Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 4, 1973 · Page 9
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 9

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1973
Page 9
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'Overwhelming Reform of Election Golesbur By ARNOLD B. SAW1SLAK , WASHINGTON (UPI) - tt took the assassination of President Garfield by a disgruntled jobseeker to get civil serriet through Congress In 1883. it took dtofoswe of deformed thalidomide babies to drug control bill Congress in 1962 get a through Will Watergate propel election law reform through Con* gress in 1973? To answer that question in advance of events requires application of Eleazer's First Law of Legislative Impedance. Postulated by Frank Fleming Eleaawr during more than two decades of observing Congress for UPI, the First Law states: "Congress will pass no without an overwhelming rea son to do so." The First Law arises from the observed fact that the net effect of congressional rules, procedures and traditions is to keep new laws off the statute books. thousand or more good ideas are offered in Congress each year. Alt but a few thousand die because they have insufficient force behind them; they lack the thrust to overcome the congressional system's builWn capacity to delay, dilute and finally smother most legislation. The First Law does not require an assassination or a disaster to occur to assure passage of legislation. A good lobbying campaign can do the job. And admiration or fear of a new President — especially after a landslide election — will produce a temporary "honey* effect" to heb his moon proposals. By FRANCES DftAKE Is Watergate "an overwhelm* before the children get too fond Look in the section m whkh tag reason' 7 within the meaning of them. your birthday comes and find of the First Law? So, it is far from certain yet what your «dttttk is, according It certainly is big enough In «»t dictates of the First Law to the stars. _ terms of publicity and duration have been met. f£5.K?^A& ------ ' - AUGUST I, lira March 21 to April 20 (Aries) of interest. It certainly is Many members of Congress relevant to election law reform, have seised on the fact that especially in the area of raising some principals in Watergate -You maybe! tempted by a and spending campaign funds, were Johmies-come-lately to business offer, mftfind out just And Watergate certainly was politics who neither knew nor J*f* ll entalte ' Above affl, don t a major factor to Senate cared, about accepted ground tojjf any g e t* i c IKI U • c k passage of a campaign finance rules of campaigning), let alone sd ? em ? 9 :, . •< ,m — \ bill, even though it carries actual laws. These were men, April Mito May 21 (Taurus) some " provisions that mock the argument went, who never -g»g K^SJETL ^52 reform (like repealing a law ran for public office and who fW™- AJ^^ Jin Z forbidding government contrac* had rto concept of public f.** ™» JSi^T tors to make campaign contri- responsibility. *™" s w Tl^^f Kmini ^ butions). Congressmen could sell them- * SL.'^SJ « Bad Men Blamed selves on the idea that ^^^1^^^ But Senate passage is a long Watergate was the product of S« You^S -^^S way from final congressional bad men, not bad laws. And, and action. Any election reform bill being subject to the election j- Petals run must get past House commit- laws themselves, they could . „" .* tees and members who have conclude that reforming those . come to think of such bills as laws in response to Watergate ~ A a*»wot between business unwanted kittens-cute when would only serve to link them and personal affairs may bring but to be drowned to that sorry episode. only scatter aocomgxtislh less June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) Week's Headlines: Ex-Nixon Aides Watergate Witnesses v on some tension. You can counter by isolating tile essential and getting it out of the way. July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) Stellar influences faw business and financial atffaurs. Day will By MATHIS CHAZANOV United Press International John D. Ehrifchman and H.R. "Bob" Hafcfeman, once the two top men in the White House, testified before the Senate Watergate Committee this week tfiat they and President Nixon Tht Week in Review knew nothing about the break- in and bugging at the Democratic Party headquarters or the cover-up efforts that followed. Hiedr testimony was in dire conflict worth that of several earlier witnesses. ly plans September, of to until phase Six more witnesses have been scheduled for next,week,,after Which the committee'tentative^ flfe recess when the second its investigation, focusing on "dirty tricks" in he 1972 campaign, begins. The firslt ph)a» deals with the brebk-ih and bugging at the Watergate office building in Washington and another break- in at the Los Angles off ice of a psychiatrist who treated former Defense Department researcher Daniel Ellsbeng. Elllsbetrg has been named in connection with the Papers Times. leaking of to The Pentagon New York Happy to Compromise Baker Jr., the vice chairman, said they would be happy to with the White insisted on - (Sen. Sam J. chairman of Sen. Howsfc* RCA TV's PHONE 484-6733 CASH it CARRY ON WHIRLPOOL DEEP FREEZERS It PORTABLE DISHWASHERS . . . IpecUl Ptlf Starling Week of Aug. 6, 1173 FREEZER $225.00 MOM f ISM * Colors io Chooee From 16' compromise House, which keeping presidential tape recordings secrdt, by listening to the tapes in private. An administration spokesman, however, siaid President Nixon woifld not release them without m order from the Supreme Court. Ervin and other senators said the conversations taped in Nixon's offices could clear up conflicting testimony about whether the President knew of efforts to oover up White House involvement in the break-in. have full confidence that when the entire truth is known, it will be clear* to the American Nixon or the the that President had m knowledge of involvement in either Watergate affair itself or be especially good for making long term commitments end from the White House and the ^i^-.T 1 a !?