The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 13, 1954
Page 7
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1954 BLYTHEVILLB CAKK.)' COURIER NE\VS PAGfclEVCT Ex-Adviser Says Reds Used Korean War to Unify Their Power in China TOKYO (AP) — A Japanese technician says the Chinese Communists •— for whom he worked as an adviser — used the Korean war to consolidate their power in China. Kumajiro Fukuda recently was repatriated from Red China. He told his experiences In an article, "Red China as I Saw It," published in Tairiku Mondai (Continental Problems.) Fukuda went to China in 1916. Me was director of Manchurian chemical Industries when the Chinese captured him in the port of Dairen at the end of World War U. He was impressed into reconstruction work and helped to build chemical plants over wide areas of China. Fukuda said the Communist regime in its first year after taking over in 1949 financed its way in part by killing landlords and wealthy merchants and seizing their properties. "Dissatisfaction mounted a 11 over the country after the first year," he wrote, "and the Com- Employment Is India's Biggest Problem Now NEW DELHI Wl—Unemployment and underemployment combine to present the Indian government the "biggest problem it faces," says the Minister of Commerce and In- dusstry, Tatte T. Krishnamachari. No one in or out of the government has ever tried to determine the number of unemployed in India. Some estimates put it at about 80 millions in a population of some 375 millions. Without reliable statistics, Indian planners cannot determine if their efforts have improved the situtaion. However, Planning Minister Gul- zarilal Nanda says he thinks there has been "no improvement in the employment situation on the whole" since independence came in 1947. Employment difficulties are having an effect on attempts to solve another major problem — industrialization. The current five-year plan which ends in 1956, provides the equivalent of 3% billion dollars for industrialization. However, the planning commission reports that efforts in this sector are lagging. An Important reason for the lag appears to be great! ndecision over the rate and scope of industrialization. Some economists iear the creation of big modern industries will dislocate workers and aggravate the employment problem. Japan May Hit Boom TOKYO (fi>) —Japanese armament plants may be on the verge of a minor boom. Kyodo news service reported today negotiations are under way for repairing F86 Sabre- jets for Nationalist China, four submarines for Thailand and building 30 gunboats ior Burma. munists had to round up many anti-Communists everywhere. Purge Started "The Korean War came amid these circumstances and the Communists jumped on it as a chance to consolidate their power." Pukuda said the Communists financed the war by forcing bonds on Chinese with money and thereby wiped out the wealthy class. Mao Tze-tung forced through a gigantic purge beginning in January 1952, Fukuda recalled. The people were told to act as informers on anyone suspicious. "An untold number of people were arrested and executed in six months in people's courts," Pukuda wrote. "There were no defense lawyers, no written laws. . . ." Fukuda sain tne terror regime was succeeding. Every Chinese must work eight.hours a day, attend school classes three to four hours a day and recite Communist catechisms until they are ex- hausted. Fukuda said Mao Tie-tuns, however, still was widely respected for Uie Chinese people believe he is the first Chinese to make the nation "independent" in many years. Crawford, Friends Land in Jail LOS ANGELES (/P)— Actor Broderick Crawford, actress Abigail Adams and Myron McCormick, a New York actor, are scheduled to appear in Municipal Court today on drunk charges. They were arrested early yesterday after their rented car smashed into a fence in Mandeville Canyon. The trio was released on $20 bail each pending their appearance in court today. Crawford won an Academy award in 1950 for his part in "All the King's Men." WHEN COLDS MAKE HIM CRY DOES MORE THAN WORK ON CHEST! When a cold makes your child miserable, he needs a medication that does more than just work on his chest. He needs Vicks VapoRub — because it acts two ways at once: I. VapoRub relieves muscular soreness and tightness, stimulates chest surfaces. 