The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 1, 1956 · Page 32
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 32

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1956
Page 32
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Tidbits from Evelyn When I was at Mason City recently Jean, who teaches music at the college 1 in Baton Rouge, La., said "I have a message- greetings to you from Oscar Rosewall. When he was introduced to me and learned I was a Cady he asked me if I was anv relation to Evelyn Cady, of Algona." The answer being in the affirmative, he gave her a "Hello" for me. I knew Oscar and his brother Hjahnar, "Kalz" way back when we were in high schopl together. * * * I called Mrs Anna Madson for news the other day and for the first time didn't hear canaries singing merrily. I asked her "How come." She replied they had sung their songs earlier in the morning, were now having their -siesta and would* begin again around noon. She has five little ones a week old today (April 21) and more on the way. She says it is interesting to watch the birds and because of their songs, likes them bettor than parakeets. So do I, cute as they are. V t * * Mrs Frank Mescher of Bancroft was given.a birthday dinner MAY is BEEF MONTH! a week ago Sunday at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs John Gisch. She was made hfappy by a phone call from her daughter, Mrs Wallace Johnson, of Hagerstown, Md., nee Dorothy Mescher. The grandchildren, Gary, Randy, Kevin and Jeffrey also talked with h»r and wished her happy birthday. * * * Another mothet was made happy the same day. Mrs Herman Stienblock had a phone call from her daughter, Judith, who is attending school in Des Moines, wishing her a happy birthday. < * • Mrs John Briggs also observed a birthday anniversary last week and was visited over the weekend .by her son-in-law, Jerry Daniels, of Minneapolis, Minri. Her gift from him and his wife, Sally, daughter of Mr and Mrs Briggs, was an electric coffee percolator. * # * Mr and Mrs Mallard Snyder recently joined Mr and Mrs Jack Whitehead, of Los Angeles, Calif, at Mr and Mrs Cliff Witwicki's in Cedar Rapids for a weekend visit. Mr Whitehead and Hallard are baseball players and Mr Kossuth County, Iowa, Beef Ass'n. Even When The Weather's Dry , . . IT PAYS TO FERTILIZE! This is a "dry" spring — and many farmers are delaying their fertilizer program this year "until we get rain." THIS IS A MISTAKE ! Fertiiizsr applied NOW is your best hedge against loss in yield during a dry growing season — regardless of whether or not you have moisture at this time. Actual records prove it. Here are the Facts: In 1955, a test at Iowa State College showed the following results: Corn (no fertilizer) 43.8 bu. per acre Corn (40 Ibs. Nitrogen) 73.8 bu. per acre Corn (80 Ibs. Nitrogen) 83.9 bu. per acre In 1953, also a dry year, farmers who fertilized were able to get 60-bushel yields. Farmers who did not fertilize often had to settle for as little as 20 bushels per acre. CUT YOUR FERTILIZER COSTS ! Buy From Your Eagle Grove Plant! Your co-op, and the Consumers Cooperative Association fertilizer plant in Eagle Grove can supply you with- the Mixed Fertilizer of the right formulation for your requirements. Buy through your co-op and get the important savings through patronage refunds that cut your costs and "ease the squeeze." For Information About Fertilizer See Your Co-op or Call or Come In CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION FERTILIZER PLANT EAGLE GROVE, IOWA Whitehead plans to continue it. Mallard is well content to drop out of baseball and be able to have ft peffiiinettl Residence. Baseball keeps one on the ftriove and the Snyders find it very pleasant to. 1 stay at home, have their own household goods ahd "settle down/' He is employed by Raymond Alderson, and formerly was property of the Brooklyn Codgers. * * » the Leon Martins had a very nice