Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 4, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1973
Page 15
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LEGAL NOTICES m . CLAIM NOttCfi i B A c J ftllit Court for The Ninth Judicial Circuit, Knox Cejurty, Illinois, in Probate. er or otherwise file your appearance in this case in the office of the clerk of this court .. , —. at the courthouse, Galesburg, In the Matter of the estate of Illinois, on or before August 21, HARVEY A. JOHNSON, De* MM, A JUDGMENT OR DE- ceasetf. No. 73 P-159. CREE BY DEFAULT MAY BE NOTICE is given of the death TAKEN AGAINST YOU FOR of HARVEY A. JOHNSON. Let- THE RELIEF ASKED IN THE tefs of office were issued on COMPLAINT. July 28,1973, to First Galesbtirg EDWARD F. WELCH National Bank & Trust Com- Circuit Clerk Pro Tern pany, 200 East Main Street, Barash & Stoerzbach Galesburg, Illinois 61401 as Ex- Attorneys for Plaintiff ecutor, whose attorneys are 121 South Cherry Street Nelson, Gustafson & Blake. 301- OaleSburg, Illinois 01401 4 Hill Arcade Building, dales- Telephone 309/343-4193 burg, Illinois 01401. Claims may be filed within 0 months from the date of issuance of Letters of Office and any claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate which is inventoried within that per 7/2148; 8/4; 3T CLAIM NOTICE . In the Circuit Court for The Ninth Judicial Circuit. Knox County, Illinois, in Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of iod. Claims must be filed in the MARY JANE CRUISER, Deoffice of the Clerk of this Court, ceased. No. 73-P-174. Knox County Courthouse, Gales- NOTICE is given of the death burg, Illinois, and copies mailed 0 f MARY JANE CRUISER, or delivered to the Executor Letters of office were issued on and to said attorneys Dated July 28, 1973. EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois Gftlesbufg. III. Classified Advertising Dial 343-7181 J OWlCe HOURS: Monday through Ff fd«y— ^ . Satutday • A.M.-3>.M. TRANSIENT CASH RATE Effectlyt Marcft I.Wl, t-dayi 4 -diya l-day WOfdl 1*20 31-28 5 81 | 3.7S 38-30 31-35 1 6.7« | 4.4» 1 7.S4 July 18, 1973, to Verlyn K Vaughn, R.R. 3, Canton, Illinois 01520 and to Albert D. Vaughn, 1503 West Avenue H. Lewis town, Illinois 01542 as Execu ™2> " 1 }™\ S tors, whose attorney is Martin 7/28; 8/4-11; 3T M Lov g ) 177 Wes t Lincoln Avenue, Lewistown, Illinois 61542. CLAIM NOTICE claims may be filed within 6 In the Circuit Court for The months from the date of is Ninth Judicial Circuit, Knox suance of Letters of Office and County, Illinois, in Probate. any claim not filed within that In the Matter of the Estate of period is barred as to the es- ALPHA MAE MORSS, also tate which is inventoried with- known as Mae Morss, Deceased in that period. Claims must be No. 73-P-176. filed in the office of the Clerk NOTICE is given of the death of this Court, Knox County of ALPHA MAE MORSS, also Courthouse, Galesburg, Illinois, known as Mae Morss. Letters of and copies mailed or delivered office were issued on July 25, to the Executors and to said at- 1973, to Elmer E. Morss, 615 torney. South Broad Street, Knoxville, Dated July 18, 1973. Illinois 61448 as Administrator, whose attorney is Bernard G. Stutler, 141 North Side Square, Knoxville, Illinois 61448. Claims may be filed within 6 months from the date of issuance of Letters of Office and any claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate which is inventoried within that per iod. Claims must be filed in the office of the Clerk of this Court, Knox County Courthouse, Gales burg, Illinois, and copies mailed 0 f ^ e EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois 7/21-28; 8/4; 3T NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL State of Illinois in the Circuit Court of Hie Ninth Judicial Circuit, County of Knox in Probate. Case No. 73-P-175 In the Matter of the Probate or delivered to the Administrator and to said attorney. Dated July 25, 1973. EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois 7/28; 8/4-11; 3T| Will of EMMA W. KRANS, Deceased. TO: Ruby Anderson, Dagni Tornquist Wroblewski, Ar- nold'Jae Tornquist, Charles C. Tornquist, Rosemary Tornquist Lytton, LeRoy Tornquist, Raymond Tornquist, Alice Stucker, Nora Wilson, Alfred Gordon, Ella Ryden, Loren Groves, Bernard Groves, Don Wilson, Burgetta Young, Alice Johnson, 'Anna M. Nelson, Carl Nelson and Unknown Heirs, Devisees and Lega tees of EMMA W. KRANS, Deceased Notice is hereby given that an NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE NINTH JUDICIAL CIR CUIT, KNOX COUNTY, ILL! NOIS, PARTITION, CASE NO 73-CH-5, LILLIE STEELE, Plaintiff, VS JEANNE EAST MAN, et al., Defendants. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HERE cantoned Court in the above- KRANS, Deceased, and thepeti- captioned cause he s undersign- tion for probate of said Win has ed, Rayder L. Peterson, Shen been filed in said cS and S of Knox County, Illinois will said instrument will be offered Xh A H«^«TSL HJK FOR PROBATE ' IN THE CIRC " IL CO ™ n2 t iTh HAY AIHTS? in P rcbate ' at the Court House on the 17th DAY OF AUGUST, j„ Galesbure Knnv rVumtv 1973, COMMENCING AT TEN SinS? <?„ ih» ?nth 2 T £ O'CLOCK IN THE FORENOON Aiwust' Sn at nSi OF SAID DAY, to the highest {ft S^Ll '^H nfc k and best Udder, all.of the 8 fol- tion or by fee simple top highway purposes; also, the areas acquired by ternpor* cry easement during (fee time the easement is in effect; Encroachment is defined as £tiy building, fence, sign or any other structure or object e* any kind (with the exoen* lion of utilities and public road signs), which is placed, located or maintained, in, on, under or over any portion of «he project right-of- way or the roadway right' cf-way where no project right-of-way line has been established. WHEREAS, Representatives of the CITY, the STATE, and the United States Federal High' way Administration have, by visual inspection, cooperatively established project right-of-way lines and have mutually determined the disposition of encroachments ; NOW, THEREFORE, BE iT.coini ^&m* - MUc ORDAINED, by the CITY ^COUNTRY CORNER Galesburg, til Mf morism-8 CioIesbu to Register-Moil, Golesbu ro, 1.50 0,13 | 4.20 j l.t l.«2 S.94 2.13 „mind Ad cmtfe—80c C*fd of ThMMj .lfi Mtmorum. Lodge Notices. OUtet Notices, i inch or le«»—#2.75. CASH RATE-Applies When ad It paid within > days from data of last interuon. INDEX Card A 1J»anKt - BuUdlng Lots -63 AvlaUon Apa«ments-*Unfutlilsh«d 54 Autos~-Sport, roreign 77 Autos-New ™ Auto*—Used - 19 g usiness Service 7 usiness opportunity 17 Boats and Motors - TO Child Care ..„.-- 19 lowing described real estate: The North 3 Rods of Lots 17 and 18 in the Subdivision* of Ten-Acre Lot 11, as per Plat by Parley M. Johnson, Robert Chappell, Charles Waste and George Churchill, as Administrators of the Estate of Mary C. Weeks, and of record in Page 368, in Volume 128, Deed Records of Knox County, Illi- pear and show cause why said instrument should not be admitted to probate. Dated this 24th day of July, 1973. EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois (SEAL) Nelson, Gustafson & Blake Attorneys for Executor 301-4 Hill Arcade Building Knox County, Illi news: Section 1: It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or jcor- pcration to erect or cause to be erected, to retain or cause to be retained, any ENCROACHMENT (herein above defined), within the limits of the roadway right-of-way where no project right-of-way lines have been established. Section 2: This ordinance is intended to and shall be in addition to all other ordinances, rules, and regulations concerning encroachments and shall not be construed as repealing or rescinding any other ordinance or part of any ordinance Unless in direct conflict therewith. Section 3: Any person, firm, or corporation violating this ordinance shall be fined not less than Five Dollars ($5.00) nor more than Two Hundred Dollars ($200) for each offense, and separate offense shall be deemed committed for each and every day during which a violation continues or exists. Section 4: This ordinance shall be published one