Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 1, 1973 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1973
Page 17
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I Market Reports Today CALESBUKG ORDER nwm BurittgtM Northern Stockyards No. 1* 2#M0 |56.2d-$5?.00 Quotations: No. 1*3: 250-300 ¥53.75-156.25 Packing Sows: 300460 ....$47.50-M«.0O 350-500 —J46.50-M7.50 CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 3,300. Butcher Trend: Steady to $1 higher early, steady later. No. 1-2: 200-225 $58.50-$59.90 19 head at $60.25 No. 2-4: 100-240 $57.50-$58.50 240-270 ._._:___.$68.50-$58.00 280-300 155.25456.25 Sow Trend: Steady. 300-500 . $48.78458.80 Peorle Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UP!) - Livestock: Cattle 1,000; steers 1.00-2.00 higher; heifers 1.00-1.50 higher; choice steers 52.50-54.50, 2 loads high choice 55.00; good and choice 51.00-52.50; good 48.0051.00; 1 package choice and prime heifers 53.50; choice 51.0052.00; good and choice 49.0051.00; good 45.00-49.00. Hogs 4,200; steady to 25 high- FANCY NO. 1 RED POTATOES $109 10-Lb. I LARGE 24 SIZE HEAD LETTUCE 3 For $1.00 39* APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Gallon 89* VAN CAMP Pork & Beans $1oo No. 2 Tins PARK LANE ICE CREAM Gallon Crt. 99* I BEEEEEEMKI Chase & Sanborn If COFFEE * $2« 3-Lb. Can WUh This Coupon Without Cpn. S2.SI TRADING POST Expiraa 1 -4-73 IHUHH« I TRADING POST Super Mkt. 1515 E. MAIN ST. er; No 1-2 200-240 lb 58.00 -50.50, few 58.75; No 1-3 200-250 lb 57.50-58.00; NO 2-3 230-280 lb 57.00-57.75, 280-280 lb 58.00-57.00, 280-320 lb 55.00-56.00. Jollet Livestock JOMfiT, IU. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 2,000; steers 50 - 1.00 higher; heifers 1.00-2.00 higher; high choice and prime steers 55.00-55.50; choice 53.75-55.00; good and choice 52.50-53.75; high choice 54.50; choice 52.5054.25; good and choice 51.5052.50; no canner or cutter cows. Hogs 1,300; 1.50 higher; No 1-2 200-235 59.0040.00; No 1-3 200-200 lb 58.2549.00; No 2-4 260-290 lb 57.00-58.25. Thursday estimated receipts: 25 cattle, 800 hogs. Interior Hog Prices SPR1NGP1BU) (UPI) - Interior hogs: 17,000; fully 50 higher; No 1-2 200-235 lb 57.50-56.00; No 1-3 200-240 lb 57.00-57.75, few western area 56.75; No 2-3 240-260 lb 56.00-57.25. GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Consumer Grain ft Supply Co Market may cither go up or down by 1:30 pjn. when final bid arrives. 11:30 o'clock bid. Corn $2.62 New Corn $2.42 Oats ...$1.00 New Beans .$7.32 j New York Stock* NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market mkMay prices Admlril 11% AUdChm 36% AUd Sirs 27% Allis Chal 9% Alcoa 05 Am Air 11% Am Can 30% Am Cyan 23% Am Dist 21% AmEiPwf 26% Am Mtrs 7% Am TAT 49% Anaconda 22% Ashl Oil 29% Atl Rich 86% Avco 10% Bea Fds 20% Bendix 36% Beth Stl 27% Boeing 19 Cap C Bdg 50 Catplr 60% Celanese 33% Cen II Lt 20% Cen Tel 24% Cessna 22 Chrysler 25% Cities Svc 45% Coca-Cola 142 Inland Stl 20% IBM 312 Int Harv 28% Int Nick 31% Int Paper 37% Int T&T 34% Iowa PAL 22 Johns-Mn 21 Kennecott 28 Keys Cons 14% Kresge 38% Kroger 16% Litton 8% Lockhd 6% Mar Oil 29% Maytag 27% Merck 91% Minn Min 85% Mobil Oil 59% Monsanto 58% Nat Bis 42% Olin Corp 13% Oufcbd