Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 1, 1973 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1973
Page 24
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Four Horoscope By FRANCES DRAldfi » Look in the section in which fyour blrihday comes and find Iwhait your outlook is, according *to the stars. : FOR THURSDAY, :•' AUGUST 2, 1973 March 21 to April 20 (Aries) J— Watch your budget now. Don't Jgo beyond limits until a pend- ;ing financial matter is definite* :iy settled. It COULD go diflfcr- ..entty than you expect, April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) l n — Personal reMonsftiips under "something of a cloud. Don't get "caught in the middle of a dis- 1p\M between associates. What starts out as mere discussion could end in a shambles. May 22 to June 21 (Gemini) 1—Mercury's position somewhat ^adverse. lit may be necessary to go over commumications and ; vtov »l plans more carefuffly— ^alowting {or possliWlie dlellays, ,?changing circumstances. -" June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) i—Someone in authority will now '.itiake action to add your cause -Hwidening your horizons con- 'siderably. You have good rea- >son for optimism. Z Joly 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) - A ^ive ^and -take sprit must prevail now or you will find that •you naive plenty of opposition —much of it needless. Make a .genuine effort to avoid conten tion. Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo)An inner voice may rebel against certain intended action Listen! As the odd saying goes: when in doubt, don't. Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra)— Do not be anxious if things are not working out quite the way you expected. You are on the right track, so keep going. A good day for making decisions. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio) —'Personal relationships under somewhat adverse influences. Be especially alert to meddling "relatives who could put a blight on your romance. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — There are those who would take advantage of your good nature now. Do^not be led by emotion and sympathy to overcommit yourself or to act against your intuition and experience, «. Dee. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) —Extra caution needed now. As with Sagittarius, don't indulge in misplaced idealism or waste assets on lost causes. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) —Uranus in highly propitious ^position. New opportunities in 4he offing. Also, you can look Cor a favorable outcome to a confidential discussion. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) —Y our judgment somewhat "cloudy" now. Take nothing for granted, even if all seems •well. And, above all, make no •hasty decisions. YOU BORN TODAY are en- "dowed with a bright and viva• clous personality; are a combination of practicality and idealism and sometimes take yourself too seriously. You are a staunch defender of your principles and beliefs, but may be too outspoken at times. Ex, (fcremetly versatile, (there are ^many fields in whiich you could ''iexcel, notably: the stage, journalism, teaching, art and medicine. If attracted to the law, you could become an outstanding statesman. Birihdate of: Peter O'Toole, film star; John , Kieran, journalist, author; John TyndaU, Brit, physicist. Oquawka Lodge Host to Officers At July Meeting OQUAWKAr -Grace K.' Parai, grand worthy matron, and her official family were guests of honor when Oquawka Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, met July 19. Mrs. Mary Rose Bushong and Paul Bushong, worthy matron and patron, presided in the East, Martha Allen sang a solo, and Mrs. Letha Palmer pre sented 'the guest of honor with a gift. Officers escorted and introduced were Ladora Dennis, May Kabeta, Ann W. Drewcs, Lois Pidgecn, Elsie Bronsil, Alice Rae Myers, Vennita Patton and Dorothy Schroth. Esther Diehi was in charge of the guest book, and the committee for the meeting was Letha Palmer, Mary Decker, Virginia Law and Helen Peters. Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Devore and their granctohildren spent two days last week at Union- vi'ile, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Downey, j Forestvile, Md., were guests' July 22 at the home of Mrs. Dorothy Lankey. PHASE IE ..and GIANT STILL LOWEST! TESTS PROVE GIANT SELLS FOR LESS! Del Monte PEACH HAL 29-OZ. C Del Monte Pear Helves 2* et. ~60e LISTERINE Scope II «; 1.01 PARKAY 1641 36 V.lvt.ta 1 lb. GW SUGAR 5-Lb. 5|« OW Brown Sugar _1. 2 lbs. 39c tflBlli ^l^^^ ^w^ , QUEEN OF THE SEA Red Snapper Fillet C RATH BLACK HAWK SLICED SHANK PORTION GIANT'S NEW PORKY-PLUS Enriched with Veg. Proteins end Vitamins Lb. Hilberg Flesh Frozen BREAD VEAL or PORK STEAKS FLAKY TENDER COD FILLETS 10 oz. Pkg. Lb. U.S.D.A. FRESH GRADE A FRYER THIGHS Lb. RATH BLACKHAWK SMOKED HAM $|05 BUTT PORTION LB. FLASH FROZEN FLOUNDER FILLETS LB. *P TASTE TEMPTING HADDOCK FILLETS LB. *r LEAN HEAVY SMOKED CENTER CUT HAM SLICES LB. *| FULLY COOKED BONELESS HAM ROAST u ,»l.79 Fresh Fruit Connert Headquarters California Freestone Peaches Peaches 17 lb. box Washington Large Apricots 12 lb. box Washington Sweet Cherries 12 lb. box YOUR $A29 «CHOICE T| Canning Guaranteed Sweet and Ripe WATERMELONS 20 Lb. Avg. As Low As IC Eoch U.S. No. 1 All Purpose Large RUSSET 1A Lb si 69 POTATOES w " Sweet Ripe Blueberries PINT BOX 59c Salad Favorites Escarole Romaine Endive Bibb Large Heads ea. l |l;mL, !, >'L v H MAKED PASTRY Powdered SUGAR DONUTS 12 hr 39< ICED COFFEE CAKE EA. 59c Milwaukee Style RYE BREAD Loaf Ea. 29* ICED Struessel Sweet Rolls 6 FOR 35c OPEN 24 HOURS - 926 E. Main St.-Open-7-12-735 W. Main & Fremont & Seminary L F V f" u> Y D A Y LOW "1-'ICL> CANNED FRUITS iAY I OW PRICL LVLWNUAY LOW PRICL^ Fruit Cocktail Del Monte 17 ox. 31c SI. Pineapple Three Dia. 20 oz. , 30c Prune Plums Thank You 16 oz. 27c r i Del Monte Tomato Juice 46 oz. 35c Breakfast Orange Ju Sunshake 48 oz 38c Jar Del Monte Pineapple Juice 46 oz. —48c t^^r^Coca Cola 6 pk 16 oz. plus dap. —47c Folger's Coffee 3 lb. $2.49 Folger's Instant 10 oz. ^$1.68 Maxim Freeze Dried 8 oz. 2.20 Hills Coffee 2 lb $1.83 rSSBwBP VBCETABLES I Cut Green Beans Cascade Inn 15 oz. 17c Big Johns Beans A Fixings 35 oz. ..65c Del Monte Peas A Carrots 16 oz. —28c "Libby Beans in Molasses 14 oz. __16c Tomatoes Amer. Beauty 16 oz. 23c l"»Jpo»Hunt Stewed Tomatoes 14 oz. 27c W , -_- Mazola Oil 48 oz. 1.31 Gold Medal Flour 25 lb —$2.65 Nestles Morsels 12 oz. 52c iiM—J'ffy Fudge Brownie Mix 8 oz. 12c | DESSERTS AND TOPPlNGSl Hunts Snack Pack 4-5 ex. 58c Jello Soft n' Swirl 4 oz. ,27c Thank You Butterscotch Pud. 18 oz. .25c ["HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS I Oxydol 49 oz. 87c Clorox 64 oz. 36c Sani Flush 20 oz. — 35c Debbie Liquid 32 or; - 39c Windex 20 oz. 1_— —_46c Formula 409 Cleaner 64 oz. 1.27 I CANNED SOUP-FISH-MEAT I jef9J>* Van Camp Grated Tuna 6 oz. __-—35c vSm Campbell Chicken Noodle 10 oz. __16e Mushroom Stem A Pieces Shamrock 4 oz. ___31c ^^^^ Luncheon Loaf Biltmor 12 oz. 41c ffl ^T Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Ravioli 15 oz. 36c | SNACKS • PICNIC SUPPLIES "1 jpzajjj Kraft Jet Puff Marshmallows 16 oz. 28c egy Vista Pak Saltines 1 lb. 27c St. Regis Paper Plates 100 ct. -56e Styro Cups 7 oz. 51 ct. 43c L CONDI MENTS Miracle Whip 32 oz. — ~ -48c ["Seven Seas Fr. Dressing 8 oz. 33e Queen Olives Thr. Stuffed 7 oz. 72c Hamburger Slices Budlong 16 oz. __44e Good Seasons Kits ea. __—_38e Heinz Catsup 14 oz. ——28e Kraft Smokey Bar B Q 18 oz... __ 49c Salad Mustard Glen Oak 20 oz. 27c I PREPARED FOODS 1 Potato Flakes Idahoan 32 oz. $1.09 Kr. Chicken Noodle Dinner 7 oz. __43c Del Monte Pitted Prunes 12 oz. 57c Hunt Skillet Dinners 17 oz. _ 77c Macaroni Gooch Budget 32 oz. 48c Chef