Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire on November 18, 1960 · Page 14
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Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire · Page 14

Nashua, New Hampshire
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1960
Page 14
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NASHUA TEJEGRAgH. NASHUA. H.H^ FRIDAY, NOVEMBER M, run oo . Itht famous 6r*«ft Hkd(% bwff*t hM piDv^d · Mt to (tow Enftontf. By poputer d*- piMfM, t*fMf) KKJ otfr$ tfni dfctins ·tfvtriter* tv^ry Friday ·no Sirturctey «w*o«nf from 5:30 * 9:30 PM for th« fourth ttrwfttt roMt bMf. lobster, tur*»y. ahrimp, fated*. d**»trts and bm*c«s.Th« setting is p«rf«ct for dw«nf with farrofyand friends, flan to b* h*r* thi* W*h*rKi and ·njby your favorite dishes in lavish profusion. TURKEY FARM U- *- Rfrlit* 3, South RESTAURANT DCICUTIVtS: Uvt in txclnsivt Merit* off to* tax tow* witfc Iry rattored for sale with appro*. 4 A. wejll bordered land. 4 WftraM. 1 " room, Ivgrm, bitcfoit, **Wy, fc cellar, corn crib and Ift. bam. Haw: paint, electrical wirina, piuntbinf fr floating. Needs interior paper V paint. Price: $2*,«f+ Can owaer: WBtoa OL 4-3138 NATIONAL CLUr$ ANNUAL THANKSGIVING BASKET TO IE AWARDED SAT., KOVEM1CB i«th AT THE CLUBHOUSE, 127 FINE ST. DANCING UNTIL M I D N I G H T H-5-L ESV7CS AT ALL TIMES SAIMT FRANCIS XAVIHTS THANKSGIVING PARTY November W/1HI - Ttee 8 P. M. Place: Church Hall, Chandler St. Raffle of $1,000 will be given away that night. Who will be the lucky person? Check your candy bar labels. Two beautiful Elgin watches for man and woman-also Eighty Food Baskets awarded to the winners of the whist party. As a special attraction, we will have various booths for your entertainment. Let's make this "Soiree", a happy meeting for alL LONG HILL TURKEY FARM East Dmutabl* Quality at its Best FRESH YOUNG BIRDS TtT 2-6221 Scrry Ko D*liT«i« SPKIttfflHfi ilH ORIENTAL 16-22 Cedar St off Elm MANCHESTER, N.JL "exotic Hear Eastern Food" Senred doilv at its best (closed Mondays) TeL NAtionol 3-9239 Restaurant Liquor Licerot Fresh Native TURKEYS Joziafis Turkey Farm Pelhom Rood, Hudson Diet] TU 3 - 8858 TEEN-AGE RECORD HOP GAUDt BOCHAMBEAT7 Everf FRI. MITE 7 to 11 pm POTATOES -- Xotabdin 50 Ibc. 51.25 SOME CHEAPER DTJROCHEB'S FARM Ldtchfield, K. H. Bte. 3A TU 2*0081 WINTER KEEPER POTATOES KATAHDINS - GlEElf MTS. Lg. CihK^ ... Ik each Also Onions Squash Now Beady At RODONIS FARM Litchfield TU 2-1793 TONITE ST. CHBISTOPMEB'S C.Y.O. DANCE 8:30 to 11:30 P.M. Charlotte Art. School Rus* Mttherson. D.J. Adffl. 40c FIESTA FRI. fir SAT. NOV. 18-19 ST. JOSEPH CHURCH HALL LAKE ST., NASHUA TONIGHT 7:30 PM. -- Turkey Petty Awaits EVEHT WINNER GETS A TUBTET SAT.2.-00 P.M. -- CliiIdren's Matinee FISH ?O??B -- TOTf -- DOLLS SAT. 7:00 P.M. -- Fiesta Night BIRTHDAY TRUST FUND AWARD LIONEL ELECTHJC TRAIN AWARD TURRETS -- GROCERIES -- CANDT MANT OTHER ATTRACTIONS SPECIAL AWARD REGISTER NIGHTLY FOB HOR6E AUTOMATIC WASHER t DRYER (DONATED by JEBBT'S RADIO SEBVICE) CHANGE IN COAAMAND'[*iin 18*744:21,23 I have blotted *£. s* « a doud, Uiriim: ictunt ^eoac; for I Jkc?e redeemed ihtt. Sine, O ye hcavcra; lor Ac Lon htth dooe it: shout, x km- «r parts of the «trtfc: brew f«r*! w^ ° every tree tbortsu Major Arthur G. Dean of Nashua (right) is congratulating his successor, Major John D. Pachards of Manchester, new commander of 2nd Howitzer Bn, 172nd Artillery, NH National Guard. eHicer was honored at R. I. Scout Executive Speaker J, Harold Williams of Rhode ,"^" veteran -scout for 50 y ears - ,,-^i ^ eues . n ] ,^ , ' ""-.