Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 1, 1973 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1973
Page 28
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2W Golesbura Jcflj>tif*Ai^j t ;Gttl6sbuffl #, :i !1.,. Wednesday, Aug. 1, 1973 wry**-. « We are a group of girls In a small town near Galesburg wto Started school together and graduated together. Most of us are happily married, hat the one girl who was £tlw most fan-toving of.the group has as very worried. She :ls sort of out of this world . . . very depressed and down. ^Sbe has a very unhappy marriage, hot she won't let ns -help it all. , Her husband tells her stories about his friends and their girls, when it Is really his own story he Is telling. We would gladly go with her to the tavern where he meets the girl or "Where he goes when he leaves there, but she doesn't seem "to believe It. * We are beginning to believe she just wants us to feci sorry for her and her baby. But Penny, we would give anything If we could help her be the gay, happy girl she was ;when we were In school. We really care. * A Group That Wants To Help Pear Group, If you really want to help, j>utt out! Your friend quite obviously is not ready for a showdown with her husband, end your pushing her into it certainly isn't friendship in any disguise. " If you are truly friends, you will continue to include her in J!DUT activities but stop trying to discuss her personal situation With her. Let her tell you about it when-Hand if-she is ready. .'Dear Penny, Z As we were driving through Lake Storey last Thursday night, we stopped to watch a softball game. The teams playing said Register-Mail and Admirals on the uniforms. Admirals had 10 home runs—five by one player. We watched the paper to see who it was—nothing Friday night, and Saturday night there was a write-up about the " Register-Mall winning a game in Monmouth. Is the Register-Mail team made up of such poor sports, they couldn't have a couple of lines about such an unusual feat? The Register-Mail was beat by 15 runs. Could < you tell us why there was no word about it? Just Wondering Dear Wondering, The sports department tells me that it is impossible to cover all sof tball teams in the church, industrial and youth categories. For that reason, they rely on team members or a person appointed by the teams to bring in scores and details of those games. Each of them is printed, but they tell me that no information on the team sponsored by the Register-Mail has been turn- Id in for about the last month. Dear Penny, I am writing about the driveway entrance to two stores at which I shop regularly. The drive is a real challenge to the shock absorbers of cars and nearly impossible to use. I realize the store owners may fear that cars would use - the drive as a speedway after hours if it were paved, but i, if that is the case, why not put up chain posts to keep cars : out? i: A nice, smooth drive would be most appreciated by those * who shop at these stores. r Save Shock Absorbers 3Dear Save, The next time you're shopping in one of those stores, why jnot ask the manager if there are plans in the works to pave the •drive. If there are plans afoot, I'm sure he'll tell you. If there I'aren't that will be a good opportunity for you to tell him that *you would enjoy shopping at his store more if the drive weren't such an obstacle course. Either way, you're ahead! : PERSONAL TO MELTON JR.: Sorry, but I have heard neither of your professor nor any local speaking engagement. " Thinking of you . . . Penny < Send your questions to Penny, in care of the Galesburg Register-Mail. Penny will answer all letters to which a .% personal reply is desired. As many letters as space permits *- will be used in this column. Debbie does the job! In 1972, Debbie Dishwashing Liquid washed over one billion dishes. Debbie does the job...why pay more? Research Could Lead to Ocean-Floor Farming, Mining % RUTH YOUNGBLOOD HONOLULU (UPI) - Japa. nese and American scientists are trying to solve the physiological obstacles to man's living and working on the ocean floor. Science Today The binational, five-year proj^ ect may help pave the way to undersea farming, ocean»floor mining and biological research at great depths. Dr. Suk Ki Hong, head of the four-man United States contingent and chairman of physiolo* gy at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, noted in his presentation that the goal el the project is to solve three major problems pointed up by previous independent French, American and British sea efforts. The joint U.S.-Japan effort will try to learn why there is excessive loss of body water by divers remaining underwater for long periods and how this affects circulation and performance. Four Dives Planned The teams will also attempt to prevent the body weight loss of slightly more than one-half pound per day established during previous extended dives and determine the impact of the rapid loss of body heat resulting from the oxygen- helium mixture' divers breathe. Deep diving requires divers to breathe the oxygen and helium mixture, rather than the normal mixture of oxygen and nitrogen in the earth's atmosphere, because under extreme pressure the oxygen-nitrogen combination becomes toxic But divers have found that the oxygen-helium mixture also leads to problems, the most severe being rapid loss of body heat. The project, jointly financed on a tentative $394,500 budget, involves four deep dives, two in Japan and two in Hawaii. Hong said that "it now appears that a man can live at a depth of 2,000 feet for a short period of time." But he said most dives in the past "were too short to predict how man would readjust such control systems as the body temperature regulations, the energy balance and the body fluid balance." The project, conducted by the University of Hawaii School of Medicine and the Japan Marine Service and Technology Center of Vokosuka, involves extensive and continuous measurements of pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen consumption, food and fluid intake, blood chemistry and urine content during the dives. Hong, of Korean ancestry, headed for Yokosuka for the first dry dive involving four Japanese divers in a pressure chamber held at it pressWrof 2tt feet hetow sea leveT for lo days this summeY. The second dive, in Hawaii next year, will use an undersea habitat and four U.S. divers who will remain at 500 ieet, approaching the continental shelf, for 10 days. The third dive, in IMS, will be another dry compressed chamber dive in Hawaii lasting three weeks, also to SCO feet, and the final dry dive, in Japan in 1977, will attempt to hold the Japanese team at a depth of l.qoo feet for 10 days. COPYRIGHT»• 1973 By Eagle Stores. All Rights Reserved. eagle DISCOUNT SUPERMARKFTS BEVERAGES COMPARE & CHECK DAIRY PRODUCTS FROZEN FOODS BAKERY COLA, ROOT BEER, /WILD RASPBERRY, ORANGE Shasta Beverages 49 %-gal. btl. PINK GRAPEFRUIT UNSWEETENED Lady Lee Drink 44 46-oz. can J SUNSWEET Prune Juice |ALL GRINDS - COFFEE Folgers HILLS BROS. Instant Coffee S!,\ 50' 2-lb. can 10-oz. jar $177 $^39 PRODUCE Garden Freshness At Eagle, fruits and vegetables are rushed to the market before they lose their freshness. That's why Eagle's produce is so different. Plump, ripe and juicy fruits and crisp, firm vegetables. An absolute garden of goodness at everyday low prices. V FRESH SELECTED QUALITY Golden Bananas 15 LB. FEMININE NAPKINS Stayfree Mini-Pads -ct. pkg. 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