Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 2, 1973 · Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 25

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1973
Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Moij, Golesbur-a, III. Thursday, Aug, 2, 1973 25 Market Reports Today GALE8BUKG ORDER BUYER* BofllflgtMi Northern Stockyards Quotations: No. 14: 230-280 ..._$5«.50-$$7 .a5 No. 2-3: mm....:....m <*>4MM Packing Sows: 300450 .....$47.S©4«.00 350400 .$40.50-147.50 CHICAGO STOCKYARDS I ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 2,700. Butcher Trend: Steady to 50 cents lower from Wednesday's close. No. 1-2: 200-225 $58.50-158.95 No. 2-4: 190-240 $57.50458.50 240-270 $56.75458.25 280-300 $55.25456.25 Sow Trend: Steady to 50 cents lower. 300-350 .——..$48.75452.00 Jolitt Livestock JOLIET, 111. (UPI) - Live stock: Cattle sales insufficient to establish market. Hogs 700; 50-1.00 lower; No 1-2 200-240 lb 58.50-58.75; No 1-3 220-250 lb 58.00-58.50. Friday estimated receipts: 600 cattle, 800 hogs. GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Contmer Grain * Sveety Co. Market mty esthef go up or dowft by 1:30 pjtfi. when final bid ^ arrow. 11:30 o'clock bid. x Corn ...,..$2.58 New Corn $2.43 Oats $1.03 New Beans $7.15 Grain Puturtt CHICAGO (UPI) - Wheat, corn and soybeans were mixed at noon today on the Board of Trade. Prices at Noon Wheat Sep 3.84 up 10 Dec 3.09 up 9V4 Mar 3.54 up IVi Corn Sep 2.76% off 1% Dec 2;«2% up 2V* Mar 2.61 up 1% Soybeans Aug 9.65 off 35 Sep 8.35 off 37 Nov 7.69 off 3 Peoria Livestock PEORIA, IU. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle sales insufficient to establish market. Hogs 4,600; steady to strong, instances 25 higher on lighter weights, 50 higher on heavier; No 1-2 200-240 lb 58.00-58.50, few 58.60-58.75; No 1-3 200-260 lb 57.50-58.00; No 2-3 250-280 lb 56.50-57.50, 280-310 lb 56.00-56.50; No 3-4 350450 lb 51.00-53.00. l Receni Market Turn*About Due To Slotvdotm' NEW YORK (UPI) - The recent turnabout in the market recently, according to Argus Research Corp., has been rifgered by evidence the economy is slowing down from an overheated condition. The irm says the "public's disposition is to greet signs of a slowdown with a sigh of relief— and an increased disposition to buy stocks." Blyth, Eastman, Dillon be- ieves the selling of the past ew months has been completed. The firm says it has urned more optimistic about the market at this time. It says 'although some profit taking may be seen, the major direction will now be up." Markets at a Glanee By United Press International Stocks lower in slow trading Bonds lower. U.S. government bonds higher in moderate trading. American stocks lower in islow trading. Cotton futures mostly higher, Chicago grain futures slightly lower. Cattle insufficient gales to establish a market. New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral 10% Inland Stl 28% AUdChem 35% IBM 310% Alld Strs 26% Int Harv 29y 8 MACOMB AUCTION REPORT July 31, 1973 "•caipU CatlteCaWeiHogtShMp falls Week 325 9 335 W Last Week 453 9 509 152 CATTLE: Receipts 50% slaughter classea; balance mainly feeder cattle. Demand good. Limited volume slaughter steers 2.00-4.00 higher: heifers 3.00-4.00 higher. Cows 2.003 00 higher. Feeder steers 1.00-2.00 higher; heifers steady to 1.00 higher. SLAUGHT ER STEERS: Few Choice 100O-13O0 lbs. 