Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on February 17, 1921 · Page 10
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 10

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1921
Page 10
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EVKXTNn STATE .lOURKAL, Tni’RSDAV. EKHIifARY tT, 1M21. NINE Ç'pmTnent &Q velop^'l wher»*as today preparatory FJLTON HURLS DEFIANCE and public schools all over the country have physical training and the lads are imbued with an Interest and spirit of emulation in athletics which has never been seen before.” IIFew («uKile to H eiimrk« Hake nt K*prni»e »»I %% Ulani, W ho f»«*ean*l \%ant to VIeet Him. NOTRE DAME INVADES STATE IM»IV\% IVI» CHKlCílITOV TF'I S IN OHNflN Till H»iIïAY. HUSK£R STÄÄ RETUERS. C«>rtih oakera PrefMire for Rattlea ith \ laltora at f'oltaeaRi Frida}' and Satnrday. Votre Dame's cage quintet starta an invaaion of Nebrn ka Thursday evening when it tackle*, the Treiehton university five on the Omaha floor, t'relghfon Is prepared to give the Indiana crew a hard battle. Coach Hchls- .er of the .Vebraska five will probably Altne.-^s the Creighton-Voire Dame 'ame at Omaha tonight. The Cornhusker team took its firs* UCf workout since Its return from Iowa. Wednesday evening. Coach | dchlssier'a squad, weakened by the iOHs of Patty, Itussel, Dobesh and 8uni- incra, is working aaglnst hard odds now. Dolieah was figured a an emergency man who could be u-ed in either a guard or forward position but ue is out of the game for the remain- d*r of the year on a<!count of the operation for apendlcitis which he underwent Tuesday, The fact that Beklns, star Com- uusker < h nter, is going at top speed again has raised the Nebraska slock igaln. Dekins, Smith, Badey and •VfcW'man will probably make up a part of the Nebraska lineup that will start against the Notre Dame crew Friday evening. Carman and Warren seem Uke the mo.^t probaby candidates for he second forward position. The Indiana quintet is carrying only three veterans from the year’s team. Captain Mehre will play at Center and Kilev and E Anderson, a pair of football heros will also start in the ■ame. WANTS INDIVIDUAL OWNERS l*r«»*lflrnt Tmile of the I b I erB*tlon*l IjTBiiae DI*iippro%eB gyndlcal«- Ownrd CTlBh*. BUYINOSTARS WINTER SPORT “Tr«dlfi>"it*’ **o IWr 1« Kfid- I bk Bt New \ «»rk—'Y«nkeew Ne- KotlatitiK Hwny Ileal». Pennant wTnners in the Amerkan league and world’s champions for 1921—the New York Yankees. The Wool worth building may shnnk to two stories over night, the Hudsoii river might be drained by an amile»ft man with a selve, Grant's tomb might Fred Fulton hurled a dofian* verb-Al Mf Jess Willard Thursiiay. The big plasterer heaied at Willsrd’s critici sm of his re ^'ord, had a few cans- IIS' remarks to mafie. “So Willard reftif'Ca *o consider me a*, an opponerf. eh?” queried Fre*l “Says I am a quitter, dor be"” “Well, I’ve hal! seventh six fieb’s. John««tn Helltfl'e» llrmp»ej. Jack Johnson "can’t see Jack Dempsey as s champion.” in a letter to A1 Lippe. boxing man ager, the former champion of the world say? fee is going to return to the ring, that he is in better condition today than he ever has been. “I « an beat all the ever put on the gloves and the rest of them all and finish up take on a dozen more ...... uu%ir that have been masquerading around as boxers.” he w’rote. ”1 am tilled “Winard has been graaptng =md pi- with power and strength, not dope. If srish in bis dealings, rno. lie di" i.i get any .stronger I’m liable to bust, «-ardetl hia manager *’h«n hr bream»* be lurned into a saloon. ' ll am just like TNT and ready for the champion just at a time w hen he mos- Count!e?s Other strange things may ¡time to put the fuse to it and b»t the ; needed a manager. Bir .nolf «oncru happen, but the strangest of all would ; jmbllc see what I can do. I canmit [ruined him. He Thought he knew it be to see the Yanks fail to sweep the see Jack Dempsey a.? a ch ampion PUT the r'.nidun-* touche- «an fraininr 1 i.repari; -on- I u -Dv for thetr ti­ teen rounii bos' et Mrtiii.