The Terre Haute Tribune from Terre Haute, Indiana on January 31, 1960 · Page 8
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The Terre Haute Tribune from Terre Haute, Indiana · Page 8

Terre Haute, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1960
Page 8
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8 OES News The East was beautiful in pink, turquoise and white, the chosen colors of Mrs. Inez G. Stott, worthy grand matron of the Indiana Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, in a joint inspection of the West Terre Haute Chapter No. 428, the Prairieton Chapter No. 163 and the Twelve Points Chapter No. 528 last week at the West Terre Haute Masonic Temple. A pink back-drop graced the East with a large gold styrofoam crown and scepter in the center. The worthy grand matron’s motto "Open the Windows Eastward” were in glittering letters with bits of pink, turquoise and white. An arrangement of pink and turquoise flowers centered the East pedestel and white lillies centered the west. Dinner, prepared by the Job’s Daughters Mothers Club was served by the Job’s Daughters. The tables were attractive with a gold styrofoam crown and scepter as the centerpiece. Pink carnations, tall pink, white and turquoise candles were surrounded by pink carnations. Small scroll styrofoam napkin rings were at each place. The baby dedication was followed by the chapter inspection. The West Terre Haute Chapter served in the opening, with the Prairieton Chapter giving the initiatory work and the Twelve Points Chapter the closing. The Job's Daughters of West Terre Haute served as an escort for Mrs. Stott. An aisle of Masons served as an escort for Russell E. Herr, worthy grand patron of the Indiana Grand Chapter, as George Waugh sang a solo. The past matrons were escorted to the East. They were Mrs. Carrie S. May and Mrs. Nell S. Johnson. Mrs. Anna Williams sang in their honor. Marshell G. Gibbs, associate grand patron, and Mrs. Sara Scott, associate grand conductress. were escorted to the East. Mrs. Anna Williams sang as Mrs. Helen Garriott, grand Esther; Mrs. Rosella Oursler, grand Martha, and Mrs. Gladys Gay Beedle, grand Electa and Mrs. Vergene Robertson, district deputy of District No. 8 were escorted to the East. A social hour followed the inspection. The Terre Haute Tribune-Star. Sunday, January 31, 1960. A beautiful reception was held last week at the Bloomfield Cafetorium in honor of Mrs. Geneva Wegner. grand Organist of the Indiana Grand Chapter, by the Bloomfield Chapter No. 538. The East was decorated with the motto “The Bell of Our Chapter.” the letters were in gold and the “bell” was a huge black bell with gold clapper. A huge golden lyre on a black background graced the center East, while large wreaths of olden leaves circled the different musical instruments hanging on the walls and large black notes and shining metal instruments were hung from the ceiling. The punch table was covered in white organdy over yellow with a black arbor of yellow roses over head and large golden letters “Welcome” hung beneath the arbor. A group of children and grandchildren of the Bloomfield Chapter members dressed in black and gold held golden lyres high to form an arch as they formed the escort for Mrs. Wegner. George Wegner, her husband, met her at the rear of the room and escorted her through the arch of lyres. An interesting program was given. Mrs. Lula Mae Wilson and Deborah DeFrees sang solos and the children entertained with a number of dances directed by Gordon Holland. Those taking part were: Janet W'oodward, Lea Burcham, Elaine Corwin, Jane Ann Haywood, Sharon Adkins. Barbara Rickeson. Carol Neidigh. Ann