Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 3, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1973
Page 6
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A Galtsbum RggHter-Moil, Golesburo, ID, Friday, Aug. 3, 1973 Only Passel of TV Shoo touts I J, By DICK KLEINER I HOLLYWOOD (NBA) - For " "th« firit time since Hopa- kflf Cuddy iioppcd along the TV acreeni (here is only one Tte Lively Artt western on the TV schedule ^thta fill. Such i happening is " downright un -American. The one survivor, of course, is CBS's Gunsmoke, which somehow has managed to last for 19 years. In A couple of seasons it legally will become an adult. As it is, it is old enough to vote. For t time this summer Gunsmoke was the only show in town which was shooting. During the writers' strike, Gunsmoke' managed to film because there was a bunch of scripts left over from last season. I Visit The 120th Annual Knox County Fair $\NING OVER TOS 1661 N. HENDERSON ST. The Huddle Lounge PRESENTS THE RETURN ENGAGEMENT OF THE EVER POPULAR WAYNE CHAPMAN 0 One of the Country's Finest Organists For Your Dining and Dancing Pleasure. (TUESDAY THRU SUNDAY - 7 P.M. TILL MIDNIGHT) ^v 1487 N. Henderson St. Producer Leonard Katzman -he's • rookie, only three years with the show — said there Were 17 or 18 scripts. They picked the best 12 to film. Even then they had a problem. Both Katzmen and executive producer John Mantley are members of the Writers' Guild, to they were barred from doing any rewrites which are essential during filming. "We shot them all-long/' Katzman says, "and we'll rewrite when we edit and cut." So Gunsmoke is one show which will be able to answer the gong for the beginning of the season. There are a dozen shows in the can. As has been the program's custom for the last few years, these dozen hours are virtually an anthology series. You may not be consciously aware of it but Gunsmoke has changed in the last several seasons. WHEN THE antiviolence crusade began Gunsmoke readjusted its philosophy to conform. It played down Matt Dillon's manly maneuvers and played up character studies of guest stars. The result is a series which tells tales that are pretty much universal, with the western setting merely a backdrop. Because Matt Dillon (Jim Arness) was the symbol of violence, he's become almost a part-time performer. Katzman says the current formula is to focus on the marshal perhaps six or eight times during the season. In the others, he's very light, al- Ken Curtis, left, and James Arness ... the 19th season though he's always present to some degree. "Then we have a few Kitty shows, some Doc shows, some Festus shows, a couple of Newly shows," Katzman says. Fortunately for Arness, this corresponds with his own wishes. He can spend more time off the set than on and that's the way he wants it. Katzman says the show pushes heavy on the first few programs each season to recapture its audience and fight the stiff competition of the new shows. So the first four or five are big and expensive, usually shot on location. "TO BALANCE our budget," he says, "we do a few 'bottle' shows — that's our word for programs which are inexpensive and require only small sets. That way, we come out even at the end of the season —at least, that's what we strive for." The show has survived one major cast change, one major illness and the vagaries of public taste for almost two decades. It looks like it can go on for a few more. NewGallonClub Members Named By Red Cross members, and Ray Roaenbailim, The action of Wayne • Allaire Susan Cralbil, 638 Wfflard son, New Windsor, brought the St.; Raymond Holimain, Altona; Six Galon.Club to 297 mem- Five persons joined the One Galon Club of the Galesburg Regional Red Cross Blood Center foOtowdng blood donations on Wednesday. The center collected 148 units of blood from 161 registered donors. The physi : oiian on duty was Dr. B. w! Goan with St. Mary's Hospital supplying three candy stripers —Missy LuvaJl, CWstiiie Eck lund and Becky Bickerstaff. Joining the One Gallon dub CM) which now totals 1,133 VioOet Cowman, 577 Inwin St.; Danad R. Olson, 880 N. Faro- ham St., and Ray Hodson, Prairie City. There are now 4,813 members of the club. Dorothy Shenwooid, Henderson, joined 'the Three Gallon Alexis, and Hairy DuMn, 1264 W. North St., brought the Four Giaffliom Ckib membership to 733 members Gust us Family Holds Reunion Lars Anderson family was held OPHIEM - R. T. Gustus, Cambridge, was re-elected president at the sixth annual Gustus family reunion at Hand Park July 29. Robert Gustus of Knoxville was elected secretary. Members voted to have the 1974 reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert -Osborne, Galesburg. The 42nd annual reunion of the at the home of Mr. and Mrs Conrad Wilson near Coal Valjey July 29. Officers elected were William Roselle, Knoxville, president; Ronald Johnson, Edgington; vice president, and Mrs. Ronald Johnson, secretary. The Alfred Anderson family of Galesburg was named to be in charge of the 1974 reunion. NOW ENTERTAINING "The Two Plus Two" Featuring Mary Lou Goff VOCALIST EVERY FRI. & SAT. HARBOR LIGHTS SUPPER CLUB NOW SERVING BISCUITS & GRAVY SATURDAY ONLY OPEN 5:30 A .M. • 6:00 P.M. -~ MON.