Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 4, 1973 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1973
Page 5
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City Council Will Consider Measures on Final Reading Main and Knox streets. Another would amend the zoning ordinance to change 460 Filer St. from a residential district to a neighborhood commercial zone- A laundromat and car wash are planned (or the site, but nearby residents have signed petitions objecting to the rezoning. Two resolutions are scheduled for passage so an application (Or buses for Galesburg Transit Inc. can be considered by the Office of Mass Transportation. The company has applied for $34,000 in federal money for two new buses. The first resolution says the city will comply with a state records act. The second gives assurance the city will not discriminate against any employe or applicant because of race, color, creed, sex or national origin. Herring said the city already is in compliance with these requirements, but the Of* fice of Mass Transportation wants to "do it by the book/' A projected J- and »year street plan also is to be con* sidered. This is done annually to plan street maintenance, Herring explained, When aldermen act is the tywn board of auditors, they will hear a legal opinion on the use of federal revenue sharing funds lor street and bridge work; Herring said Barney Oi son, a Galesburg attorney, indi cated such a use is legal. Deep Sea Fish Bassogigas, a 5tt*inch lish, is the first fish ever caught nearly five miles below sea level, where the pressure is 800 times greater than on the surface. Golesburg Reoister-Mail, Golesburo, HI. Soturdoy, Aufl, 4, 1973 S Here Are Livestock Winners at County Fair ^ (Continued From Page I) imn ' *«aft-Cullis<wi. , Sott and LaBudde, St*ck|Watson farm*. „ • _ SMvey Angus, Kinttofe Farm. nay, John Durtiam, Walnut, Jetut Durham. • enmiim ttm — tm tot**?. u am f as* *«• «- Ro&m Ladd, John DUrMMi, Jiift Fetrtey. A . Jealer low Lftstt — Jim Forney, John Durham, Rich Myc». _ 1 Ckaatai** Jt«re — Robert Ledd. mri, Joan Cuiltoort. Janler ftasa Latae - Joan Culli•tm; Joan CulMewi; Tom Niohoua, lK nuii«Mi Ham — Joan Culliaon, few Zj<mn CuUl*>n; Joan Culli•oti: Dennis Rice. •WH tairtfc — ..f%tt el ... Myers, John Durham, . _ ra» at B#e Forney, John Durham — Rich Durham, John LaaftlH • Durham, Nit "it Yeerllaa CWM _ Forney, John Durham, Jim John Jim ffnliart IvOOWl John Now You Know. By United Press International Hie largest bell in world, Russia's "Tsar Kofakol," which is 19 feet high, 22 fleet wide and weighs 193 tons, has never been rung. Judge Orders Porno Films Returned to Q-C Theaters Hater, Bott and LaBudde, Stock Yearling BnU — Bott and LaBudde, Bott and LaBudde lattftf Yeerllftt "«n ~ '" Andy Bott and Pecharlch, Andy ROCK ISLAND, 111. (UPI) A judge Friday ordered that four films confiscated in simultaneous raids on two Triple-X movie theaters in the Quad Cities be returnee! to the theaters. Rock Island Circuit Judge Charles Smith said the courts had no right to keep the films until they are proven obscene. The films were confiscated from the Studio Theater in East Moline and the Fort Theater in Davenport. Knox Co. Fair MOTORCYCLE RACES Vt MILE Amateur at tha KNOX CO. FAIRGROUND Knoxville, ill. Aug. 5th Practice ai 11:00 a.m. H.ce at 2:00 p.m. A.MJL aanetionad -itoeh — Jim Forney, Durham, John Durham. ©JtfeW*!! OttYear Ham — John Durham, John Durham. tatust