M 38% Owens-Ill 33 Penn Cen 2% Penney 81% Pepsi Cola 85% Pfizer 49 Phil Pet 54% Colum Gas 27%Procter G 111% Comm Ed 29% Quak Oat 37 Comsat 50% Cons Ed 22% Cont Can 25% Cont Oil 29% OPC Intl 29 Dana 28 Deere 46% Du Pont 169% Grain Futures CHICAGO (UPI) range: Grain High Low Close Prev. Wheat Sep 374 374 374 364 Dec 359% 350 359% 349% Mar 351% 351% 351% 341% May 339 327 339 329 Jly 309 291 296 299 Corn Sep 296 278 278 288 Dec 271 257 259% 264% Mar 274 256 260 264% May 268 254 257 259% Jly 263 250 253. 256% Oats Sep 131 123 125% 128% Dec > 137 128% 129% 133% Mar 141 132% 132% 137 May 142 133 134 137 Jly 134 126% 128 133 Soybeans Aug 1060 995 1000 1035 Sep 915 872 872 910 Nov 825 772 772 812 Jan 802 754% 754% 794% Mar 814 754% 754% 794% May 798 744 744 782% Jly 778 738 738 776 RCA 25% Rep Stl 23% Revlon 66 Safeway 33% St. Regis 41% SanFelnd 24% Sears 99% Shell Oil 55% Eastman 138% Simmons 119% Exton 95% So Pac 29% Falstaff 3% Sperry 45% Firestone 20% Sbd Bds 50% Ford Mtrs 55% SO Ind 83% Fruehauf 26% Stvns JP 28% Gam Skog 27% Stude 37% Gen Dyna 21 Texaco 32% Mercantile txcnenfie CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Lew Ctose Prev. Live Beet Cattle Aug 55.37 54.05 55.05 54.42 Oct 57.77 50.27 57.40 56.77 Dec 58.82 50.82 58.05 57.82 Feb 58.90 66.07 50.10 57.97 Apr 57.75 55.05 87.20 56.77 Jun 56.70 55.17 50.30 55.70 Aug 55.40 54.00 55.00 54.50 Live Hop I Aug 58.22 57.00 58.00 56.72 Oct 56.25 54.07 54.10 55.50 Dec 66.75 54.00 54.60 56.00 Feb 55.85 53.72 53.72 53.10 Apr 54.00 51.80 51.80 53.30 Jun 53.30 51.12 51.12 52.55 Jly 50.65 50.50 50.50 52.00 Aug 49.75 48.12 48.12 49.50 Froien Pork Bellies Feb 77.32 75.32 75.32 77.00 Mar 76.40 74,17 74.17 75.75 May 74.25 72.05 72.65 74.30 Jly 71.65 89.80 69.90 71.40 Aug 68.65 67.10 67.10 68.60 Dow Jonti Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 914.58 off 11.82 20 trans 164.50 off 0.70 15 utils 98.51 off 0.80 65 stocks 276.91 off 2.84 GolesbuMjteflister-M 1 II. Wednesday, Aug. 1, 1973 17 READ THE WANT ADS! NONPAMU BACKYARD SAll THURSDAY. Auj. 2 1702 E. MAIN STREET Stove, two refrigerators, sink cabinet, aluminum Christinas tree with color wheel, boy scout shirt and mess kit. Girl scout uniform sz. 12, misc. items. Backyard Sale Thursday, Aug. 2nd • 5 1321 RUSSIU AVE. BACKYARD SALE 821 LINCOLN ST. THuna., Aug. tiu ? Hairdryer, books, records, men's knit shirts, sewing machine, elect, sweeper and misc. Items. Gen El 62% Gen Fds 25% Gen Mtrs 66% Gen Tel 30y 8 Gen Tire 20% Goodrich 22% Goodyear 22% Greyhnd 13% Gulf Oil 23 111 Cent 19% 111 Pwr 25% Tex Inst IO6V4 Un Carb 37% Un El 16 Utd Corp 8 5 / 8 US Gyps 21% US Stl 28% West Un 18 Wstghs El 36% Weyerh 64% Woolwrth 21% Earth fractures from the Mid- Atlantic Ridge cut across Iceland. The spreading ridge adds nearly an inch a year to the island's width. GARAGE SALE 10 HACKBERRY CR. THURSDAY, Aug. 2nd 1 :30 to ?? Children & adult clothing, toys, outboard motor, boys & girls bikes, dog house, tools, etc. GARAGE SALE 1102 Garden Lone THVHS. * mi— 10 *.m. - • p.m. A Gift to the first 80 customers, record player, tools, elec. appliances, uniforms, clothes & misc. BACKYARD SALE 1251 Day THUHS.