The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 17, 1956 · Page 53
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 53

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1956
Page 53
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(fa.) Upper DesMeines Tuesday, April 17, 1956 Dea* Grace Kelly: Due to some misunderstanding, I have not received my invitation to your wedding ceremony which is taking place this week. I have watched the mail every day and though Hank Gudenan did bring me a very welcome new telephone book this morning, there was no white envelope with a. crested royal message. Someone in your secretarial staff must have goofed or maybe you didn't know that due to new postal regulations you now have to write 209 S. Williams on my mail instead of just Algona, Iowa. • • • However, I am not peeved ai you about the slip-up. I know that getting married sends any girl into a tizzy and you, with two ceremonies—civil and religious, are probably twice as mixed up as the average bride. To tell you the truth, I was going to have to send my regrets, anyway. I haven't / pot my Spring housecleaning done yet, I had bridge club at my house this week and Mary Ann has been home from school with a tummy upset. Besides. I don't have a single thing to wear. * « * I imagine you will be glad to get the whole thing over vvith and settle down to housekeeping. Thi.-: business of having every aspect of your romance displayed to the world must be pretty wearing. Every time you change your dress, the fashion editors of the world gush over it; every word of sweet talk your Prince cables you is lapped up' by your Public. When your Pop pulled a boo-boo by hinting to the reporters that you always were n tittle head - strong, we heard about it clear out here In Iowa. It's a wonder you get enough privacy in which to take a bath. * - « * Now. I like love, romance and marriage as much as the next gal and I'm always glad when a^farn- ous pet-son, or a totally unknown one for that matter, finds happiness. But even I am getting a little fed-up on reading so much about Kelly and Rainier. I know you can't help it that people write so much about you and I wouldn't have added to the reams of guff by doing this letter to you in Woman's World excepting that I sirnply t couldn't think of another column subject. I tell you, Your, Grace, thte Grace sometimes gets pretty dos- parate for something to write about. * « * Like most old married ladies, I like to give advice to brides. It seems to me. Grace, that fifteen years of living with the same man entitles me to give you a few tips. Not that I expect you to take me very \ seriously for every girl has to find out for herself but there are many things that husbands have in common whether he is a plumber or a prince. * • • One thing I found out is that if you expect to keep your husband in line you have to put the ring in his nose early. If you are going to expect him to be of any help around the castle, hand him a dish towel and tell him to start drying right after the wedding supper. 'Vou can probably get a hired girl to do these things in Monaco, but husbands are apt to [THESE WOMEN; 'Dear Mr, Drabnick, a man of many interest* , 10%..." "I'm not making up my mind to stay till I see how your water heater works." Can't blame her. Any woman who's had wash water run . cold would feel the same. But with automatic GAS water heaters, there's always enough for laundry, dishes, bathing and for house-cleaning. Speed is the secret! Gas water heaters are 3 times faster than non-flame water heaters'. And they cost a fraction as much to operate. See new long- lue models today. ONLY AUTOMATIC WATER HEATERS GIVE HOT WATER TIMES FASTER March - April - May - Are "Gas Water Heater" Months 1 * See The Following Algona Dealers FOR FULL INFORMATION AND FREE ESTIMATES ON A NEW GAS HOT WATER HEATER: Muckey Plumbing ft Heating Funk Plumbing A Heating Sigsbee Plumbing & Heating Irons Heating & Plumbing Algona Plumbing & Heating Gamble Store North Iowa Sewing Machine North Central Hall-Strahorn Hardware Beecher Lane Appliances Rapid Thermogas Co. Thomas Skelgas Swartz Algona Hardware Kohlhaas Hardware Coast-to-Coast Store Public Service Co. stay with you longer If the pay is right. • * * Lots of guys, and your husband may be one of them, think that a chair or the closet floor is the best place to put their pants when they slip out of them. They also liite to leave caps off of tooth paste and soggy towels all over the bathroom. Husbands are much easier to train when they still have Stardust in their eyes, so right away point out th* clothes hangers anJ the towel bars. Some habits can seem endearingly casual during the honeymoon but they get to be downright sloppy for the rest of your married life. If you start them out right, you save all sorts of cleaner's bills, and wear and tear on your nerves and back. I wish somebody had told me this when I was first married. • * • All of us have io keep an eye on the husband when we let him off the leash for a night out, but it seems to me, Grace, that you have kind of a unique problem. Monaco has long been known for its gambling establishments and they are what puts butter on the Rainers' bread and mink on your shoulders. Some evening you'll get a telephone call from your better-half. He'll say he's going to be a little late for supper. In the background will be n jukebox playing and the clink of coins and the sound of wheels turning. Unless you are very sharp he's going to get away with all sorts of shenanigans for he comes equipped with the perfect excuse He can say he's down at the Cas- jno checking receipts and tending to business! •> • • • In your career as an actress you made love to such dreamboats as Gary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Bill Holden. Imagine doing that and getting paid for it. too! No wonder it took a kingdom, some palaces and several 'lillion dollars to win you away. But even such a lucky break as being kissed by Gary Grant 'can be a handicap if you start comparing your Old Man to the memory of your screen lovers. Many wives have become all fouled up by thinking about the men they think thev could have married and if you should happen to get sort of wistful about How sweet Jimmy was, you might ask his wife if he, like the Prince inclines to be grouchy in the morning. If it should turn out that His Royal Highness has a terrific habit of snoring, remember that for all you know, and I trust you don't know, Gary may snore also. And if the Prince looks a little less than dashins with a