The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on September 16, 1962 · Page 12
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 12

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1962
Page 12
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DAILY N6XVS, SW6AY, '"•' People ij i- • ' InTheNews Rlr rf* Jti Jtlfldo, th« fiery Mexican , ehftfjres extreme cruelty Ifl HtP 'jMfMkf Ate maintenance sul Hi LoS Angeles ag'flinSl. liet rtd, actor Ernes! Borgnine •ftylhf fch« Is without funds, she 11,14ft monthly and A divi of community property— -the including nn inlno.=t in the film, "Marty," which shot Borg Ih'Wfc to fame and won him an Oecdr in : Oroucho Mnrx went, to the So fclal Security Administration of fk!« in' Santa Monica, Calif., and feftme away with $250. The quick Jvitted comedian said he appliec for benefits to call attention to Ihe provision which allows peo |>1« past retirement age, who ar< •till working, to collect compens'a Won for any month in which thej «arn less than $100. Stories of '• Dawn Addams, the British tnoVie .star, will oppose attempt to extradite her to Italy on charge; of abducting her 7-yeflr-old son and illegally taking him to London. Her husband of 10 years, Prince Vittorio Massimo, from whom she legally separated *in 1958, had provisional custody Of the boy. In Rome, a Judge or; dered her arrest and extradition. Miss Addams took Stefano for a holiday Aug. 10. Massimo said .that violated an agreement that the boy not be taken out of Italy. Lorraine Van Buren last saw her two sons in California in 1953 ,when, she said, her ex-husband asked to take the boys for a walk and disappeared with them. Remarried the same year, she and her new husband spent all their •pare money since then In a search .for the boys. I The nine-year search ended wh'en a private detective tracked down the former husband, James Schultz, ;SO, in Fort'» Lauderdale, Fia. Schultz, teaching school under an 'assumed name,-was arrested on, 'child-stealing 1 Warrant. .... • Mrs. Van Buren journeyed from her San Pablo, Calif., 'home for a reunion In Fort Lauderdale with her oldest son, now 19. She.missed his wedding by a week. The'young- er son, age 12, will be reunited with his mother as soon as juvenile officials work out arrangements. • ' * ' _ Rapid Progress For Area River Projects '- Kansas City, Kan., Sejt. 15— (ff) "—Work oh 47 .Kansas and Mis- '•puri river projects is progressing at a record rate of nearly $66 ; million a year to combat alternate flood and drought, speakers said •at the annual meeting of the Mo- Ark Basin Flood Control and Conservation Association, i Nearly 100 delegates from 40 organizations heard .reports oh a • large list of projects. ' Col. A. P. Rollins Jr., Kansas City district engineer*, said a bill before the Senate includes about $36 million for projects in the Kansas basin. Maj. William R. Needham, Tulsa district executive officer, reported on projects scheduled in southern Kansas for $15 million. 1 Paul H. Berg, Kansas river project manager for the U.S. Bureau • of Reclamation, rpviewed irrigation projects slated for $14 million Berg said the Glen Elder dam on :the Solomon River, %vith $750,000 in a House bill, would-be the only 1 new reclamation start in the nation this year.. Dr. Dechant Scheduled To Speak At Wichita Glory In Hi**, my God, this night; FW all the blessings of the light; Keep me, O keep me, King of kings Beneath the shadow of thy wings. Forgive me, Lord, for thy dent Son, The III which I this day have done; That with the World, myself, and thefi, I, ere 1 sleep, at peace may be. .Teach me tff'llvci that f mny dread The grave M little an my.heil; Teach me to die, that so t mny Rise glorious at the judgment day. O let my MNit on thee rjepose, And may sweet sleep mine •' • . eyelids close; Sleep, which shall me more vig'roiis make, ' To nerve my God, when I awake. Everyone who has done much \ "going to church" has sung the] Doxology: "Praise, Cod from whom all blessings flow,] Praise Him,-all creatures here below; 1 Praise Him above ye heavenly hoit, 1 Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I It was written by Blstyop Thomas Ken, distinguished seventeeh'th century English churchman. He turned out three famous hymns—one for morning use, the others for evening