Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 4, 1973 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1973
Page 7
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mm gft SERVICES Church Plans To Note Its 125th Fairway- Continued Iran P«|§ OhiptJfts wow ctwte by MM. Ncbon «hd Mr* Datfd Btitko- v&h. Chaimen lor the day were :Mti at Lincoln Park followed Church Services(Continued from Pan I) Brotherhood Mi ist s *sl sli! HMr over WG1L at 8:30. Church school at 9:45. Worship at 10:45. Service at 7 p.m. Wednesday service at 7 p.m. Allen Park Baptist - 1701 Mtltbetty St. Clifford A. Noe, pastor., Church school at 9:4$. Worship at 10:45. Evening service at 7:30. Sermon: Saving the Saved. WonMp at 10. Sermon Real ki The Church. OtfElDA-Mernbws oi On> jrto Ooftgregattooat Churc will observe the church lttth anniversary on Aug. u. nU „ tin church is four miks west •* " FMt Clrittia North streets. FUdfiri Eugene Bennett, pastor. Chapel set vice at 8. Church school at 9. War- Broad and The schedule of anniversary hip at 10:15. Sermon rVortd Under God. Baptist 590 S. Church at Christ. Scientist event* includes Morning worship services at 10:30. potluck dinner at neon. PROGRAM, starting at .m., including special J V 1 ™ vnn ,"> TT" music, greetings from former Broad am Losey streets, sun* .~j n :«»w« * N A A oiiA» «hm» Bethany lemySt. Dr. George Nulph, pastor. Sunday School at 9:45. Worship at 11. Evening service at 7. , Bethel Baptist - 1196 N. Academy St. Robert K. C. Paulson, pastor. Church school at 8 :30* Worship at 10:45. Evening service at 7. Sermon: Did you expect a miracle? ^^^^^^ Calvary Assembly of God — Kellogg and Grove streets. C. R. DePrenger, pastor. Sunday school at 9:30. Worship at 10:40. Evening service at 7. al Congregational—Public Square. Dr. W. Robert Murray, pastor. Dr. Murray speaks on WAIK Radio at 9:35. Worship service at 10:30. Sermon: A day school and church service at 10. Wednesday meeting at 7:30. First Church of the Natareiw Elm and Webster streets. Rev ministers and a slide show featuring pictures of members and significant events in church's history. Rev. Roy Macintosh, pastor, said former church members and interested visitors LAKE BRACKEN Lake Bracken Country dub women's go* guests were from Sca^etofoa Country dub, We- M*Tuk and Maple Lane on Tuesday. Kent State Inq Ke WASHINGTON (UPl) — The] the shootings occurred on at the White House. federal grand jury," Edwards istice Department is reopen- May 4, 1970, when National Rep. Don Edwards, D-Calif ing its inquiry into the fatal Guardsmen were called to quell chairman of the House judici- Sen. Edurard M. Kennedy, D shooting of four students by a student demonstration on the arv subcommittee on civil and Mass.. said the decision "is the' National Guardsmen at Kent Ohio campus to protest Presi- State University during antiwar dent Nixon's decision to send protests in 1970. troops into Cambodia. A state Attorney General Elliot L. grand jury returned no indict* Richardson, saying his decision I merits against the guardsmen, rested on "the need to exhaust m victims , have every potential for acquiring been pressing for three years facts relating to thk tragedy,'' for a federal mnA ju announced Friday he had investigation of the shootings, instructed J. Stanley Pottinger, charging that some of the facts assistant attorney general in charge of the civil rigms suppressed. They were turned constitutional rights, said his best sign we have had so Mr* panel will "strongly consider that a new spirit of justifies; Iding hearings this fall," into rising at the Department Of the original Justice Department Justice. Richard- « For ma ny years the depart* ment's blunt and hostile refu* after year, to do its additional inquiry as" announced I duty on Kent State, or to „ cooperate with the Congress to; exhaustive and complete, aU I any investigation of the trage- ymbor ^ investigation despite son's announcement. not an announcement of a study