1957; said district is composed of Algona, Union and Plum Creek Townships. One to represent District No.' 2 to fill vacancy. One to represent District No. 3 for a term of three years commencing January 2nd, 1958; said district is composed of Ramsey, German, Portland, Buffalo, Wesley and Prairie Townships. One to represent District No. 4 for a term of three years commencing January 2nd. 1957; said district is composed of Swea, Seneca, Greenwood, Fenton, Burf and Lotfs Creek Townships. Township of|icers as fellows': Two Justices-of the Peace Two Constables One Township Trustee, term commencing January, 1957 One Township Trustee, Term commencing January/ 1958 One Township Clerk One Party Corfimitteemin and one Party Corhmltfeewbman from each precinct and the Delegates to the County Convention are to be elected. RATIO Of REPRESENTATION AT'COUNTY CONVENTION Name of N««lnc» Republican Democrat Algona First Ward 8 Algona Second Ward J8 Algona Third Ward • 9 Algona Fourth Ward 7 Buffalb Twp. 10 Burt Twp. 8 Cresco Twp. 5 Eagle Twp. 3 East Lone Rock (Burt) 3 Fenton (Fenton Twp.) 6 Garfield Twp. . 3 German Twp. 5 Grant Twp. 3 Greenwood Twp. 7 Harrison Twp. 11 Hebron Twp. 3 Irvington Twp. 4 Lakota (Ledyard Twp.) 6 Ledyard (Ledyard Twp.) 5 Lincoln Twp. 3 Lone Rock (Fenton Twp.) 4 UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A meeting oMhe Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal 'Utilities was hold in the City Unit, City of Algona, Iowa, April 16. 1U56 at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Present were: Allen Buchanan, C. R. Mc'Quiston, M. J. Bradley. T. James Palmer. Supt. of Utilities and Ira Kohl, Secretary. The minutes of the meetings of Mar. 27th and Mar. 31. 1956, were read and approved. Motion by McQuiston and seconded by Bradley that the vouchers payable bo approved and authorized paid as audited. Motion carried. AH voting "Aye". Light Fund Iowa Publ. Employee's Retirement System, retirement tax 553.86 Iowa Employment Security Commission, soc. sec. tax 316.50 \V. W. Sullivan P. M., postage 38.28 Pay Roll, pay roll --.1,930.03 Milton Bilyeu, labor 153.72 Edwin Weishaar, labor -.- 1-16.66 Mervin Hentges. labor 93.64 Milforcl Bilyeu, labor 104.94 luwa Stafe Bank, withholding tax 255.30 Soc. Sec. Fund, soc. sec. tax --158.61 Treasurer of the Stale of Iowa, state sales tax 1,611.17 Treasurer of the State of Iowa, use tax -- — -_ 44.77 Water Fund Iowa Public Employee's Retirement Svstem, retirement tax 141.56 Iowa Employment Security Commission, soc. sec. tax 82.52 Pay Roll, pay roll 306.03 Frank Ostrum, labor 128.35 u'.,H,,,. puterenn. labor 119.18 Joe Medin, labor 18.86 Ji> ' Slate Bank, withholding tax - 35.30 Poi. Sec. Kund. soc. sec. tax 26.53 N. Central Pub. Serv. Co., gas- bill 63.59 Treasurer of the State' of Iowa, stale sales tax 284.27 Depoiit Fund Katherine Gray et al, deposit refund - 45.00 Social Security Fund Iowa Public Employee's Retirement System, retirement tax 695.42 Iowa Employment Sec. Commission, soc. sec. tax 399.01 The Board authorized the transfer of certain office furniture and equipment, used by the Mayor, City Clerk, Police and Sewage Plant, to the City Council, without charge. Next meeting date was set for May 1. 1956. at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Meeting adjourned. ' /S/ Ira Kohl Secretary /S/ Allen K. Buchanan President of the Board NOTICE OF PRIMARY ELECTION Algona, Iowa, June 4th, 1956 Notice is hereby given that in accordance with the provisions of the Primary Election law of the State of Iowa, there will be held a Primary Election in this County, on Monday, June 4th, 1956. The said Primary Election will be held in the regular polling places in each precinct in the county, and the polls will be open at eight o'clock A.M., and will close a! eight