Workman, Deborah DeFrees, Betty Ann Uland, Michelle Demaree, Marsha Boyd, Linda Haywood, Sammie Ferguson, Ted Carmichael, Jerry Bays, Deraid Haywood, Ronnie Burcham, Keith Carmichael, Stephen Boyd, Dickie Bock, David Haseman. Douglas Thompson, Chuckie Williams, Jerry Shertzer and Jerry Don Calvert. Mrs. Mae Williams, worthy matron of the Bloomfield chapter, presented Mr. Wegner with an unusual Azalea plant, the foila°e decorated with money as a gift from the chapter. Mrs. Inez G. Stott, worthy grand matron was escorted to the East and presented a huge gavel which was signed by all of the members of the Grand Family, their husbands and wives, the district deputies and husbands. Russell E. Herr, worthy grand patron, was escorted and presented a wooden compass. Miss Mary Louise Little, past grand matron and chairman of public relations committee of general grand chapter, was presented a gavel made from wild cherry wood. The past grand officers: Mrs. Bliss Fox and husband, Mrs. Alene WTestenbarger, Mrs. Carrie S. May and husband, Mrs. Velma Vanderkolk and husband. Owen S. Ramsey and wife and George W. Dye and wife, all were escorted and presented gavels. The other grand officers were Mrs. Maxine Fewell, associate grand matron; Mrs. Helen Gore, conductress; Mrs. Sara Scott, associate conductress and husband; Bradley Swift, chaplain and wife; Mrs. Mary Kratovil, Adah: Mrs. Bernice Kelley, Ruth, and husband; Mrs. Helen Garriott, Esther; Mrs. Rosella Oursler, Martha, and husband; Mrs. Gladys G. Beedle, Electa, and husband, and Ivan Bridgewater, sentinel, and wife, were all presented gavels as they were escorted. The district deputies were Mrs. Hazel Galbreath of District No. 1, Mrs. Mary Vendes of District No. 2 and husband. Mrs. Barbara Roberts of District No. 7 and husband, Mrs. Vergene Robertson of District No. 8 and husband, Mrs. Isabelle Bailie of District This Week in Terre Haute This weekly calendar, prepared by the cultural activities committee of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, includes cultural events as reported to the committee. AT HOME— Feb. 2—Free Film Preview, Fairbanks Library, 2:15 p.m. Kiwanis Travel and Adventure Series, Wilson Junior High Auditorium, 8:15 p.m. Feb. 3—Distaff Discussion, Fairbanks Library, 10 a.m. Feb. 5—Wabash Valley Lecture Series, Senator John Kennedy, Student Union Building, 6:45 p.m. Feb. 5-6—Community Theater “Death of a Salesman,” Talley Playhouse, 8:15 p.m. Feb. 6-29—Exhibit of Contemporary American Glass, 1STC Art Gallery. Open weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. AND ABROAD— Feb. 3—Detroit Symphony, Indiana University. Feb. 5—“Two for the Seesaw,” Indiana University. Robert Shaw Chorale, Purdue University. FEBRUARY FUTURES— Feb. 9—Baroness Elizabeth von Guttenberg, St. Mary-of-the- Woods College. Feb. 11—Detroit Symphony, Purdue University. Feb. 24-27—ISTC Sycamore Players, “Cat and the Canary.” worthy matron and Ernest Cox, worthy patron, presiding in the East. NEVER SAY DIE LONDON, Jan. 30.—fUPP— Dr. Ludwig Koch, 78, doesn’t know when to quit. After 16 years of effort he’s still trying to record the mating call of the lesser spotted woodpecker. worthy patron, presiding officers. No. 11, Mrs. Adella Davison of District No. 14 and husband. Mrs. Naomi Sparks of District No. 15, and Mrs. Margaret Minard of District No. 18 were also presented gavels. All of these gavels were made sonic Temple with Mrs. Ruth by George Wegner, husband of McCoullough, worthy matron and the Grand organist. The Centerpoint Chapter No ' Ta>lor' worthy matron, and Jesse 261 will meet Tuesday evening, *jarkness, worthy patron in the Feb. 2, at the Centerpoint