time within ten days after its passage in a newspaper having a general circulation in the CITY of Galesburg,' Illinois, and shall be in full force and effect after its passage, publication, and approval as provided by law. Passed and approved this 30th day of July, 1973. DR." R. P. CABEEN, Mayor. ATTEST: OLGA E. NELSON, Clerk. State of Illinois ) County of Knox ) ss. City of Galesburg ) I, Olga E. Nelson, City Clerk of said City of Galesburg, Illinois, hereby certify that as such Clerk I am the keeper of the records of the said City and that the foregoing ordinance is a true copy Of an ordinance passed by the City Council of the City of Galesburg, Illinois, on the 30th day of July, A. D, 1973 and duly approved by the Mayor of the City of Galesburg, Illinois, on the 30th day of July, A. D. 1973 and now in force, the original of which is now on file in my office, and further certify that as such' City Clerk I am keeper of the same. Witness my hand and seal of saiirf City of Galesburg, Illinois, this 31st day of July A. D. 1973. (Seal) OLGA E. NELSON, City Clerk. 8-4-lt Farm - Miscellaneous 40 Farms and Acreages—Rent ....41 Farms and Acreages—Sale —.42 Pasture for Rent ...... .- 43 Farm implements,- Services..44 Feed - Seed - Fertilisers 45 Poultry and Supplies 46 Livestock and Supplies 47 AucUons. 48 Commercial Property .- 59 Construction Eouipment 75 Employment Wanted 14 Garages — J? Good Things to Eat 21 Help Wanted—Male 11 Help Wanted-Female...- 12 Help Wanted—Male, Female .—13 Household Goods 26 Home Improvement 25 Houses for Rent 55 In Memoriam * Instruction L 15 Insurance *" Investments »• Lawn and Garden Needs 34 lost and Found - g Moving — Storage ----Money to Loan-Wanted 19 Musical . - 28 Mobile Homes for Rent 56 Mobile Home Spaces 57 Mobile Homes tor Sale 66 Motorcycles New Houses Bicycles 74 for Sale «2A Notices - Lodge .. 3 Notices • Other — - - 4 Notices - Special - Personal —8 Office Space -80 Photography ... r — » Pets and Supplies 33 Property Management 16 Rooms for Rent - 8} Resorts and Cottages — 61 Room arid Board 52 Real Estate for Sale 63 Real Estate Wanted 64 Real Estate—Out of Town 65 Sporting Goods 71 Transportation ...,— .—.. _» Trailers - Campers - Equip. —.72 Tires - Accessories - Parts 73 Trucks - Truck Trailers 76 TV - Radio - Stereo 27 Wanted to Buy - Misc 33 Wanted to Rent - M Miscellaneous 30 In Memoriam- LtNK, Lisa Kay — In loving memory of our Lisa Kay who would have been one year old August 6th. Sadly missed by Mommy, Daddy, Slater Dawn, Grandma, Grandpa, and Family McCANTS. MM. Ed (Dotls) — In loving memory of my deaf friend. Mrs. fid (Doris) McCants, who passed away one year ago Aug 5th. The life she lived was true and honest Always glad to make a friend Happy hearted and contented Faithful to an to the very end. Now her e*rthly strife ts over No more sorrow, no more care Yet our hearts are sad and lonely, For we miss her everywhere. A dear friend, Wilma Sepleh Rets Wanted • Male-ll Saturday, Aug, 4, 1973 15 EXPERIENCED semi truck driver wanted for grain hauling, call Saturday. Sunday or next week Phone 639-2310 Williamsfield. WANTED for restaurant cleanup in Abingdon, 9 to approximately 11:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. Gcod second job., Write Box 957, care Galesburg Register-Mall ADJUSTERS INVESTIGATORS Will train to become branch managers In consumer finance. Rapid advancement, outstanding salary opportunities and employee benefits. Must be at least high school graduate and have a serviceable automobile. Veterans on the job training approved. GENERAL FINANCE CORP. 108 E. Main St.. Galesburg ,342-6141 VAN DUSEN, Mrs. Bertha — In memory of our sister who passed away one year ago today. Though her smile is gone forever And her hand we cannot touch We shall never lose the memory Of the one we loved so much. Sisters and Brothers Notices - Other—4 WALNUT GROVE TOWNSHIP Will be Taking Bids on a NEW DUMP TRUCK CHASSIS Specifications can be obtained from Robert F. Anderson, Sr., Road Commissioner for Walnut Grove Township. ON AND after