Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire on June 16, 1966 · Page 14
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Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire · Page 14

Nashua, New Hampshire
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1966
Page 14
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NASHUA TELEGRAPH. NASHUA. N; H. THURSDAY, JUMB II, 1«M King Faisal Reconciles Progress With Islamic Conservatism Arabs Told Earth Is Fixed, Sun Revolves Around /f By THOMAS F. BRADY 1C) tew N.y, Times Newt ctrvlM JIDDAir, Saudi Arabia - "The problem Europe knew three and t half centuries ago when the fathers ol the church condemned Galileo because he said the earth turned on its axis exists today In Saudi Arabia. King Faisal's task le to lolve the problem not only without burning any one at the stake, but even without the kind of crisis that occurred 41 years go In Tennessee when John T. Scopes 'Misunderstanding' Says Mayor Collins BOSTON (AP) -Boslon Mayor John Collins says there has . been "misunderstanding" alxmt ; fte tone of his withdrawal state- !raenl at the Democratic State 'Convention, but he retracts no part of it. The convention last Friday :' gave Its endorsement for the U. S. Senate seat that Collins seeks to former Gov. Endicoll Peabody. Returning from i mayors' conference to Dallas, Tex., Collins said U his voice seemed "unduly harsh or »trldent" It was because he was trying to make himself heard "over the boos and raucous conduct of my opponents' njpporterj." Stock Prices Waver In Active Trading Wednesday 1M« N, Y, TlfflM N»WI ItnlM NEW YORK - Slock prices wavered Indecisively in active trading Wednesday. late weakness was traced to a report bc- for« 3 pra that a special Cart adian envoy was in North Vietnam, presumably to discuss negotiations to end the war. Chester Rorvning, the envoy, conducted a similar mission in March. The result was a recurrence of a Wall Street "peace scare" based on fears that cutbacks in military production would cause economic dislocations. »9 Stocks DOHD At the final bell, 599 stocks were below, Tuesday's closing prices . and 5?9 were above those levels. There were 34 new highs for 1856 and 59 new lows. Reflecting increased turnover early fn the day, volume climbed to 8.52 million ihares from 7.5 million yesterday. Th« Dow-Jones Industrial av- «rag« barely managed to tay ·above the 900-IeveI, closing at 301.11, down 3.06. Standard .Poor"! 500-slock Index, up 0.26 point it the opening, closed »t .88.7!, down 0,34 point. The New :York Times combined average ,df » industrial and railroad is- ·«« closed at 531.59, down 1.62. Late profit-taking depressed the majority of slocks on the American Stock Exchange today and ,tts new computer-based Index tlwed at J15.5I, off 1 cent from .yesterday's close. The new index reflect* the average price of the MO common stocks and warrants traded on the exchange- The index /reached i high of $15.73 today. , Altogether, 298 Issues advanced .while S28 declined. Volume «· WMW to 2.43 million shares from ,3.x million jhares yesterday. tt» over-the-counter market managed to make i small advance In Tery quiet trading, Auto, Airlines Weak Auto and airlines stocks were the weakest Issues of the day. The auto Issues turned downward on news of further declines in Industry-wide sales In early June. Chrysler, which reported its sales In the first ten day« of June were 17.4 per cent below the 1965 period, tumbled to * new low of 4054, down 1%. Ford also slipped closing at 46. Its early June sales were off 8.7 per cent. Airline stocks weakened on reports that the Vietnam war was forcing some carriers to cut back civilian service because of delays in receiving new aircraft and by the diversion of planes to military traffic. Losses ranged as high as 4% for Northwest, which, selling ex dividend, closed at 11% »nd I'/i for Delta, which finished it 114%. Sperry