52.80-54.70. SLAUGHTER HEIFERS: Choice 800-1070 lbs. yield grade 2-4 49.50 52.40. individual 53.30. COWS AND BULLS: Utility and Commercial cows 36.25-40.50, few high yledling Utility 40.75-41.75. Few Cutter 33.75-38.75. Yield grade 1-3 1050-1400 lb. bulls 43.25-4720. FEEDER STEERS: Choice 650-900 lbs. 55.00-60.00; few Good and Choice 700-1000 lbs. 51.75-53.50. FEEDER HEIFERS: Choice 350 525 lbs. 57.50-61.00; 525-750 lbs. 51.5057.50. Good & Choice replacement cows 350.00-520.00 per head. Good & Choice replacement cows with calves at side 500.00-645.00 per pair. HOGS: Receipts mainly feeder pigs. Demand good. Prices steady to 1.00 higher. BOARS: 250 lbs. 46.25; 350-525 lbs, 43.75 -44 .25. FEEDER PIGS:..U.S. 1-3 20-30 lbs. 27.00; 50 lbs. 40.75-42.25; U.S. 2-3 4050 lbs. 30.00-35.25; 2-3 60 lbs. 37.00; 2-3 95-110 lbs. 50.50-53,50; all sold by the head. U.S. 1-3 120 lbs. 58.50 by weight. Bred gilts 166.00-172.50 per head. SHEEP: Good & Choice 50-90 lb. feeder lBinbs 30.50-35.60. Good Sc Choice replacement ewes 18.00-29.00 per head. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - Interior hogs: 15,000; steady; No 1 -2 200-235 lb 57 .50-58 .00; No 1-3 200-240 lb 57.00-57.75; No 2 -3 240-260 lb 56 .00-57 .25; Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI) - Cheese: Processed loaf 75-79 .25; single daisies 79.50-87 ; 40 lb blocks 7578.75; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 89-92 .50, B 87 -90.50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest eggs: Unsteady prices off 3 to up 2 extra large 86 off 3; large 82 off 3; medium 76 unch; pullets 54 up 3; standard 75 up 1; checks 56 up 2. Allis Chal 9% Alcoa 66^ Am Air 11 Am Can 30% Am Cyan 23% AmElPwr 26 Am Mtrs 7% Am T&T 49% Anaconda 22% Ashl Oil 29% Atl Rich 85% Avco ioys Bea Fds 20 Bendix 36 Beth Stl 26% Boeing 19 Borden 22% Cap C Bdg 50 Oatplr 59 7 /s Celanese 33 Cen II Lt 20% Cen Tel 24y 4 Cessna 21% Chrysler 25% CitiesSvc 44% Int Nick 31% Int Paper 36% Int T&T 33% Iowa P&L 22 Johns-Mr* 20% Kennecott 28 Kresge 36% Kroger 16% IifcMcN 6% Litton 8% Lockheed 6Vi Mar Oil 30 Maytag 27% Merck 90% Minn Min 85 Mobil Oil 58% Monsanto 58% Nat Bisc 42 Olin Corp 13% Outibd M 38 Owens-Ill 32% Penn Cen 2 Penney 79 PepsiCola 84% Pfizer 49% Bank Officer Has Advice On Keeping Checkbooks By DEAN C. MILLER UPI Business Editor NEW YORK (UPI) - Many Americans are paradoxical economic animals. They can be great providers and alert businessmen during life but fail to leave wills...snarling, delaying and eroding the esUrtHtajghi^^ E. F. Hutton believes the market, in light of some recent strong gains, is going through a process of consolidation. But, the firm said, there has been very little in the way of selling pressure." The firft said it is cautious in its approacV for the near future. Rising interest rates are producing a credit crunch, according to the Lehman Letter. The publication said "in this atmosphere, corporations look with increasing favor on private placements, even at progressively higher rates, municipalities must at least consider delaying financings, and federal agencies must think about being less aggressive in both amounts and maturities. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p .m. CDT stock aver- checkbook han- Don 't write checks for "cash" more expert in before you get to the bank. If Bnsiaess Today ages: 30 Indus 20 trans 15 utils 65 stocks 907.06 off 5.12 164.00 off 0.15 97.52 off 0.77 274.87 off 1.36 Coca-Cola 142% Phil Pet 53% Colum Gas 27 Proct G 111% Treasury Accounts WASHINGTON (UPI) Treasury accounts for the fiscal year through July 30: Wthdrwls 124,588,782,126.57 Deposits 20,969,030,302.00 Cash balance 8,585,008,699.04 Public debt 459,486,631,693.86 Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (UPI) - Grain range: High Low Close Prev. Comw Ed 29 Comsat 50% Cons Ed 22% Cont Can 25% Cont Oil 29% CPC Intl 28% Dana 28% Deere 46% Du Pont 166% Eastman 138 Exxon 93 Falstaff 3% Firestone 20% FordMtrs 55% Fruehauf 25% Gam Sko 27% Gen Dyna 20% Texaco 31% Gen Elec 61% Tex Inst 104 Gen Fds 25% Gen Mtrs 66% Gen Tel 30 Gen Tire 20% Goodrich 21% Quak Oat 37% RCA 25% Rep Stl 23 Revlon 65% Safeway 32 St. Regis 41% SanFelnd 24% Sears 98% Shell Oil 54% Simmons 19% So Pac 29% Sperry 44% Std Bds 50 SO Ind 82% Stvns JP 29% Stude 37 Un Carb 37V4 Un Elec 16 Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 21% US Steel 28% Goodyear 22% West Un 18% Greyhnd 13% Wstghs El 35% Gulf Oil 22% Weyerh 65, 111 Cent 19% Woolworth 21 92 JAVd III Wheat Sep Dec Mar May Jiy Corn Sep Dec Mar May Jiy Oats Sep Dec Mar May Jiy Soybeans 384 370 384 374 369% 351 369% 359% 361% 341% 361% 351% 345 328% 344 337% 299% 287 294 296 280% 269 265 256 263% 254 261 252 257 248 272 278 258% 259% 257 260 255 257 251% 253 128 122% 126 125% 131% 126 130% 129% 136 130 135% 132 133 128 132% 132% 132% 134 132% 128 Aug Nov •Tan Mar May Jiy 965 840 780 763 763 760 747 960 832 735 721 722 719 716 960 832 754 740 737 735 729 1000 872 772 754% 754% 744 738 READ THE WANT ADS! - 4 Weight Classes Sat., Aug. 4,1 pm At The KNOX COUNTY FAIR ALSO GARDEN TRACTOR PULL AT 2:30 FREE AUTO PARKING MAIN 6ATE ADMISSION 75c BEFORE 4 P.M. hard as a shield for loved ones. They can be the souls of prudence, save consistently for years, then risk it all with a broker they've known for only two weeks or take a flyer on a stock because of a conversation overheard on the 7:57 commuter train. The checking account is another vulnerable spot. Too few Americans know enough about, or think about, the checking account even though it is one of their most used economic tools. Barbara Henningar, an assistant vice-president with Unit ed California Bank (UCB) and operations officer at the UCB main Los Angeles office, has thought a lot ,about checkbooks And for good reason. Banks in the Los Angeles area annually process more than $216 billion worth of checks. Some of them are wrongly used, costing the user substantially in many cases. Guidelines Offered To help the careless or Prices Fall On Exchange, Trading Light NEW YORK (UPI) - Prices fell on a broad front today on the New York Stock Exchange in light activity, with investor confidence undermined by several gloomy economic forecasts of recent days. Shortly before noon, the Dow Jones industrial average had fallen 5.72 to 906.46. Losers ran ahead of gainers, 786 to 305, among 1,464 issues traded. Turnover through noon totaled more than 5,000,000 shares, compared with 7,050,000 shares traded in the same time Wednesday. Uniroyal led the actives, dropping % to- 12% on 103,600 shares, including a 101,500- share block at 12. International Paper was second, sliding 1% to 36% on 74,100 shares, and! Texaco followed, off % at 31% on 69,300 shares. Gold mining issues joined in the