ore welcome to participate Floyd Suman, pastor. Sunday school ait 9:30. Worship at 10:30.. t _ Evening service at 7. Wednes -I the anniversary activities dav servke at 7. First Lutheran and Water streets Peterson, pastor. Holy communion at 9:30 and 11. Church school at 9:30. t United Methodist - Kd- and Ferris Greets. Dr. Former pastors and their wives wto plan to attend in- Seminary| dude Rev. W. Harvey Young, Rev. and Mrs. E. D. Lyon of Galesburg, Rev. and Mrs. A. Ordell M. Hainer of LaGrange Park, Rev. and Mrs. Lewis Presnall Con- 7:30. Renewed Joseph [offtnan, guest minister, logg Robert S. White, pastor temporary worship at Church school at 9:30. Morning worship at 9:30 and 11. Sermon : fc The Art of Forgiving. Evening worship ait 6:30. First United Presbyterian Prairie and Ferris streets. Ker- mifr W. Petersen, minister. Church school at 9:30. Worship at 8 and 9:30. Guest speaker, Dr. David L. Petersen. of Buffalo Grove and Mrs. Richard Rev. ^l^J^S^ 1 ^^\lLS*£%£* n as recMlly - last (OTconvenlng 01 a Sff^'JSL ^M?.- ^ »n said this was the result gross was made by Mrs. Pat „, , -,„,,_•„.„ Johftson, Mrs. Bart) McK^-'- month-long preliminary ^u™' ^' ST "We think there are several Sim B ^VtoS; g cts ***** " . said Mrs. Jidy PatSson, Mra. Car- * 0 « lv f. "J fur l her leatt SSn, Maple Lane, and b «i . ^ Mrs. Zelte (Male, Mrs. Jan "»W coul? lead to a federal Wilson Soannetaha. 8 raiM< * ur y investigation, which . * V . , then-Attorney General John N. Norris. Mrs. Don GkUenwater Bracken; Mrs. Mary StenwaM, Mrs. Phil Mdgrun,M^>le Lane; T1|C Gla*% a Mrs. Carol GufMher, Mrs. Nan- *MAO Ola [99 Butler, Soiangetaha Law putts were made by Mrs .| r l\ 1 Y **** Long, Mrs. Pam Hoff-I * WenMa-Tuk department Kennedy said. at its worst, Marie Lien man, Johanson Mrs. Bill Barry Brown, Rockford, Mich. THE CHURCH received its J" 2 "" 1 ! Mrs^!ene Stellson name from early Knox Coun- C ^ M ^! r tv settlers who came from Lane Mrs M^nwyn Church of Christ — 955 Lawrence Ave. Glenn Blust and Ed Smith, elders. Bible study at, • - . - n „ 9-30. Worship at 10:30. Even-! ly . al ' p " m ing service at 7. Wednesday service at 7 p. m. (burg Rescue Mission South St. Services night Covenant Jefferson and G. Harold Ahl- Rev Dayton streets. G. berg, pastor. Church school * x 9 a. m. Worship H<mry Stamm, guest speaker Wednesday service ait 7. Dr A'len Hiebert, guest speaker. [race Episcopal Church—151 Carl Sandburg Dr. Thad B. Mass at 8:30. Ei H Mi anuel United Methodist- Rudd, rector. Family Eucharist at 10. Wednesday mass at 10. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses — 1390 Jefferson St. Public talk by guest speaker, J. Twyman. Topic: What Desires You Should Wisely Cutti- western New York along the shores of Lake Ontario. On Aug. 12, 1848, the Orthodox Congregationatl Church of Ontario was formed with 17 charter members. Services were conducted in the Ontario school house until a church and parsonage were erected in 1851. The original meeting house, which has been remodeled many times, forms the present sanctuary. Harold Cunmngh rd Heaton, SoangeAaha. Chip-ins were made by Mrs. Juanita Abel, WeJVIa-Tuk; Mrs. Hill, Saangetaha, and Mrs. Wy? Strimel, Bracken. Longest putt on No. 9 was miaide by Mrs. Ann.a Miner, MapJe Lane, and the closest s pin on No. 11 by Mrs. ek, Saangetaha. Hop (Continued from That Ivate. Watchtower study McDonald; pastor. Sunday school at 9. Worship at 10. Sermon: The Problem of Suffering. Jted Methodist-Ken , and neth W. Goodell, pastor. Woi 11. Sermon Mt Calvary Lutheran ^ 372 W. Fremont St.... WilMam G. magazine Commonweal. 1 being so, it is essential that American religious leaders face the new situation squarely. SENIOR CITIZENS A potluck supper will be served Monday at 6 p.m. Business meeting to follow at 7 p.m. Wednesday at 6 p.m. a potluck will be served. Orlo Moore will conduct mixed dancing. A pitch party will be held Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Prizes awarded and finger foods served. new imere is n any longer al state action to bail cut the school system." III! i dreaming federal or ur&ff- at 8:45 and Power of J Church school at 10. First Cherry and Carlton G. Baptist Tompkins streets Christenson, pastor. Early war ship at 8. Church school at 9 rw. _i tir a.