vacation way babk at Eastet time. They spent the holiday weekend at Chicago, putting up at the Allerton hotel which is nicely located out of the loop and oftly a block or two from Lake Michigan. Among the interesting places they visited were Field Museum, the Aquarium, Science and Industry building and Brookfield Zoo. Near the hotel tWey took the subway and in the 2400 block came to the surface and the elevated near FuJlerton, all very interesting, especially to the children, who, Mrs Martin said, "Behaved beautifully the entire time." They went to Morrison, 111., and there met Mr and Mrs Allen Slickers and family who Were visiting Mrs Slicker's mother and father. The Slickers formerly lived here and Mi- Slickers was on the school faculty. At Dickens, 111., they visited friends to whom a new baby had been recently born. * * * I had such a nice letter from Lela Stewart the other day" and this portion of it will be of interest I am sure, especially to Will Rogers admirers, and I was one of them. Lela has recently been in Los Angeles visiting her daughter Helen and family. On a ride one Sunday they went to the Will Rogers state park and this is what she said about it. "I had been there times before but never went back in there to see his old home and stables. The park is open daily and the road is quite winding back to the buildings. In 1922 Rogers bought the property and built a small weekend cottage there but in 1929 the buildings were enlarged to 18 rooms. The living room is a huge, long room with a porch swing hung in the middle of it. There are many Indian rugs, baskets, saddles, etc in it besides a mounted calf which provided a target for his roping in the house. The library is especially attractive and also the patio where they often dined with their three children. There is a stairway leading up to his study where his old typewriter is that he used to write his daily newspaper columns. The stables, corrals and riding rings and roping arena are about 200 yards from his house and there are many riding trails through the surrounding hills. A lot of horses are still there and people were riding them. Two of his prize horses were buried out in front of the ('tables with stones and the names, age and year they died." * * * I plan lo see "The Student Prince" and of course it will be a lovely picture—in technicolor but how I'd like to see the old one in black and white done by Wallace Reid years ago. What a handsome chap he was and I can still see him in a white uniform, yards and yards of gold braid trim, sitting in front of n fireplace—dreaming of his lady love I suppose. The rest of the picture has faded from memory. Poor "Wally" died many years ago, a victim of "dope" so it was said. He was one of the screen's best beloved—along with Valentino. I'd like to see "The Shiek" again too. * * » Several weeks ago I mentioned something I'd like to have again. and lo and behold, I got it via mail recently. I won't divulge what is was nor from whom, and I expect to write a letter of thanks very soon. I've frequently mentioned that I am very fond in diamonds. Now I don't expect one the size of Grace, her serene highnesses' twelve carat "extravaganza." I'll be happy with one like Margaret's—a carat number. Will my mail be flooded with diamonds? I fear not. * » * They say "spring has sprung" but I don't believe my two peony bushes I had put out last fall have heard the glad tiding;-:. Ho far there isn't a spark of life coming above ground. I am especially anxious to have luxiur- iant blooms by May 30. * * * One of my pet peeves is com- merciMls. Have you heard the latest — Dove - Oh-h-h-broth-r. Dulcet tones^ from a man make me sick, urging women t>> use Dove which rhymes willi love. That's what the man 'says ad nausium. What's become of th.