The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 17, 1956 · Page 32
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 32

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1956
Page 32
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WHERE TO GO WHAT TO DO Coming Sunday! 6— Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, April 17, 19S6 R .J>K S . AAO i N OCVC Sarah Circle The Sarah circle of tho First Lutheran church will meet Thursday afternoon, April 19. with Mrs John Schultz. A. L. Jackman PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE, IOWA Friday, April 20 ANDY DOLL Sunday, April 22 BOBBY LINDEMAN Friday, April 27 Jolly Lumberjacks Sunday, April 29 EDDIE ALLEN NO MORE OLD-TIME DANCES UNTIL SEPT. 7 Sunday, May 6 DON SHAW No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 RUMMAGE & BAKE SALE SATURDAY, APRIL 21 Congregational Church Basement 8:30 A.M. To Noon 16 ENDS. TUES.: BING CROSBY - "ANYTHING GOES" Wednesday & Thursday ROBINSON A fall-guy who got up.. Czar of the bay-front... She went one guy too far.% To Wed This Summer Mr and Mrs George Simons of Algona announce the engagement of their daughter, Patricia Lucille, above, of Washington, D. C. to A/1C Donald H. Ritter, son of Mr and Mrs H. C. Ritter of Port Angeles, Washington. The wedding will take place in late summer. Patricia is a secretary in the Navy Department in Washington, D. C. Neighbors Party Mr and Mrs R. A. Davidson were given a party last week Wednesday by neighbors at the home of Mr and Mrs John Thompson. Guests were Mr and Mrs Dona Asa, Mrs William Ankenbauer, Mr and Mrs Ted Larson, Arthur Locke, Mr and Mrs William Finn, Mr and Mrs Raymond Reid, Mr and Mrs Frank Sterling, Mr and Mrs Ross Strickler, Mr and Mrs L. R. Walker and Mary Schwaubucher. The honorees were presented with a gift. Silver Anniversary Mr and Mrs Ken Kickbusch celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday and had as overnight guests Saturday Mr and Mrs Oakland Becker of Guttenbcrg. Other guests Sunday were Mr and Mrs Ralph Dugan -of Burt, -Mr and Mrs Paul Tegeland of Belmond, Mr and Mrs Raymond Westling, Mr and Mrs Ray Loveslad, Mr and Mrs Leonard Warner, Mr and Mra Clifford Ringsdorf, Mr and Mrs William Funk, Opal Kern and Tom Potter. Farewell Courtesy Mrs Everett Barr and Mrs John Claude gave a farewell luncheon Thursday for Mrs Jess Manor who is moving to Wichita, Kan. Other guests were Mrs W. M. Anderson, Mrs Molvin Bay, Ma's Ernie Georg, Mrs Raymond Gilbert, Mrs Pat Jensen, Mrs Arthur Olson, Mrs Kenneth Parrish, Mrs Clayton Percival. Mrs John Schultz, Mrs Harold Sundet and Mrs Orville Wicks. The time was spent socially nnd the honoree was presented with a gift. Fellowship Meetings Circles of the Congregational Fellowship will me^et as follows Circle 1, Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, April 17, with Mrs Lowell Smith, assisted by Mrs Dean Parrott, Mrs Orlan Ott and Mrs Hurley Waller; Circle 2, Thursday, April 19 for a 1:15 o'clock luncheon with Mrs Raymond Ndr- ton assisted by Mrs R. H. Miller and Mrs Herman Hauberg; Circle 2, Thursday for a luncheon with Mrs Marie Murtugh assisted by Mrs G. W. Stillman and Mrs J. C. Mawdsley. Baptismal Rites Baptismal rites were recently held- at I.edyard for Mary Beth, daughter of Mr and Mrs Don Krause, the Rev. Montag officiating. Sponsors were H. W. Stebritz by proxy for Jerome Klepper and Diane Stebritz, sister of Mrs Krause. Portland Progress Club The Portland Progress Club will meet with Mrs Virgil Schracle: on Thursday, April 19. A book review will be given, All ladies in the township are wel- conu- to attend. SIX WINNERS Be sure to read this pag« thoroughly and if you spot your name individually, you will receive free admittance to the highly dramatic and romantic movie. "Never Say Goodbye," playing Sunday and Monday at the Algona Theater. Just give your name at the box office. Amanda Gronbach Towniend Meeting Members of the Algona Townsend club set at the A. M. Anderson home Tuesday evenirig; v April 10. It was a regular business meeting, followed by a social hour. A pot luck lunch followed. The next'meeting will be Tuesday, April 24, at the Gusta Muckey home. This will be an indoor' picnic and there will be a special game. Guests At Burt Mr and Mrs John Hanselman, Mr and Mrs Harvey Johnson and Mr and Mrs Tom Elefson of Sexton were guests Friday evening