The Desert Sun from Palm Springs, California on November 22, 1985 · 45
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The Desert Sun from Palm Springs, California · 45

Palm Springs, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1985
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From Ooc M for S3 aedo Lorao MnMad 4 Mm M moral Mum or condo In Raufa Mroan woa Muot horn pod BroMri nroHclod Cal omma OH) I&-IH7 Can £un Mexico doom MK Mnd nPoy JanH to Mar NHr YhaNKSGMNG SPECIAL NiS Miotouo condo m center at Po ran Mot location m P X I Mdu tram do HMnm 714401-70 SmmmI Rental Cdl Desert Saidi Radty 3404543 BIG BEAR LAKE im houn Sloop t Mr TV IMday j t Odrm Mao SMaao FVogoca PI BONAA HONK OAYWEEKMa RENTAL POOLJACUZa TEHtOV CALL POOL poN I Ktmpor doon Avon 14S-707L Pi VXA I turn'd I OWnTT MmH empty pay tonme a A H 00 7723 LUXURY Eaton mol lacumaottoo mMHMWflu IwiaessRcNtais 75 ELEVEN ELEVEN LAW BUILDING Feuta pnwteweaihieaitM dwin Rh foRowna aninbei! lest Lae Computer GMpnhenMalMlinry Secntata Senice Conhrance Room Saw Room With Sam adum Bepnnini it S500JM pv month- Now Anataih Maryellen Hit & Associates 320-5033 PRIME OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE NORTH PALM CANYON NEAR DOWNTOWN Lne Offices From MlVMonthMtav most sR oxpsnses TAHQUTZ-McCALiUM SSO to3J40sqfi 0190 Robert Goodman Co (619)323-3211 HEART OF DOWNTOWN At Tahquitz & hvian Office & Store Space FROM $150 LARGE OFFICE-2000 SO FT J1000 FREEIHUTES 325-1347 EXECUTIVE SUITES 1111 Tahquitz East Suite 120 HOUSE OF BROKERS $25000 Month Al the amentities Plus 7 day a week receptionist 320-5033 LEASE OR TRADE Xfcs qn for T is Ms AAA ecstta taUng on Tshquits 2 mol sfficss antahte st w0 snd 1225 pm month NOIA 0 Denkmnt lamnstBunnc tz-McCshsnWs aoisFrefMSMnsll 42S L Tshqurtz-McCshsn Wsp 320-5737 PRME INDUSTRIAL SPACE m orttw 9 niwNiip tfftorfewyi EsiL'xiJiy — partUn’ LOBLAND WARING RENTALS 73-350 B Paseo 5684)777 DOCTOR OR DENTAL SUITE PS SM-e7S Realtors Ivsiatss Raatab 75 RANCHO LAS PALMAS SHOPPING CENTER 42-460 BOB HOFE DR 1400 SQUARE FEET 904MFT CALL FOR PETALS (619) 741S434Ewa HOUSE OF BROKERS EXECiniVESXIES nenclnp at UP per t Prtvum Cenkrana Keen and MONEL 1111 TahautzEast Suita IXL ram iertnee 320-5033 PALM SPRNGS OFFICES 121 S Palm Cam Drite A Corner el Tawdti 150aqftk2SNtett Rentals from 754 per sq ft Elevator -Finite Tams HERB SL VERSON 3236080 CENTER OF TOWN wSai Center 61 lSaMnCaiyen 1—1700 sq ft - 3 tens— 2 Rest Rooms SMOYta Wl-200 sqflUtita 1150 1- 1200ft 8 office-Bath -Al utMes$750 SUN CENTER 325-1195 PRIME RETAL BELOW MARKET RENTS BOO to2400FT CALL NOV 619324-1779 R & B MANAGEMENT DELUXE EXEC OFFICE Central Pda Cenyai locolten Fmo UndnUted PatUnp e Wlvuta 2nd F7 OuMr PaM Approx ImaHIv lltliea e Campaaiy FuraWadrUntoiy Acd Caouttma etdeW eFi 320-9004 NEW OFFICE SUITES GATED Private Bath Covered parking janitorial service 68374 KfeyRdCC FROM S495 619-345-5195 OFFICE PARK QNFIEX list eT