The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 17, 1956 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1956
Page 2
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ii ft*. * a* 6«a (la.) Uppe| Den Moihes Tuesday, April f 7, 1 $56 '. y4'V. . C, :• ', « '•'»' Mrs 'Ben Pbiter is- hbsiess! io the' jStaff, party of the Rebokah lodge this evening, (Tues'day.). ' ... , ' ' _b— ' • Naomi Circle meeisr ( Friday afterttoon at the .home of »Mrs Edria Harr. Mrs Don Sherman w^ni lo .Britt, Saturday, to attend funeral services for an aunt, Mrs Louise Thompson. ,. .^ V Bel Canto music club will b£ hostesses at a'coffee'i'oi* the Concert Driye workers oh Thursday afternoon at the Druggist Mutual Insurance building. Mr; and Mrs W. A.'Foster Spent the weekend nt Fort Dbdge as guests of Mr Foster's brother and sister-in-law, tjie Dallas Fosters. v They attended' the Rotary convention and the Fred Waring concert. ,1 0 '-.;• f Mrs Harlan Sigsbee onleriained her. bridge club on Wednesday evening. Mrs Lloyd Pratt re- ceive.d the prize, for Jiigh score, Mrs /Tom McGraw was second and Mrs K. S. Cowankreceived the. travel prize, , • ,j. j |' *'. ^ -\ r, ' . .;. — $—,''•..' *•/-.-. v? 1,1 ' •XiyXi chapter of Beta Sigma Phi'elected officers for {the, coming /year at ,a me'e'tinV Wfday- evening at'the home of Mrs Marvin G.alfioun. Mrs Walter, Scttld-, knecht is the new pres'idfimf Mrs- Rex Voyles, vice president; Mrs Ray Johnson, secretary; Barbara Haggard, ,lrjpasurer;. 'Mrs, Dean Taylor, extension officer and Mrs Clayton Pittman, representative to the sorority city council. > Mrs Paul Detfman is hostess to her sewing club this afternoon. —o— Dr. and Mrs C. C. Shierk went to Fort Dodge.Friday.evening for the; Fred Waring concert. —o— J. N. Fleming of Whiltemore entered St. Ann hospital on Wednesday for ucler treatment. He is the- father of Mrs Craig Smith. Mr and Mrsi Waller; Sehild- kiiecht spent Friday at Fort Dodge where they attended the Home Shovv antl the Fred Waring concert. . T- . Q . 'Mr and Mrs P. T. Hemmingsqn hs& as their, "Sunday! 'dinner guests, Mr Hemmingsen's parents, Mr and Mrs Axel Hernmlng- sen of Newell. '..•-.. —o— • ' Mariners Club of-, the Presbyterian church met Sunday evening at the church. Hosts were Mr and Mrs Carroll Branson and Mi-'and Mrs .Condol Woods. The program was on Race Relations. Mr and Mrs Charles Stevenson and family of St. Louis Park, iMihn. spent the weekend here vvith Mr>Stevenspn's mother; Mrs Olive Herbst and his brother Ted Herbst.. . • ' . . —o— Mr and Mrs Allan Buchanan and Mr and Mrs Eugene Hutchins returned Sunday from a. several days vacation trip in the Ozarks. The Buchanan boys were cared for by their grandmother, Mrs Edith Buchanan and the daughter, Lynn' went to Atlantic to visit her maternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs Karl Wiuff. Mrs Lyle Schipull Of entertained"^* group of Bryant schoolmates oi her sort, Duane at a party' Saturday-Sffernobh' in hoftor of hi9 Seventh bitthflay. Mr. and. Mr^Walter Schlld- kneeht are entertaining at a neighborhood coffee Wednesday, evening in honor of Dr. and Mrs L. L. Snyder. The Snyders are moving Saturday to their new home on McGregor street. Mrs Elizabeth Post was hostess to the Eight Specs card club on Thursday evening. Mrs Elmer Kelly and Mrs Lester Johnson were guests. Prizes were received by Mrs Esther Helberg, Mrs Beechet Lane and Mrs Mable Lee. _P__ ( Mrs Carl Morck, Jr. was hostess to her bridge club on ( Thursday evening. Mrs Helen Dooley of Manchester, N. Hampshire and Mrs ', Jack Chrischilles were guests. Prizes were received by Mrs Dooley, and Mrs Ed Gil- Mr and Mrs Tony Guzowski, former Algonans now of Waterloo, spent the weekend here with friends. They were house guests bf Mr and Mrs L. E. Linnan. Mr Guzowski is football coach at West Waterloo high school and Will do recreational • work at Waterloo playgrounds this summer, v —o— ' Presbyterian Women's Organization meets Thursday afternoon for dessert luncheon. The Upper Room dev'otionals are in charge of Mrs Alwin Huenhold and Mrs Bertha Pommer will give the program devotions. Ruth Circle will present a skit, "Christian Living Family Style." Participating ate Mrs Leon Martin, Mrs Wilbur Reinders; Mrs D. T. Hemmingsen, Mrs Charles Hardgrove, Mrs M. H. Brower and Mrs Richard Burt. Mrs 0. It, will sing.,;.