and midnight—and he ended each of them with the lines which have become our present-day Doxology. The verses quoted here are those of his evening hymn. All of his hymns have been popular through two centuries and are still in wide use. His Doxology probably has been sung oftener and by more people than any other religious song in any language. Bishop Ken penned hte hymns for the use of students ; at >Winches- anles submit confidential Information on production costs. As pokesman for Republic, Bethle hem Steel, National steel and Armco Steel, he said the data, if made public, would help the indua- ry's domestic and foreign com* petitors". The four companies had reused to answer subpoenas issued by the Judiciary Committee's an- itrust subcommittee. Eight other teelmakers submitted the information. Subcommittee Chairman j»tes Kefauver, D-Tenn., sought o have the full committee cite, the our companies for contempt. The subcommittee's investigator) of steel ( Industry competition an outgrowth of the unsnccess- ul attempt to raise steel prices ast spring. A federal grand Jury in Hart- ord, Conn., indicted 11 big fabri- ators of copper and brass prod- cts on charges of conspiring to Ix prices of brass mill tube and ipe ove? 1 a period of five or six ears. Seven company officials Iso were indicted. jrocery Store Men Are Robbtd Of About $4,000 Excelsior Springs, Mo., Sept. 15 —OW—Three or four masked ban- lits robbed two grocery store men f an estimated $4,000 Friday in he parking lot of a 'supermarket. The victims, Jack Graham and 3harles Rutledge, 'had just re- urned from a bank with the money when the badits accosted hem. One hit Rutledge on the lead. -5, ""»* men fled in a car that was >ned south of the city later ALFRED' WINDMOL85, above, long-time Hays resident, will become a staff member at the First National Bank of Hays starting 6ct. 1. Windholz was graduated from Park High School, Par,k, Kas., and St. Joseph's Military Academy Junior College, Hays. For the past 20 years Windholz has been an em- ploye of Hays City Flour Mills. FHS WELL REPRESENTED Fort Hays State College is well represented in the current issue of "Western Folklore." Dr. Eugene R. Craine, currently on leave from the history department, has contributed reviews of ten books on Western Americana and Gordon W. Davidson, assistant professor of history, has four reviews. Dr. S. J. Sackett of ''the English faculty has one review. SPECIAL REPORT Author Says South Africa No Longer Lives Under Rule Of Law By Richard R. Kaslschke Durban, South Africa, Sept. 15 —(^—Author Alan Paton says South Africa is so infected by fear and. hatred that "We no longer live under the rule of law here." Paton, best known abroad for his 1948 novel "Cry, the Beloved Country," was interviewed at his home at Kloof, in the hills 15 miles outside Durban. Surveying the situation under Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd whose government now seems stronger than ever, Paton said: "Everything here is now run in the interests of the Afrikaner people—the white people. The hallowed tradition of justice—impartiality—is gone here. Now the biggest crime is to be a 'traitor to the Afrikaner people' and that is Interpreted by some as treason to law and order. "If you are not 100 per cent in favor of apartheid (racial separation), then you are counted as 'assisting the spread of communism.' And' if anybody suggests any change in the situation here he's virtually a traitor to' the state. This new charge of 'assisting in the spread of communism' is no joke, as many people will learn." Paton is barred from: traveling abroad. The Verwoerd government )y happens, there'! no meeting to attend." Paton Is stocky and ffraytflf it «j. Me hvei with nil *ift aiMftil soft Joriathifi t returned frMf Hi* studies m Oxford). ;•', ; v ; Fivt Indicttd By Jury Oxer PinbiM Mic^inti anceled his passport irt December 960 on the charge ffilf he f ave aid and comfort to South Afri* ca's enemies" in His speeches in the United states and elsewhere. Despite recent interrogations by political police, Patort continues active as 1 A writer and Iftlso a poll' tician. He is president of the small but vocal Multiracial Liberal party, it has no representation (n Parliament. ' ' ; So far he has escaped the'overt restraints