TatoquItHMcSimM1 1 7000 4MMNM tom I0 fl SifltlM am vi am BUM S word procMWi Cor 320-5742 m OHM town UHOVE rot BUSKSS MAGE Start too In Pie rant MUPne m IM rtai locaNen a M Men a India a 45-MI OemSL Only 4 dtncaa new nd Pern lias la SIM an a mender Ml er leee under 3 yew M CM Mr Minor a IM ten a sera ipeuloe 34M7I4 SMCLE EXECUHVE OfflCE Avatebte tor non-smoker is kesuhUy decorated suite hdudsi uss or reception area Os L Tshquifr McCalum Fht rah $300 per month Cal 320NXI m OFFICE -NET AL MOATE OCCUPANCY! 300 TO 5000 SOFT FROM $175 PER MOHDL 347-3469 INDUSTRIAL FREE RENT ib talma NEW QUALITY &DGSM MOKK 1200 -UL000hlt 347-3469 ONLY 1UNTREMANNG leum End LeceHau Nmt PHm Canvon MM aX CapeteA sstmawnne A Say Fmtune Hotau Or onlay 650 LSumhMS RIPS DEAL 0FFCERETAL 1325 sq ft m top hesbaa Ample carpeted betas rant ie area Cal Agnt Arnold 3203192 RANCHO LAS PALMAS Vombmi ShBppiM Cantor toiHwv iniaoiNMiDrWt FOW CEASE Imj3s Id f WEMAAN FKOPEtTES (smr FREEpT! proa A Ilea ft adtm rood H me ky pi IM Mar o DJil Snt Haw tpriwccdem 7414 or OFFICE COfOOMNUM -I iquw toot NrpvMM jncenwnt tooBNan i Ponc statoBiyOtoB NEWLY REK400EUD I OECORATEO n Ian Cemmartc PrtmaF-S tecePai A ran Aea Mr Varan H MNTherMmytMHHL now le ash 'p&Faurus 7l4-M7-aSM (MarFri OFFICE UMT FOR LEASE non area f raemeH raany conraranaraan A m-treom Seotmy M ty MU ura su wa cat anray jpy a PASEO Presidents Plaza East 964 sqn net 34044444616626 OFFKEKTAL qreen RoMt-eFlai at 1 PHm Canvon Appre Mix ft STM Mo raAprJSMHy M4UK COMMEROAMNDUSTRIAL UvoK In CpnvenUnl LecoHen k Otrve ana SSMBf HWY 11L CAMDRM CITY IHOmo 400 n K AC Cmpoy CC REALTY 324-9517 SUPER RAMON RL LOCATION Htyl d ratal aadinn A Me won Vara raaeanMM nm euk team MM7 tOMAAEPfCIALMTAA jpocp pn Hwv tit IM A IM X r I uni tor ITMiy n Met-y K Stottiman MM Me )dll 1100 SOFT10FFICES ' ttacaHian may CMpey AC OPEN ESTATE SATURDAY 11-3 Pit 330 Chino Drive Three blocks south of Tamarisk off North Palm Canyon REDUCED BE0W APPRAISAL TO $550000 EXECUTIVE TENNIS ESTATE h Old Las Palmas $50000 DOWN Only 6 yore old this 5 Bdrirt 5 Ba contemporary residence is an achievement in luxury 8 comfort! With formal draw exercise room pool spa 8 championship NS tennis court The opulent master suite features a mart fireplace and his 8 her bathrooms Located between downtown 8 the mtns the privacy view and security are second to none With increable tarns this is truly a rare opportunity (112) Owner has moved CaR to see anytime Your Host: Scott Lyle CENTURY 21 LYLE & ASSOC Days 321-6191 Eves 322-1546 Are You The The The Then See Two Outstanting Homes In Desert Grove Estates Ave 48 Between Monroe 8 Mattson Mo Priced Below Market Value BOTH $75000 OPEN HOUSE SAT & SUNDAY 10AM -5PM Forappt: 347-6737 A planned Adult Community OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY NOON TO 4 PM 1163 Escudero (Off of Avenida Cabaleros) 3 bdrm 2 ba pod jacuzzi fireplace fruit trees mountain view Mexican pavers new carpets