- >..- . ,» | -'.j-'if^lj M* : anatMifi'all • Jill' in Mlhnetftoltejj^hfejjL'M* I-WIIH iams is 'cQnaUctfiM BnSlhesr'IS* the Hub , Clothiers, i They ; lelt on Sunday; and/ plan M; re'tufc'ft Wednesday, : Marijane and'Jack? are staying with theitf grand* parents-, Mr ^and Mrs L. *S.'Muc* key during their parents' feberice 1 . Mr and Mrs Glenn Crilly who have ; been vilitiftg here from California f6r several; weeks; left ;Mo*hdaj>|for Sac Citjtjto spa " lief jtf ay| .with -their m AM |hj^lrt5law fckM forla Voyles. Kentucky to ey |>jan% 6 visit relatives ; a«a ;then spend mot'e time iin Algona ^before returnirig; to California; < • • Dr. and Mrs M« G< Bourse aftd son, Bill returned Thursday from & three . iweek'.s . trip td Florida, The daughters, Julia and Bar- bars spent part :ol the time with them »o^:,th6 ,,t|lp. ;,but returned ichool.*. -The ^tiflff-^Av-iT. v?fif Anft/Stillf rftSnMQWfill aM JliSf nltsbanid an* Baby'pau|hter;'fit Tallaha'see. ': News OP B SfATE BAKK Of - of Algoftft, Iowa at lh« cld>« of butlness April 10, 19S8, ft Siaie banking ln«lltuilon orrtanlaed ind operillng dnder 1 ihe banking law« of ihU Slats, and a mbmbdr. af ih» federal Reterve Syiiem. fubllihed in icestdanee with a call .matfb *by ihe Stale Banhlngr AutH6r«le« »nd by the P>det»l fte«etve Bank of this DlilrlcJ. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, including reservo balance, aYid , cnsh Items In process of collection .-.-. $1,4SO,'185.12 2. United States, Oovernmen,t obligations, direct and guaranteed 1,824,108.50 3. Obligations of States and: political subdivisions _.— ,. _ 590,904.15 5. Corporate stocks (Including $6,000.00 stock, of Federal Reserve . , bank) ..>-. .ji..«.' i,.i'..-cv_,.^.^ . J i..i_: •_ • e.O.OO.flO 6. Leans and discounts (including $411.81 overdrafts) *..* *....._ 2,062.8'S4.06 7. Bank prernises owned $14,000.00,furniture nnd fixtures, none—^ 14.000.00 (Bank premises .owned arc subject to no Hens not assumed by bahH) 12. TOTAL ASSETS —..^.^.^J... *^... J S.fl •••• " L 1:AS I £ I T I E S - >' -V • '• 13. Demand deposits of IndWldUals, parlnerslilps, and corporations 4,468,823.80 14. Time deposits-.of. Individuals, partnerships, and corporations... 11,693.79 15. Deposits of United 'States Government (Including postal savings) 130,586.71 16. Deposits of States and political Subdivisions : '. ' 824,064.60 17. Deposits of banks ...'.•: . ., ^... . _ 40,210.79 18. Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.)— ..iu.lil. 14,655.45 1!). TOTAL DEPOSITS '... $5,496,915.14 \ 'A. TOTAL LIABILITIES ..—J"-.. .„...„ 1 5.496,915.14 • • -CAPITAL ACCOUNTS . 15. Capital * — : 100.lJbO.OD 16. Surplus y ...i .._• _ ._ • . 100,000.00 !7. Undivided profits :„—....i,^ 260,136.69 >9. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS .., J ..460.136.69 iO. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 1 ... ... 5,957,051.83 "This bank's capital consists oft' 1 '* , vCommon stock with total par value of $100,000.00 N '• • ' MEMORANDA- , 31. Assets pledged ,or assigned to secure liabilities antl for other purposes ^ r -r-»-- ——— —-— --— 300,000,00 I, A. F. Agena, V. P. of j th^ 'above-named bank, hereby certify'that the above statement Is true to the best .ofSmy knowledge and belief. Correct—Attest - • ' ' ' ; ," A, F. Agena, V. P. H. L. Gllmore, F. L. McMahon, > ' Hugh Raney. L. K. Linnan—Directors State of Iowa. County of -Kossuth ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 13th day of April, 1956. Anna Merritt Notary Public :. (Notary seall ' • Mr arid ;MrS Kenneth Lay ton and daughter- Were Thursday eve- ning, visitors.: at the Lawrence Madsen hOnie f riear Rutland, KkUt and Mrs Lebn : , Murfay of if ewtort aftd tjie, » s6n<\M&* |nd Daughter, MfeaM Mrs'Mike Sell of Des Molnesj Were Friday Visitors at the William • Murray home. Mr>Murray ,is 'the soft,-of Mr and Mrs William Murray.-? Dinner guests Easter Sundp^at the Leslie Jensen home were, Mr and Mrs Chiick Ling of.Des guests at We hotflfe bf he* tr, Mrs vKenneth, ( Laytori ' ' ' ' '' '' „ - ., -. - -. .- . i Long Isla'fld.'ls the largest islatid in tfife'-'V.'^'-'-- You Drained r's Anti-Ffeeze? Leading Automotive Authorities Recommend Draining Used i Anti-Freeze Every Spring|ffe and Replacement With Fresh Water and Riist Inhibitor For Summer Driving. '•?..