of -the South African government's new antisabotage law. 6ut Paton says he believes Ilia telephone Is tapped. Some of his mail to overseas people gets strangely lost. Transatlantic telephone calls to his home don't seem to come through lately. He expects to be put under some kind of house arrest, which would cripple his activities but still leave him far better" off than 102 persons on the Justice Ministry's list of banned and silenced South Africans. These people are forbidden to attend gatherings. Their statements and writings can not be published in South Africa. Paton can go to meetings, but he remarks: "The pqlice can always ban meetings—as they d<£— on the claim they might provoke 'public disorder. So, as increasing- Kansas- City, Sept. 14- Jackson County grand jury Utdta't* ed five men Friday on a char|* they permitted pinball mtchlrtM to be used for gambling. ': The men posted bonds of $2,600; each pending arraignment Thuri* day In circuit court. • The defendants ar* Jo»«ph Mangiaracina, 4j; Bart 6. Ma tar; John W. Kttnellls, 50; Johrt (Mtffft, 53; arid Harvey K. Smith W.\ Another man was indlcfed wasn't arrestid immediately. Pilots Killed As Jet Craft Collide Dallas, Tex., Sept, 18— (fo-- jet fighters collided in flight and both pilots Were killed as the planes plunged into Mountain Creek Lakft Friday. The accident happened during landing maneuvers at the Dallas Naval Air Station. Military .authorities identified the airmen as Marine Lt. Alexander P. Longdon Jr., 27, Beaufort, S.C., and Air Fore* Lt. George A. Tiddlie, 30, Arlington, Te«. The bodies were found beside their planes, a Navy F8U Crtli4d- er and an Air National Guard F86L Sabre Jet. ter College. In 1874 he publisher a manual of prayers for studen use and in later editions of this manual he published his hymns. When he did so, he introduced them with this word of counsel: "Be sure to sing the Morning and Evening Hymns in your chamber, devoutly . remembering that the Psalmist upon happy experience assures you that it is a good' thing to tell of the loving kindness of the Lord in the morning, and of His truth in the night season." When he died, in 1711, Bishop Ken was buried at sunrise as he had requested and his morning hymn Was sung at his grave9id«. Business Is Good But Not Good By Jack Lefler AP Business News Writer New York, Sept. 15—(/P)—Good, but not good enough.' That was the reaction during the week to the newest report* on the course of business. New records were established by corporation profit's and .person* al income. While this was .encouraging, the. rate of gain was not ^up to expectations. Retail sales dipped slightly- in August from the record level of July but stayed ahead of .August 1961. Profits of corporations attained an annual rate of $50.9 billion in the April-June quarter, a period, in which the stock market collapse occurred. In the .preceding quarter the rate was $50.1 billion. The total income of all Americans climbed by $900 million to an annual rate of $442.8 billion in August^ How ever, there was a decline in manufacturing payrolls of $400 million to $94.1 billion. Secretary of Commerce Luther H. Hodges called the figures "not entirely, satisfactory, but I. still think, good." He said business has bounced back a little from what it looked Dr. Emerald Dechant, associate like two or three months ago, and week totaled 14,634,055, compared with 12,950,568 a week ago and 14,897,300 the comparable week.of last year. Bond sales amounted $19,940,200 par value, up from the $16,380,000 the. previous week but below the $28,012,000 of the comparable 1961 week. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 4.98 during the week. On Wednesday, for the fir^t time the Dow Jones utility average closed above the rail average. A survey by the national Retail Merchants Association indicated that retailers look for a sales increase in the second half of this year. The Electronics Industries Association estimated that manufacturers' sales of electronic devices and equipment will increase this year to a record $13.1 billion from about $12 billion last year It attributed most of the growth to equipment for the defense and space programs. Production of passenger cars spurted to an estimated 120,00( during the week as assembly of 1963 models