of the Hanselmans' son-in-la\V and daughter, Mr' and Mrs Lee Teel at Burt. The birthday of Mr Teel was being obseived. The time was spent socially and refreshments were served. Methodist Circles Circles of the Methodist WSCS will meet Thursday afternoon, April 19 as follows—Jan., Mrs Sam Shipler; Feb.", Mrs C. R. Schoby; Mar., undecided; April, Mrs Jens Sorensen; 'May, Mrs Bessie Walker; Sept., Mrs W. F. Steele; Oct., Mrs John McGuire; Nov., Mrs Clifford Teeter; Dec., i-u Harold Gilmore. Plan Student Dance Catholic students are holding a dance Thursday evening, April 19th at the K. C. hall. The "Rythum Club" band will be features. Admission price is 75 cents per person and all Catholic students are invited to attend. Tickets may be purchased from the Academy Student Council. • Eight Specks Club Mrs Elizabeth Post entertained the members of the. "Eight Specks" card club Thursday evening. High, low and travel prizes were won by Mrs Esther Helberg, Mrs Beecher Lane and Mrs Mabel Lee respectively. Guests .were Mrs Elmer Kelley and Mrs Lester Johnson. P.W.O..-TO Meet The Presbyterian Women's Organization meets Thursday,.April 19. Mrs August Huenhold will have charge of the Upper Room. Devotions will be given by Mrs Dick Meyer. The Ruth Circle will be in charge of refreshments. Music wil be given by Mrs D. II jjl Carver. Infants Baptized Judith Ann, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph Simons and Rickey Lee, son of Mr and Mrs Floyd Weishaar were baptized last week Sunday at St. Cecelia's Catholic church. Reidi Are Hosts Mr and Mrs Raymond Reid entertained a few friends Saturday evening honoring Mr and Mrs R. A. Davidson. Those'present, were Mr and Mrs Homer Tuttle, and Mr and Mrs William Finn. Baptist Workshop Women of the First Baptist church will meet for "workshop" Thursday afternoon, Apr. 19. Mrs George McMahon will give the devotions. Harold M. Thill Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON highly, roles. gymnastic "dramatic" Hollywood, Calif. — "There's romance in them thai-' roarin' •ails!" Perhaps that line never ,ot into a script, but the truth it these words has been proved over, and over, again! Show a train sequence in the niddle of a draggy picture-and a nodding audience comes to ife. And. the wailing train whistle can take scant credit. That is, unless you count the few sound sleepers who missed the first, faint chugging in the distance. * * * Trains have roared through mountains of celluloid and over countless reams of "Script- Mimeo-Bond" since Edwin S. Porter filmed "The Great Train Robbery." The first open-air epic to tell a complete story, this twelve-minute "feature" • made movie history. It. completed a round trip of the nation's makeshift box-offices of that day and returned loaded high with receipts qarnered by moviedom's first smash hit! For over 50 years, movie trains have reloaded over the same route. * * * D. W. Griffith was quick to note the public interest in train stories. He promptly filmed "The Lonedale Operator," with Blanche Sweet, and reaped an avalanche of coins. Alice Joyce next became "The Engineer's Sweetheart" with satisfying "results. Just prior to World War I, a whole series of railway thrillers titled "The Hazards of Helen'! took to the movie rails. Helen Holmes stunted through a profitable train-leaping career until Helen Gibson fell heir to these ' C. W. Schilchting As shooting techniques improved, director John Ford jockeyed "The Iron Horse" across the continent, only stopping to permit. George O'Brien to load on a record box-office harvest. Buster Keaton's "The General" and Lon Chancy's "Thunder" c h a r g e d down the rails to finish in the money and clear .all tracks for the later runs of "Union Pacific." "The Atchison-Topeka and Sante Fe". "The Harvey Girls" and an , impressive array of engines frorrt litlte wood-burners to modern streamliners. * * * "The Great Lbc&molive Chase" is a fit candidate for a niche in the Movieland Hall of Fame. And, if next • year's Academy Awards include an Oscar for the best performance by a locomotive, they'd better have TWO Awards with duplicate Oscars. Hollywood Boulevard is no place to stage ANOTHER duel of the rails! Hi, FISHERMEN! Please Accept This As Our Personal, Sincere Invitation To Spend Your Vacation At One Of The Friendliest Resorts' Ahyv/here . . . Where Guests Come Year After Year To