- x. Commonweal urges Catholics Thompson, pastor. Worehip at to ^ their energies to full Sunday school at utilization of the alternative : 5 ' methods of religious education lat still are available. These Trinity id Ferris streets Lutheran — Rev. Constant R. Johnson, pastor. Worship at 9 and 11. Church school at 10. Sermon: Our Hunger— R'diard Ellis, intern. O.T.'s BEAUTY SALON BALCONY 343-2112 Bit Wbimsv! \ include after-hours religious classes (so-called released-time programs) and du3J enrollment of children in public end parochial schools (usually called shared-time programs.) School Enrollment Declines Neither plan has encountered court objection. But Catholics have not energetically explored these options as long as there seemed any hope of obtaining large-scale government support for tradition parochial schooling. Despite gloomy forecasts from some Catholic quarters, it is highly unlikely that the latest Supreme Court rulings will "wipe out" America's parochial schools. Although Catholic schools have dedined in number from 14,298 in 1965 to 11,258 this year, and their enrollment has shrunk from 6,095,846 to 4,243,788 over th? same period, they still constitute the world's largest private educational system. The parochial school system was created when American Catholics were far letsis affluent than they are now. Keeping their church schools in business All ciu meetings in the Tl. SANDBURG COTTAGE The Carl Sandburg Cottage, 331 E. Third St., will be open to the public from 1 to 5 p.m. The birthplace is closed on Man* day but is open daily the remainder of the week from 9 am. to noon and from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday morning visits may be made by appointment only. On Nixon Pal LOS ANGELES (UPI) Internal Revenue Service, employing a rarely used "jeopardy assessment," Friday slapped a $22.9 million tax lien on the assets of C. Amholt Smith, a friend and important fund raiser to President Nixon. IRS agents moved against the multimillionaire financier's empire, already the subject of a federal fraud suit, in at least nine California counties. He was accused of owing the government more than $19 million in unpaid taxes for 1969 and $3.8 million in and interest. It was believed to bt biggest tax Von for an individual for a single year in the nation's history. The IRS laid claim to all Smith's assets—which include the San Diego Padres baseball team, which he is trying to sell —up to that amount, by both personal tax liens end simultaneously by "Jeopardy assessment." An IRS spokesman said the assessment is a "harsh action" that is rarely used employed only under special circumstances, when the IRS fears it may not get the money otherwise. penalties support still Illinois National Guardsman Spec. 4 Bradley Zelgler, Galesburg, has been named recipient of the Chicago Tribune Outstanding -Achievement Award. The State of Illinois presents the awards, which are sponsored by the Chicago Tribune, to two members of each N atiohal Guard battalion in the state. Criteria for judging are based on qualifications in military occupational specialty and weapons, attendance at annual training and drills and character and efficiency ratings. Lt. Comdr. Daniel J. Foley, 35, son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Foley, 1570 N. Broad St., has received the Navy Commendation Medal. The medal, which was presented to Foley an behalf of the Chief of Naval Operations for the Secretary of the Navy, was . A i acc<m *panied with the citation sacrifices. But itl whk;h w & «f or nd Mrs. Charles Diericx, nson, has been promoted staff sergeant in Air Force. he United S. Sgt. Diericx, an air traffic control