The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 17, 1956 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1956
Page 24
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Ravings by CHRIS HCESfi A little of Th!». a ol Thai; Not Much 61 Anything Yep, I'm still in favor of renaming and numbering the streets in Algona. As modern and popular a city as is Algona the street layout in this town are so old-fashioned it becomes headachy, so to speak. There would be eliminated a lot of names for the streets if the north and south streets were numbered instead of named. For instance the east and west names would r.emain as is with State street the center. Then all the names of the other streets would be changed to numbered street north of State and numbered avenues to south of States. For example — Minnesota would be changed to North 1st street north of State -and South 1st avenue south of State. Do you get it? Wooster would be No. 2nd street-north of State and South 2nd avenue south of State. And so on 'east and west the numbers would rise and so it would be easier to remember and find a numbered street as compared with a named street, of which there are many. Take a street map of Algona and look it over and check the rtames and numbers of streets and you can see what a swell deal the renaming would mean, so to speak. It would be much easier to count four streets to No. 4th street than to try to remember what the name used to be. And that goes for the other areas as well. You can remember and count to- for instance 6 streets from the loop much more surely than you can remember the name of streets, so to speak. So here's hoping that some day soon a committee will be made up to take care of the proper .changing of names and numbers of streets in Algona. And I'm sure you will appreciate the changing and from then on there will be no losing yourself in the best city in north central Iowa. It was one day \aA .week that t was asked how come I didn't visit Ringsted once in a while be* cause' on accdunt of that town W one Dane town in north coritfal Iowa that really is a Dane town. And so I done some arithmaticiMg in the numbers entered in the Fenton telephone book and I really did find that Ringsted leans toward Denmark in population because on account of 1 found there were 125 Danish names listed in the directory. And one of these days I plan on visit* ing Ringsted, the Danish neighboring town to Fenton. And it may be that I'll find "Forgangen Nat Vor Sultne Kat" is a favorite and popular song arid tune in tne Ringsted neighborhood, My arithmaticing of Danish names in the Ringsted list showed there were 13 Christensen gents, arid there were 9 Christiansen gents, and there were 10 Hansen gents, and there were 9 Henriksen gents, and there were 5 Jacobseh gents, and there were 24 Jensen gents. —o— : And there were 3 Johansen and 3 Jorgensen gents listed, and there were 8 .Larsen gents, and there were 4 MadsenT gents, and there were 17 Nelsen gents, and 8 Nielsen gents, and 20 Petersen gents, and 7 Sorenseri gents, and then there were 4 Ostergaards, and 5 Jacobsens, and a lot of single entered Danish names. And it sure is an indication that Denmark is well represented in the Ringsted neighborhood. And. I sure could work up a big and splendid chorus in the Ringsted neighborhood to sing "Forgangen Nat Vor Sultne Kat" judgingl>y the number of Danish names listed, so to speak. —o— • Yep, we are experiencing spring now even though it is middled up with cold and near winter days at times. The first day of spring was on the 20th of March and spring will give up for summer on the 21st of June and that day I celebrate my birthday and summer takes over, so to speak. I agree with you", we've had some lousy and winter days so far in this year's spring. And we've not had a single drop of rain, in fact it just seems like we've had no spring. —o— Bui this is a year of politics because