The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 17, 1956 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1956
Page 4
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i»4 *Mr Aj>rfl Teams To Begins Membership Drive Ctaanart ei Mam iteaffB&rjF foam J^SS jurato tee foeH Jan ItMttn itof ffihp IFfae <fco£fee waffl toe aft a "<Dtt£~ jstita. to Mnaibaal. toy toe Sor lite Concert. AstowftsSktti aril) Tfib* Saasa&: 4rih« to mew mem* ferns xKiH tlaflBe jsftane aaoct wsek, tStwtilijSC (fit IDCrCtQ <CXD S3^t2iTutSJ*- Apffl SBffla. ipOTfe in A3- r <Ead3 aoafler She BT-tits22 <GTI j$he : teams .are ,SB IraHorwi?: Bangs. 3?.* <c0-<chair-1 aaan, Mans iGjusil Kena, Mix Bo- i 'Bafirt Hwtoan, Mrs A. F, Ageaa, MeiBEner. Mr* Jsoihn Max Eugene MutrtaglL, Cawy iLofiK, Mrs JE. H. Mr .and Mrs %%p3 Mr* .Robert Emwer aad Mist Mi* Bob Williams, Mrs Harold Mm fSugette Mra Jitn Kelp. Concert Association has foeea a eouatywide organization anil in ps*l years from one toiarUa to fine Shard of the members ifeiawe ccaiae from ouMde MBBBiSial* Algous neightoor 1flfoene m& toe seltdlatteia (or re- afld oew members -in alS ia SfcaBFutJj Co are the tcnra c'faairna«n •and liheir assistantf, -where been Mrs Oiainasua. Mrs Frsuacis Bradley Bwrt aad Fanlen, Miss JR-ulto Jfod- Lakola. Mrs J.erjy Itee;l«ae Bock, Mrs W. G Mis M. H. arwwer, imaa, Mr and Mrs aCaia Mr jnoid Mrs J- K_ Lyffle, Mist Bw.er3y WauiteikBan, Mrs C. "SriaUStifeffing, Mrs ClMfewd Elfoer- Miglwa, Mrs OrraDe Wicks, Mi's Ml G, Benanae, Mis Vemwn Jeaa- -sen, Bey, C J. Biitop, Mrs GJeno Gsteielswa aad MJS Kyle Kealh, Mra C. 0. Mandt, Jr^ eo-*hair- aaaan, Mrs Dew Piiestorn, Mrs Joe IficbeSter, Mix Rex Taylor, Mrs .; feezua Graihaua, Mrs Julias Chrii- * .xMBes, Mi-s A. E, Kreseasky, Mrs •G, C. Saiteusa-, Mix Joan Sooii, Ma* G, W. Sefrjl and Mrs R. C. Waller Scisffldtoecbt. eo- daainmaa. Mj* Eidiard Burt, Miss . BsBtera Haggaid, Mr aud Mrs B. . , C Gusto-, Mrs Art Olson, Mrs ' jfofes Hayes, Mrs MeSlvJu Bay, ibe available. Flaii^; L« Venae. Mrs Jahra Ssfcsg- 3139, Cfeaaraiain, JiJrs Ed Liatk-lbtack and Mr* Wm. Liitttejohn: S-»res City, Mn Caj'l* JshnecBj; Tilaois and Ledyanl, Mss FJoremc inoJds; Weri€3% M« H. £L iningsen. Chain&aa, ifcs R. E. Newtewagh and Mrs Paul Warner; WJuttemore, Mrs Ralph J, Bauer; and W«n Bead, Mrs Clifford MUUBWI. Memberships will also be available at Ibe Home Show Its be tosld in Ajgona Friday, Satiirds;. and Sunday <pf this week. A table wi!2 be maintained during show where meanberEhips will sold, Headquarters lor the drive • open on the balcony at the Bent Motor Company ail of next week from !0 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will tlose at noon on Saturday. Anyone interested in -Mending, he concert season next year wire E not contacted by one of the workers, is urged to go to headquarters where memberships wili * ; OWN f*»AY AND SATUfBAT NK « POOAY AMD SATUtOAT . *r;AJH: VARIETY APR! t SHOWER OF mMM METAL CANS w.. CANS FOR HUSH eftouND - oiticT nidM GRINDER A DOWNPOUR LOCALS . !