Contra Costa Times from Walnut Creek, California on October 31, 1978 · 2
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Contra Costa Times from Walnut Creek, California · 2

Walnut Creek, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1978
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Page 2 — Contra Costa Times Tuesday October 31 1 978 newsmakers Halloween X-Ray ATHENS Ga (AP) — A local hospital has announced plans to X-ray Halloween treats for children in an effort to find pins razor blades or other foreign objects which may cause them harm - Athens General Hospital is advertising that all children who bring their Hallpween treats to the hospital’s emergency room Tuesday night can have cookies and soft drinks while the treats are being X-rayed Pope Visits US Cardinal VATICAN CITY ( AP) - Pope John Paul II made a trip outside the Vatican Monday afternoon to visit ailing US Cardinal John Wright and two elderly Italian cardinals The pope stayed 20 minutes with Wright 69 the Boston-born prelate who recently underwent surgery for cataracts and is confined to a wheelchair because of circulatory problems There has been no word yet whether the pope will reappoint Wright as head of the Congregation for the Clergy ' Pope John' Paul then visited Alberto di Jorio 94 the oldest member of the College of Cardinals and Alfredo Ottaviani 88 Gary Cook 4s not really falling head first during a para chute Jump from New York’s World Trade Center He’s actually being towed by a truck as he hangs by his feet API — rphom from a para-sail harness J Gann Visits County Vice President Walter Mood ale came to Billings Mont Monday to stump door-to-door for the Senate campaign of Rep Max Baucus right But at one of the first houses they found no one home “Okay who told these people I was coming?” Mondale asks newsmen nri— mhntn CONCORD — Paul Gann will be in Concord today drumming up support for a drive to put a stringent government spending limit measure on the ballot by June 1980 Gann co-author of Proposition 13 wrote the measure termed the “Spirit of Thirteen" because Prop 13 “hasn’t worked” he says Backers of Gann's petition drive including the Contra Costa Board of Realtors hope to collect the 500000 signatures necessary to qualify the initiative for the ballot by having tables near every polling place in the state Investors Buy Jewelry Coins Lesher News Bureai MARTINEZ — Sheriffs investigators aren’t sure the Saturday morning rape of a young San Ramon mother was the work of the East Area rapist “There’s no obvious way of eliminating (the East Area Rapist)” sheriffs Capt Warren Rupf admitted Monday “but on the other hand we're not satisfied that it is him” Rupf said it would require comparing elements of Saturday’s rape with the more subtle elements of the East Area rapist methods to say definitely whether it was him CONTRA COSTA TIMES EMMndJunel 1911 cantmumf the Walnut Cut Cournr-Journal BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL OFFICE Opan Monday Friday 3010 5 30 35-2525 To contact RMonal Otfica altar 530 p m and on Saturdays and holidays call 935-2529 CIRCULATION OFFICE 933-1717 Opan MondayFnday 7:00 am to 5-30 pm Sunday S am to 1 1 am IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED V0UR TIMES PHONE 933-1717 Bafsro 930 a m MondayFnday Baton II am Sunday Dahvary to paym subsenbars adlbaanpaditad CLASSIFIED OFFICE Opan Monday Fnday BOO to 500 Sat unlay 30 to noon 33-2020 An mdapandant nawspapar at raral amdatam dedicated to anltan and prarasa of Contra Costa County Thu Contra Coata Turns n pub-It shad evary Monday Tuesday Wadnasday Thursday Friday and Sunday m tha Timas Building 2640 Shadtiands Dm Walnut Cratk Cahtanua 94596 by East Bay Nsinpapart be Daan Laahar Wasutonl and njbhiliar ContrqUad circulation poslsga paid at Walnut Cnsk Cold PUBLICATION NO 315550 A 23-year-old woman was raped in her home Saturday after her assailant forced her to tie up her husband If the attacker was the East Area rapist it would make the third attack attributed to him in this county The two other attacks attributed to him occurred in Concord earlier this month Investigators said that the rapist in Saturday’s attack entered the home forced his victim to tie up her husband and then disconnected the telephone before closing the door to the room where the couple's 3-year-old son was sleeping Rupf said the man apparently was armed and did wear a mask although he declined to describe the mask There were no signs of forced entry he said The rapist is reported to have stayed in the house for more than an hour pausing to drink a beer before leaving The East Area rapist drew his name from the fact that most of his early attacks occurred in the east area of Sacramento al though he was later connected to attacks in Stockton Davis and Modesto Rupf warned Monday that authorities could be dealing with a “copycat" noting that many elements of the rapist’s method of operation had been publicized But he warned there’s