Rand, the most-active stock, edged up Vi to 14. Ban- juet, the Philippine gold mining concern, placed second en the most-actives and rose H to J. SCSI, a popular trading Issue, slipped V/t to 8% while Transi- Iron rose 1% to 17. In Ms convention speech, Collins said John E. Powers, former slate Senate President and now clerk of the Supreme Court, had used power politics to aid Peabody and gain "revenge" /or the 1959 elections when Co!, lins defeated Powen for Mayor. "By this time, everyone knows that what I said about Mr. Powers" activities and motivations must be true, because he, himself, repeatedly and unctously confirmed those, facts that very night to every television Inter- Tlewer h« tould corral," Collins nld Wednesday night. Collins cited later remarks by former Presidential aide Kenneth O'Donnell, de/ealed for the endorsement for governor, about "the pressures, the promises, the persuasions, and the outright threats to delegates." Collins said he had 873 delegates, enough to win, promised to him when the session opened, but only 721 when the roll call was completed. Collins also said he will run "simutaneously" against Peabody and state Ally. Gen. Edward W. Brooke,. Brooke !s expected to be endorsed for the seat by the Republican State Convention. "I do not intend to permit the Peabody candidacy to divert or postpone the attention give to Mr. Brooke, said. I shaE Collins as fined for teaching Darwinian olution. Thus far, the King seems to be conclling progress with Islamic nservalism in the land ol the ly places, Mecca and Medina, t he is walking a light rope. Sheik AMdazIz Bin Baz, vice esldent of the Islamic imiver- y at Medina, wrote an article In two Arabic ncwspa- re (controlled, like all others, · the government) on 20 Rama- an If the Moslem year 1385, or anuary II, 1966. In It he said: "Much publicity has been given . to the theory that the earth tales and the sun Is fixed . , I ought it my duty to write a rief essay that would guide the ader to the proofs of the falsity of this theory and to rMHi*Hon of the truth... Hence I «ay the Holy Koran, the prophet's teaching, the majority of Islamic jcien- lists and the actual (act all prove that the sun is running In its or- as Almighty Cod ordained, and that the earth is fixed and stable, spread out by God for his mankind and made a bed and a cradle for them fixed down (irmly by mountains lest it shake." The article included many sp- posite verses from the Koran and quotations from the traditional teachings of the prophet and the sages of Islam. "Anyone who professed otherwise would utter infidelity and deviation, because such an act is a charge of falsehood toward God, the Koran and the jirophet," Bin Baz continued. "And any person who diarges tin Ataljhty, Ui boty bcok «r M* prophet with falsehood is t deviated «nd deviating infidel, who should be asked to renounce this attitude and repent or else be executed to die an apostate and infidel whose wealth then goes to the Moslem public treasury." The Sheik added; "Inasmuch as this theory is Inconsistent with Islamic teachings »nd law, It is also contradictory to fact and equivocal in logic and reason. Human beings ... set me wn running, whether rising or setting, and the earth fixed «nd «table and every town and mountain In its own place. None of these things has moved er changed. If the earth were totaling, ae has been claimed, towns, mountains, trees, rivers and eas would have no liability, and people would have teen the towns of the East on the West and the towns of the West en the Ea»t." Copies of the article found their way to Cairo, where the prui w»s delighted to aee a new indication of "Saudi reaction and backwardness." One newspaper, Al ilusa- war, proclaimed gleefully that Saudi Arabia had decided the earth was flat. Under pressure at borne, Sheik Bui Bat wrote t second article published May Jl saying he kad not announced the earth was flat but