Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire on November 12, 1954 · Page 6
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Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire · Page 6

Nashua, New Hampshire
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1954
Page 6
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NASHUA TELEGRAPH, NASHUA. N. H. FMPAY. NOVPKMJt U, 1»4 Red Wing Leaves Track at Union Station; One Dead and 19 Injured Continue* Ironl FMI Ont building* by flying wreckage was expected to near the million-dollar mark. Nashua police identified the dead woman a* Mr» Buckley when 11-year-old Catherine Buckley, who was taken to the Memorial hospital, sobbed for her mother. A close, check by the authorities revealed Mrs Buckley was the only (M-rson unaccounted for. The injured were listed as follows: At Memorial hospital--William Sherman, 20, of 222 Ainlirrst st, .Manchester, injury to left hip; Joseph Cravier. ,"!, of 'M Turnpike st, Simeook, left knee i n j u r y , discharged; l,cuDdris, (ill, of Hi Chase st, Salem, Mass, back hurts, discharged: Don-is |{. White, 32, of 1987 St A n t h o i n e st, Montreal, liach injuries, discharged: Xavier Koy, 70, Salem, Mass, hand injuries, discharged. Hose Kohr, 19, of 21.V Van Horn st, Montreal, ICR injuries, discharged; C a t h e r i n e fJiickley, about 10, Manchester, head injuries; she is the d a u g h t e r of the dead woman. S t e w a r t M u n s o n , 71, of 19 Kherside st, Sangus, Mass, leg injuries; L a u r e l C'oulomhe. II, of 101 l.imlcn st, .Manchester. At St Joseph hospital: A l f r e d \ \ a d c . 17, of 1120 Barclay st, M o n t r e a l , back i n j u r i e s , discharged; K a / a r A s l a n i a n , '.!!, of ~8 I'earl st, Lowell, discharged; Mrs Leona HuMcii, 19, of I(i(i S o u t h C h a m p l n i n st, !:;;:-!i;iKl;i:i VI, and ir.f.tiii baby: Joseph 1'. I'a/.eresolty, Maiden, .Mass; Mrs Kleanor Pazeresoky, Maiden; Thomas M u l l i g a n , I I C h e s t n u t s t , Concord; liernard Wykiel, M, of 132 \\Vstlaml av, .Manchester; Kiehard Clancy, l(i, of ' I I Kockinghiun st, Concord; Lester \V. Hyde, 02, of 19 Carolina st, Mr-dford, Mass; J'hiliji Cibsnii, 33, iif 'Hi"9 Cote st, M o n t r e a l . L'rnesf l{, 31, of C l a r e m o n t . to*. A JMU Mt *« DEATH AND DESTRUCTION SCENE tfc* ·1 tr«ek« w»r l*«»ly fry th* Tb* ·vwtufMtf f«Uf««« O. C. Hardy of Concord, sup- e r i n t e n d e n t of the New Hampshire division ol the Boston and Maine, was notified ot the mishap at 6 am and he arrived at the scene about two hours later. He described the accident as a "general derailment" and added, "we'll know better a f t e r an exhaustive investigation. A 35-year veteran with the railroad, he said he considered the Nashua accident as one of the worst he has seen. S u p e r i n t e n d e n t Hardy did not wish to estimate the amount of damage done but he said it was very extensive. \ ill,, J come in and see-the MAYTAG 1 A ADVANCED AUTOMATIC IVASHEC DELUXE RADIO SALES A N D SERVICE G7 E. Pearl St. Ph. TV 3-5722 Upon query, he also said that a railroad cc; costs in the neighborhood of 5100,000. H. jf. Sanborn of Lebanon, master conductor, identified the engineer as Samuel Burns, 62. of 30 Oak Point rd, Saugus, Mass and the fireman as J. P. Laflamme, 64, of 146 Canal st, this city- The train was carrying some 65 passengers, including 20 in Pullman berths when the disaster occurred. The Montreal to Boston overnight train, known as the "Red Wing" j u m p e d tho track, and sent all but two cars over on their side. Remaining upright were the first unit of the Diesel which smashed into a Railway Express Co truck, sending that vehicle into another truck j u s i a short distance from the s t a - tion building and a car in the tail end of the line. Wreckage was strewn over four tracks, blocking the railroad's main line all morning. The train as it jumped the track, crashed into two parked f r e i g h t cars adjacent to the Johns-Manville Products Corp building. The cars smashed into the walls of the i n d u s t r i a l plant and left large gaps and destroyed scores of window panes. All available physicians, police and f i r e f i g h t e r s