· b ? s ^ spe , tomomw mght at the annual a testimonial ; meetin s of ^ ^niei Web- i dinner in recognition of his/etirement after more than! ster Coancil - B °y Scouts of ! 30 years'military service. i America, in the Rundiette Major Richards, World War Two veteran, with mnrp 1 Junior High school auditorium I than 25 years' service, is the ranking combat arms iin Concordi Major in the state National Guard. '» Kashua FRESH . . . OVEN-READY -TURKEYS-n 15 Ibs 59 t {Under 63* oi Over ""Ib.! 15 Ibs **^lb. SOLD OK OBDER ONLY I * JQtessed Poultry · Eggs Jasper Poultry Farms Inc. HI 2-7871 New Deny 1V 2 Miles Post Hudson TU 2-7871 Testimonial Dinner For Majer Dean On Retirement Nashua area adult scout i leaders who plan to attend in- i Nearly 140 officers, senior I non-commissioned officers and to resign. He remarked that of the initial complement of 13 George O. Marion, Mr an** Mrs Adrien Chasse, Duncan Jackson, /William Tinsch, Mr and Mrs Richard Sturtevant, and Mrs Roland Estrcrc,- * and Mr and Mrs j their wives attended a testi-JHien who "activated" the Com" i Fred monial dinner for Major Ar-lpany on the 13th of November i Albert Ithur G. Dean of Nashua, held j 13 years ago, about seven re- j Veteran scoute? Wally ) at the National Guard arm- mained in the outfit and that i °f Manchester will serve despite the "jinks" number ! master of ceremonies, and Telegraph Christmas Gift Section On Wednesday YULE FAIR COMMITTEE lory here. j Major Dean was honored on | his retirement as command- ling officer of the 2nd Howitzer Bn. l?2nd Artillery, NH Army National Guard. The Nashuan had more than 30 years' service. Nashua merchants and The Nashua Telegraph will get the Christmas shopping season off to a fllying- start next Wednesday with the publishing of the annual Christmas Gift Section. Keyed to the "Shop Early 1 ' theme, the special section will present gift ideas to Nashua area residents just 26 shopping days before Christmas. Local stores wfll be open until 9 pm Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Special editorial features ·will present a myriad of gift ideas to the general public to help them make up their gift lists in advance of actual shopping. Nashua merchants will follow through with their advertisements showing where they can fill their lists. Following their slogan of "Nashua, Your One-Stop Shopping City", local retailers have decorations are already up, windows will be trimmed and the general .atmosphere of the approaching holiday season will be apparent as; the city opens what is expected to be one of the greatest Christmas seasons^ir? its History. Senior Class Bottle On Saturday Thisr- coming Saturday, Nov 19, the Nashua High School Senior Class will stage a citywide bottle drive. A number of members of the Senior class will be making the rounds to the various houses of the vicinity in order that this collection will be a success and of great benefit to the class. been- preparing for the Christ- j The money acquired on the inas season for months and]returns of the empty bottles report that they will be able j will be used toward "the pay- to offer a most