5 At the same time, VapoRub'* special medicated vapors also bring relitt T»ilti ««7 breath. You can't see these vapors, but your child can leel them as they travel deep Into the nose, throat and large bronchial tubes. Congestion starts breaking up. Coughing eases, soon he enjoys warming relief that lasts for hours. So when colds strike, use the best-known home remedy to relieve such suffering — Vicks VapoRub. Rub on belief ... T~ Breolfie in Reliw VAPORUB USED TRACTORS MOST ALL MAKES and MODELS We have the tractpr for you! Come in today and have a look. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction" N. Highway 61 Ph. 2-2412 Volume of water of the Amazon River is nearly four times that, of the Mississippi, EDDIE'S LIQUOR STORE 122 E. Main Phone 3-9713 Operated by Eddie Saliba Why Arkansas Roads Should Be CONCRETE Whether you drive for pleasure or busi- new, there are two reasons why you have a vital interest in the kind of pavement used: 1. You pay for Arkansas roads with youf license fees. £as and other taxes. 1. Your safety is at stake. With concrete roads you get more for your tax dollar. Here's why: Concrete's first cost is moderate, yet it can be designed accurately for any axle load. And it keeps that load-carrying capacity through its long life. Concrete costs less to maintain than other pavements, as proved by official PORTLAND -CEME 916 FAILS BUILDING, records issued by 24 state highway departments over at) average of 21 years; Concrete serves longer—twice as long as the next most durable pavement corn- monly built—according to latest data released by the Highway Research Board; Moderate first cost -f low maintenance cost -f- long life - low annual coil. Concrete is safer too. Its gritty surface grips your tires, permitting you to stop fist, without skidding, even in wet weather. And its light color reflects more light, giving you maximum visibility at night. Ij you can't sit, you can't bt saje! NT ASSOCIATIO MEMPHIS 3, TENNESSEE t MM ti IntitM trt «u«4 Iki UHI •( pttm4 WMH «< MWIN . , , wwtli xlwilk »»«<* * iHlxol'I »* «<k v- 3 PC. BEDROOM SUITE GIFT SUGGESTIONS Book shelf bed, chest, and triple dresser. In beige and cordovan. Farmer's terms— pay J/j down and the other '/ z next fall! R e S$ ,74« $ 149.95 "ToUNGTCHAiRS" KARPEN LOUNGE CHAIR Modern in beautiful grey. Reg. $109.95 79.95 STRATO - LOUNGER RECLINING CHAIR $( from PLATFORM ROCKERS. $ from 99.95 <ERS. 24.95 5 PC. WROUGHT IRON .DINETTE SET Handsome gift for any home. Lime green with black wrought iron legs. Farmer's credit terms. Reg. $109.75 79.95 95 GIFT SUGGESTIONS GE SANDWICH GRILL 22 GETOASTER W 5 GE AUTOMATIC COFFEE MAKER '29 G E ELECTRIC FOOD MIXER 44" GE ELECTRIC IRON T 3 GE STEAM IRON 17 96 MAGICCAN S 5 15 POP CORN POPPER $ 5 95 TRIG WHISTLE TEA KETTLE $ 4 5fl KNIFE SHARPENER T PUTONTHEDOG T 5 REVERE WARE SET 11 PC $ 39 95 G E TRAVEL IRON 12 G E CLOCKS rn5 3" II 60 from «» $»95 from W H40 from I «5 98 $09* from V MM from I »09* from V I COFFEE PERCOLATORS I CAL DAKTVTRAYETTE 8 ! 10 ! 4 *9 91 | G E ELECTRIC BLANKET '39 95 f GE SWIVEL TOP CLEANER '69 9 ' I GE HEATING PAD COSCO KITCHEN STOOLS ASSORTED TABLES HASSvCKS Colors from METALSMOKERS GERADIOS s TABLE LAMPS G : odass ::: ncnl VANITY LAMPS i TVLAMPS I SAMPSON CARD TABLES T* f SAMPSON MATCHING CHAIRS '6 95 I G E REFRIGERATORS 199" I G E ELECTRIC RANGES 189 9 ' | GE WASHERS 109 95 \ G E AUTOMATIC WASHER '299 I INNER SPRING MATTRESS 19 * DAVC Dltlllf DEI) Complete with mattresses, $QQ.95 J DU I O BUlm DCUsprinirs, and ladder 39 I BAR BED AND DRESSER SUITE 69 1 LIVING ROOM SUIT 8 t™*S*rT. . lul ^ • W 5 * CHILDS TRAINING CHAIR ° :: cte : lh pot T 5 CHOLLYHOSS $ 9 95 WONDER ROSS ffiS%.»7 J ^ k .. ind .. w ?! le . 17 95 emmm TABLE SETS ,». ir CHILDRENS RED ROCKERS T 5 CHILDRENS PLATFORM ROCKERS 11 CAVALIER CEDAR CHEST fr0 m $ 49 MIRRORS LINOLEUM 9 : 12 FOLDING CLOTHES DRYER STEAK KNIVES **« .' CLOTHES HAMPERS BROWN FOLDING CHAIRS 95 ,95 " 95 '6 95 !2 95 *5 95 $ 3 95 T 5 S fro m Leather u/|), 14 K. gold trim $1)45 95 95 $ 2 LAMP TABLES COFFEE TABLES 19 END TABLES 19' 5 STEP TABLES 19 BSSSELLCAHPET SWEEPERS from $ 6 95 GOSSIP BENCHES fro m 15 95 CHILDRENS WALT DISNEY RUGS $ 4 95 CHILDRENS RECORD PLAYERS $1 ° 95 and S 29 95 SUNBEAM ELECTRIC SKILLET GOOD USED TV SET \\ See Jimmie First 1 JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. Main At Lake Phone 2-2487

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