-ion Squat? garden I nduy WEDNESDAY NIGHT'S HGHTS. A- Ne.\ ’Soik -Young VTilton knocked out B«>*' Ganlner In five rounds. .At i’i>ii*;hk»ep-^ie Fiankie Gensro, Olytuple flvwelph «'haiup.on, was giv en" a «Iraw in fit'« en round? tsith .loe Cole ti The deci.-uou v uuiMpular. Trnitia « Inl* I>*-ellne» Offer. no plavers would be avail- State? been itation to hanipion- I nniiniM Win* THINK SCARE EXAGGERATED l>uliu» SHuatloa Over»tre»«e«t. Ue- elarr Honion Jlrnlth f*H > «iolaaM. i BOSTON, Feb. . 17.—The \ aaln fnad.iia. Feb IT FnadiUa high} \v..n ar.iither v.« ìory here Tuesday eve-, nin«-- b> liefea'itig Tmuglas by a 36 D» r ^’ore. typhus I scare in New York appears t«=' have I been greatly exagge Ht»-d in the oplu i ton of Dr. William M Brj ant. head * * i Dr WiUiam C. Woodward. h»aUh com ' • misaioner of R«»etoii. ] Dr. Woodward, in an interview to- j day said that if Dr. Royal C Copeiand. ' health ooiumi.-.^Fmer »f .N« w York, will investigate he will find In New York thousands of r«*.sldents more ver j minou? than immigrant! being brought fr.m Europe. Ur. Bryant said; •‘To completelv keep dtaea <e from be ns brought here, the «overiiment would have to refuse all Imrnlgimtlon." B 1456 Low Prices Work Guaranteed PCBLIC CLEANERS 1514 0 St. Lincoln, Neb. N II «.UHI»? T«l mi.Y baseball field clean next seasoh. Why? lxH*k at this team: PifA her-: Coleveskic. Mails, Malt»'r Johnson. Kerr, etc. Cafchen*: Ray Schalk. Steve O'Neil and Perkins. Infielders; Ju«ige, .Sleler, Collins, Warn- by, Scott, ppekingbaugh. Ward, Ganl- ner. Outfielders: Rke, Ruth. Roth, Jacobson and Hooper; assistant managers, Cobb and Speaker. True, they arent’ all on the Ruppert- 11 us ton pay roll yet. But give ’em all when he was mHt»h»=d with Iemtp- ! sey and his cheap heit* lost him tli» ! fight at Toledo as much as any*hfn? ,..... -----....., champion- -watard’? statement that he knock ship will be held at the university of ■ • Chicago .March 10 to 12 RED REVOLUTION PLANNED IntembiMil Tearnanirnt. The national basketball TORIiEO.N, Coahuila. Feb. 17.--Tin- couraged by the favijrite impression made and the legitimate advertising ' received bv the display at the recent Dalips fair, Mexico accepted the invi- r taiion to participate in the exhibition mriaiMn I’oiiee ?fnr«-iiinK iienie» of | Milan, Italy, next April. This dl*;; ed m«* down fwiee the tim»* we boxel In an exhibition fight 1? not true. An 1 Tea)from all aectiona of the conn -1 if not, atill as piggli«h as he try' have entered the contest. always been, he will accept my chal- Selection of the team.s to represent' lenge to box for »he right *o meet the different sections of the country demp.sey. I will box him at Madison will be made purely on the basis of Square garden, or any place else, fu* records submitted any proomter who can make> the oav roll vet. But give 'em ! Teams having the best comparative match, the whole of the gate recelp’s time Plenty of dav« remain yet be ' records will be chosen. f«t** th? wounde-1 for** the .?ea?on opens and numerous, Twenty-four quintets from eleven; soldiers of the In ited Sta.e?. trades are in the process of making, different states were entere<i In last l»eheve \A lUard and 1 would b. vear’s championship, Crawfords ville, Ind. which went to TraUe Tall. Kr^lveil. Ray Lvman, star right tackle on the 1918 and 1919 Nebraska football teams, who reentered the state university this week so that he will be able to draw a fine gate for th** wounded boys, fho Willard has been one of the pcorest box office attractions we ever had. A* T o 1» h ! o , you know, Dempsey was the magnet, not Trade talk has been revived in New willard. J’ork with the arrival of Miller Hug-. “But if Willard will box me nothing gins, manager of the Yankees, who •will please me better. My challenge will remain there until the club leaves stands as I have p'ut it here. All he for Shreveport, La., on February 