Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 3, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1973
Page 15
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Gdlesbur ee By LAWRENCE LAMB, M .D. Dear Dr. Urtb - Cdn a person get an ovcrsupply of protein and is it harmful? Dear Reader — That is debatable. Many of our food sources don't contain just protein, but often the high protein foods contain fats and other elements. To illustrate, JANE DENISON WASHINGTON (UPI) - The CIA was leery as early is the summer of mi that the White House was trying to draw the super-secret agency into the "sensitive and forbidden area" of spying on American citizens. The agency—according to its our nouse. uur urbam and chain-smoking fof* teen-age son, who reads jour mf diwc ftichafd mm ^ • n fc „. ian «». refused further support for meats, especially w i en era, mt H underc0V er opera- cause cancer. Did you say this? . . . He has refused to eat meat wnen since he saw your article, and SJJ^^ „ "It seemed to me that the being used the demands from "unusual" es* to I offidaU asking for this help ... and It didn't seem that it was going to do anybody any great ham" But a secret CtA memo dated Aug. M, 1971, noted that Hunt had been demanding more and more help-Including credit cards and a New York business cover— and warned that his requests "drew us even further into the sensitive area of domestic operations against Americans." A Similar similar Richard Helms he really believes every word you say. I cannot _ w*c m the calory h ordinary U. wMg £ J*\ ne m „ whole milk, which is often convince him mat somenow w rut^A™ high protein, food, are misunderstood. We do not have fS^SSuJ!^ 9 would be jutt u a copy of the article, and he wouldnt "andjorit mUk can't remember exactly what it Neither, said Helms, would food as it would be said, he just repeats that meat ne stan d f or acceding to White {provided by the committee- food, causes cancer. Houge preasurea to enlist CIA (about how • retired CIA agent, **"l c V i % aid a year later in the wake of Howard Hunt Jr., came to Watergate, although he felt the k* ^ overtures, through senior White JJ ^Wng * ^guise limit their proteins, par- they no. tour son has misintcr- House aides, and the "implicit" \**J™ I WW?/ ^^ffSS^^ prated my remarks about cured approval of President Nteon. FJ^ 1 " 1 Whlte Hot PrSssuchS goutor kidney meats This isthe controversy ^ u t the^^^te^d he had "the distinct #i .cM*> Otherwise within rea- over the use of nitrates, wnicn to do with the Watergate Drew- ™ w S amounts, excess intake are used in cold cuts and cured ta . i hope m the newspaper sonaoie wno t ^ the room ^ me ver> , w harmful. I growth of germs that cause clearly now .» iEhrhchman, then Nixon s chief botulism. There 's a possibility Since ____ dv needs to either grow I that if you use too much of Hdms who j oined the CIA Helms said he was ay neeas, w eun ^ , j_ u ._ , w mftv „ , _ when hfi warning was expressed in a memo to Ehrlichman the following Janu- a ry from Gen. Rcfce rt E. Cushman Jr., who had been deputy CIA director at the time Hunt was pressing his demands. Gen. Robert E. Cushman opinion this tended draw the asencv into the !8° l was a lot of flak on Watergate burglary, that # both assured Gray there no problem as far as they it, that it * • • 'ere concerned. was apparently A few lat « r » ^ saM > causing some sort of unidenti- Wa,ters * ot wither calMhis fied trouble," Helms testified. time from white Houw ^ He said Haldeman then made John W Dean 111 if " il an "incoherent reference" to ** u,d ta P°« lbIe " for the eiA the FBI Watergate investiga- to comG U P Avlth bai! money for tion reaching into Mexico and the men arrested at the "running into the Bay of Pigs." Watergate and to W He said Haldeman told them sa,aries whiIe served t l iat i prison terms. Walters should tell Acting FBI ^ e . S ^l th ^ f ?f ler w " 6 rejected by Walters with a twin their "it had been decided" Director L. Patrick Gray III that his investigation should be "tapered off or reduced or something" so as not to expose CIA activities in Mexico. Helms said he and Walters payments could secret forever" warning such "not remain and would have to be reporte to Congress. "This obviously cooled Dean ardor/' Helms said. The same can be fish. \ , . »»t say are some people, who cancer, and secret protein beyond the daily re- hams the request m John D. new tissues or replace old ones, these preservaives, they may „ the day the ^ 8 is simply converted by the increase the likelihood of can- 1947j had ^ its director bodv to glucose and may be cer. This is a raging contro- % mlil lBst j anU ary Sbolizld as any other sugar, versy which has not even Jban or the sugar from the protein resolved between scientists. ambaaM fc rto Iran, can be converted to fat and These rmu^mMM o He teiffflfld - ta ^ detall cured meats. It has nothing io bolstered by onC e-secret memos Manv neoole don't realize do with normal lean beef or i^v the caoacity raw pork, which has not been body has the capacity — tton or othcr meat$ . \V rnm Mpmi think •*»w» , s anv evi -lr f f/ff f If -If5t *fl' domestic affairs adviser. he "not stored. learned that Hunt—who pleaded guilty last January to the Watergate plot—had been given what he asked for but "it was a very high-level White House a call from Ehrlichman protested making request. So, he said, he rewrote the memo 10 days later dropping the reference to Ehrlichman. made no "specific request" that the memo be redrafted— but that Ehrlichman-s call "shook up" his memory and he wrote a second memo, destroying the first. The committee later came up with the transcript of the initial liver is the great metabolic dence abou t me at and cancer thermosUt Part of the fat which justifies a person refws-1 mj m - molecule (glycerol) can be con- } n g beef in roasts, stews, llVAll hamburgers, or pork chops, or| 1 11AUII „ Within cells, mutton. The