Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 18, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1896
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-- --— -• LOGANSPOET INDIANA, TUESDA^MORNING; AUGUST 18,1896. NO-197. m Last Call Guessing Contest Closes;>t 5 p. m. Today. Committee appointed to make award consisting of three attaches of our "Daily News 1 ' •( '"'"''.. Papers." i ..-' •' On account of the Enormity of Guesses made will not be able to report until Wednesday "sometime." Respectfully, ! WILER & WISE. 409 and 411 Broadway. 305 Fourth Street. Special Bargains All Day. Clothes up to Date . . • , , Have been in great favor at - our establishment. Fact is no ono has a finer line of woollens and -<vor steels to select from tbnn ours. Important Features . . . in the makc-np of our clothes m ark their superiority. .We are not , the cheapest tailors but c InJm to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Harket Street, See Our Prices on_Granite_Ware. 4 QUAfeT SAUCE PAN..... 8 QUART SAUCE PAN.... 8 QUART SAUOE PAN... 10 .QUART SAUCE PAN.. 12 QUART SAUCE PAN... 6 QUART MILK PAN 4 QUART COFFEE POT.. 5 PINT TEA POT NO. 28 WASH PAN NO. SO WASH PAN. CUSPIDORS ... 25C . 35c 40c .. DOc . CDc .. 15c GOc ., Sue • ?0c .. 20c ... 25c T. J. FLANIGAN, 310 flarketStreet. Legansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co, Natural and Artifical Gas Bills due the jfirst of each month, ten day's grace. AH bills 'payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special-Low rates on heaters during the Irnonths of August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., The well-Known Specialists or New Totlt »ave appointed, D. A. HAUK as agent far their celebrate* Spaofcwlw an* Eyo, GluieS/everrpilrguatanteed.' - • " . D.- A, HAUK t&» complete aisottment and InrltM all to latlnfr tberoselre* of the great, superiority ol these goods over anr nabnractured, .at tbe store of D, A. HAUK, Bole agent for LotiDSpott Ind. •••••• •No Peddlers Supplied. • •" • • ' • TO ASK DAMAGES. Spain Preparing for a Suit Against - the United States, : Charges Violation of Neutrality In Connection with the War- In Cuba. Washington, Aug; 17.—Spain is pre-' •paring to present a heavy bill for damages agninst the United States on account of the operations of Cuban filibustering expeditious. Calderon Car-v lisle, the legal adviser of the Spanish legation, has submitted to Minister De Lomo, by his direction, a voluminous 'report'on "the legal nspect of hostilities committed by vessels speciallyequipped in whole or in part within the United States for warlike uses, and by mili-. tary expeditions and enterprises carried o»i from tie territory of the United Slntes, against the Spanish dominion in Cuba during the present insurrection." Clmrire» Violation of Neutrality. There can be no question, according to Mr.'.Carlisle, that the United States IITP nnd Imve been fully copni/.ant of the state of insurrection in Cuba. Moreover, the Spanish government, through its nccralited minister ui>d other, rep're- sojitiitives, has not. failed repeatedly * o warn the authorities—though qmernily in vain—of the impending -purpose of filibustering expeditions about to leave various ports. . -V These facts, says tbe brief, are so notorious and th'e violations of neutrality •so flag-rant that the claims of tbe' Spu.u- iah government arising- tbereunfler'.'jire entitled to every consideration as well grounded and lawful. : Poworn Not D««d In concluding the first section of 'his report Mr. Carlisle says the powsrs invested in the president of th« t f aited States have not been effectively used for preventing the carrying- on of inUitni'y •expeditions forbidden 'by th'e staUUcR. Whatever pretext and attempts mity be made 'to carry