25. need do Is to way the word. I’ll be Hugging would not discuss planb for ready anytime.” any deals he has In mind. He inti- -------------------roared, however, that Frank Baker New York sport writers have pu’ Gotham fans thru the tradin'est winter in history. . , Practically every star player in the American league has been mentioned one or more times in some kind of :i proposed deal jusA about close*! by Manager Muggins. Scribes in other cities of the circuit have risen up in a wrath against the pra< tice of making news that is causing some of the star players In rom ored deals to become dissatisfied. i mated, however, that Fome writers assert it is an inspired w-anted to return to the game, that, campaign. Clark Griffith wants him tor a W’ash-| A writer in Sporting News goes so'i lngion uniform and that the Y^anks Hrenann and Vlarlln Heady. Rill Brennan and Bob .Martin will I ofiimiinUl* Find Iloeniiien«» I<0NT»ON. Fel». 17. Evidence that a h^’Hlu^vik revolution has been planned for Franc«?. Holland, Belgium and Ger many, has been found by the Belgian p illce. according to ;in Exohange Tel egraidt dispatch from Brussels today j The dispatch said: 'iJelgian police. In searching ’he ' homes of comniunlste found docn ments In which was contained an or dcr fnmi Moscow for plans to launch a huge revolutl nary movement in ft few v^eeks In France. Belgium. Germany and Holland,” BABE WEIGHS TWO POUNl^. G08HE.N. Ind.. E>b. 17,—Mr. and Mr«. Clarence Brumbaugh, of Churcu- busco, both totally blind, are the parents of a two pound sen. bom a few davs aeo. The midget child requires two spo n? of milk at a ‘‘meal.” Physician? believe the child will live trlct is urged to forward specimeni o' ore.? frtim its fabulou.sly rich mines. The merchants, agriculturists and nianufacturerb will also send products In their line. Better Lumber HOI. ZAND ELLI0TT B r 0 j : ncoln/ fa/hionable Tailc ..ulKV't of “Real Tailored Clothci” tnd Floor. Security Mutual ®uiidinf WATERTOWTM A properly balanced style k Sot winter LION COLLARS lAnited Shirt &• 0^11«: Co.Titvy.N.Y ¿ilso takers of Hon Shirts Kj far as to recommend that New York be throw’O out of both leagues. The Giants have also figured prom- inemilv In the rumored trade activities. Rabbit Maninville. Heinie Groh, Roger Hornsby and EJddie Roush 'a ere announced as almost sure acquisitions to the ranks of the National league club during the winter, Bui so far thev have not been secured and have no room for him. OiVemI 92n,noo for i Featherweight Champion Johnny Kil ^ 1 bane has been offered a purse of $25,- i 1000 to m«?et Andy Chaney, In a fifte« n- j I round bout at Tulsa, Okla, July 4. iJd -1 die .Meade, Chaney’s manager an-, ...................... ey’s man^e tvsotr i nounced at Forthworth Thursday. ' Meade also is manager of the Bantam champion, Joe Lyncl^ with whom he returned east today. Chaney’s end of the contract has been signed, Meade John Conway Toole, president of the International league, does not approve of syndtcate baseball—that is, a lyn- llcate of business men and fans owning a club or franchise. He favors Individual club owners, because an lb- «livldual will show more pride in his holdings than a coinfiany and when k ax-Aorvi i« 17 — pinch due to poor business comes IN WAN APOLIS, , ilong, the individual will try to boF . They kept me out of the l^asl .«ter his club, while the syndicate year because my car was not ttni.shed. blames It on one another. eleven next tail. | the Brooklyn Robins were spared. Uncle Robby pulled a real can assist in such a project. If Toole puts over one-half of the program he has outlined he will establish a record for minor league baseball. VAIL ENTEES RACE CLASSIC. ntTîrtîîim. « mtatmtcmiu t-m unm when ¿eTrad^ Mar'S.aVToí üiiyüH'Äk Caliaghan; Tuisa, pr> Reuther without a month's campaign moier. in the columns. The Yanks have done a lot of trading and they look stronger on paper. The Giants really have been trying to Pal YIert* Treiaaln* Pal