controversy in- sugar, fat and other cherticals volveronly the cured meats, can be combined with the nltro- In view of the high prices of U VII amino ae *M* to »««nt« tnriav. nerhaos vour son s amino acids nally new proteins/Our bodies! /iwcmaner Enternnse Assn 1 V Von 9 Get Labor Invitation CHICAGO (UPI) „ is machines, and'tWhaye a auperb mechanism. to convert the* different foods we e^t inter what the body needkfor baildb1|; or into -energy, . or into enirgy deposits, which are fat. Dear Dr. Lamb — One of your columns on meats causing cancer has Caused a great deal AFLrCIO|questioning whether . . r M _ agency sensitive and forbidden area of operations against Americans and I could no longer comply with his requests," Cushman wrote, explaining why he had cut Hunt off from further aid Aug. 27, 1971. i It was Labor Day weekend that year that the White House "plumbers" squad, which included Hunt, broke into the Los Angeles office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist in search of material relating to the leak of white House-arranged meeting the Pentagon papers. between Cushman and Hunt Ehrlichman, in his testimony Ju] ^ 1971 _taped secretly by to the committee last week, _ . 7 • u ^ u' vigorously denied authorizing Cushman-in which Cushman that burglary — and denied told Hunt lhal Ehrlichman had equally vigorously ever calling been the one who had set it up. Cushman to get technical support for Hunt's subrosa Helms also described White assignments. Cushman followed Helms to June 17, 1972 bugging arrests at the witness chair and said that the Watergate to rope in the a telephone call from Ehrlich- agency. man in January, 1972, had He said it began June 23, prompted him to rewrite a 1972, when he and Lt. Gen. sensitive memo that had linked Vernon Walters, who had Ehrlichman to the White House succeeded. Cushman as deputy CIA director, were summoned House pressures following the Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care tf this newspaper, P.O. Bo*1551, Radio City Station, New VorkyN.Y. 10011. For a copy of ». Lamb's new booklet on spastic send 50 cents to the address and ask for President George Meany, in- longer count on the American crcasinftfy uritappy with the nuclear umbrella which has administration and Watergate disclosures, says he will break with tradition and not cold same Spastic Colon" booklet Russians Get Bugging Story After Months of News Silence MOSCOW (UPI) After months of near silence, the Kremlin finally explained Watergate to the Russian people. .Until Thursday night, the Soviet news media had mentioned Watergate three times, but never indicated what it was about. The fourth mention, distributed Thursday night by the Soviet news agency Tass, was a three- paragraph dispatch from Wa- President of any effect, shiogton. It Nixon, in wrongdoing and said Watergate was a'"pretext for an inquiry by a special Senate committee" The Soviet news media, in keeping with the apparent Kremlin desire to avoid saying anything that could embarrass Nixon, so far has not mentioned the taped conversations at the White House, secret campaij funds or subpoenas rejected 1 the President. Not long ago, before Nixon's visit to Moscow 15 months ago, such subjects would have provided grist for propaganda mills decrying capitalist abuses of power. But not now. Instead, Tass' dispatch put it this way: "An incident at the height of the election campaign last year, when a group of persons was arrested in the capital's Watergate hotel during an attempt to bug the Democratic party headquarters there, is known to have served as to a meeting with Ehrlichman Jan recalling that Ehrlich- 1 powerful White House chief of Cash Charge invite the President or his top lieutenants to the labor, federa- traditional sheltered them and brought them peace for more than ajman auarter centurv " who asked that Hunt be given q ^^i«^ NixonlCIA, aid, Cushman testified, he "Mr. the HEARTS 3. J ^ Budget JEWELERS E. Ma in Lot of Flak Haldeman said there Brides « Register your patterns We Giva Green Stamp not be afforded convention in October 7*y«r-oia M«any also «aid if .(time 's « dedication ceremony or a new addition in the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington a MocK away from the White House, he won't pretext for an inquiry by a snecial Senate committee." icon to that, iking Concessions and other top labor ; , Thursday accused ^! appe9rance w0 invitation afforded otter . incumbent presidents because of what happened two years ago when the last AFL- CIO convention was held in Miami Beach. The White House accused labor delegates and Meany of being rude during Nixon's President of making all the concessions during the recent summit talks with the Russians. "I don't think anything earoe out of it (the summit) that is of any real benefit to s the American people," Meany told a news conference after the AFL - CIO executive council wound up its summer meeting in suburban Oakbrook. "I think it's been a great Meany said it was Nixon himself who had been rude ^ because he ignored his 1971 invitation for two months, then asked the night before the ONTO* J riefit to Soviet THE WANT hot sox give your feet o whirl, in a pair of bold,, bright, bicycle SOX . . . said. "For instance, they're enjoying the fruits of the wheat deal and the American public is paving $300 million for it." The executive council i$sued a statement paying the summit agreem of nuclear weapons by the two tntries removed the United States' main deterrent against war, and made it more likely thsit the Soviets, freed of .the rtion opened if he could Antilabor Positions Meany md he won*t invite Labor Secretary Peter Brennan to the 1973 convention because the former New York construction leader "has taken antilabor positions on a number of things.'' Agriculture Secretary Earl L, Bute won't be invited either, Meany said. 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