-FRI. OPEN 5:30 A.M. v 4i00 P.M. — SATURDAY Breakfast Strved All Day MARY'S Restaurant CHERRY and SIMMONS ST. bers white Paul Peck, 1383 N. Henderson St., became the 214th member of the Seven GaUoh CkJb. Harvey Safford joined the Twelve Gallon Oub foiltowing his donation. There are new 19 members in rthis' group. European Trip Over for Pair ALPHA—Mrs. Gordon Bland and Lolita Clark returned home July 29 from a 15-day trip to Europe. They- few to London and then to Rome. From thane, they took a bus to Paris and toured Belgium, SwitaorHand, Germany, France amid HoMand during their •stay. ' ', /; Local Firms Offer Hero Versus Villian It's good guye verm bid guys this mkmA m flu mm* j*. John mm k the nafcte taiwtnM, of OMR The aefoH- ous d*<y **1 dOtft *t Oil; linger, a fltofWMid §trt «d her father, a dtahone* slave (trader, the Nazis, and mutants wiho don't like apes. DILLINGER, "the gangster's gangster," features Warren Oates as the 1930's hank rob' bar. Ben Johnson the lawman who hunts him down and Oorii Leachmen is the Lady in Red. The film introduces Michelle PhiHios as DiiHtafler's motf. Plenty of machine gun battles, gore and mayhem. Very similar to Bonnie and Clyde. Rated R, at the Orpheum. PAPER MOON is probably one of the most popular movies to come to town in quite a white. It's being held over at the West for the fourth week, it's a very funny film about a flim-flam artist, Ryan O'Neal; a nine-year-old girl who could eon you out of your last dime; and a carnival sideshow stripper. They travel from Kansas to Missouri fa search of a fast buck. The PG rating is taicked on for assorted seamy aspects of the plot and occasional foul words. John Wayne is CAHTLL, UNITED STATES MARSHAL. He plays a character who seems familiar because it's the same one you see in aM his films. This one is about a hank mclbbery and three shady characters who sucker the marshal's sons into helping them. Rated PG at the Galesburg Drive-In. Second feature, SKIN GAME. James Garner as a double- crossing wheeler deafer. Faddy funny. Rated PG. THE SOUND OF MUSIC k an alternative to the over abundance of PG and R movies in town. One of the biggest money-makers of all time returns for a second generation of fans. The singing Trapp family is threatened by the Nazi takeover of Austria. Good music, JuBe Andrews at her best. A good family movie, rated G, at Cinema II. More monkey business, BAT TLB FOR. THE PLANET OF THE APES.. "The lintl chapter in the incredible apes saga." Roddy MteDowaH, Paul WuV Mams-and John Huston star in this Grated film about a world devaaated by a nuctear holocaust,- mm tNpMMuuonit.Tehm Onnw""n WO aTWiy oi m. Open 7 m Shows At' 7:11.9:10 MOttftVANMtffff AltoflJWd outlaw and ehifaCMf.'Just looking fori SOW time-and «e«e«rnelss's money td abend on it. Tns'RoWnHOSdOf Cook»OftHlltf ,'A»«oeOlJ inhisowntima -wMefi was fast rwnniflfl out Nobody did it Hkt mm ,.ha was tha gangster's gangster. BABY FACE NELSON The molt vicious killer of his day. He feared only one man— John Herbert Oillinger. MELVIN PURVIS The G-Man. He got 'em all. ANNA SAGS The ex-madam. When she put on a red dress, and pointed her finger she put an end to a legend and an era. * LIT'S GO * On * Fte-Seheol •hopping Tour to Weedfitlct Shopping Center (Chteago'i newest end lavgefi en W«d., Aug. 22. Reservation due date m„ Aug. 18. Phone 342-MM or 342 -6715. Ala CenSUloneS TiaUway aus The Director* Company presents ITAHerkMiAL • rani 'ONE OF THE FIVE BEST PICTURES OF THE YEAR!" "HALLELUJAH! THERE IS GOOD NEWS TONIGHT BECAUSE THERE IS A GOOD MOVIE, A MOVIE FILLED WITH WHAT IT TAKES. A MOVIE THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ALL OVER WHEN IT'S ALL OVER." Gene Slinlit NfK IV WEST | Open 6:45— Shews>S »5S 4th BIG WEEK Soundwck Alhg* A»|i !iW» Op P«r ««m )fH ItctWB Sunday Times 3:18-5:10-7.8:50 FOR YOUR DINING & DANCING PLEASURE Appearing Tuesday/ Friday/ Saturday ENTERTAINMENT PV RON CARROLL AND THE INN CROWD AT TH| ' Sheraton Motor bin "THE INN PLACE" 1-74 At f. Main 343-71 SI CLOSED Will Re-Open Sit, Aug, 11 The EARL Knoxville ANTIQUE Flea Market Sunday, Aug, 5 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Labor Temple 2243 Grand Ave. Antiques, coins, collectibles, furniture, fountains, & yard ornaments.

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