Moore, Memphis featherweight,' will meet Carl Tremaine, Cleveland, in In line with Toole’s argument aneni individual owners, he recently startled ^ut I've alreadv started work on ray car for the coming event,” wrote Irs Vail, wealthy race driver. In filing hla nfernatlonal magnates by telling ' PdttV for the *ilnth interaational 600- rh*>m the league was woefully weak in Syracuse and Akron, and that all hands must work to strengthen these two ports. In Akron there la a syndicate behind the ball club. Last year, which waa Akron’s first in the circuit, the mile race to be held at the Indlanapo lis motor speedway, Monday. May 30. Val! has been traveling a fancy clip In events on the coast and has recently annexed three 100-mlle eventa. Ke Is a talented driver and Is alwavs an get a good inflelder but the Robins i the main ten round bout of a box^g seem content to send the same candl- ¡show at Cleveland February 25. They dates out to repeat last year's victor>'., are to weigh In at 119 pounds at 3 p. m. Willie Ames. Akron lightweight, will meet Teddy Myers, Buffalo, in the seml-ftaal of ten rounds. LIMIT IS NOT REACHED Snp«TTi«or of Harvard Track Bc- lIcTc« That Preacat Kccorda Will Be Smaahe?!. So many long standing records were Too Mnch Brown in Rtngc. There waa too much K. 0. Brown In the ring for Frankie Mason of Fort Wavne, Ind., and the New Orleans fly- ou lUIULiJ' JOHfc OlttUMlup, ....... ------is a taienieo onver ana is aiwava an ghattered In track and field sports last weight won the popular decision over added attraction In any race he enters, j y«ar that the age of athletic perfec- the American champion of tiny bat- A)*u.. \*ati kfla IkAAkn tt t* ____ i ... Xn.... KA..n ,-Aar.Vi^ka 1 in tpn rniin*ls of milling at night. S iilFa FaTif raoii‘?>' dasplla the ! Altht veiy'weaflhy, Vail haa been a ' ¡j™ «'eTmerto b*a've"been'reache<l. I aera In ten rou^s of Jelling at ciuniosi „„«a. I ill inch follower of the racing eame uevaaaatror wuiiam .i. Rrieham. for -1 Springfield. 111., Wednesday nigl shaded Leo fa'ci’that the club wm up in the race i »launch folUiwer of t^^^ eame all the way. and claimed one of the j for years, and savs, it s like the smell best hittlna ball clubs In the league, of sawdust to a circus performer when __ At the Of the campaign the syn-1 any driver gets ® *the university believes that it waa just dicale had to be reorganized, several ; castor oil. he just has to climb into a . v v backers stepping out and not caring^to race car and ket c ÍÍ 11/ *-». ' "There are few records on the books chance further losses this year. The Ira hasn t named his car yet syndicate claims to have lost money ♦ last year liecauae the**' were obliged bullí a new hall park. of juranre wlll br reached, Syracuse has always been a problem Harry Miller or_i.*os Angei s. lamouB u-oonor nr>mnotition u Htwever WilTto X^Brigham.' for-iSpringfield. 111., M^dnesday raer star runner of Harvard and now Sammy Hees of Toledo »“»u* . the supervisor of track athletics at Witt of St. Louis in an eight-round semi-windup. for the International. Ernest Land ow’ns the ball club, but Ernest < not seem to be able to agree with the owners of the liall club. Landgraf stat- wl several days ago he would give up the franchise rather than pay an increase in rent which he said had been .leiuandt'd of him. Landgraf took the Newark club to Syracuse on a prom is«* of close co-operation, but he declares It is hard sailing trying to da busineai* with profiteers. President Toole had already adv^ cated the launching of a movement to have the club owners in each city of the International purchase their hall parks He declares he will arrange to race car auu »it-i k.wi go. , “There are few records on tse hooKs - h«* witt and thfnk nn cannot be broken.” he states. WAVBRLY’ ev says he will have to wait and think up to aav when the abso-i vVAVK^t^x, to a goo«l one for his machine this year. • ’J “ human strenaA and oefeated The chas-sis is being constructed