—S a.m. - 5 p.m. Nothing aold before Lots of clothes, uniforms, 24" bicycle, roller skates, Avon. Maternity clothes, baby clothes Sc puppies for sale. BACKYARD SALE 99* W. NORTH WED. Eve.—4 p.m.-? THURS.—t a.m. - 1 p.m. (Rein or Shine) 18,500 BTU Whirlpool air cond. —220, used 2 seasons, men's, women's & children's clothing, dishes, games, oak trunk, Coleman stove, misc. LARGE DRIVEWAY SALE 4(1 OAK TOURS., Aug. 2 —1 a.m. - 3 p.m. •Clothing, aquarium & stand, "Jove, TV's, tables, insulators, Cub Scout shirts, V.W. radio, crafts, toys & misc. Haul Dale Aug. 3rd Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese: Processed loaf 75-79.25; single daisies 79.50-87; 40 lb blocks 7578.75; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 89-92.50, B 87-90.50. CHICAGO (UPJ) - Midwest eggs: ' Steady; prices unchanged; extra large 89; large 85; medium 76; pullets 51; standard 74; checks 54. READ THE WANT ADS! Wonted To Buy FARM SCRAP IRON (Will Pick Up) Junk Cars Removed D&D SERVICES 529-9431 529-9493 SHOP EQUIPMENT SALE 681 LANE AVE. SOME ANTIQUE FURNITURE SAT., AUG. 4 WATCH FOR AD IN THURSDAY Ic FRIDAY REGISTER-MAIL — PRESBYTERIAN — RESALE SHOP * ECONOMY CORNER Knoxville, III. OPEN THURS., 10 a.'m.-4 p.m. Baby buggy, baby walker, expanding play yard, childs record player. STOTLER & CO. 210 Bond! Bldg. COMPLETE COMMODITY SERVICES 308-342-5126 Lts Kronsted FOR SALE 1172 2-DR. HARDTOP CHEVROLET CAPRICE Power steering, power brakes, AM-FM radio-tape player. Cruis- amatic & air cond. $3,295. Call anytime after 10 A.M. 342-1239. 2*1 THIS REPORT TO BE RETURNED TO DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY OFFICE OF REVENUE SHARING 1900 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C.2.0226 (L) DEBT How has the avdildbitily of revenue sharing funds aflected the borrowing requirements of your Jurisdiction? AVOIDED DEBT INCREASE LESSENED DEBT INCHEASE NO EFFECT TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT |MJ TAXES In which of lha following manners, did the availability of Revenue Sharing Funds slftct th* las levels of your jurisdiction? Check is nunyssspply. • ENABLEOREDUCINGTHE RATI OF A MAJOR TAX. n PREVENTED INCREASE IN RATE OF A MAJOR TAX •is PREVENTED ENACTING EW MAJOR TAX • REDUCED AMOUNT OF RATE INCREASEOFA MAJORTAX. |~j NO EFFECT ON TAX LEVELS fX| TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT OPERATING/MAINTENANCE EXPENDITURES LIBRARIES PRIORITY EXPENDITURE CATEGORIES (A) I PUBLIC SAFETY ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 3 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION' HEALTH RECREATION SOCIAL SERVICES FORAGED tt POORl FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION I TOTAL ACTUAL OPE HATING/MAINTENANCE EXPtU- ACTUAL EXPENDITURES IB) HKMT U5E0 FOR ' MAIMFUAKCf 0FEIISTII.G SUVIC1S |C|| % mztur LSI Of OA MrV OS UPAUDfQ SERV'iCiS |0 1 % IN) CERTIFICATION (Please Raad Instruction 'F'». The news media have been advised'that a complete copy cl this report has been published in a local newspaper of general circulation. I have records documenting the contents of this report and they ate open lor public and news media scrutiny. Additionally. I certify that I rn the chief executive' officer end, W 'th respect to the entitlement funds reported hereon. I certify that the/ Lave not been used in violation of either the priority expenditure requirement (Section 103) or the matching funds prohibition (Section 104) of the AM. IP) TRUST FUND REPORT Revenue Snaring Funds Received Thru Juno 30.1973 S. Interest Earned S. > Total Funds Available S- Amount Expended 5. , lllsncs S- . 