complete" se- iment of the year book and the Members of the American Legion EHingwood, president; Marie Estes, co- Auxfliary Christmas Fair committee make final plans Tor the annual event scheduled for today and tomorrow at the Post Home on Court st Seated; left to right: Stephanie Urban,- Caryl Lefavor, chairman; Amelia City Briefs Chxistmdg Fair end Food Salft Sat WOT., 19,1 P.M. Com* munitf House, South Mem- mack. Henry Kulas, Your Gulf Dealer, 110 Amherst TU 99866 for Fast Service. Gas, Oil, Lubrication, Repairs. May Hough Christmas Salt. WOT. 18, 7 to 9 P.M. at Anna SuUiYan's, 13 Ccscozd St. A judge says the average Army of the US, where man owes a lot to his wife. J served with the Army Air He must mean her pin mon-j Corps in Africa, Egypt, Corsi- ey. ca and Okinawa and in the 'States, finally terminating Highlighting the testimonial was presentation of a TV set to guest-of-honor Dean by Major Francis J. Cote, executive, in behalf of the group. Main speaker was Colonel B. Henry Pokigo, commanding officer of the 197th Artillery group, Concord. He traced Dean's military career which began in the CMTC back in 1927 and continued uninterrupted in the Enlisted Reserve Corps, Officers Reserve Corps, 13, the battalion was suite [others present will be:.. Law- · successful in all of its missions. Seated at the head table with their wives were Colonel Pokigo, Major Dean, his successor, Major John D. Richards of Manchester, Major ! Cote, Major Earle S. Wright rence Lee, executive director of the council; Michael Shyne, assistant executive; and Edward R. Thornton, council president Climax of the evening will be the presentation of the Sil- Beaver award--the high- and Captains Ira A. Stickneyest award given to an adult and Kenneth .A. Sargent,' members of the Battalion staff. Dancing followed the speaking program. TONIGHT MiftceUaneous G i f t s . Crocheted, Knitted, Sew«d. All hand made at Aunt Betty's Gift Shop. Old it* 101 -A, Am- hent NJL The expression, "can you come back next week?" must continually run through the mind of the door-to-door bill En-campment, chairman, and Louise Messier. Standing: Lenore Collins^ Laura Auclair, Roslyn Bresnahan, Helen Twiss,j collector. Anna demons, Zelma Durst, Gloria Fitz-j NEW LOCATION gerald, Joseph Simpson and Nellie land-i say. New England GOYAN Meet Sunday lection of merchandise in almost every line and price range. Christmas Gift Section will jr?c many tips on gift wrapping, decorating the home. aids in entertaining at holiday parties as well as gift ideas for everyone on the gift lists. Thoughts for pleasing gifts for the blind, pets, music lovers, sport fans, photography bugs, hobbiests, etc.. wfll be included. Christmas lights and street lowering of the class tax. Mr Lawrence O'Mara, Senior class guidance councilor, will supervise the drive. The empty bottles, upon collection, will Nashua chapter of the Jun-[Pappa3opoulos of St Nicholas ior Greek Orthodox Youths of j church and Bev FiniSi? SskeH- America will be host to more i son of Annunciation church; than 200 Junior Goyans frcra | Peter S. Stamas, district chair- the New England district thisjman: and George Panagakos, Sunday, coming from Concord] district Junior GOYA chair- and Manchester; Lowell, Wo-i man. burn, Boston. Cambridge, Wa- Senior Goyans in charge of Both work in promoting the high aims and ideals