Enjoy Relaxation And The" Best Of Fishing In Our Two Bottle Lakes, Part Of The Famous Mantrap Chain. We have a modern cottage waiting for you and will be happy to make your reservation now while dates are still available. Write us for our complete story. Summers' Pine Point Park Rapids, Minn. 14tf CUtAR IOWA FR1., APRIL 20th ThS Nation's No. 1 Old Time Band WHOOPEE JOHN And Orchestra SAT., APRIL 21st BOB WHITE And Orchestra MON., APRIL 23rd Hancock County Ptom EDDIE ALLEN & ORCH. Coming Television Singing Sensation PAT BOONE Fresh from Godfrey T.V. Show SUNDAY, APRIL 29th KEITH KILL1NGER And Orchestra For Your Dancing WED.. MAY 2nd The Waltz King WAYNE KING And His Famous Dance Orchestra •"** Tuesday & Wed, MARTIN & LEWIS - BONUS HITS Also in Color "FAR HORIZONS" With CHARLES HESTON FRED MacMURRAY Starts Thurs. "FLIGHT TO TANGIERS" and "JUBILEE TRAIL" Coming to g|£; TWO GREAT ATTRACTIONS SUNDAY, APRIL 29 Pat Boone Top Mal» Vocalist of Records — TV Star of Godfrey TV — Radio Shows with 1 ' KILLINGER'S ORCHESTRA Reservations Now WED., MAY 2nd The Waltz King Wayne King Recording*-r- TV Star Top Favorite Band with Dancers Available Both Dates Larry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes League Standings Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co, LARRY'S Monday Men W L Mihcr High Life Gl 35 Bode Billiards 61 35 Moose 59 37 K. of C. 58 38 Bode D-X Service ___-43 53 Clark Grain Co. 36'i 59M. Schultc Recreation 35'.-; GOVs Don's Phillips (JO ___'— 30 GG Tuesday Men W L Hamm's 55 38 Moose 55 35 Sec-ley Farms 52 38 Blatz 52 4.4 Russ &-Ky's ' 48 48 Barry's 44 49 Peterson's 43 50 National Guard 23 70 Wednesday Women W L Cook's Welders 53 M. 24'Vi Thuente's 48Va 26V a Druggists' Mutual ---4lHa 31 M> Bancroft Co-Op 41 37 United Variety 35 M: 42Vj Moose 34 1 L- 43 1 A Coast-to-Coast 30 4« Welp's 19'- 5JHa Thursday Women W L Sharp's 50 28 /Bill's Standard 45 33 Van's Cafe 40 33 DeKalb -_39 39 Storz-ettes 37 41 Wallburg's Texaco ___3fi 42 ASC 35 43 Bradley Bros. 30 43 Mixed Doubles W Chrome Cafe •--25- 1 i> Coast-to-Coast 25 Cowan Motor Court ..22 Phonies 21 Big Four 20 K and E' 18»,fe No Goods 16 Algona Produce 5 HAWKEYE LANES American League W Titonka SG'/a Studer's 80 Brandt Buick 76M» Sjogren's lift Baker's Livestock 70 V> Hamilton Hatchery _-70M> Boone Ridge --SO'/a Robinson Produce 47 M. Corwith 45 Sorensen Mtr. 45 Lions 38M: Hefti Lockers- 38 National League Algona Produce West End Billiards . Ernie Williams P-C - •beven-Up Burt Co-Op Elev. _.. Bancroft Oil Co. _-. Ready-Mix Ernie Williams J.D .. Britt .*_ Rood Ins. Kossuth Co. Impl. Ray's Jack Sprat _-. Western League W .71 70U. 70'/ 3 -66. 1 ,-; .63 .03 .57 M. -48 -45 -40' '2 -39 W L 10 Ms 14 17 18 16 20 M: 23 34 L 33 Vj 40 43 Ms 48 Ms 49V.. 49V, 69'/a 72',i 75 75 81M- 82 L 34 Vj 49 49 Mi 4!}><j 53 V 2 57 57 62 '/•> 72 " 75 79 «,<• 81 L Titonka 80 40 Swartx Hclwe. 79 41 Pioneer Hibred 77 1 i 42'.i Burt 73 47 Sjogren's 65 55 Mutual of Omaha G4 5ti Sargent Feeds 64 5G Albright Aero-Serv. -.58 62 Thermogas 57 63 Plantation 52Vi 67', 2 Thomas Skelgas 31 89 Kossuth Motor 23 97 Classic League W L Hamm's 89VI 30'/ 2 State Farm Ins. 81 Vi 38Va Titonka 73 47 S.J& L. 72 48 Beecher Lane Appl. --C8 52 Plantation 68 52 Hub Clothiers 54'i 65M> Root Hdwe. 49V:: 70M- Seeley Farms 48';; 71'.2 Miller High Life 42'a 77la Scobba Skelly Serv. ...37 . 83 Burt 36 84 Mixed League W L Sinclair Oilers 80 40 Has Boons 75'.a 44Ms Brandt Buick 72 48 Conoco Service 68 52 Buckaroos L..65Ms 54'a Vets 58 Mi 61'a Aces 57 63 Farmers Co-Op 54 6(! Standard Oil 52Ms 67Ms Sargent Feeds 49 71 Strudels .48 72 Hutzell Cities Serv. _-40 80 The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of MORCK Distributing Co AND THE STORZ BREWING CO. Like a refreshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — ' ' Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly COWAN'S FINAL WEEK SALE ENDS SATURDAY, APRIL 21 ROLLS FOR THE PRICE OF All NEW SPRING PATTERNS PLUS Ic ' .|J£, , i ^ r _ ,. ^-^^^^ff^&^^^K^S^^ Special Group We've a few patterns that really are dogs — and we're tired of looking at them — so here's our extra special low price to move these out. Single Roll GAL. PRATT & LAMBERT NO. 1 QUALITY White House PAINT Reg. $7.20 — Our Opening Spring Price PRATT & LAMBERT - REG. $4.60 RED BARN PAINT Gal, 3.32 Cowan Bldg. Supply

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