nam Lank — John Durham, John Durham, J*alor Hem Latah — John Dur ham, John Durham, Marshall Han dolph, Cameron. Champion Ham — John Durham. On. Year Ewe — John Durham, John Durham, Marshall Randolph. Senior Swe Lamfe — John Durham, John Durham, i Janler Ewe Lamb — John Durham, John Durham, Marshall Randolph. Cluuaaion Ew* — John Durham. Pair of Ram Lambt — John Durham, John Durham, Marshall Randolph. fate at twa Lamba — John Dur' ham, John Durham, Marshall Ran, Pur at Yaaillar *w*a — John Durham, John Durham. Flack — John Durham, John Durham. Suffolk: On. Year Ran — Larry Carlson, Dahinda; Conrad Cattron, Fail-view; Kevin and Curtia Birkey, Gibson City. Senior Ram Lamb — Conrad Cattron, Conrad Cattron, Geyle Maasie, Niota. I Junior Ram Lamb — Conrad Cat- ordered the tron, Conrad Cattron, Bruce Litch- 1 field, Knoxville. Champion Ram — Conrad Cattron. On* Year Ewe — Conrad Cattron, Conrad Cattron; Gayle Massie. Senior Ew* Lamb — Kevin and Curtia Birkey, Gayle Massie, Larry Carlson. Junior Ew* Lamb — Conrad Cattron, Bruce Litchfield, Conrad Cattron. Champion Ew* — Conrad Cattron. Pair of Ram Lambs — Conrad Cattron, Conrad Cattron, Gayle Massie. Pair *f Ew* Lamba — Gayne Massie, Conrad Cattron, Larry Carlson. , Pair of Yearling Ewes — Conrad |Cattron, Gayle Massie, Kevin and Curtis Birkey. Flock — Conrad Cattron, Gayle Maasie, Larry Carlson. Dennis "Rice; Tom Nio- Joan Cullison, Dennis inness . —- Joan Cul- liaph- Joan CulUson. , fafca* JEW* Lamb - Joan Cul- Usftft; Joan Cuiuaoti; Charles Rijfs, GaMeburf. CTamfwaa Ew* ~- Joan Cullison. . Pair *f Ram Lamb* — Joan Cul­ Uaon; Joan Cullison; Tom Nlohous. Pale af Ewa Lamb* — Joan Cullison; Joan Cullison; Sholda Riffs, , . ... ^ — Joan CulUson; hous. . Pieek Rica. •avibtfawnai _Ona Year Ewaa — Jim Oalesburf. Jim Inness. „ Jaalat Ew* Lamb — Jim Inness Jim Inness, Rtiger Snyder. Champion twa — Jim Inneas. pair af Ew. Lambs — Jim In ness. Pair of Yearling Ewss — Jim i Inness. I Ladles Lead Clan: LadMs Lead Class — Andrea Moneon; Krai*; Taylor, Media, Den .itis Rice. iMarket Lambs: Pat Lamba <Llfhlw»l*h!) — Tom Knox, Jamma Forney, Yates City Robert Ladd. Pan a< Lamba (Llghiweltht) n* Forney, " Kim Snyder, Jamma , Kath 'Via. Gayle Massie, Judge Smith films returned after attorneys for theater executives arrested in the raid said the movie houses could not operate without the confiscated films. Donald Moore of Davenport, manager of the two theaters, and studio projectionist Gerald Guinn were charged with obscenity. Also arrested in the areawide crackdown on suspected pornography outlets were Robert Walker, Davenport, who owns two adult bookstores in Davenport and Rock Island, and Mrs Arlene Pritchard, an employe at the bookstore here All four were free on $100 bond. Judge Smith said he based his ruling on recent U.S. Su preme Court decisions. He said it is "improper" for the courts or law officers to hold the films "prior to determining that the [films are either pornographic or obscene." NOW ENTERTAINING "The Two Plus Two" Featuring Mary Lou Goff VOCALIST EVERY FRI. & SAT. HARBOR LIGHTS SUPPER CLUB AU kids est for when ordering fromklddl* menu and accompanied by an Adult w SUNDAY ONLY KIDDIE DAY c AT 25 MONDAY PIZZA ALL You Can Eat $^25 Sausage) or Cheat* Par Parson CHAMP SPECIAL (Offer Good Thru Sun., Aug. 5) S French Fries "Your $ Buys More" At BURGER CHAMP 2100 I. MAIN ST. PH. 343-1009 Department F — Sheep Montadafa: _ ^ On* Yea> Ham — Joan