-•, ---j : : ; ; Here's What You Should Know ., . Even though an anti-freeze solution may be clear and rust-free after a winter's driving season it may have lost a large part of its inhibitor life. Leading anti-freeze manufacturers, car manufacturers, and other qualified organizations advise draining and discarding of anti-freeze solution after one winter's use. For maintaining the best possible corrosion protection and cooling efficiency the year around: 1. Install a completely fresh filling of anti-freeze in the Fall. 2. Drain the solution in the Spring. 3. Add a dosage of summer rust inhibitor to a fresh filling of water for warm weather driving. Reference: AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING MATERIALS BOOKLET "Selection and Use of Engine AnH-Freezes" 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia 3, Penn, * * * Even the best anti-freeze should not be used the second season, for their rust inhibitors may weaken and lose their efficiency. Re-use may cause expensive repairs. Changing cooling solutions periodically makes the same good sense as changing motor oil. Reference: AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASS'N BULLETIN APRIL 1951 Pennsylvania Avenue at 17th Street N. W., Washington 6, D, C. In order to maintain maximum protection against corrosion, drain the anti-freeze solution after one winter's use. Anti-freeze inhibitors are continually depleted by use and will eventually reach a corrosive condition. In view of the comparative cost of anti-freeze and even of so minor a replacement part as a water pump or radiator, it is certainly cheaper in the long run to use new solutions each year. Under no circumstances should anti-freeze solution remain in the cooling system during the Summer,-as its deterioration will be much more rapid under summer driving conditions. Reference: NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS NBS CIRCULAR 506 "Automotive Antifreezes" U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C. Drain anti-freeze in the Spring after freezing weather is past; flush the system thoroughjy.pnd clean if necessary; then install a fresh filling of summer rust inhibitor and water. Reference: SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS MANUAL "Maintenance of Automotive Engine Cooling Systems" 29 West 39th Street, New York 18, New York COOLING SYSTEM CARE PAYS! As a Service to All Automobile Owners This Message is Sponsored by PERCIVAL MOTORS S. Phillips St. Podge-Plymouth Phone 1464 Spring GIRLS' TODDLER COAT SETS All Fdbrics, Styles and Colors. Sizes 2-3-4. These are $8.'95 to $12.95 Values, Now Priced _ c „--- — — r • •- • •" ' • •>•-• ; ' : ••'••*•• -4 6.98 & 8.98 ;' 'i : BOYS' TODDLER COAT SETS Wools, Linens and Rayons. Sizes 1-2-3-4. $8.95 and $10.95 Values, Now Priced __ J. AND 8.98 CHILDREN'S COATS All Fabrics, Styles - Shorities & Long. Sizes 3-6x, 7-14. AND UP SUB-TEEN COATS NOW PRICED Gorgeous Wool Shorties. Sizes 8-10-12-14. 4.98, 10.98 & 14.98 Values $16.95 to $22.95 Junior & Misses COATS & SHORTIES Were Priced $24.95 to $44.95 - Specials Now! 4.98 AND $19.95 now ALL FABRICS, STYLES, SIZES AND COLORS • 1 • Toddler Sizes 1 - 3x t • Children's 3-6x, 7-14. • Sub-Teens 8-14. • Juniors 7-15. • Misses 10-20. ' • Half-sizes 12'/2 - 24'A. 25% AND UP TO OFF LADIES & CHILDREN'S WHITE NYLON GLOVES .. 77c ONE GROUP Washable Cottons Sizes 12-14-16. Special at ONE GROUP ' Rayoit Linens Sizes 14-15-18. WASHABLE COTTON CORDS Sizes 11-13-15 Above values 14.95 & 16.95 ONE GROUP \' Butclftr Linens etc. Sizes 9-11-13-15 Values to $17.95 8 A FEW ALL WOOL SUITS t % PRICE SIZES 4.7 - VALUES TO $7.95 CHILDREN'S WASHABLE S UITS 3. LADIES & CHILDREN SPRING SKIRTS Good For Spring and Summer Wear Reduced 25% to 50% LADIES COTTON BLOUSES 1.00 Ideal FojTWork or Sportswear, Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Sleevelet; CHILDREN'S & TODDLERS SPRING PLAYCLOTHES All At Reduced Prices In Our Basement "Web" Room BE SURE TO SiE THIS DISPLAY! . • ' _• T ' • . J ' mi 14H_ . I .. [ —- ',, r - - ....--- , _____ f ^ ,„ . '..'. I ,_ ' ' -. SALE STARTS THURSDAY, APRIL 19th ELVA & JESSIE'S "The $tor«< of Beautiful Fq$hipn$" •«>*..-

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