Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 1, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1973
Page 6
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6 ,J&^ Wednesday, Aug._L_1?73 Oneida Man Is Countfo Entrant In 1AA Contest ONEIDA — RoUte Moore, Oneida, wiil represent Knox Cfrjnty in ithe 1973 flinods Farm Bureau Young Fawners discussion meet Dec. 16 in Chicago during tine Illinois Agricultural Association's annual meeting. The state contest winner will receive A trophy and wiM represent Illinois in *he National Young Hammers and Ranchers discussion meet ait the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual meeting in January. In the state competition, which has 18 entrants, finalists will be required to discuss one of five topics. Subjects will be "Transportation Needs of Modern Agriculture," "Who Will Control Agriculture in 1980?," "How Can We Meet Farm Capital and Credit Needs?," "How Can Our Agricultural Export Markets Be Improved and Strengthened?" and "How Can Agriculture Meet the Energy Crisis of Today and the Year 2000?" TAVERN NIGHT DRAWING Thursday, Aug. 2 $150.00 Casa Sierra It No Winner at 9 P.M. lhera wUl be a 2nd Drawing at 10 p.m. '." Tavarna Participating in Tha Drawing Banny'a Tap Midway Tap . Orady'a 2100 Club Cardinal Inn Silver Front Deluxe Caie Gunnies Tap Xozy Inn 7th Ward Tap Sportsmen'* Club Blue Angel Abbe Lanes Custer Crown Room Shangri-La Inn Green Diamond Tha Corral Corner Tavern—Maquon Victory Tavern—Abingdon Laa»ers Tap Caaa Sierra Bobs Tap Hodges Supper Club— Williams! laid Liz, Dick Announce Plan To End 9 - Year Marriage The Burtons, shown in recent photo, plan to file for divorce. United Press International A couple of good-looking, highly eligible millionaires came on the marriage market today. As soon as certain formalities are completed, Elizabeth Taylor can seek a sixth husband and Richard Burton a third wife. For the famous lovers who announced their intention' of seeking a divorce Tuesday have often said they could never be content living alone again, since they have known the happiness of a devoted family life. If anything ever happened, they used to say, they would want the surviving partner to get married again. And unless the unpredictable pair make up or divorce then remarry each other, they will certainly take other partners. Burton and Miss Taylor are in Rome, where their romance began nearly a decade ago during the filming of "Cleopatra," out announcement of their divorce plans was made in New York by their attorney. The announcement did not give a reason for the split—and did not mention Burton's drinking, which a spokesman said contributed to a brief separation by them earlier this month. The bustup apparently occurred Monday night when Miss Taylor left the Roman villa owned by actress Sophia Loren and her producer husband, Carlo Ponti, and checked into the Grand Hotel there. Burton, a spokesman said, remained at the villa. "They ' are very amiable toward each other third party exists in either case," said Aaron Frosch, their attorney. Another spokesman, press agent John Springer, said Frosch was expected to file divorce papers in Switzerland in the next couple of weeks. The Burtons had been together in Rome for the last 11 days following a 17-day separation that Miss Taylor said was necessary because "maybe we loved each other too much." Miss Taylor started work Monday on a film "The Driver's Seat" while Burton is scheduled to start work shortly on a film with Miss Loren. Some lucky man will get in Elizabeth one of the world's most beautiful women of her age, which is 41, and the mistress of considerable wealth. The Burtons have commanded as much as $1 million each for their films. Since they work as often as possible, they surely have amassed one of the great show business fortunes. Only Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Tradition Pays Off Bogdanovich By DICK KLEINER HOLLYWOOD (NEA) These are the days of the wild young directors, making movies that nobody likes very much except other wild young directors. There is one young director who is swimming against the trend. The Lively Arts Peter Bogdanovich is far from wild. He is a brilliant technician, a man who places a high value on story content, an artist with his camera and an exceptional handler of actors. He is, perhaps, a throwback to the era of the great directors. He's successful, too. Maybe that should be an object lesson to the wild ones. His first film was "Targets," and then the smash hit, THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIALS Roost* Chicken & Dressing '1.75 KNOTTY PINE UP WATAGA, ILL. — 375-9918 Mashed Potatoes & Gravy COUNTRY MUSIC SHANGRI-LA INN 421 East Main EVERY THURS., FRI. & SAT. NIGHTS THURS.—8-12 FRI. & SAT.