as well as BPW employes were summoned to duty and assisted in the emergency. Only two of the eight cars remained in an upright posit- NEW LOW PRICES if»m til* M»t »W» »l tte »t tioMlaf. Th» W«it ·id* of th» croning wo v i*potf oil by Boaid ol Public Work* employes and polic* w«r* on duty to piertnt ipvctators from approaching th« wwckagt. Th« shanty uMd by gat»- tenders raniahtd from th* seen* completely when th# wood»n wrtckagt was itr«wn in all directions. Fortunately, the overnight gat*-t«nd*r, John Rabbttt oi Concoid, won ouUid* th« small building wh#n th* crash occurred. M» was Identified as the tender on duty at the time by Walter Widener o! 354 Main it gate-t«nd*r in the daytime. Trucks or '"dollys" wer« wrench from the underpinning of the dislodged coaches and were hurled in all directions. The violence of the crash wa« f u r t h e r noted when one of th» trucks was hurled almost 40 feet through the air and became imbedded against the Merrimack Farmers Exchange building. Considerable damage was done to the side of the building adjacent to the tracks. Emergency calls were sounded on the fire whistle on two separate occasions following an anonymous telephone call to the Central fire station. Three Z'n were Bounded at 6:46 am alerting all call men and 5-5-5-5 for available police sounded three minutes later. Members of the auxiliary police force also rushed to the scene. Top city officials were at the scene early and marshalled their forces for various d eta Is. Among them were Chief of Police Joseoh L. Regan, Fire Chief Anthony J. Molloy and Superintendent of Streets Ho- meo Anqer of the Beard of Public Works. Also on the scene early was Mayor Lesler H. Burnham. The scene of disaster -- cars turned over, wreckage scattered all over tho area between the station and the railroad bridge spanning the Nashua river, all depicting violence -attracted hundreds of motor- ipK and podsstrians. The B and M Diesel train whose new cvow got on at White River Junction, Vt, and was oxoected to reach Boston by 6:45 am, was due to reach Nashua at 5.47 o'clock and leave Union station at Some railroad employes they believed the train pulling into Nashua at 5:53, others said the it arrived here at 5:50. A survey of the wreckage disclosed the Red Wing train was powered by a twin -unit Diesel and included a mail car, express car, milk car, two sleepers and two coaches. The lead unit of the Diesel and the last car in the line were the only ones to remain upright. Police were on duty wtile the mail car was being unloaded. Some of the rails were pulled up and twisted and several ties were reduced to kindling by the rj-in-'.'-iq, clevailrd wheels. . S u p r r i n i r r . ' . o n ; C h ; u l c s A. \\~i\~ Wreck of the Boston and Maine, Montreal to Boston overnight passenger t r a i n , a! l i i i o n sliiuon cariy this moru'iis; took one life, brought i n j u r y to Ifl persons and caused extensive damage totaling a million dollars. The only railroad cars which remained s t a n d i n g were the lend unit of a double-unit Diesel engine, (I' and the last car. Also damaged were sections ot the Johns-Manville plant and the Merrimack Farmers Exchange building. (Telegraphoto) 5:50. said was SWEATERS -- UNDERWEAR -- HOSE SHIRTS -- GLOVES -- PANTS JOE SELLS FOR LESS $5.00 M K N ' S Felt Hats I d e r m a n of the Personnel section,' Postal T r a n s p o r t a t i o n Service, Boston, Mass, was at the scene; and conducted an inspection, lie said none of the m a i l carried o n . the t r a i n was lost or damaged. He also said the s h i p m e n t i n - ; eluded 198 sacks of foreign mail. Train service was resumed at 1 pm f o l l o w i n g t h e removal of wreckage covering a l l r a i l r o a d lines used for n o r t h and south t r a f f i c . The vu'lim, Mrs M a r y Buckley, ;it 30. is a i n n t h e r of tivt'. i n c l u ding a f j - m o n t h - o t d baby. She was 1 a k i n g her d a u g h t e r , C a t h e r i n e , 11, to \ Boston h o s p i t a l lor t r e a t - ment of mi undisclosed a i l m e n t . The child's crying for her mot h e r at I he M e m o r i a l h o s p i t a l where she WHS t a k e n for t r e a t - . ment t o i n j u r i