market's decline, with gold prices lower on foreign markets, and the dollar stable. ASA Ltd. fell 2%, Campbell Red Lake 1%, and Dome Mines 1. Electronics and computers were mixed. Motorola and Fairchild Camera gained a point each, while Burroughs dropped 2% and IBM 1. Glamors also moved ir regularly. Curtiss-Wright added 1, but Avon Products and Xerox each fell 1. Among mixed oils, Superior tacked on 3, and Standard Oil of California fell 1%. DuPont declined 1%. Other chemicals moved fractionally lower. Steels, motors and rails moved irregularly, while aircrafts were virtually unchanged. On the American Stock Exchange, prices declined broadly in slow trading. Mercantile Exchange CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Low Close Prev. Live Beef Cattle Aug 56.02 55.02 56.02 55.05 Oct 58.45 57.22 58.45 57.40 Dec 58.80 57.40 58.30 58.10 Feb 58.72 57.52 58.20 58.10 Apr 57.90 58.75 57.35 57.20 Jun 57.27 56.05 56.90 56.30 Aug 56.00 54.60 55.32 55.00 Live Hogs Aug 59.27 57.20 58.50 58.00 Oc 54.80 53.25 54.00 54.10 Dec 55.20 53.85 54.2a 54.60 Feb 54.20 52.85 53.23 53.72 Apr 52.07 50.35 51.02 51.80 Jun 51.30 50.00 50.40 51.12 Jiy 51.00 49.20 49.50 50.50! Aug 48.50 46.62 47.50 48.12 Frozen Pork Bellies JFeb 76.17 74.40 75.75 75.32 Mar 74.75 73.17 74.00 74.17 jMay 72.60 71.15 71.20 72.65 !Jiy 69.50 68.40 68.70 69.90 iAug 66.40 65.60 65.60 67.10 inexperienced dler become this area, Ms. Henningar offers some guidelines and suggestions. When you've opened a checking account and have received the first imprinted checks, make certain the account number is correct. A printing error could delay the crediting of your deposits and cost you money. Evaluate how many checks you normally write a month. If it is 10 or fewer, you could save up to $2 per month in service charges by getting a special checking account which costs as little as 15 cents a check at some banks. Carry personal identification papers separate from the check book so another person doesn't have "everything he needs" to use your checks in case of loss or'theft. Don't Borrow Checks Don't leave excess funds in your checking account. Transfer them to a savings account so they'll earn interest. Don't time deposits and checks too closely. You could be assessed extra charges each time your deposit reaches the bank a few hours after a check has been received on that account. Don't borrow another person's blank check or deposit slip or lend one of yours. That magnetic account number can't be erased (not even by blacking it out), so the check or deposit could be posted to the account of the original owner. lost or stolen, such checks are the equivalent of cash and the bank cannot put a "stop payment" order on them. —If you receive Social Security or dividend checks regularly, arrange to have them mailed directly to your bank for deposit. There's no charge and it's safer. —Never leave your personal check book in an office drawer or public place. If you note a check is missing from the numerical sequence, notify the bank immediately. GARAGE SALE IN ONEIDA a BUn. M. of B-P Ktevator FBI.-SAT. — 11-8 Refrigerator, 2 elec. stoves. Selmer Alto sax., pony exercise ring, play pen, clothes, etc. Also fresh produce. AUCTION Sot., Aug. 4th, 1:00 P.M. Sharp W. h.