this date, Aug. 4, 1973, I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by any other than myself. Ronald B. Needham 603 E. Euclid Ave. Monmouth, 111. Notices - Special - Personal—5 LOSE WEIGHT safely and fast with X-ll Diet Plan. $3.00. Reduce Excess Fluids with X-Pel. $3.00. Money Back Guarantee at Osco Drug. PREGNANT and NEED HELP? Call Birthright 343-4913 DRINKING PROBLEM? Want to do something about it? Let us help you help yourself. Phone 342-2179, 24 hours. Confidential. Business Service— 7 BASEMENT CLEANING Phone 343-2458 WEED MOWING E. J. MARTIN — 342-0521 PAINTING, roofing, carpentry, cement work. Free estimates. 1221 Garden Lane, Phone 343-0936 WANTED: Anyi type home repair: cement, carpenter work, basement waterproofing, gutters, painting. Work guaranteed. 553 E. Brooks. 343-9563. McCANTS, Doris H. — In loving memory of our wife, mother and grandmother, who passed away 1 year ago August 5, 1972.' Today recalls sad memories Of a dear one gone to rest,' And the ones who think of her today. Are the ones who loved her best. Husband, Sons and Grandchildren WHITE SPACE INCREASES READERSHIP OF THE WANT ADS Legal Notice CARPET CLEANING. Dirt is actually extracted, not just surface cleaned with clean, clear soft water steam. No long drying period. Ron's Steamllner, 3424232. PAINTING Interior or Exterior. For free estimates call 342-3996 anytime. Fully Insured. ATTENTION I need 2 men to help me in the insurance field. We furnish leads, renewals and company fringe benefits. If you are over 21, with a car, please call me about a career that would be the best you have ever heard. I'm going to interview at the Holiday inn Motel Monday evening, Aug. 6 from 6 to 8 P.M. and Tuesday morning from 9 to 11 A.M. Ask for Mr. Harscher. WANTED "3" BODY REPAIRMEN Can you qualify?? (1) Have own basic tools (2) Responsible (3) Prompt (4) Courteous (5) Dependable (6) Interested in quality work. If you can truthfully answer yes to the above call Bob Clark for an interview. 342-4148 FESLER OLDSMOBILE, Inc. 120 N. Chambers St. Galesburg, Illinois Help Waated-Male—11 AMBULANCE Attendants wanted for part time. Send resume to P.O. Box 292, Gale9burg, 111. _ PERSONNEL WANTED: Managers and Assistant Managers for lumber and building material yards and Home Center operations in central Illinois. This small, chain operation of^ fers excellent opportunities for experienced people. Write giving qualifications. Box 952, c/o Galesburg Register-Mail. Help Witfti * Mitt, rtnitte -43 DUE to expansion of Out%tsiness we need counter girl, otinter man, warehouseman, ApBy^ in person, Lasalie Eiectr^nic ^SM s. Seminary. WICKES Building Inc. Looking for professional salesman. Salary plus commission plus company car. Complete fringe benefits furnished by company, including profit sharing. This is a permanent position. If you can qualify, and are interested In becoming part of the fastest growing agricultural and commercial building company call 8 to 10 A.M. for appointment. Ask for Mr. Rose. 342-3416. An equal opportunity employer, WE HAVE opening for man with some mechanical experience interested in steady work and possible part time bus driving. Galesburg Bus Co., 342-1010. EXCELLENT gmQEP 9 *£n 4 .5k gressive salesperson. Full-time position available immediately in one of Galesburg's finest retail stores. Group insurance,! paid vacations, retirement benefits. All replies held confidential. Send resume to Box 953 c/o Baleaburg Reglster-Mall._ AMBITIOUS Housewives, Couples or individuals, any age.i even retirees, for full or part-time, work, no experience necessary, v 'Be your own boss, set your oWv.hours. Free training. For interview write to: 2018 - 29th St?,' Rock Island, 111. 