—8:30-12:30 COUNTRY HABITS Featuring Jerry, lrv, Lee & Reva Visit The 120th Annual Knox County Fair ARBY'S DELICIOUS ROAST BEEF SANDWICH Is Available At The Knox County Fair (Under the Grandstand) $\NING 01/fR TO... Arby 's 1661 N. HENDERSON ST. "The Last Picture Show." The rollicking "What's Up, Doc?" followed and now he's done "Paper Moon," which is certainly one of '73's finest. IT 'S PROBABLY a dirty word, but "old-fashioned" is, I think, an apt description of Bogdanovich's films. They have a recognizable story, a beginning, middle and end, and you don't need a road map or a few joints of marijuana to follow them. Bogdanovich admits, at least partly, his debt to the past. "I am inspired by the past," he says. "At least, the art form of the past. Maybe more than other young directors will admit. I like the more classic form of picture- making." HE COMES BY this fascination with the past naturally. As a boy in New York, he was a movie nut. He went whenever he could, to see whatever he could. "Between going to the movies and listening to the radio," Peter Bogdanovich he says, "I had a very healthy childhood." He says he grew up wanting to be a movie star. That yen persists. He cast himself in his first film, "Targets," but says that "nobody took the hint." "I wished I had continued to both act and direct," he says. "I probably will do more acting, no doubt to the chagrin of the studios." HE STARTED at 15, acting in summer stock and studying with Stella Adler. It wasn't until he was 18 or 19 that he switched and directed an off- Broadway production of Clifford Odets' "The Big Knife." It got good reviews although it was not a box office hit. Next, for him as a director, is his first film to be shot in Europe. He says he can't say what it is because the story is in the public domain. He will go so far as to say that it is a love story set in 1875. It will be his first real love story. He likes to keep trying new things. "I don't like to do the same thing twice," he says. "Kip- dir. iamlh/Family Megavitamin Therapy If ebate Dr. Lamb By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D Dear Dr. Lamb — I would like to know more about the megavitamin therapy. Dear Reader — So would I This is one of those areas in which there are many opinions and not very many well sub stantiated facts. Large or huge doses of vita mins have been recommended to treat some medical prob do else,' and I agree with that." (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Paul Simon Evolution a Long Process United Press International The transformation of Paul Simon has been a long, slow Rock Music process. But before our very eyes, he has developed from NOW SHOWING MARQUEE MARINE DINNER THEATRE "The Star Spangled Girl" Starring: Dan Mitchell. John W«Uh, Wendy Croilln Directed by: Don Marine AIR CONDITIONED August 3-4, 10-11, 17-18 $8.50 Per Person Your Host CHUCK FAVUS For HeMrvations Call 173-2595 Mon. ihru Sat. »-* GOLD ROOM JEFFERSON HOTEL PEOHIA, ILL. an adept manipulator of clever phrases into a truly gifted songwriter, and a perceptive observer of humanity as a whole and America in particular. Over the past 16 years — beginning with a hit single called "Hey Schoolgirl," when Simon and Garfunkel called themselves Tom and Jerry — Paul Simon's music has been evolving. He made a gradual, difficult transition away from the grating waspishness, the college boy cleverness, of his early work. And he has grown musically, combining a natural gift for melody with a variety of forms and rhythms, new and old. THE LAST Simon and Garfunkel album, "Bridge Over Troubled Water," was a major turning point. Not only was it the end of Simon's long close association with Art Garfunkel, but it was also the first COCKTAIL HOUR MONDAYS THROUGH THURSDAYS 3 P.M. — 6:30 P.M. STARTING MONDAY, JULY 30 ALL MIXED DRINKS 50c Complimentary Hot & Cold Hors-d'oeuvers SAMMY ROSE at the Piano Nightly 8:30 - 12:30 JIM'S STEAK HOUSE 951 N. HENDERSON ST. 99c Wednesday Speci SPAGHETTI DINNER , - , lems, including psychiatric ling said, 'If you know how to problems such as schizophren- do something, do something ia% gome advocates of this type of therapy claim remarkable results. Their adversaries claim they have not done well-con trolled studies that will permit any valid conclusions. The point is that some people with medical problems, including mani testations of schizophrenia, have spontaneous remissions or im prove without any medication, To prove the value of any medi cine, whether it's a vitamin pill 6r something else, it has to be proved that it is more effective than a placebo (a sugar pill or even an empty gelatin capsule). This gets back to planning your research study in advance and planning it in such a way so that legitimate conclusions N can be made. I'm sorry to say that I don't know of any such good study in reference to megavitamins at this time which will permit any definite conclusions. I would say that it is an area worthy of further investigation, and at the same time would caution the general public that huge doses of vitamins taken on their own might actually produce some undesirable effects, even with the water soluble vitamins that we normally consider innocuous when taken in doses considerably larger than we usually think of as a daily requirement. Of course, the fat soluble vitamins, A and D in particular, are known to cause toxic reactions if they are taken even moderately excessive indication of his rapidly expanding musical base. With his first solo album, Simon stretched his new wings a bit, and ended up with a sprain. But for a trial run it wasn't