4,883.00 72.80 4.955.80 none •5.955.80 THI QOVIRNMINT OP HAW CREEK TOWNSHIP HAS USED ITS REVENUE SHARING PAYMENT FOR THE PERIOD BEGINNING JAN. 1, 1973 ENDING JUNE 30, 1973 IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER BASED UPON A TOTAL PAYMENT OF $4,883 ACCOUNT NO. 14 3 048 006 HAW CREEK TOWNSHIP TWP. SUFV. KNOX COUNTY MAQUON, ILL. 61458 CAPITAL EXPENDITURES PURPOSE (E) 10 MULTIPURPOSE AND GENERAL GOVT. t I EDUCATION 12 HEALTH 13 TRANSPORTATION 14 SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 15 HOUSING k COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 16 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 17 ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION 18 PUBLIC SAFETY 19 RECREATION •CULTURE ACTUAL EXPENDITURES IF) 20 OTHER PERCENT USED FOR: EQUIPMENT 101 [CWSTUriOM (HI % % % UNO ACQUISITION W % % % % DEBT PEIIfiEHENT IJI % % % % CHARtES R. P.CKREL ' OFFICER r_ ~~ SIGNATURE OP CHIEF EXECUTIVf CHARLES 8 NAM! * TITLE * PLEASE PRINT PICKREL, Supervisor GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL 8-1-73 WANTED FULL-TIME FARM HELP Must have experience with livestock and large equipment. Modern house, good wages. References required. Box 70, Gilson, 111, FRESH SWEET CORN Coffeys Fiih Market 1280 S. Henderson BACKYARD & MOVING SALE 1142 Bridge Ave. Thursday, Aug. 2 S A.M. - 4 P.M. Clothing & misc., some antiques HIRING Sewing Machine Operators i Mechanic Trainee No Experience Needed Air Conditioned Plant Apply at Front Office PROTEXAU INC. 77 S. Henderson Gale»burg, ML NAME OF NEWSPAPER DATE PUBLISHES THJS REPORT TO 8E RETURNED TO THE DEPT. OF THE TREASURY t't Dig Up Your Sewer No Charge If We Fail Call 343-6913 — or Phone 342-6430 GUARANTEED WORK Galesburg Refrigeration •nd Air Conditioning 761 E. Brooks St. Phone 342-3479 PAUL WEBB CEMENT WORK FREE ESTIMATE PHONE 343-1494 or 375-6590 PATIO SALI M4 PIWE St. THURSDAY, Aug. Ind I A.M. - S P.M. Elec. train, race set, homemade candles, golf bag tV balls, clothing of all kinds, lemonade stand &: cookies. OARAOI SALE 14S7 BRIDGE AVE. THURSDAY, Aug. 2nd « A.M. - « P.M. Crib & mattress, refrigerator, bikes, TV, excellent girls school clothes sz. 8-12, misc. items. Garage Sale 928 Hawkinsort THURSDAY, Aug. Ind FRIDAY, Auf. ltd • -S Lawn mower, toys, high chair, guitar. For Sal* By Owner 7 ROOM HOME 3 bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, den, bath Be half, aluminum storms, gas heat, on large lot, good North location. Close to Silas Wlllard School. Reaaonablr Priced Write Box 954 Care of Galesburg Register-Mail Public Auction REAL ESTATE A PERSONAL PROPERTY Saturday, Aug. 4, At 10 A.M. Auction at residence located 12 miles N.W. of Peoria, 111., on Route 8, VA mile East of Oak Hill. Real Estate consists of approximately 4 acres, improved with house, barn, and garage. This property is in a top location in a very good community.