61201. SALES: II you are married and have a sales personality, Blue Chip business machine company would like to have you represent them In the Galesburg area. College helpful. $9,000 plus. Call Jim Scattergood, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. WANTED — Applicant interested in opportunity to earn $150 per week. Permanent position with large national company, good advancement. For personal interview, call 343-2106. An equal opportunity employer. SALES I need 2 men to help me in the Insurance field. We furnish leads, renewals and company fringe benefits. If you are over 21, with a car, please call me about a career that would be the best you have evor heard. I'm going to interview at the Holiday Inn Motel, Tuesday evening, 6 to 8 P.M. Ask for Jim Harschcr. DEPENDABLE man experienced with livestock and farm machinery wanted full time. Top wages. References required. Write Box 958, care Galesburg Register-Mall. BEELINE FASHIONS. Earn extra dollars—and a new wardrobe each season, showing our beautiful line of fashions. Party plan. Top profits. Car necessary. For app't. call Mrs. Hays, 343-7862 or Mrs. Loy. 289-2511. WANTED — Married man for year around farm work. Modern house, Phone 482-3207. B & R CARPET SERVICE New & Used Installed Repairs — All Kinds 342-4650 , ELLISON'S Refrigeration 8c Appliance Service 342-2567 Seeding & Sodding E.J. MARTIN-342-0521 nois, TERMS OF SALE: Sale to be Galesburg, Illinois 61401 made upon terms of 15% of the Telephone: (309) 343-3155 amount bid, cash in hand on day of sale, with the balance thereof to be payable upon approval of said sale by the above- named court, at which time pos session and a proper deed of conveyance shall be given. Sale is to be made free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and free of the Homestead Estate of Lillie Steele. Said sale shall be made subject to taxes levied (or 1973 and subsequent years. Dated this 21st day of July, 1973. RAYDER L. PETERSON, Sheriff in and for Knox County, Illinois McLaughlin & Hattery Plaintiff's Attorneys 304 Bank of Galesburg Bldg. Galesburg, Illinois 61401 Telephone 309/343-5136 7/21-28; 8/4; 7/28; 8/4-11; 3T F. A. Route 53 Section 126-1-4 Knox County NOTICE BY PUBLICATION In the Circuit Court for The Ninth Judicial Circuit of Illinois, Knox County. No. 73-D-274 ROBERT L. LOCKE, Plaintiff vs. MARY F. LOCKE, Defendant NOTICE IS GIVEN YOU, MARY F. LOCKE, defendant, that this case has been commenced in this court against you, asking for a DIVORCE and for other relief. UNLESS YOU file your answ- ORDINANCE NO. 73 -281 EXHIBIT "E" ORDINANCE REGULATING ENCROACHMENT ON PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY IN THE CITY OF GALESBURG, KNOX COUNTY, ILLINOIS. WHEREAS, the City of Galesburg, hereinafter known as the CITY, and the State of Illinois, acting by and through its Department of Transportation, have entered into an Agreement relative to the improvement of the intersection of Dayton 3T I Street and Henderson Street \<F.Ai Route 53, SBI Route 80) designated as Section 126-1-4 by the State and City Section 0401-8 (T)CS by the CITY, Federal Aid Project T-5085(l). WHEREAS, in order to facilitate said improvement, it is necessary for the CITY to adopt an ordinance regulating encroachments on the right-of-way for said improvement in accordance with the following definition: Roadway Right-of-Way is defined as those areas existing or acquired by dedica- CLAIM NOTICE In the Circuit Court for The Ninth Judicial Circuit, Knox County, Illinois, in Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of AGNES M. HUBER, Deceased. No. 73-P-184. NOTICE is given of the death of AGNES M. HUBER. Letters of office were issued on July 31, 1973, to Dorothy LaFollette, 305 Oliver Street, East Galesburg, Illinois 61430 as Administrator, whose attorneys are Peel, Hennig, Mathers & Bell, 206 Bank of Galesburg Building, Galesburg, Illinois 61401. Claims may be filed within 6 months from the date of issuance of Letters of Office and any claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate which is inventoried within that period. Claims must be filed in the office of the Clerk of this Court, Knox County Courthouse, Galesburg, Illinois, and copies mailed or delivered to the Administrator and to said attorneys. Dated July 31, 1973. EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois 8/4-11-18; 3T Ski Expert