of the then be stored at EJL Nadeaultertown, Worcester, Peabodyjthe dinner are: Arm Georga- fe Sons, Inc, until preparations for returns »TJ BEE'S BEAUTY SHOP · 6 3 /2 Kinsley, will be closed from Nov 28 'til Jan 15. Bee Pinsonneault, Prop. and New Bedford, Mass; and poulos, Sirmo Bellas, Bessie Providence, HI. Divine liturgy will Advtl tended at both the Annunciation and St Nicholas churches at 10:30 am, followed by dinner served in, the Annunciation hall with guest speakers: Rev John Sanantos, Trans- iMemos, Rose Paskaley, Julie! be at-JMakris and Polly Styiianos. ! i chapter are: President,j| n Anastos: vice president, I I ! 1 Junior. GOYA officers of the Nashua ' ' " ' Ernest Charles Katsohi; correspondence secretary, Bessie Parkas; recording secretary, Tina Cor- Greek Orthodox faith. Following t h e afternoon speaking program and workshops, a supper and social hour will conclude the affair. Brigade Week Ceremonies Held NEWMODE BARBER SCHOOL 170 West Peatl St. If s okay to play dumb, but too many people aren't playing. Moke your next social event a hay ride. Call TU 2-4591 or TO 3-3076. Colorado was the second state to grant suffrage to women; Wyoming was "first Horseback Riding at t h e Circle "B" Ranch. Fre« riding instructions. Off Btfe 111. Hudson, H.H. TU 3-8008. j The Balkan Peninsula often has been called the "powder j keg of Europe" because so ! many wars have started there. with 13 years' Guard service. Colonel Pekigo said Major Dean's battalion was in a "high state of readiness." Battalion includes Nashua A and Hq batteries, Milford, Peterboro and Hillsboro" batteries. Congratulatory telegrams were read from Major General Francis B. McSwrney, the Adjutant General and Brigadier General Thomas R. Burns jr, commander, n Corps Artillery. Accepting gift presented by Major Cote, Major Dean commented on the fact that he had joined the National Guard only after the persistent urging of former Col (then Captain) Eatle F. Wesson who commanded the former 2d Battalion, 195th Infantry at the time. He said that he agreed to accept the post of Hq company commander as a temporary arrangement only as he felt that he would not have time to devote to the many military responsibilities involved but that, on the other Charles Williams C h e s s Club.. 7:30 Nashoonon IOOF Merrimack Huster Safety Course, M e r r i m ack High School, 7 Boy Scout Troop 253, St' Christopher's Parish Hall, 7 THEATERS Daniel Webster -- Sunrise at Campobello, L 3:25, 6. 8:25. Last complete show, 8:25. State -- Journey to the Lost City, 2:15, 5:40 ; " 9:05; Last Woman on Earth, 1:05, 4:30 ; scout lor unusual and outstanding service to scouting. ST LOUIS SCHOLARS Pupils of Sacred Heart academy. St Louis de Gonzague parish, who won scholastic honors included: First honors. Paul S. Rochette, Philip A. Richard and Daniel G. Riendeau; honors, Raymond Soucy. second Houde ENN QUARTS from the world's largest distillery figuration church of Lowell, jonis; and treasurer, Zoe Styl- Mass, Kev Demetrias Kavadas, 1 ianos. Junior group is com- St George's church in Man- prised of youth between the Chester, both spiritual advis-jages of 12 and 18 while the ors of GOYA; Rev Michael'seniors are between 18 and 35. World-wide Week Chalk Talk NOTICE H. L. Shepherd Plumbing I *** s ° f is being observed by the boys of the Christian Service Brigade (Stockade) of the Trinity Baptist church with special group activities. i They will take part in thej I Sunday night service in thej i'church when recognition will! 0 ** 1111 T u r k e y now for 'be given to outstanding mem- Thanksgiving. Call Jeannotte's Order Tour molded ice cream hand, he had never found time cokes, Fruits omd Flowers, Al- Sultona Roll or asha, Pie, Spusnoni today fox your holiday treat Call Jeannotte's. TTJ 2-0161. First cattle in America were brought by Columbus from Spain on his second voyage in 1493. Order your fancy molded Ice BOW Office closed from N( Dec v. 19 tof awards group a n s p e d a l ***· ! !%0-fi1 ·*· presented, charter The newi Richard Lemery and Robert j Hanson, lieutenants. Stock- i ade is led by Wesley Luce, as-' Our word "spoon" comes . \ from the Anglo-Saxon "spcn." "chip." Spoons ori- f were made of wood. jclub member for the coming! Order your native turkey j ] vear i n «» w to Thanksgiving at Jean- j f Vemon Schofield is captain | *****' ** TO 2-0161 today ] ='of CSB Battalion, assisted by! Onl -l f *epuolican ever to 1 senre two full terms as President of the United States thus far was Ulysses S. Grant you hare a "Syncnro- ^u o. » t t «· «. Wave" you've chosen the book discussion group of I Beryl ^TarbelT^Bri^ade^com"^ 6 ^ es * permanent money the Friendship club with 141 mittee of the church is led by I can buy--never over early- members present Malcolm Lang of Boston read The Lumber Room by Hector Hugh Monroe; an ex- HOME LITE CHAIN SAWS NEW AND USED SPITFIRE KARTS and ENCiHES SALES and SERVICE R. WHITE 18 Dublin Ave. TU 3-8903 LIONEL RAYMOND Fireplaces a Specialty MASON CONTRACTOR C H I M N E Y S - FIREPLACES C L E A N E D TU 2-1723 S Spalding St. Friendship Club Meeting Mrs Inez O'Brien and Grace Harvey were guests ! Robert Hanson with Lymanl never frizzy. Exclusive at I Allen and Harold Magnuson i Isidore's. Tel. TU 3-3306. [on the committee. |^Jane Addams, founder ^of * T«»*«- -in -4- -f o J.X-K j ~. 7* i Tiuii iiouse, snarerf tne *iOvci i isovs 12 to 18 attend regular-^ the battalion 1,5 TED MILLER I chapters of Sir Walter Ra- Under the auspices of Nash-' ; leigh's His Story of the World away Woman's club, Ted: and from Joe E. Brown's Your Miller, well known cartoonist j Kids and Mine, and humorist, will present his j Amy Calfce, hostess, do- chalk-talk entitled "This F u n - j nated the refreshments and ny Business" at their meeting i provided transportation. on Monday at 2:30 pm in the j Odd Fellows hall. He has been in the business since 1935, created the comic strip "Loop Carew" in 1333, arid during World War II when he enlisted in church. c +* S * r ridsy nights at 7. tfMA i Murray i Goxa Johnson, Piano Teai cher at Nutting's Music Studio Dial TU 2-3271. It has been estimated that more than 66,000 cars cross I the San Francisco-Oakland | Boy on Scooter Unhurtinin to Boys At the monthly, meeting ofj 3 ^^ 6 ^ ** Ladies of Charity of Infant Je- Good Food , T^ed Chicken, Steak, Lobsters, Turkey. Open sus church, members voted to contribute S40 for church vest- j S u n d a y s ments for the altar boys of the parish. Mrs Corrine Laplante presided in ihe school at nooa. Open ** 11:30. WALLY TUFTS PRY WALL PAINTING SERVICE Ceilings textured or sand sprayed finished TU 3-8963 HEM 2-576S Hudson, N.H. Derry. N.H. SPECIAL LOAM 5 Yds. - $9 GRAVEL -- FILL -- SAND