dean and quiet — excefent opportunity m an exceknt area Just reduced to $119950 (103) Your Hostess: Doma CENTURY 21 VAN UZZEN REALTY 756 N Palm Canvon Dr 3264291 IhsIbms laetils 75 OmCETftTOftE Mato Ptom 9k Buekmy U7Z74 er a740 htEvibui WEDomb oufeu KB RNctaa meeKn reent 320B a ft ack aeeea II7N my Apia Meee"H BHBI LARGE SetecMn of OffK nvwtiii a3B pewiiw JBCBvvaaip J2mi PALM SFRPIGS NEW MDUa Mp omcey 1 MRiy W caa- PALM DESERT SEpRESAffTO HEM SCVEIISON tZhtOtt RETAL SPACE-PALMWN M tt ate or aakkiA awdi-1 Great prtal CedpEt W4 — IMS 1701 BEST PALM CANYON Jir?g83UfrD-fc DOWNTOWN OFFICE OR STORE Spaa M Icy ft UK 7 N Fdm Cenyaa Cei B4W1l 7M SO FT in TOP TOP NO PALM CANYON tk Mock Ip Now IWOklmy SAi is n wmck mm MMeaa PALM OCSERT pWNe waeMuea P Corner IBM ip ft PALM DESERT OFFKEI MwvTTT Only S4NL DPCa M4U FOR LEASE 1 0 it Leceeod ax EASatGb Wd Gea nRv cm 33457? wdraMuaeRla an iTSsSS"- 7 MO FREE ifficf to Nm Canyon ft Ctotocf TtodtolTOI Only es e Warefcees Spere 77 WAREHOUSE COMMERCIAL SPACE Total of 22500 Sq Ft MCLUDES 17500 SO FT OF ENCLOSED PARIUNG Zoned M-l Consists of: 4 officas Jnrahouses 1 tool room 2nstrooms 3 ACunts vlMSpr snckdpir1un Ymy vnatte eoiM b auto mpar whobsMi Bstrihutar capttM or hnhn Mnhouse MR mBme-tumt tsssmUy fM id Rimy OthSfUKS DRIVE 6Y 560 WUJAMSRDPJ Cat Bob Lyle Century 21 Lyle 8 Assoc 321-6191 STRONGS MN STORAGE 39-505 Washington St 345-1250 180620000 Sq FT- Ornce wereMuie ImJ Cana ' ' Ml 17S-7M Atdry TMl OFFICSWAREHOUSE sfaSE Nit Frank Parana rj2S-S577 Sferage 7f FREE RENT Cal 327-6506 For Info 301 X Iff mth I owhsiR doors IT eaten 1390teti 327 1115 HAVE LT0R4& kPMte wa rant cm i f RV STONAGE Any Ml Fenced STSMei ter Man — M-IBt BwieessfarSela 18 NATIONMXV Rnsan FfaMpaea PJdeaiw Ma In Pa lean-CentakiPabWcklkk lyry IIP IIH For House Location Price IvsiMSi fir Sale 86 1 CAFE - PS IMUBlrM S don 1 CE CREAM PARLOR Fl S30K own eiock & STEAK HOUSE - Ceckted a gffluriowtv Sstsr 1 PEER EAR Eannkia S2SK On A COCXTAK BAR — fiOK Oewn 7 LIQUOR STORE - Spartka goody mr mix SMC wSSOK down Agent AlWjaEeSM LAUNDROMAT FOR SALE y Vnpelng Cantor in FJ d veCmy to CM oflerfcOOl POSTER A draplilc More to toy EAMMM S vry Make offer er HMUl m-sw (IBEX HAM SALON new to tmm Great PS leeaitinmnn7 er 71H1R UNUSED Cerperetlen to eMy No etok toad OrtonM ced ilk odikig SdOPi J4M4S Opn torse V OPEN HOUSE SAT 12-4 75-555 MARY LANE MAN WELLS mgnlllani view from every raem aid Pip oxoaneivo poke wm a Mi iparkiiig popl and ipy TIM I PeWponu ISMhN YKYPRIVATE i n mgm cwnuBnOTum Mam In (M Logo Da Paknee nRy et Menta-ey CaundY OuK - eik-eeot Mh by elk-nN and trVWva nm wit toundent im IM Mnay pncod a IRUR ikaiura pofd imp yarn wMi imp Nr private pool aid ipa i wMi IpMtv roam Entrp 1 eulp with a kM to pram Mwe had MOeem wbt prtriep ibp pnd entranm TM antanmn are W bunaraw Ip menttefk but vou nwvWvf them m your Man "sales offiqe OPEN DAILY FROM 10 AM to 5 PAL Ent Bnuch North Gate it MON TEKET COUNTRY CLUB