>. Gunder been 4a .HI, the past se^'t-ral days visiting reLatives, M, K_ CuHtea of Fort Bofl,gte to Ashton Thursday to visit Mr and Mis P. J. KitebeL Mrs Edna Harr returoed Friday fraajn Madrid wtoene she had spent i several da>-s with her son and ] daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs ; Baymond Harr and family. ' Mr and Mrs Erneci Egrt recenl- ; ly spent a day at Buthven with Mr and Mri Lloyd Haubacb were visited Saturday by Mr and Mrs Cecil Woods and son of Blackweli. Okla. Al Scberpr is again bospUaUz- ed at the yeterans* haspilal, Minneapolis. He has had a stomach aitoent aad has had previous sur- gerj- for an ulcer. Mr aad Mrs Edward Katio. Michael, Tonmsy and Mrs Martha Drater spent Sunday at Reinbeck with Mr and Mrs Leonard Plafihn. Mrs Plaehn was formerly Beverly the tetter's uncilf aad aunt, Mr; and Mrs Perry Lakin, at veo. Mr aad Mrs Fred Hagen hare beea -wsited by iheir daughter, Mrs Fred Lane of Versailles, Mo., who will conclude the visit this mid-week. Mr aad Mrs John Roberts were visited .over the weekend by Mr Hoberts' parents and their graad- daughier, Mr and J.JTJ H. D. Ahrens and Susan, -of Cedar' Rapids. John C. Lore, local representative of United Fund investment shares, -will attend the riati.on.a3 sales convention of WaddeU <fc Beed, iinder*-riters, at Kansas City, April 2^ and 21. Mr* Gail Haete and daughter SsUy, jnother-, Mrs Osta Thoinp- Mr and Mrs Raymond Reid were recently visJtej! a week by ti«e letter's brother and sister-in- Mr aad Mrs James L«a&e of Alanson, Mich, who were en- 1 r ? ul * bonie frr - m Florida where they had spent ite winter. Mrs J«Aa Hay«s went to Keota last week to spend a f.evr -davf with her motber, Mrs 11 L. Kirkpatrick. She went from ihe:* Saturday lo""Des Mokses and -wai joined by Mr Hayes to attend the night of opera at Drake uruvw- siiy. Mr and Mrs Fermaa Heinea drove to Maswj City Sstardsy mornong on business. Thsn- i_r* caring for the grandchildren' K.SJ-- ; en and Slaiy £lfi>er,ter whiie li>e j partntj. Mr cad Mrs WiJier iiii- : bearker were s\ 'Bijirr-jft. ciJlea j there fay the ditiji c' "H"a2ier"f j mother. Mrs K.«tfe £3«.l.fc-.-:cer. : Mr znd Mrs Reyirwcsd GEaeri were dj,in«r guests Sitadsy vf ibe TheRe§«lor lOeSIZiS OPEN FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NITES son and Mrs Dean BJlyeu and j former's mtitber. Mrr C.-_-I- l£.is- son r>a%-3d spent Thursday a? i ufisea at JairJitvc, Mini.. Ci.Vj Eaglt Grove. _Mr* Haait and" l.!n-j guests »•«•« Mrs£>*ii Thompson visited Mrs Rhands i sdns-in-law- «.id dsughte.-;.. Mr Thomps-on and ilrs BiJyeu visit- j fena Mrs DD^; Poyn'ier tf 'ed i brother-jn-len- end finer, i Fsdls. Jliari.. ?