Tractor Work -- .Fret Estimates TU 2-3972 Water Heaters · Stoves · Space Heaters Wrenn's Gas Service "BOB" WRENN. PROP. Bot : L : Gas FOR C O O K I N G A N D HEATINU TU 2-7811 8 OUcr:cn ST, Nashua. N.H in the Air Force he contributed; A child's scooter and car to YANK. His car-jwere in collision yesterday j ea «n . ;noon, but police said today no' Mrs Emma Blais ha d made! children's toons have appeared in major' magazines a n d comic books, and at present he is seen on "Your New England Weather" over WHDH-TV one was hurt, John Lafazanis, NEWCOMERS Following a brief business MIUAM PENN KLENDCO WMISKCY, K PftOOf, 31% STKAlGHf WHISKEY · YEARS OK MOKE OLD, MX GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS, fiOOOCMAM ft WOWLJO, PtOUA, ILL 34 Alder dr, told police he was operating his car near his home when a little boy on a scooter rolled into the side of his auto. meeting of the Newcomers j Boy, identified by police as club held last night at the i Michael Prmlin, 5, Noelwood YWCA, Harriet J. Nissen gaveiav, was taken home. No in- instructions on the making of juriet fcr«tdi» were reported, police ! 100 cancer pads, Mrs Eva Lej doux made 250, and Mrs Mary Bedard made 10 hospital johnnies. Members will serve a breakfast of pancakes and sausages Dec 11 in the school auditorium, with tickets at the door. Penny sale was held and refreshments served by a committee headed by Mn Amy Willttt* . Nashua Radiator Service CLEANING, REPAIRING, RECORING AUTO AND TRUCK RADIATORS 26 Mason St. TU 2-4271 Nashua, N.H. HENRY NADEAU 14 CoidwtU Eood Contractor S Builder CEMENT WORK * CARPENTER WORK OF At-t. KINDS TTJ 2-5397 Nashua. K. H. FOR RENT MOVING VAN and STATION WAGGK Plus Srfttll Flat Charxt CROWN TRANSIT CO HUB* TV 3-71S4 CEMENT WORK OF ALL KINDS CEMENT FLOORS--SIDEWALKS CHIMNEYS -- BRICK LAYING and CEMENT BLOCKS L, Therioult TU 2*6398 LAWRENCE F. BTJELL B. MUS. M.A. Organist Main SL Methodist Church Instructor P I A N O -- ORGAN THEORY -- HARMONY TELEPHONE TTJ 2*2981 RITA'S WINDMILL RESTAURANT RtC; 3 North TU 2-7407 NOW CLOSED FOB SEASON See You In the Spring THE ONHI SHOP D. W. HIGHWAY HEEDS FEEBT. K. H. Candtt*. Card*, Wrappmn, Gifts "We'rt Got Caadlei To Bern" OPM Sundays FOUNDATION CO. · Residential and · Industrial Concrete Foundation* Pour* Concrtt* Ro*n Sidewalks end Drivaw«y» 35 Kinsley SL. 73 2-6710 oe TU 9.3955 L O O K WINDOWS Low Overhead Keens our Prices Down N. £. METAL WEATHERSTRIP, Inc. 340V2 Main St Nashua TU 2-4891 HO 5*2549 VANITY FAIR BEAUTY SALON 100 Main St. (over Enterprise) TU 3-7051 HOLIDAY SPECIAL-PERMANENT $7 GET ONE FREE! WITH EVERY 10 WINDOWS PURCHASED ALUMINTJM WINDOWS $4 fl CA 3 Track T3t I U«W ALUMINUM DOORS 1" H " $ 24.50 Jalousies -- Alum. Siding -- Alum. Shutters WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE OUR PRICES DUBOWIK ENTERPRISES 2*7575 D «Y or Night ^FREE ESTIMATES TU New premium fuel oil at regular prices Hy-Test SAVES YOU Ofl% 303 UP TO fcw Dehydrated Fuel Oil *f year heating cost Fuller's Fuel Oil Service TU 2-2747 HOW MUCH CAM TOD AFFORD TO LOSEf ARLON W. J ENN ISO N GENERAL INSURANCI 1M M«in St. Dial «4»7i Ntinua 3 TRACK TILE EXTRUDED 1 ALUMINUM WINDOWS Reft. $13.50 buy i w so r ALL EXTRUBET) ALUMINUM STORM DOORS with all Mm. PURCHASE NOR HOOK Whitt, $14.95 P. E. FLETCHER CORP. I W. MOLUS ST. TO

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