- cooing Lady Esther'.' I could listen to her much better than to this man. Cosmetics is a woman's field—Max Factor to the contrary. Or should I say nut with standing. * * * Gone are the days—I have sev- crn! Currier and Ives prints and I wanted some Rummcrt tape to fasten u ^lass over them. It w;-.- us-.. i "Xtensively years a .40 and wav called passpoutoui- I ;uie^ that's the wji.v to spell it. It wa.- pnmounced pass-pa-too. Mai," phone calls aiv.l I have yet to limi any mc'ivhan 1 having the item. NOW what to do —maybr I'll i-unie up with a bright idea other than frames. Frames are rathe; expensive. * » *» Going back to briefs of 1924— Officers discovered 18 gallons of rjleuhol in barn. Owner.--, not apprehended (what a bin^e 'eouM have been had.) Fred AiidiTsoi: opi-ned up elevator at M & St. I.. yards. (Was euunty treasurer j many years. \V" f >> lather ot I.tvn j Irons.) Louis Jeiikios->n of Union j i n/nship captured seven fuXr.-,. ; F. R Rir i'vj |>iir<-i ••!•.'•, i 1. vai'"- ' ut NorUiW'-'slci a yai'Uo. iil.irie j Wesley Lions To Sponsor Summer Playground Work Wesley -*- The' Wesley Libfts club met Wednesday evefiingj April 25 in the Methodist ehuMh parlors. Activities .for the youth of Wesley was the main topic of conversation. The club voted to support 3 boys baseball teams and 1 girls soft ball team. Frank Bleich, Al Loebig, Rich Reiling, Burnett Hartley and H. E. Hemmingsert were appointed by president ,Gayle Studer as a committee to locate a director and make other arrangements for the coming summer months. The 28 members present quickly and generously donated $1.75 and another $100 was pledged. More money will be needed to help carry on such a fine conv munity program. Jack Lickteig was elected president, Everett Ackerson, vice president; Burnett Bartley, secretary; Bill Koppen, tail twister; Halvor Flom, Lion tamer; Gayle Studer, Tom Forburger and Maurice DeBoer were elected directors. Installation will be held at the first meeting in July. ' Louis Simpson again won the attendance prize. C. D, A. Initiation Held The C.D.A.'s held initiation ceremonies Thursday evening, April 25. .Candidates were Veronica Erdman, Maxine Studer, Wilma Froelich, Mary Tnomas and Florence Kudji. The local officers put on the work. Mary Bode, Grand Regent, announced that the next meeting will be Wednesday evening, May 2 and asked all members to bring old jewelry, rosaries, medals and things that can be sent to Bishop Sheen for the missions. The annual election of officers will be held. Servers for May 2 are Theresa Berger, Bernice Vitzthum, Brid- eett Smith, Esther Knecht, Elaine Downs and Erma Kunz. Entertainers will be Minnie Bleich, Rita Youngwirth, MiMred Martin, Josie Gouge and Mada line Grant. Servers last Thursday evening were Marie Doughan, Mary Lickteig, Mary Forburger, Eileen Johnson, Angeline Foertsch, Lucille Hirner, Catherine Hamilton, Mary Krieps, Dorothy Becker, Ruth Schrauth, Anna Hirner and Mildred On the entertainment committee were Bernadine Hamilton, Clara Goetz, Clara Hauptman, Bernice Vitzthum and Rose Hauptly. The grand regent, vice-grand regent and 5 other St. Benedict Catholic Daughters were guests. The local court now has a membership of 143. T,o Wed Soon Mr and Mrs George Kelch of Kanawha have., announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Laiifr- el Anne to Stanley John Chapman of. Belmond, son of A, W. Chapman of Eagle Grove. The wedding will be the latter part of May at St. Patrick's Catholic church in Britt. Mrs Ktlch is the former Phyllis Studer, oldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Alf Studer of Macon, Mo. Laurel is a senior in the Kanawha public school. Peugnc't (daughter of Mr uncl Mrs A'ny Peupnet. the latter, Nettie, whom 1 have mentioned as milliner) wedded Lo E. G. Lichty of Waterloo. Amy is an odd name for a man, but 1 have heard (it i-'ii Ada, Shirley, and Evelyn as masculine names. Evelyn v\ as in a siory with Engilsh locale.) The freshman class of the public school will entertain the ath graders of both schools at a picnic in the city park Wednesday