Ma- East* The Dana Chapter No. 305 will hold a regular stated meeting Tuesday, Feb. 2, at the Dana Masonic Temple with Mrs. Evelyn Bennett, worthy matron, and Ralph Reed, worthy patron, as the presiding officers. __ A _ Prairie Creek will hold its regular iol -n [OIijOZiima Chapter No. stated meeting, Wednesday eve- 537 will hold their meeting Tues- njng a( the Prairie Creek Masonic dav evening, Feb_ 2. at the Mon- Temple. Mrs. Jesse Johnson, tezuma Masonic Temple. worthy matron, and Woodrow th, d 4 u r x. Vincel, worthy patron will pre- The Past Matron’s Club of the v Riley Chapter No. 22 will hold a regular business meeting Tues- The Brazil Chapter No. 80 will day evening, Feb 2, at 7:30 hold its regular stated meeting, p.m. at the home of Mrs. Myrtle Friday, at the Brazil Masonic Neuenschwander, 1430 South Temple with Mrs. Marie Nance, Center street. worthy matron and J. W. Funk- The Past Matron’s Club of the hoUSer’ worthyJ^™" in th* East- Terre Haute Masonic Temple will All of the above Chapters will hold a regular 1:30 p.m. dessert hold regular election of officers and meeting at the home of Mrs. at these stated meetings. Grace Porter, 331 South Third street, Thursday afternoon. The Morris Chapter No. 86 will hold a stated meeting Thursday evening in the New Goshen Masonic Temple with Mrs. Lola undergo X-rays and further examination. Surgeon Ronald Rohlfing said Tyra suffered burns on his face and arm, possible internal injuries and possible fractures of the spine and knee. Tyra’s F102A Delta Dagger went down Thursday. Tyra was knocked unconscious when the jet crashed on Davis Peak, 42 miles north of Portland. When he came to, he found the wreckage in flames. Tyra beat out the flames then crawled away from the jet. He spent Thursday night in a lean-to fashioned from a parachute. Friday he set out limping to find help. After two miles, he came upon an abandoned cabin. A logger who lives in the area found him there. Tribune-Star Want Ads five dependable low cost results. Call C-1331. Mrs. Evalyn Miller of 1018 South Eighth street. Terre Haute, Ind., will accept all OES news and reports before Wednesday noon for the following Sunday paper. EMERGES ALIVE FROM JET CRASH PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 30.- Mrs. Stoti g^.ve an interesting talk and presented Mrs. Emily Herod of the Fillmoie Chapter No. 186 in District No. 9. with a three-year Grand Representative of Pennsylvania in Indiana. A duet was sung by Mrs. Blanche Edwards and Mrs. Jean Huffman after which the invocation was given by Owen S. Ramsey. An open house was held at the close of the program at the Cardinal Inn Dining Rom. All were guests of Mr. ahJ Mrs. Wegner. The Farmersburg Chapter No. wiiiiam ,, — 168 will hold its regular stated ---------------» --------* ----in tho v f' ’ worthy Patron, meeting at the Farmersburg W—“He was a fantastically lucky in me aast. ^ Masonic Temple with Mrs. Myrtle man ” a Physician said of Air . The Bowlin* rreon rv, * • Colglazer, worthy matron and Lee Force CWL Adam E Tyra who No 304 wil nLt h P Colglazier. worthy patron, as the emerged alive from the crash of 2. at the fowling Green Masonic I pr<?sidlng officers- 3 S"“ir Temple with Mrs. Arlene Long, a supersonic jet. The pilot today is in the Port- The Evelo Chapter No. 161 of land Air Force Base hospital to The worthy matrons of the District No. 8 entertained Mrs. Inez G. Stott, worthy grand matron; Russell E. Herr, worthy grand patron and othe»- grant officers of the Indiana Grand Chapter last week witn noon luncheon at the Black Angus Room in Frank’s restaurant. The tables were beautiful with the color scheme of the worthy grand