LOBLAND WARING 73-350 El Paseo 3404641 EM MIRAGE Open Dady For - Infection At 7 Suite Dominie tb046 tfaftent homt at creit bis ctm tarn kksson Ms CX 3 Stem I torn room 3 baths brih wEtto fcors jhm many mom Escrthl hitim Pool and sps xt m tote ptakki sethnf wth me mfnntwHiTam 6 ncquetbil BMtebto Ita tamity m miter to voir mown nd mvoymont Stta hm iraifed tor a most attracted kammhto tom Cal tor PRICE DRASTICALLY REDUCED TO: $299000 FEY'S Canyon Estates Realty C3ETmqubWav 3254)905 OPEN HOUSE SAT 12-4 SUN 12-3 “DISTRESS SALE" 1 700 sqlt 3 Btem 2 Bath step- aiwm ahrepiica hermosamTr Atem$103J0 Aaent 1 OPEN HOUSES SUN 1-4 — 69-390 Vera Dr Cafoted City $92000 Thraa bedroom homo wry cteon otdy fiw yeas oM Uke new Great ywL Ctew boos mtti mom tor pod Ad now SUN NOV 24 — 15 35070 Mmo Rd (PUitey i 35th) CitbeteB City Team pieyers wi tow tea 1700 sq ft homo eonstnetian with It intaest m tans court on Ptumtoy Spiaous wth mmy custom features - $121500 OPEN DALY — Cal tor tiiKL 75720 Dewrt Pa Drirn MIAN WD1$ S19SJDOO Spend 15 mmtes by thi pooL Amonf mmy hut trees brtngrittemouitans And you adorn the home 503 SUNJT-3 — 365 Orchd Tree lane PS - Vcw this bemiWid four bodrooii honw DHpvitt ownv wi frsdt for dnost wiythra Put a dnl totettier on thts home Pnccd to sel it $225000 910 SAT 113 51-503 A tends Bemutas La Ounta - $2500 doaa ad mow you into ths three heteoem home neat as a pn Aran a waFHA loan on tfes $82500 homa Great Starter Homa 602 C0ND0SPUD SUNRISE COUNTRY CLUB - nam 2 beteoom 2 bath unt just placed on the martiot tomecubte contetum wth eaeefcnt location oft the 4th peen Equity memherteqi mduded 120 SUMMER BREEZE-$90000 Oaner anaous to mmedatay sel thu tao beteoom home arth loft Beauttedy murored aanhoba freplaco and cetei (am le assumoble loan Oaner ad erny Cal tatoy 905 LA R0CCA — $185J)00 (heat location arth beautiful aea On the feen belt quet cii de sac Close to entry mth security lies Goff — tans — pidifc terns - pooh and spu Custom tondscapmi CATHEDRAL CITY — $50000 BeautiM triptoaide motae home in quct dtwtopnant Light and Open Close to teoppeg Adult setwites n nearby dubhouw 402 VACATION VILA — Assume FRA 10 fineneng Beautiful 2 beteoom condo arth lots o( prwacy Fenced peho tor kta pets or auntathngplusaakiigtestaiicetoevefyttaig 208 3463636 Opav House 17 OPEN FOR A0MIRATI0N SAT 0MY 1-4J0 2988 Avery it HOMES UKE THIS ARE USUALLY ON A WAITING LIST Decorated and furnished by SLOANS this S0UTHSDE 3 Bdrm2 Bath plus DU Garage POOLSOE Home also has green lawns front 8 back excelent landscaping al on auto sprinklers and a sweeping view of mountains from Patio UNDERGROUND UnJTES HOME'S pleasing decor and pride of ownership evident in this tranquil neighborhood al combine for a feeing of quiet affluence surprising in a home with such a modest asking price Y0UU SEE! Only $142500 Fum STEN BERGMAN Realtor 1541 NORTH PALM CANYON DRIVE Tefc 325-1369 INTERNATIONAL GOLF TOURNAMENT LA QUINTA HOTEL