specialist at Wurtsmith AFB, Mich., serves with a unit of the Air Force Communications Service. Pvt. Steven M: Sherlock, 20, von of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Munits of near Galesburg, recently completed nine weeks of advanced individual training the Unit en States Army try Training Center, Fort la. to millions of appeals Catholic families as a better alternative than allowing their chaldren to grow up in religious illiteracy. READ outstanding meritorius service from October 1963 to June 1969 as head of the Retired Naval Personnel Sup- pert Section of the Bureau of Naval Personnel." Foley is married to the former Diane M. Tomaso of Gales- Hate to tut that Jong hair? then mat It up, ,,.jor the "NOW" look ,.. with a few jace* putting curls,,, you'll have the results of 4 hit 0' whimsy! REPUBLIC STATE FAIR AUGUST Reg. 20.00 * F rost i ng 15.00 Conditioner, plus Shampoo 'n Style 5.00 Racing - RCA Rodeo featuring Bobby Goldsbor 0 - Horse Shows - Far A-Rama — Nation's Largest Livestock Show - and Commercial and Educational Exhibits. Uove Knox County Courthouse 7:00 A.M Uovt Springfield Fair Grounds 8:30 P.M $5.00 in • Now $66,000 Air Conditiontd OMC Randall Bui WORST SUT IN THI MOUSE It's no fun to bt confined by a itriom accident or illnaaa. But it U comfort- to know that an JBtna Lilt Major Medical Ex- pent* Plan can htlp frca you from tha worry of larga ra.dical bill.. Get tha facta from ui. LAWRENCE 0. JOHNSON INSURANCE Main A Cherry Sts. Phono 342-4181 tha Attn* Casually and Sur.iy Company of Hailffid, Conn. 0 Use Your Charge Account 0 No Appt. Necessary KNOX COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE JOHN W. HA WHIN SON, Chait «TM CASUALTY MO SUMTV COMPANY WVTfOW, 0OMNECTICVT Noon 4 Save now during Doyles greatest clearance event. Prices slashed in all departments. Large selection of top quality items. Save 30% - 50% while these specials last. '169.95 SET OF 3 TABLES $QQ95 Medit. or Colonial Hexagon / / Square & Cocktail $339.95 MEDIT. BEDROOM $01095 60" Dresser & Mirror. Xi I / 3 Drawer Door Chest & Bed. $449.95 4 Pe. CU RVED . SECTIONAL ^89 Choice of Velvet or Herculon Plaid. Casters Kroehler Love Seat Contemporary Desk Tall Back Velvet. $lfA. 9 * Micarta Walnut Top $^A95 Was $229.95 I / •» Was $119.95 _Rocking Love Seat Early American Sofa Stripe Velvet $1A7 95 Herculon Cover. $1 OA95 Was $219.95 l*t# Was $269.95 Contemporary Sleeper Sofa Kroehler Traditional Sofa Nylon Plaid Cover, o $|QQ°° Nylon Mot«!orse $10095 Casters". Was $289.95 I TO wxas $289 95 199 t ? ra ?A?i . r "'u c «***ot 5 Pc. Medit. Dinnette Modern Walnut Finish $Ou 95 lA / L. • 11 e^^ar w „ aSV Wrought Iron Look $OA95 c £ i rul:- Was $139.95 Sofa & Chair ., . w , B . French Prov. Fruitwood $0ilO95 Nv,on Ve,ve * ^OCker Trim. Was $519.95 - a947 Contemporary Style. $-T/>95 Simmons Queen Hide-A-Bed Wa j i 13995 , Herculon Cover $0 5 Pc. Maple Dining Room Was $479.95 __ aJHY 36"x48" Table & 4 Tall $1^A95 Kroehler Fun-Fur Sofa Chairs. Was $219.95 I •MP Plush Comfort. $]AA95 Early American Rocker Was $329.95 WWW Padded Seal & Back $0O 95 Mirrored Shadow Box Was $59.95 «3T Curio Display shelves $<)A95 Glass Enclosed Bookcase Was $38/5 -_ _ JLW Colonial 3 Shelves $^A95 Colonial Open Hutch Was $99.95 36" China Cabinet $1 CQ95 Vinyl Medit. Sofa Was $229.95 . 19 7 Dark Oak Finish. $1*<0 9 5 Pine Buffet Hutch Was $259 95 Iw7 42" Water Bench. $1A0 95 Modern Tub Choir Was $219.95 I"! W By International. Herculon $ Ail 95 Solid Mahogany Bedroom Was $169.95 Dark Finish. Beautiful Kings Rest Bedding Spacious Pieces. %/j OQ95 10 Yr. Guarantee. Box or $E?^95 Was $589.95 Matt. Was $79.95 Tb^YIAR - GUARANTEED . _ _ „ Fl ^«^ A u BOX or MATTRESS I 3 Pe. BEDROOM TWIN SIZE I MEDIT. STYLE $ 38°° I $3 ^5 «««« FEATURED PRICES ARE WAREHOUSE-WAY Easy Credit Terms Always Available Come Early I Other Items Best Selection Also Money Saving Prices 1320 N. HENDERSON ST GALESBURG -NT.

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