afternoon, May 2. They will have a theater party later in the ev-> ening. Saturday afternoon, April 21, callers at the Alfred Erdman home were Mrs Lucy Conley ahd her daughter, Mrs Lyle Nelson of Livermore. Mrs Conley, a sister-in-law of Mrs Erdman had returned in March from a visit with relatives at Elko, Nevada, and San Diego, Calif. Mr and Mrs Oliver Young and Rupert spent Saturday, April 21 with a sister-in-law, Mrs Grace Luce, who is seriously 511 in the home of her daughter, Mrs Roy Bailey of Clarion. Mrs Tom Forburger accompanied her brother, Martin Bleich of Miller and their two sisters. Mrs Will Houdek of Garner and Mrs Syl Garman of Britt to Iowa City Monday to see their brother John Bleich of Britt who is critically ill at an Iowa City hospital. The Catholic Missionary Society will meet Wednesday afternoon, May 2. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Thursday evening, May 3 with Mrs Helen Youngwirth and Mrs Luke Youngwirth as hostesses. Mrs R. E. Newbrough and Mrs Dwight Bruns are in charge of the entertainment. Mrs Fred Bohn and her niece Mrs Ed Downs joined other relatives Sunday, Apr. 29 at the Lou Schleusncr cabin at Ventura. Sylvia Ann Downs, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ed Downs, will be guest singer on KGLO-TV Monday night, May 14 when the local 6, 7 and 8th grade boys and girls square dance. Carl Albee is leaving this week for Jefferson, lovya, where he will operate a radio and TV repair shop. His wife, daughter Carol and son Carl Jr. will jpjn him later. They are offering their home for sale here. The 60 workmen on the 260,000 bushel concrete silo-type grain storage elevator were forced to stop their work early Monday morning due to the extreme cold and freezing weather. They had completed the first 40 feet of the 160 foot structure. Completion date is to be August. Mrs Mary Bode, grand regent of the local CDA attended a mother - daughter tea at St. Benedict Wednesday evening. Mrs Olive Erdman, Mrs Charles Price, Mrs H. E. Hemmingsen, Mrs Richard Smith and Mrs Will Halterman went to Britt Thursday evening to visit a Rebekah meeting. A, convention will be held here on June 12. Mr and Mrs Vee Mullin have Avritten friends here that they have gone to their home at Cass Lake, Minnesota, from Kerby- ville,' Missouri, where they spent the winter months in their trailer- house. Due to four foot snow drifts on the roads in that part of Minnesota they were unable to get their trailer house up to their home. Mrs Lpn Gauge attended the pre-nuptial shower for Bonnie Ivcrson at the Roy Young home at Garner Wednesday evening, April 25. Miss Iversnn w'll b •come the bride of Mrs Gouge's nephew, El met Young, son of "'udv Yonn". Tuesday, May 1, at the Catholic church in Garner. Mrs Molly Johnson and Mrs Olive Erdman were honored on their birthday Tuesday afternoon at a coffee party at the Oliver MAY SPECIAL Big VA quart / Handy hinged \ • • \ cap on spoof / V •ttitti** ^•WIIHUIilHl Juice Container For mixing, shaking, storing, serving juices and other liquids- Unbreakable Polyethylene in variety of colors. Leak- proof cover screws on like jar lid. Offer good while supply lasts REGULAR VALUE 37< Kohlhaas Hardware Ed and Pat Cullen OUR OWN HARDWARE Young home. Roger Qigler entered the Britt hospital April 20 tot jufgery, Mr and Mrs f^ank Johhson visited Mr and Mrs Wallace Donovan at Spirit Lake Thursday. Mrs Fred Bohti was honored at a farewell party at her home Tuesday afternoon. April 24 by members of the Prairie Neighbors club and several other neighbors. 