The inventor of the "two- pole" technique in downhill skiing as well as the ski cable binding, the rucksack, and dress climbing wax was Georg Bel-, Ralph W. Scott geri, a Hungarian colonel who — lived about the turn of the century. PUBLIC NOTICE STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )ss. COUNTY OF KNOX ) APPLICATION UNDER THE ILLINOIS MOTOR CARRIER OF PROPERTY LAW Before the Illinois Commerce Commission Docket No. 34958 MC To Whom It May Concern: The undersigned applicant hereby gives notice to the public that Ralph W. Scott, d/b/a Central Van & Storage, has filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission, under and by virtue of The Illinois Motor Car rier of Property Law, as amended, an application for Permit as a Contract Carrier to transport the following com modifies for the following types of shipper and within the following described territory or routes, under written, bilateral contracts: Commodities; such merchan dise as dealt in by wholesale and retail general merchandise establishments, except commodities in bulk. Types of shipper: general merchandising company — con tract carriage — irregular routes. Territory or routes: between Rock Island and Moline, Illinois on the one hand, and, on the other, all points and places in Carroll, Whiteside, Henry, Bureau, Rock Island, Mercer, Stark, Knox, Henderson and Warren Counties, Illinois. The initial hearing on the application will be held at 2:00 o'clock P.M. in the offices of the Illinois Commerce Commission at 160 North LaSalle, Chicago, Illinois, on the 31st day of August, 1973. DATED this 31st day of July A.D., 1973. Applicant's Attorney and Address: Jack H. Blanshan 29 South LaSalle, Chicago, Illinois Applicant's Name and Ad- CITYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL We furnish metal containers for apts., business offices, stores and factories. 1 cubic yard thru 50 cubic yard sizes. We rent flatbed trucks or containers for one stop spring cleanup, remodeling or Honey Do special projects. Call low bidder Bill, 3421134. 24 years of experience. WEED MOWING 343-5949 LAWN BUILDING Steve Wilson—343-3946 HOME IMPROVEMENTS Remodeling and roofing. Paul Wilson, 343-3046. Child Care-10 RELIABLE woman needed to care for one small child In my home Monday thru Friday, 7:30 A.M.- 4:30 P.M. beginning Aug. 27th. Call 343-2346. BABYSITTER wanted in my home to care for baby 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. 1300 Block N. Kellogg St, Write Box 039, care Galesburg Regis ter-Mall. BABYSITTER wanted for 2 children, days, must have own transportation and references. Phone 342-8536 after 5. LICENSED, reliable baby sitter has opening for children. All day, before and after school, or \i day kindergarten children. One block to grade school. 289-2033. STORY BOOK CHILD CARE CENTER 369 N. Kellogg Hours: 6:30 to 6:00 Air Conditioned 342-3060 Help Wanted-Male-ll SUCCESSFUL salesman wanted, top wages, fringe benefits and plenty leads. Call Mr. Brown, 9 A.M. to 12 noon, 342-5016 for app't. coal company, Apply MAN to work at driver's license required. Monday and Tuesday at West Main Coal Yard, 476 W. Main. 343-9036. FULL or part time service station attendants capable of assuming some responsibility, mechanical background helpful. Apply Aug. 6-7, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Bridlecreek Shell. 1-74 and E. Main. WANTED TIRE SERVICEMAN ft Full Time for Tire Service Work, ft No Layoffs, ft Good Working Condition, ft Holidays & Vacation with Pay. ft Insurance Program, ft Uniform furnished. -ft- Honest, dependable, aggressive man needed between 21 to 45 years age. Also need part time help. Apply in person only at Galesburg Tire Center 244 S. Chambers St. Help Wanted - Female—12 OFFICE secretary work,. _Apply 9 for part time to 10 A.M., Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens, 405 Hill Arcade. CHAIR side dental assistant, will train. Excellent opportunity for professional career with good salary and fringe benefits. Write Box 961, care Galesburg Register- Mail. SHOE SALESMAN Full time or part time, experience preferred but not necessary. Excellent starting wage. Apply in person only. Shane & Showers Shoe Store. DRIVER-OWNER-OPERATOR with cabover tandem axle tractor, will need an Indiana base plate, which goes on sale for half price on Aug. 1. Steady work. For more details call Rlngle Express collect, Moline, 111. 