only that tie earth was fixed and that UK sun revolved arowd U and that those who claimed otherwise should be punished. Jkkiah and Riyad, the main cities of Saudi Arabia, buzzed excitedly about the controversy, but the aecular university at Hi- yad has continued to teach Western astronomy and celestial mechanics. Although Saudi Arabia's only constitution Is the Koran, no one has demanded that the pro- lesson who Ml tak riudeaii *· earth turnj on its axis and rotates around the «m *ouW recant. · When a visiting Joumatet Interviewed the King the other day, he was warned In advance by court officials that the King must not be asked to comment directly on Sheik Bin Baz'i view*. But the King did reply to a question on the problem of reconciling progress with tradilion, Illustrated with a reference, to Galileo. 'We have our bailc^Sharia or Islamic law, which calls ior and urges everything that Is good and In the Interest of humanity," the King said. "We cannot Hindly accept all that it called progress but must «lft out the good and reject the bad. Since Islamic law prohibits nothing good, there Is no problem. There may be difference* of Interpretation, but the law can resolve such differences. "Things that are good for the an Ufa* kitrodu««4. fa forernmtnl, we «llow n, ^ clei to food tiling!. It if duty to respect the Clan* -- thi roen who interpret and apply i^ lamlc law -- but we allow no to obstruct the best Interest* a the people." Jamil Hujtilan, the mlnUtu tt Information, said later: "Tw King cannot be involved in sucfc a controversy, but I can, beca^i U i. make a mistake, I sm K. pendable. "Sheik Bin Bat Is a rf-jitfow leader win has his own oi/nlorx, but be dots not represent » government Indeed, he oV* K even represent an important Ir» c . tion of prevailing opinion, Yw should remember that the Arabian pmtnsula was Isolated Inn any real contact with the vorid mil! tie end of World Kit fl, when oil exploitation began ben In tamest" TOP ROUND STEAK CHOICE" REGULAR TREASURE JSIAND NEWCASTLE, Wyo. (AP)-The Newcastle city library suspended Ihe overdue fines of any book re- lumed to the library during library week recently. One Newcastle man took vantage of the offer and returned a novel by Eobert Louis Stevenson. The book was 40 years overdue. If assessed, the overdue fine would have amounted to about ALL CHOICE CUTS FROM U.S.D.A. "CHOICE" BEEF $4.08 U.S. "CHOICE" NOW HEAR THIS! NORGE TAKES THE OUT OF MR CONDITIONING Ms you off w'ftart getting noisy about it! HERE'S HOW: l.Wood fronfe act M , deep cooling coili dampen fin touni. 3. Actxisttal fiber glut ·!r dumber lnsu)«. lion mppreiiai wxmd. 4. Mufffer Mam refric- ·rant to enter co* «8en«y. S.Two bullt-rn com- pnessof mufflers reduce operating wxmd. 6. Internally spring suspended "floit- fc»g" compressor. 1. ftn motor Hosts OB 3 rubber mounts. »« HOW MOMM CAN C001. 7 ROOM* WTTH t WMDOW UMTT* NORGE AIR CONDITIONERS PRKB AS LOW AS $139.95 JERRY'S * · * " » · » · *J HWestHollisSt. RADI ° " TV " APPLIANCES "Your Servicing Dealer Since 1939" 882-9231 STEAK STEAK U.S. "CHOICE" ROAST f% f^ U ' S ' " CHOICE " ROAST MT 4Mk UMP 00'BOTTOM ROUND 78 - F R E S H P R O D U C E - New Crop FLORIDA POTATOES 5""· 39' Cannon Ball WATERMELONS 89"° COLE SLAW pk9 10 e GET DETAILS AT YOUK GOLD SEAL GROCER -- RIVAL GOURMET DOG FOODS -BURGERS 'N GRAVY CHICKEN CROQUETTES 5 IS oz. cans MEDIUM RARE CHUNKS BEEF CHUNKS MIXED GRILLE 15 oz. «ans Green Gianl Com Green Giant Creamrrl Spinach Bird, Eye Onion Rings Dole Tine-apple Chunks .Dole Pineapple-Grapefruit Juice .Dole Pineapple Juice FROSTED FOODS JO M. 10 oz. 296 37- 2/49* « oz. 2/351 2/35t . « *· 25 f Of KING SIZE .10 BRILLO SOAP PADS GIANT SIZE PKG 39' SUNSHINE BEAUTY SUNSHINE BEAUTY " "% fW SANDWICH COOKIES C 4° 39 SSSSSffiX-S BM BRICK OVEN BAKED BEANS SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS i WISE POTATO CHIPS Ib. pkg. 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