Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire on February 5, 1964 · Page 5
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Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire · Page 5

Nashua, New Hampshire
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1964
Page 5
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NASHUA TELEGRAPH. NASHUA. N. H WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 5. 1964 jects Suicide Verdict j. i v 'MANCHESTER, NH (AP)--The family of Mrs Rena Paquette, whose : charred [brjdy was found Monday in a pig pen on a remote section of the - family farm, has rejected the official verdict of suicide, handed down in Mrs Paque(te*s death. The woman's husband, Arthur. 56, termed the ruling "impossible." "I still believe she was murdered and that her death w - - connected with the Pamela Mason case," Paquette said. was definitely Miynird Ruling Ally. Gen. William Maynard .innounced yesterday t h e death of the 5! - year - eld mother U live had been ruled a suicide by cremation. He said Mrs. Paquette was known to have been despondent over t h e assassination of President Kennedy and SWEETHEART VALENTINES FHIUP MORRIS the. mysterious murder of the M - year - old Mason girl Paquetle said, however, his M - i t e was not despondent and acted DO differently over the President's assassination "than anyone else." ."She was DO sadder than you or me." be said. "When K e n - nedy was killed, everybody felt bad," Paquette s a i d he feels hit wife "got awfully hot" on the - u n s o l v e d Pamela Mason murder. He said his wife h a d submitted several leads a n d ideas to police in hopes of help- ing with Ihe Investigation of the Mason murder case, Maynard said M r s . Paquette had giTea several suspicions to authorities and that these "were thoroughly .checked and discounted." OddUJts Pobted Out The Paquette family points to several oddities in the death of Mrs. Paquette as indicating the woman did not take her own life. Among other things, they r e- fer to: --The absence of a fuel container from which could h a r e come the inflammable l i q u i d used to bum her body. - The fact that Mrs. Pa- queue's body was not found in a position which would indicate she suffered any pain from burning: indicating she w a s dead before her body v a s burned. -- The fact that she w o u l d not have gone to the pig pen so lightly dressed. The woman's body w as clad only in a I i g h t dress. Mayurd ut Hub Maynard, meanwhile, traveled to Boston today to confer with Massachusetts Atty. G e n . Edward Brooke in hopes of developing a new line of investigation into the three - week-oW shying of Pamela Mason. The 14 - year - old girl's body was discovered Jan. 21. ly 1 n g facet down in a ditch beside a highway. The girl had b e e n * shot, stabbed and sexually m o- lested. She had last been s e e n (he night of Jan. 1) when s h e entered an automobile in front of her home, presumably to go on a baby sitting job with a n unidentified man. · Vegetation Survey Sought WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep. Silvio 0. Conte, R-JIass., has proposed a continuing survey of natural vegetation by the Interior Department. Conte s a i d yesterday he "shared the concern of conservationists that the United States has no coordinated program for research of natural vegetation." FINAL WEEK of our fabulous.... This big event is coming into its final week ... you still have an opportunity to choose from a grand variety of styles and fabrics in all sizes for men and boys? . . , Priced from $ 7.95 Plus $1. ; $ 8.95 Plus $1.00 . 9.95 Plus $1.00 $12.95 P/us SI.OO $13.95 Plus $1-00 $1495 Plus $1-00 515.95 Plus SI-00 f^ljUf**** -equals 2 pr»- "·· equals 2 prs. for equals 2 prs. for _»-. O *»rc_ fOf i»raiffl^ MEN'S LINED UNLINED | ALL WEATHER COATS LOOK AHEAD . . . 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LAY AW AY | ···SlIBKrifMnHIBH WEST PEARL Delegation From Maine Agrees to Discuss 'Quoddy WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Maine congressional delegation bas agreed to discuss any administration - proposed legislation to authorize the. billion dollar Passimaquoddy - St. John hydroelectric project before introducing it. The four-member delegation, at its monthly meeting yesterday, reported the Interior Department is working on suggested legislation while U. S.-Canadian discussions on mutual problems are still in the early stages. The group agreed with Sen. Edmund S. Muskie. D- Maincv that no action should be taken which might "rock the boat" of the diplomatic negotiations. No decision was made on whether there should be a special delegation meriing for discussion of a draft bUl on the project, or a meeting with Interior Department officials. ffRJTE-K URGED - Supporters of i wrile-ln campaign for Richard M. Nixon M New Hampshire presidential primary ballot prepares signs in small village of Bttmington yesterday in advance ( of talk last nishl by former Gov Wesley PowelL POM ell bas withdrawn his name from crowded Associated titn Phot] baL'ot lo head up the Nixon write-in drive. la Ion hall, left to right are: Paul Trailer, Arthur (Bump) Sanyer, town chairman of the Nixon rann paign, Edna Armstrong and Mrs Dorothv Trailer · ith