on these exyeditiwis us peaceful and.lawful Voyages, .the fact rcmaVns,' sayV'the-attorney,'-.that from the beginning' 1 ;'of the insurrection the base of 'supplies for war material has been Iri\the. United States. Will Not'Dlncum tbe JHnttor, The bfflclals'ito. whom copies of this pamphlet,. we.KJ .p-escnted^id not cart to discuss., the- matter for publication, but all pidyate'ly expressed the opinion that the only object of Its preparation was the/basis of a claim to be presented against the United States by Spain on account of filibustering expedition*, Cannot Avoid 1'aymcut. , London, Aug. 17. — The evening newspapers comment at length on Spain's bill for damages .against the United States, as.a result of the fitting out in American ports of filibustering expeditions destined for Cuba, nnd call attention to the decision arrived at-In the case of the Alabama,-.- The -Globe says: , - . • The United 'States' acceptance of th, .Oonova a^ard makes It abaolutely Impos Bible'for It to repudiate Its liability under the present circumstances with any show or reason or Jugtlce. . . , •• • WINS THE ALBERT CUP. Meteor Cnrrlei Off Honorn In the Royal ' Albert Yacht Club Kneel. London,. Aug. 17.—The race for the Albert' cup, valued at. £100; second prize £ 23, forall yachts above 39 rating-, was sailed over the course and under the auspices of the Boj'al Albert Yacit club at South sea Monday. The course was twice round, 46 miles. There wns,o fine, whole sail breeze from the southeast. The Caress, Satanlta, Ailsa, Cor- ealf, Meteor, Britannia and Isolde started at ten o'clock; but the Satanita gave up immediately after crossing the line. The Meteor was the first to cross the finish line on the second round, winning the race and cup. The small raters sailed over the same course, once round, 23 miles, for a.prize of £ 15. The race was won by tbe Saint. The Niagara started, but gave up shortly after crossing the lino, • ..-. Mr. Hnnua'i Aovom'entH.. •' New York, Aug. 17.—A letter received et republican headquarters Monday morning by Gen. Osborne -from Mr. Hanno states that Mr. Hanna would be In Cleveland Monday and Tuesday and that he would be In New York Wednesday morning to remain a short time. Mr. Hanna reports that the work' of the: campaign is going on well, and that the gold standard cause Is gaining ground every day. ' . Ueoert. the Cuban Army. Quarantine, S. L, Aug. 17, — Among the cabin passengers arriving on the. steamer Orizaba from Havana early- Monday morning were three deserters' from the Cuban army, who,were,given; passport by .Gen. Weyler.- Their names: are Samuel McNally, James T. Qninn and Maxlmillano .Jorntscha. They, went to 'Cuba with the Laiirada expedl-,' tibn. „ . ;• -I-.; -:: ••-- • • :••'••; ; •-.;•;••:'-iv?; Destructive Fire nit. Bock ford. .. • Rockford, 111., Aug.; 17.—One of the most disastrous, fires this city,hns hod • for a long time broke out at an early, liour Sunday morning and resulted in-' BOLD ROBBERY. • Uurclitr»~Hlow. Up the Hitf* In •Funhloiiftblfi'Hotul In Connecticut. Bridgeport, Conn., Aug.. 17.—The Beach Side Inn,- a fashionable hotel at Green's Farms, was robbed by five masked burglars early Monday morning., 1 :.The thieves tiecured about $1,800 iiir.cittih and $1,000 checks, which had been fief t in tlie oillce safe. Patrick IHartigan, the watuhnian, tells u story ;not..vesKsatisfuctory to the police. He I says .hcTwbs surrounded by five or si.t jjhrislied men on the betu-h in front of the ..hotel about two o'clock. They bound, and gagged.him and carried him to the.,veranda. There they procured froin.him the key to the office and en- tercet... ,'.,A 1 ' heavy charge of dynamite v.-ns ; placed jn a hole drilled in the safe, and 'the'explosion which followed shook the .! , _ ,.The 102 guests,.