*« .eld eur hem* and moving out of State. W. Witt Mil lho following: loett.4 at 704 Faaring AVMMM, AhlnftOen, IU. Refrigerator with Freezer on top; dining room suite; table, buffet St 6 ehadrs; kitchen table Sc 2 chairs; 3 pc. bedroom suite; single* bed; dresser; davenport & chair; chairs; end tables, lamps; 9 X 12* axminlste* rug; 2 throw ruga to match; Speed Queen Conventional washer & tubs! 2 electric clocks; dishes; TV trays & cart; patio table Sc 4 chairs; 3 metal lawn chairs; dehumidlfler; stone Jars; flower pots; fruit jars; quilting frames; gas water heater and misc. items. — TOOLS A MISCIUANEOUS — Wliud • H.P. riding mower (32" cut), and anew plow; Roto filler; lawn roller: garden cart; small drill press: electric grinder on stand; step ladders; roll of white pickets; some electric wire; insulation board: lawn seeder; some wood doors; galvanized pipe; garden tools; forks; shovels; saws; crosscut, axe; sledge & wedges; heavy duly vise; 2—1/3 horse electric motors; anvil; 3 coal buek.ta; copper boiler; old grind .ton.; walking plow and other misc. Items, TERMS—CAOH Mot Reeponalblo tot Accident* Mr. and Mrs. Loren Herren, Owntrs Auctioneer: DON NELSON, 104 N. Monroe, Abingdon, 111. Clerk: CARROLL MARKS FOR SALE 19W Honda 160, $200; 1971 Honda 100CB, low miles, like new, $300; 1957 Ranchero, $150; 2—bicycles—l boys, 1 girls; Yamaha Clarinet, used one school term, $60. Call after S P.M.—343*4701 PAUL WEBB CEMENT WORK FREE ESTIMATE PHONE 343-1494 or 375-6590 Garage Sale 72 N. PLEASANT Fri., Aug. 3 - 9 »m-4 pm Clothing, dishes, misc. 14 ft. boat with 40 horse motor. FOR SALE 1172 2-DR. HARDTOP CHEVROLET CAPRICE Power steering, power brakes, AM-FM radio-tape player. Cruls- amatic & air conn. $3,295. Call anytime after 10 A.M. 342-1239. Backyard Sale 1554 MORTON AVE. Fri., Aug. 3 8 A.M. • 3:30 P.M. Cancelled In Case of Rain Galesburg Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 761 E. Brooks St. Phono 342-3479 GARAGE SALE 341 JEFFERSON FRIDAY, Aug. 3rd • A.M. - • P.M. Poker table, humidifier, bar stools, clothes, baby car seat, 16' fiberglass boat, motor and trailer. GARAGE SALE 1407 Oriole Dr. FRIDAY fc SATURDAY • A.M. - S P.M. Baby & doll furniture, boat Sc trailer, baby, children Sc adult clothing, silverware, melmac dishes; end tables, misc. BACKYARD SALE 486 N. Wost Friday All Day Men's, women's Sc children's clothing, washing machine and misc. GARAGE SALE 432 IRWIN THURIDAY Eva. FRIDAY—All D«r Sterling silver elect, serving tray, new lead crystal ice bucket, lots of good clothing, boys, girls, men's Sc women's; Antique brass lamp Sc kerosene lamp, window fan, Antique grey granite ware, 1 piece luggage (new), nic nacs, Currier Sc Ives dishes all in excellent cortd. Can phone on dishes, 343-4650. FRESH SWEET CORN Coffoys Pith Markot 1280 S. Henderson Patio Sale 1497 Willord St. FRIDAY PM—5 to 9 SAT.—• to 3:30 Children and adult clothing — very good condition, Lawn Boy odger Sc Lawn Boy mower, electric appliances & dishes, Antique Insulators, Poodle bed &c misc. items. For Salo By Owmr 7 ROOM HOME 3 bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, den, bath Sc half, aluminum storms, gas heat, on large lot, good North location. Close to Silas Wlllard School. Reasonably Priced Write Box 954 Care of Galesburg Register-Mail For Sqle 1966 DELTA 88 OLDSMOBILE 4 Door Sedan Power Steering, Power Brakes, Radio. Phone 343-4226 OR COME TO 927 N. Prairie ESTATE AUCTION ANTIQUES & COLLECTORS ITEMS Monday Eve., Aug. 6, 6:30 P.M. In