Just as much danger with a copycat as with the East Area rapist himself “We are concerned that there was a rape We can’t Just say that wasn't the East Area rapist and let it go We an working to solve it regardless and if we catch the man responsible It will be up to the other jurisdictions to prove he's the East Bay Rapist” Rupf said As news of the San Ramon rape and possible links to the East Area rapist circulated in the San Ramon Valley the San Ramon Committee for Crime Prevention began a series of public meetings in conjunction with the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department aimed at warning the public and advising on ways to react if threatened Switch to Lucky Stores From Page One Local union leaders say this would fly in the face of a“modified power of attorney" granted to Local 315 by the Western Conference of Teamsters before the strike began Still unresolved among Teamster rank and file workers was the issue of settling grievances locally A ballot was expected to be sent to Teamsters this week to vote on whether to accept a total package proposal hammered out by negotiators during seven weeks of talks The proposal was refused by a delegation of three Teamster representatives from the Bay area who met with high-ranking Teamster negotiators near San Diego earlier this month during on-going labor talks Officials of Local 315 say the proposal doesn't address major issues of stopping a computerized work program at the Richmond center amnesty for strikers and a driver reassignment problem Some 120 to 150 citizens mostly women attended the first meeting held Monday afternoon at Neil Armstrong School in San Ramon near where Saturday's rape occurred Rupf Sgt Jim Layton and Detective Rick Morgan told the group of concerned area residents they should take extra precautions in securing their homes to prevent an unwanted intruder They handed out leaflets detailing precautions and security measures The officers also told the audience that the area would be patrolled by two uniformed units — as much coverage as the sheriffs budget would allow Many of the residents’ questions centered on whether or not Saturday's rape was the work of the East Area rapist or someone else Tne officers emphasized that they were not sure if the East Area rapist was responsible “It doesn't make a damn bit of difference if this rapist was from Sacramento or three blocks away — we're still going to solve the crime” said Rupf In addition to two public meetings held Monday night the Crime Prevention Committee has more meetings scheduled this week Upcoming meetings include: — Tuesday: Country Club School 4 pm 7534 Blue Fox Way San Ramon — Wednesday: Montevi-deo School 7:30 pm 300 Broadmoor San Ramon — Thursday: Walt Disney School 7:30 pm 3250 Pine Valley San Ramon Rush on Gold as Dollar Falls By The Associated Press In something of a modern-day Gold Rush people are buying gold jewelry and coins in increasing numbers — despite rising prices — as their confidence in the dollar dwindles dealers say “People are beginning to adopt a gold mentality like that of Europe where you buy some gold to tuck under the mattress” Martin Skolnik president of Wasko Gold Products a New York-based jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler said Monday as the price of bullion went above $245 an ounce in London The once-mighty dollar plummeted to new lows Monday in one of its worst days amid concern for US economic difficulties The US currency lost 2 percent of its worth against the West German mark and French franc and 1 percent to 2 percent against most other major currencies Foreign exchange dealers would not predict how far the US currency would plunge and some said only massive intervention In the form of an International Monetary Fund loan could rescue the failing dollar The price of 24-carat gold has gone up more than 40 percent since January That means a plain 14-carat wedding band that cost $70 Iasi year now costs about $100 But Skolnik said jewelry sales are increasing “People arc interested not only for the aesthetic value but fur the intrinsic value as well” He predicted an increase in the volume of sales this year of about 10 percent While jewelry costs include a number of factors unrelated to the price of gold — for instance labor costs and the value of precious stones — sales of gold coins reflect the increase of individual holdings George Parola assistant vice president of Dcak-Pcrera Numismatic Division a currency and coin trading firm said there are “a lot more people buying coins now” “People arc more aware of gold for one thing they are more know ledgeable and are more concerned about money in a bank that is earning maybe only 5 H percent" he said Government statistics on coin imports support that observation For the first eight months of this year imports of gold coins were running HO percent ahead of last year's If that trend continues sales could easily reach a record 29 million ounces uf