-ncarly all from New Yorkj sprang from their bods, but MVs. Har.ry-;'B. Smith, of New York, tlic first ; to "appear, wns met by a masked rubber,' \vho' pointed u pistol at li^r bend and told 'her to return to her room. She did, so.'-. The other g-uest.s were met with a.- '-similar' command 1 -, and they also obeyed,' The roliiicrs cut. the telephone vyires' Tending from the phiw, and were now'hejrc to be found when rhfe police of this- city were put on their track. WIPED .our BY FIRE. the'complete destruction 'of the block, of five stores -owned- by Gilbert Wbod- ruff nhd'.'occu'piea,by L. Goldman with a big, department store. Loss, $100,000^.,.. ; . ; ii-.'AetlngvAttoroey OeneraL Wasrili\g:t6n,. ; i\ug-. .17.—Assistant . ».».i.. r:A«nT.o V- "V\ r .li itnpv ...IH-. nntniir on Cikmp Mutttlnf; Ciround.i In ..! . .' -L' J'cnn«ylvuiiiH DfHtroyed, ' I'.YorK, Pa.,. ; Aug. 17.—Kmip's Grove c.anyp."n')e«tingf.ground, tivi; miles ivortl Qt.thTs .city,; wns devastated by iu-e ear ly.'M.pjtHliiy^niorniug'. The five .double .cotfii'^-es, u .large hibernncle.iind a din ing-'liall. were reduco"] t,o ashes. Tbe los: wjjr.'friich-about $in,non. "M'riny,' of the cottagers. lost, nil theh personal property, watches, jewels an< riipriey,; which i were consumed by th' fve.r'.-There were between 7.00 a.nd SOi c.ott'iigers on'.the grounds at the time o the fire. They were principally.- from York "iind ..Baltimore. A few chilclrei ;were asleep at the time, but they were taUett;out .without injury,- A numbei of- persons were slig-htly humed in try ing- to-;Save;their effects. The fire last ed Jinjhouraud uo'thijjg but ashes marks, the' spot wheVc.the camps stood.. The .buildings''w'e,re''.'insin-cd for ,$J,500 ir local mut.uaJ"c'oin'priDii!S., . . . AGAIN ;Sf R.ICKEN. Oml Hamilton Falli UucbiiBciouH from H« Chulr ul tUo Urcttkfaat Tublo. Hamiiton, Mass., Aug. 17.—.Gail-Ham iltoh' (JIlBis'Abigail Dodge),'.who«e re- "Snarkabie' recovery from a shock 6: pai-nlyslfr./af"" Washington occurrec about ; B year '(tg^o," was again 'stricken ai her, honie. in;-Hajhllto'n Sunday ^mom- ing, while : at the breakfast, table.' She was apparently in-hex usual-.health when she .airo.se'. While' eatSng breakfast, 8h^'|Wa8 ; nptlced'by her colupanior .to fall iprward, .and,.before, she .could be ;reactiedV:Shp',had : j'becouie' uncon- BcIoiiBv'.,i^.ThB".lairiily, physician was hastlly-:kumm'pned;'and' he prorioujiced •it another shock.' He did all he coiiUJ to Jelieve- Ber,- but so far' she has not regained consciousness. "'"' '"•' Brained with an'Ax. ' cieyeland, 0., Aug. !17.—Jacob Kos- inider ; iind Frank Waloschek, two Poles, engaged in. an altercation Monday morning. • Hot, .words led to blows. ,Ivofiinlder rushed to the' woodshed and found''.a! rusty ox. He found his antag- onist'in the, dooryard and buried th« ax, : ln'"his brain;' He then threw the weapon into -a/pool of water and walked to thcVstation, where he surrendered himself .^claiming, that he did the act in self -.defense.. -Waloschek is married to Kozmider'B. sister. : - The wounded man is still'living, but the chances are *trongly against hia recovery. •.; Lineman Kllloou. : Waalilngton.^. J., Aug. 17.—Joseph Mars.hall,, of Eaflton, Pa., a lineman employed-by the'American Telegraph & Telephone company, of New York, fell from -a pole- on- Schooley's mountain Sunday' and broke his neck.... He was repairing ;'a'wlre-dur'ing a'storm,-and it is tot known whether he received an electric shook or lost his hold and fell. • He WUB 35'years of age, and recently re- inoved jte Eostpn from Orange, X. J. '• BLOWN TO ATOMS. Twenty-Five Pounds of Dynamite Explodes Killing Three Men. bepUloa .Ag-alnit' Single Tax Wilmington, -'Del., Aug. ;17.'