^$5?x other sometime in eariy June. , ^» «J ^gi*- » 'JSS ^Z Ervin sa5d the revelation was *Jg ™ ^^LP 6 ^ a deliberate plot by the White i ri than to follnw strf. House to "teak" a favorable WJ^SSL?^ interpretation of the recordings. £ ^^f 63 £aw M pm ^' ^™^ M K™!!^^ U to Oct. 23 (Libra)topes dwwed him innocent, but £^3^ favored now: Edu- otters might hear them oationaJ pursuilt8) travel, re- dl^enuy. ... . search. Achievement is possdbJe Document revealed at one of in out<rf4he*rodinary ways and the committee s hearings sug- places, gested that President Nixon Oct 24 to Nov 22 ha (Scorpio) stimuiate a direct, active role in the -fiplendid aspects out-of-court settlement of a artistry and encourage new government antitrust suittnies at mterprdses which may against the International Tele- have failed before but stall have phone and Telegraph Company, potential. The White House refused Thursday to say whether the President was directly involved. 1 + In other news: CAPE KENNEDY Three astronauts were launched to man r the second stage of the Skyllab Mission Control was planning a . . « , - 4 ^ experiment in long-term space subsequent efforts of a 'cover- « At ... how ^ er up^^ths Watergate/ 1 Halde- imng * Al weKse1 ^' nowever> "Jjv . ... rescue flight if it turned out ^I h ?^^S SrS 1 ; that a mSfunctioning steering 6 would me out a return Resident, was guiltless. m |r + in . t u 9 Haldeman, however, shocked mm in tne the senators when he said that Apollo space capsule ithe trio flew up in. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — Study reasons for existing limiitaftiioinis. Concenifcrate on significant issues without neglecting miiniar iteans. A good pe- ruod foir taokling jobs lllvaft require pati.eooe. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Caprfoom) —If you missed the metric somewhere, review caiuaes and effects. A change in:methods and reasoning may be necessary. A neiw day for achievement and a new way is before you. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) Avoid any urge to take fool- . . PUVAIU PITVU A nmir nmm Ash chi3fnices, -but <&v hot be so he had listened to two of the JS^SlI^lnSS i?K hesitant t h a t you lose a goJd- taoes, one before he resigned mun,st offensive southeast of the « . Carol AT THE Knox County FAIR 6 Sunday Afternoon August ton capital drove gov- m JPPortoity. Foresiightedness TSL^^J? rf ^ 20 to 20 (Pins) city. Phnom was besieged mfejlKtee Mentions or rom three sides, but toe major Work my ^ st^. threat was 2,000 rebels ^ &r J nA mi0re who crossed the Mekong River mMt to get along wMh, but along Hignway 1. YOU can cope with days like ATHENS—The government re- this, ported a massive "yes" vote on a referendum about replacing c« „J~ A , C«I.^«I?« the monarchy with a republic. OUnOay SCnOOl S WASHINGTON—Gen. Earle G. 'Vft^niin^ J e Wheeler, retired chairman of r uvuiwn i,S net the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Q n £ u „ g J2l^ crdPTR in bomb Cambodia o " -^ — ^•^ from BISHOP HILL - There will be no church school at Bishop MOTORCYCLE secretly came directly President Nixon. WASHINGTON - The Senate HiU Community United Metho- passed reform legislation that jj st plwrel! Aug. 5 and 12. would severely limit the Morning worship will be held amount of money that could be ^ Sundays at 10:30 a.m. donated to a political campaign. WASHINGTON - The administration restated its determination to keen the lid on beef Featuring LOCAL AND REGIONAL AREA RIDERS BE WHERE THE ACTION IS SUN., AUGUST 5 - 1 P.M. keep tne Jia on prices until Sept. 12. Secretary of Agriculture Earl D. Butz said he personally favored lifting the price freeze before that date. The Senate voted to end the Ireeze, but the House put off action until September. BOSTON —An airliner carrying 89 persons crashed just before landing in a heavy fog at Logan Airport. All but one were killed. KNOX COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS Back From Trip RIO — Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Leafgreen Sr., Rio, returned home Aug. 2 from a trip through Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. They visited Mr. and Mrs. William Monahan and family, Fairbault, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Olson, Des Moines, Iowa. PJans for promotion day Aug. 26 were discussed when the Methodist church Sunday School teachers met July 31 at the home of Mrs. John Oberg. Mrs. Oberg was appointed chairman of the church's board of education at an administrative board meeting July 23. She replaces Mrs. William Dowell, who resigned after six years in the position. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd LaMaster and their daughters, Miss Diana LaMaster, Alexis, and Mrs. Harry Wallace, Manlius, have returned from a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Forbes, Benedict, Kan. Mrs. Lena LaMaster, Gil son, who had been a guest at the Forbes home, returned home with them. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lee, Lebanon, Ky., and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lee, Finley, Ky., were guests July 31 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Gunnar Borg. Tired Like SUNBURN?? HEAT? ? SWIM? ? Beat tbe beat at the Galesburg Municipal Pool. Located off of Nortt minary and Carl Sandburg Drive. Open: 1 to 5 p.m. and 6 to 10 p.m. Wttfneiday thru Sunday Adult*: 70c Children: 35c i cniintity mkm Www til . Prfeti |*>d thfll ftiti», b Aug. t Soatfy, No Sal** to r**l#f9. \ redeem coupons worth you received in Wednesday's Galesbu €gi $fer-Mail Kroger newspaper od.

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