500 was played and a purse of money presented ttt Mrs Bohn, who will join her husband In Minneapolis soon. He has been employed there .several Weeks. Jack and Mike Vitzthum have rented the Bohn farm. Frank and Nell Frimml Visited Mrs Lena Huber. who is flow at a rest home in Mason City, ofce day last week. Mr &nd Mrs J. P. StUder, Vire inia and Rose left Friday for ansing, 111. to visit Mr and Mrs Marvin Studer and baby daughter. Philip Studer who has received his discharge at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, after serving in the army in Germany, will return home with his parents and his sisters Monday. Philip made the plane trip from Germany in two days. Mrs A. J. Seiler, Mrs E. M. Olson and Mrs Henry Haverly Went to Bancroft Wednesday and visited their aunt. Mrs Clara Baldus and other relatives. The Brownies held their regular meeting in the Studer hall Monday afternoon, April 23 after school. Nadine Eugen and Elaine Goetz brought cookies. Paul Bode returned home the forepart of last Week, having been discharged from navy service. He had made three cruises to the Orient. Mr and Mrs Herman Bode and Marlene drove to Omaha to get him and all were guests of Mr and Mrs Mark Bode. " The regular weekly auctions will be held in the Wesley Livestock Market every Thursday evening during the summer months. Mrs David Johnson of Corwith visited Mrs Bettie Wester Wednesday. L. S. BOHANNON A visitor lo our farm slum- bled and fell down the barn stejh and fractured his wrist. He won't sue us, and we may not be liable if he did. Can our Farm Liability policy be made to pay medical costs for injured persons whether we are liable or not? For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. Tu«iday, Mtfy 1, 1956 Algeria (la.) Upp«r Det M«tHM-S Mr and Mrt Will Martihek visited her brother, Walter Adolf and family in Hartley Monday, April 23. Ruth LStham of LeMars came Tuesday for a visit with her niece, Mrs Ihtto Gerdes and Mr Gerdes. Excavation Work Was begun Tuesday oh the new L. H. Klein- petet two bedroom ranch type nouse just west of the Alfred Erdman home. Mr and Mrs.August Studet and Dolores and Mr and Mrs Herman Studer attended the wedding of William Glawe to Marie Behn- kendorf Sunday, April 22, fit the Bancroft Lutheran Cfi\ifiel\ at 3 P.m. , : Mr and Mrs L. L. Leate Spent Wednesday evening with their brother-in-law, J. W. Walker at the Britt hospital, where he wfcs a patient. Names drawn for petit jury duty in May at Garner include Mrs Gladys Cirtk, Mrs Delores Madson, Mrs Viola Hall and Harold Sankey. If It's News — We Wan! til PIONEER RANKS FIRST in 5 of 12 Districts jn 1955 OFFICIAL •Iowa Corn Yield Test FIRST- District 3 FIRST- District 5, FIRST- District 7 FIRST- District *' FIRST- District!! That's the outstanding record Pioneer! corn made in this official test con*, ducted by Iowa State College. Even • more important is the record in th« pefi6d-of-years averages-for 2 and 3 years. Pioneer hybrids rank first in] 10 of the 19 "period-of-years" awty ages. *-.fA Plant ^ Dependable Pioneer See or call: R. I. Mawdsley-Algona Aaron Steussy-Algona C. L. Bailey-Algona Eugene Kollasch-Bode Harold Jones-Swea City T. O. Johnson-Swea City Wm. Martinek-Wesley Walter Vaodi-Whittemore YOUR PIONEER SALESMEN "I'm not making up my mind to stay till I see how your water heater works." Can't blame her. Any woman who'* had wash water run cold would feel the same. But with automatic GAS water heaters, there's always enough for laundry, dishes, bathing and for house-cleaning. Speed is the secret! Gas water heaters are 3 times faster than non-flame water heaters. And they cost a fraction as much to operate. See new long- lii'e models today. ONLY AUTOMATIC WATER HEATERS GIVE HOT WATER TIMES FASTER March - April - May - Are "Gas Water Heater" Months! See The Following Algona Dealers FOR FULL INFORMATION AND FREE ESTIMATES ON A NEW GAS HOT WATER HEATER: Muckey Plumbing & Heating Funk Plumbing & Heating Sigsbee Plumbing & Heating Irons Heating & Plumbing Algona Plumbing & Heating Gamble Store North Iowa Sewing Machine North Central Public Hall-Strahorn Hardware Beecher Lane Appliances Rapid Thermogas Co. Thomas Skelgas Swartz Algona Hardware Kohlhaas Hardware Coast-to-Coast Store Service Co.

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