CulUson, Knoxville; Dennis Rice, Gilson, Joan Cullison.' . , _ „, Senior Ham Lamb — Joan Culli- (Haa*T«alght) , Bruce Litchfield, Gayle Mettle. >M of 1Mb* (Hea*rweiahl) — Bruce LMchfield, Gayle Massie, Tom Knox. Department A — Beef Shorthorn: Junior Heifer — Gary Hager Galesburg; Bott and LaBudde, Lan lard; Inness. Farms, Galesburg. Senior KelfeF — Bott and La Budde, Rick Glibraith, Atkinson Stock Family, Wataga. Summer Yearling — Bott and LaBudde, Andy Pecharlch, Avon Andy Pecharlch, Spring Yearling — Andy Fecha rich, Bott and LaBudde, Bette Bear, New Boston. Junior Yearling — Andy Pecha rich, Mike Inness, Galesburg; Bette Bear. Sanlor Yearling — Bott and La Budde, Bott and LaBudde, Gary Hager. Champion Calf — Bott and La Budde. Reserve Calf Champion — Gary Hager. Junior Champion — Bott and La­ Budde. R*serv. Junior Champion — Andy Pecharich. Senior Champion — Bott and LaBudde. ..Grand Champion — Bott and La­ Budde. K*a.rv. Grand Champion — Bott and LaBudde. j Group of Two FemalM — Bott [and LaBudde, Bott and LaBudde, Andy Pecharich. Junior Bull Calves — Bott and LaBudde, Innss Farm, Bott and La Budde. Senior Bull Calves — Gary Guest Night Is Featured BUSHNELL — Mrs. Hildred [superintendent, has announced Cook, noble grand of the May- that sewers on the west side o: flower Lodge of Brazil, Ind., and members of the Colchester Rebekah Lodge were in attendance at Guest Night Thursday at the Bushnell Victor Rebekah Lodge. Mrs. Norma Jean Pigg, noble grand, presided at the meeting at IOOF Hall. Miss Linda Weber and Mrs. June Hoffman were pro tern officers. ^ Next meeting will be Aug. 16. , Members of Bushnell Lions Club and their wives attended a Ladies' Night meeting at the i Huddle Inn at Galesburg Thursday. The ladies' night meeting was the first of two scheduled for this month. Mrs. Lillian Wilson and Harvey Doll were high scorers <^g? when Downtowners Senior Citizens Club met for games of "25 pitch at City Hall Thursday. Mrs. Beulah Laux served re- "ti freshments to the group. Delbert Thompson, street iy, innesi __ Calf — Gary Champion — Bott Watson Farms. • _ Spivey Angus, Klnglore Farm. . Junier Chamaton Ball — watson i Two Built — Spivey Angu Farms, the city will be flushed beginning Monday VFW Auxiliary will have a "Night Out" Wednesday. Members are to meet at the VFW Hall at 6:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thrasher, Marianne, Kathy and Lisa and Miss Suanne Hess have returned from a vacation trip to Denver, Colo. They also attended Frontier Days at Cheyenne, .Wyo., and visited the Denver [Mint, Estes Park, Royal Gorge, the U.S. Air Force Academy and Seven Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jackson of Bushnell and Mrs. 'Andrew Geist and Mrs. Ella Jackson of Monroe City, Mo., returned home this week after a vacation trip through the western states. They visited Casper, Wyo., Yellowstone National Park, the Buffalo BUI Museum, Mt. Rainier in Washington and the Mormon Temple at Salt Lake |City, Utah —ludde, Pecharich. t J«nli» Yearling Bait - Bott and LaBudde, Inness Farms, Andy Pecharich. , SMiar Yearling BuU - Bott and LjlBudde. Twa Year Old Bull — Gary Ha^M^steck family^ Inness Farm Hager. Reserve Bull Calf Bott and LaBudde. Junior Champion BuU — Bott and LaBudde. -Reeerve Junior Ball — Bott and LaBudde. Senior Champion Bull — Gary Hager. I Resort* Senior Champion BuU — Gary Hager. Grand Champion Bull and LaBudde. Reserve Grand Champion BuU — Bott and LaBudde. Group