o'clock P.M. At this Primary Election candidates are to be nominated by the republican and democratic parties for the following offices: One United States Senator One Governor One Lieutenant Governor One Secretary of State One Auditor of State One Treasurer of State One Secretary of Agriculture One Attorney General One Commerce Commissioner One Representative in Congress Sixth District One State Senator 49th District One State Representative 85th District One County Auditor One County Treasurer One Clerk, of the District Court One Sheriff One County Recorder One County Attorney One County Coroner Members of the Board erf Supervisor* as follows: One to represent District No. I tor a term of three years commencing Letts Creek Twp. LuVerne Twp. Plum Creek Twp. Portland Twp. Prairie Twp. Ramsey Twp. Riverdale Twp. Sennca Twp. Sherman Two. Springfield Twp. Swea Twp. Union Twp. Wesley Twp, Whittemore Twp. 3 6 3 4 3 3 2 4 3 5 4 7 5 6 11 14 7 5 6 5 3 3 5 4 2 3 13 10 3 6 5 5 3 3 5 4 4 7 4 6 4 4 3 4 9 12 In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County of Kossuth this 20th day,of April A. D., 1956. MARC MOORE AUDITOR OF KOSSUTH COUNTY IOWA Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES Tho City Council met in special session. April 4, 1955, at 7:30 p.m. with the Mayor and all Coxmcilmen present except Parsons. Assessment plat and schedule and' estimate of cost for a system of storm sewers within storm sewer sub-district No. 1 was filed by Engineer M. W. Bittinger. A Resolution was passed adopting the appraised valuations for said district. A Resolution of Necessity was proposed for said storm sewer and April 30, 1956 at 7:30 p.m. was the time fixed for considering objections to final adoption of this Resolution. A Resolution was adopted setting May 9. 1956 as the final date for receiving petitions for street improvement for 1956. Meeting adjourned. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayo'r Attest: Ivy D. Scuff ham. City Clerk The City .Council met in adjourned .session April 11. 1956 at 7:30 p.m. with the' Mayor and all Councilmen present. Minutes were read and approved. This was the time set for hearing to consider changing the zoning of the S',i of Blk. 225, Call's Addition and Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, Blk. 237, Call's Slate Street Addition and Lot 1 of Lot 8 of Auditor's Plat of the S 41 Ij, rds. of SE'.i SEU 2-95 j 29 to commercial district; there wore no objections. Ordinance No. 376. amending the Zoning Ordinance for said change, was adopted. Two offers to purchase part of vacated Ackley Street were rejected due to the fact the present appraisals arc obsolete. A Resolution was adapted accepting the proposal of Tom McGraw for construction of the sanitary sewer to lots 5 and 6. Blk. 265 Call's Addition. A class 'C' beer permit was granted to Raymond Miller and class »B - permits were granted to Moose Lodge and V.F.W. Builder's permits were granted to Bowman Builders, Glenn Hike, Bernard Brlggs,- Ray Gilbert. Frank Steb- ritz, Mrs Edna Harr, John Chrischilles, Tom* Sampson, Irvin Etherlnglon, Ranney Leek, Ted and Margaret Herbst, Kossuth Motor Co. and P. R. Iroiis. A Resolution was adopted consenting mid acknowledging assignment of Everds Bros, contract. The following claims were allowed. General Government Fund Nancy Sands, salary 72.67 L. K. Ferguson, salary __, 16.94 Town State Bank, tax 35.60 19. Employment Security Comm. tax _ 7488 Public Employees' Retirement"" tax j 13} 04 Uniform Bldg. Code Ass'n, books 46il5 Albert Hagg, refund 1 00 Matt Parrott & Sons .Co., supp. 6.36 Advance Publ. Co., legals 109.06 City of Storm Lake, code - 5.00 Street Fund Jess Lashbrook, salary 13929 Albert Pergande, salary 122.99 Glenn Burlis, salary 112.13 Richard Frambach, salary .. 