COURSES OPEN H0USES-SANTA ROSA COVE 49-629 AVENIDA VISTA B0NTA NOV18-MON114 N0V12-TNURSl-4 NOV 19 — TUES 1 4 NOV 22 - FRL 114 NOV 20 -WEDS 11 4 NOV 23 - SAT 11:30-3:30 77-601 LOS ARB0LES NOV 18 - MON 11 4 NOV 21 — THURS 14 NOV 19 — TUES 1 4 NOV 22 - FRL 114 NOV 20 -WEDS 11 4 NOV 23 - SAT 11 3 Both houses beatehdy Turn-Key (unshed - 2 Beteoom 2 bath Mountan Mews terrace overtook ng unde gem belt Private courtyad ready tor outdoor hung Great tocabon Great price1 Terns wentoerrtvp avertable with sale untt Dec 1 1985 Phone 346-9690 MERRILL LYNCH REALTY 346-9690 Ogee House 17 BLUE CHIP OFFERING A WINNCft AT SELLER'S EXPENSE Mfflnt prtfty you! IM ftW MVW Offid paAbfia bfautv 06 tha S bdttvon baw ptt9 ftsar plan ih ivw ftrvptaca wgf bar MdcH won tone A CM-'nm bttODV ' — liar qudfcrv iMwrv MvUia MfeOUCEO arm of I1IMW HKyh oHum-OM loan la Food ft yvik jyyen hot gurdond Submit oM TA) OPEN SUNDAY 14PM 77-542 EWNB0R0UGH IMS REAL ESTATE 3401911 NO CHARGE FOR VIEWING baton hurt 3 btem2 ba comer tot pool So nposm mtn vcw Nnr Nefee Coflmm SriwoL 69-440 VICTORIA OPEN SUN 1-4 Chech Tha! Ounrakshrg THE FREDERICKS CO REALTORS 3405366 NEW HOME PURR FECT! 1200 sq fl 2 Bm 2 Beth Dea CaporL AC CW 3433303 or 2121 Im Hooper Realty TJ71I RomBrk MW Fortm CmwrtaNe OMy $510 3 OPEN HOUSE SAT -SUN 11 4PM 1100LVaEicuetoPL 3207170 ) btt m ba bv mnm Muot ' AttLbitt VAOM bUrrarwd OPEN HOUSE Mlb Mm Ba Lw ki rm WMnut kw 1 car anignar 510 we k iog no p 1 tmamr IM 0PtNEViimMri24 b)r La Famaw vm-1 M 1 Mm e oak owe ca-wkk OC aaanikk rak'd wc (wMi :ing wa nnar WMI LANDMARK REAL ESTATE Corner of Bob Hope & Hwy 111 OPEN TIL 8 PM LANDMARK REAL ESTATE A Division of Landmark Land Company of California Inc Opes House 17 Open House 17 OPEN HOUSE J bam ba Pooi toa I mfe wcvv- Orhrw lb Em Mir 00a on GcraM Ford IAVMA Dr IMAIO A mutt m wiwri'CMnl 3N-MM 1 90 S 1 budy Sd butt'd m tttt QM iNsaOptieu 89 i PALM DESERT : 6 month teem ophen 3 bdrm 2 ! b communrty part Ctow to new ! 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This good sued 1460 sq ft two bedroom two bath deluxe unt has lots of extras such as wet bar fireplace and private patio Amenities ndude tennis courts pools spas clubhouse and even a puttng green $127300 furnished CALL 320-5500 NICE LOCATION -PA 4 targe hams 3 ba centre heel 6 A& tom fveit krtchen tev eit dm 6 towitey raona 2400 iq ft trte roof port tar-tqw yrt wrort tandKJped wrth auto yard Wnihieti 6 atoctnc kghtaytonty al concrete etei completely tenced arth concrete block! md ew gatei ittc end eitenv Mb rautoted lotor water baiter AutdL page tear opener tag fcaptace 4 Sulv rnretow Kieeni Good buy it 61950 432 Oretod Tree Lane PS By Oener 3230557 Open Houm 10 3 PH bedroom Low doaa Yteo owr $250000 6M 3463636 OpeeHeese V Patou Springs Houses 91 SOUTHEND! ON CUL-DE-SAC $133000 Paliu Springs Reuses 91 1 ACRE MESA ESTATE It’s Hard to Explain Just How WONDERFUL! 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