— ' Judge Wales,, in; the, United States court, Monday morning, gave decision in the cases of .the .single ^tax apeakersjn the Dover jail..'.' He decided that the .Dover justice. of .'the,, peace had. authority to try and to remand the" appellant' in this case, .whteh^waa'a' test one, to jail, for violating. ,6 town 'ordinance by speaking .6ri .tjhe.'^street. The decision applies to' all'' the 'other single tax prisoners in ' "' '' ' ' ' . " : : "'of Intereit to Wine Makeri. Washington? Aug. 17'.— Vice an ,Uty:;C6isul;iIa"cob: Bitter, of 'Cata,nia',' y(TlteS.;the department of stute that the :ititerria:tlonal...competltlye exhibition of •.ppar.atuses ueed^n'tlie'inanufactu're of ^Fin'e' T^ill be inaugXimted at Catania on th'ei;3(Jth v of ;September next: The .exhibition. vyJili .last, H4*! 1 ' the ; en(.l of Qc' " '''' ' 1 ApoopU Illi HeiHrnitlon. :Washington.,Aug:. It-'— The president ~h ; aa. acce'p.tecT.the, resignation of .United" States' District Attorney Watts, of Westf : 'Vlrgliiia, who has been nbin- ina-ted-if or'governor of his state-by the democrat's on ,-a'-silver platform', tiralinni ln''Dotroit, 'Mich.' ^ ' , Hbet'ilblt,- Mich;, Aug. 17.—ilatch- fe , Boyle,iiyholesale!dehlers 'in bufcherH 1 snppllb r sii havxi;giy(!n chattel mortgages aggreiuti»g, : $18,00p,'for the- .benefit *>1 '' ' Many Others Serioutly Wounded—Ho tel I* Wrecked—Cause of Explosion Unknown. Lancaster, Pa., Aug. 17.—A frightin disaster occurred in the borough of Now Holland Monday Binming. A party o" men in the employ of l.hc IVnn.sylvnui; Telephqne company were started out to worJ-v'ild hud placed lOOpoui'ds of dy mire in a wagon, whi«:h vvos standing in the-yard o£ C. G. Miller's hotel, vlion the dynamite exploded, killing- three men, fatally injuring three others, and seriously injuring a score of others. Tho Drud. T.lK- (lend ure: C. I 1 '. Cannon, fired 20. of Rf.-ifllng, blown to atoms 1 , telephone employe. F. Hammond, of Hnrrlsburc;, married leaves widow and two children. Ceorpe Grossman, of Steclton, water boy; died on the way to the hospital. The Injured. The injured are: Michael TV'ndft, aged 12 years, of New Ho!himl, will flle. Fran!; L.fiM-!s, of Lancaster, will die. • Flilli';) Lawrence, of Lancaster, will die I'Yanlc Peak", of Scranton, foreman. Duvls Hoffman, of Heading. John Conlaiid, of T.ancaster. Josc-i.>li Henri, of AHentuwn. John Wlike, of Lancaster. Robert Shirk, of Lancastfcr. •VVu.l-.er Fusli;, of New Holland. Miller's hotel was completely shattered, his loss being- over $5,000. The !u»! to property in the borough is very large. The cause of the explosion is not known. SATOLLI'S SUCCESSOR. Private Advlooi from Rome Confirm tb« Humor That It Will Be MarClnollL "VVasliingtou, Aug, IT.—Cardinal Sa, tolli lias returned to Washing-ion after a brief visit to New York 'city. The cardinal has not yet received the official announcement of h'is successor's "appointment, but private advices from Borne go to.confirm. the rumor that Father Martinelli will be Leo's next representative in America. ! An interesting faot-in regard to the 'new delegate is that be.cornea froin the same order and occupies the same post —prior- general-^as did the celebrated reformer Dr. Martin Luther. Father Martinelli is the 99th prior general of the Augustinians, the line beginning :•:•'. .THE WHEELMEN. Beiultt on th« ClniLnff Day of th« Meet '"'&"&?%'*" '- ln kontavllle. . : "jftoiiisville, Ky., Aug. 17..—The 'Ofi L. bf. W. meet cume, to u close Saturday and 'It' has Been a 'great success.' The result iof the races, is as/follows: Half-mile (national •championship,' Tom Cooper, of ";Petroiti first'; .time; 1:12^5,. One-mile 'ppen.'prof essional, W. Coburn,:St,,Lorils,: t; time, 2': 19 2-5.- One-mile amateur, ••'-•--i, 1 C.-H: McCarthy, St. Lou is, "first;' time/ 2:15. 