Leslie Smith, 5, la front. Robert Upton For Rockefeller C O N C O R D . Nil. (AP)Former U. S. Sen. Robert W. Upton filed his candidacy today as a Republican National Convention delegate, favorable t o Gov. Nelson Rockefeller as the party's presidential nominee. "The defeats of the U n i t e d States around the world in recent months emphasize the need for a candidate qualified n o t only in nation*! but also in in- temational affairs," Upton said j in a prepareo. statement "In his years of public service in Washington, Governor Rockefeller acquired a broad knowledge of national and world affairs." UNBIASED RECIPE RENO ffl - Jim Daley of Reno, a brick contractor, won a men's cooking contest with a recipe for potato chip spinach loaf. ! The contest was sponsored by the Potato Chip Institute, Hub Conference Set Area Pollution Cited Mayor Mario J. Vagge today said he plans to attend an enforcement conference on pollution in the Mcrrimack and Nashua rivers Tuesday in Boston. He reported he wants to attend and leam what can be done to improve general conditions of the. two rivers. The session will be held in Faneuil Hall at 9:30 am. It was called by Anthony J. Calabrezze, secretary of the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Federal Act The enforcement action is taken under provisions of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. It authorizes the department secretary to correct pollution if, on the basis of reports or studies, he has reason to believe that pol lution occurring in one tlale en dangers the health and welfare ! of the people in another. OpLWORTH'S 9 "' CHECK YOUR WORKSHOP NEEDS! Ojxn n! Mci I vuiiicl 5/16H1A32, 3/Sf7/IR. 1/2*9/16,19/Si-Hl/lO, 5 intrrclumgciiMe M.idc5. Tcfn pored jpriug Mod, bat Juood haodlcs. »tt. High quality t«i| drill? in fsndy ca\o. High carbon, clean cutting drills 1/16' to J / l * . D.TUMMKAMMa Claw IwtmixT of lnnUned tempered sled. lliiMxT griji li.tnJlc. E TOOlSTHlrUEK 8* M/C. Forged drome pl.ilcd ifccl. for ticry thef, home. f. MMfRMAUn S!ra!g)ircnj dent! in nwtjl, drivu objects witSoiif mirring. Wood handle with rubber grip. TOM MOMET'S WORTH MORE AT ^,3^ W O O L W O R T H S DOWNTOWN NASHUA OPEN TOtRSDAY t FRIDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 5:0» Planning lo attend the conference is \Yilliam A. Healy, technical secretary of the XII Water Pollution commission. Healy, in response to Telegraph' inquiries last fall, blamed irxius- trial waste from Massachusetts industries as polluting the .Vashua I river. At the time, he said the] river here is filled with deposits, ;scum) representing discharge oil untreated industrial waste from I Massachusetts factories situated along the river. The Nashua river starts in the! Itchburg, Mass, area and dis-j charges into the Merrimack river,! in this city. .' All The ffay Up l Healy said the Boston con-i 'erence will not involve only that i section of the Merrimack river! in the -Nashua area but clear up to Franklin, including tributa-! ries. He said about Nashua sewer; projects completed last year un-l der a $1,350,000 bond issue: ! "Nashua is moving nicely in j its pollution control problems, j II should be given credit for j what has been done. There Is i more work to be done but Nash- ; ua bas been very cooperative with the.Water Pollution commission. The stale and commission have received top co-operation from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen." The Boston conference has also xxn rquested by Gov Endicott Peabody to improve the Merrimack river for industrial lecrea- tional and public water supply uses. Boating Kefused The Merrimack's pollution has caused the state of Massachusetts :o withhold sanctions for boating and water-skiing activities. The shellfish flats at the mouth of the Merrimack river have been closed siiice 1S25 and clams laXen rom moderately polluted water are treated in clean water to make them fit for human consumption. Lawrence obtains its water supply from the Merrirnack but state authorities have advised the city .0 mike bacterii! or.c!:.~sis five days a week on the raw water and treated water because of possible contamination in the atcr. High bacterial concentrations ave been reported in the Mcr- rimack at the Massachusetts-New Hampshire state line. Elsewhere industrial waste discharges cause objectionable colors in the river water. The purpose of the conference, whieh is open to the public is to review the pollution situations in the river with the Massachusetts and New Hampshire slate agencies and. if appropriate, recommend appropriate action with .imelaMes to improve the quali- ly of the waterways. The conferees will be representatives of the water pollution control agencies for Massachusetts and New Hampshire and lerbert II. Rogers of Boston rep- resenting the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Murray Slein. of the Washington office of the DHKW. wiH preside. no whisky SPECIALISTS *UMtf[S-WMOO(lS W« Guarantee All Work On AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS Victor Cote Oil Co. '1 W H o l l i t St /5 QT. (ODE IJ9 PINT COOK W BI.EXDKD WIIISKY S* PROOr ?n GRAIN' XKUTRAI, SPIRITS © T11RKK VKATIIEHS DISTIL) · IXC CO. IXD.

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