days' growth of beard, Bill might not be so smooth, either, when he neglects to shave. • • • You haven't known this guy you are going to marry very long, and there are those who say it will be just another of those Hollywood affairs and that we'll be hearing about your divorce after a while. I, for one, hope you What a difference Trust a telephone to get you help in a hurry. You fan depend on this vital service whenever you need £,,.Whenever someone needs you. It will bring a phone call make* I you important messages, good newt or a welcome voice. You're never alone when there's a telephoat near. Northwestern Bell Telephone Company. What a big difference telephone wyvx makes's the cheapest svvic* you fep. will be different and stay married. Are you sure this is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, arid if so, how can you tell by just a few month's acquaintance and then being separated for much of the time by either a continent or art ocean? For that matter, how does any gal know for sure? If we really knew what we were getting into, Alma Pearson's marriage license book would have lots of blank pages. Yet an awful lot of us would agree that we'd do the same thing all over again if we had a chance to live our lives a second time around. • • • . According to the papers, you do not plan to make any more movies'. This is a shame, I think, for you were simply terrific on the screen and I'll never forget you in Country Girl or Rear Window. I'd like to see you in a whole batch of new roles and I hope that the marquee of the Algona Theater will one day read, "Princess Grace of Monaco." But only if you have your Old Man's blessing. If it comes to a career- mafriag'e decision take th6 home- Kusband-kias role ever^y time. Your husband may be a Prince to the world but he should be King in his home, or jpou can a> least make him think he is. * » » Pfbm on« Grace to another, fnay I wish you a long and happy marriage and lots of little Princes and Princesses for they are the finest jewels in any crown.. May you ever remain Her Serene Highness in the limelight which is goirtM to be your lot and may you gain enough privacy in which to take off your girdle and your tight shoes ahd relax! » # •• Probably Grace Kelly isn't going to have to do much cooking after she gets married, but most of us still do. Here's a dish for this week's-recipe which you and I can make and it's fit for .a king, a prince or just the relatives come to Sunday dinner. It's for Chicken Rice Loaf and it came to me from Mrs W. H. Raney during last summer's recipe contest. 2 to 3 slices bread 4 cups diced, cooked or canned chicken 1 cup cooked rice 2 cups chicken broth or two chicken bouillon cubes dissolved in . 2 cups water 2 tablsp. canned pimentoes 1 cup milk 1 slice onion, chopped 4 eggs 1 '/£ teasp. salt Vi teasp. pepper Mt teasp. thyme Tear bread in pieces to make two cups soft bread crumbs, turn into bowl with chicken and rice Add broth or bouillon. Place remaining ingredients in bowl with the above mixture. Pour into greased baking dish. Bake in slow oven, 325 degrees, for one hour or until mixture doesn't adhere to knife. Makes 6 to 8 servings. —GRACE. eludes Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, .Minnesota and two-thirds of Iowa,-'Monday. His duties vvith the company, which publishes the Poland China World magazine, \tijl include contacting breeders, selling advertising and promoting trfe Pol- and China breed in his area. Ho will also serve as a buyef for individuals who want a certain type of animal. Mr Reilly held a closing-out sale this year as he,couldn't find a farm on which to live* and ton- tinue his busipess as in 'the past. Now a 816 supply of your favorite lee Cream! Louis Reilly With Publishing Firm An Algona man, Louis Reilly. for 20 years a hog breeder and raiser, has been appointed livestock fieldman by the Poland China Publishing Co. of Galesburg, III. Mr Keilly attended a training session at the home office for five days last week, and began working his territory, which in- Half-Gallons A brand new container that's easier to open, easier to reclpse, easier to dip- from! Now you can be sure of having plenty of Lady Borden — ready to serve! TSordens Ice Cream Dealer Near You © THE •OROCN CO. JUST FACEIffTlNG"? E VEBY NOW AND THEN, NVC Tim across someone who seems to think that 1956 cars do not offer anything really new—just a little face lifting from the year before. We won't try to speak for the automobile industry. But we certainly can speak for Buick. And let us announce in no uncertain terms—it's the newest thing on wheels. The Styling is New Sure, it looks like a Buick. But it has a new V-prowed grille that says 1956 and no mistake. The hood's new—the fender ports are new—the sweepspear is new— and it all adds up to a new sweep- ahead look that ends in a sassy new slant to the rear contours. But that, friends, is only the beginning. The 1956 Dynqflow* is New It introduces what the engineers call "double regeneration"—which means a double- action take-off. It gives you new, split-second response in the first inch of pedal travel — plus the "switch the pitch" at full acceleration, which no one else has yet approached. The Ride is New To coil springs on all four wheels, a brawny X-braced frame, and torque-tube drive, the engineers have added deep-oil shock absorbers to give new softness, new buoyancy, new-comfort, and a brand-new "sense of direction" handling response. The Power is New All 1956 Buicks have new 322-cubic-inch V8's—with record highs in power and compression — with unique new double "Y" manifolding to step up efficiency —with new carburetor "deicing" —and a host of other new features to make owning a Buick pure pleasure. The Thrill is New And the surest way for you to find out how right we are, is to sample a 1956 Buick yourself. As we said before, this is the best Buick yet—by a wide measure— and when you learn the prices we're quoting, you'll know why this Buick is one of the three best sellers in today's market. It takes a lot more than face lifting to produce such a winner as this. *.\'ew Advanced Variable Pitch Dynafloio i.v tlit: only Dynaflnw Kuick builds today. It is standard tin Roadiiiaster, Super and Century —optional tit modest extra cost on tliu Special. WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM Buick SUPER 6-Passengor 4-Door Riviera, Model 53 fTVMNMa CAM for *v«ry it** 0AV COtOM for **«ry hwhlon ttHitit to y»w MW (MA with fUOIDAlU COMDUIOMIM ''"•.'. 105 N. Hall BRANDT BUICK , Iowa

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