of Thro* Bulls — Bott and LaBudde, Bott and LaBudde, Andy Pecharich. Group of Two Bulls — Bott and LaBudde, Bott and LaBudde, Andy Pecharich. Senior Get of Sire — Bott and LaBudde, Andy Pecharich, Bott and LaBudde. Junior Get of Sire — Bott and LaBudde, Bott and LaBudde, In­ neas Farm. fair of Calves —> Bott end La­ Budde, Inness Farm, Bott and La­ Budde. Six Head — Bott and LaBudde, Andy Pecharich, Inness Farm. Hereforda? , Junior Heifer Calf — Diamond F Ranch, Knoxville. Winter Calf — Wateon Farms, Macomb, Watson Farms. Sanlor Calf — Diamond F Ranch. Lai. Summer Yearling — Diamond F Ranch. Early Summer Yearling — Watson Farms; Diamond F Ranch; Wayne Davis, Williamsfield. Spring Yaarllng — Diamond F Ranch; Watson Farms; Diamond F Ranch. Junior Yaarllng — Watson Farms, Watson Farms, Sanlor Yaarllng — Watson ; Farms. Champion F.mal. Calf — Watson Farms. RM*rv. Champion Female Calf — Diamond F Ranch. Junior Champion Female — Diamond F Ranch. Reserve Junior Champion Female — Watson Farms. Senior Champion F.mal. — Watson Farms. Rassrv. Senior Champion — Watson' Farms. Grand Champion Female — Diamond F Ranch. ..Reserve Grand Champion — Watson Farms. Junior Bull Calf — Diamond F I Ranch. Winter Bull Calf ~ Watson Farms; Watson Farms, Lanny Dobbels, Cambridge. Senior Bull Calf — Diamond F Ranch, Watson Farms. Late Summer Yearling — Diamond F Ranch. Early Summer Yearling — Wat|son Farms; Watson Farms, Diamond F Ranch. Spring Yaarllng Bull — Watson Farms; Watson Farms, Diamond F Ranch, John & Rosle Dupuy, Gilson. Junior Yaarllng Bull — Watson Farms, Watson Farms. Sanlor Yaarllng Bull — Wayne Davis, Williamsf ield, Watson Farms. Two Old Bull — Watson Farms. Calf Champion Bull — Diamond F Ranch. Raserve Champion Bull Calf — Reserve Junior Champion Bell— Watson Farms. •enter Champion BuU — Wayne Davis. Reserve Senior Champion Bull — Watson Farms. Grand Champion Ball — Watson Farms. _ ... Reserve Grand Champion BuU — Watson Farms. Three Bulls — Watson Farms, Diamond F Ranch, Watson Farms. Two Bulla i- Watson Farms, Diamond F Ranch, Diamond F Ranch. oet-of-Slre — Diamond F Ranch, Watson Farms, Watson Farms. ..Pair of Yearlings — Watson Farms; Diamond F Ranch, Watson ^Palr' of Calves — Diamond F Ranch, Watson Farms, Watson Farms. Aberdeen Angus: . Lai* Senior Heifer Calf — King- lore Farm, Rock Falls; J. B. Angus Farm, Sparland, Spivey Angus, New Windsor. ^ . . Early Senior Heifer Calf — King- lore Farm; J. B. Angus Farm; iSpivey Angus. Late Summer Yearling H.lf.r Klnglore Farm; J. B. Angus; J B. Angus. . _ w V ...» — Spivey Angus, J. B. Angus Farm, Spivey Angus. Oet-of-Slre — Klnglore Farm, Spivey Angus, J. B. Angus Farm. Junior Oet-ot-8lra — Spivey Angus, J. B. Angus Farm, Klnglore Farm. ^ Market steers: ..Angus Steer — Louis Perlno, Deer Grove; Joe Dwyer, Atkinson; Guens Brothers, Geneseo; Kathy Johnson, Geneseo; Spivey Angus, New Windsor; Tonl and Tracey Wllllson, Ipava; Kieewetter, Farming-ton. In 10ft, Arthur Bremcf til found guilty of shooting md critically wounding Alabama Gov, George WaUace and sen* tenced to 63 years for the crime. Tht CLOSID Will ftfrOpon Sit., Aof. II EARL Krmxvilli ..Early Summer YearUnf Heifer — Terrv Johnson, North Henderson. Klnglore Farm; J. B. Angus Farm. - - Junior Yearling Heifer — Late Terry Johnson; Spivey Angus; Steve Kieswetter, Farmington, Dan Kieewetter, Fajtnlrigton. Early Junior Yearling Heller — J, B. Angus: Spivey Angus; Alan Van De woestyne, Marty ©'Conner, | Wataga. Late Senior Yearling Helfet -* Spivey Angus, J. B. Angus. Early Senior Yearling Heifer Klnglore Farm, Spivey Angus. Champion Heifer Calf — King lore Farm. Reserve Champion Heifer Calf — |J. B. Angus. Junior Champion Female Terry Johnson. .Reeerve Junior Champion Fe male — Terry Johnson. Senior Champion Female — Klnglore Farm. _ Grand Champion Female — Terry Johnson. Reserve Grand Champion Female — Klnglore Farm. Late Sanlor Bull Calf — J. B. Angus Farm, Spivey Angus, Alan Van De Woestyne. Early Senior Bull Calf — Spivey Angus, Klnglore Farm. Late Summer Yearling BuU — J. B. Angus Farm; Klnglore Farm, Spivey Angus. .Early Summer Yearling Bull Steve Sc Bev Johnson, Cameron; Alan Van De Woestyne, J. B. Angus Farm. Lale Junior Yearling Bull Klnglore Farm; Junior & Kint Schlelch, Falrvlew, Spivey Angus. Early Junior Yearling BuU — J. B. Angus Farm, Klnglore Farm, Senior YurUng Bull — Spivey Angus, J. B. Angus Farm. Summer Senior Yearling Bull — B. Angus Farm, Klnglore Farm, Two-Year-Old-Bull — Spivey Angus. Champion Bull Calf — Spivey Angus. Reserve Champion Bull Calf — J B. Angus Farm. Junior Champion Bull — J. B. Angus Farm. _ Reserve Junior Champion Bull — Steve Sc Bev Johnson. Senior Champion BuU — Spivey Angus. . , „ Reserve Senior Champion Bull — J. B. Angus Farm. Grand Champion Bull — J. B. Angus Farm. _ Reierve Grand Champion Bull Spivey Angus Farm. Three Bulls — J. B. Angus Farm, Dads Get Baseball Challenge . .* • _ 1 ±.t i. 1 L . rim GALVA — The Dixline minor league team has issued a challenge to all dads for a baseball game Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Park District. Mothers of the ball players are scheduled to umpire the match. The game will be followed by a potluck picnic at 5 p.m. at the Lions Club shelter. Those attending are asked to bring meat, salad and dessert. The Galva Lions Club has an­ nounced that the candy day sale will be held Oct. 7. A bulb and broom sale will be conduct ed later in October. Also, an open house will be held at Camp Lions Aug. 19. Members who would like to visit the camp should contact Robert Peck, Lions Club president. A meeting of the board will be held Monday at the home of Kenneth Wise, The next meeting of the club will be at 7 p.m., Aug. 22, at the First United Methodtst Church. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Optn at 12:45 NOW SHOWING! SAT. • SUN. TIMES 1.2:55 -4 :55 6 :50 A 8 :50 PM afapubBc enemy . ^WMREN 0ATESBBI JOMISOIlIl m mKOLEPHIIllK-^Uim „ Cplor by MOVIELAB • An AMERICAN INTER^TIONATplclure ••. CORNER OF CHERRY AND TOMPKINS (AN AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH) 8 AM Worship IO AM "BEING REAL IN THE CHURCH" OBSERVANCE OF THE LORD'S SUPPER 9 A.M. CHURCH SCHOOL CRESTON S. KLINGMAN—MINISTER OF MUSIC CARLTON G. CHRISTENSON—JAMES E. MILLER MINISTERS "THE BAPTIST HOUR" RADIO WAIK 11 A.M. Box Office Open 8 P.M. — Shows st Dusk Moved Over For 2nd Big Week! THE 'GODFATHER' OF WESTERNS Fivo Killors Robbed the) Bank . . . The Lucky Ones Got Caught. The Rest Got Cahill of Aufjusrono College express thanks to tkeir many patrons and tht newt medio for making tht 1973 season their most successful ever! Tht Players look forward to performing again next summer at tht Viola Optra House in Viola, III. To be placed on mailing list for next season, write to: Pitchiork Players Augustana College Rock Island, 111. 61201 COLLEGE Skin Game'

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