on account of we'll enjoy and experience a primary election within a .couple of months. And politics have started to take hold and now the republicans are standing^ for republican activities and democrats are standing for Even When The Weather's Dry . . . IT PAYS TO FERTILIZE! This is a "dry" spring — and many farmers are delaying' their fertilizer program this year "until we get rain." THIS IS A MISTAKE ! Fertilizer applied NOW is your best hedge. Against loss in yield during a dry growing season — regardless of whether or not you have moisture at this time.'Actual records prove it. Here are the Facts: In 1955, a test at Iowa Slate College showed the following results; Corn (no fertilizer) 43.8 bu. per acre Corn (40 Ibs. Nitrogen) 73.8 bu. per acre Corn (80 U». Nitrogen) 83.9 bu. per acre In 1953. also a dry year, farmers who fertilized were able to get 60-bushel yields. Farmers who did not fer- tilise often had to settle for as little as 20 bushels per acre. CUT YOUR FERTILIZER COSTS ! Buy From Your Eagle Grove Plant! Your co-op, and the Consumers Cooperative Association fertilizer plant in Eaglo Grove can supply you with the Mixed Fertilizer of the right formulation for your requirements. Buy through your co-op and get the important savings through patronage refunds that cut your costs and "ease the squeeze." For Information About Fertilizer See Your Co-op or Call or Come In CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION FERTILIZER PIANT EAGLE QiOVS, IOWA democratic activities and speech- Is'afe starting to be the main interest 1A .'the approaching cam- paignsi And this is one year when voters are going trf get out and mark and scratch ballots to beat the band, according to hear- Say, so to speak. Yep, I'm stilFja democrat and f'propose to mafk the square's Von the democratic ticket and, according to hearsay, many others will do likewise, so it seems. Whiiiote Kin At Kerby Rites InEm'burg Whiltemore — Sister Mary St. Joseph and Sister ,Mary Jerome of Chicago were guests at the home of Mr and 'Mrs Thomas Dunphy from week ago Saturday until Monday. They came to attend the funeral of Thomas Kerby, held in Emmetsburg, Monday, April/2. Mr Kerby was an uncle of Mr Dunphy and Sister Mary St. Joseph. At Fenlon Services Among those who attended the funeral of Herman Haack of Fenton held at St. Luke's church at ,Fairville, Friday, April 6 were Mr and,Mrs Thomas Dunphy, Mr and Mrs Erwin Siems, Mr and Mrs Henry Wichtendahl, Mr and Mrs Arthur«Heidenwith, Mr and Mrs George Meyer, Mr and Mrs Harlan Balgemann, Mr and.Mrs Herman Voigt, Mr and Mrs Arnold Gade, Lorenz Gade, Mr and Mrs William Gade, Mr and Mrs Theodore Biersted and Mr and Mrs Fred Biersted. Ruth Braatz returned to Fort Wayne,-.' Ind., Saturday evening after spending a two weeks vacation here With her parents, Mr and Mrs Louis Braatz. Miss Braatz is a Lutheran pardchial school teacher in Fort Wayne. Mr and Mrs Erwin Kuecker of Ames visited here Monday with Mr Kuecker's mother, Mrs Mamie Kuecker, at the George Maahs home. Mr and Mrs George Fandel Sr. spent the weekend at the home of their daughter and family, Mr and Mrs Leo Garmann in Corwith. Mr- and Mrs Tiebold of Hjce River, Minn., spent last week Sunday at the home of their daughter, Mr and Mrs Ralph Nichols. Mr and Mrs, Charles Schultz and Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith were entertained at pinochle at the Ernie Meyer home Monday evening. ' Mrs John Baas was a Sunday! dinner guest at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Odne Stokka, in Cylinder. Mr and i Mrs Woodrow -Russell entertained a number of relatives at a dinner on 'Easter Sunday. Present we're Mr and Mrs Edward Kelly, Mike and Nita Kelly of Pomeroy, Mr and' Mrs L. F; Russell, parents of Mr Russell, 'o'f Superior, and Mr and Mrs Robert Hermon and son Kim, of Spirit Lake. Mrs Eida Simonson spent the weekend at the home of her brother Mr and Mrs Louis Paulson in Rolfe. Mr -• and Mrs Sterling Simonson and family of here were also dinner guests at the Thora Pederson home at Rolfe Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Daniel Foley aod daughters returned home Tuesday evening from Michigan and Illinois where they spent a week visiting with relatives. Mrs Ida "Frink of Barnesville, Minn., and Mrs Fred Wenten- karrip, of Red Lake Fall, Minn., are visiting here withvMr and Mrs Frank Piekarski. The women are sisters. Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith and son-Lyle, and Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith, visited with Mr and Mrs Elmer Ruhnke in Letts Creek.Tuesday evening. Mrs Bessie Walker of Algona visited at the Harold Kuecker, Ollie Roupe, and Arthur Hieden- with homes Friday afternoon. A daughter was stillborn to Mr and Mrs Carl Reed, Friday, at the Memorial hospital in Emmetsburg. A son was born to Mr and Mrs Gary, Elbert, March 29, at St. Ann hospital. This is theia first child. Mr and Mrs Maurice Fickbohm are the parents of a daughter born March 29. This is their eighth child. Mr and Mrs Vernon Bormann are parents of a daughter born March 30, their third child. Mrs J'. J. Lee and sons Richard and Tommy, and daughter, Mary 3o of Syracuse, New York, are visiting at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Conrad Alig. Others who were guests at the Alig home last week'Sunday were Mr and Mrs Roy Graham and family of Algona, Mr and Mrs Merle Herbers and family of Minnesota Lake, Minn., and Mr and Mrs George Beseh and family of here. Mr and Mrs Earl Fouss accompanied by Viola Berninghaus 'of Lorie Rock, took the formers daughter Lela back to Omaha, Sunday evening after spending the weekend here with her parents. Mr and Mrs Casper Keene, Mr and Mrs Joseph Keene, Leona Potter, of here, Mr and Mrs Burdett Johansen and family of Spencer, and Mr and Mrs Lawrence Keene and family of Worthington, Minn., were Easter Sunday dinner guests at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Theodore Keene. Pat Butler spent last weekend here with his parents Mr and Mrs James Butler and on Monday they all visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Joseph Butler in Cedar Rapids. Pat returned to his home in St. Paul Wednesday. Mr and Mrs Patrick Murphy and family of Algona, Mr and Mrs Gerald Elbert and family, Mr and Mrs Leonard Elbert and family and Mr and Mrs Francis Mullin and family, of here were Easter Sunday dinner guests at at th# parental home oj Mr and Mrs Simon filbert. " . ^ Mr, and Mrs William Waddell of -Harrisburg, Pa., spent the weekend with Mr and Mrs Leon* ard Elbert. The Waddell's were en route to California, Mr and Mrs Milo Kollasch and daughter, Mr and Mrs Clete Elbert and family of Algona, Mf, and Mrs John Farrell and family/ Mr and Mrs Wayne Elbert''and: daughter, and Mr and Mrs Gary, Elbert were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank W. Elbert. . • , Mr and Mrs Elmer Ruhnke and family of Lotts Creek, Mr and Mrs Donald Hulburt, of Emfflets- burg, were entertained nt cards at the home of Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith Thursday ev- aning. Gordon Higgins of St. Louis, Mo., and Donald Higgins of Chi-: .•ago, 111., sons of Mr and Mrs Honrad Higgins spent their Eas-' ter vacation here with their., par* ents. ( Mrs Mathikja Meyer left for ;he home -of her dau'ghter and husband, Mr and Mrs .Alfred Bruhn near Depew, Wednesday. Mrs Meyer has not been feeling well of late and will remain with ,he Bruhn's for a week or two.. Mr and Mrs) Harold Heinrich md family visited at the home }f the latter's sister, Mrs George Wahlrabe in Fairmont, Minn. Mr and Mrs Gerald Ollom and Rosella Voigt, of Algona, Mr and /Irs Archie Voigt, and Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt< were Easter Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Joe Nordseth. Mr and Mrs Walter Fandel and daughter Dorothy