Boy'Ar-Dee Pizza 15 oz, 51c r DAIRY PRODUCTS J 1 ffftpvg ~S I Gerber Strained Baby Food 4 oz. 11c Beechnut Baby Food 4 oz. 8c jejBjee Pampers Toddlers 12's 1.08 CEr Similac Ready to Feed 32 oz. 66c f. CEREALS J Captain Crunch 16 oz. -64c Post Sugar Crisp 15 oz, • 54c Kellogg Frosted Flakes 20 oz. —66c Kellogg Com Flakes 18 oz. 37c TRU-PRICE CAN SAVE YOU 10% TOP BUYS ARE SAVINGS PASSED ALONG TO YOU DUi TO TEMPORARY AUOWANCIS Oft SPECIAL PURCHASES! jBSjm Scott Decorated Towel, large 33c ffflF^Northern Facial Tissue 200 ea. 29c MSmm Soft Wove White 2 pk. 26c *3r Gled Trash Bags 20 ct. $1.32 Playtex Tampons 30's 1.37 Grade A Skim Milk Gallon 93c Jimmy Dean Pure Pork Sausage 1 lb. -—$1.09 Fresh Salted Solid Butter 16 oz. — —79c Parkay Soft 2 • 8 oz. tubs 45c Flaky Biscuits Ballard 4 oz. — 12c 'Kraft Squeeze Snacks 6 oz. 45c _ Lucky Whip Topping 9 oz. 53c e^^ee Kraft Chez Whiz Plain 8 oz ...59c IICE CREAM i FROZEN FOOol Chocolate Eclair Ice Cream Bar 6 ct. —89c Strawberry Cake Ice Cream Bar 6 ct. 89c jeejp» Minutemaid Orangeade 12 oz. —-34e Sara Lee Frozen lenena Cake 14 oz. 81c Frozen Waffles Eggo 13 oz. 48c mmmm Green Oiant Corn 4 ears 61c Ore Ide Tater Tots 2 lb 56c ^_ Cool Whip 9 oz. * 91c Head A Shoulders Shampoo Uq. 7 oz. —.—1.29 ^^Gauze Bandages J A J 180 ft. 48c 4 ^^C!e*eup Toothpaste 6 oz. — 86c Right Guard Femily 7 oz 95« MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; 8wy yow , WM k', sroc**i»» «t ou»*. » you can buy *«• twmt •»*•» fw i*m •» wy ethw •ust'nsdnt erise Oital }«• piicts you j»ld «sd g«t yom moa»y kick. (Excluding j>«WM*i*i du» to dlW«»nc» is Uy wd end*). *T »s4tB «urk * Swvkt Mwk of ».T.C. Inc. (CoyyrlflM 1170 by l .T.C. lee.) HIRES PROOF I SAVED $1.51 ON A $15.23 ORDER M WM '"""J *1 shopped Olent end one ether store end m I seved 10% et Oiant. ***** Giant' % low, low , „^ ^ -rfffi prices plus their new ( •§ . ^ ^ Tru-Price add up to e I great store to shop. I My comperlson shop* ..J ping trip made me ^ j^w^^h.- realize how much I ^BJEJP*-^^ ,.v. every week et ^^"^ f! Giant Foods. I buy the best foods for leu using Gient'e ,, t J& Tru • Price. So why J%jj~j should I shop else* s>T : 1B wner * ant ' P a y mor,? Actual Comparison Shopping Test Other ITEM Sis* Oiant Slor* Hormel Spam . — 12 oz. .80 .83 O. W. Sugar 5 lb. .61 .66 Musselman Applesauce 16 oz. .20 .29 Del Monte Fruit Cocktail — 17 oz. .31 .32 Del Monte Yel. Cling Si. Peaches 29 oz. .38 .39 Del Monte Cut Green Beans _ 16 oz. .24 .29 Niblet Gold Corn — — 12 oz. .22 .26 Del Monte Sweet Peas 17 oz. .25 .27 Freshlike Carrots 14 oz. .24 .25 Campbell Tomato Soup 10 oz. .11 .13 Dinty Moore Beef Stew 24 oz. .71 .71 Franco Amer. Spaghettis — 26 oz. .32 .34 Arm A Hammer Bak. Soda —16 oz. .26 .32 Bet. Croc. Devil's Food Ck. Mix 18 oz. .35 .39 Bet. Crocker White Cake Mix .18 oz. .35 .39 Jello Gelatin——— 6 oz. SI .24 Welchade Grape Drink 46 oz. .38 .46 Hawaiian Red Punch ,__ 46 oz. .34 .35 V-8 Vegetable Juice 46 oz. .39 .44 Skippy Peanut Butter Creamy 12 oz. .45 .48 Welch Grape Jelly — 32 oz. .60 .62 Del Monte Catsup — 20 oz. .35 .38 Richelieu West. Dressing 16 oz. .57 .69 Post 40% Bran Flakes —. 16 oz. .40 .43 Kellogg Rico Krispies ____— 10 oz. .43 .43 Kraft Macaroni Dinner 7 oz. .19 .20 Comet Cleanser _ 17 oz. .25 .27 Tide , - 49 oz. .79 .84 Ivory Toilet Soap _3oz. .10 .13 Charmin Tissue 4 rolls .41 .42 Kleenex Tissue White 200 ct. .29 .31 Reynold's Alum. Foil Reg. — 25 ft. .25 .30 KoolAld _— __ .23 oz. ,6 .8 Store Brand Potato Chips ..Twin Pak .47 .49 Ore Ida Hash Browns _ 32 oz. .35 .39 Banquet Turkey Dinner 11 oz. .37 .39 Tortino Pizza — —_ 15 oz. .79 .85 Blue Bonnet 16 oz. .33 .37 Phil. Cr. Cheese Box 8 oz. .33 .36 TOTAL 13.74 15.25 Mrs. Bern ice Peterson SAVED M ON HER WEEKS GROCERIES % Why Pay More? TRU PRICE CAN SAVE YOU 10% yiant "$A -JF UlSi'OU;! hn<u- •M CAST! S&2»™»« W. MA1« IT* rXEMQN? Md SE*CMA*V I

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