gold this year up sharply from 16 million last year Not everyone is convinced that Is good “Gold prices are extremely volatile and metals have a perversity about them” says James Sinclair who heads his New Fork precious metals brokerage house bearing hix name lie advises caution for any individual not familiar with the market Still Sinclair and others say uncertainty about inflation and the purchasing power of the dollar arc turning investors to gold and other tangible investments — like real estate stamps antiques and art October Massacre on Wall Street From Page One forced selling by investors who had bought stock using margin or loans from brokers The collateral on these loans is stock and when the price of that stock falls below minimum limits they must either put up more assets or sell to pay their brokers back When this market decline began margin debt was at a record level The last monthly report from the New York Stock Exchange showed $124 billion in loans oustanding among 990000 investor accounts Margin calls also played a prominent role in the Great Crash 49 years ago The Federal Reserve regulates margin buying by setting borrowing limits — currently 50 percent of the price of a stock “Back in the boom market of 1929 there were no rules at all” Paul Sam-uelson wrote in his textbook “Economics” “One could borrow 70 80 or even 90 percent of the value of any stock he bought Little wonder that once the crash came brokers began to ask their clients to put up more margin to cover the declining value of their stocks “Since many clients were already operating on a shoestring they could not pony up the extra margin Result: The broker had to sell their stocks so just when stocks were already weak the forced selling by low - margin holders added to the avalanche” May Not Be East Area Rapist Doubts About SR Attack Brown Vows No State Tax Hike Y ounger Lagging Badly in Poll Brown Jr describing himself as the in California Monday By The Associated Press Gov Edmund tightest governor ever elected vowed to wade through another “painful" two years without a state tax hike Brown going into the last week of his re-election campaign armed with a poll showing him 23 points ahead of challenger Eveile Younger made that comment to a Jewish group in San Francisco Younger the Republican attorney general meanwhile tola a Santa Clara County gathering of about 400 Republicans that Brown doesn't understand that the surplus really represents overtaxation of the people “He still thinks that the surplus belongs to him He can't get it through his head it belongs to you and should be returned’’ Younger said Younger who lags 23 percentage points behind Brown in a Los Angeles Times poll released Monday was joined by former Gov Ronald Reagan in his assault on the Democratic governor “Government has no right to take one penny more than it takes to run government Any more than that they should give back to you” Reagan told the same Santa Clara audience At a Fresno appearance after his San Francisco speech Brown noting the Los Angeles Times poll observed Younger is “a desperate man He’s behind in al the polls I think he’s headed for some rather serious repudiation next Tuesday’’ Speaking to about 700 persons at rally at a downtown Fresno shopping mall Brown predicted he would carry Fresno County despite opposition from some farm groups Brown who has been a target of farm groups who say he favors United Farm Worker leader Cesar Chavez said Younger "doesn't understand farm workers He doesn't understand farmers He doesn't understand much of what’s going on’’ In other campaign developments: — Brown again defended Democratic Lt Gov Mer-vyn Dymally saying it was “reprehensible’’ for Rcpubli can candidate Mike Curb to say he expected criminal charges would be brought against Dymally In the past Brown has been criticized by fellow Dem ocrats who said he didn't give Dymally enough support but recently the Brown campaign has asked its backers to support Dymally financially — Curb repeated comments he first made Saturday that he believes Lt Gov Mervyn Dymally will be indicted and is guilty of some unspecified violations “I believe he will be indicted and I think he’s guilty of criminal offenses while in office” Curb told reporters at a fundraising luncheon in San Jose Curb said he based his belief on a report by KNXT reporter Bill Stout who said he had seen federal investigators’ reports that Dymally will be indicted on a statement by Attorney General Eveile Younger that one of the seven statewide officeholders would be indicted and a Los Angeles Times story that Dymally was a key figure in a federal probe of political corruption Curb said these things led him to make his statement in response to a question at a weekend event in Redlands I n WTH TH)S COUPON CARPETS FOR 3 ROOMS ANY SIZE HOME I (Living Room Dining A Hallway) I Let us make your home a I Healthier Home j STEAM CLEANED 3995 ! ! 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