The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 1, 1956 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1956
Page 17
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WHERE TO GO • Robert PeKry,', •»-,• obstruction worker of Miftgo^'Was killed recently when he fell frorii the second story of-a gymnasium in BftxterV Awhile helping remodel. Death resulted from a fractured lltull.' -Y :••,:•• ••'•• . "•;•.''••.• • ' Regular Price SUNDAY^ Days THE WORLD'S GREATEST ACTRESS... IN HER ACAPEMY AWARD ROLE! The-boldest story of love you have ever been permitted to see. 1 ' H.ntmonM prmrnU I BURT . ANN* I LflNCASTER-M&GNfiNI ,.HaI Wallis- / WRQSE. TATTOO behind The Movie Sets 9 '. • ' WITH BUDDY MASON ! Hollywood, Calif.—Brave, little Korea, struggling back to re- coVery after its heavy war losses, has recently discovered that its war Orphan problem has suddenly shifted into reverse! To completely solve the orphanage situation, they'd only have to send the kiddies over here in groups like the 25 cute, well- mannered, bright-eyed orphans appearing in "Battle Hymn" on the Universal-International lot. Everyone' wants to adopt them. « » * However, the children must be returned. to their homeland following -this, visit. This decision was 1 made public as a result of the flood of American requests to adopt the tiny orphans. Every person who has had an opportunity to observe them promptly falls in love with these pint-size Ambassadors-of-Good-Will. Meanwhile, the winning waifs are living on Cloud Number WA'S WONDER SHOWPLACI ' CLEAR' LAKE » IOWA FBI., MAY 4th ANDY DOLLS RIDGE RIDERS . SAT., MAY 5th EDDIE ALLEN An His Satin Smooth Orch. WED,, MAY 9th Teenage Dance SAMMY JENSON /And Orchestra ALGONA** Now Playing! A magnificent suspense,storyl Recommended without reservation as one of the year's top hits! ... TUESDAY Thru THURSDAY! I "The most outrageous preposterous, barbaric idea in my 30 years of Naval Intelligence!" CARTOON & NEWS Pmhwi b, ANDRE HAKIM • 01,1.1* by RONALD NEAME Scnupiiy t» NIGEL BALCHIN • Riiuud by 20111 Cwimy-fM Seven in a Seventh Heaven of ice cream, candy, trips to the zoo, movies, baseball and loving friends who are trying their best to arrange adoption. To these small visitors, America is one giant Disneyland. We'd like present when, and if, they visit Walt Disney's magic kingdom and learn that there's more, much more of wonderment and ecstacy m store! They're blissfully unaware of the strain they're causing to be placed on the overworked stafi of the Korean Consulate General in Los Angeles. In fact, hoping to clarify the adoption situation, The Government of the Republic of Korea, through its Consulate has-made the following announcement: , "It is with great regret and with great thanks to, the American people that we -must rule that none of the 25 Korean war- orphans now in Hollywood may be adopted during this visit. ' "Universal-International Stumo, where'our little orphans are appearing in the film, 'Battle HymnJ has been, deluged with wonderful offers from kindly American people inquiring whether they can adopt these little waifs," Vice Consul Chang Whan Kim said. "With deep thanks, these most kind offers must be declined for several reasons. k • • "First, these children were sent to Hollywood by our President, Syngman Rhee, not only as young Goodwill Ambassadors to the United States, but so they can return home to Korea and spread the word about the goodness and dndness of bur American friends :hroughout Korea. "And secondly, their formal ad missibn to the United States\was founded upon this premise and our government' agreed with the United States government that these children could do inestimable good by returning home, to Korea with their own eye-witness stories of the wonders of kindly America. "It