picked up speed. The output the previous week was 65,221. professor of education at Fort Hays State, will address the Wichita section of the International Reading Association Thursday evening, Sept. 27, speaking on trends in reading. From Wichita he will go to Km- poria where he will attend the 13th annual conference of Counselors and Administrators at Kansas State Teachers College on Friday and Saturday. On Friday he will address the group, using as a^ sub ject title: "Re-enterpretatjon of Counseling Theory and Technique." INTEGRATION FIGURE Jackson, Miss., Sept. 15—(•#•) James Meredith, central figure in the integration showdown at the University of Mississippi, took some of his college work at the University of Kansas and Washburn University in Topeka while he was serving in '.he Air Force. added: "I would rather say that over the short term—I believe the economists call that about six months—I think business is going to stay good; not as much as we would like, but ctill good." Retail sales slipped in August to $19.6 billion from July's peak of $19.7 billion, a drop of only 0.5 per cent. They were 8 per cent above a year earlier. The stock market advanced foi the first time in three weeks, although public: interest generally was lacking. Stock shares .sold during the Steel output dipped during the week, which was shortened by the Labor Day holiday. Production of 1,641,000 tons was 1.8 per cent below the previous week. In August, steel production totaled- 7.1 million tons, up from 6,174,187 in July and down from 8,660,527 in August 1961. In the first seven months of this year shipment of finished steel prod ucts, from mills amounted to 43, 986,282 tqns, a gain of 21 per cent over the similar 1961 period T. F. 'Patton, president of Re public Steel Corp., pleaded With the Senate Judiciary Committee that it not insist that steel com Hays High Debaters Attend RHS Clinic Sixteen debaters from Hays High" School attended the annual debate clinic recently at thp Russell High School. The squad this year is composed of eight experienced debater* and eight novices. Included in the list of experienced debaters are John Brewer, Jean Rogers, Brie Craine, Johnnie Smith, Peter Maier, Lauren John»on, Nancy Butler and Cynthia Daniel. Doug Richards, Mary Beth Evane, Judy Haigler, Sidney Zerfas, Olivia Johnson, Sue Rockwell, Lind» Baird, and Sharon Shue are novice*. During the season the team will debate the question — Resolved: That the United States Should Adopt a Policy of Reciprocal Free Trade With Non-Communist Na- William Marsh U the Hay* High debate coac&, ' . . . best lor neat and thrifty jobs Whatever the job, avoid , meshy on-the-job concrete mixing. Let us do it for you and deliver rijrht to the site. And the price in right! Call us for estimate. Certified Strength from Graded Material* Transit Mixed • Portable Mixed Dumped Into Forma or Hoppers DIAL MA 4*3459 Hunter Ready Mix Co., Inc. Hay*, Kan*»« 10th * Milner Mew Hoist - I. $. D. A. Qrade Freeh Frozen Fryers Choice Lett Center Cata SIM In Sliced Beleg» Wbitiig Fish Don't Forget These.' | Maa f MIIL BOOM Quality • VwWt miK Laeerne ! I Safeway's New Jackpot $100.00 DRAWING Every Thursday at 7:00 P. M. No Purchase Necessary! Jackpot starts with $100.00 and increases $50.00 each week unless it is won. A new Jackpot is then started again the following Thursday at $100.00! Registrants must be 18 or over to win. Gal. Grade 'A* * Breakfast Gems. Dos. 1314* 2»-4i< Jan IliS PrJwIPPHIIw Orange •M_A IMS** Snnsweet V 32 oz. rrWf 4M0t Try It Soon Jar •' wi ~' ' '. : ) ' YQU'U want these, too! ^B^h^Bi^hM ^B ^^kftf^klA -J*-'^"v * > ^P riper itwfi»t>w« * Fliid Mil WRI6HT: Coffee Cake Variety PUled—5c Off c Early Week Edwards Coffee Canned Milk Orange Juice Pure Butter Values! - - 49 Pet's Own Evaporated Scotch Treat Safeway'0 Farm Fresh Lucerne Butter! •BEL AIR- Waffles Frozen — 5 oz. Pkgr. Russet Roa's.Fin* Sour Cr*«» Safeway Town Houae • lb Baby Food Strained Varieties Jar* Potatoes SAFEWAY Kraft Drtiaiii 8 oi. Italian 1C faM Oil 3? oi. — Kr»ft K Wist lint Giant SIM Dctcrgtni K Liqiitf Wiik i Gal. P«ter|«nt «U9 «N! tori Imn Si** Peteri«»t 31' Vie TtkUtf 4* 01, Det 71 Ml 41 of. D*Urg*nt IK Flllly Mil D*t*rf*at 3 *» 79* Ml II w. Qeterfeal 7*

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