£& M: Mr grid Mrs Hairy A]Jen, j Bernard Mr and Mrs Jesi E3Ut, En:- ' meliburg. were weekend guff oJ Mr and Mrs A. M Anders/in. • Mr A-iderson's molfaer. Mrs. E.TJ- -T.C; Andej-sc-n. &nd hit iv. o tis- lW*" M r c f-2- r ^^<'H"r>fi • f H Kft- Hay G',0d. ^'1 of A"'r^-T-t i **•* Mrs Kaiherine Simon lefl Sua- YOUR BEST BUY ! » .WORK, 1 I SHOES ; 5.95 \ M:-. •. hii-Oi Jot-. fc!3'.i I I '• I toltt — | r«tn arid. Goodyear Weil — & r«isi DIAMOND'S! ' ^^^M _ H T [SURPLUS! STATE FARM AUTO INSURANCE IN 2 SMALL INSTALLMENTS Not one big y 9ar ly billl *'« nothing ii< a big oc.' ^S e l • • . yet it'i ifj u-'jieitnajy! P»y mull. w jr ^. /Mtt pftm ' iumi Ihii and the mwy oA« tj^vb^ State Farm. Call or Hop j a i> diy . ^ ^ Krim £u by Harold C. SUNDET 500 E. Elm St. Phone 84 J Algosa, I&wd AUTO - UFE FIRE - HAH Anklet Sale UD"*. Ufyiton ffifcsllfc tCumOSorwn iiS — \WHite cor ito 1111. Sale Prices On Hew GXE1S S/E SOC3CS in cai- teo szJsle ttfTtrf^i gjajj ^htrc ihsl siEaaBo=ae —Sisss $ So f-i GIRLS i/* SOCXS. HEAVY OD3SSW taiiOe p^Jo wezr wifla Bmaaa xio — Sizes 9 to ISii. 35, Modern Tone Patterned Colored 6LASS DINNERWARE Buy 2 Packages Get One Package Of Same FREE! I PER PLACE FIVE PIECE ' * -,'. SETTINGS % " ' WHAT A BtTY! Colored Glass Dinnerware in choice of four colors. Each place setting is FJVE pieces (at 39c complete) and includes: Cup, Saucer, 9 inch Plate, Sauce Dish and Pie Plate. , _____ WORK SHIRT: LAS.-!-! AE&=_rl&-S Cdsurt -fc Sii«E COTTOK WASH FEOCKS Sfc L-M-xc^it Ifyiss — Wiii S-Sy D-TA-JfTS DB2SSES ».. 3£c 1= Piire WHS* J^TJTS H^-Jf-OZEECKIEFS., Emd 9c Hir.2? Sin-^-E — H-eri-ry -» ac '23 Sis* OVAi HAG HOGS. E&=« 79c Jic.i-P-.6Elii-t.5i ior Slsriza. " ' GA.FJ'.ZIKT BAGS. 5?scit! 3 for 98c Srs-fcitlcJi Frsssi — Kzsi Sick Knit Cuff BOYS ELASTIC TOP SHUTS 23c ?rs*f->s«rd Eaii -»i2i. Hi_ng«Ti 18-Inch HOUND OVAL MIKP.OSS ... 1.33 >t-ji£j7recJ Frnrth — S*jic Lintd Plus Tax 21-IKCH SOTT CASE - 4.49 'SjZ Piece Ij-_i€T»c^k-iz;3 JIG SAW PUZZLES 2 for 39c T»c G-ir:.: — L«Uh»r wiji Ftnry Trln; S3.49 Value IXJUBLE HOLSTER SET 2.49 W::h Lori- or. C_>T« Red Color PLASTIC CAKE CARRIER - - 1.69 One ?<y-^d da MOTH CRYSTALS - 39^ Ve';ve:m_- Lii.*.s Fir.iih Size 8 x 10 TABLETS, Bulec or Plain . . 3 for 19e SKAG HUGS. Aisoj---^ Coicn. «_•:&* . 3.99 LAD:ES HALF SLIPS, sc.a..icw PHX*I, s IE. True us LADIES SUMMER HATS !.SB and 298 LADfES COTTON BLOUSES FREE — 23r So:Jie H_do Shsmpo-. %':;•• Each Blo-is* — Ho Extra Ccirgt . BtUE ••' Sensational price for Chambray Shirts! Two pockett.' 'ET«ry shirt' sanforized*'' 's"h r u n k . Sizes 14% to 17. HYBRID TEA ROSES 3-Bush Package ROSE BUSHES — two-year old plants CACTUS PLANTS kinds with plastic pot First Quality 98c Assorted 29c JARDINIERES — Flower pots. inch size—1.19, t 10'z size I it TEE-SHIRTS MlN-5"T^iHi'RTS - White. Sixes small, medium large ._ and 2 „ 79C BOYS TEf SHIRTS - White, Sizes 8 - 10 2 ^ 59c DAZZLE CLOTH WRINKLE-RESISTANT A DISCIPLINE COTTON FABRICS BARGAIN WHITE - Extend To 46-Inch Width GLADIOLI BULBS T€N COLORS Pired From Holland STATIONERY BOXED Special New Assortment Per Box Only *- vt GMACK VARIET ^W ••• ^1 ^F « • BEN FRANKLIN STORE SJHOIN ONV AVq<tniVS >«4O

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