309-709-5171. SELECTED OPPORTUNITIES (Partial Listing) Estimator—Contractor SIB.OOO M.E.—Design new products .$15,000 Indus'l. Tech.—Trainee 112,000 I.E.—No degree required ...112,000 Tool Design—Fee paid .112,000 Draftsman—Structural 112,000 Machinist—Local. Days 112,000 Filing Tech.—Draft. Dept. ..$10,000 Diesel Mech.—Fine oppor .19,000 Stock Clerk—Local trainee ..$7,000 Call Bob Tilton, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel ATTENTION Openings on day shift for waitress and dressing table operator. No experience necessary. Applicants must be neat and dependable. Apply in person between 9 and 11 A.M. STEAK N SHAKE 1066 N. Henderson GET YOUR Christmas Shopping Done B'ree by- demonstrating House of Lloyd toys, gifts and decorations. No collecting on delivery. Car necessary. Weekly commission checks plus green stamp bonus. Call 309-768-2014 or write Janice Totten, R.R. 3, Mon mouth. 111. 61462. STEP UP TO A SOLID FUTURE WITHM PROCTER & GAMBLE SALES We're seeking individuals "who have done some selling^, Hke it, and now want to make their efforts more rewarding! uiYour - sailes territory will be right here in this area. MI. You'll be selling products recognized as the best, backed by effective advertising and ybu'll be talking to customers , who need and respect you ana the marketing help you catv : give them. u You'll be trained to give this marketing help by experts in an organization noted for its marketing ability and foi 1 'quality of its selling metho<fcj, , In short, you'U be successfully selling first class products with a first class company at a good salary, and with one 1 of the finest benefit programs available anywhere. A part of this benefit program includes the opportunity to own stock in the company through profit sharing. Paid expenses, medical surgical plan, life insurance, company car, and opportunity for bonus. . i < This is a good, permanent career opening for thc'-'se'rlous minded person with teat on the ground, a liking fpr ?ales work and a desire to lmptove. Some college desired. i Please phone concerning- your interest, outlining the details of your sales background to; DALE MOBURG i 't August 8th, 9 a.m.-l p .m. 343-7151 . V„ We arc an equal opportunity employer—M&F SALESPERSON wanted to "Work 25 hours at $176 per week. Mr. Finley will be interviewing from 8-12 and 1-4 at the Illinois State Employment Service, Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 8th and 9th. LABORATORY POSITIONS MT-ASCP, RMT. or CLA to work in our lab fuU .time, 5 days week. Some weekend work required, occasional evening work and night call.' Excellent salary and fringe benefits. Call collect 309-647-5240 ext. 210. .. Graham Hospital Association Canton, 111. ,', . We are an equal opportunity employer ,, v ONE OF GALESBURG'S LEADING REAL ESTATE FIRMS needs full time salesmen. Experienced preferred but would train. NVe are a member of M.L.S. Write P.O. Box 614, Galesburg. WOMAN OR MAN WAITED Who likes to meet peoples'Good appearance, pleasant work,, opportunity for cxcellent'itlcome and advancement with leading national company. Car helpful. Write P.O. Box 295, Galesburg. An equal opportunity employer. SUPPLEMENT your Income — Sell AVON. Set your own hours, they can. be either Day time and/or Evening. Call 342-1622 or write AVON MANAGER, P.O. Box 1385, Galesburg, 111. 61401. KITCHEN Help"wanted7 Apply in person, Knox Manor, 820 E. 5th St. LADY wanted as companion to elderly lady, live in. Saturdays off. Phone 343-3949. OFFICE girl wanted, typing and filing a must. Apply Tuesday through Saturday, 2 to 5. F&S Masonry, Mr. Fredrlckson, 439 N. Henderson. 