'Two-mile'handicap, ijil-ofesslonal, .W- C. Sanger, Milwaukee, "first; time/4:25. 'Five-mile national 'championship, W. E. Becker, St. Paul, won; time. l'2:-18_2-_3._ • " ' To Destroy » Hotel. . New York, Aug. 17.—A plot tt> de- .stroy the Fifth Avenue hotel and as many of its guests as possible has'been discovered by the police detectives of this city, and Narem Fredman, the prime conspirator, is a prisoner. The plot was of-anarchist origin and (he Fifth Avenue hotel was chosen for destruction simply because it is generally the headquarters In New York for politicians. ..'''.. Strike In Mlohlg»n. Manistee, Mich., Aug. 17.—Polish workmen at Peter's East 'Lake mill. •went on strike Monday mornlngagalr.st the reduction of ten per cent, in wages made .Saturday. More than 500 men are th'rown out of employment. Both- sides are stubborn, and the outcome cannot be predicted. The cut in wages made'reduced the common laborer's ptiy' to 90 cents a day. ' '. Woe for Weyler. . Havana, Aug. 17.—The revolutionary programme, It is understood, is.to strike heavy blows simultaneous- about the time Weylcr's reinforcements arrive from Spain. The point* are so widely separated as to prevent, the entire number of fresh government troops being thrown agaln»t Maceo In the far west. , Killer! by the C«r«. Brooklyn, Aug. 17.—While Mr. and Mrs. Thadeus K. Martin, nged 50 and 43 years respectively, were wnlkirig'on the Prospect Park & Coney Island railroad tracks at King's highway they wero struck by a south-bound train and to-. stantly killed., . ^ WMhlnfton Popnlttt*. Ellensburg, Wash.,,Aug. 17. —.Tho jopulist.convention made, the following Jiomiriations:. ; Governor, John C. Hog- TS; lieutenant governor, ' ThurBton Daniels; .secretary of state, W. D. Jen;ins; auditor, Neal Cheattmm. •'•..- KlUa nil Wife »nd Htmtclf. New' York, Aug. 17.—Alois Dlnkle- uian,' aged 50, shot and killed his wife; md then committed suicide at his home n this city.. 'Business misfortunes caused him to' .lose interest in life, and nurder and suicide followed.' '• • i' Broke Ull Neck.' ..'.'.' Dallas -Tex.i ' Aug.- "17.—Prof: G." Jorsen. a balloonist, was killed here vhen descending with his parachute, le dropped into the.forks of a tree and lis neck was broken by the force of tbt collision ' : " :.',-'• '•'>'•• ••'•• •:•.' • INDIANA NEWS. Told In Brief, by Dlsi)itdii3S from Various Localities. Constructing » Mew Air Ship. Ligonier, Ind., Aug-. 17. — Cusab brothers, aeronauts, of Walkerton, are constructing an ; air ship. The ship consists of a cigar-shaped balloon, with a car underneath. The balloon will be 15 feet long and four feet in.di- ameter, made of piled sik. The car will be five feet long. A battery for the manufacture of gas will be placed in the car, \yhich will supply the ship with a continuous- stream of ga*. There will be one propeller at tbe rear of the ship and two in front. Tbe air chip is being built for public tests and if it proves satisfactory the Cusab brothers are confident they can solve the problem of aerial navigation. Enriched by Flood*.' Kokomo, Ind.,, Aug. ]7.—Ex-County Recorder C, B. F. Clark visited his Carroll county farm and was surprised to find it largely increased in size and value. The farm is on low, boggy ground. Lost year the soil took fire and burned from May until Christmas, consuming- seven acres of the productive land, leaving- o depression of several feet in depth where the soil was consumed. On visiting the place Mr. Clark found that the recent floods had washed the soil from neighboring- farms into his own, completely filling «p the 7-acre pit with rich, loamy earth. IJody Found. . Hammond, Ind. Aug. 17.