by “ e wUl be '’I?' ¿crewed inter- WAVESLY BEATS TEMPLE HIGH , ,. a ‘'hmidei of racing carhurSoM I Keener competition, increased inter? Due?enberg the fact that men are special * tor will undoubtedly power Ira Vail’s izlhg ih certain events are helping to Joh. . ^ He was entered In the event last Mav but his car conld not be completed in time to enter competition. He plans to be one of the first to readh lower marks, he believes. Daniel J. Kelly, instructor in phvs- leal education at Harvard gives credit for the advancement In athletics to the enactment of state laws requiring the Indianapolis track in the spring to}physical training In the school«, the prepare for the 509-mlle dash. * * i--*— some plan whereby the entire league | half Or«l Wind* I’l* Home Schedule. ORD, Fob. 17.—Ord high school basketball team finished a successful season of home games here Tuesday evening by defeating Burwell, 46-4. Burwell failed to scorg during the last Feb. 17.—Temnle Hirh .. in a hard fought game ............. averly basketball team on the M’averly floor with a score of 39 to 27. At tlie end of the first half thTh score stood 19 to 18 in favor of Waverly. _______________ DESHLEE SMOTHERS DAVENPORT DBSHLER, Feb. 17.—Deshler High cage quintet smothered the Davenport team here last night by a score of 112-2. Davenport girls won their game from the Deshler girls team by a score of 60-26. training of more competent instructors and the fact that trainers are alwavs adding to their own knowledge by clofec stuidiy. • —■■■■'' —" ■■ ................ "Bcvs are beginning to learn the! ?WTon»«bBr* win* From Clarlm. fundamentals of track athleHcs earlier! STROMSBITRG, Feb. 17.—Stroms- tn life than they did twenty years burg high basketball quintet defeat- ago.” he said. ed the Clarks five here, 29 to 13, last “Formerly it was only In college night. AUTOMOBILES AND ACCESSORIES Set Your Eyes for a Real Surorise Here - V. Vi ’ m <pJ UODIiPURDTMEBS ’ iMtmm tAR J. H. MARKEL U2« O Street Lincoln Card-Adams Motor Co. Aubum EeaUtjf SiX,$l 695 CHANDLER SIX CLEVELAND SIX OMAHA LINCOLN OVERLAND Lincoln Overland Co. Dietributers Overland Autemobliee 17th end O Streete Phene B6S54 QDAUTY CARS Franklin-Stutz LUTE MÒRSE Oletributer IW-118 No. ®th i MAXWEliti““^ 322 So. 9th St. MOCKETT AUTO CO. 0«n.ral M.cMn» Work. Weldin,. *■ Automobile and Tractor ««malrlnq. 1328 P Street Pbone B6789 _________________________________________________ ISO-Inch whrelbaaa. 33x4 tirea. double headlights. 7 R Continental motor, full leather upholstery, Gahrtel snubhere The best dealer's proposition we have ever had. Tsit Auto Co., Distributer» 1514 N StreeL LINCOLN. NASH Automobiles and Trucks F. A. Rochl Motor Co. 1332-36 P Street Kelly-Springfield TIRES Nebraska Buick Auto Co. Essex-Hudson Lord Auto Co. 230 North 12th Street STUDEBAKER and COLE 8 DeBROWN AUTO CO. 1725 O Street , •ieavy Duty Storage Batteries % Service for All Makes 207 So. 11th St. AGENTS WANTED Our Prices Are Below Normal! Men’s Furnishings REDUCED! to Make an Absolutely Clean-Sweep in Two Days Friday and Saturday Fine Cotton Hose for men — Assorted color* In box—extra good value - - (6 pairs for $1.00) 19c Mercerized Lisle Hose for men — reinforced heel and toe — fa«t color—light weight — black, cordovan, gray (6 pairs for $1.35) 25c Men*s Pure Silk Hose Reinforced heel and toe — some illflhtly Imperfect — «n extra good value . - (6 pairs for $2.75) 50c FIRESTONE TIRES Oldest Tire Eetabilshment In Lincoln EXPERT TIRE REPAlRlNO STANDARD AUTO TIRE CO. 234 So. 11th St. Damproof Guaranteed Hose Black, cordovan and gray. SIX PAIRS GUARANTEED FOR SIX MONTHS. Box of elx pairs .... $1.25 Men’s Wool Hose Black or natural. — All sizes. — Pair ■ 6 for $2.50 45c Fancy Silk Hose’ Values up to $2.00 —Now at, pair— Special - . - - 95c LIBERTY SIX OAKLAND SDC C. D. Huslead Auto Co. Retail Setee end Service 11 th and L ___________ CADILLAC Standard of tha World J. H. 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