342-4325. ATTENTION Party Plan—Our 26th Yearl Highest Commissions — Largest selection of Toys & Gifts I Over 300 best-selling items in a Full-Color Catalog. Call or write SANTA'S PARTIES, Avon, Conn. 06001. Phone 1 (203) 673-3455. Also BOOKING PARTIES! NIGHT waitress, must be over 21. Day barmaid, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Apply Beserra's Taco House EXPERIENCED Beauty Opera tors wanted for 8 chair shop opening in 2 weeks. Only exper- lenced operators call 342-6417. WAITRESSES wanted — Full time. All shifts. Apply In person Sambo's Restaurant, 1081 E. Main. ULL or part time grill cook for air conditioned kitchen. Exper SALES: Home comfort products. Local territory. Call on dealers, contractors. Start $7,800 plus company car. Call Jim Scattergood, 342-1112, WitUe, Pryor & Smith Personnel. WANTED — Man to care for livestock on large livestock and grain farm. Hourly wage, modern home and other benefits. David Bliss, Abingdon, 111. Phone 462-3508. EXPERIENCED ALUMINUM SIDING APPLICATORS Experienced Only Contact Fones & Moore Roofing Co. 465 E. Berrien St. CaU or come in for appointment 343-8970 agei spot available for ambitious person. Must want to learn. $9,000 plus benefits. CaU Bob Tilton, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. R.R. 3, N. Brady St., Davenport, Iowa m.c. 71rj 8/4; IT THE CLASSIFIED NUMBER •7181 343 , Wanted DELIVERY & SERVICEMAN Full Time • Must be able to furnish references Excellent fringe benefits Profit sharing Pension trust Major medical hospitalization • Sick leave Please Contact Mr. Hagrelius for app't. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. No interviews witiiout prior app'ts. Phone 343-3145 THERMOGAS CO. 1242 S. West St. Galesburg, 111. ience preferred but not necessary. For further information call 3438645 before 5 p.m. or 342-6415 after 7 p.m., Northgate Lounge, and ask for Jack Enes. HAVE FUN!" " Sell Toys & Gifts MERRI MAC TOY SHOWS Box 215 New Windsor, 111. 667-2204 ATTRACTIVE ladies with nice figures and personalities wanted for sales positions with international company. Good salary. Call Miss Brown for app't., 342-9104. Help Wanted • Male. Female—13 MR. STEAK is accepting applications for cooks, bus, dishwashers, waitresses, hostesses. Apply between 2 a.m. and 4 p.m. Prior ap- pllcants are urged to reapply. 4 Experienced FRY COOKS and 4 WAITRESSES needed at THE HUDDLE COFFEE SHOP May call for app't.—343-5151 Due to'.' Expansion and • t Increased" Business,'. We need additional,', people for the following positions: * Car Washer 9 Parts Man * Secretary. Apply in person to GERRY FESLER GERRY FESLER.: PONTIAC-CADILLAC,. Inc. 172 S. Prairie St. , PART TIME HELP WANTED Male and female. Applications now being accepted ior"t t xtra help In various departments in our store. Hours and days flexible. Pleasant working conditions plus generous merchandise discounts. Apply in pcr- son, Gambles, 420 Ej .Main. Equal opportunity employer. DO YOU want to earn . more money? Do you enjoy working with people? We invite you to join a very special sales management team of Vanda Beauty Counselors. We train, you select your working hours. 'Call 3437639 Monday thru Friday after 5 P.M. and weekends. MAIDS needed for part time work. Apply in person only. Starting Monday, July 30. Regal 8 Inn. next to Huddle Inn. An Equal Opportunity Employer. WANTED — Bxperlenced Heal Estate Sales Person. We *ay top commissions and offer Tbp advertising, secretarial serjHce, office facilities, and remilre a minimum In sales from pur sales E ersonnel. Call Anthony B. ischwe, Realtor. 343-1165^ WHITE SPACE INCREASES READERSHIP OF THE WANT ADS (Continued on Page^ 16) Help Wanted • Male—11 Help Wanted-Male-ll FULIT TIME HecmciaT!^^antea. Also fuU time TV and Appliance serviceman. Apply in person, Olson Electric, Altona, 111. WANTED PERMANENT . FACTORY EMPLOYEES; and " r Experienced Arc Welders CONTACT: Illinois State Employment Office or • Call 342-6121, Ext. 232 BUTLER MANUFACTURING CO/ 1027 S. Henderson — Galesburg > , ; , An Equal Opportunity Employer

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