bad, and it introduced the Jamaican reggae beat to bir< music for the first time.. Paul Simon is not one to make the same mistakes 'twice. His new album, "TTiere Goes Rhymin' Simon" (Columbia KC-32288), is a very nearly perfect realization of his development as a songwriter. From the gently rocking ' Kodachrome" to the spiritual power of "Loves Me Like A Rock," the album is both a serious music portrait of Simon's America and a commercially viable product. PAUL SIMON occupies the opposite pole in the American pop music spectrum from Alice Cooper. Alice plays on the darker realms of the American psychology —, the violence, the preoccupation with sexual fantasy and chrome - plated gimmickry. There's a good deal less fanfare to Simon's approach, of course, and he manages not to b« hopelessly cynical, despite his recognition that all is not iris it should be. They do have one thing in common however: A feel for what makes this country tick. It's this intuitive power that makes "Rhymin' Simon" work so well, whether it as in an intensely personal song like "Something So Right," or the melancholy wide-screen power of "American Tune." READ THE WANT ADS! en. When a muscle is contracted strongly it causes the formation of a chemical called creatine. This substance stimulates the muscle fibers to grow so the muscles gain strength and are able to contract even more forcibly, or to lift a greater weight. So it is, that the larger or stronger a muscle becomes, the more able it is to grow. You are probably talking about the muscle group commonly called the calf muscles. A simple exercise to help build them is simply to stand flatfooted, then rise up, balancing on your toes, and then let your heels sink back to the floor naturally. By repeating this exercise over and over it will gradually increase the strength of the calf muscles. When they are strong enough, you can balance by placing the tips of the fingers against the wall or a door jamb and simply rise up on the toes of one foot at a time. This will literally double the weight load on the calf muscle. This simple exercise will help you develop the size of these muscles, if you do it consistently. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb 's booklet on balanced diet, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Balanced Diet" booklet. Thailand's King Bhumibol Adufyadej is the only living monarch to have been born in the United States. the shrewd and thrifty Cary [Grant and one or two other actors have eyer gathered more assets—even taking into account the huge sums the Burtons have given to charity. But the qualifications are severe. Miss Taylor 's first husband, heir to the Hilton fortunes, was too immature in her judgment. By the same token she rated his successor, Michael Wilding, as too mature. Husband No. 3, flamboyant producer Mike Todd, was her ideal—tough, masculine, an achiever as much as a talker. His death in a plane crash shattered her. Husband number four, singer Eddie Fisher, she married on the rebound from despair. In the past hundred years, over-all demand for energy of all kinds in the United States has increased twentyfold. Senior Citizens Group at Alpha • Slates Meetings ALPHA — Alwood Senior Citizens members, at a meeting July 26 at Alpha United Methodist Church, agreed to hold meetings the last Thursday of each month. Next meeting will be at Clover Chapel Aug. 30 at 2 p.m. A "show and tell" program will be featured. William Epperson returned home July 26 alter he was hospitalized since July 20 at Moline Public Hospital for injuries he received' in a traffic accident near Orion. Mrs. Phillip Roussel, Surrey, England, arrived July 24 for a 6-week visit,with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Cote. Sharon DeLay, Pleasant Fiaims, and Linda Cole, Alpha, spend a week recently visiting friends in Long Beach, Calif. Mary Ahistrom and Ronald Haas, Reedsburg, Wis., visited here during the July 21 weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Archie Peterson and family. in doses over a prolonged period of time. Dear Dr. Lamb — Could you help me with my problem? The nart of my legs below my knees is too skinny. I have heard that certain exercises could build muscles in your legs and make them larger. Dear Reader — In most people, the proper type of exercise will increase the size of a muscle or muscle group. The principle is to increase the weight which the muscle must lift, or the strength of the muscular contraction. This works equally well for men and worn- CLOSED Will Re-Open Sat., Aug. 11 The EARL Knoxville Meat Sauce Salad Garlic Bread THURSDAY LASAGNA 99c "The place for » fwnily of fun" 1824 N. Henderson St. Phone 343-0213 111 Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry PANAVISION*] Wamei B'os., A Kinney Company TECHNICOLOR'! SHOWS AT 7:00 F0HDA " PLUS — DONALD SUTHEMMD oanovision© lechnicolof® SHOWS AT 8:50 CINEMA I 111 NOW SHOWING! Better Then "TRUE GRIT" JOHN Open 6:45 - Shows 7-8:55 NOW THRU WED.! ' .. i- AKLANS NOW SHOVflKi 7:30 B0DCERS-i HAMMERSIUN'S «5I. ,JLU£ ANDREWS iTTm Open 8 - Shows at Dusk Now thru Wed. BHIKIUI THE CHINESE CONNECTION 1

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