e s she sustained, led N a s h u a police to t h e i r first clue lo i d e n t i t y of the dead woman. W a l t e r Burnley, t h e h u s - nanrl and f a t h e r , a r r i v e d in Xashua a t m i d - m o r n i n g a n d l a t e r i d e m i f i r d t h r body. Mrs Buckley wns f o u n d u n d e r - n e a t h one of the paasse-nger cars and was not removed f r o m t h o wreckage u n t i l some h o u r s a f t e r CLOSE CALL the mishap. D e a t h was believed to 1)0 almost instantaneous. Early t h i s afternoon, t\vu of the injured were .still at t h e Memorial hospital and nine were at St Joseph. On tho scene early to give a l e n d i n g hand were two US Coast G u a r d members, Robert Gardner and Robert Roy. and t h e hitler's b r o t h e r , G i r a r d Roy. all of H u d - son. The service men were w a i t - Inp for the Rod Winp to t a k e t h e m to t h e H u b when t h e y h e a r d the loud i m p a r t . They assisted in removing t h e injured from t h e t r a i n . AP BOSTON Continued from Page One of the Boston office of the AP headed the contingent of staffers from that office and took charge of the coverage of one of the biggest spot news stories to hit the New England area in gome time. T o d a y ' s news, today's pictures, today. JOE'S M K X ' S and HOYS' STOKK 243 M A I N ST. | (Next to 201h Century M:\rUot) NOW YOU CAN RENT AN AUTOMATIC GAS W A T E R HEATER Says Labor, Religion Have Common Enemies Boston, Kov 12 I.T)--Archbishop Richard J. Cushinn of Boston said today organized labor and organized religion "have many of their .enemies in common." The Catholic prelate, in a prepared address for the 16th a n n u a l stale convention of the CIO, told the delegates the Soviet "experiment has turned into a campaign i against organized labor, a campaign in which 'wage slavery' has been replaced w i t h a system of forced labor." Archbishop G u s h i n g said "it is difficult to tell which is more sad and d i s g u s t i n g : To hear a professed friend of the common man defend tyranny's destruction or organized labor. "Yet, t h i s is what f r e q u e n t l y happens when those who follow j l h e Communist line visit Soviet ' A s i a . They don't even m e n t i o n the millions in the Russian forced labor camps . . . They pass in silence by these camps crowded with slave workers who have been torn out of life and society, deprived of everything including hope, and left with nothing but their chains." The archbishop said priests and workers have a "much more intimate" relation than is commonly realized. "In Eastern E u - rope, for example, when a Red Fascist regime beats a prelate, nine limes out of ten it is beating a worker's son." he said. "In striking at these priests." he said, "they are s t r i k i n g not only at the friends, but at t h e sons and brothers of workers." was k i l l e d yesterday when he veered his Sahrejet p l a n e onto a \ field to avoid l a n d i n g in a t h i c k - , ,' lv p o p u l a t e d area. ! · " i n 194-1, Mrs Smith's firsi h u s - band, U. "Ish" A b b o t t , riisiip- peared in Florida w h i l e p i l o t i n g :i plane on a t r a i n i n g f l i g h t . Jerry Ix-temire Al (ho 1'imio niu] OrKiin Lnbtttr .. A, You Uk« It Friday Only il.95 Boots Saddle !. j GHOTON Hawaii produces more t h a n a ~ ' " m i l l i o n tons of cane sugar a year. : Todays news, mday'i pinmret. (nci.y. FOR $ ONLY A MONTH :v'ir M A I N STKKKT D I A L The lead diesel pulling the sfrinc of cars which «ere derailed, came to rest no more than 100 yards away from the L'nion S l a t / o n baggage room and waiting room. It did however, ram one of several Railway Kxpress trucks parked on the siding. (Telegraphoto) Widowed by Plane Crash For Second Time Winooskl, Vt.. Nov ]2 --(,T--: Mrs Shannon Smith, mother of. two small children, has heen widowed by an Air Force plane I crash for the second time in 10 i years. Her husband, Capt Hahlen A. I Smith II, 30. Sioux City. Iowa, Attractive! Powerful! Durable! EVERBRITE "Kitchen Queen" Electric MIXER Sale at Only r/.cka fHY pot a mixing bowl, ANYWHERE .. .on slove, Jink or toblei Lightweight, modern, POWERFUL! 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