is for these reasons," the Vice Consul concluded," that it is with great regret and with grea; thanks to the American people that the adoption of these little children is not now possible. • * » "However," Vice Consul Chang Whan Kim said, "adoption of these or other orphan children from the Orphans' Home of Korea may be considered by contacting, directly, Mrs O. -Sj Whairg, Directress, Q r p h a n s 1 Home of Korea, Chung Ang, (Central), P. O. Box r}o. 83, Seoul, Korea. Inquiry may be made, also, • through the offices of the nearest Korean Consulate." * » * i If tha folks who are clamoring to give these lovable tots a home think they are cute now, wait until they've watched this group hard at work in "Battle Hymn." And YOU, my hard- boiled friend, you'd better put a return address on your heart! These youngsters are going to walk away with it! Anna Magnani. winner of this year's ; Academy' Award for best actress « the year, comes Sunday for three days lo the Algona theater in "Rose Tatlo," the picture for which she was .honored. Terme'd frank and attull entertainment. "This Hose' Tatto" also stars' Bur* Lancaster Shown above).' . ' ' il St. Joe On Tuesday Nile St. Joe annual grade SIX WINNERS Be sure to read this page thoroughly and if you spot your name individually, you will receive free admittance lo the suspense drama, "The Man Who Never Was," playing Tuesday thru Thursday at the Algona theater. Just give your name at the box office. gvM*oaoaw»^Q^os»x»^ 8 * A GREAT, BIG k Y i (school music recital 'was held on Friday evening April 27, in St. Joseph's School. Tuesday evening, May 1 ,Kathryn Malkmus, Betty Wagner, Patricia Wagner, Nancy Willfong and Karen Zeimet will be presented . in a graduation recital They will have completed the theory and study of piano required for an elementary certificate in Music. Selections wil 1 be played by classical and con temporary • composers. There will also be several numbers by St. Joseph's Glee Club. At the end of the program awards and emblems will be given out. Mrs Nick Reding of Whitlemore, accompanied by Mrs John B. Reding and Mrs John B. Reding and Mrs Sylvester Wagner of here, spent from Wednesday till Friday in Waterloo witli the William Rakers. Mrs Raker.? s the daughter of Mr and Mrs Nick Reding of Whittemore. Mrs John S. Reding, Mrs Jim Reding and Mrs Helen Woods dll from here spent this week in ;he George Bormann home near ^Jew Hampton. Mrs John S Reding is Mrs Bormann's mother. ... Mrs Orville Wagner and Shirley Wagner left on Triday from Boone via train for a week's visit with Mrs Wagner's daughter Elaine Wagner in Washington, t D. C. Mr and Mrs Raymond Kohlhaas and family .wore Sunday afternoon and supper guests in the Ivan Kohlhaas home near Burt. St, Joseph's high school seniors spent Friday on their "Skip Day." The annual Father-Son K. C., St. Joseph's Council banquet will be held on Wednesday evening, May 2nd, in St. Joseph's School Hall with the local Catholic Daughters of America, preparing anci serving the meal. Dinner ' will be served at 6:30 and fol- lowed by a short program. . _;. •• Word was.receiVed here of the death of Chris Bogh in Renton, Wash., on Sunday. He^was abror ther-in-laW of Mr and Mrs John Thul, and Mrs .George Thul ot here. He is survived by his wife the former Kate Thul of here and one daughter and three sons. The' Sti Joe Trojans met fit the home of Donald .and Duaftt Hilbert on Wednesday, Apnl 25. Don Wagner-and Stanley.Klein Were selected to go to summer Camp at Clear Lake, and Tdm Reding to Ames to the short course. John Wagner gave a demonstration on watching plan•ter plates. Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m. Tom Reding is club reporter. ' ... Burt Lions Plan Party For Burt Juniors, Seniors Burt — The Burt Lion's Club will sponsor a Junior-Senior high prom a£ the school house after the annual banouet. A movie will be shown at mid-night with festivities closing soon after. _ Invi- .ation from either class is re : quired. "Mr and Mrs Leonard Daniels had as recent guests Mrs Daniels only granddaughter, Mrs Merbj Winkel and Mr Winkel arid Cathy and Jim of Boise, Idaho, and 'Mrs Daniels son and wife, Mr and Mrs Edwin Allen 01 Mc- Clouth, Kansas. Mr and Mrs Bruce Holding with Bruce Jr. of Algona were recent dinner guests at the Daniels home, Mr and Mrs Clifford Holding and Mr apd Mrs Larry Holding, Valarie. Kay and Brad were supper guests and Mr and Mrs Kaye Holding with Steven and Terry of Algona were evening callers. • The group were breakfast guests at v the -Kaye Holdings in Algona and the out of state visitors left from there for their respective homes. • Mr and Mrs Art Leason with Mr and Mrs C. M. Gross were supper guests at the Paul Dremmels, Algona, recently. Mrs Gene Abbot and children Jppent the evempg there also. ••*" ""Mr- and Mrs 'Theronjtiahaeifc at{ tended -the wedding. of- Maty Me* Kim to David Carroll of Tulsa), Okla., at G6od Hooe .church Sat* urday evening; Afctfll 28. Mrs Hansen attended a -'Snower for the bride-to-be on'Wednesday evening m the Good Hope church. The bride afid Carol'v.Hansen R.N;, we're college irlends. '' Wiibur "fceigfer Will Kowalski DRIVE;!? Your Generous Response To Our Invitation To Visit Us During Our "Open House" Last Week End was Beyonel All Expectations .... We Had Over 1 >500 Registrations. THE FOLLOWING WERE WINNERS OF OUR FREE REGISTRATION GIFTS: MEN Art Ruseh, Whittemore, Ronson Electric Shaver Donald Meyer, A|gona, 1 Ib. Blended Tobacco Casey loss, Algona, Five dollar pipe WOMEN Mrs Mike Kollasch, 1 gallon Sehwen's Ice Cream Mrs Delmar Plathe, Bode, 1 gallon Sehwen's ICQ Cream Ruby Murtha, Algona, 1 gallon Sehwen's Ice Cream YOUNG PEOPLE James A. Braun, Algona, five malted milks Dennis Jergenspn, Algona, regylqtion soft ball Thomas Burtis, Algona, Scripto pen or pencil LARRY'S RECREATION • X ALGONA g ' i .Om<W^^ Ralph Parsons Tuesday & Wed. On The Screen — Barbara Sianwyck Richard Carlson in "ALL I DESIRE" — plus — Lloyd Bridges in "PRIDE OF THE BLUE GRASS" DRIVE $ ZOOOFree (IN TJQKETS) Friday, May 4 FREf! FREE! FREE! To the first 150 ears to enter the Orive-'m ThpBtre thif Fridpy, May 4th, after 6:30 P-M$2000.00 (YES, TWO THQU$ANP DPUABS) in JF Rp tickets to those who jbin pyr Bymper 5»rip Slwb Wem- bgrship limited to 15Q). SO, epme |ARlV cm Friday, Winy 4th, flrtd H«t yetfr sM)9 of that $?,OQQ.pb in free tickets. , - On The Ssrew r ' Randolph Scott in " PtANTAfiON WHITf EMOHE, IOWA .There Will Be SQUARE DANCE lessons starting Friday, . May 4. Everybody Welcome) f Sunday, May 6 DON SHAW Sunday, May 13 VANCE DIXON Sunday, May 20 BOBBY LINDEMAN NO MORE OLD-TIME DANCES UNTIL SEPT. 7 No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 at .<. elting 6f the ey Wizad6 > 4m;lfe the home :: of » M^y "ith Nancy ?jaden as a rtltess. Catherine, Girres , mj * Tfimelle -were ^chosen, as flalfckteS to the lanrtUal ciamp at Clllf £ak£ Naiidtf. TJaden Was lolehaf delegate iotne conven- Won- fit Afirfes, Marlys .Gpetz. has b^en chosen as one ;of. the can- didatesrfor; a county office and a. committee was appointed to plan the cartpaigrf. MarHyn Sko^ gave a picture'study. Mavis Ny- laard gave'a demonstration and Marlys Goetz gave a talk.. Peter Gibnbeck HI, FISHERMEN! Please Accept This As Our Personal, Sincere Invita- ilon To Spehd.'Your Vacation At One Of The Friendliest AftftorU AnVWhere . . .Where Guests Come Year After Yet? To Enjo? Relaxation AndsThe Best Of, Fishing In Our Two Boltle Lakes. Part -Of The Famous Mantrap Ch » We have a modern cottage waiting :for you and will be happy to make your reservation now while dates are still available. Write us for 'our complete siofy. Park Rapids, Minn. 14tf Summers'Pine Point HORSE, PONY & TACK SALE suji., MAY 6, i:oo P.M; Rodeo Grounds, (In Case of Rain At Algona Sales Barn) lunch Stand on Grounds RODEO - MAY 20th .