matron’s chosen colors. The centerpiece was an arrangement of pink carnations and pink candles in turquoise candle holders. Other grand officers present were: Mrs. Nelle S. Johnson, Mrs. Carrie S. May and Mrs. Helen Houser, past matrons; Mrs. Sara Scott, associate conductress; Mrs. Mary Kratovil, Adah; Mrs. Helen Garriott, Esther; Mrs. Rosella Oursler, Martha; Mrs. Gladys Gay Beedle. Electa; Mrs. Vergene Robertson, district deputy of District No. 8; Mrs. Lillian Herr, wife of t h e worthy grand patron and Mrs. Annabelle Gibbs, wife of the associate grand patron. There were 16 worthy matrons of the district present. Twenty-five year pins were presented to the members of Morris Chapter No. 86 of New Goshen at a regular stated meeting last Thursday evening. Mrs. Lola Taylor, worthy matron, greeted the honor guests. Mrs. Thelma Curry sang a song in their honor. A brief account of the evening that each became a member of the Order was given by Mrs. Gertrude Harkness and the following members were presented their pins: Mrs. Mary Evans, Mrs. Gertrude Sisson, Mrs. Lorene Cox, Mrs. Zetta Baurer. Mrs. Ola Conway, Mrs. Hazel Spurr, Mrs. Lucille Shew, Mrs. Ethel Miller, Mrs. Doris Spurr, Mrs. Leone Hughes, Mrs. Gladys Oard, Arthur Spurr and Carl Miller. Several that were to receive pins and were not present are: Mrs. Flora Donald. Mrs. Marea Fogg, Mrs. Dora Pursell. Mrs. Orpha Ummel, Mrs. Cecile Boles, Mrs. Henrietta Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth Shi-Dal, Mrs. Dorothy j Sanderson, Mrs. Hazel Stacy, Miss Jean Neal, Mrs. Margaret Everett, Mrs. Crissie Meismer, I Mrs. Ruth Abrams, Mrs. Irma LaForge, Mrs. Mary Boyce, Alfred Stacy, William Meismer,, Everett Abrams, Blaine Boyce and Gilbert Shew. Mrs. Mary Hardie, Mrs. Ada Champion and Edward Hardie, who received their pins in 1951, were present. A covered dish dinner was en-1 joyed in the dining room at the close of the meeting. The Pimento Chapter No. 516 held its regular stated meeting last week by honoring the associate matrons and associate patrons of the District. A special program was given by a trio: Betty Bovenshulty, ! Marie and Vicky Setf and Josephine Williams. Marshall G. Gibbs, associate grand patron, was escorted to the East and wel- i corned by the worthy matron, | Mrs. Freda Kester. There were 12 associate matrons and nine | associate patrons present. The associate matrons and associate patrons gathered for a group meeting to organize their own club. They will name it the I “Mar-Max” group for the present until the district deputy will be chosen to add to the name. The officers are: Mrs. Helena Butcher of Cayuga, president; Mrs. Rose Griffy of Riley, vice president; Mrs. Ruby Unke of Terre Haute, secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. Jerry Buchholz of Pimento as press correspondent. The Clay City Chapter No. 355 will hold its regular stated meeting Monday, Feb. 1, at the Clay City Masonic Temple with Mrs. JoAnna Luther, worthy matron, and Richard Luther, worthy patron, in the East. The Terre Haute Chapter No. 43 will hold its regular stated meeting Tuesday evening at the Terre Haute Masonic Temple with Mrs. Mary Mathes, Worthy matron, and Charles Mathes, GÉNUINE M« « » »«I NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Piece Il El II II BREAK-RESISTANT RHILMHU DINNERWARE c.<ie $er*£2i f»r $ êtëèêët Vi Prie* liter emrr it 3 Ways to Buy . . . COME IN - TELEPHONE WJÄU ll!l(14M'UI ROGERS & CO. TERRE HAUTE, IND. IN OR OUT-OF-TOWN ACCOUNTS WELCOME I R*>Bers i Co., Terre TT*ate. Ind. ■ Quantity | “”■**^ 6—• i. .. - ! ,LmAC « At MÉi r« mi »1* Pi 1 Limited. i i Charge It. 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