- Real estate will sell at 10 a.m., with personal property of Household Items, Tools & Misc. to follow. HOWARD & GOLD IE EVANS, Owners CARL STECX, Auctioneer—Maquon, 111. Ph. I7S-3S76. Whllney fc Whitney, Attorneys—Eunwood, IU. Ph. 742-3611 — NOTICE — EFFECTIVE SEPT. 1, 1973 the following truckers will increase hauling rates due to increasing expenses: Out of Elevator; 1c a bushel more than present. Off the Farm; elevator buys the corn and trucker sets the price depending on loading facilities . . . All prices subject to change . . . BELL TRUCKING, SAMPSON TRUCKING, JOHNSON TRUCKING, GEORGE VOLLMAR TRUCKING, COTTOM'S TRUCKING, JOHN MEGAN, MAX THURMAN, BEN SIMPSON, D. L. HANNA, DONALD E. SHINN, JOE COLLOPY, RUSSEL DYDIC, ART MITCHELL, RUSSELL STACKER, MARVIN THOMPSON, HAROLD MERIDTH. Public Auction The following Personal Property of the Estate nf Glen McGirr, an Incompetent will be sold by the Conservator, at the farm residence located 3 miles Southeast of Maquon, 111. on route 8; or 5 miles West of Yates City on route 8. Saturday, August 11, 1973 AT 10:00 A.M. ANTIQUES & COLLECTORS ITEMS 3— Wood high wheel wagons, with double boxes, tongues, brakes, In good condition; Bob (led; Wagon apring aeat: Old potato planter; Old seed potato cutter; Old Wagon lack; Scoop boards; Many singletrees, doubletrees, neckyokes & others; Harness; Collars, bits; Old implement iron wheels; Buggy tongue with doubletrees; Farm dinner bell; Large anvil; Implement tongues; Iron butchering kettle; Old sausage grinder; Metal implement seat; Old hay forks & knives; Hay track carrier; Seed com hangers; Old planter plates; Hand corn sheller; Wood pulleys; Dry sink; Kitchen table with meal & flour bins; Old writing desk; Old shoe cobblers bench; Cobblers bench & leather vise; Wood kegs Si barrels; Old cream cans; Old cans, & oil cans; Old stave knife; Old corn shock binder; Stone jugs; Old wood chest Sc tool boxes; Trunks; Old wood boxes; Telephone insulators; Old car license plates; Kerosene lanterns; Old wood ice cooler; Meat hook; Old wood washer tubs; Ice tongs; Copper boiler; Fire shovels Sc pokers; Coal buckets; Old melting ladles; Old car head lamp; Old car jack; Old stationary grinder; Old wood planes; Old wood draw knives; Steelyard scale; Bench vise; 2 grinding stones; 2 Barn raising poles; Old wood hole.reamer; Variety of many old wrenches & carpenter's tools. Several small broad axe hatchets; Buck saws, 1 man saws, crosscut saw Sc ice saw; Brass bedstead; Old roller skates; Old house shutters; 3 Old oars; Steel traps; Old papers. OTHER MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS 2 Bottom plow; Old 2 row corn planter; Old flexible harrow; Ladders; Saw horses; Chicken Sc woven wire; 4 small metal gate panels; Some steel metal' pieces; Chicken equipment; Work bench; Ext. ladder board; Approx. 