Allona, 2 Blocks North & 1 Block West from the Post Office. HOUSEHOLD GOODS: Portable sewing machine, apt. size gas stove, G.E. refrigerator, Kitchen set, Maple bed complete, night stand, radio, serving tray, lamps, linens, Garden & lawn tools, lawn chairs, souvenier plates, cups, fruit jars, TV Sc stand. ANTIQUES: Coffee grinder, Fluting iron, cast iron Bowl Sc Pestle, plant stand, Dresser set (wash bowl, Pitcher, Pot Sc soap dish, very nice), old platform rocker, old oak dresser. Depression glass, pressed glass, odd pieces of Haviland, German, Bavarian, China, some crystal, Picture Frames, stone jars, dated fruit jaTs, jugs, tin boxes, old bottles, books, Tear Drop Walnut Table, large glass fruit basket, Gold rim china dinner dishes, much more. TERMS—CASH ESTATE OF MABLE SHAW—Decsasad MAURICE NORENE. Administrator Auction**!: LEO HAGER fc STAFF MCLAUGHLIN fc HATTEBY, ailornty* for administrator W* Bank of Galasburg Bldg. PUBLIC SALE • 681 Lane Ave. Sat., Aug. 4 • 10 A.M. Sharp Shop Equipment including: 2 Table Saws w/Motots; Heavy Duty Drill Press w/Motor; 4" Planor Jig Saw; Motors; New Spray Painter; Lg. Deluxe Charcoal Grill; Saw Horses; Ladders; Rough Lumber; Garden Tools; Wheelbarrow; Lots of Small Tools; Many Kinds of Paint; Some Antique Furniture including Maple Rope Bed; Some Chairs; Oak Secretary; Picture Frames; 6 New ladder Back Chairs; (A) Belt and Vibrating Sanders; Hobby Pattern Books. N.E. CORNER BEECHER and LANE Not Responsible For Accidents Summer Clearance Sale Vi OFF On Remaining Summer Wearing Apparel. Still 8 good selection of Dresses (reg. and longs.) JAMAICAS and KNEE PANTS (XL Sizes) ARRIVING DAILY New Fall Dresses (regulars and longs) Sportswear A Co-ordinates (reg. and XL) MITCHELL'S Route 34 Oneida, III. 9 AM to 5:30 PM MON. thru SAT. Free Parking Lot PUBLIC AUCTION EDWIN ANDERSON ESTATE Sat., Aug. 4, 1973 - 11:00 A.M. Sale will be held in Nekoma, III., which is 8 miles straight South of Cambridge. To help settle the estate of the late Edwin Anderson, the following Personal and Household Items will be sold. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Tappan Gas Stove; General Electric Refrigerator: 3 Metal Kitchen Cabinets; Kitchen Table Sc 4 Chairs; Several Wood Tables; 2 Walnut Drop Leaf Tables; Hamilton Clothes Dryer; 3 Black Sc White TVs, on© Portable; 2 Straight Back Chairs; 2 Old Rockers: Other Occasional Chairs; Old Sewing Machine; Numerous Chesta of Drawers & Dressers; 2 Iron Beds; Upright Piano & Bench; Old Davenport; Bed Stands; Card Tables; Several Little Wood Foot Stools; 2 Big Wood Storage Cupboards; 2 Big Old Wood Rockers; Old Davenport; (with wood amis); Old Rugs Sc Runners; 2 Bird Cages; Electric Toaster; Electric Roaster; Step Stool; Porch Swing; Loti of Pots Sc Pans; Many Linens including Quilt Tops Sc Quilts; Scarfs; Doilies: Piano Scarfs; a Lot of Sewing Material; Printed Feed Sacks & Plain Sacks; Many Crocheted Items; Many Sewing Baskets; Misc. Dishes Sc Glassware; Manv Knick Knacks & Trinkets: Sc Costume Jewelry; Big Fish Bowl; Wood Clothes Rack; Model 22 Rifle. ANTIQUES Old Thick Records; Old Post CVu;; -Kerosene Lamp Sc 2 Extra Chimneys; 5 Gal. Cream Can; Lantern; Old Irons Sc Holder; Old Picture Frames; 2 Wood Frame Mirrors; Old Glass Churn; Fruit Jars; Milk Bottles; Other Old Bottles; Crocks; Wood Barrels; Wood Bowl: 2 Small Kerosene Stoves; Coal Pall; Knick