('-'• . * Seneca Saddle Club 15 & 18 Larry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes League Standings Published each week through Courtesy of Morclc Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co, LARRY'S Monday Miller High Life ____ ,G4 Bode Billiards _______ 63 K. of C. .. ..... ______ 63 Moose ______________ 62 Bode D-X ____ ....... 47 Schulte Recreation .^41 M» Clark Grain Co. ---- 37 '« Don's Phillips 66' ..... 30 Tuesday Men ••, W lamm's ..... -- ...... 59 /loose _, ------------- 60 Sceley Farms ------- 59 Blatz ----- - -------- --55 . Russ & Ky's ........ 51 ?etersen's ---- - ------ 47 Barry's ------------- 46 National Guard ...... 25 Wednesday Women W Cook's Welders ----- 58'/4 Thuente's ..... ------ 52'A Druggists' Mutual — 49 Vi Bancroft Co-Op ------ 45 Moose -------------- 38'/4 United Variety ------ 38Vi Coast-to-Coast ------- 30 Welp's ______________ 23% Thursday Women W Sharp's --------- ,-..55 Bill's Standard ------ 50 Van's Cafe ---------- 43 DeKalb _____________ 42 Storiettes ---------- 39 ia 38 39 , 39 , ,40 55 60 li 64 Vs 72 , L 43 39 . 40 .47 51 52 53 77 L 25 l /z 31 li 34 \'i 39 35'A 35 Ms 54 60 Vz L 29 34 41 42 45 Wallburg's Texaco --39 4& ASC <_.—-35 '49 Bradley .Bros. .'. 32 52 HAWKEYE LANES American League W Titonka ............ -91% Studer's ..-.. ........ 85 Brandt :Buick ..... -80/2 •Hamilton Hatchery —77% Sjogren's ......... —75% Baker's Livestock ---- 74% Boone Ridge ........ 56% Robinson Produce __,52% Sorenson Motor ----- 46 Corwith-' ....... ------- 45 Hefti Lockers ....... 44 Lions ...... --------- 39% National League w Algona Produce ---- 87% Seven-Up ... ........ 76% West End Billiards ---76 Ernie Williams P-C --73% Bancroft Oil Co. ----- 67 Ready-Mix - ......... 67 Burt Co-Op Elev. —.66% Ernie Williams J-D -64% Britt .'. ....... —--56 Rood Ins. - __________ 52 ' Ray's Jack Sprat ---- 41 Kossuth Co. Impl. -40% Western .League W .Swartz Hdwe. „ ..... 86 Titonka - — , - ----- '-86 306 '43 47 A 50$ 52% 53% 71% 75% 8.2 83 84 88% L 40% 51% 52 54% 61 01 61% 63% 72 76 87 87% L 42 Pioneer Hibred ..... -81% Burt _______ — ...... 79 Sjogren's — -------- <l Sargent Feeds ...... 67 Mutual of Omaha ---- 65 Albright Aero-Serv. —63 Thermogas ........ -•-?;?,/ Plantation ...... ---- 54% Thomas Skelgas ..... 32 Kossuth Motor ------ 24 Classic League w Hamm's ------ ..... -92% State Farm Ins. ----- 89% Titonka -------- ..... J7 S. & L. — ..... ----- 7l) Beecher Lane Appl. --73 Plantation ---- ...... 72 Hub Clothiers ------- 57% Root Hdwo. — ...... 53% Seeley Farms. ---- — 5» % Miller High Life —-44% Scobba Skelly ..... —41 Burt ________________ 40 Mixed League W Sinclair Oilers ...... 84 Has Beens - -------- 82% Brandt Buick ..... — 7b Conoco Service ------ 75 Buckaroos ...... ---- 7d<2 Vets - ............... 62% Standard Oil -------- 55% Farmers Co-Op ...... o5 Sargent Feeds ....... 5J StrUdels - ........... 49 Hutzell's Cities Serv. -42 '46% 49 57 , 61 63 65 65 73% 96 104 L 35% 38% 51 52 55 56 70% 74% 7(5% 83 1! 2 87 88 L 44 45% 52 53 54% 65 fa 68 73% 73 75 79 86 Alan l, H dd in " The above Bowling Standings are Presented to .You Each Week Through The Courlesy of r MORCK Distributing Co. AND STORZ BRiWINO CO, Like a refreshing dip, Stor? hfl* whcjt i* to S9tjtfy yeMr thirst. foeH 9?l«l«n glassful is a toast to pleasure - ' • Bitter-Free pleasure - with n» lingering af- terteste. YoM'll find It tapfiUina, tee, ThPt's * why smart moderns njrpe Sterz if tjyly AMEER 1C A'f» mmmm

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