12-20 ft. planks; Several pieces of barrel stave lumber; Other lumber: Hand wrench; 3 Rolls of wood pickets; 4 Rolls of smooth roofing; Fence stretchers; Tarp; Hand sprayers; Sprinkling cans; Elect, reel type mower; Gas power reel type mower; Dinette table Sc 4 chairs; Barbeque grill; Tubs Sc baskets; ',j in. electric drill; TV sets; Pole tree trimmer; Tin snips; Fruit jars; Chains Sc log chains; Rope block Sc tackles; Chain binders; Bars, Bolts, nuts Sc washers; Screw jack; Pipe cutters, vises, wrenches; Numerous ropes of different sizes; Brace Sr. numerous good wood bits; Wood chisels, draw knives, hand saws. & other carpenter tools; Forks, shovels, spades; Numerous small hand & garden tools; Large C clamp. Many other numerous items. Auctioneers Not.: This is a large sale with a variety of many items for the Antique Collector. TERMS—CASH: No property to be removed uniil paid for. Not Responsible lor Accidents Lunch by Douglas Church Ladies IESTA A. MCGIRK , CONSttVATOR of the Estate of Glen McGirr, Am Incompetent. CARL STECK, Auctioneer — Maquon. 111. Ph. I7»-3»?| LAWRENCE COOK. Clerk — CARLINE JOHNSON, Cashi.r BAUDJNO & POTTER. Attorneys si Law 165 E. Fort ft., Fsrmlngion Ph. 245-2474 PUBLIC SALE We, the undersigned, will sell at public auction the res-. Idence, property and personal effects ef the late Mary Jane. Cruiser at 607 W. Adams St., Abingdon, Illinois on SUNDAY, AUGUST S, 1973 Beginning Promptly at 12:00 Nootn HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Sears Refrigerator, frost free w/freezer top; Bendlx upright freezer; Chrome breakfast set w/4 chairs; G.E. radio-Stereo combination; O.E. 24" color console TV; Sectional davenport w/match- ing chair, (2) good bedroom suites complete w/vanlties and chest of drawers, new cabinet model sewing machine, Kenmore automatic' washer. G.E. electric dryer. Vacuum sweeper, Roto broiler, Window, fans; Luggage; Mirrors; Pictures; New bolts of tapestry, linens, rugs, blankets, lots of new books, lots of nice dishes, pots, pans, and the list could go on and on. ANTIQUES Wicker couch and chair, wooden rocker, marble top dresser, w/tear drop pulls, oak cabinet style sewing machine, cnllfarobe,' wicker picture tray, childs wooden piano, childs set of china dishes, green and gold depression glass, some cut and pressed glass, (Several pieces of china, china doll head, cabinet phonograph, kerosene lamps, stiver service, World books, National Geographic magazines from 1900, lots of old books, an assortment of jewelry. CARS, GUNS, SHOP TOOLS, ETC. 1957 Chrysler New Yorker, 1958 Chrysler Saratoga Hardtop w/17,000 actual miles, double barrel shotgun, Stevens 22 gauge pump rifle, set of new 8.85x14 snow tires, (2 rotary mowers, 32 pieces of 2"x5 foot length of copper tubing, lots of hand tools, paint, plywood, grease, tar, oil, ladders, lawn furniture, file cabinets, typewriters, adding machine, camera equipment. REAL ESTATE Will s*U at 3:00 P.M. A nice five room modern home, full basement w/gas heat, two', ear garage, paved driveway, on a 60x130 ft. lot in a good residential area. Legal description will be given on sale day—or upon request. Ruth Pollitt and Janet Shroyer Agents for Seller* ALBERT VAUGHN, Auctione.r—Ph. 547-2107 or 547-2255 L.wlitown, 111. TERMS: Cash on P.rsonal Properly. 