of Morten, 111., returned home last week Monday after spending the weekend here' at the parental homes of Mrs Lucy Besch, and Mrs Peter Fandel. Mrs Besch accompanied them to Morton, and will visit with her. daughter for several weeks. Mr and Mrs Hurry Schmeling entertained a number of relatives Sunday evening in honor of their son Wilfred Whose birthday was that day. Cards were played. Howard Lbwman, won high, Mrs Kate Schroeder, low and Mrs Erwin Klatt, travel. A lunch was served later. Music Awards, Academy Entries The preliminary contest of the music division of the Sioux City Diocesan Youth Organization, under the direction of Rev. C. A Knobbe, Manson, 'was held Sunday, April 8, at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Fonda. Schools represented were Presentation Academy, Whittemore; St. • Edmond's, Fort Dodge; St. Matthew's Clare; St. Peter and Paul's, West Bend; Pbcahontas Catholic, Pocahontas; St. Columb- kille's, Var-ina; Emmetsburg Catholic, Emmetsburg; St. Ceceia's, Algona. Parishes represented, were: St. Joseph's, Barnum; Sacred Heart, Ruthveri; St. Thomas, Manson; St. Anthony's, Primghar. Miss Mary Slagle and Mr John Sorenson of Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, awarded superior ratings to 25 of the 57 musicians who performed. * The Boys' ' Song ' Club of St. *THIS FLOOR PAINT LASTS TWICE AS LONG! NATURAL RUBBER FLORPLY • Resists acids, alkalis, oils, greaj*. • "Gives" with temperature change*. • Repels moisture. . .'' . • For wood, concrete, metal, linoleum, brick, platter, tt>flipO)ttloa> • 8 lively, durablt color*! • « produtt of... &CO, tor flew* thai FIGHT BACK.,', wet KELLEY LUMBER CO ALGONA — SEXTON — OTTOSEN BURT CO-OP ELEVATOR HURT THOMPSON YARDS .' BANCROFT •By Indtpindt nt laboratory Itif, Cecelin's received a superior rating for their rendition of Krone's "Hiking Song." Arleen Ludwig and Jack Henry, juniors, also received superior ratings for their solos, "The Little Worm" and "When Song Is Sweet." DYO preliminary contests were also held at Carroll and Remsen. The superior musicians from these centers nnd Fonda will compete at the DYO semi-finals which will take place April 19 at Pocahontas. Jr. 4-H Leaders To Meet Apr. 30 Kosstith County 4-H Junior Leader members will meet April 30 at the' Algona High school annex. Plans for the meeting were made Monday evening by a committee of Junior Leaders and extension personnel. The evening will get off to a fast start with a group mixer and folk games. Program feature will be a training session on Home Furnishing judging for the girls by Mnry Staudt, County extension home. economist and Livestock and Crop Judging for the boys by Robert Johnson, county extension youth assistant. Items of business to be reported on are the county 4-H newspaper, county 4-H welcome signs and the recent State Rural Young People's Assembly. Tuesday, April 17, 1956 Algeria (la.) Upper Pet Me-ines-3 Marianne Nurre all of Bancroft; Darlene Gallics, Titonka 1 ; Bob Chambers, Corwith; Patricia O'Donnell, Lone Rock and Don Froehlich, Algona. i Members on the program and recreation committee and in charge of the April 30 meetipg are — Jan -Clark, Maxine and. Kenneth Helclorfer, C5ene and When a few dollars invested in hail insurance on your growing crops will turn a 'Bad Bet' into GOOD BUSINESS. Bohtmnon Insurance HOME OFFICE • 2323 GRAND AVENUI East of , owa State Bank DES MOINES. IOWA phone 103 keeps WHITE houses msis sii ON FOUR GALLONS OF Dupont HOUSE PAINT (Professional Painters' Choice) There's' one just right for your home. All easy to apply . . . last for years. rd I DuPont THIS COUPON This coupon is worth $4.00 toward SAVES YOU *ke purchase of four gallons or more i of any Du Pont Exterior. Only | one coupon lo a customer on this • offer. Good for two weeks only. I Name 1 _ ...... -... . . at your Du Pont Address Paint Dealer's store. 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