9497 Raymond W. Metzen, Jr., salary 88.95 Jack Mears, salary ga.95 Donald Prew, salary 103.95 Kenneth Frankl, salary 107.58 L. K. Ferguson, salary 141.75 Iowa State Bank, tax 69.00' Employment Security Comm., tax 255.53 Public Employees' Retirement, tax 435.10 Algona Electric, repairs 11.00 Arnold Motor Supply, supplies 10.60 Pratt Electric, repairs 13.00 Viking Oil Co., oil ' 153.65 Advance Publ. Co., notices 18.33 Bowen's Superior Explosives Co., mdse. - _ 15.45 East End Foundry, mdse. 316.00 Algona Implement, repairs 31.00 Greenberg Auto Supply, supplies 12.49 Hilton's Service, mdse. 100.10 Kent Motor Co., repairs 59.65 Miller Lumber Co., supplies 4.64 Percival Motors, repairs 11.58 Taylor Implement, repairs 42.46 Skelly Oil Company, gas 112.50 Public Safety Fund Albert Boekelman, salary 180.64 A. C. Weishaar. salary 135.40 Richard Groen, salary 150,45 Ernest Hutchison, salary 144.80 Peter Jorgensoh, salary 121.88 Iowa State Bank, tax 39.80 Employment Security Comm., tax 215.71 Public Employees' Retirement, tax —332.23 Dr. C. C. Shierk, expenses Ji._ 47.50 Albert Boekelman, expenses ._ 57.81 Peerless Handcuff Co., repairs.. 6.75 H. W. Becker, supplies 10.30 Greenberg Auto Supply, supp. 4.68 Bradley Bros., mdse. B1..47 Taylor Implement, repairs 43.80 Hilton's Service, mdse. 20.35 Ira Kohl, salary 20.00 John Chalgrcn, repairs 8.65 Advance Publ. Co., supplies 1.00 Algona Fire. Co., service 172.00 Sanitation Fund Maurice McNally, salary 43.24 Reakus Helmers. labor 112.45 Reiner Helmers, labor 96.3U John W. Helmers. labor 74.65 George Weig, Jr., labor 64.49 Eugene Helmers. labor 20.82 Gordon Baer, labor 78.64 Employment Security Comm., tax — 162.11, Public Employees' Retirement, tax 243.00 Mason City Blue Print, mdse.-- 24.93 Brandt Buick. repairs 39.45 Hilton's Service, gas .._ 18.51 Swartz Hardware, supplies 3.26 Miller Lumber Co., mdse. 120.88 James Egli, salary • 149.36 Fred Gronbach.*salary 97.97 Iowa State Bank, tax 18.70 Arnold Motor Supply, supplies -_ 2.60 R. J. Funk, repairs 1.86 Greenberg Auto Supply, supp... 4.00 Hall-Strahorn Hdwe., supplies .. 1.78 Hutzell's, supplies 4J6 Continental Oil Co.. oil '.'..121'.60 Recreation Fund John Bahr, labor .3.92 Robert Deal, cut trees 27.00 Parking Meter Fund Raymond Krebs, salary 139.75 Iowa State Bank, tax 15.90 Employment Security Comm., tax 39.45 Public Employees' Retirement, tax 69.04 Meeting adjourned to April 18, 1956 at 7:30 p.m. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk. NEED EXTRA CORN FUNK'S HYBRID CONSISTENTLY GOOD - YEAR AFTER YEAR A$k For Any Amount — Or Any Number — We Have It Available G-75A, G-16A, G-33A G-30A, G-22, G-23 Also ISO TOX For Seed Treatment MAGNUS RAHM ALGONA VINCENT EISENBACHER . WESLEY DOUGLAS MECHLER ... TITONKA Q. A. BJUSTROM BURT BLAINE SAXTON .... LONE ROCK LAWRENCE MUELLER -.. FENTON BOBDALL OTTOSEN WALTER FALB WEST BEND A, H, iRPILDING BODE ELMER KUBLY CORWITH 17-36 The UPPER DES MOINES has the • * Perfect Gift for the Graduate PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS \ THE TOP I MOST POPULAR BRANDS SMITH-CORONA CUPPER MODEL. 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One file drawer and one storage drawer on each side 116.60 FILE CABINETS A big savings event with these special purchase file cabinets in 2, 3, or 4 drawers. 29.95 up FIRE PROOF CHESTS - $19.70 up Every home, office or store needs one of these chests. The cheap, handy way to keep your valuable records and papers. Another steel desk with one pedestal including a file drawer and storage drawer. Gray finish MANY, MANY MORE ITEMS AVAILABLE AT KOSSUTH COUNTY'S LARGEST OFFICE & SCHOOL SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS i UPPER DES MOINES Phone 1100 SCHOOL * OFFICE SUPPLY DIVISION

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