20% down on .stale. Not R.iponslbl. for Accident. TOOLS Estate Auction FURNITURE CORBIN'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE STORE 565 NORTH WEST STREET Thurs., August 2nd 7:00 PM W. will sell 1 Lot of Tools from ih. Esiai. of Fr.d,- Decassd, plus 1 oth.r Lot of Furniture as follows: TOOLS: Jacobson snow blower, Jacobson 3 h.p. rotary mower., like new 21" Lawn Boy mower. Lawn spreader, Johnson's Mcss- inger C.B. radio, Movers refrigerator cart, Roynl portable typewriter,, Steel file with lock compartment, R. C: Allen adding machine,' Burroughs adding machine. RCA black and white TV set, Plumbers pipe vise. Pipe wrenches and other wrenches. Bench pipe vise, 200" ft. 3 / t " Plastic pipe, Lots of Plumbers supplies, Stock and Dies,' Cross-cut saw. Contractors rubber tire wheelbarrow, Pipe cutters,.' Postal scales, Lawn edger, Masonry tools, Carpenter tools, 2 —6-volt, Battery chargers, Large electric soldering iron, Lots of misc. hand tools, 3 Cooler chests, 4 ft. Florescent light, Leather brief cases,' Steel shelving, Bcnz-o-matlc camp stove with master torch burner, Sunbeam electric knife, 6',a" Craftsman electric saw in case, Porch chaise lounge, Hammock and stand, Hip boots, size 42 Hunters outtlt consisting of jacket, vest and pants, Hunter storm suit, Oxford ther- massage lounge chair, Station wagon air mattress, 3 Elecarlc radios. 2 Transistor radios, Portable elect, vacuum cleaner, desk chair, 3 electric shavers—Remington, Schick and Norelco; Elsie Smith office typewriter. PAULINE MATHERS. Executor of the Estate of Fr.d, Deceased PEEL. HENNINO, MATHERS and BELL, Attorneys for th. Eslal. FURNITURE AS FOLLOWS: Like new 7-pc. dinette set in wood grain, Roper gas range, 1 Section Sectional bookcase, French Provincial console stereo sat. Lock and rock rocker, Thinline console TV set, 11x13 Wool rug, Knecholc desk, Bell and Howell 8mm movie projector, Hall tree, Fan, Canivlster type cleaner with all attachments, Copperlined humidor, 3-Pc..mahogany Chippendale bedroom suite complete. Vanity and bench, Hoover upright cleaner with attachments, flat bottom boat, Glider, Bar-B-Que grill, Cartop carrier, Flat irons, Lantern, Set of dishes, Pots, Pans and other misc. merchandise. CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE — Phone 343-S033 COOK and WOODS — Auctioneer! DELENE COOK—Clerk M. W. KENT—Cashier AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Tills Is an exceptionally nice lot of Tools and Furniture and will be on display from noon Thursday. The Tools and Estate Sale will be sold first starting at 7 P.M. You work hard enough to grow it, cutting it should be a breeze. There's a lot of pride in owning a piece of land. There's also a lot of work. And before you realize it, here's another crop of grass. That's why we put our heavy-duty tractor to work on the grass. The International Cub® 154 Lo-Boy tractor goes wherever there's a full day's work to be done. Other IH lawn and garden tractors from 7 to 14 hp. International® Cub 154 Lo-Boy. Stands only 49" high. Hugs hills and embankments. Big IH "L" head engine provides speeds up to 9 mph Hydraulic lift is standard. WESTBAY EQUIPMENT CO Phone 309-342-8112 • Knoxville Road — Galeiburg, III. International Harvester Sales & Service Any woy you cut it. International Harvester BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, type mu«t be in our office by noon the day before Private Household Sales and all other sales of this ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 343*7181

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