—Fronds of John Gickman, who left his home near Strathmore two days ago, found his body floating in the Little Calumet near this city with a bullet hole in the right temple. His clothes wore found a half mile up the river. Coroner Crawford returned a verdict of suicide, his theory boing that Gickman waded into the river nnd then shot himself. Deceased was'a Hollander and a farmer. Some suspect foul play, as the old gentleman was 50, years old and might have prrived an ensy victim. No Cue forloeth. _ Anderson, Ind., Aug. 17.—A family of freaks has been unearthed near Lapel, west of this city. It consists of several people without a "tooth.' James I*on- ard is the father. He is past 50 years, of age, and has-passed this much of his life sound, and healthy, without tbe assistance of a molar or even a baby tooth; None never grew, VHis wife! ha*, a'fin* Bet of teeth, .but their four children, ell of whom are full grown and perfect ill regard-taihealth, like their fnther,- never had a tooth in their heads.:'. • • • ' On* Womkn Sne» Another.- ••' Fort Wayne, Ind., Aug. 17.—Anna, wife of Elliott S. Underbill, has began a euit for $2,500 .damages ngainst Mrs. Carrie Byall for alienating, her husband's affections. Mrs. Byall is the jretty wife of a United States mail clerk. She bos some-money, and. has for two years managed-a drug business in- Fort Wayne. The filing of the suit has caused a big sensation "in South side households. - V ,' - • ,••-•': Annual Kcnuloiu .- Elkhari'lnd., Aug. 17.—The Pennsyl- voniuns of northern Indiana and south* orn Michigan held their annual reunion «nd.picnic on the island In .this city... There was .on unusually large attend* nnce. •..'.- ••.:,.-.-.; '.- SUrer Service loi the Indiana. Washington, D, C., Aug. 17.—The battle s"hip Indiana will be preseiated a magnificent silver service, contributed jy the citizens of Indiana, atTompkins-, ville, Staten Island,-September 21. ' ;,' - : ; • it Phy*lcl«7i Drowned.- ' • .- v Vincenncs, Ind., Aug. 17.—Dr. J. tferritt, one of the most prominent jhysicians of Knox county, Irowned in Broody's lake, near Oak- own. The body was recovered. Loan Concern Embmrr»»»»«J. ' Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 17.—The Clt- zens' Savings & Loan association,^of An- flersoni went Into the hands of Albert A. , Small as receiver, with assets only •$. fraction below liab'Mtics. ' . ' M»yor Plnf roe H ConOdeat. New York, Aug. 17.—Mayor Hazea S. Plngree, of Detroit, Mich., who ha* been nominated by the republican! of the state for the governorship, arrived. In New York early Monday and i* a guest at the Murray Hill hotel. A reporter called on MAyor Pingiee short-,. !y after he had finished his breakfast. He was in fine spirlta and expressed fllmself as confident that both the national and state republican ticket* would be successful in March. !• DcillfhteU wUb Ills TUIt, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., Aug. 17.—Lord ..iissell, chief justice of England, and th» genQcmen who accompany him spent Monday morning driving about th* country. >fr. Henry Villard, Lord Eu«sell's host, 'declares that the chief jqi- . tico is delighted with his visit to the United States,; and that he has expressed great admiration of the scenery along the Hudson. A reception.was" held in the afternoon in honor of Lord. • llussell., _._ ___• : _j r JeatouB ilotband KlUi Uli -Wife. Chicago,. Aug. 17:—In ,'a fit of :jealousy Charles.Nelson shot and killed his^wifq . Monday'morning "in their "home, 918 North Western avenue. -After sending; two bu]let«-lnto tbewoman's Icftbreast the murderer 1 'turned upon their thre«f. ". year-old-daughter and fired a shot'at her. The. bulletis.tmck the child on the,; right .side of, the temple, jnfl:cting..|| .- sligbt*wou'nd.' ',"" '.. ; . ,' ;.„.'.-... Nelson was arrested. '.'.-"'' -."'I"

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