Knack: Shelves; Magazine Racks; Old Iron Bench; Tinware; Many Old Books Including an old Baseball Book, Old Atlases, Old Bibles Sc Sears Catalog. ANTIQUE MACHINERY Hand Corn Sheller; Dump Rake: Narrow Box Wagon on Gear, Wood Wheel Running Gear; Other Wood Wheels. Many Menu too numerous to mention. LUNCH ON GROUNDS Number Syiism Will Be Ueed TERMS: CASH Not Responsible for Accident! Executor: Mr. Arthur Anderson, Altono, III. Auctioneers STENZEL'S AUCTION SERVICE AL STENZEL—526-M90 RUSS ANDERSON—522-5897 ELMER STENZEL BRUCE ANDERSON BACKYARD SALES Garag*, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, type mutt be in our office by noon the day before Private Household Sales and ail other sale« of this ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 343-71B1 PUBLIC SALE As I am moving into a mobile home I will sell the following at Public Auction at my home. 404 WEST SOUTH ST. Abingdon, Illinois Saturday, August 4, 1973 BEGINNING AT 1 PM SHARP . "FURNITURE, ANTIQUES AND COLLECTORS ITEMS" Large Frigidaire refrigerator with freezer at the tou, Copper- tone t'olor; .'{() inch gas stove, coppertone color; Chrome breakfast set with table and 2 chairs; Duncan Phyfe dining room suite with drop leaf table and :i extra leaves; 2 arm chairs and two straight chairs and large buffet with an extra large mirror, in excellent condition; Philco 24 inch colored TV set; ID inch portable Philco TV set; coffee table ami step table, new: Hide-a-bed sofa; two 9x12 braided rugs; large metal wardrobe with 2 doors; three piece bedroom suite: bed with box springs and mattress: dresser with mirror; chest with 5 drawers, excellent condition; Hollywood bed; one double bed, writing desk with formica top; small record player; three folding chairs and 2 card tables; exercise rowing machine; children's games of all kinds; car radio; two table lamps; Coleman lantern; Driftwood lamp; several whatnots; ?, clothes hampers; 2 pair of drapes; 3 extra lamp shades; complete Famous Art correspondent set—new; fishing rods: new Drag Stripper bicycle with 20 inch wheels; punching bag. like iwvv; brand new swing set and slide; 12 new steel posts; all kinds of small tools; camping cot; 3 speed window fan, also reversible; a quantity of different colored paint, 4x8 sheet of inch plywood, electric coffee pert; all kinds of dishes, pots and pans. "Antiques and Collectors Items" Mahogany-secretary in excellent condition; small table: pictures and picture frames; 1906 catalog: a book of old stamps; vases; knick knacks; large lace tablecloth; bedspread; two 3 legged small round tables; old dresser; butter mold; old pie cabinet; old trunk; rolling pin hand made over 150 years old; earthenware jar with lid, cut glass bowl; cut glass candy dish; 6 foot green Christmas tree; old sewing machine: Webster's standard book; antique cards; Crown Jewel poetry book; Cricket rocking chair: Antique maple sewing rocker; Electric racing set with 35 feet of track, with two power packs and 12 cars and other accessories, this set is in excellent condition. This sale consists of a world of small items too numerous to mention. Mrs. Jean Vornold, Owner Auctioneer—KVEHEiT MORSS — Phone 462-3090 10o South Ohio St., Abingdon, 111. Clerks—FRED DANFORTH and BEVERLY MORRISON TERMS—CASH Not H «»pon *ibl« for Accldenia Read the Want Ads

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